Golden Fox with System
54 Dark Wolf
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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54 Dark Wolf

"Are you ready? Have you forgotten anything?" Watching them nod their heads, they started to leave the Village.


Little Yui started running and giggling as they started to leave the village. She was very happy to leave because it was the first time she would go out to meet new things.

Even more so since she had been born a few days before, causing her to be very curious about various things. When they told her about their adventures, little Yui could not wait to get out, also one of the reasons was that she liked to fight.

Yui spent a few days fighting Yuki. Although she was a newborn, her strength was already superior to Shina's and she did not have full control of her strength yet. So, she had not fought against Shina.

But after two weeks, Yui proved very good at controlling her strength. Although she was not perfect, she could now easily reduce her power to the 10th Tier of the Student Kingdom. And both Yui and Yuki managed to have control over their wings, making them disappear and only appear when they wanted.

But Theo thought it would be better to have Yui have even more control over her Mana before they left on their way to the city. He wanted little Yui to at least control her Mana to be between the 1rst and the 5th Tier of the Student Kingdom for her not to draw any undesirable attention from any individual.

Only when the third week arrived, Yui began to control her Mana even better, managing to restrict her cultivation down to the 3rd Tier of the Student Kingdom. And today was the day they decided to head for the city.

Even though they were walking through the forest with their cultivations restricted, their mana could still be felt. For the Animals and Monsters that lived close to where they were passing, there were not many with that high a cultivation. Because of this, they always ran away upon feeling the Mana of Theo's group.

Although their journey so far was quiet. Soon a Dark Wolf in the 9th Tier of the Student Kingdom got in their way. With 1 meter in height and almost 2 meters in length, the Dark Wolf had a dark black coat and sparkling green eyes.

Theo looked at the Dark Wolf that was coming toward him.. "Papa, Mama, let me fight him? Please?" Yui asked with a cute little face as if she were a child wanting her mother and father to buy her candy.


Theo already knew that perhaps due to Dragon instinct she liked to fight. Yui was very excited to have her fight against the Dark Wolf. Looking down and rubbing the girl's head, Theo smiled and said, "Yes, you can. But be careful, even if his cultivation is not high! Do you understand?"

"Hehe! Yes, Papa!" Little Yui moved away from them and prepared to fight the Dark Wolf. She knew that if she used all her strength, she would defeat Dark Wolf too quickly. Because of this, little Yui reduced her mana to the same stage of cultivation as that same Dark Wolf.

Yui: "<Metallic Dragon Steps>"

Using her movement technique, little Yui's movement began to get faster, and soon she arrived in front of the Dark Wolf, who did not expect her to have such speed.

Dark Wolf: "Small..."

Not caring about if Dark Wolf about to speak, little Yui took a quick step, closing her right hand in the form of a fist. Then after putting a good amount of Metal Mana in her hand, she punched with a bit of strength behind it, that did not seem to be coming from such a small child.

The Dark Wolf panicked, not expecting to face such being. At first, he thought they would be easy prey, but by the time the little girl who seemed to have the cultivation lower than him, seemed to want to fight him, she increased her cultivation in a blink to the same as him. But the control he had over the mana didn't even compare to the control of the little girl who was attacking him.

"Fox Punch!" {TL: I mean, because why not} Little Yui did not care for the expression of surprise and fear that the Dark Wolf had. She yelled as she hit the Dark Wolf's head.



The Dark Wolf bellowed in pain as he flew away. Half his skull was broken as he looked at the little girl, almost lifeless.

"Damn, don't lie there! Get up!" Little Yui thought she did not have enough fighting and it was also because she did not use all her strength even though she restricted herself the same level as Mana to stay on par with the Dark Wolf. There's no way it had ended, right?

"What is this little girl saying? Does she not realize I can not stand up any longer?" Dark Wolf grunted frustrated, losing the focus in his vision.

Seeing that the Dark Wolf was not responding, Yui looked upset and looked in the direction of Theo, Yuki, and Shina and asked, "Papa, Mama, Shina, why didn't he get up yet?" Yui pointed to the Dark Wolf.

They shook their heads and thought this little girl did not realize how strong her attack was. Although she had restricted her Mana, the level of control she has had since she was born already exceeded the Dark Wolf's. And even though she did not use all her power either, the Dark Wolf did not have enough control over his mana to defend himself from such attack, with the speed it came.

Now they have noticed that they have forgotten about it. But that was because they all had good control over their Mana. Even Shina, when she tried fighting, little Yui was able to beat her when they had the same level of cultivation.

After a little thought, a thought came to Theo's mind: "Yui, do you want to keep fighting him?" {TL: Oh no}

"Hm..." Little Yui put her hands on her cheeks and began to think and said, "Yes!"

"Hahaha! Leave it to me, I'll make him able to fight again." Theo laughed loudly and started walking toward the Dark Wolf who was in his last breaths.

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Yuki and Shina just sighed and shook their heads as they had some idea of what Theo would do.

"Papa is the best!!!" Little Yui celebrated in a victory pose, raising her hands to the sky.

Theo smiled at the cute pose of his daughter and soon arrived in front of the Dark Wolf.

"Hey, you want to live?" Theo asked, but there was no longer a smile on his face.

The Dark Wolf's almost lifeless eyes glanced at Theo with hope. Even if it's a small chance, the Dark Wolf did not want to die. "Yes!" Though he could not utter many words, Theo could feel his great desire to survive. But he was even more surprised, for the voice of the Dark Wolf was actually a female.

Although he was surprised that the Dark Wolf was female, Theo did not think much about it and took two perfect potions for the Student Kingdom from his [Dimensional Bag].

Theo could not make her drink the potion in a normal way, so he opened the Dark Wolf's mouth with one of his hands and held the potion with the other. Then, he began pouring the potion into the Dark Wolf's mouth, causing it to trickle down her throat.

At first, the Dark Wolf was worried but then her eyes grew even more vivid, regaining her strength quickly. She looked at the young man standing in front of her with new eyes.

After recovering almost 50% of her strength, the Dark Wolf got up towards Theo and made a decision that very few animals would do. "Master, thank you for saving my life!"

"Master?" Theo did not expect that soon after recovering a little, the Dark Wolf would call him master.

"Why do you call me master?" Theo asked.

Theo did not understand what was going on with this Dark Wolf. The most he did was giving her a potion to recover. It was also his daughter Yui, who almost killed her. That's why Theo did not understand why she was calling him that.


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