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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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44 ...

Yuki spread her wings once more and began to fly toward two animals and Goblins.

It was not long before she arrived in front of a Gorilla and a Goblin lord who were fighting against each other, the two were on the same cultivation level, in the 6th Tier of the Student Kingdom.

As their instincts were sharp, they soon noticed that someone was coming toward them, wanting to attack them.

"Shall we make a break? If we don't, we are going to end up dead by whatever is flying towards us!" Asked the Gorilla.

"Yes," the Goblin Lord agreed, but in his mind, he had other plans. 'Fool! The moment you attack... I'll attack you! Shishishi...'

Foreign to the Goblin lord's thoughts, the Gorilla was already in the position to attack, waiting for Yuki's arrival.

But then a black shadow appeared behind him... and without giving him time to fight back, his head was already flying high in the sky... not knowing how and who killed him, the Gorilla ended up dying.

"Who did this?" Goblin Lord asked, startled.

But soon a beautiful wolf girl appeared, she wore a short blue kimono with a sea waves design and tight black sports shorts underneath. She was also wearing long black stockings and navy blue shoes, she also had long, blue hair down her back bound as a ponytail. She stood there holding her small silver sword covered by water Mana, emanating a strong threatening pressure from it.

This wolf girl was... Shina! She arrived even quicker than Yuki because she used her movement technique.

Goblin lord felt threatened by Shina's sudden presence and was on alert…

But eventually, he forgot that Yuki was already flying towards him and before he could do anything to defend himself... Yuki had already pinned her sharp claws to his shoulder and began to fly.

"Let me go!" Said the Goblin lord, struggling to escape. "Damn you!! I'll kill you!!!"

Goblin lord had a sword in his hand, so he tried to attack Yuki with it, but before he could hit her, Yuki released him from her grip, causing him to fall from more than 100 meters high.

Yuki knew that just with that he would not die, with the Goblin lord still falling from the sky... Yuki started storing Ice Mana in her mouth using her attack technique <Cold Burst>. When she realized that she already had enough Ice Mana to kill him, Yuki threw the Ice Mana in the shape of a soccer ball in the direction of Goblin lord head.

Seeing this, Goblin lord panicked and tried to dodge, but couldn't move much, so he then placed his sword in front to try to defend himself.


But it was a futile attempt! How could a single sword defend against Yuki's attack, using her attack technique? When Yuki's attack struck the sword, that ice ball splintered the sword and continued forward, hitting the Goblin lord's head. "POW!" The head was destroyed by this attack... soon the headless Goblin lord's body began to fall and Yuki's attack continued to go towards the ground. With a sound of thudding, the Goblin lord's body fell to the ground.

Shina had already moved away from that place, as she knew that Yuki's attack was falling from the sky as well.

When it fell to the ground... it began to freeze the ground in a radius of 10 meters around it, some of the animals and Goblins that were close managed to dodge the attack, but their feet ended up freezing.

Shina, who saw them with their feet frozen, did not miss this chance and ran at high speed towards them holding her short sword and began to cut their heads swiftly…

Meanwhile, Theo had killed more than 25 animals and Goblins. His killing speed was very fast, much more so than Shina's and Yuki's. It seemed that he was born to fight against more than one at a time because…

He attacked one with his right hand while he used his elbow to hit the head of another. Then, with his body tilted to the left, Theo did a high kick, hitting the head of a Goblin destroying his head and throwing his body away. At the same time, he used his four tails to attack as if it were four sharp spears... he covered them with his Lightning Mana and attacked in straight lines, hitting the heads or the hearts of whoever was next to him.

There was already a small mountain of bodies around him while he was in the middle of this bloodbath smiling... Theo had not noticed, but after so many times fighting, he came to like the feeling of killing his enemies so sometimes while he fought, he would end up having a smile of pleasure plastered on his face. It got even worse when he used his <Devour> ability and exchanged to [Essence]. This gives him an indescribable feeling of pleasure, making him feel great.

Shina and Yuki, who saw Theo stained with blood and smiling, end up thinking that he looked 'very wild and charming.'

"Kill!!" Theo's fighting spirit boiled as he screamed out loud.

Theo strode forward and charged mightily toward the animals and Goblins ...

No matter the enemy he was facing, be it Goblins or animals, Theo killed them at a very fast speed... this had already turned into a one-sided fight where they were destined to die by this hands and eventually turn his [System Points].

The Goblins and animals that were in that place began to get anxious and worried, many of the animals had already thought about running away and the Goblins as well. Even the strongest of them began to think they had no chance against them.

At first, they wanted to see them get tired fighting the weak, but even after Theo, Yuki and Shina killed a lot of them, they did not see they had been tired until now.


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