Golden Fox with System
201 Chapter 201: Panic Interview Mauricio Kenedy Part 1
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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201 Chapter 201: Panic Interview Mauricio Kenedy Part 1

After using <Devour> on Katita's soul and feeling his soul strengthened, Theo turned to Katita's wife and father-in-law.

After talking to them for a while, he saw that they were even worse than Katita. They had enjoyed the misfortune of others from the beginning. Orlando also had an ambiguous relationship with Iria before she even married Katita. What surprised Theo was that in the end, Mauricio Kenedy was not even the son of Katita but his own grandfather Orlando.

Not wanting to keep hearing about their sick relationship, Theo used his scythe on them and then used <Devour> on their souls. He didn't even bother to torture them. Yeah, they were extreme masochists, so it would have the opposite effect.

"So, you disfigure other women because you're the only one who deserves to be beautiful?" Theo, who had started talking to Maura Kenedy, raised his eyebrows in disbelief at her words.

"Yes, they were only slaves, so what right did they have to be beautiful? They were nothing but whores who were dying to spread their legs for my clan!" Maura said with contempt.

"But didn't you go further and fuck your own family?" Theo asked.

"What's wrong with that? They're talented men, and they like me. Different from these bitches that are willing to do whatever you say so long as you give them some bread." Maura answered, "I also only had sex with my father, brother and my beloved grandfather, no one else was worthy of enjoying my pussy."

"Urghhhhh! What are you doing? Stop, stop…"

Maura began to scream in pain just when Theo gave her freedom, and he began to cut her entire body apart. He started with her toes before cutting off her feet completely, followed by her legs right at her thighs.

She kept wailing and begging for her death, now only a trunk, neck and head. Her arms and legs had been completely cut off by Theo. After all, Theo couldn't bear the image of all those children and women who she had tortured. All those who were beautiful that she was jealous of and believed they didn't deserve their looks.

Not wanting to listen to Maura's horrendous screaming any longer, Theo now removed her soul from her body, followed by using "Devour" on it.

Theo did the same to some Elders who also participated in these despicable acts. In the end, he had tortured them for some time before he was sufficiently satisfied, and then used <Devour> on their souls and bodies.


• [Ten-Year-Old Soul; Changed to Eleven-Year-Old]

• Lineage: Golden Fox: 64,912,541 Cells

• Voice Change: Reached Level 6


"Hrm, it was to be expected, I guess, since I used <Devour> on so many who had used a technique with Divine Sense." Theo mused.

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Of the Kenedy Clan members who remained, there was Maurício Kenedy whom Theo decided to leave last.

Looking towards Mauricio Kenedy, Theo was still wondering what to do with him. In fact, this guy had done so many horrible things that it made Theo doubt if just killing him would ever be enough.

Sighing, Theo decided, "In the end, I can't just keep him locked up in one place. The most I can do now is to torture him some more before devouring his soul so he can never reincarnate again."

But then Theo thought of something. That was streaming a video, live on the Internet. Theo connected the camera directly to his internet channel, surprising many who were following "Panic" and realized that he was about to stream live. They were very excited about this development.

["Dad, come here!" Creamyop shouted, "Panic is making a live video."]

["Bro," Totor called his friend. "Have you heard that Panic is making a live video?"]

["Wow, I didn't expect that," democh commented on the live video.]

["What exactly did he do?" Dragonia_101 commented on the comments in the live video.]

Yet, far more commentaries and people began to spread the announcement of the live video than "Panic" himself.

To Theo's surprise, in only a matter of minutes, there were already more than one million people watching his live video.

Theo sat down once again behind a table next to Mauricio. He looked into the camera as he stated in a cold, emotionless voice, "Hello, I'm Panic, and I'm making my first live video, with a special guest: "Mauricio Kenedy! The genius of the Kenedy Clan."

When his viewers heard the voice of "Panic" become even more sinister than usual, they began to wonder what kind of cruelty Mauricio Kenedy had committed to be receiving such treatment.

["Mercy, what exactly is that?" WolfLord, who was watching the video from the start, commented in surprise.]

Mauricio was completely naked sitting on the couch, which Theo obviously planned to set on fire later. If before his penis was already considerably small, now that he was trembling with fear from Panic's presence, he had shrunk even further. It looked like a turtle's head withdrawing into its shell.

Of them all, Mauricio Kenedy was the one who gave Theo more freedom in his mind. Before he was just controlling their bodies, he wasn't controlling their minds.

By the time Mauricio heard Theo say that he was a genius, he had almost forgotten his situation and now revealed a bizarre smile. Mauricio felt great when he heard others compliment him.

He always took pride in his intelligence, but his ego increased even more when he was praised by his uncle Jordan Wiz.

But soon, his smile turned desperate as he glanced in the direction of "Panic." "No, please don't kill me! I didn't do anything wrong, why are you doing this to me?"

["What a wimp, it's only just begun, and he's already begging for his life," Drixia commented.]

["That's right, does he still consider himself a man? Hahaha." Laizh commented.]

"I wonder, huh? Look at what he's got between his legs!" daoistxuanlong added.

Detached from the comments, Theo replied calmly, but coldly, "Why are you so agitated? I'm not gonna do anything to you… "yet," you can rest assured."

People felt a sharp chill going through all their bodies as they heard those words.

Mauricio was happy at first, but then he widened his eyes in terror. He had seen everything that had happened to his family. He didn't want to go through that, too.

"As a genius, how could meet my end like that?" Mauricio couldn't accept that any of this was happening to him.

Theo / Panic pretended that he didn't even hear what Mauricio was muttering about and asked, "They say you're a genius, but tell me; why are you a genius, exactly?"

"That…" Mauricio was on alert with this kind of question, he understood what he was doing would not be received well by most people, Mauricio also noticed that he was being recorded. He did his best to answer while omitting the truth, "I am very talented in human anatomy."

"Ohh!" Theo pretended to be surprised and asked, "So that's it. But I'm curious, what exactly did you do with this great talent of yours?"

Mauricio forced a smile and said, "I helped people improve their genetics, as well as increase their talents. Many who were destined to be mediocre had their futures changed, thanks to my genius and knowledge!"

"Ohh, so you're someone who likes to help people?" Theo asked, sarcastically.


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