Golden Fox with System
229 Chapter 229: Nightmare.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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229 Chapter 229: Nightmare.

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"Theo, Little Yui had fun?" Yuki lying in Theo's arms asked.

"En." Theo nodded and said, "I didn't expect her to like the video game I gave her so much."

Seeing Theo's loving expression, Yuki couldn't help but feel happy in her heart. "She's still a child, because of before, she didn't have much time to have fun, I guess... it's a good thing that now we can have a quiet time."

Seeing the beautiful smile that formed on Yuki's face, it made Theo wish to kiss those beautiful fleshy lips. Not resisting temptation... he ended up leaning towards her.

Watching Theo's advance. Yuki closed her eyes and approached, feeling Theo's warm breath. Her heartbeat started to accelerate.

Separating their lips from each other. Theo smiled when he said, "You're right. I'd also like her to have more interaction like a normal child. It's a good thing there are now a lot of children in town because of the orphanage and Little Yui gets along very well with the children in the orphanage."

Yuki snuggled up to Theo's chest, she then said in a sweet voice: "Before, I was worried about Little Yui's blood family..., but now I see that we don't need to worry about it thanks to the city you built."

"You bet." Theo smiled, "I will do everything in my power to protect my precious family." He kissed her forehead when he finished talking.

"En." Yuki closed her eyes and slowly opened: "But I still think we should talk to them ... I believe it will not take long for looking for Little Yui, the one who was trying to find her.

*Sigh*, "I think so too." Theo caressed Yuki's beautiful white hair: "When that happens... we'll settle this matter with them. But one thing I'm sure of."

Yuki: "?"

Theo's eyes became ferocious: "If anyone intends to take Little Yui from us by force... even if they are blood relatives of our daughter... they will have to face the consequences."

"Yeah." A smile blossomed on Yuki's face when she heard that. Their biggest fear before; it was someone wanting to take Little Yui away from them. But now... she knew that while she was in town... there's no way anyone could get Little Yui away from them.

Theo passed a lock of hair behind his ear before saying in a deep voice, "My love..."

*TOC~ TOc~ Toc~*

"Little Yui, come on in!" Theo screamed and opened the door with mental power.

A cute and shy girl wearing a beautiful white floral pajama appeared in the couple's field of vision. She seemed very shy as she looked in the direction of the couple.

"An angel?" Theo thought. Then he smiled gently at his beautiful daughter: "Little Yui, my little angel, what happened? Couldn't sleep? Did you have a nightmare?"

"En." She nodded timidly.

"My love, come here with Mommy." Yuki opened her arms while calling Little Yui.

A beautiful smile formed on the Little girl's lips and she ran towards her mother's hug.

"Mommy..." Little Yui smelled Mom's sweet, pleasant smell and calmed down. "Yui... Yui, you had a nightmare..." Her pretty little face turned pink: "Can I sleep with Mommy and Daddy?"

"Oh, my God!" Yuki hugged this little angel and filled her with a kiss on her cute little face. "Of course, you can my baby. How can we let our daughter sleep alone after she's had a nightmare..." Yuki looked at Theo, "Right, Theo?"

Looking at this pair of mother-daughter divinity. Theo's heart melted instantly. Instead of answering her, Theo's cell phone showed up in the hand. "More than fluffy, stay that way! I want to take a picture of you two."

Yuki: "..."

Little Yui: "..."

Seeing as how instead of answering... Theo was very excited to take pictures of them... both mother and daughter looked at Theo helpless, but smiled frankly, happy to be photographed by him.

"*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* It's perfect! You girls guys were beautiful!" Theo said with a smile on his face after taking some pictures of the heavenly mother and daughter.

"Oh, yeah." Theo remembered and said with a clumsy smile: "Of course our little angel can sleep with us."

When Little Yui heard Theo's words, she instantly jumped in the middle of them. "Thank you," she said with a wide, silly smile.

"Baby." Theo and Yuki thought. The daughter's fluffy smile was brighter than the midday sun, more beautiful than a flower in spring.

Covering Little Yui with the blanket. Yuki asked, "Do you want Mommy to tell a story?"

Listening to her mother's gentle and charming voice, Little Yui responded by hugging her: "En, Yui would love it!"

Theo on the other hand just looked silently at the pair of mother and daughter with a gentle smile. Little Yui was feeling very loved, her dad was caressing her head with affection, while her mother was gently rubbing her back.

Happiness invaded her little body, making her forget the nightmare she had before.

Yuki blinked and then started telling a story: "Once upon a time, there were two beautiful princesses, called Yui and Alice. In addition to sisters, the two were also best friends..."

Looking at mom with bright eyes, she asked, "Yui? Is it me?"
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Yuki smothered a laugh. She smiled and said, "Yeah, in the story I'm about to tell, Little Yui's going to be the lead."


Surprise appeared on Little's face, but she was also more than happy to hear that she would be part of the story.

Yuki gave a little laugh when she noticed her daughter's surprise expression and continued: "The two princesses live in a large castle, but the two were not allowed to leave the castle. Many times, the two of them were bored and read books; imagining what the outside world would be like..."

Watching her daughter's bright eyes pay attention to every word she says. Yuki gently continued rubbing Little Yui's back as she told the story: "But then, Alice had a great idea..."

Alice: "Sister, sister." She ran towards Yui, she was panting, taking a deep breath she said, "I found a way for both of us to get out of the castle and see a little bit of the world out there, what do you think, Yui?"

Yui: "Really, Alice?" Joyful glow in her eyes: "How?"


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