Golden Fox with System
55 Wolf Zaira
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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55 Wolf Zaira

"At first, I thought you were Demi-Humans and your cultivation seemed to be lower than mine, so I had the intention of attacking you. But after fighting this girl and seeing her call you father, I imagined that both Master and she must be animals that have gained human form," said the Dark Wolf.

"Yes, you're right about that," Theo confirmed since he did not find it necessary to hide from her.

Being happy to see that her theory was right, the Wolf continued to say, "Master, I swear to be loyal to you all my life! But I only ask you to use one of those potions Master used on me to help my sister!" She said almost imploringly.

Theo frowned and asked, "What happened to your sister?"

"I don't know either..." Wolf sighed and began to tell a little about her. "My sister and I have always lived alone for a long time, ever since our pack was killed by Orcs. So, we both only depend on each other. But not so long ago, both of us found an herb with a lot of Mana in it, inside a hidden cave, and we both decided to share it and eat it together."

Her expression grew sadder. "When I ate half the herb, my strength began to increase very quickly, I almost could not contain myself with happiness. But then... my little sister started to feel a lot of pain, unlike me, her whole body began to change and her coat changed. At first, I thought that was a good thing, maybe I thought she was going through an evolution... but she got weaker as time went by, she could hardly breathe correctly."

Tears began to trickle from the Wolf's eyes: "Currently, she barely eats right, her appetite diminished much later. I'm afraid she will end up dying like this! She's my only family, I don't want her to die!!!"

Theo was surprised that the Wolf had such a story, he didn't expect that she had gone through all that. Although Theo spent so much time killing many Animals and Monsters, it didn't mean that he felt nothing at all when he heard the story of this wolf.

Even little Yui, who had been wanting to fight with the Wolf until recently, had tears in her eyes. She tugged at Theo's kimono sleeve and asked in a crying voice, "Papa, you're going to help her, right?"

Theo seeing the tears of his daughter, made his heart give in even more. Bending down and wiping the tears from Little Yui's eyes, he said, "Of course I'll help!" He smiled gently at her.


Listening to her father said she would help the Dark Wolf, little Yui smiled happily and hugged her father Theo.

The Dark Wolf, felt grateful to little Yui, seeing her ask Theo to help her. Of course, upon hearing what the Dark Wolf said, Theo thought of helping her. But that would be if it were a simple thing. But now that his daughter asked, he would do whatever he could to help her.

Yuki and Shina, who approached them, could hear the talk of Theo and Loba, they too could not help letting tears out of their eyes. But soon they cleaned up because they did not want Theo and little Yui to notice.

"Thank you!" The Dark Wolf thanked him from the bottom of her heart. No matter how little chance she might be able to help her sister, she was already happy about it.

Theo nodded and seeing that she still hadn't fully recovered, Theo decided to use another potion on her. She wanted to reject it at first, saying she should use it on her sister instead, but Theo said she did not need to worry, that he had more, and although reluctant, she eventually accepted.

Theo really liked the character of this wolf, even though she was badly hurt, she thought more of her sister than of herself. And she was even willing to follow Theo as her Master, even though she did not know what he was going to do with her, just to be able to help her sister.

"Thinking now, I still don't know your name?! Do you have a name?" Theo asked.

"Master, my name is Zaira," she told Theo.

"Um, Zaira, I'm Theo, this is..."

"Shina, nice to meet you!" Shina replied, seeing Theo pointing at her.

"Yuki," Yuki said shortly.

"Yui, it's Yui!!" Little Yui said cheerfully, unlike before when she was crying, since she was now on Theo's shoulders.

"Nice to meet you!" Wolf Zaira said respectfully.

After they had finished introducing themselves, Theo said, "Can you show me where your sister is?"

"Yes!" Zaira got excited very quickly, now that she had a chance to save her sister.


After walking for some time, they arrived in a very well hidden cave in the forest. In fact, if you passed by, you would find it hard to spot it, for the entrance to the cave was full of shrubbery hiding the entrance.

Theo, before entering following Zaira, he did not forget to use his divine sense to feel the presence of those who were close. As much as he wanted to believe her, it was never too bad being cautious. He did not want to go in without being sure it wasn't a trap.

But he had only felt a presence inside this cave. Seeing that the Wolf Zaira was not deceiving them, Theo began to walk inside the cave followed by Shina and Yuki who was holding little Yui by her hand.

Upon arriving inside the cave, Theo could see a wolf about the same size as the Zaira, but she did not have her coat darkened like hers, her coat was blood red.

[Crimson Wolf]

[9th Tier of the Student Kingdom]

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Theo, seeing the Wolf's information, was surprised, as he hoped she was a Dark Wolf as well. But seeing her [Status], he was proved wrong.

Remembering that Zaira said her sister just stayed like that because they ate some kind of herb, a thought came into Theo's mind, however, he was not sure, so he activated his divine eyes and looked once more at the Wolf wanting to 'see' her [Status].


Name: Zaika

Race: Magic Animal

Species: Crimson Wolf

Cultivation: 9th Tier of the Student Kingdom


Lineage: Wolf of the Dark Flames







Cultivation technique: <Furious Wolf>


"Ohh!" Theo was surprised to see her [Status], as he had thought, she had awakened a bloodline by eating the herb that Wolf Zaira spoke of.


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