Golden Fox with System
193 Chapter 193: Generating System Points
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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193 Chapter 193: Generating System Points

Although Theo had already used a lot of gold bars, there were still two and a half tons left. "I need to increase my System Points if I want to buy a good magic training method when I return to the village, as well as buy a new technique to cultivate all the elements."

Regardless of what he would use them for, he still needed to increase his System Points by a lot. So, he used <Devour> towards the remaining gold bars.


⦁ [Obtained 1,474,004 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 2,874,127 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 1,047,206 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 997,221 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 858,199 System Points]

⦁ [Current System Points: 10,378,846]


"Hrm. I've increased my Points by a good amount with that, but… it's still far from enough!" Theo exclaimed in his mind.

He approached the treasures he took from the Kenedy Clan and the Beast Sect. He hadn't examined them that closely yet. Theo started analyzing them to decide which to use to further generate more System Points.

"I'll be using these weapons and armour since I don't intend to sell them anyway," Theo mumbled as he began to separate the weapons and armour that were among the treasures.


⦁ [Obtained 154,489 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 199,014 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 56,777 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 27,074 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 260,001 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 194,211 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 1,759,347 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 99,147 System Points]

⦁ [Current System Points: 13,128,906]


Now finished using devour on all of them, Theo went to the treasure trove one more time. "Okay, you're next."

He murmured when he started dividing the artifacts. Some were necklaces, others were paintings, watches, rings, crystal balls, etc.… in general, he checked if they had any value to him or the girls, but there was nothing that managed to draw his interest.

If the Kenedy Clan and the Beast Sect knew he thought so little of them when he looked at these treasures, they'd be vomiting blood now.


⦁ [Obtained 22,654 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 325,785 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 62,129 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 33,020 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 29,794 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 99,470 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 24,254 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 89,943 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 148,638 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 86,916 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 876,960 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 31,017 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 3,221 System Points]

⦁ [Current System Points: 14,933,007]

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"Grrr… that gave far fewer Points than I expected." Theo muttered with a sigh.

The treasures were diminishing, yet so far, they only provided a little over 11 million Points. But of course, he hadn't devoured the other valuables yet. Those included the Mana Stones and Magic Cores.

"They really dug deep to collect these Mana Stones, they have an even greater amount of these than the gold bars." Theo thought, "Maybe 10 tons of Mana Stone?" That was the estimate he came up with for the Mana Stone with a weak, milky glow.

Although he considered letting the girls cultivate using these Mana Stones, Theo thought better since the things bought through his System had an even better use in increasing cultivation.


⦁ [Obtained 201,811 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 861,471 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 779,117 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 8,111,873 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 1,933,616 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 587,662 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 479,252 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 2,965,020 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 3,789,445 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 201,475 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 339,470 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 4,011,313 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 22,557,669 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 192,180 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 16,020,319 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 47,174,882 System Points]

⦁ [Current System Points: 125,139,582]


"Wow! Now you're justly giving me a real increase in Points!" Theo exclaimed happily.

Although he had consumed all these Mana Stones to generate all those Points, Theo didn't mind, since he was now closer to his goal. "I want to get at least half a billion Points in my System, but it looks like I'm going to have to start using the Magic Cores to continue."

After considering he had almost 300 million gold coins… He deemed he just needed to use this money by putting it on the internet and buying even more Magic Cores.

He just separated those he could use to increase the rating of his affinities. As long as it's not Wind. The metal will still come out because Yuki and little Yui can still use it, since they have an affinity with dragon metal, although he didn't know the degree to which their metal affinities were classified, he knew it was superior to normal affinities.

The Magic Cores he found in the treasury room of the Kenedy Clan and the Beast Sect were mostly in the Student Kingdom or the Higher Student Kingdom. Only a few were from the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom.

Separating them into piles, he began to devour them.


⦁ [Obtained 648,481 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 6,665 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 117 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 962,096 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 1,642,912 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 687,164 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 2,944 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 2,880 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 897,630 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 11,462,002 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 62,412,182 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 178,800,247 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 52,546,920 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 38,304,251 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 47,422,005 System Points]

⦁ [Obtained 9,892,945 System Points]

⦁ [Current System Points: 530,831,023]


"That's…" Although he hoped to be able to reach so many Points in the System, he still couldn't help but pant excitedly when he saw the result.

Calming his agitated heart, he thought, "With this, I will be able to do everything I intended."

Noting that it was almost 6 am and also noticing that they were still using the Wind Cores to try to awaken an affinity with the Wind, Theo saw that their cultivations had grown a lot in just one night.

"As expected of Magic Cores without impurities." He thought about purifying even more Magic Cores of their respective attributes.

Yuki reached the 12th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom, little Yui too, they were just one step from the next kingdom. Zaira had arrived in Layer 7, Shina Layer 7 and Zaika Layer 10.

"If it goes on like this, they will soon reach the next kingdom. I will also have to begin refining the affinity of their respective attributes." Having decided, he first picked up 200,000 Metal Magic Cores from the Apprentice Kingdom.

As he became more accustomed to his white flames, he was soon able to purify them. Even before he realized it, all the Magic Cores had already been purified in a little less than two hours.

Even though Theo wanted to keep doing that, he knew that he had other duties, such as solving the problem with the Kenedy Clan and then taking these people who are sheltered in the orphanage to their families. Also, he had to prepare for leaving Ravena City.

"Theo." Yuki came close when he stopped absorbing the Magic Cores. "Shall we leave now?"

"Yeah." Theo answered, "Just waiting for them to finish absorbing their Magic Cores."

"Right." Yuki agreed by hugging Theo from behind. Stroking his long golden hair, she asked, "Hrm, your hair's a little long, do you want me to trim it?"

Theo held some of his hair with his hand, "Really, it's too long now. Alright, you can trim it."

"Right!" Yuki asked, "Err… do you have a pair of scissors?"


⦁ [10 System Points were deducted]


A pair of scissors appeared in Theo's hand. "Now I do, you can use this."

"Sure." Yuki nodded and took the scissors, "I'll get started."


Yuki skillfully began trimming Theo's hair with her hands.

"Okay!" Yuki chirped. "It's perfect! You look very handsome and charming, Theo." She smiled as she hugged him.

"Really?" Although a little strange, since he had gotten used to having his hair long, he saw the beautiful smile on Yuki's face. "I'm glad you like it." He smiled.

Theo's bangs were divided into three parts, with the front part reaching his nose, the other two parts, just above the cheeks, reaching the chin.

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