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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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"Let's go?" Theo asked.

"Yes," Yuki replied.

"Y-Yes... let's go," Shina replied still a little shy to look at Theo.

With their confirmation, they started leaving the village, but before they left, Theo didn't forget this time to put a barrier in case someone showed up and took his things or tried to invade his village, since he is leaving it unprotected and he thinks that they could end up sleeping in the city for a day or two to get to know the place.

What he put around the village was a barrier to prevent those below the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom from entering it without his permission. Because of this, he spent 200,000 [System Points], but Theo found it necessary since it could also help in the future. As for the cost, 200,000 [System Points] was not a very big challenge for him now. Although when he made the more than 200,000 [System Points] in a day with the help of Yuki and Shina, that didn't change the fact that was easier for him to get them, and since it a barrier bought from the system, it allowed him to select who can and can not enter his village, which was one of the things that made him happier.

As they walked through the woods, Theo came to think. "I know that I've gotten a little stronger since I arrived in this world, but I'm not strong enough to protect myself or who I love right now if someone with evil intent comes in our direction, like the human Mei Zong or the Dragon that Yuki and I had met before."

Although he knows that he owned the [Dimensional Room] and if he needed, he could also escape into it, it still wouldn't be 100% safe since depending on the speed of who attacked... they wouldn't give him time to enter the [Dimensional Room ] along with Shina and Yuki.

Theo thought earnestly, "But that's precisely why I want to go to a city so that I can get resources easier and further increase our powers and decrease my lack of knowledge of this world, which limits the things I can exploit in my system."

"For example, if I knew the name of some good pill or potion to increase cultivation or even something to buy from the system and sell it... I've thought about it for a long time if I can sell some things I buy from the system... I couldn't do that with [System Points] easily, could I? Well, I still don't know if it's going to be worth doing something like that or not, but I'd still like to try." Theo was then pulled from his thoughts with Shina's fake coughs.

"Cough, cough!"

Seeing that Theo was now looking at her, Shina blushed a little and said, "Theo?! These animals and Goblins that are fighting, should we kill them?"

'Ahhh? When did this happen? I was so distracted that I didn't even realize...' Theo thought ashamed.

Looking at them and noticing that they didn't have high cultivation... Theo thought it would be good to kill them since he wanted to increase his [System Points] anyways.

"Are they protecting something?" Yuki exclaimed as she flew over with her wings and saw that the strongest Goblins were surrounding a flower that had yet to bloom.

Upon hearing this, Theo became curious and asked, "Can you see what they are protecting Yuki?"

Shina also got a little anxious, since it could be some sort of treasure.

"It looks like a flower that is about to bloom," Yuki replied.

"Ohh! Well, even if we don't know what it is... I'm sure it must be something good for them to be willing to protect it." Shina said her opinion.

"Yes, I think so too," Theo agreed.

Yuki stared down from the sky and landed next to Theo and asked, "Theo, let's get into the fight and get this flower?"

"Hm..." Theo thought and said, "Yes, let's! I don't know exactly what it is, but anyways, they can become part of my power and, in the process, there is still a chance we can get a treasure."

"Hehee~" Shina smiled and said, "Maybe it's the flower of Mana that I heard about in the Sect where I was if it is... it would be very useful! I have heard that it is good for those in the 10th Layer of the Student Kingdom to advance to the next realm without facing a bottleneck."

"Whatever... let's get it for ourselves!" Yuki said.

"Yes, come on!" Theo agreed.

"Yes!" Shina was also excited and agreed loudly, then, she drew her short water sword preparing to fight.

Theo: "<Steps of Lightning Shadows>"

Theo was the first to move using his movement technique… and soon he arrived in front of a Black Bear at a very fast speed. He positioned his right leg in front and curved his body a little to the left, stretching his arm back in an attack position and... "POOOOW!!!" Theo punched the Black Bear's stomach and a large hole opened the size of Theo's hand.


After vomiting blood and his eyes full of disbelief, the Black Bear fell to the ground with a thud.

Theo wasted no time, there was a Lord Goblin who was fighting with this Black Bear, so Theo kicked horizontally with his right leg in the direction of the Lord Goblin and…


The sound of being ripped was produced, but Theo's kick was so fast that he cut the Lord Goblin in half with his kick and the wind rippled were made continued to go forward attacking some animals and Goblins that were ahead.

Soon, Theo saw that there was a Silver Wolf leaping toward him.

"Too slow!" Theo said, jumping up and spun his body into the air to pick up speed and kicked down with his leg covered with lightning mana towards the body of the Silver Wolf.

"ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" The Silver Wolf gave a pitiful scream and went to the ground at a very fast speed.


A large explosion was produced when the Silver Wolf fell to the ground... and a small crater was formed where the Silver Wolf was, with blood was flowing from all the holes in the Silver Wolf as it remained in the small crater.

In spite of everything that happened... only 5 seconds had passed.

Yuki and Shina, who were preparing to enter the fight, were so surprised that their mouths opened into an "O". The first to come back was Yuki and exclaimed loudly: "S-So cool!!!"

"Yes, that was incredible!" Shina exclaimed, clapping excitedly.

They talked so loudly... that Theo who was fighting ended up hearing and was a little embarrassed, but continued to fight.

"Let's join the fight too!" Yuki said and Shina nodded.


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