Golden Fox with System
95 Chapter 95: I Don’t Care About Being Second!
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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95 Chapter 95: I Don’t Care About Being Second!

She seemed uncertain about it since he had just made it to the Higher Student Kingdom not that long ago.

Theo replied with a smile, "Yes, I am the Golden Fox!"

Aine who heard it too, muttered as she looked at him, "So it's really you, the Golden Fox, from that time…"

A blonde Leopard Demi-Human girl looked at Theo with her piercing eyes. What are your intentions?!

"Huh? Do you need anything?" Theo asked. He noticed the Demi-Human Leopard girl staring with her piercing eyes at him, there was no way Theo didn't see that.

The young Demi-Human Leopard girl wore a tight white dress that exposed a large amount of skin around her neck and had a yellow silk belt tied around her waist. She had a perfectly curved body. Her hair was silky smooth, blond and falling over her shoulders.

She had a pair of brilliant blue eyes and sharp white teeth. Her lips were perfect, and even though she had no makeup on, her appearance didn't have a single flaw. But what made her undeniably beautiful was not just her appearance. Her eyes were as clear and pure as water. Her skin was white and pure as snow, absolutely spotless.

She said, looking at him seductively and said, "Please let me have your child!"


Everyone was surprised by her question.

Theo thought he heard it wrong. He doesn't even know this Demi-Human girl, and she asks to carry his children? What kind of crazy request was that?

"W-What kind of request is this nonsense, Ariana? You ate something bad today, is that it? Are you not feeling well? I think you better come in and rest!" Shina said hysterically.

"Exactly! What happened to you, Ariana?" Aine asked, placing her hands on Ariana's shoulder and looking into her eyes, not believing what she heard and said, "You don't even know him… and yet you… a-asked to have a child of his…!"

Yuki almost fainted at this. She couldn't believe it, she only kissed him once… and here came this Demi-Human girl wanting to have his child?

Nanda, who seemed to be the calmer one among them, approached Ariana and asked, "Tell me, Ariana, why do you want to have a child of his?"

Ariana's snow-white face flushed for the first time and she replied, "I fell in love with him at first sight! That's why I want to have your child!"

Nanda's face showed surprise, though she was a little calm before. She couldn't help thinking, "She fell in love at first sight, and already wants to have your child?!"

Nanda sighed and said, "Even though you really did fall in love with him, you can't just ask him to get you pregnant!"

"Huh?! Why not? If I fell in love with him, it's normal to want to have a child of his, right?" Ariana said, not wanting to give up.

Theo sighed heavily and said, "No, I won't have a child with you!"

"But… why not? Am I not pretty enough for you?" Ariana approached Theo, being only 1 step away from him with her teary eyes, she looked into Theo's eyes.

"My God! This girl is too bold…" Shina murmured in her heart. Thinking she should learn a little from her…

"Oh? I think you're very pretty actually." Theo said. Because he really found her beautiful.

Ariana blushed a little and said, "So let's have a child!"

* Sigh ~

"My answer is still no!" Theo replied.

Drawing even closer to Theo, who took a step back, she looked up into his golden eyes, her blue eyes brightly shimmering, and boldly said, "I won't give up!"

By this time, Aine and Nanda had approached Ariana and had begun to pull her away from Theo.

"Stop Nanda, Aine! Let me talk to him!" Ariana tried to pull away from their grasp. "I still want to talk to him!"

Aine and Nanda were concerned. Ariana has always been very obedient and never behaved like that before… why did she become that way now? Did she really go crazy with love at first sight? Is that even possible? They didn't know since they had never fallen in love before, so they didn't know what to do in this situation.

Yuki, who couldn't stand by just watching anymore, approached Theo, hugging him, and said with determination, "You can't have his child! I'll be the one to have Theo's first child!" Despite being very flushed now, Yuki looked at Ariana after saying that.

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Theo started to get a headache… how did things end up like this? He didn't know if he should be happy with Yuki's words, or sad… because he didn't want to have a child anytime soon.

"See?" Ariana whispered to Aine and Nanda, "That's why I need to be quick! We know that he is so amazing and incredibly handsome and charming, so it is only natural that many women will fall in love with him! And if I'm slow, I won't even have a chance!" Threatening to let tears fall from her eyes, she continued, "I'll never give up!"

Nanda and Aine sighed and shook their heads, pouncing on Ariana. They knew deep down that this was how it would be. Even if they held her back now, what about later on? Would they hold her under house arrest to keep her from going after Theo? Of course not! They could never do that to her.

Ariana had a triumphant smile as she walked away from Aine and Nanda.

Then she looked earnestly at Yuki, "I don't care about being second!"


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