Golden Fox with System
263 Chapter 263: Hunting Insects - Part 2.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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263 Chapter 263: Hunting Insects - Part 2.

{Edited Loki}

"Traveling like this is very boring!" Theo hit his own forehead when he remembered he had bought an ark that flew super-fast! Although it paled a little compared to his current speed, it was still better than flying on your own.

A glorious and luxurious ark appeared. Theo, very fast, hid with his illusions, making it look like a bluebird with a wingspan of 6 meters. Onboarding the ark, he continued his journey.

Theo stood in front of the barrier with his ark. Looking carefully through the barrier, he was able to notice several insects wandering in this region. Although it was only at the entrance to the site, there were already many insects.

This was the place where insects live. The landscape was beautiful, the butterflies flew in pairs, although they were big compared to the butterflies he saw in his past life. The whole earth was covered with fresh flowers, its fragrance assaulting the nose. Although, the smell of insects was almost unbearable for Theo who had a very good nose.

It was no surprise that Theo had never seen insects on this island since all insects inhabit this place surrounded by this barrier, being attracted like moths are attracted by light. He found himself thinking about what kind of effect this barrier has on insects so that they are all attracted to the barrier.

Although he's curious, Theo wasn't willing to spend system points for that information. Besides, that would not be relevant information that would help him in any way. Well, at least he thinks so at the moment, if necessary, he can always spend points and ask the system.

Making the ark go back to being just a small artifact that fits in the palm of his hand. Theo kept the ark in his storage ring. He flew over the sky, with a beautiful wing made of golden flames on his back.

Already wearing his level 6 thunder armor. Theo crossed the barrier, hiding his presence so as not to attract the attention of many insects. At the time, he wanted to evaluate the site first, then it would not be too late to start killing after recognizing the surroundings.

After wandering over 10 kilometers from the barrier, Theo saw many different kinds of insects. Even some living beings fighting against them. That surprised Theo a lot!

Now he realized why there were no living beings hunting magic animals for their cores. It was because they formed groups and preferred to hunt insects. Theo had already seen information about it on the internet, but seeing is believing.

The smaller groups he saw were a group of 5 humans. Besides, everyone was at least in the Higher Student Kingdom.

'These insects are very fierce!' Theo said to himself as he watched some group fights against insects: 'It's understandable to form groups to fight these insects...'

Because of the illusions he's made. No one was able to perceive his presence. Very quickly, Theo had already arrived at a more isolated location, far from the living beings who were fighting the insects.

Not that he was afraid of these beings that were hunting, he just didn't want to waste his time, since intelligent beings were always more complicated to kill themselves. Besides, some of them might as well be from some strong clans at the moment, Theo didn't want to get involved in any cliché fights after killing a young master of some sect or clan.

Although, he did that not long ago...


[Blood Butterfly - 4th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom.]


A group of 11 bloodthirsty butterflies was spotted by Theo. Being on the 1st to 4th Layer of the Kingdom Higher Student. Without much thought, Theo made those bloody butterflies a target. Although not very strong, they were at a reasonable level.

These butterflies had the same appearance, it was a humanoid appearance with human legs and arms and with the upper half of the blood-red wings, while the rest were dark blue. The eyes were red and no humanity was seen in their eyes. Their average size was 40 to 50 centimeters.

When Theo appeared before these bloody butterflies, they flapped their wings twice quickly while emitting strange sounds from their mouths.
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When the bloody butterflies did this, pointy pillars made of earth came out of the ground, going towards Theo.

"Oh!" Although surprised, Theo dodged easily.

The bloodthirsty butterflies screamed annoyingly and flapped their wings even harder, and spears made of stones were thrown in Theo's direction.

Theo continued to dodge the attacks of the bloody butterflies nimbly. This provoked the wrath of the bloody butterflies, attacking Theo violently, but none of their attacks were able to strike him.

It was a fact that Theo could kill all these bloody butterflies with ease, but he wanted to understand these insects better. After getting a general knowledge, it wouldn't be too late to kill these bloody butterflies.

"Well, in addition to launching ground attacks, these bloodthirsty butterflies have no significant attack power, it seems they can also use poison, but it's weaker than the ground attacks..." Theo thought out loud, as he dodged the attacks of bloody butterflies.

"Hrm... I've already tested what I wanted to test." Theo murmured. Shadows of six whips made of real mana of darkness came out of his feet. At super-fast speed, these whips split six of the bloody butterflies in half.

At the same time, five golden tails came out from behind him and advanced towards the five bloody butterflies and went through their heads, killing them instantly.

'Hrm, although their defense was a bit superior to that of an animal... still, it wasn't that surprising, well, it might be different if these bloody butterflies were concentrated in defense.' Theo thought, 'Anyway, I'll kill a few more bugs and then come back.'

Without bothering to collect the magic cores, Theo used <Devour> on the 11 bloody butterflies and switched for system points.


· Obtained 48,227 System Points.


'As expected, it was a slightly higher amount of points earned...' Closing the system window that came up. Theo flapped his wings, flying in search of new prey.

While watching other living beings hunt, one of the things he noticed was that they all kept the bodies of the insects in storage rings or magic bags instead of just taking out the magic cores.


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