Golden Fox with System
140 Chapter 140: The Town Lord’s Mansion
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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140 Chapter 140: The Town Lord’s Mansion

Despite feeling restless about these Sects, Theo still believed he has the means to protect his companions. At most, he would need to hide them in the Dimensional Room. But, on his own, wearing his level 5 armour and level 6 weapon, who, under the Upper Wizard Kingdom, could possibly defeat him? It was inevitable that he would beat them.

"But still, I don't think it would be a good idea to expose these facts now, I don't want anyone to recognize that I have these treasures and come hunting me. Well, I can always use my illusion to disguise myself, even more since my ability has increased to level 3."

Theo then thought, "But still, there could always be someone who can see through it. It's also one of the reasons I have to raise its level even further; the higher its level, the less likely someone can see through it."

Despite always being in the Orphanage, Theo was always using his Divine Sense to surveil these Sects. It was better to be safe than sorry, so he wanted to always be ready in case something happened.

"Hrm, from what I hear from their conversations, they are not only after new talented disciples, but they are also going to remain in the small Sects and strengthen them… apparently, there had more Sect members with them originally, but they had already stayed in other Cities to help strengthen them…"

However, Theo didn't believe that they came here just because of that. "If that's all, why didn't they do so before? I can't believe they just came to strengthen the smaller sects!"

In one room of the Town Lord's mansion, an old lady and a young woman were talking. Seeing the content of their conversations, Theo raised one eyebrow and continued to monitor them while they spoke.
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"Elder, so far we haven't gotten any new information beyond what we knew previously," said the young woman.

"This is really tricky, even in all the cities we've been through, we haven't discovered anything about them, but we can't let the other Sects find out before us!" Said the old lady in a firm voice.

"Yes… I don't understand, it's tough to get information about this "Panic!" guy." The woman sighed.

"Huh? Is that why you are here? Really… I have to be more careful from now on." Theo thought, sweating a little. He did not expect to draw so much attention, to the point of mobilizing various Sects to seek out information about him.

"But it can't be helped, child. You must understand how precious it is to us if we can get our hands on their mental power techniques. I'm sure none of the ones in our Sect can compare to the one they use," said the old lady, "but we need to be very cautious with this individual because they can be powerful. There is the chance that this technique was obtained through a fortunate incident, or even…"

The old lady lowered her voice even more and said, "It may even be that they are from one of the Clans or Spiritual Sects!" Fear crossed the old lady's face. For one's level of power in the Spiritual Kingdom was something they could not dare to provoke.

"Yes, that is true." The young woman agreed and remembered something, "Oh, did you notice the complex formation at the orphanage? I'm sure only someone with a great background in training could do such a thing, I also think they could break it." Her eyes flashed in wonder. The value of a master of formation is very high.

The old lady agreed, "Yes, I also noticed the formation at the Weapon Shop they take care of, it's even more complex!" She sighed and continued, "Who exactly made these formations? Even my cultivation was suppressed the moment I entered the shop, though, with my cultivation level, I could ignore the restriction it gave me."

"Yes, if possible, I wanted to make friends with such a being! It would also help to improve the Sect we are going to take care of. I also noticed a young girl with a great ice talent who lives in this orphanage, although she didn't leave yet, I could still feel a strong Lineage of ice in her body!" The young woman continued, "It would be nice if she joined our Sect."

"Oh, I didn't expect there was such a person to grab your attention that much, especially considering your own talent." The old lady joked, but said gravely, "If it really is, it would be nice if she entered our Sect, but if she doesn't want to… it would be bad to try to force it, especially since she's from this orphanage. Without fully understanding who is behind her, it's not a good idea to offend them."

"Yes, but it's hard to get to talk to her, as she always stays inside."

"…" Hearing all this, anger flowed through Theo's heart, because he didn't think anything good would come out of it, but of course, he wouldn't let them have what he wanted if they really tried to force Yuki or someone else who was close to him. If he confronts a Sect, he does not mind exterminating them.

It could even be an excellent way to get more System Points and get stronger. While he is not at their power level, he does not necessarily have to go after them right away. He can always start with the small fish and get stronger before then going after the big fish. Of course, he would only do that if they try to mess with someone close to him.

Soon after, they finished talking, and the young woman left, saying goodbye to the old lady.

"Really… I was right to keep an eye on them…" Theo had a sinister smile on his face. "Well, just to be sure, I'll try my hardest to raise the level of my illusion ability, and then… well, they will have to be ready to suffer the consequences!"

After that, Shina came to call them a while later for lunch.


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