Golden Fox with System
253 Chapter 253: This is incredible!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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253 Chapter 253: This is incredible!

{Edited By: Loki}

"So... so why don't I turn into your blood animal?" Yuki seriously asked. She thought that because she was a fox, she would be good match with Theo, besides, they've done a lot of intimate things together...

"Hrm, it's not that it's not a good idea, but it's not a good time to do that." Theo gave her a meaningful look, which made her blush.

He also thought that Little Yui and the girls' cultivating was still low. He was hoping to have more time after he finished building the city, so he could focus fully on cultivating.

'Although they are all climbing fast in their cultivation, it's still slow compared to me. Maybe I should try to buy a good duo growing technique... Theo said in his heart.

Theo thought that if he could grow with them the way Yuki does with Little Yui, it might help them climb faster in cultivating. Besides, he still needed to understand his "royal lineage".

He already knew that because of the royal lineage, the girls somehow got connected to him. Besides, when he used <Devour> on Jordan Wiz, he managed to split the mana with them. If he could figure out how to do that, it would be of great help in cultivating them.

He also had the pills that he could buy to help increase the cultivation of the girls, he knew he had many ways to help them all and now he would have time. He used to have to be more careful about doing those things.

"Theo, Theo..." When Shina called him several times, but he didn't answer. She was a little embarrassed to call him and get no response, although she understood that he must be thinking about something important... She looked at Yuki and Ariana and looked at Theo one last time then turned to leave.

Yuki and Ariana looked at each other and then they left too.



Distracted in his thoughts, Theo did not realize that the three girls had gone out, leaving him alone. Theo came out of his stupor and noticed that the animals outside seemed to have made their decision.

The clan leaders saw Theo and walked to him.

"We've decided to follow you to live in your city." Said the leader of the Monkey Clan called Son Mankei.

Theo exchanged a few brief words with them, but he didn't want to extend the time since he killed the red dragons any further, since it was likely that a dragon from the red dragon clan was coming in that direction.

At first, they were surprised to "see" the ark, although they only saw a less luxurious and great form made by Theo's illusions, yet it left them all with their chin down. Many who initially thought there would be no way to take their things, were pleasantly surprised.

With the help of Theo and the monkey clan, they've just put all their stuff inside the ark. For just standing outside the ark in an open space that Theo made it look like there was no entrance into the ark. They never got to see Little Yui and the girls.

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Theo had already used his divine sense and knew that Little Yui had fallen asleep in one of the rooms of the ark, she had a cute smile while sleeping.

The girls were still exploring the ark while they were talking, after all, the ark was very big and it hasn't been that long since they have been able to explore all the ark sites. Shina was obviously delighted the moment she saw the big, luxurious kitchen. She even couldn't help herself; she took supplies from her [Storage Ring] and started preparing some dishes for them to eat.

The ark had already begun to move when everyone had finished carrying their things and entered the ark. Theo doesn't make ark fly towards town too fast. It was only at 700,000 feet per second. But even if it's not half as fast as ark, it still surprised even the bones of the magical animals that were inside it.

"That's incredible!" A lion in human form murmured loud enough for everyone to hear. Although, they all had almost the same reaction.

Theo knew that besides the daughter of the lion clan patriarch, only the patriarch had human form, so it was easy for him to guess it was him. Although he had spoken to the lion clan patriarch before, he was not yet familiar with him.

"It's really amazing!" Another animal smiled as he praised aloud.

Leikei, Jka's father in his animal form, since he couldn't break through and gain human form yet, went to Theo and asked, "My son and my daughter-in-law, are they doing well?"

Theo looked at the huge red wolf. He nodded and smiled as he remembered how Jka and Klin were enjoying life: "Yes, they are doing very well!"

"Aw-haha, that's good!" Leikei laughed loudly to the sky almost sounded like a howl.

Theo now realized where Jka's unique laughter came from...

Theo remembered that he never met Jka's mother... but even though he was curious, he decided not to ask. After all, it could be a delicate matter. If Jka ever wants to talk to him about it, Theo wouldn't mind listening. Otherwise, he thought it best not to ask.



It didn't take long for Theo driving the ark to get to Volts City. When he arrived with the Ang village animals, he let Jka and Klin take care of them and help them settle in the town. There wasn't much need for his presence. So, Theo said goodbye to them and together with the girls, they went back to the mansion.

He had already made the ark come back in the small form that fits in the palm of his hand and placed it inside his [Storage Ring].

Standing in the living room. Theo looks at everyone and says, "I'll be busy in [the Dimensional Room], you can go eat without me. When I'm done, I'll bring all of you too."

Little Yui and the girls didn't think much about it and agreed.


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