Golden Fox with System
72 Chapter 72: Are you… the Golden Fox?
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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72 Chapter 72: Are you… the Golden Fox?

"Waah!" (Yawn)

"Is it dawn already?" Theo rose from the mattress that he was lying on and used <Clean> on his body.

"Good morning!" Theo said to Zaira and Zaika, who had already gotten up.

"Good morning!" They answered.

"Is it a while before you can grow your armour?" Theo asked.

"Hmm. I think in another 2 days I can manage it." Zaira replied.

"Me too," Zaika said.

"Oh, that's fine then." Theo smiled, walked towards the Core of the workshop and began to cultivate.

Yesterday he had been able to cultivate about 10% of his Core. That's because he didn't spend much time cultivating, so he assumed that it could be completed today if he focused on it. Since he had increased the power of his soul, it became much easier and faster for him to cultivate his Core.
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Not long after, Shina, Yuki and little Yui had woken up, they also began to cultivate their armour.


Three days later.

Outside Leonidas' workshop, Theo said, "Shall we go?"

"Yes, let's go!" They nodded.

With the Core of the Workshop in hand, Theo made the underground workshop vanish!

In those three days that had passed, Theo successfully succeeded in cultivating the Core of the Workshop and a level 5 Lightning Armour. Shina, Yuki, Yui, Zaira and Zaika also managed to cultivate a level 5 armour for each of them.

By the time they cultivated the level 5 armour, a small gem had appeared three fingers below their navels. Also, by the time Theo was able to cultivate the Core of the Workshop, he had eventually found a secret room. There he came across Leonidas's body in a glass casket. Previously, he had his doubts about the whereabouts of Leonidas's body, but it turned out to have always been inside the workshop.

In addition to the body of Leonidas, he also found a very majestic Furnace! It turned out to be the Furnace Leonidas used to forge before. Although he thought it would be easier to forge using this Furnace, it was much more majestic than the one he already had. Theo shifted into his Golden Fox form and began to eat the Furnace; Making his Silver Furnace become a Gold Furnace.

Thanks to that, now whenever the Dragon Furnace is in his body, his defence is so strong that almost no one below the Wizard Kingdom can seriously hurt him.

Theo looked at the sisters Zaira and Zaika. He let out a long breath and said, "Zaira, Zaika."

Seeing them staring at him, Theo said, "The truth is, you don't have to pay me anything anymore, you can do whatever you want to do from now on." He smiled kindly.

They were scared for a moment, they had already gotten used to being with them, and had begun to like everyone. But now the sisters remembered that they were just travelling together with them because of their debt to Theo. Upon hearing that they no longer had to pay, they felt a twinge in their hearts.

But then Zaira's eyes seemed full of determination! She looked at Theo and said, "I know I'm not very strong yet, but I promise to do my best! So I'd like you to accept me and form a Magic Contract with me!" Finishing speaking, she looked at Theo with her hopeful eyes.

Theo was surprised, he knew that she had done this before because she wanted to help her sister, but now she had no reason to become a contracted animal. "Are you sure? You know you don't have to do that, right?"

Even her sister Zaika was looking at her in surprise. She didn't expect her own sister to make such a request. But she could understand why she wanted to do this, she also thought that even if it were as Theo's contracted animal, it wouldn't involve any actual disadvantages for her. She also believed that Theo, Shina, Yuki and Little Yui were very nice and kind people.

"Yes, I'm sure!" Zaira replied immediately, her determination resolute and unshakable.

Theo sighed and said, "Fine, I accept."

Zaira was surprised, but at the same time, she was glad Theo had accepted. "Thank you, Theo!" Her voice sounded very happy.

Zaira, seeing her undecided sister, waved at her. Zaika seeing her like that, also made a decision. "Theo, I want to make a contract with you too!"

Well, Theo had expected this to happen, since her sister had decided to do so. "Alright then, shall we do it now?" He asked.

"Yes!" Zaika and Zaira agreed, approaching him, to receive the blood for the contract.

With sharp teeth, Theo bit his left thumb and dripped a drop of blood into their mouths. Soon their bodies were illuminated by a golden aura, and then an image of a Little Wolf appeared on their foreheads. Zaira had a Little Black Wolf, Zaika had a Little Red Wolf.

Theo, with blood dripping from his thumb, dripped it onto their foreheads. Their bodies lit up again. But this time it has an even more majestic and dominant aura than ever before!

Theo and his group looked on with surprise, as it was the first time they had seen anyone form a Blood Magic Contract.

Soon his aura began to wane, and their foreheads beside the images of the Wolves appeared a Little Golden Fox with 5 tails! The odd thing was, the tails of the Little Golden Fox began to move toward these Little Wolves and wrapped their tails around them. After that, the images on their foreheads disappeared.

"Wow! I didn't expect it to work that way." Theo said, surprised.

"Yeah, that was cool!" Commented Shina.

Yuki and Yui also nodded in agreement.

"Theo! No, Master!" Zaira stammered, "Y-Are you… the Golden Fox?"

"Ohh, hadn't I said that before? Yes, I'm a Golden Fox," Theo replied.

Zaira and Zaika's body shuddered involuntarily. "And to think Theo is the Golden Fox…" murmured Zaira.

Zaika also looked very surprised to find out that Theo was the Golden Fox. This confused Theo, Yuki, Shina and little Yui, as they saw the reactions of Zaika and Zaira.

Confused, Theo asked, "Why are you so surprised that I'm a Golden Fox?"

Yuki, Shina and little Yui also looked at them, searching for an answer.

Zaira and Zaika looked at each other. Zaika sighed heavily and began to say, "That's because…"

{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}


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