Golden Fox with System
138 Chapter 138:
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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138 Chapter 138:

{NT: Huh, well, just warning you that I already have 25 chapters in advance of this novel and have already planned the next 200 chapters. So you don't have to worry about me abandoning this novel.

In the matter of me doing another novel at the same time, it's more of a challenge to myself and a desire that I have. And I also believe that this will help me improve my writing and further improve this novel. Just as I believe it happened when I wrote Izumi Hayato with System.

Well, that was what I meant. With that said, here's the next chapter.}

After finishing getting dressed, Zaika was now wearing a beautiful navy blue top, a black skirt that went halfway down her fleshy thighs, black tights and black sneakers. Her brilliant red hair was tied in a high ponytail.

"Zaika, you look very charming~," Zaira said with a smile, hugging her sister.

Surprised, Zaika nodded, hugging her sister back and said, "Thank you."

Theo and the others also approached Zaika, congratulating her on being able to advance to the Higher Student Kingdom and achieve her human form. It is not that this form is stronger, but it is far more convenient. It is much easier to do many things in this form, even eating is better because their sense of taste is enhanced in this way, among other benefits.

On the internet, Theo also discovered that there is a beastly form of a magical beast that is as strong as its original form, and it is very similar to Demi-Human, except that it looks more animal-like.

Depending on what animal you are, your bestial form changes, and Theo is aiming for that. But apparently, it's tough to get one. He can barely turn his hand into fox claws. Also, it is said that you can usually only succeed in attaining your bestial form the fastest in the Wizard Kingdom.

Theo was surprised when he saw an internet video of a White Wolf Magical Animal that appeared to be in the Greater Wizard Kingdom. He was so strong that he could transform his wolf-shaped hand and extend it to over ten meters in length. With a single blow of his paw, he could flatten a mountain! It was shocking, and Theo could not help but daydream about achieving such power.

"Theo, Theo!"

"Ah?!" Theo snapped out of his thoughts. And he noticed Zaika standing in front of him with a slight blush on her face.

"H-How do I look? Am I pretty?" Zaika lowered her head a little embarrassed by her question, but she couldn't help but wonder what Theo thought of her current appearance.

Despite being surprised by her question, Theo immediately smiled and said, "Yes, very pretty and charming."

"Ohh! Thank you!" Zaika exuded mature charm, and smile beautifully.

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"Ah, right, I promised you both that I would give you cell phones when you got your human form, right?" Seeing they nodded, Theo opened his System and bought two cell phones for 1 Million Points and handed one to each of them. "Please ask the girls to teach you how to use it, I've also added myself to the contact list, the rest you can learn later over time."

"Thank you, Theo, I'm so happy," said Zaira.

"Mhm. Thank you." Zaika bowed toward Theo.

Theo laughed and said with a beautiful smile on his face, "Haha. You don't have to be that way with me, both of you are already part of my family!"

"Right." They nodded and were very happy. Mostly Zaika, she was now beaming and her mouth curved into a beautiful smile right after.

Because it was near noon, Shina said goodbye and mentioned that she was going to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Meanwhile, Zaika continued in the Workshop trying to get used to her new form.

Little Yui and Zaira were exchanging pointers, fighting each other, to improve their fighting stance in human form. Zaika, not long after, also joined the fight. They were both sisters sparring against little Yui simultaneously.

To an uninformed outsider, it may seem like they were bullying such a cute little girl, but in reality, they were taking a beating from little Yui.

Although she reduced her cultivation to the 1st Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom, little Yui had been regularly fighting Theo, Shina and Yuki, so she was gaining quite a lot of fighting experience.

Theo, while watching their fight, thought to himself, "Thinking about it now, I haven't yet tested my attack technique <Primordial Black Thunder Vibration>, even though it has been a while since I got it."


A crackling buzzing sound was emitted as he began to practice this technique. A small marble appeared in his hand. "This… it consumed almost half of my True Lightning and Dark Mana!" Theo was amazed by this. There was an absurd amount of oppression that was being emitted by this little ball of energy.

"What's this, what huge power is that?" The girls were surprised and stopped fighting and looked in Theo's direction, only to see him holding a small amount of True Mana concentrated in his hand, and then they see him attacking the workshop floor with that.



Along with a loud explosion, Theo screamed in pain. The very moment he attacked the ground, a thunderous explosion was made. Even his hand became dislodged a little from the impact's shockwave. He never expected it to hold such extreme power.

"Theo!" The girls ran to Theo, with anxious and worried looks as they approached him. They were surprised by the small hole in the floor of the workshop because even if it's small, that small crater is more than enough to terrify them. If they exerted all their might, they couldn't hope to even scratch this floor; however, it didn't take long to be restored, and soon the hole was gone.

"Daddy! Your hand, it's very hurt." Said Little Yui approaching with tears in her eyes.

Shina, Zaika and Zaira also looked at him with concern. They just didn't cry because they didn't want to worry little Yui any further.

Theo forced a smile and said, "Don't worry, this is just a little scratch, it will soon heal."

"Daddy is lying! Yui can see this is not just a little scratch!" Yui said while crying. She didn't like to see her father get hurt. Even if she understands a little that he was just saying that to not worry them.

Theo sighed and said, "I know it looks severe," Theo rubbed the uninjured hand on little Yui's head and wiped the tears from her eyes as he continued, "but you don't really have to worry. I just need to cultivate a little, and soon it will heal, all right?"

"Mhm." Little Yui nodded and hugged Theo, rubbing her face on his belly. She refused to move from that position for a long time.


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