Golden Fox with System
154 Chapter 154: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 6
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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154 Chapter 154: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 6

[Movement Technique - <Lightning Shadows Steps> has reached Step Six]

Rapidly moving with his skill, he left five after-images. His speed had already reached almost Mach 4, going well beyond three times the speed of sound. It was so fast that you could see the after-images that he left behind. If before he could only "see" things in slow motion thanks to his divine eyes, now by using his movement technique, he arrived in one breath in front of these Elders.

Of course, his current appearance was that of a totally different person. He had used his illusion technique to change his size, structure, hair, and skin tone. He now appeared to be a tanned man with a neatly shaved beard, wearing a black kimono and with long, dark blue hair.



"But… but what?" Lindalva put her hand on her chest, and it was quickly soaked with her own blood. She also noticed that in her body, her heart was already missing. She looked at this "Man" who had attacked her and killed her. She knew that she was wrong to try to record a video of his Tribulation, but she didn't expect it to be enough to enrage the other party to the point of coming here just to kill her.

She couldn't even complete a sentence before the light in her eyes began to dim as they began to get heavy. And soon, her body was totally lifeless. She no longer had a heart, and even though she had a considerable amount of Mana in her body, it was not enough for her to survive without a heart.

"O… what!?" This scene was so alarming that it made everyone's hearts clench in fear.

Theo actually used his tail to attack her and kill her. However, he actually made the illusions show them a different scene. To them, it appeared that he punched her in the chest with a single punch. In reality, it was his tail, and these days it had an absurd amount of power. Combined with the offensive "Aura" of his Royal Lineage, his attack was enough to kill her with a single attack, especially since she was unprotected and not expecting to be attacked at a time like this.

He also made it look like she had crumbled as if her entire body had burned to ashes and been blown away, leaving nothing behind. Of course, that was just an illusion made by Theo. The moment she died, Theo put her in his Dimensional Bag.

Jerrar and the other Elder of his Sect were holding on to not kneel to the ground before him. Despite having some notable strength, they immediately felt overwhelmed by Theo's Aura. Even the Elder and the new Fallen Moon Sect Leader, who were Demi-Humans, felt the same way they did.

On the other hand, the young woman who was the future Snow Lake Sect Leader was shivering in fear right now. She was terrified that the previous actions of the Elder of her Sect might cause her to die as well.

Theo swept over them with his eyes, which were now a regal red and frightening to the beholder. He said in a deep, authoritative voice, which was totally different from his usual voice since he used his ability to alter it, "Take that as a warning! If any of you try something funny, I'll kill you without exception. I'm already kind enough to let you see me go through my Heavenly Tribulation, but even still, one of you comes along and thinks it's not enough, so you try to record it?"

"N-No senior, I wouldn't dare!" They said in unison while cursing Lindalva for putting them in this situation.

Those who were Demi-Humans and Beastmen were even more respectful towards Theo. The longer they were exposed to Theo's Aura, the more their thoughts were distorted.

It was not unlike brainwashing them into believing that this "Man" in front of them was the most important person in their lives; that they must absolutely respect and follow his orders.

"Okay, I'm going now, but believe it or not, if anyone does something like this again, I'll come back here and kill them too. I don't mind people seeing my Tribulation, but that doesn't mean I'll allow them to record it. Got it?" Theo said with his voice altered with a threatening tone.

"Yes!" They practically shouted in unison for fear of offending him.

Theo, seeing this, nodded and used his movement technique, "fading" from their sight. Soon he returned to the orphanage and the Heavenly Tribulation that was threatening to get even stronger since he had approached it before beginning to return to "normal."

Theo, on the other hand, began to put his plan into action. He immediately made his surroundings become shrouded in illusions of pure Darkness. Then, he took the body of the old Elder out of his Dimensional Bag. This guaranteed that everyone would be unable to "see" or hear what was around him. This was Theo's precaution against any records of her final death being seen by anyone.

That's because he intended to use <Devour> on her body to advance to the Wizard Kingdom. He believed that if he did that, his chances of getting through the Heavenly Tribulation would increase significantly, as it would not only improve his senses but also his cultivation base. Perhaps even rising to a new Kingdom, he could react in time to use <Devour> on this next Heavenly Tribulation.
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Theo took out her Magic Core first. "Tsk. Wind element… well, I'll save it anyway. If I don't reach the level I want, I'll use <Devour> on it too, but if I manage a breakthrough, then I'll save it for future use." Theo thought, storing the Magic Core inside his Dimensional bag.

Using <Devour> on the old Elder's body, Theo's tail once again expanded, swallowing her body whole.


Theo could feel a large amount of essence entering his body. It nourished not only his body but also his flesh, bones, organs, skin, etc.… everything that this old Elder had nurtured before in her life simply turned into essence and was nourishing every part of Theo. Despite the pain that he was going through, Theo couldn't help but be happy about the results. He felt that by the time he was finished, he would definitely be able to advance to the Wizard Kingdom.


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