Golden Fox with System
233 Chapter 233: Cleaning up waste.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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233 Chapter 233: Cleaning up waste.

{Edited by: ZeroSkill.}

Although Theo made the announcements and dictated the rules, many beings still went to his mansion, hoping to talk to him and learn more about his goals. Some fools from larger clans even wanted to try their hand at winning titles and differentiating themselves from other living beings in the city.

But all of them were kindly turned away by Yuki and the girls who were on the balcony of the mansion talking. Well... there were some who didn't accept so easily and insinuated some things and after some friendly "incentives" they left. Many of them chose to leave the city, not being satisfied with it.

"Humph, these are the tenth group to come here today..." Zaira "cleaned" the dust from the most of it. Zaira turned her heel and returned to where the other girls were.

Behind her, there were more than 10 beast-men lying on the ground full of bruises.

Although Theo put the law that he could not fight in the city. But that wasn't true with the people he gave authority to hit someone. Moreover, as unfair as it was, those who tried to fight back disappeared and were marked as intruders who could not enter the city.

"Haha, Sister Zaira." Zaika laughed as she teased her sister: "You say that, but the smile on your face says something else..."

Hearing that, the group of girls fell into laughter. Zaira's face automatically turned red like a tomato. She looked fiercely in her sister's direction, but she didn't say anything but snort.

Pushing the chair and sitting at the table. Yuki smiled at her and passed a cup of tea: "Your sister's just kidding, don't take her so seriously." She laughed maliciously: "Because even... Zaika had the same expression when teaching a "little" lesson earlier."

Zaira's expression got better, she looked in her sister's direction. Taking the cup of tea, she looked at Yuki again: "Thank you Yuki." She smiled and drank some tea.

Zaika just pouted and said nothing more. Although strange, but in a pleasant and seductive way, when Zaika pouted with a slight redness on her cheeks, she made everyone at the table enchanted with her beauty. Although they're all girls, it made them love looking at this diabolically seductive lady.

Zaira, on the other hand, murmured in her mind, "I don't know how Theo can resist all that charm from my sister..."

"I say... if I wasn't 100% straight, I'd fall in love with you Zaika." Nanda smothered a laugh when she said that.

"Huh?" Zaika's expression was full of question marks when she heard that. But soon her blushing went even deeper, she bowed her head, not wanting to show her face that turned feverish red, she could even feel her hands warming the moment she put her hands on her cheeks.

Her actions did not go unnoticed by a group of girls. Let the truth be told, she became even cuter with every gesture she took. This made them laugh, but they decided to stop provoking her too much, for fear of falling to her charm.

Their goal of drinking tea in the garden and having girls talk was mainly because of a movie they saw..., but how could they expect that group after group, would come to them to bother them.

The girls were even more impressed when Yuki went to solve the problem. She was just in front of a group of people smiling, but in front of her, they thought they were in front of an ice empress, her smile, though beautiful, was so cold, it made them tremble with fear. In the end, this group of people who came to cause problems became so meek that it was almost comical.

That made the girls think... how scared would that group of people be if Yuki manifested her aura? Automatically, Yuki was on their list of people they were not willing to provoke.

"I still don't understand..." Aine murmured loud enough for everyone to hear her.

"Hmm? What don't you understand, Aine?" Shina looked at her when she asked.

Distracted by tampering with her cell phone, Aine looked ahead. Only then did she realize that she had just thought out loud because everyone was looking in her direction. She said, "Hrm, on the question of the entrance fee of the amusement park. I still don't know how to calculate a reasonable price."

She sighed, "Theo told us to choose the most affordable price and it doesn't have to be so lucrative. In fact, his goal is for everyone to be able to go without affecting the daily expenses of the people in the city". Her eyes glowed with admiration: "Theo is really a good man. I already knew that, but still, he still surprises me."

Nanda nodded, "Yes, he really is." A gentle, kind smile formed on her face: "Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I would have such a chance at life. All thanks to him, all of us at the orphanage are having the best days of our lives. Not only a matter of cultivation, but he also gave us a new orphanage without precedence, without wanting anything in return".

Yuki hearing that, she got a smile on her face. She was always happy to see that others recognized Theo's gestures of kindness and praised him, even if it was not directly for her, yet Yuki was very happy to hear it.

Shina, Zaika, Zaira, it wasn't so different. They were also happy that their good friends are able to recognize everything Theo has done for them. Even they find these people who've come to get into silly trouble. Not being able to recognize their great luck, but for their own greed, they no longer have the right to live in this city.
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I'm sure that was all news to them. Besides, it was hard to believe that such a formation would be able to protect them from beings in the Spiritual Kingdom. That's because they don't have enough knowledge to distinguish how good that training was.

But one way or another, with the limited and greedy mind of these people, it was inevitable that this would happen. It just happened earlier. That's because Theo wanted to make this town a totally different place. Where everyone who lives in the city can live in peace.


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