Golden Fox with System
133 Chapter 133: Mauro Kenedy
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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133 Chapter 133: Mauro Kenedy

Theo said, "Yuki, can you get up?"

Yuki noticed something and asked, "Has someone left the Kenedy Clan?"

"Yes, just now," Theo replied.

"I see…" Yuki nodded, getting off of Theo's lap.

"I'll be right back!" Theo kissed her mouth, then pulled away. "No need to wait up for me."

"Okay." Yuki nodded and said, "Be careful!"

"Yes, of course, I will." Soon after he finished speaking, Theo's appearance began to change… soon he became "Panic," but much darker and more frightening than usual. He was using his illusion ability to disguise himself this time, making himself appear very much like a D*m*ntor.

Yuki was surprised, and even a little scared upon seeing Theo's new look. But soon she managed to calm herself down, knowing that this was the disguise Theo was wearing so he wouldn't be recognized. She could still see some resemblance to Theo's previous appearance when he was in the video "Interview," with Zing Lin Ming and Alex Ming.

With his voice changed, Theo said, "I'm going."

"Right." Yuki nodded.


Shortly after that, Theo extended long, shadowy wings behind his back and began to fly high up in the clouds to avoid any random cameras from noticing and tracing him back to the orphanage.

Wrapped in pure darkness with his broad wings, Theo flew in the direction he was sensing from the presence of the Kenedy Clan member. From time to time, he would look down at the landscape below.


"Who's there?" A middle-aged Demi-Human man holding a sword cautiously walked to his living room. He had heard noises from someone entering his house.

"It's me, don't you recognize me anymore?"

"Y-You… Mr. Mauro Kenedy…" The middle-aged Demi-Human man suddenly had his legs become wobbly and didn't want to believe his eyes and ears. For this person to appear in front of you is your worst nightmare!

"Hehehehe…" Mauro Kenedy laughed loudly and said, "I need your wife again, I'm very frustrated right now, and I need something to vent my anger."

"M-But… didn't you say that the previous time, would be the last?" The middle-aged Demi-Human man spoke as he stammered, and an enormous rage flooded his heart. But because of the difference in cultivation level and the Kenedy Clan behind him, even if he wanted to do something, he would have to be ready to suffer the consequences.

"Was that so? Do you think I'm someone to go back on my words so simply? I know what I said, no need to repeat, but as I said, I need to taste your wife… but if you want, I may very well be satisfied with your daughter, if I'm not mistaken, she should be about 17 or 18 years old now, right?" As he finished speaking, Mauro Kenedy laughed out loud in a manic way.

"N-No! Leave my daughter out of it! I'm willing to do anything else you require…" a beautiful Demi-Human Bunny woman in her early 40's came out of her room. She was listening to what they were talking about the whole time, but since she was so scared of Mauro, she didn't dare reveal herself. However, upon hearing that he wanted to use her daughter to satisfy his carnal desires, she could no longer just listen and came out.

As much as she was trembling with fear of Mauro, and was repulsed to be marred by this despicable being, she knew that with just the strength of her and her husband, they could do nothing to stop him…

Her husband was also feeling utterly helpless. He wanted to be strong enough to protect them, he even wanted to run away from this City with his family, but when Mauro said last time that it wouldn't happen again… he was a fool to believe him…

"Mother!" A young Demi-Human Bunny, wearing only a white one-piece dress with her long yellow hair hanging loose behind her, looked at her mother and father shaking with fear in front of a young boy… she had woken up because of a disgusting laugh and got up in fright to 'see' what was going on. She came across such a distressing commotion.

"Daughter… go back to your room! It'll be fine, don't worry," said her mother, trying her best to force a smile. She was shaking even more with fear now that she saw her daughter suddenly come in because she imagined that Mauro could quickly change his mind after seeing her and possibly want to her precious daughter instead.
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Her father also became extremely anxious. He did not want his daughter to also to be defiled by Mauro. He was clenching his hands so hard that blood was dripping from his nails that stabbed into his palms. He was so angry… his whole body was shaking.

Of course, Mauro Kenedy noticed that but didn't care. In fact, that only made him even more satisfied. He liked to see that kind of reaction in people. Just seeing this had already improved his mood a little, but when it came to their daughter… he had no interest in abusing her. It could be said to be part of one of his fetishes, he just likes to have sex with older married women.

"Don't worry about me…"



Even before Mauro Kenedy finished speaking, a dark being appeared behind him and seized him by the neck.

"P-Panic?!" The young Demi-Human Bunny had seen the "Panic" video before. The moment she saw this strange being appear, she imagined it was him, although his current appearance is even scarier than the one she had seen in the video.

"P-Panic? I… why…" Mauro Kenedy swallowed his own words since his current actions were not acceptable to other people. Although he thought that being someone from a prestigious Clan and having an excellent talent for cultivation gave him more freedom to act, he knew that even then there were limits to what he could and couldn't do. Yet, he couldn't help but do these things because it had become an addiction that he couldn't let go of…

In his altered and sinister voice, "Panic" said, "I'm just going to borrow this!"

When Theo's eyes fell on the young Demi-Human Bunny… he soon found her familiar… "Isn't she the one who sold me the property where I set up my shop?!"

"No! N-No…! Let me go! I promise not to do this anymore! P-Please, let me go!" Mauro Kenedy who had also seen the Panic videos before was shaking in terror. He even soiled his pants. Just thinking about the things that "Panic" did to Zing Lin Ming and his son Alex Ming made him wish he had never gone out tonight…

The couple who thought they would have to go through all that torture once again… were now profoundly grateful to this entity that appeared. Although the appearance of this being is quite scary, they were even more frightened by the presence of Mauro Kenedy.

The young Bunny was also quite surprised to see "Panic" up close, and she knew that this being did this only to bad people. At first, she even thought it was fake, like many others, but after seeing what Mauro Kenedy wanted to do to her family, she was happy with the appearance of "Panic" in her home. At least his 'target' is Mauro Kenedy.


Without uttering one more word, Theo flew away, carrying Mauro Kenedy by the neck. Even in the face of Mauro Kenedy's screams and shouts for mercy and help, Theo continued to not care at all and flew up beyond the clouds. Just then, when they were out of reach of everyone, he put Mauro Kenedy inside the Room of Tort… "Toss~" Dimensional Room.


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