Golden Fox with System
218 Chapter 218: Chasing Jordan Wiz.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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218 Chapter 218: Chasing Jordan Wiz.

Flying over the sky. Jordan Wiz looked back in fear. 20 green-haired women were chasing him.

He thought he was able to hide, but who would have thought that one of them was able to find his location. He'd been attacked a few times now, and he was injured a few times.

"If I didn't have my level 6 red dragon armor, I'd be dead by now..."

The more he thought about it, the more scared and hateful he got.

"I don't have many options." Jordan Wiz thought, "If I could get my hands-on Rosario's daughter again..."

"There's no point in running, you as a false spiritualist have no chance of escaping us."

A beautiful voice echoed behind him, interrupting his thoughts.

"Damn it, I'm not going to let you catch me!"

He screamed and activated a teleport talisman.

Sakura one of the Elftree, wearing dark blue tight clothes, said frustrated to see him teleport: "What the fuck! Exactly how many teleport talismans does this guy have?"

"Sister. He can't run away forever, at some point his Teleport talismans will run out."

"Yes, you're right. Let's keep after him. Anyway, he's already hurt. Your divine sense must not be in the best condition."

"You're right. We're going to have to split up again. We don't know exactly in what direction he was teleported."


The 20 Elftree group was divided into 4 groups of 5 people and flew in the four directions at an amazing speed.

All 20 of them wore green wings on their backs. Each swing of their wings were miles of distance traveled. A mere mortal would not be able to see the glimmer of their figures even if they passed in front of his nose.

After all, they were true beings in the Spiritual Kingdom.

While the Elftree were chasing Jordan Wiz, he was already miles away from his previous position, using all his power reserves to fly as fast as possible. His heart was in chaos.

Even if his speed wasn't as fast as the Elftree's, he still wasn't slow. At least it was enough to give him more time to recover from his injuries.

In front of Jordan Wiz, there was a big tree that was in his way. Not wanting to waste time taking off, he waved his hand at the sign of cutting and threw a wind current in the direction of the tree.

In the following moment, the tree that was only a few kilometers away began to crumble. Jordan walked past it without looking back. He was all the time on alert using his divine sense, afraid the Elftree would ambush him.

Jordan was frustrated, it took him a long time to get where he left off. But it's all just gone from one day to the next. Even worse, he had kidnapped Rosario's daughter. In his plans, he wanted his nephew to be able to dismantle it and discover the secrets of the Elftree.

His greatest desire was to awaken his noble spirit and become a true spiritualist. Maybe if he found out more about the Elftree lineage, that could happen...

He can't understand how everything was turned upside down so fast. He had everything planned and well hidden. Even where he left Thereza held, it was a very well-protected place.

"That can only mean that this "Panic" is in the Spiritual Kingdom. Or he's really very skillful in his divine sense and he's been able to discover everything thanks to it."

"But for that... he should have been in the Ravenna City for some time watching her. If I were close..."

The more he thought about it. Angrier Jordan would get. He was someone respected and feared by many. But now, he was like a crazy dog running for his life. He's never felt so humiliated in his life.

He'd been all over the Naga Empire. The closer he got, the more he felt anxious. It was all or nothing. If he doesn't succeed. Jordan knew his death was certain.
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"Sister Sakura, I found him!"

An Elftree said, flying over the clouds. She was too far away, afraid to scare Jordan. Although she's stronger than him. She couldn't kill him with just one blow.

"Roger that. We're heading your way. Don't let him out of your sight."Sakura said.

They were communicating telepathically. That was a special connection they had with each other. It was something that came from their Elftree lineage. In addition, the higher the level of cultivation, the greater the range.

When they were done communicating, The Elftreegroup wasted no time and flew towards Jordan.

Jordan was a cautious, fearful man. He was already holding a teleport talisman in his hand. Ready to use, in case he feels Elftree presence.

But this time... they managed to find him before he detected them. One by one it was they arrived silently. The Elftree group continued gather, waiting for them all to arrive, to get into action.

Still watching Jordan from above in the sky, the entire Elftree group came together. Sakura had already told them her plans when she went into action.


The moment Sakura said that to everyone, mentally, anElftree holding a beautiful green sword in her right hand was the first to move. She had a free fall in Jordan's direction at a resounding speed.

Just behind her, an Elftree wearing disproportionate green gloves for her hand was also going in Jordan's direction.


Feeling a strong chill, Jordan looked up at the sky and saw two Elftree's heading towards him at an amazing speed. He activated the teleport talisman when he saw that.

The talisman shone and his body began to shine together. But then, something made him have a look of disbelief, but then along with a loud metal sound shocked him. He was thrown to the ground with a big punch mark on his chest.

Before he could even teleport, his arm was cut off. causing only his severed arm to teleport. Soon after, the other Elftree enjoyed the moment and along with the strength of her fists and using the earth element, she punched Jordan's chest.

The punch was so strong that it echoed throughout the forest, causing a ripple in space. Jordan launched, looking like a missile, heading toward the ground without his left arm and his armor shattered.

Trees and mountains were devastated, only by the shock wave.

Jordan's chest pain was so immense that it even overwhelmed the pain of losing his arm. He was screaming in pain, heading towards the ground.

Another bang came, along with the sound of breaking bones. Under the ground an Elftree came out, surprising Jordan and punched his backbone. Many bones were broken to the point where the bones became pulverized inside his body.

His back bone was exposed through his flesh.

If he screamed out loud in pain before... The pain he was feeling now was even worse. He bent all the way back, getting into a ridiculous "U" shaped position.

His consciousness was fading, his eyes were white for a few thousandths of a second, but he managed to regain consciousness. Another Teleport talisman appeared in his hand. Even in that state, he didn't give up and activated it.

{Edited By: John Jensen}


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