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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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45 ...

But what they did not know was that Theo had already prepared Mana and Healing potions for them. So when they were about to run out of Mana, they would take out a potion to replenish themselves.

Because of their anxiety, the Goblins decided to take the 'Flower' before it bloomed.

Theo, seeing the Goblin Lord's actions, pointed his left hand's forefinger at the Goblin Lord's a weapon. Theo recalled an anime at that moment that he enjoyed watching during his childhood. The main character was Yusuke Urameshi and his trademark attack was called Leigan.

Theo began to concentrate Lightning Mana on the tip of his left index finger and a Lightning Mana ball began to form... Theo began to control his mana, causing it to compress. As the concentration of mana increased, it soon became a ball of Lightning Mana the size of a tennis ball. Pointing in the direction of the body of the Goblin Lord who was trying to pluck the 'Flower', Theo fired the magic.


A crack was left wherever the Lightning Mana ball went by and it destroyed everything that was in its way... Many of the animals and Goblins that were in the way ended up having their arms and legs torn out.

Seeing this, the Goblin Lord who was trying to pluck the 'Flower' got more anxious and gave up trying to pluck it, wanting to escape, but Theo's attack had already reached him.


Theo's attack eventually pierced the Goblin Lord's body, hurling him away and the lightning bolt continued to attack his body, giving him no chance to survive.

When the attack hit the ground, kilometres away, a large chain explosion and strong winds were produced, that were even felt to where the battle was happening, leaving everyone who was struggling in both surprise and fear at the same time.

Those who were still doubting whether they should run or not did no more and began to run from this place for their lives.


Theo sighed in disappointment as he wanted to kill them all and turn them into his points, but as they were too many, he had no way to stop all of them.

Even the Goblin Lords who wanted the 'Flower' fled and did not bother to look back, for they knew that even though the 'Flower' was valuable, they had no strength to take from Theo.

But Theo was having another problem now: "Ahhhhh! I shouldn't have used so much power... and thinking that 70% of my strength would already do so much damage."

Yuki and Shina, who heard Theo's outburst, did not know whether to laugh or cry... because they were very surprised by the power of his attack.

"You won't escape!" Theo looked at the group that had more animals and Goblins and prepared a new attack using his Lightning Mana…

With tears in his eyes from the excitement and joining his two hands into the shape like a dragon's mouth, he began to recite a legendary charm of an anime attack that he also liked very much in his past life…

"KA... ME... HA..." Almost using 100% of his mana that was left. "ME... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" {TL: Yes.}

If Yuki and Shina were already surprised with Theo's previous attack using 70% of his mana, seeing him using almost 100% in this attack made so surprised that their jaws opened in the shape of 'O'.

A golden ray was made, destroying everything in its path, be it trees, rocks, animals, Goblins…

After flying for several kilometres... Theo's attack eventually hit a mountain.


A very large explosion was caused... and a large crater more than 10 to 20 meters in size appeared. It was extremely terrifying.

"Very strong!!!!!" Yuki exclaimed with stars in her eyes.

"Yes!!! Very powerful!!" Shina nodded.

Shina and Yuki turned to Theo and noticed that... "Theo, are you crying?" They asked in confusion.

"Ahhh, no, no... dust got in my eyes... yes, that was it!" Theo said.

Yuki went to Theo's side and said worriedly, "Are you really well Theo? Did you get hurt somewhere?"

Seeing Yuki's worried gaze, Theo felt a little guilty but also felt warm in his heart.

Shina also got close to Theo and began tapping and patting Theo's body, worried that he might actually have been hurt but didn't know what to say.

"Shina, you..."

"Stay still! I want to see if you're hurt or not!" Shina said and continued to check.

After she saw that he had not been hurt, she sighed with relief and said. "Good! It does not look like he hurt himself!"

"Good!" Exclaimed Yuki.

Theo was feeling increasingly guilty about this... but how could he say that he had cried because the technique he used before it was like the one from an anime that he was a strong fan of? No, no, these were not tears… it was sweat.

"Thank you for caring! I'm fine!" Theo said.


Seeing that he did not want to say why he had cried... they decided not to ask anymore.

After that, they went to the 'Flower' they were trying to protect.

As they approached, they noticed a strong Mana emanating from it. This 'Flower' had pure white petals of mana, but it had not yet bloomed.

[Moon Lotus] - [Contains a large amount of Moon Mana]

"This is..." Theo looked at Shina and asked, "Shina, is this the flower you said?"

"I don't know, because I haven't seen one in person, I just heard about them... sorry," Shina said apologetically.

"Haha. Don't worry!" Theo smiled and said, "Anyways... it looks like it's something really valuable."

"Yes, I think so." Yuki gave her opinion.

"Fumu." Shina nodded cheerfully.

"Ok, I think it was very close to blooming... I think it's a good idea to stay here and wait for it to bloom," said Theo.

"Yes!" Shina and Yuki agreed.


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