Golden Fox with System
92 Chapter 92: Seafood of the Gods
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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92 Chapter 92: Seafood of the Gods

Upon entering the restaurant, they were greeted by a beautiful and cute Demi-Human with cat ears and tail. She was wearing a beautiful light blue one-piece dress. "Welcome to Seafood of the Gods!" She smiled and bowed to them.

Theo nodded slightly and said, "Could you show us to a table?"

"Of course!" She nodded and asked, "May I know which floor you want to stay on? Be aware that the higher the floor, the higher the menu price will be." She said and began to look discreetly at Theo and the girls.

Looking closely at Theo's handsome, perfect face, she couldn't help but have pink cheeks. But as the professional she is, she managed to maintain her posture and tried not to look directly into Theo's intoxicating, charming golden eyes.

"We wish to stay on the highest floor." Theo smiled as he said, "I hope you can lead the way."

"Y-Yes, right away!" She answered and couldn't help being surprised to see Theo's smile. She even thought it should be a "sin" to have such a devilishly handsome and charming smile.

Shina and Yuki sighed, seeing this. But they already knew what would happen, for they too knew how handsome and charming Theo's smile was. But unfortunately, they couldn't just forbid him to smile at other girls…

The beautiful Demi-Human Cat calmed down and started leading the way for them.

Climbing a wide spiral staircase, they headed for the fourth floor of this restaurant.

Although it was a bit comical to see the Lobas sisters, Zaika and Zaira, climbing the stairs, they had no problem climbing them since the staircase was quite wide.

"Mommy, this place is fantastic, isn't it? "Little Yui said, looking around curiously. Everything here was new for her!

"Yes, thank your father later for bringing us here, okay?" Yuki patted her head softly.

"Hehee~ Yui will give you a big hug later, and lots of kisses on Daddy's cheek!" She put her hand in front of her mouth and laughed discreetly.

Seeing this, Yuki laughed and continued on towards the 4th floor of the restaurant.

Arriving on the 4th floor of the restaurant. They were greeted by the beautiful view of Ravena City as it had a massive glass wall in the 4th-floor lounge. Also, this room was considerably large. The size of the room was about 220.00 m2.

Also, the dining room was filled with well-ordered sturdy tables and chairs, and sofas and armchairs. In the middle of the room was a beautiful lotus chandelier, and there were small lamps on some tables.

Turning to Theo and the others, the Demi-Human Cat asked, "Sorry for my lack of finesse, but may I know how much you're willing to spend?"

Theo answered his question with another question: "Well, what is the average that people spend on this floor?"

"Hm. The average is 5 silver coins per person." She answered.

"I see." Nodding in understanding, Theo answered her question from earlier, "I am willing to spend up to 10 Gold Coins."

Surprised, she says, "Ohh! I understand. Follow me, please!" She began leading them to a large table where it had fancy armchairs and was large enough for them to sit together. The armchairs were also quite large and wide, which made it easy for Zaika and Zaira to sit on them.

The Demi-Human now seemed to be even more respectful of them. She politely handed them the restaurant menu.

Despite noticing her change in behaviour, Theo didn't care much about it. He simply started looking through the menu to see which dishes were offered.

They noticed a lot of dishes made with fish while others were made with oysters, shrimps, octopuses, squids, etc.

Saying they could order anything they wanted and not have to worry about the value, Theo chose a deal by the name of "Babylon Cabral." It was seafood in sesame oil with blades of red pepper and broccoli flowers with pumpkin risotto.

Yuki had already ordered a dish called: "Caitano." Made from Grilled Tilapia, Multigrain and Moqueca Parsley.

Shina chose: "Sogliola." Made from grilled sole with seven-grain risotto and fresh peas in shrimp sauce.

Little Yui wanted: "Shrimp Stroganoff."

Zaira wanted: "Curried Shrimp."

Zaika chose: "Kaikante." Made of grilled salmon, creamy sauce and Milanese risotto.

After finishing taking their orders, the Demi-Human Cat couldn't help but think of how lucky she was to have met them. Because, the more they spent, the higher her commission would be.

While waiting for the food, they looked around, appreciating how beautiful this restaurant's lounge was. It even had some good music playing. The view of Ravena City was also quite enjoyable to see.

Glancing in Shina's direction, Theo asked, "Shina, after here, do you want to go to the orphanage where you lived before?"

Shina nodded and replied, "Yes, I'd like to go there."

"Is that place fun, Shina?" Little Yui asked.

"Well, I think you'll like it! There are lots of kids to play with you there!" Shina smiled.

"Ohh! Then, I want to go there to meet them. Hehee." Little Yui smiled happily.

But Shina forgot a little detail at the time… because for Little Yui to have fun playing, it was always when she was fighting…! Imagine what would happen if they let Little Yui play with these kids…

While continuing to wait for their food, they continued to talk, especially about what they would do after the visit to the orphanage and whether they would stay for a few days in the city. Shina knew Theo didn't have to, but still, she asked if he would be interested in entering the Fallen Moon Sect.

But as she had guessed, he was not interested in entering the Sect. This was also because instead of helping to increase his cultivation, it would only restrict what he could do. With the Dimensional Room, he would have to be very careful using it if he was part of a Sect. So what was the point in that?

Of course, he managed to find out the most basic information over the Internet. For other things, such as techniques, Pill recipes, etc., it was all sold for a high price! But since he still didn't have any money registered to an online account, he couldn't buy anything online.

Despite owning the video of "Panic Interview!" and have earned some money, he would still need to be able to keep himself separate from that account. He didn't want to risk exposing himself.

But that didn't mean he would continue like this for long since he now had a large number of gold coins from Zing Lin Ming. He intended to deposit it into an online account so he could order things on the Internet.


While they were talking and laughing, a young Demi-Human Coyote girl had appeared.

Shina looked at this Demi-Human Coyote and scornfully asked, "Yes, can I help you, Maura?"

Despite noticing Shina's scornful voice. This Demi-Human Coyote didn't seem to care, and said, "And to think you're still alive! Did you know we were all worried about you? I'm glad you're fine!" She said sarcastically.
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Shina thought Maura's skin was even thicker than the walls of Ravena City and said coldly, "Don't come to me with your little games! I know you would be more than happy if I had really died!"

"Hahaha! Really… you're no fun at all…" With a sinister smile, Maura asked, "Tell me, how are those two sluts from the orphanage?"


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