Golden Fox with System
188 Chapter 188: Really? Really really?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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188 Chapter 188: Really? Really really?

Behind the orphanage. Theo had called all the older orphanage girls to join them.

They were sitting around a big round table, with Theo's illusions around them to keep their words from being overheard by others.

Aine asked, "Theo, why did you call us here?"

"Before I say more," Theo gestured his hand towards Jka and Klin, "These are my friends, Jka and his wife, Klin."

"It's very nice to meet you," Klin bowed in his greeting.

"Hi, I'm glad to meet you," said Jka.

"You too!" They all nodded in turn as they each introduced themselves.

"Well, now that you all know each other, let's talk about a more sensitive matter." Theo continued with a serious look, "I intend to stay here in town for only three more days. In these three days, if you still want to follow me to my village, you are all more than welcome."


Before Nanda could speak any further, Theo interrupted her, "Hold on, I still have something else that we need to discuss." Seeing her nod, he continued, "I must warn you that there is a possibility that a relative of my daughter will come after her, and when they do, I may end up in a fight."

"It's that serious?! Will you be all right, Theo?" Ariana abruptly, with a great deal of worry.

"Actually, I don't know their cultivation level, so I'm not sure how bad it is. But, if it's someone who hasn't reached the Spiritual Kingdom yet, then I believe I can fight them. If they're in the Wizard Kingdom or possibly even the Higher Wizard Kingdom, I should be okay." Theo explained.


They gasped in shock. Although they had known that Theo was strong, they didn't know the real extent of his powers. Now, they couldn't help but admire him after hearing about the true scope of his actual strength.

Theo expected them to have a reaction like that, so he wasn't too surprised. As he waited for them to calm down, he continued on. "In spite of all this, I want to know if any of you still want to go to the village with me?"

"Yes! Definitely!" Ariana exclaimed firmly.

"Yes, me too."

"I want to go with you guys!"

"Our lives have only improved because of you. If possible, I want to return that favour."

"We agree, too!"

One by one, they each agreed to go. None of them had any objections to joining Theo. Even though he said that there might be an imminent danger, they still wanted to follow him.

Lilith, who was sitting up in a nearby tree, went upside down, holding on by her feet, then swung over to leap in front of them and said, "Theo is my saviour, I have no family either, so I want to follow him."

"Since when are you listening to us?" Nanda said with an interrogative gaze.

Lilith answered with a mischievous smile, "From the beginning."

Of course, Theo, Yuki, Shina, Zaira and Zaika had realized that although they were still missing a lot compared to Theo's divine sense, they each had a potent Divine Sense of their own.

Theo sighed deeply, "You can come out too, Yui, I know you're there."

Behind a tree, little Yui appeared. She approached with her head down, feeling guilty for spying on them. Yet, she had initially followed Lilith to see what she was up to. She hadn't expected her to go up in a tree to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Theo smirked at her actions. He had a warm smile when he said, "No need to worry, Yui. I'm not mad at you."

"Really? Really really?" She looked at him as she took small steps towards him, feeling uncertain.

Theo smiled, "Silly girl, do you really think I'd be mad at you for something like that?"

Little Yui shook her head quickly in denial.

Theo laughed and gave her a warm smile, "See, you don't even believe it, either."

Little Yui blushed at his words. She now noticed her own actions, and, feeling ashamed, covered her face as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

"So cute."

Little Yui blushed further when she heard that. She fled to Yuki, hugged her, and hid her face in Yuki's chest.

"Fine," Theo said, "Yui, you must have been able to hear what was said, am I right?"
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"Yui heard," Little Yui confessed, "Yui, I heard you talking about someone who might be my relative."

"Hrm," Theo had a questioning look, "What do you think about all of this?"

"Nothing," She answered firmly, "Yui doesn't care if he's related to me by blood, because my family is Mommy and Daddy!"

Hearing this, tears began to flow from Yuki's eyes as she hugged her daughter tightly. Her heart had been in turmoil from not knowing how Yui would respond when she found out.

Theo sighed with relief. Although he could imagine that this would be her reaction, he still could not help but let some tears fall.

They both knew that this was not the time to think of something like this, but when they saw her fiendishly charming eyes in tears, it tightened their hearts. All they wanted most right now was to hug her.

Theo wasn't the type who cared much about others seeing him crying. He didn't believe in anything so superficial like "Man should not cry." Of course, he wouldn't be emotional with something meaningless, either.

Theo rubbed his eyes, wiping away the tears. After moving closer to Yuki and his daughter, he hugged them tightly. In the end, he was worried about what little Yui's reaction would be when she met her blood family. But, fortunately, his daughter was the best, making all his worries disappear.

It was the same for Yuki. To her, little Yui was her daughter, and nothing would change that in her heart. She loved this little girl so much, there was no way she could ever wish for or even contemplate separating from her.

"Wahh." Little Yui exclaimed, "Daddy, Mommy, you're choking me!"

Theo and Yuki laughed as they let go. They were each gazing at little Yui with endless love and affection. Little Yui was now feeling a bit shy at the moment, holding the edges of her beautiful green dress as she gently swung her waist from side to side, trying to endure her shyness.

Theo knew from the beginning that little Yui was listening to their conversation. Although she has the second most potent Divine Sense and has managed to hide from others so far, she has not yet managed to hide from Theo's own Divine Sense.

But Theo knew that eventually, she'd have to find out about it. Of course, little Yui knew they weren't her blood-related parents ever since the time she discovered she was a dragon while they were foxes. Her inherited memories also had a lot of information, so she was aware of her situation.

But none of that mattered to her. Theo and Yuki always gave her plenty of love and affection, always treating her like their own precious daughter and teaching her new things every day. Yui's love for them might be even greater than a child's love for its blood parents.

In the end, the group continued talking about their next plans. They found it necessary to plan everything out before acting, given the circumstances.


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