Golden Fox with System
285 Chapter 285: Did Zaika like bitter coffee too?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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285 Chapter 285: Did Zaika like bitter coffee too?

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With the system open, he chose an armor for Shina.


· You spent: 109,000,000 System Points

· Perfect Armor of Purchased Water.


\"Next is Shina.\"

Theo said explaining: \"Like Yuki's, this armor has a unique ability; in the case of this armor, it can create a water shield around the ten cubic meter user. For you Shina, who has a greater focus on ranged attack, this armor is very good. It is clear that, even without this shield, the defense of this armor is as strong as the defense of a cultivating in the Spiritual Kingdom.\"

Shina took the core of the armor, she stood on tiptoe and kissed Theo's lips, just like Yuki did. She said shyly, \"Thank you...\"

Theo patted her head and smiled.


· You spent: 115,000,000 System Points

· Perfect Armor of Acquired Earth.


\"Next Ariana.\"

Theo was a little surprised to see this blown girl blinking. \"Even at times like this, you're still the same, huh, Ariana.\"

\"But of course.\" Ariana hugged him and looked up and said coquettishly: \"But understand that there is only one person in this world that makes me act like that, that person is you!\"

Theo felt his heart speed up more than usual. Seriously, even though he was ready for what was coming, this girl always managed to make his heart beat faster.

He handed the core of the armor to Ariana and said, \"Let me explain about this armor.\"

\"Okay.\" She kissed his face and walked away a little.

Theo sighed: \"The unique ability of this armor is to create a Stone Golem around ten meters in height. The time this Golem is active depends a lot on the user, in addition, it has the attack and defense power of a cultivator from the Spiritual Kingdom.\"

\"Ufufufu. As expected of the husband. Always choose the best for us~\" she said this to him in a charming voice. Of course, she would not be left out of this and also kissed Theo's lips.

After her lips parted from his lips, Ariana pulled back a little. That was when Theo bought the next armor.


· You spent: 111,500,000 System Points

· Perfect Armor of Acquired Darkness.


\"Next Zaira.\"

When she approached Theo, Zaira was acting differently than usual. Even with her tanned skin, I could tell she was flushed to the ear. It was a unique and even cute sight.


Yuki and the girls immediately realized this. It wasn't that they weren't used to Zaira's embarrassed expression, but because she did it for no reason, at least the girls didn't know why since Zaira and Theo hadn't told them yet.

\"Well, how do I say that...\" Theo noticed Zaira's reaction and the girls' surprise and said: \"In Little Yui's words, Zaira started to really enjoy bitter coffee, right?\"

Embarrassed and shy, she spoke softly: \"Yes, very...\"

\"Sister.\" Zaika approached her and hugged her: \"Congratulations!\"

Yuki walked towards Theo with a smile even brighter than the midday sun.

\"Urgh!\" Theo was surprised when he was pinched at the waist by her.

\"Ara, ara. Are you okay? Tell me where it hurts, I will help heal.\" Yuki asked in a concerned voice. Theo couldn't help but sweat.

Magically Shina appears on the other side. \"Urgh!\" She smiled gently and her tone was gentle: \"My ... what was Theo? I'm worried, tell me why are you in pain? \"

\"Ufufu. Girls, you're not giving him a chance to speak.\" Ariana wrapped her arms around Theo's neck: \"If you press him too hard, it will make him scared, right, darling?\"

Even though she said that she ended up biting Theo's left ear, causing him a little pain.

Theo sighed: \"Calm down, I know I'm wrong not to warn you before, but it happened that, well, I asked Zaira for dating earlier today.\"

\"Hey, explain it better!\" Yuki twisted the pinch even more.

Zaira came and said, \"Don't blame Theo, if you're going to blame someone, blame me since it's partly my fault.\"

\"Zaira...\" Shina, Yuki, and Ariana looked at this tanned beauty.

\"Zaira, it's not like we are against you being with Theo, but we were just upset that he didn't warn us before and found out that way,\" Ariana explained.

Shina hugged Zaira who was about to cry, thinking she had done something wrong and said: \"Ariana is right, you don't have to worry.\"

Yuki dropped Theo's waist and asked, \"Explain yourself.\"

Theo made a face: \"Okay. It turns out that I realized that I not only liked her but more than just as a friend, although I didn't put my feelings in order, I can say that I was very angry when I saw General Miller's memories...\"

\"Is General Miller the leader of yesterday's soldiers?\" Ariana asked.

\"Exact. As I was saying.\" Theo continued: \"In his memories, there were thoughts of doing a lot of indecent things with Zaira and Zaika mainly. It made me very angry and because of that, I also started to think about what I would feel if they were going to be with another man and then I realized that I didn't like this sensation at all.\"

\"In short, don't you like the fact that Zaira and Zaika were with someone else?\" Yuki asked.

\"Well, exactly.\" Theo didn't hide it.

When Theo agreed, the cheeks of the tanned red-haired beauty turned red.

Little Yui also approached.

\"Daddy, does Yui want to know if Zaika started to like bitter coffee too?\" Little Yui bowed her head adorably. Man, each of her actions is very cute.

Theo looked at Zaika and noticed that she was even redder than a tomato. He closed his eyes and made up his mind, he came over and held her hands: \"Date me?\"

Zaika froze at the scene. Her chest rose and fell as she searched for air. She took a deep breath: \"It's all I want!\" She hugged him.


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