Golden Fox with System
184 Chapter 184: Is it Better than Chocolate?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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184 Chapter 184: Is it Better than Chocolate?

Theo, with his new affinity, had something like wind rings surrounding his two hands. Due to his constant movement, sounds that seemed to be produced by tornadoes were coming from his fists.

Every punch he made brought intense pressure through the air. Gusts of wind headed in the direction of where he threw his fists.

Doing the same with his feet, he began to practice some blows of the Kempo Art of Golden Destruction. It was as if he had become the wind itself and controlled it by his will. Along with that, a strong pressure of golden flames was produced.

With this, he could form tornadoes from under his feet and go up into the sky. He could go gliding or even fly through the air at an even faster speed than when he used wings made of lightning or darkness.

"This is fantastic!" Theo flew and spun like a swallow through the sky while still in the Dimensional Room. Best of all was the meagre cost of Mana that was needed to sustain it.

"Could I use my affinity with lightning at the same time to go even faster?" That's what he thought after he realized how easy it was to control this power, and how useful his wind affinity was.

As he flew with his back to the ceiling, he flexed his feet, manifesting his affinity with the wind to propel himself faster. Soon after, he began to manifest his affinity with lightning. The moment the red rays came into contact with the wind…

A blast of wind with red sparks was formed! Not only did his speed just increase… it got a lot faster!

"Wow… that speed is too high for me to control right now…" Theo wiped the sweat from his forehead and decided not to use it again until he had better control. At least he wouldn't do it in the Dimensional Room.

When his speed reached new heights that he never imagined he could reach, he almost collided with the wall of the Dimensional Room. Fortunately, he managed to activate his Divine Golden Fox Eyes in time, reacting even before he hit the wall.


Because that explosion of wind and lightning was so intense, he ended up attracting their attention, which made them stop cultivating to check what had happened.

Theo flew towards them. When he came down in front of them, he said, "Did I get in the way? I'm sorry, I was testing something, but I didn't expect it to make such a commotion."

Yuki shook her head and said, "It's okay, but can you tell me what exactly you tested to cause all that noise?"

Remembering that now he also had an affinity for wind, a smile formed on Theo's face. He laughed loudly and said, "I've gained a new affinity!

"Wow! That's great, congratulations, Theo!" Zaika smiled broadly happy with his achievement.

"Thank you." Theo smiled at her, which made her cheeks redden, giving her a different charm, but she was still very attractive and cute.

"Daddy, Yui knew you'd make it, so she's not even surprised, you know~," Little Yui said, throwing herself into Theo's arms, hugging him tightly, wanting to be spoiled by him.

Theo smiled as he saw his daughter's actions. He crouched down to little Yui's height and kissed her perfect little face, "Thank you for always believing in your father, Yui."


Little Yui hummed and did a princess pose while saying, "Yui will always believe Daddy!"

Yuki approached him. When she arrived in front of Theo, she wrapped her beautiful white jade arms around his neck and gave him a wet kiss.

As they stopped kissing, Yuki stood in the same position as she looked into his eyes. She whispered, "Congratulations, My Love!"

An emotion excited his blood when he heard Yuki's sweetly seductive voice. Looking at her beautiful red eyes, Theo had a passionate expression on his face. "Thank you, My Little Fox~" He put his hand on her pink cheek and squeezed lightly as he said with a gentle smile.

"Get a room!" That's what Shina meant to say. She came up to them, standing in front of them, and said, "Congratulations, Theo, I'm very happy for you." Despite her embarrassment, she kissed Theo's face.

Shina wasn't so bold as to do the same as Yuki in front of other people. Although she really wanted to kiss him now…

Zaika didn't have such an intense reaction, but… "Why did I feel a tightness in my chest watching them kiss?" Shaking her head, she decided not to overthink it.

The little Yui who saw this scene looked at them with prying eyes. She knew how children are born and some things about love because of their inherited memories, but it was still just information, they didn't give her the explanation of why they did it.

"Is that good?" She asked as she approached.

"Yeah," Theo answered with a smile.

"Theo…!" Yuki looked at him helplessly.

"Huh… is it better than chocolate?" She looked at him with her prying eyes.

While Yuki, Shina and Zaira didn't know how to answer that…

Theo smiled as he saw his daughter's beautiful, bright eyes watching him. He, instead of answering, asked her a question, "Yui doesn't like bitter coffee, right?"

Even though she didn't know why he asked that she still answered, "Yes, Yui doesn't like it."

She had a look of disgust when she remembered when she tried to drink.

Theo laughed when he heard his answer and said, "An adult kiss is no different than a bitter coffee, it is only good when it reaches a certain age. So, you don't have to think about it too much right now. It's still too early for you, okay?"



• [900 System Points have been deducted]
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Watching her nod her head in understanding. Theo bought her favourite chocolate. "This is for Yui being so smart and obedient." He smiled.

Little Yui's eyes shone with happiness. She took the chocolate, then hugged Theo. "Thanks, Daddy! Yui loves you so much!"

Theo held his hand on her head while saying, "I love you more than anything in the world, too!"

Zaira, Shina and Yuki were shocked at Theo's way of dealing with Little Yui.

Theo clapped his hands as he said, "Okay, we still have plenty of time to cultivate. And I'll also think of a way to help you get new affinities."

"Yeah." They nodded.

Seeing as they've gone back to cultivating… he secured the Wind Magic Cores. He then picked up his cell phone and looked through his inventory that was full of other Magic Cores of different affinities.

"What should I try to learn now?" The moment he thought about it, he remembered something.

"I still don't know what that totem that Leonidas put on my body is for. Maybe if I can find out, I can use his white flames."

Taking off his black short-sleeved V-neck t-shirt, Theo glanced at his left shoulder. There was a tattoo of a white lion totem wearing a king's crown.

Using Mana to get close to it, trying to interact with it, Theo started running several tests.

But the results were always the same: whenever it came into contact with his Mana, Mana was absorbed, but there was no significant reaction, well, almost none. He could feel some connection, but it was very faint.


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