Golden Fox with System
78 Chapter 78: Barbecue at Jka’s House Part 1
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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78 Chapter 78: Barbecue at Jka’s House Part 1

After walking for a while, they arrived in front of Jka's house.

As they entered, Theo saw Klin on the ground lying in the grass. Just by looking at her, Theo could tell that she had moved to the Student Kingdom.

She walked towards them, went to Jka and rubbed her face against his chest. She asked him, "Honey, didn't they say Theo had come?" She looked at Theo and his group but didn't recognize any of them.

"Auhaha, I knew you wouldn't recognize him either." Jka said, "Theo is the golden-haired one, he managed to move to the Higher Student Kingdom and is in his human form."

"Ahh, so fast?" Klin couldn't help but be surprised.

"Auhaha, isn't it? It surprised me a lot too!" Still smiling, Jka says, "And you won't believe it, but Yuki is the white-haired one!"

"My God! This is so amazing!" Klin was even more surprised than when he discovered that Theo was in the Higher Student Kingdom because previously Yuki wasn't yet in the Student Kingdom. In such a short time, Yuki managed to advance to the Higher Student Kingdom. It is truly extraordinary… it was too unexpected for her to believe it completely.

Yuki smiled and approached, "It's been a while, Klin! I'm so happy to see you again!"

Klin sighed, "How long has it been, Yuki, you're so beautiful!" She smiled.

"Seriously? Thank you! You look great too!" Yuki smiled kindly and walked over to Little Yui. Bringing her forward, she said, "This is my daughter, Yui."

"Oh! You have such a big, beautiful daughter!" Klin exclaimed and said, "Hello, beautiful, I'm Klin, I'm happy to meet you!"

"Hi, I'm happy to meet you too!" Yui smiled.

Yuki, who had her two beautiful jade hands holding Little Yui's shoulder, blushed furiously but also had a happy smile on her face. It doesn't matter to her if she and Theo haven't had a baby of their own yet. For to her, Yui is her daughter no matter what. Still, she couldn't help but blush at Klin's words.

Theo seeing this, merely sighed. Seeing that Yuki wasn't trying to explain, he didn't mind either as long as she's happy.

Then Theo introduced Shina, Zaira, and Zaika to Klin, and Jka invited them all to his house.

Inside the house.

Theo looked at Jka and asked, "This auction that is going to happen tomorrow, are you planning to go?"

"Although I don't have much money, I'll try to buy something there." Jka laughed and asked, "Are you staying for the auction too?"

"Hm. I'm not sure…" Theo turned to the girls and asked, "What do you think? Do you want to stay for this upcoming auction?"

The first to respond was Shina. "I don't mind staying."

"Where Theo goes, I go!" Zaira and Zaika spoke simultaneously.

"That's fine with me too!" Yuki replied.

Little Yui raised her hand and said, "Yui too!"

"Okay, we'll stay for the auction!" Theo smiled.

Jka nodded as he said, "It's a good idea for you to stay. The Monkey Patriarchs' and the Lions' daughters just returned from the Sect. The daughter of the Monkey Patriarch was the one who made the Pills that are being auctioned." He sighed and continued, "For now, my father is keeping an eye on these Pills. It's likely that if he can cleanse 10% of his body impurities, he'll be able to advance to the Higher Student Kingdom."

Theo had to admit that he was a little curious about the Pill, not because he wanted to buy it, but because he wanted to look at it and see what name it appears. Then, he could research it and possibly even find it in his System with an even stronger effect.

After chatting a while with Jka and Klin, Theo saw that it was already g4etting dark. He thought it would be best to find an inn or something and asked Jka, "Are there any inns nearby where we can stay?"

"Auhaha. You are my friend, you don't have to go sleep at an inn! Just let me arrange a place for you!" Jka said, "If you want, you can even all stay here in my house."

"Really? Well, I accept your invitation then." Theo smiled.
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"Auhaha, great! Let's party!" Jka laughed out loud.

"Is that okay?" Yuki asked Klin.

"Yes, of course, it's fine, you're always welcome here!" Klin smiled.

"I have a bottle of Mana Wine made by the Monkey Clan. And it's quite good wine!" Jka said and asked, "Do you drink, Theo?"

"Well, I'd rather drink with you, sure!" Theo said in agreement.

'Thinking now, I've never had a drink since I came into this world.' Theo thought.

"Auhaha! That's nice! I'll bring some meat to bake for us too!" Jka said happily.

"Oh yeah, I have some meat with me too that we can use!" Theo said, pulling a large piece of meat from his Dimensional Bag.

"Oh, what's this?" Surprised to see Theo take a huge piece of meat from such a small bag, curious Jka asked.

"My bag?" Theo pointed to his Dimensional Bag and said, "I got it in a chance encounter. Well, that's what Yuki and I managed to get at our cultivation level." Theo 'Explained' to Jka: "Inside that Bag, it's has 10 square meters of space. When I first got it there were a lot of things inside that helped us increase our power."

"Oh! So that was it! You guys were truly fortunate!" Jka exclaimed, not thinking Theo could be lying to him, since he now 'knew' how Theo and Yuki managed to get to their current level.

In Jka's backyard, there was a barbecue grill made of a material very similar to marble. He told Theo that he would get the wine for them to drink would be right back. Meanwhile, Theo started up the fire for the barbecue.

Meanwhile, Klin, who was talking to the girls, asked curiously, "Yuki, is Theo the Golden Fox that everyone's been scared about?"

When she and Jka heard the rumours, they suspected it was him. But it wasn't as if there couldn't be another Golden Fox, though they'd never seen one before. Now that she had a chance to find out for sure, Klin couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, it's him." Yuki smiled slightly.

"Oh, so it really was Theo…" Klin was still surprised to learn that Theo's fame was nothing small and managed to circulate throughout the villages.

A while later. Jka came back with a box floating next to him. Dropping the box carefully to the floor. He then said with a laugh, "Oh, you are already doing the meat! This makes things easier. Auhaha!"

Some time later, the cooking was done, and the meal began.

"Shall we have a drink now, Theo?" Jka asked.

"Yeah, sure!" Theo responded by grabbing a glass and filling it with wine.

"Auhaha! Cheers to our friendship!" Jka made his glass levitate and led it toward Theo.

"Cheers!" Theo toasted him.

"Daddy, can I drink some too? Is it tasty?" Little Yui asked.

But before Theo could respond, Yuki pulled her and said, "No, Yui, this is something only adults can drink, you can't have any until you're older!"

"Okay…" Little Yui pouted but obeyed anyway.

Theo smiled, seeing that Yuki had already settled the matter, and started to drink a little. "Hm… it's pretty good!" Theo exclaimed.

"Auhaha! Didn't I tell you?" Jka also immediately took the glass to his mouth and began to drink.

But, a strange thing happened… Theo's face began to turn pink-red. He got up and went towards Yuki and hugged her from behind. It surprised her a lot. "T-Theo? W-What is it?"

With his head resting on Yuki's beautiful white jade shoulder, he says in a slightly drunk voice: "Umm. Yuki do you know that I…"


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