Golden Fox with System
20 Lineage
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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20 Lineage

"Yuki, what exactly just happened?" Theo asked worriedly.

Yuki: "W-Well… I am also not sure. But it seems that when I was cultivating with the (Dragon's Egg), I started using more mana, sending some to the (Egg), while it sent me some back."

Theo: "That's more or less what I saw too, but does it not that hurt you in any way?"

Yuki: "No, on the contrary, it's helping me grow several times faster than before!" She said slowly and continued to speak, "Now I feel some kind of connection with the (Dragon's Egg), I can't explain well what it is, but I know it does not want to harm me!"

"So that's how it is, I'm happy for you then!" Theo said relieved.

Seeing that Theo was very worried about her, Yuki was very happy, went to him and began to rub her face on his happily.

After that, Theo gave another [Magic Core] to Yuki, but this time it was in the 10th Tier of the Student Kingdom.

Receiving the [Magic Core], they began to cultivate once more.

2 hours later....

"Hm!! Cultivating in this [Dimensional Room] really is increasing the speed of my cultivation by a lot," Theo thought.

Opening his eyes, Theo realized that Yuki was still growing along with the (Egg). So he took the opportunity to look at his [Status].


Name: Theo Volts

Breed: Golden Fox.

Species: Magic Animal.

Cultivation: 9th Tier of the Student Kingdom: Great Advancement.


System Points: 172,423



Lightning: Small Advance.

Darkness: Small Advance.



<Devour>: (Active) Maximum Level.

<Golden Fox Claws> (Active) Level 3

<Golden Fox Movement> (Active) Level 2

<Golden Fox Bite> (Active) Level 2



Apprentice: <Turtle Breath>: Medium Advance.

Cultivation Technique: <Primordial Darkness Ray>: Small Advance.


"Besides the increase of my [Cultivation], my skills have increased a bit too," Theo thought, "I still have a good amount of [System Points]. I'll see if I find anything that might help my cultivation to buy."

Theo: "Huh?!"

Looking at the pills available for him to buy, Theo found one that left him jaw-dropping.

[Lineage Creation Pill]

[150,000 Points]

[Effect: By consuming it, all the factors of your body and soul are used to create a lineage]

[Warning: Single usage Only]

"Wow!! I never imagined there would be such a pill. "Theo exclaimed in surprise. "Should I buy it?"

Theo: "Er..." After thinking for a while, Theo eventually wanted to take a risk and create a bloodline now.

[Are you sure you want to spend 150,000 [System Points] to purchase the Lineage Creation Pill?]


Theo: "[Yes]"

Right after he confirmed, a well-ordered box appeared.

Opening the box with his mental power, a faint black and white light began to come out of the box.

Using his mental power on the pill making it levitate, Theo brought hit to him. "Oh! Would that be a Yin Yang pattern? "Theo exclaimed, seeing that the pill had a shape similar to the Yin Yang.

Not thinking too much about it, Theo ate the pill.

The moment the pill entered his body, it began to focus all its' energy on the center point of his body. Then it began to spread and cover every part of his body, causing extreme pain as if his body was being taken apart.

"GRRR!!" Theo clenched his teeth tightly, holding back the pain.

Then this black and white energy began to form again at his center point, producing crackling sounds as if it something was being hammered strongly. Causing extreme pain inside his body.

Exercising his cultivation technique trying to relieve the pain, the pain stopped right after, but soon a strong golden light began to emit from his central point and began to spread to all his organs, bones, marrow, blood, skin and cells.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" This time, Theo could not stop screaming out loud as his bones began to melt turning into a mass of golden liquid... causing a lot of pain.

Soon after, the mass of golden liquid began to form new bones, but this time they were bones of white gold, which seemed to be much stronger than before.

This golden energy continued to work and spread through his body, strengthening it. His vital organs were also strengthened by this energy, now they emitted a faint golden light. His heart was also strengthened through the creation of a small golden layer around it protecting it.

