Golden Fox with System
242 Chapter 242: The seducer Yuki.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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242 Chapter 242: The seducer Yuki.

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Theo managed to gather his remaining strength and managed to get away from the sweet but juicy kiss on Yuki's lips. He then said in his husky voice, "Yuki... we can't do that here. Let's get out of [Dimensional Room] first."

"O-Okay..." Although she was out of her mind, taken by lust, she agreed to remember that Little Yui and the rest were still there.

When she uttered those words, she let out some warm air from her mouth, it was a sweet, aphrodisiac air. Theo was almost out of his mind again, but he managed to hold himself back and with his hand wrapped around her waist, he left the [Dimensional Room] with her.

When they left, they were still near the mansion entrance. Yuki didn't wait until she got to the room and sealed Theo's lips with her beautiful, sweet lips.

Her lips were full and soft, when she smiled, she was elegant, when she pouts, she was a temptation. Theo knew these lips were sweet and endlessly kissable, addictive and that he threw his mind away. He could only become a servant of Yuki's wishes.

Her eyelashes were the same white shade as her hair, which made her look fluffy and delicate when she blinked, she looked so innocent, even when she ripped off his clothes.

Theo knew he was imagining things, but when he looked at Yuki's face, he couldn't help but think of her as the dawn, the very moment when the sun appeared on the horizon and colored the sky with its palette of peaches and roses.

They crawled along the walls as they walked and kissed fervently, heading for their room.

"My love, my everything... I want you...." Yuki murmured with her hoarse voice in the midst of her kisses.

Yuki had a lovely, seductive voice.

"I want you too..."

A loud bang of hands crashing against the wall came, the moment Theo put Yuki against the yellow-burned wall, but neither of them stopped kissing, it just got even hotter. The wall was kneaded like a milk pudding when the couple's hands crashed against the wall, the couple's handprint was etched into the wall...

This warm, almost predatory kiss was too much of a stimulus, the couple was having a tug-of-war confrontation with their tongue and neither wanted to give in.

Suddenly, he felt that kissing her was addictive. Theo wanted to get more out of her.

Like Yuki, he also ripped the clothes off her top. The torn fabrics fell gently on the floor, while the couple continued to go towards the bedroom.

Her impeccable white skin was exposed, displaying the two great hills of tender and beautiful soft flesh. His hands caressing and massaging her delicious and delicate warm flesh, the sensation of holding these beautiful breasts and her nipples between his fingers, rubbing softly, was a divine experience; it was a party in his hands, he felt addicted to the soft and comfortable feeling of her perfect white breasts.

"Mmm... Theo…"

She groaned as she felt the footprint of his big, strong hands on her breasts. The hot air that came out of her mouth hit his ear and made him scratch, Yuki barely noticed that they lit fireworks inside someone's pants and he was very tempted to commit a crime now.

Descending his hands down to her thin, slender waist, Theo watched her with an intensity that burned inside him, leaving him breathless, hungry, and desperate for something that was just within his reach.

Theo let out a low groan of triumph and moved his mouth once again towards her, kissing her passionately, challenging her to continue what she had begun: "Ah, Yuki," he groaned, pushing her until she was against their bedroom door: "My God, you taste delicious."

"My beautiful, you who are delicious..." She licked her cherry lips seductively as she opened the back door, she turned her heel and entered the room in a provocative way, swaying her beautiful hips and breasts that were loose breathing fresh air, swaying nonstop with every move she made.

Seeing that Theo was still standing in front of the door with burning and hungry eyes, she rolled her eyes and exclaimed with force: "Come in soon!"

Theo smiled in response and he walked towards her. Getting in front of her, his mouth goes in hers. His kiss was possessive and at the same time controlling. He commanded their lips and she softened in his arms. His hands go down the side of her body and stick to her juicy ass, lifting her over the bed. His body falls over her while kissing her.

He then held her face and focused on her beautiful burgundy eyes. Amazing how seductive and handsome he was. Dark golden hair, golden eyes, and white skin. Perfect lips and pointy nose.

He pressed his body against hers and his strong arms kept her close as he murmured, "woman... you're driving me crazy..."
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