Golden Fox with System
146 Chapter 146: Royal Lineage
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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146 Chapter 146: Royal Lineage

Theo just smiled; he had already seen them teasing like that before, so you could say that he has gotten used to their interactions.

It was not long after that when Leticia and Zaira returned as well.

Well, Theo admits that he was a little worried about these two since the Kenedy family could be hunting Leticia, but he also knew that with the City Sects here and her now living in the orphanage, the chances of them trying anything are almost nil. But still, he kept using his Divine Sense, noting their locations and ensuring he was ready in case something happened to either of them.

By the time they returned, they had paused for breakfast. Soon after, everyone returned to the Workshop to cultivate.

Theo also went to the Workshop, and as before, he used illusions to improve his skill by practicing it.

Theo made an illusion of himself and hid inside the illusions so that they would not see what he was about to do today. Despite trusting them, he still had things he wanted to keep secret. Zaika, Zaira, Shina, Yuki and little Yui already knew what he was capable of. However, the orphanage girls and children didn't know about his ability to use .

"Okay, let's get started!" Theo murmured in his heart and took several Magic Cores from the Student Kingdom, High Student Kingdom and some from the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom.

These were the Magic Cores that Aine had bought for him. It was a relatively large amount of Magic Cores, just the Student Kingdom ones alone numbered almost 200,000 Cores. Those in the Higher Student Kingdom totalled nearly 100,000. From the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom, he had only 223 of them. Being a small town, and not having many people in the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom, it is difficult for them to sell Magic Cores of this level.

"Well, I'll leave some so I can try refining them later for the girls." Theo thought before he began using the Lightning and Darkness Magic Cores first.

After using on nearly 2,000 Student Kingdom cores, a message appeared.

[Congratulations! You have reached: 3rd Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom]

[Filled 324,554 Lineage Cells]

[Affinity Lightning G-2 - Reached Medium Advance]

[Affinity Darkness V-2 - Reached Medium Advance]

"Wow! As I thought… by using this method, it's even easier to raise my cultivation level!" Theo said happily in his mind.

After taking a few calming breaths, he resumed using on the Magic Cores. He may have also noticed the improvement that this was providing for his Lineage, it had significantly increased his filled Lineage Cells already.

Theo used on another 2,874 Magic Cores, and so far, many semi-transparent screens appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations! You have filled 1,000,000 Lineage Cells. The Ten Tails; Became a Tail of Lineage Cells]

[Congratulations! You have reached: Level 1 Golden Fox Royal Lineage]


[Congratulations! You have reached: 4th Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom]

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[Affinity Lightning G-2 - Reached High Advance]

[Affinity Darkness V-2 - Reached High Advance]

"Amazing! I didn't expect that." Theo thought with this pleasant surprise: "Level 1 Royal Lineage? What exactly does that mean?"

Confused and curious about it, Theo decided to ask the System, even if he had to spend 1,000 Points.

[1,000 System Points were deducted]

[System: The Royal Lineage is something all those beings who have attained a high level of their own Lineage unleash, and by using it, the user will get a defensive and offensive aura around their body. The higher the level and quality of the Royal Lineage, the higher its defence and attack level.]

"Ohh, that's good! Haha, and to think that there was something like that." Theo couldn't help but be very happy about it.

"Moreover, I only used about 5,000 Student Kingdom Magic Cores so far, so now I think I have a chance of reaching the Wizard Kingdom." Theo thought and decided to continue absorbing the Magic Cores again.

But of the Cores of Lightning and Darkness, he only had 75,000 more of them. The rest were from the other elements. Aine said that these were the only ones they had in stock for Lightning and Darkness.

After using another 5,000 Magic Cores of Lightning and Darkness…

[Congratulations! You have reached: 5th Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom]

[Affinity Lightning G-2 - Advanced to Lightning O-3]

[Affinity Darkness V-2 - Advanced to Darkness V-3]

[Filled 781,219 Lineage Cells]

Despite the improvements he was making, Theo decided not to stop there. He continued to use on these Magic Cores, and soon after, he used on his body to get rid of the smell from the impurities that came out of his pores.

Another 10,000 Magic Cores were used before another series of messages appeared.

[Congratulations! You have reached: 6th Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom]

[Filled 1,580,111 Lineage Cells]

[Affinity Lightning O-3 - Reached Low Advance]

[Affinity Darkness V-3 - Reached Low Advance]

"Wow! I have three tails again… and they are even more majestic and silky than before." Theo muttered as he took note of his three tails.

Time went by, while Theo still used on the Magic Cores. Although it seemed like it was fast, it was actually taking a long time to get through them all. The Orphanage girls and children had already gone out, had dinner and gone to bed while Theo continued to use < Devour> on the Magic Cores.

After he finished using on another 60,000 Magic Cores of Lightning and Darkness…

[Congratulations! You have reached: 9th Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom]

[Filled 9,481,257 Lineage Cells]

[Congratulations! 10,000,000 Lineage Cells Filled. The Ten Tails; Became a Tail of Lineage Cells Level 2]

[Congratulations! You have reached: Level 2 Golden Fox Royal Lineage]

[Affinity Lightning O-3 - Reached High Advance]

[Affinity Darkness V-3 - Reached High Advance]

Before, Theo could not even notice the existence of his Divine Sea. Now that he had reached this level of cultivation, he could notice and can understand that he was continually increasing the size of his Divine Sea by increasing his cultivation.

"Oh my, I've really made a lot of improvements this time… it was the right choice to start this Weapon Shop. Well, at least for my current self, these Cores are of great help. There are still a few more from the Higher Student Kingdom, but it's getting late, and I still need to make some weapons to sell tomorrow." Theo murmured and pulled a large furnace out of his body.

Now that he also has many Magic Cores, he doesn't need to worry that he would run out while forging new weapons.

Before starting to forge again, Theo opened his status to see what changed.


Name: Theo Volts

Race: Magic Beast

Species: Golden Fox

Cultivation: 9th Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom


Lineage: Golden Fox: 12,842,587 Cells

Lineage: Level 2 Royal


System Points: 29,910,845



: Maximum

: Level 6

: Level 4



Lightning O-3: High Advance

Darkness V-3: High Advance



[Breathing Technique: Student: Initial; Medium Advance]

[Cultivation Technique: : Initial; Medium Advance]

[Movement Technique: : Step Six]

[Forge Technique: : Third Step]

[Attack Technique: : High Advance]

[Attack Technique: : Fourth Stage]

[Attack Technique: Low Advance]

[Spiritual Sense Technique:

: Initial; Low Feed]


Theo tried to use this royal Lineage and soon realized that he was surrounded by a golden aura. "Hrm, I still don't know the level of defence and offence of this aura, so I'll need to test later. Maybe with that, I can even use my technique: ." He thought as he began to forge.


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