Golden Fox with System
228 Chapter 228: It is not fair. Daddy, bully!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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228 Chapter 228: It is not fair. Daddy, bully!

In the living room. There was a huge 70-inch TV. The couch was almost 20 feet away from the TV. Connected to it was a beautiful black notebook, which seemed to be very expensive. In a notebook file folder, he had a unique folder with content from movies and series that Theo got through his old-world system.

As it was separated by genre, it was easy to find the movies and series that the girls might like. Although, the girls have never had the opportunity to watch much. They had seen some movies before with Theo and they were delighted since then, their curiosity and desire to see more was instigated, but as they didn't have much time to just relax before, they didn't have time to watch.

But now... not even the beings of the Spiritual Kingdom can easily cause chaos in this city. Because of that, they could relax a little bit now, right? Besides, Theo had already planned to earn even more points. He got a lot of information from Rosario, including about Little Yui...

Thanks to the information he recently acquired, he knew that it was an abandoned section of land on this island, inhabited only by insects. They are beings who live by only following their instincts without logical reasoning, but it was also said that they are even more dangerous and stronger than their peers, since the insects don't know fear.

The ideal for Theo would be to make a dirt road that would go to these lands, although it is a bit far away, it would be a good source of magical cores for him. Besides, apparently, there's hardly any hunters out there. So, it was even more tempting for him to conquer this land.

Theo and the girls were sitting in the living room watching a movie. While he was waiting for Little Yui. It was a romance movie, because of that all the girls eyes were glazed while watching the movie. Theo had an ironic smile when he saw it, but he had to admit the movie was pretty good.

"Daddy, I'm done." A beautiful childish voice echoed in the living room, "Shall we?"

"Yes, Little Yui, your father will show you my playing skills," Theo said with a presumptuous smile for his daughter.

"Hehe~ If Yui wins, Daddy can't cry, okay?" Little Yui showed her little tongue and ran out laughing loudly towards the room.

Theo seeing this cute little daughter thing. A smile formed on his lips.

"I'll be going then." Theo kissed Yuki who was at his side, leaving a little blush and started to walk away...

Before he was out of the room two jealous girls ran and grabbed the sleeve of his shirt, looking towards him with the eyes of someone who wanted attention. Of course, Theo was able to understand what the two of them wanted, he crouched down and kissed both of them on the lips.

"Now you can go, I'll let you," Ariana said with a smile to Theo.

Although Shina is getting braver and braver, she was still to shy to express her feelings in front of so many people. So she ran right back to the couch with a beet red face.

"...what did I do... they saw me kissing... I don't even know how I had the courage to go to him..." Shina sat restlessly while covering her face with her hands.

Zaika: "..."

Zaira: "..."

It was worse for Zaika and Zaira who were forced to eat dog food, not only once, but three times in a row...

Yuki laughed at Shina's reaction. She wonders when Shina will lose the shame of kissing Theo in front of other people?

Although Ariana is also blushing, it wasn't enough to shake her determination. She was willing to be embarrassed, as long as she could kiss her beloved.

Even though I'm embarrassed. While Theo was leaving, Shina kept leaning on of her hands on top of the couch and looking at the glimpse of Theo's charming figure walking towards Little Yui's room. She puts her delicate hand on her chest, trying to calm her thumping heart. She couldn't help thinking her man was charming even with his back turned towards them...

Zaika didn't miss the chance either, but then she turned around. Zaika didn't think she deserved her love in a romantic way since she's just his servant...

When the figure of Theo disappeared from sight the girls went back to sitting on the couch and paying attention to the movie.

After climbing the stairs on the second floor and getting to the front of Little Yui's room Theo knocked on the door twice.

"Come on in, Daddy." Little Yui's sweet, childish voice echoed from inside the room.

Theo opened the door and saw Little Yui already in her sleeping pajamas. She had a 52-inch TV on the wall of her room and a video game console installed on the TV.

Theo walked towards Little Yui and sat down on a two-seater sofa next to his daughter.

"Well, what game does my beloved daughter want to play?" Theo asked affectionately.

"Hmmm...." Little Yui put her index finger on her lower lip. She had a thoughtful look thinking about what game she was going to play with her daddy.
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Seeing his thoughtful daughter. Theo didn't utter a word; he just watched his thoughtful daughter in silence.

After contemplating for a long time, Little Yui answered, "A fighting game. I like fighting."

"Right." Theo nodded and took a CD from inside one of the game covers and put it inside the video game's disc player.

Although he didn't have a lot of games yet. Theo bought the ones he knew and liked the most. The game he chose to play with Little Yui was a game called Mortal Kombat.

Little Yui: "Haaa, flying kick."

Theo: "Bahahaha, half your life with just one combo."

"It's not fair. Daddy, bully!"

"Kekeke, come on, my daughter, fight."

"Haha Haha. Daddy, what did you think of that?"

"Gee... as expected of my daughter, you hit me this time..."

"Hehe~ that for underestimating this little lady."

"Hahaha, right, right, right, you don't have to make that presumptuous expression at me. Yeah, I'm gonna win the next game."

"Daddy, have you ever heard that saying? A barking dog doesn't bite?"

Theo frowned, "Who taught you that?"

With attention on TV, Little Yui answered carefree: "Mommy."

Theo: "..."

Theo laughed and shook his head. His eyes were filled with affection when he looked at his daughter.

{Edited By: Talgini.}


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