Golden Fox with System
107 Chapter 107: Back to the Orphanage
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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107 Chapter 107: Back to the Orphanage

Approaching the City of Ravena, Theo returned to his human form and put on a white T-shirt with a gray zipper jacket and black pants with black sneakers. Even if he wore such a simple outfit, he still attracted a lot of attention. All the women who saw him near the City gate had their eyes locked on him due to his well-developed physique and handsome looks.

Though he noticed the looks of these women, he didn't care. Some were winking at him, flirting, or sending him kisses, but Theo just kept on his way towards the gate of Ravena City.

After paying the fee to enter the City, he headed toward the Orphanage.

On the way to the Orphanage, walking through the City of Ravena, Theo even thought, "This City is really busy, I can see a lot of Demi-Humans, Humans and Magical Animals walking around, and it looks like the streets are quite safe too. Hrm… well, I'm confident, though, of using my True Mana of Darkness affinity, and walking unnoticed, though."

Even though he had seen a lot of different shops, Theo had no interest in browsing any of them. So he quickened his steps toward the Orphanage. Not long after, he was already in front of it.

"Daddy! Welcome back!" Little Yui, who was in front of the Orphanage, noticed Theo's presence and came running towards him, giving him a firm hug.

Theo laughed and said, "I'm back! How was it? Did you behave?"

Little Yui replied, "Yes, Yui even helped take care of the kids!"

"Haha! That's amazing! I'm really proud of you, Yui!" Theo crouched down and kissed her beautiful face. Causing a full, beautiful smile and a happy, soothing laugh from Little Yui. She was so jovial she felt like she was up in the clouds. She was really very pleased when she was praised by her Daddy.

"Welcome back, Theo!"

Shina, Yuki, Zaira and Zaika, who also felt Theo's presence, came to meet him.

"I'm back!" Theo said with a smile.

By now, it was late afternoon. And since Theo hadn't eaten anything yet… well, he chewed a few things, but it wasn't really something that he was content with eating. So he soon came in, and Shina prepared him something to eat with her cooking skills that were already on a level even higher than most chefs.

While waiting for the food Shina was making, Theo began interacting with the Orphanage children and told stories to the children, which fully caught their interest since they were all stories of his old life. They were fully engrossed because they never heard of them before, even though they often hear many stories told by sisters Aine and Nanda.

The girls mostly liked the story: "Alice in Wonderland." And when Shina came to call him to eat, even Little Yui who was focused on listening to Theo tells the story could not help wanting him to continue.

"Haha! Don't worry! After I finish eating, I'll be right back to continue telling the story, okay?" Theo smiled.


"We'll be waiting!"

"Come back soon, Daddy!"

The children started talking nonstop. Theo seeing this, even being called Daddy again by them, grinned. He found them to be adorable and headed towards the living room.

Since they were already near the afternoon coffee time, the children also followed soon after and began to eat their bread and drink it with some milk.

Theo, who "saw" the Orphanage's current financial conditions, though it would be good to help them with some donations. Even more, since they are so kind to them by letting them pay nothing for accommodations. And because he really has a lot of money in his hands now, he saw no problem helping them a little.

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"Theo, did you manage to find the Orc Village?" Yuki who was sitting at the table with Theo, Shina and Zaira asked.

"Yeah, it was actually straightforward to find, well… I ended up exterminating them all and also made it to the 12th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom!" Theo said with a satisfied smile.

"Oh! Congratulations on your advancement, Theo!" They all exclaimed in unison, not really caring that he had exterminated the entire village of Orcs.

From the perspective of the (Monsters), they must think that justice is on their side and the others are evil.

But for Yuki and themselves, it really didn't matter. Only weak-hearted people would be disturbed by this kind of situation. But they never tried to make excuses by killing the (Monsters) for being evil or something. It was quite simple: they got stronger killing them, and they were the same. Very often, Orcs, Goblins, etc. attacked others for power. They will even attack their own kind if it's something that will help them. Of course, Humans, Demi-Humans, Animals, etc. were no different.

"Hmm. Changing the subject… have you chosen which techniques you want?" Theo asked.

A few days before, Theo handed them a book describing techniques for their respective affinities. It was easier for them to choose techniques that might be more helpful to them since they each knew themselves better than anyone else.

With a heavy sigh, Shina said, "Before choosing a technique, I'd like to awaken a Lineage."

"Oh?! Is that so?" Theo asked, surprised. Previously she had said that she wanted to wait longer before doing so since she had heard how painful the awakening of a Lineage was.

"Yes!" Shina answered now with her voice without the slightest hesitation.

Theo said with a smile, "Well, let's do it later today then, okay?"

"Yes, I understand." Shina nodded.

Theo looked at Zaira and asked her, "What about you, Zaira? Do you also want to awaken a Lineage?"

"That…" Zaira was surprised because she knew the importance of a Lineage, and she "saw" how much her sister got. Zaika was stronger, and her form improved after she awoke her Lineage. So Zaira craved one too. She gulped, sighed and said, "Yes, I would!"

"Okay, then we'll do it later too!" Theo smiled.

"Yeah!" They agreed.

Zaika who also heard that. She was more than happy for her sister, who would now also get a Lineage and increase her strength.

"For now, I would be happy with the same attack technique that Theo shared with Little Yui," said Yuki.

Theo smiled and said, "Fine, I'll pass it to you later!"

"Yes, thank you!" Yuki smiled.

Zaika said: "I still don't know what to choose, but I think at the moment the techniques I gained along with my Lineage are enough. There is no use of having many techniques and not being able to master them!"

"Yes, you are right! A technique with greater understanding is better than many techniques with no real skill behind them!" Theo nodded in agreement.


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