Golden Fox with System
139 Chapter 139: Wow! This place is so mystical!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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139 Chapter 139: Wow! This place is so mystical!

The shock of the explosion managed to catch the attention of Shina, Yuki and the orphanage children. They came running to the Workshop to the sight of little Yui sitting on Theo's lap while he cultivated. His left hand was scratched, and parts of his arm were exposed.

"I need to be very careful about using this technique in the future. If possible, I won't use it until I get much stronger since it would be very problematic if I hurt my arm in a fight." Theo said firmly in his heart while meditating to recover as quickly as possible. It wasn't long before the pain began to ease off.

Little Yui sighed slightly in relief when she realized that Theo's arm was recovering at a rate fast enough to be seen with the naked eye. However, she still continued to sit on Theo's lap. She found it very comfortable and cozy to stay like this with him.

Yuki and the others also made an involuntary sigh of relief as Theo's arm was recovering. Soon, Shina, worried as she was, returned to the kitchen, as she had yet to finish making lunch.

The children stayed inside the Workshop with Yuki and sat on the ground, where they began to cultivate while waiting for lunch to be ready. Despite being children and not having a strong will to strengthen themselves, they were still very hardworking. Eloah worked exceptionally hard to build her strength. She had also received the cultivation technique that the other children received previously from Theo.

Leticia and little Alice were cultivating too. Leticia wanted to also go to the weapon shop to help return the favour everyone was doing for her, but it was dangerous for her to leave at the moment since they didn't know if she would be targeted by the Kenedy Clan. So, she had to stay, but in compensation, she was helping Yuki to take care of the children.

She and little Alice also received the same cultivation technique as the others, so they, too, soon started cultivating in the Workshop. "Wow! This place is so mystical! I can feel a lot of Mana around me inside this place." Leticia thought in wonder, she didn't expect to be able to grow so much in this place. She even felt a little uneasy about it.

But she was not someone who would pass up the chances that life gave her, because if she could get stronger, the chances of being able to return the favours she received would increase.

She also quickly got along really well with Zaira. Despite talking a lot with the other girls, it was with Zaira that she spoke most.

Theo found it a little odd that they became friends that fast because one was a Demi-Human Sheep, and the other was a Wolf Magic Beast. But, he knew he couldn't always compare things to the world he lived in before. Many customs and expectations differed from his past life in this world.

After Theo was able to fully recover from his injuries, he sighed with relief. "She fell asleep…" Opening his eyes, Theo noticed that little Yui was sleeping in his lap. Seeing that everyone was cultivating, he decided to let her sleep since he knew that she was very concerned about what had happened to him.

"Hrm… let me see what my current status is like in the meantime." Theo thought.


Name: Theo Volts

Race: Magic Beast

Species: Golden Fox

Cultivation: 1st Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom


Lineage: Golden Fox: 333,479 Cells


System Points: 29,911,845



: Maximum

: Level 3

: Level 4



Lightning G-2: Low Advance

Darkness V-2: Low Advance



[Breathing Technique: Student: Initial; Medium Advance]

[Cultivation Technique: : Initial; Low Feed.]

[Movement Technique: : Step Six.]

[Forge Technique: : Third Step.]

[ Attack Technique: High Advance]

[ Attack Technique: : Fourth Stage]

[Attack Technique: Low Advance]

[Spiritual Sense Technique:

: Initial; Low Advance]


"It's tough to increase my affinities, unlike before… well, still, they're much stronger than previously," Theo thought, "I don't see a noticeable increase in my cultivation technique either, but only from the attack technique I received. Because of that, I can assume how powerful it is… and it's also challenging to understand… well, no wonder it has the name "Primordial." So far I couldn't 'see' any prime technique to purchase with my current System Points, I wonder… how much would this technique cost?"

Shaking his head and closing the status screen, Theo murmured in his heart, "I can only increase my Points further to find out. If possible, I want to buy a technique for this level for the girls. Okay, the weapon shop this week managed to make almost 250,000 gold coins, that's almost the amount I got when I killed Zing Lin Ming. I think it would be helpful to start buying Magic Cores with those coins and start increasing my System Points even more. I can also increase my powers, too."

Theo pondered, "Even though I have a bad feeling about these City Sects, I don't want anything unfortunate to happen, so it would be good to increase my powers even more. Also, with more Points, I can find additional ways to protect them."

Theo knew that the way to increase his power faster would be with Magic Cores, as the last time he grew his strength rapidly was when he consumed a lot while fighting the Orcs and Goblins. However, it's hard to find such a tribe, so he could only count on selling his weapons and buying Cores with the proceeds. Although, he could use the Cores he has in his hand, which were all from the Wizard Kingdom, the Superior Wizard Kingdom and the Spiritual Kingdom.

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It was too risky for him to use them right now since he was still weak, so he held off. As for using them to increase his System Points, Theo thought it would be a waste since he might need them to increase his cultivation level. But of course, faced with a desperate situation, he would not think twice before doing it anyway.


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