Golden Fox with System
145 Chapter 145: I want to go, too!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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145 Chapter 145: I want to go, too!

Nanda standing next to her, laughed and said, "Calm down, Ariana, they just saw that you appear to have good talent, so they wanted to recruit you."

"Good talent? Hah, don't make me laugh! Before Theo came to our orphanage, did we have such a solid cultivation base and so few impurities in our bodies?" Ariana asked.

"No, it was all thanks to Theo that we can now walk with our heads held high… we were really blessed with the arrival of Theo and the girls. Even the children of the orphanage are steadily growing and improving their constitutions. They are far happier than before." Nanda answered with a respectful tone and pure admiration in her eyes. To her, Theo was the very sun that illuminated her days.

"Haha, isn't it? What's more laughable is that we actually tried to get into their Sects in the past. However, we didn't even stand a chance. We couldn't afford to spend the money we were making on our cultivation." Ariana said, "But that's not to say that I'm complaining about taking care of the orphanage. I really love these kids, I've always been willing to help them and still am!"

Aine came over and patted Ariana's head and smiled lightly. "We understand what you mean, Ariana. I agree, and I believe the others think so too."

"Mhm." Ariana nodded calmly. She really didn't like those people who were just after talent and didn't try to help those who really needed it. Even in this City, those who supported the orphanage could be counted on one hand.

Most of them are all selfish and would instead feed the pigs than help someone in need.

"Before… even some disciples of these Sects tried to abuse us, but luckily the Lord of Ravena appeared and made them back off. Even though it is a small town, they still had to save face in front of the Lord of the City," grumbled Ariana.

"Yes, I understand that, too, so we need to take this chance that Theo gave us and strengthen ourselves!" Aine said emphatically. She knew it took a certain kind of strength to be respectful of others.

Their current situation is a good example. Previously, the Sects were trying to harass them, but now, they were even coming to their door to try to recruit them. This is just because they gained a little strength and improved a bit.

There were even a few who came last time, and he recognized them. They were amazed by their improvement, and when it went public, they wanted to recruit them even more.

"Yeah, I talked to Yuki yesterday, and she said that in the village where they live, Theo was thinking of doing something called the "Adventurer's Guild" where anyone could join," Nanda recalled the conversation she had with Yuki yesterday.

"Oh, really? The day Theo leaves Town, I think it would be a good idea to follow him." Commented a Demi-Human panda.

She had long white hair and black panda ears on top of her head. She was a little fuller than the others, she was adorable and pretty, her eyes were light purple, and her skin was very white. She also had a curvy body, her breasts about the same size as Nanda's or Aine's.

What was the most noticable was that although her body was curvy and she was a little chubby and cuddly, she was only 1.55 meters tall. She was a small loli with bigger proportions than most adult women.

"I want to go, too!" Ariana commented hastily.

"Haha, who doesn't already know you want to go where Theo goes?" Nanda laughed and said, "But well, if possible, we'd all be good to follow him. To be honest, I like being with Theo and the girls, and I wouldn't want to live apart from them."

Aine thought and said, "Yeah, I agree, I think it's better to talk with Theo about this later on because we don't know how long he plans to stay in this city."

- - - - -

Theo, who was 'seeing' all this with his Divine Sense, sighed. He didn't expect them to have been through this before. "Hrm, they're all so cute and pretty, but still, for these guys to resort to trying to force them to join…" Theo really hated those kinds of people.

Theo continued to cultivate while practicing his illusion skill in the Workshop. The girls in the Weapons Shop also started closing up, since it was nearing their closing time. Today was another highly lucrative day for them. They managed to sell a total of 150 weapons, though it was only half of what Theo had given them to sell.

And Aine was also able to do what Theo had asked of him, so she now had the Dimensional Bag full of Magic Cores.

"With these Magic Cores, I should be able to further increase my cultivation." Theo murmured in his heart. He still had some expectations of increasing the level of his affinities. He also wanted to use some of the Cores to allow the girls to cultivate their affinities.

"We're back!" Said Nanda and the girls as they arrived at the workshop door.

"Welcome back!" The orphanage children stopped what they were doing and ran toward Nanda and the others.

Theo also stopped cultivating and made the illusions disappear. With a snap of his fingers, everything went back to normal. Soon after, Theo walked towards them.

The girls couldn't help but gasp in amazement and awe at this display of control.

Seeing Theo approach, they returned to their senses. Aine stepped forward and held out the Dimensional Bag and said, "All the Magic Cores you wanted are in here."

"Thanks for doing this for me." Theo smiled.

Seeing that devilishly handsome, seductive face smiling at her, Aine blushed a little as she replied, "I-It was nothing, I'm happy to be able to help you."

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Nanda reached behind Aine and put both hands on her shoulder, she laughed and said, "Hey, hey, look who's all embarrassed now. Haha."

"Come on, stop teasing me, Nanda," Aine muttered, turning even redder.

"Hehe~" Nanda laughed and showed the tip of her pink tongue while continuing to hug her cute sister.


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