Golden Fox with System
250 Chapter 250: Buying a level 6 artifact.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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250 Chapter 250: Buying a level 6 artifact.

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'If I wiped your memories and controlled you to make a blood contract with little Yui, wouldn't that be a very good thing?' He thought with a sinister smile.

Seeing the creepy smile of that damn golden fox... the female red dragon shook uncontrollably: "What, what do you intend to do?" Her voice sounded husky and trembling with fear.

Theo can't help but feel a little sorry to see this red dragon trembling uncontrollably and hearing her voice sounding terrified.

'Err... I can't be soft-hearted now...' Theo said to himself, strengthening his mind.

Theo has become his human form. Red Dragon seeing Theo was naked in human form, had a bad feeling, but contrary to what she imagined... Theo started dressing without caring about her looking at him.

Then finish wearing a simple black outfit. Theo put his hand on her head and made the female red dragon sleep, using his mental power.

'Before anything, I must use <Devour> us other three red dragons.'

With that thought in mind. Theo went towards the red dragon who was without a wing first. Arriving in front of him, without wasting any time, he took something that looked like a storage bracelet off his wrist and used <Devour>.


• [Filled in 28,914 Lineage Cell Points]

____________ ____________________________________

This was an identical bracelet to the one he took from Orothi, but like Orothi's, the storage bracelet was still conscious of its former owner. Since he didn't know how to remove it, he decided to research it later and stored it in his storage ring.

Going to another dragon who was also on the 6th Layer of the Magical Kingdom, Theo stopped in front of him, and just like the other two red dragons, he took off a storage bracelet, then he used <Devour>.


• [Filled in 29,041 Lineage Cell Points]


The last red dragon he needed to use was a little further away. Using his motion technique, Theo ran in the direction of the red dragon. A few seconds later, he reached.

Incredibly this red dragon was still breathing with great difficulty, but Theo didn't give him a chance to live. Channeling lightning in his right hand, Theo attacked towards the red dragon's head, mutilating the red dragon's entire brain.

Taking off the red dragon's bracelet, Theo used <Devour> on the red dragon.


• [Filled 28,125 Points of Lineage Cells]

• [False Celestial Fire Level 1; achieved high advance.]


'... It is much better to kill a village of monsters and use <Devour> than to kill those few red dragons from a higher realm and use <Devour>, but I still don't know what's in those bracelets, then…'

Theo went back to where the female red dragon was, she was still unconscious because of him. Theo put his hand on the head of the female red dragon and started using his mental power to erase her memories, leaving only the memories of how to fight. Everything related to her family, among other memories, he was erasing.

Besides, he could already take this chance and know more about the family of this red dragon female and find out why they were after his daughter Little Yui.

Moving his mind inside her mind carefully, Theo began to see the memories of the female red dragon and slowly erase the memories so as not to affect her mind.

Turns out these red dragons came from the Beastly State which is one of the four great states of Fallen Star Island. In addition, the Red Dragon clan had an important position in Beastly State, they were one of the five great clans of Beastly State.

It turns out that the Red Dragon Clan was rivaling the Silver Dragon Clan, so they wanted to take Little Yui who was the daughter of the Patriarch's daughter of the Silver Dragon Clan.

'So Little Yui is the granddaughter of the Patriarch of the silver dragon clan... and the reason they were able to steal Little Yui when she was still an egg was that her mother was out of the silver dragon clan and got hurt and had the egg in a cave. As she was weakened, a human and a brown dragon took advantage and stole her egg.'

Even today silver dragons are after Little Yui... Theo wiped the sweat from his forehead, luckily, he always used something to camouflage her aura while still in the village, but when he left their village, he was no longer using... 'So now they know of the presence of the "egg" and they're coming in search?'

"Err... this is getting more complicated than I initially thought..." Theo murmured and continued to read the memories and erasing from the mind of the female red dragon.

As he saw it was more memories than he initially thought. Theo chose to let the female red dragon "sleep" for a while longer, and return to the Ang village then head towards the city. It was possible that someone from the Red Dragon Clan was coming in this direction because of the death of Orothi, who was the prince of their clan.
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"No wonder he had a level 6 armor... Theo thought.

Making the consciousness of the female red dragon unconscious for a longer time, he made her enter the [Dimensional Room] after warning Shina that has stopped meditating.

'Now I must warn the animals of Ang village and take them to town. It'll be very dangerous if they stay in Ang village, even if they wanted to.' With that in mind, Theo traveled back to Ang village at high speed.

Theo stopped running in the middle of the road thinking, 'If they're going to walk into town... wouldn't that take a long time?'

After a moment of hesitation, Theo pulled one million magic cores out of the wind and used <Devour> on all of them.


• [Obtained 182,821,654 System Points.]


Opening up his system, Theo searched for soon floating ark and there he found the one he was looking for. The ark was 72 meters high, equivalent to a building of 24 floors, 50 meters wide and 362 meters long.

Besides being a level 6 artifact, if he buys from the system, he would not need to cultivate the ark to have control over it, since the ark is linked to him.


• [100,000,000 System Points were discounted.]


An artifact in the shape of a luxury miniature ark appeared in Theo's hand.


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