His blood became thicker and harsher, and emitted a faint golden light.

His outer skin began to fall. "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" Causing him a lot of pain, but soon a new layer of golden skin began to form, replacing the old on. A new pelt grew as well. Although it did not change much, it emitted a stronger golden light. And a new black pattern appeared under his eyes, giving off a dominant air.

[Congratulations! You have acquired a Lineage. Name: _]

"Ugh! It finally finished..." Theo thought as he saw the [System] notification.

"I can name it?" Theo then decided, "I'll name the Lineage: Golden Fox."

[Are you sure you want to name it: Golden Fox?]


Theo: "[Yes]"

[Congratulations! You just named the Lineage: Golden Fox]

After he named it, information began to appear in his mind about his new lineage.

Theo: "Huh? So it's like this..." He thought opening his eyes.

Opening his eyes, Theo saw Yuki looking at him with eyes full of tears.

"Theo!! Are you okay?" Yuki asked, approaching with tears in her eyes.

"Sigh~ I'm fine! Sorry making you worried." Theo sighed and said.

Theo then began to explain to her that he underwent a transformation to receive a lineage. He said he didn't know that he would suffer a lot of pain due to it.

After hearing Theo's explanation, Yuki felt relieved and happy for Theo, who achieved a lineage and strengthened himself.

"I'm glad you're okay! I was very worried!!" Yuki said, snuggling into Theo's chest.

"Thanks for worrying about me. I'll be more careful," Theo said and added, "Shall we leave? I want to bath."

"Yes!" She nodded and said, "By the way you look even better!" Yuki said.

"Oh, haha!" Hearing this, Theo laughed awkwardly.

Theo: "[Dimensional Room]"

After leaving the [Dimensional Room] along with Yuki, Theo was feeling tired after having undergone the lineage transformation. He then bought 2 large water basins for them to bath.

Inside the water basin Theo thought: "Right, lets see how my [Status] got."


Name: Theo Volts

Breed: Golden Fox.

Species: Magic Animal.

Cultivation: 9th Tier of the Student Kingdom: Great Advancement.


Lineage: Fox-Golden: 50 Cells


System Points: 22,423



Lightning: Small Advance

Darkness: Small Advance



Apprentice: <Turtle Breath>: Medium Advance.

Cultivation Technique: <Primordial Darkness Ray>: Small Advance.


"Mmm! My skills are no longer, but I can still use them. The lineage cells... from the knowledge that appeared in my mind, the more I increase my cells, the stronger the lineage will become." Theo analyzed and thought, "Now I have a new way of getting stronger!!!"

"I have yet many things to learn about my lineage, but I will leave so to tomorrow. I'm very tired," Theo thought.

After washing, they went back into the [Cave].

"Yuki, I'm really tired now! I'm going to get some sleep," Theo said.

"OK! Rest well!" Yuki replied, her voice soft and beautiful.


5 hours later.

Waking up, Theo opened his eyes and realized that night had already fallen.

"You're up!" Yuki said, seeing Theo opening his eyes.

"Ah, yes... I'm hungry! I'll prepare something for us to eat," Theo said.

"Mm!" Yuki nodded.

Leaving the [Cave], Theo went to the wooden stove and cooked 2 large chunks of meat for them to eat.

After getting ready and eating until you are satisfied, Yuki asked, "Are you feeling better now?" She asked with a very cute and concerned expression.

"Yes, much better! Thanks for asking," Theo replied.

"Despite giving a lot to gain this lineage, it was worth it. Thanks to that my power has grown a lot!" He spoke and asked, "Would you like to try one too?"

"Hm... yes, I want to be strong, so I won't be a burden to you!" Yuki replied with determination.

"OK! I'll get it for you soon then, okay?" Theo said.

"Yes!" Yuki replied happily.

Then they kept talking and laughing for a long time until he saw that Yuki was getting sleepy, and decided to sleep again.


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