Golden Fox with System
275 Chapter 275: Illusions.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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275 Chapter 275: Illusions.

Mizuki didn't know whether to be sad or happy about this situation. Yes, her daughter is finally hugging her, but does her daughter think she was her grandmother? What kind of situation is this?

'Hmph! This is all his fault!' She looked at the man who put her in this situation with a death glare.

Theo's mouth twitched at Mizuki's gaze.

'Isn't it thanks to me that you managed to hug my daughter without any problems?' Of course, he didn't say it out loud.

Mizuki noticed one or two things in Theo's eyes and continued to look at him as if to say something: 'Yes, yes, you are right, it was thanks to you that I hugged my angel, but was there no better way to do that?!?'

Theo sighed and did not continue to look at Mizuki. He knew he should also explain the general situation to the girls, especially Yuki. Taking advantage that Mizuki was having an awkward conversation with Little Yui, he used his mental power to communicate with Yuki first.
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["Yuki, I believe you must have understood... this woman is the woman who had her egg stolen, that is, the blood mother of Little Yui."]

["I figured... she's basically an older version of Little Yui."]

Theo could feel a little envy and jealousy in his voice. Not wanting her to think too much and be sad, he told her.

["Although this is so, I'm sure Little Yui still continues to treat you as her mother, no matter if she also starts seeing Mizuki as her mother afterward. Believe in Little Yui! "]

["Yes, you're right! I was thinking too much...."]

Kelly, a catgirl from the Orphanage approached along with Nanda and Aine and the rest and asked: "Nya! What's going on here, nya?"

"Hmm. Nothing to worry about, but okay." Theo replied and put his hand on his chin reflecting when he had an idea when he saw that more and more citizens of the city were coming towards them.

He then said, "This should work!"


They looked at him as they watched him walk away and stand in front of them.

"I'm going to do something interesting, just stay there and enjoy the show!" Theo said with a sinister smile, causing them to shiver.

Like the sun that illuminates the day, Theo expanded his illusions across the city! Everything came under the control of his illusions. From the ground, it was like living beings coming back to life. Many living beings or at least it was what appeared to be started to appear.

The number of illusions of living beings had already exceeded a thousand. Among them were monsters, animals, humans, insects, among others. But they all had something in common, that was to be following Theo's command, going in the direction where these puppets were self-detonating.

"Ahhh! The formation is shaking... isn't it getting dangerous?" A citizen murmured in alarm.

"I don't think so, Lord Theo must have had a plan, I'm sure." A Demi-Human spoke.

"I want to believe so, but..."

"Yes, look how strong these explosions are. How can we be sure that we will be safe?"

Theo who heard what they were, did not try to justify with words. Especially because the barrier swaying was caused by him. If whoever was controlling the puppets to attack saw that it was useless to attack, it was possible that they would stop attacking and regroup, thinking of a new plan.

So, Theo thought about making it look like they were managing to break the barrier around the city and increase the morale and confidence of whoever was controlling the puppets. Of course, to complement and make things look more real, he would use his illusions.

After creating approximately 10,000 illusions. Theo nodded with satisfaction at the thought: 'It will be good if you are deceived by this.'

Little Yui stopped talking to Mizuki and stared at the illusions made by her father while applauding vigorously: "Yui's daddy is the best! Daddy is the strongest!"

Mizuki saw that Little Yui's attention was stolen by Theo, she pouted. But deep down, she was also amazed as she said in her heart: 'Are these real illusions?! Besides, almost everyone is in the Apprentice Mage Realm ... this is too incredible!'

The citizens of Volts City were excited to see this. This army made up of illusions was giving off a huge aura, making their morale soar above the clouds!

"Was this done by Lord Theo? He is incredible!" One kid commented.

"It is not? I didn't say I didn't have to worry!" The kid's father wiped the sweat off his forehead without letting his son know.

It was true that he wanted to believe in Theo's strength, but they never saw him fighting for real, at most he was seen in the arena, training with Yuki and the girls.

A golden aura that they had never seen before, was around Theo's body, while his eyes were steady and sharp as a sword.

Because of this, these living beings that were closer started to involuntarily retreat. Only those who were closest to Theo who had the courage to stay close to him.

Now they began to understand that it was no wonder that Theo was the creator and owner of this city. Even though he is not currently using his royal lineage, only his battle aura was making these living beings want to kneel before his presence.

Ariana puffed out her breasts and said proudly, "As expected of my man!"

Shina punched Ariana in the arm and blushed as she said, "You meant, "our" man, right?"

Ariana, on the other hand, laughed heartily and nodded: "Hahaha. Yes, you are right! Theo is our man! "

"Hehe! Yui will help Daddy!!" When she finished speaking, approximately 500 war soldiers, wearing green military uniforms, appeared.

"Haha. I'm glad to hear this." Theo rubbed Little Yui's head as he approached and said proudly: "My daughter is very strong and intelligent; look how she has already mastered this skill!"

"Hehe~" Little Yui smiled, even more, when he heard her father praise her.

Although she is not at the same level as Theo when using this ability, it can be said that she was the second-best among them in this ability. And these illusions made by her were all in the Higher Student Kingdom.

Mizuki was most surprised. She can also see how deep Theo and Little Yui's father-daughter bond was.

Before when she was talking to Little Yui, it was more about her daily life. When she saw a happy smile as she spoke, it was evident to her that Little Yui was well cared for and loved by them.

Although she had no intention of taking Little Yui with her. At least Mizuki wanted to create a stronger bond with her daughter and be able to occupy a special place in her daughter's heart.


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