Golden Fox with System
241 Chapter 241: The Spring of Yuki Has Arrived.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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241 Chapter 241: The Spring of Yuki Has Arrived.

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When he did this, with a simple way of cutting with his right hand, the soul launched a semitransparent attack. But the power behind that simple gesture seemed very frightening.

That was able to make Theo's soul tremble. It was as if it warned him of imminent danger.

"Would that be an attack of the soul?" When he saw this, Theo imagined that this attack would not hurt someone's body, but their souls.

How scary could that be? How many living beings would be able to defend themselves from something like this if it were true? Didn't he just get something incredible?

Questions and more came into his mind, but the smile of anticipation could not be hidden.

But then he saw that his soul became a little transparent like a ghost.

"Did that waste my soul's energy? Wouldn't that be dangerous?" He was a little scared to think so, but Theo wasn't discouraged, he just needed to get stronger, right? Besides, he wouldn't have to condense so much soul energy next time either.

"I don't want to lose that feeling... I need to recover and try again." When he thought like that, he soon returned to his concentration within this strange space and made his soul sit in a lotus position to meditate.

And that's how he thought. Even his soul could meditate, the speed of recovery of his "Soul Energy" accelerated in large margins, moreover, the representation of his soul was returning to normal.

Although a bit of concern struck him since he didn't know what would happen if he used up too much of that energy. Maybe it's the same when he eroded his mental power? At least the feeling was the same as he felt.

It didn't take him that long to fully recover the soul energy he had enjoyed before. By making his soul rise again, he made his soul manifest again.

The next few hours he spent training, he learned more about the attack of the soul. Other than that, nothing significant happened.

When Theo opened his eyes again, although he didn't feel something so significant, he felt that control over his mental power and divine sense had increased a little.
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Looking at each corner of the [Dimensional Room], he noticed that only Yuki had stopped cultivating.

Yuki who was looking in Theo's direction, felt her face warmer than usual, she felt her eyes fogging up, her nose moved like a little rabbit, a soft, more manly smell hit her nose. She found nothing, just Theo.

Unconsciously, she almost crawled into Theo. She only got up when she was only a few feet away from him.

At that moment she had forgotten about caution and pride, now there were only those mysterious eyes and the insidious perfume, which caused her feelings to swell and a warmth below the womb.


She called his name as she approached him more and more and smelled that smell which drew her to him.

Her voice didn't sound normal, almost a purr of a feline seeking pleasure. Theo thought now he might go crazy for witnessing that kind of scene.

She was very close; her perfume was sweet as a flower smell that reminds of jasmine and made his blood boil.

"Why is she so seductive now?" Theo thought a little confused. She was so close to him that her breath touched his face... He couldn't be blamed for losing control, right?

Yuki's eyes glowed with a warm light, burning brightly like a sun.

Her eyes sparkled like the soft light of sunset, Theo was attracted, as if in the world only she existed and all his attention turned around her and her burgundy red eyes.

By the time Theo realized it, Yuki had already kissed his lips with thirst and lust. Her lips tasted like apple pie.

Theo's heartbeat immediately increased 100 times.

Soon he got lost in the sensations, her tongue invaded his mouth and they fought for space, coiled up with each movement.

When Theo finally came to his senses, Yuki had already kissed his lips... so thirsty and so lustful that it seemed Theo would burn along with Yuki's wishes.

Yuki was wilder than ever, she couldn't control her superhuman strength and tore the top of Theo's clothing, the pieces of clothing floated like snowflakes in winter, but the temperature in the environment was like the hot summer.

Theo's heart was beating so loud, that if he were a simple human, he would suspect he was having a heart attack. The sound of his heart echoed in their ears in the same way Yuki's groans echoed in their souls.


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