Golden Fox with System
245 Chapter 245: Is Ang village in danger?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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245 Chapter 245: Is Ang village in danger?

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"All right, do you still have the wind cores I gave you? Oh, then you can grow with the cores while I refine new ones."

Needless to say, everyone was impressed with Yuki. She said before that they were close to arriving in the Magician Apprentice Kingdom, but even so, the girls were impressed this morning when they discovered that she had made a breakthrough.

"Yui still has fifty thousand wind cores." She said.

"I still have almost seventy thousand." Said Zaira.

"One I have forty-five thousand left." Said Yuki.

"Hrm, I have sixty-five thousand left." Said Shina.

"sixty... I still have about sixty thousand." Zaika spoke.
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Theo said, "All right then, before we didn't have much time for cultivating or entering the [Dimensional Room]. I believe it will now increase the speed when you are cultivating with these cores, as you have all increased your cultivation and improved your lineage".

"Yes." They agreed.

Seeing that they began cultivating, Theo drew two million magic cores from the [Storage Ring] wind.

Hrm... I think I'll purify just 1 million of these cores and the other 1 million I'll use to increase my points in the system,' he thought as he looked at the little shiny mountain, made of magical wind cores.

Taking a small stool made of illusion, he sat down in front of the hill and making a 50-liter basin appeared, he placed the basin next to the magic cores.

He looks at this absurd amount of magical core and catches himself thinking, 'Exactly how long this time will it take me to purify these core?

Theo had some expectations in his improvements since he has improved a lot in the last few days.

White flames manifested themselves on his left hand, even a blinding white glow was visible to the naked eye; on his left shoulder.

This time these white flames that were being manifested by Theo, were even calmer and "kinder" than the last time he used them. Taking a handful of wind cores, he started purifying the cores.

Very quickly, the magical core began to leave behind their impurity that was burned by the white flames. Who would have thought that those flames that seemed so gentle and calm would have such frightening power? If an unclean being were before those flames... how scared would he be?

Theo felt his blood boil more than usual, he could feel that little by little the white flames were also purifying the few impurities left in his body. Within seconds, he was able to purify a handful of magical core.

As time went on, Theo was able to purify the magic cores faster and he was also improving his control over the white flame totem.

"Yay, Yay, Yay!"

Theo stopped purifying the magical core the moment he heard Little Yui's happy cries, looking at her running at a fast speed through the [Dimensional Room], he was able to understand what made her so happy.

She was the first to get wind affinity. He put his hand on his chin while looking at his daughter running happily, he was happy with his daughter's success.

Little Yui was so happy that it was even contagious, which made Theo couldn't help but smile when he saw her acting so cheerful and happy.

Soon she came running towards him, like a swallow she flew in his arms. The impact of Little Yui's sudden embrace almost caused Theo and her to fall back.

Theo laughed willingly: "Hahaha, take it easy my little one. You almost broke the bones in your father's chest."

"Ohh, ohh, oh..." Little Yui was terrified, she rubbed Theo's chest with her little hands and asked, "Sorry! Daddy, does it hurt?"

Theo rubbed his daughter's hair: "Of course not. Who am I? That's right, I'm your father and I'm strong, I was just kidding, you don't have to worry." He laughed willingly.

"Really?!" She immediately cheered up once more and after giving him a tight hug, she exclaimed: "Daddy, Daddy, Yui has got wind affinity!"

"Oh, isn't that great?! I'm very happy for my little one." He pinched her cheek gently.

"Hehe~ now I can fly even faster!" She said with her eyes full of joy.

"Yes." Theo smiled at her: "I'll also find a way to get a good wind affinity evolution."

"Okay, Yui will wait." She put the back of her hands on her waist, posing as a superhero she had seen in movies.

Theo laughed when he saw his daughter's fluffy pose and said, "Go back to cultivating, I still have to refine those magic cores."

"Hrm, Yui will listen to daddy." She smiled and kissed his face several times: "Muah, muah~ Yui is going cultivating now."

After Little Yui returned to cultivating, he began to refine the wind cores again.

While he was doing this, Theo remembered something: "Didn't I tell Jka that I would warn his village about this town?!"

Getting up, he left the core where they were and left the [Dimensional Room].

When he left, he removed the drone from inside the [Storage Ring] and controlled the drone, making the drone go towards the Ang village.

In a few hours, he was able to spot the Ang village from the drone control screen.

"Huh? Why are there 3 dragons flying over Ang village?" When Theo saw that he felt uncomfortable, it didn't look like anything good would come out of it: "What if they were in the village because of Little Yui?"

Not having much choice, he decided to go there himself. Since it was partly his fault they were there.

Moving away from the mansion at the speed of light, he arrived at the end of the barrier that surrounded the city. Soon he turned into a powerful and gigantic golden fox and started running even faster towards Ang village.


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