Golden Fox with System
86 Chapter 86: Leaving for Ravena City.
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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86 Chapter 86: Leaving for Ravena City.

"Ohh, and to think he would have such a thing…" Son Safin was surprised. She knew some details about a parchment that could teleport a person. And it was anything but simple to hold of one.

"Yes, thank you so much for saving us today at the Auction!" Son Safin sighed, "If it wasn't for you… I don't know what would have happened to us, especially the women."

She then whispered, "The "Panic Interview" video was real."

Theo got a felt strange upon hearing this, but soon, he managed to school his expression. He then decided to change the subject and asked, "Son Safin, have you copy the whole book I requested?"

Son Safin answered slightly, "Yes, yes, I have it here." She took it and brought it toward Theo.

The book itself was not very large. It has a black hardcover, and the title was "Path of Alchemy for Beginners."

"Thanks!" Theo smiled.

"What's this, Theo?" Zaira asked curiously.

"It's a book about alchemy," Theo replied.


They were surprised, not expecting Theo to be interested in becoming an Alchemist either. They already knew Theo was a very skilled smith, but now an alchemist…

"Theo, you still have some of your Auction Points." Seeing Theo looking at her, Son Safin asked, "What do you want for the refund?"

Theo thought and replied, "It can be all in Magic Cores if you can."

"Yeah, sure, no problem!" Son Safin smiled slightly. She then asked, "Can you walk me to the Auction to pick them up? Or do you want me to have someone deliver them to you?"

Theo looked at his group and asked, "Shall we go there?"

"Sure." They nodded.

Then they walked toward the Monkey Clan Auction House.

Many of the Demi-Humans who were watching Theo interact so closely with Son Safin were dying of jealousy, but they didn't dare to stand in Theo's way. Especially after they had seen how strong he is!

Even some Demi-Human girls blushed as they looked at Theo. After all, many of them loved strong men! To top it off, Theo is fiendishly handsome. There was no way they wouldn't fantasize about how good it would be to be his girlfriend.


At the Monkey Clan Auction House.

"Theo, do you have any preference for what attributes you want the Magic Cores to be?" Son Safin asked.

"Well, I prefer Lightning, Darkness, Water, Ice, Metal, and Fire. If you can give me those attributes, I'd be grateful." Theo said.

"Oh, alright, I'll see what we have available!" She said and started and left.

A while later, she returned with a cloth bag in her left hand.

Son Safin put this bag on the table and said, "These are the Magic Cores with the attributes you requested, please check it!"

Theo took the bag with the Magic Cores and said, "I believe you, there's no need to check!" He grinned.

"Seriously? Well, uh, thanks?" She got a little awkward and blushed.

Shina and Yuki standing beside Theo, one on each side, pinched his waist.


Theo looked at them and asked, "Why did you do that?"

"It was nothing…" They immediately snorted and turned their faces.

Little Yui who heard Theo scream in pain, said, "Where does Daddy hurt? Yui will take care and make the pain go away!"

Theo couldn't help but find her very cute and affectionate, so he picked her up and said, "Only Yui really loves me! Thank you, Yui!" Soon after he kissed her little face.


"Theo, I…" Yuki who saw this wanted to go and apologize for pinching him but was stopped by Shina.

"I'm getting jealous! You're very popular, Theo! Auhahaha!" Jka said jokingly, but then he froze the moment he noticed Klin's icy gaze. "I was just kidding, Klin."

"Hmph!" She snorted in response.

Theo didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that.

Not wanting to delay his departure any longer, he says, "Well, we're heading out now." With a friendly smile, "See you, Son Safin, it was nice to meet you and do business with you."

She let out an involuntary sigh and said, "I'm happy to do business with you too!" She said quietly and blushed, "I hope to see you again one day."


"Theo, don't you really want to stay here one more day?" Jka asked.

"Huh. I'm happy for the invitation, but I really have to go. I'll be back to visit you sometime!" Theo said with a kind and friendly smile.

Shina, Yuki, Zaira, Zaika and Little Yui were saying farewell to Klin.

"Auhaha! True, we can still meet again." Jka laughed awkwardly.

"Well, before I go, I'll leave you this." Theo came over and put his hand on Jka's head. He transferred the cultivation technique: <Flaming Dog Secret Art>. Superior Primary.

"T-Theo…" Jka's eyes went teary. He didn't expect Theo would give him such a gift! It must be said that despite being a Primary technique, it was of a much higher level. So it is even better than Low-Level Intermediate, even slightly better than Medium Level Intermediate.

For the dense Mana that you can absorb with a Higher Level technique is several times better and purer than a Low-Level technique. It was like the difference between heaven and earth compared.

"Theo, I won't say you shouldn't have, because I'd be lying! I can only say that I am deeply grateful to you for giving me this technique!" Jka said seriously.

Theo laughed awkwardly and said, "Haha, you don't have to be so serious about it, I'm simply treating you like a good friend of mine! Although we haven't known each other for long, it still feels like it's been years!"

"Auhaha! That's true! I feel the same way!" Jka laughed happily.

Theo asked, "Well, Klin's affinity is with water, right?"

"Yes, she is." Jka nodded.

Theo turned to Shina and said, "Shina, you can pass the cultivation technique: <Moon Art Path> to Klin. Do you think you can do that using your divine sense?"

"Oh, well, I never tried, but I think I can give it a shot!" Shina replied.

She approached Klin and said, "I'll be giving you a cultivation technique, all right?"
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"Yes, I'm more than happy to receive it!" Klin smiled.

Shina nodded as she put her hand on Klin's head. She began to use her divine sense to transfer the technique directly into Klin's mind. Due to Klin not resisting Shina's advances, it was not too challenging for Shina to eventually send the technique.

"Ufa! Done!" Shina pulled her hand away and smiled.

"Thank you so much!" Klin said, bowing toward them, deeply grateful.

Shina said with a smile, "Don't worry about it!"

Jka was very happy now, because not only did he get an excellent cultivation technique from his good friend, Theo, but his dear wife did too! He didn't think this day could give a more pleasant surprise than this… 'Although that's not quite the case…'

"We're going now! See you, Jka, Klin!" Theo said, saying goodbye.

"Bye, bye!" Little Yui waved her little hands.

Shina and Yuki hugged Klin and whispered something in her ear, they smiled, and back went to Theo's side. Zaira and Zaika also said goodbye.

"Auhaha! See you, Theo, everyone! We hope to see you again soon!" Jka exclaimed loudly.

"Goodbye! Take care!" Klin said, bowing toward them. Then she looked in Jka's direction and wondered what his reaction would be like as she considered the news she had to tell him.


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