Golden Fox with System
213 Chapter 213: Going out on a date with Ariana - Part 3
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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213 Chapter 213: Going out on a date with Ariana - Part 3

Ariana leaned on Theo's left shoulder: "See?! They're all trembling with fear, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them died because of the fear they're feeling." She smiled, "Why don't you let them go, it's not like they did something wrong, right?"

The eyes of these living beings shone with hope when they heard what Ariana said. They started looking at her like a goddess in their eyes.

"Hrm, right." Theo said, "I'm not going to kill them."

Even before they were happy, Theo added, "But they still need to explain to me why they're here."

"Fair." Ariana smiled.
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A man from a distinguished clan, though trembling with fear, he raised his head and said: "I came here because I was told that there was a very powerful formation and no one seemed to be taking care of it. So, I thought I'd look into it."

The other living beings nodded, they also came with the same goal, but even after trying to find out more about this formation, they couldn't find anything.

"I see, so that's why." Theo nodded in understanding.

They sighed with relief since they thought that this was their end.

"Actually, I can understand you." Theo suddenly said, "You all came here for a chance to have a better life, right?"

Although they don't understand, why Theo was asking them that. They had to agree, "Yes."

Ariana shook her head the moment she saw a malicious smile on Theo's face. She knew they'd fallen into his trap.

Theo said, "I have very good strength. I think one of you would like to live in a village with someone strong and protect those who live in the village, right?"

They nodded in agreement one more time.

There were almost 200 living things at the scene. They were all speculating on what Theo would say. It could be seen that the mental strength of these living beings is very good, as they remained calm and looked at Theo with ambitions.

Inevitably, Theo played well in the part where it hurts. Who does not want to live a better life and need not worry about someone who harms their family? Living in this unprotected world was a masochistic way of living, with the constant fear of being killed by someone.

Some have already lost their parents, others have lost their children, best friends, and family. They knew how hard it was to live in this world. But still, they had to fight and keep living. Not everyone has the talent to get strong, or the chance to have a meeting with some treasure that changes their lives, so they kept trying.

Yeah, just hoping something good will happen, makes them have the strength to wake up the next morning and keep trying.

"I'll put my cards on the table." Theo said, "I'm trying to make my village a city. In an area of 2,000 hectares, I will take it as mine and create the city here."

The breathing of these living beings began to accelerate and their hands and paws began to sweat. They could see that this was the chance they were waiting for. Because of something like this, they're in danger of coming here.

Ariana was a little surprised by that, too. But she remembered that he had already said that he would accept other humans to live in his village, but did not expect him to really want to create a city.

Theo continued, "I'm going to start letting other living things live in this city. Besides, I don't intend to charge tax. Every living thing that wants to live in it will be able to."

Theo stopped talking. He looked serious as he spoke again: "But they will have to live by my rules." He warned, "Whoever disobeys will have to leave the city or even die!"

Hearing this, they shudder in fear but still remained on the spot.

"What are those rules?" Someone took courage and asked.

"They're simple." Theo said, "Rule 1: I do not allow stealing in the city; these beings will have to leave the city. Rule 2: I do not allow anyone to force someone sexually / ****; that living being will die. Rule 3: Someone who intends to mess up the city or even kill someone, will have to leave the city or even be killed."

Many have nodded by agreeing to your rules. It wasn't hard to accept.

"Isn't it too extreme to die just because you forced someone sexually?" An animal in human form whispered quietly, thinking no one would listen.

But he underestimated Theo's senses. In a matter of milliseconds, he was in front of the man who spoke.

The man shouted with wonder and pain. Theo held this man's head tight, Theo then asked, "Have you ever raped anyone before?"

"Yes, I..."

Theo didn't let the man finish what he was about to say. He squeezed this man's head so tightly that his head exploded like a watermelon.

The crowd gasped in astonishment.

"Hrm, as I said, I don't accept ****, even if it's not from my town if I find out I'm going to kill, no matter who it is," Theo said with a smile as wide as the sun.

But seeing his smile, they suddenly felt an uncontrollable fear invading their hearts. It was as if he had faced the god of death himself.

They didn't doubt your words. In view of this, they recorded these rules in their minds.

Not wanting to prolong it any longer, Theo said: "Well, those who still want to stay and live in my city are all welcome, as long as they buy the rules that have been said, but those who do not can leave."

In total, only 10 beings left. Theo didn't just call to let them go..., but not before investigating their minds. In the end, there were 4 others who were men who had raped women, even children were eventually raped by one of them.

"Hrm, you can enter the village if you want and build a house for yourselves." Theo said, "Each of you is entitled to 250 square meters of land. If you want more, we can negotiate later."

"Is that for a person, or is that for a family?" A Demi-Human with dark black hair and green eyes asked.

"Each person. For each additional person in a family, the total will increase by 10 square meters of land." Theo replied with a slight smile: "If it was for a family it would be a little small, right?"

"Yeah." He nodded and asked again, "I have 50 people in my family. Is it okay if I bring them here to live?"

"Absolutely." Theo said, "As long as they're willing to follow the rules of the city, I don't see any problems."


Both this Demi-Human and many others were happy to hear this.

{Edited By: John Jensen}


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