Golden Fox with System
267 Chapter 267: What right do you have to judge us?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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267 Chapter 267: What right do you have to judge us?

{Edited Loki}

"I?" Theo had just appeared pointing to himself, soon after, he posed as a hero, putting his two closed hands on his waist and said in a thick voice, almost like a radio announcer: "I am Batman!"





Do you know when the computer crashes and a blue screen appears on the computer screen? So... the brains of these living beings were the same way, completely bugged. But when it "reset" they had a thought in common...

Who exactly is Batman? And why did he make it seem like we should?

Theo shook his head while whispering: "Tsk, tsk, tsk! People without culture."

A level 5 sword magically appeared in his left hand and at a very fast speed, he had already passed through all of these over 100 mercenaries.

"More what?"

The mercenaries were shocked at such speed. They couldn't even see when "Batman" walked past them and arrived on the other side, now standing in front of the kids.

Theo ignored the stunned looks of those mercenaries and the elder. He looked at a boy in question who had his lower body spotted. It didn't take a genius to know that this boy had pissed in his pants.

Theo sighed and put his hand on top of the head of the boy who looked surprised. Theo smiled and said, "Boy, you wanna see something cool?"

The boy was silent, he was too shy and frightened to answer. In the end, Theo spoke again: "Just snap your finger. When you do that... something very interesting will happen!"

The other kids looked in the direction of Theo and the boy with a certain interest.

"What exactly is this man thinking of doing in this mess?" The kids thought.
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"Like this?"

It was only when the boy in question raised his right hand and snapped his finger that the children saw what "Batman" meant...


Shouts of surprise and fear were heard at the same time among the crowd of mercenaries. That's because the moment the boy snapped his finger, the head of one of those mercenaries flew towards the skies, like corn of popcorn that popped into a hot pot.

The mercenary's body remained standing, as a seemingly endless fountain of blood came out of his neck. The nearest mercenaries were bathed in the blood of the mercenary who just lost his head.

"Wow! How did he do that?" The kids exclaimed out loud at almost the same time.

Theo just smiled when he saw their reaction and there was now a girl in front. Though surprised by his presence in front of her. The girl in question, she didn't seem afraid of him.

She stammered a little while saying: "Me, me, will I do that too?" She figured that's why he was standing in front of her.

Theo marveled at the girl's quick reasoning and smiled as he said, "Yes, you want to try? You just need to snap your finger?"

"No, no, no...!"

The mercenaries were afraid of death when they heard that. They didn't know what trick this man had done, but I didn't doubt that I was capable of losing my mind if anyone else snapped my finger.

"Exactly what kind of technique is this face using? Oh, my God, is that how we're going to die?" The mercenaries were in a panic.

Although they liked to kill and torture others, what they feared most was that one day this would happen to them. Because of this, most of the time they spent drinking or harassing someone so as not to think about it too much, not wanting to believe that something like this was capable of happening to them.

But things don't always go their way, in the end, karma comes after them. Now they saw the shadow of death before their eyes.

The girl bravely snapped her finger, no matter what the wails of those mercenaries. That girl wasn't dumb, she knew what would happen to her if she fell into the hands of those mercenaries. Her life would turn to hell if that man who was in front of her didn't show up.

The mercenaries who were now holding their heads in fear of the same thing happening to them. But it didn't do any good. In the end, it was an even worse vision than the first.

The head of one of these mercenaries began to squeeze into the hand of the mercenary who was trying to stop his head from coming out. But then a horrendous sight appeared!

Like a watermelon exploding, flying pieces everywhere, the head of the mercenary had the same end. Being pressed by the hand, the mercenary's head burst into pieces and blood all over the mercenary's head.

"You bastard! What harm did we do to you, huh? One of the mercenaries went insane, he didn't want to die in this place. He looked angrily at Theo as he yelled, "This has nothing to do with you... why are you getting involved? You want to be a hero and save these kids? Even if you do, at the cost of how many lives? We're in over 100 mercenaries, are you saying our lives are worth less than these kids?"

"Huh? What is this idiot saying?" Theo murmured not believing the insanity of this mercenary. He replied naturally: "Of course, their lives are worth more than rubbish like you. Besides, how many lives have been lost or even turned into hell because of you? Don't tell me that your lives are important, because in my eyes they are useless!"

"We do it for a living. What right do you have to judge us?" He shouted again. His eyes were red with anger and fear. His moralism had been taken to sea for a long time and he was not even thinking straight when he spoke.

"Tsk, tsk, I don't have time to talk to an idiot like you." Theo pointed his finger with his right hand towards the forehead of this mercenary.

Soon after, he pointed his index finger with his left hand towards an empty space. Then a hologram screen appears!


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