Golden Fox with System
18 Dragon“s Egg
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Golden Fox with System
Author :Lruska
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18 Dragon“s Egg

"Haha, we are finally back Yuki." Theo smiled at her.

She also nodded happily wagging her tail at the sight of the [Cave].

Despite going through everything today, they were happy to be able to rest now.

"What?!" Upon entering the [Cave], Theo noticed that there was a person inside.

Approaching, Theo realized that it was a (Human) man, with a very large wound on his chest, which seemed to have been done by claws.

"This has to do with the (Dragon)?" Theo asked, remembering that the (Dragon) was looking for a wounded (Human).

"Yuki, wait here! I'll go check on him." Theo could not hear the (Human) breathing, but he did not want to risk it and to have Yuki wound up again.

He then began to move towards this (Human) with caution.

Coming close to this (Human), Theo noticed a blood pool where this (Human) was, and he wasn't moving even when he got to such a close distance.

This man had a well-developed body, with long black hair. He was dressed in a powerful blue war suit. But most of it had claw marks already.

"It looks like he died of blood loss," Theo thought.

Seeing that he was dead, Theo called Yuki since he saw that there was no danger.

Looking at this man, Theo noticed that he was in the 2nd Tier of the Apprentice Wizard. Even though he thought it was disrespectful, Theo began to use his newly learned divine sense on the man's body, there searching for something of value.

But right after he finished looking at this man. "HAHAHA !!" Theo began to laugh loudly happily because he just found a [Dimensional Bag] in his body and a large (Egg) of almost 30 centimetres.

"And... This (egg) must be the reason the (Dragon) is looking for this (Human)." Theo thought that that was probably it.

"Should I use <Devour> on it?" Theo began to wonder if he should or should not use it.

After pondering whether or not to use <Devour> on this man's body, Theo decided to use it, not wanting to waste a good way to strengthen himself.

The moment Theo used <Devour>, his tail expanded toward the (Human) opening a large mouth and swallowing it.


Theo began to roar loudly in pain as he used <Devour>.

Seeing this, tears began to flow out of Yuki's eyes, worried about Theo who was roaring in pain.

At that moment Theo's [Magic Core] inner mana was vigorous and pure. He fused the [Essence] that was entering his body to form a gleaming golden cyclone that swelled and inflated his [Magic Core].

He used his will to control the whirlpool within his [Magic Core], causing it to constantly shrink.

[Congratulations! You have reached: 2nd Tier of the Student Kingdom]

[Congratulations! You have reached: 3rd Tier of the Student Kingdom]

Without realizing it, he had already managed to have 2 advances in his cultivation, but he didn't have the time to think about it now for there was still a lot of energy in his body.

[Congratulations! You have reached: 4th Tier of the Student Kingdom]

A short while later, Theo suddenly felt that his abdomen was very hot and uncomfortable. However, he could only grit his teeth and endure the discomfort brought on by the scorching heat as he continued to shrink the cyclone.

Time passed little by little…

After a few hours, Theo's body was enveloped in a mana mist. The [Essence] swallowed up by <Devour> was constantly strengthening his body like a rising wave, [Essence] rose through his body as it fed his flesh, bones, and blood. The more [Essence] he absorbed, the more his [Magic Core] grew stronger.

At this moment, he was absorbing the [Essence] without a stop in his body!

Suddenly, Theo's body, which was soaked with sweat and impurities, began to emit a slight golden mist.

At dusk, the [Cave] that had darkened, began to shine due to Theo's body.

Theo groaned in pain as the golden mist suddenly left his body. This shook the air, causing a draft in the [Cave].

[Congratulations! You have reached: 9th Tier of the Student Kingdom]

"It finally stopped!" Theo said as he felt the pain cease and fainted from exhaustion.

Seeing that Theo was about to fall to the ground, Yuki approached him worriedly and let him lean on her body, to hit the ground, not caring about the bad smell that came from Theo's body.


The next morning, Theo woke up naturally. After opening his eyes, he realized that his body was in excellent condition and that his mana had increased significantly. He also noticed that he was curled up on Yuki's body.

Watching Theo wake up, Yuki felt very happy for she had been worried about him all this time after all that he had gone through after he used <Devour> because she said she couldn't help but growl happily.

Soon Theo began to feel the large bad smell. Looking at his body and seeing a lot of impurities expelled from his body, Theo could not help holding his breath. Thanks to the technique, <Turtle's Breath>, he could stay with the same breath for a long time.

He initially wanted to go with Yuki to the nearby lake, but remembering the (Egg), he changed his mind, even more, because when he looked at the information from the (Egg) he discovered that it really is a (Dragon's Egg).

In the end, he had to buy 5 water bowls, for him and Yuki to clean. He mostly had to bath himself 3 times, until it came out.

After cleaning themselves on the outside of the [Cave], they turned and looked at the (Dragon's Egg). Theo asked, "Yuki, should we raise this (Dragon's Egg)?"

Yuki also seemed to want to do this because she soon wrapped herself around the (Dragon's Egg) with care and affection.

Seeing this, Theo took it as yes and decided to raise the (Dragon's Egg) along with Yuki.

After he had made up his mind, Theo looked over at the [Dimensional Bag]. "What?! Why can't I open it?" He wondered in surprise as he tried to open it, but there was something restricting it from opening.

"Do I have to drip my blood on it?" Theo asked himself since when he bought his in the [System Store] he did not have to do it.

But seeing that it would not cost anything to try it out, Theo bit his left paw and let his blood drip on the [Dimensional Bag].

The moment his blood fell on it, the [Dimensional Bag] began to glow light blue, and soon Theo felt a bond with the [Dimensional Bag].

"Haha! It worked!" Said Theo laughing.

Seeing that it had worked, Theo put his mana on it to investigate. In fact, he could see what was inside hit.

While he was admiring with his luck, Theo was also shocked by what he had found inside the [Dimensional Bag].

This [Dimension Bag] was about 10 cubic meters. Within it, Theo saw many Magical Cores and also many Inferior and Medium [Compressed Mana Stones].

Theo: "Hmm?!" He also saw an old looking parchment inside the [Dimensional Bag]. Using his consciousness, Theo pulled it out of the [Dimensional Bag].

Looking at the parchment he took out, Theo was able to see that it was indeed a cultivation technique called <Courageous Bull Cultivation Technique> Intermediate Level: Medium.

"Ohh! It's an Intermediate: Middle... but it doesn't seem to be any better than the one I use. Well, I can give it to Jka the next time I see him." Theo thought.

"I'm worried that that (Dragon) has some way of tracking down this (Dragon's Egg), if he finds us with this (Egg) he'll most likely kill us this time!" Theo thought.

After thinking for a long time, Theo had an idea of what to do "Okay, I'm going to increase my [System Points]. Using some of those [Magic Cores], there are too many!"

Inside the [Dimensional Bag] there were many Magic Core that was in the Student Kingdom. Theo then used <Devour> on all those [Magic Core] that he took out.

[Obtained: 228,523 System Points]

"Oh! It gave me so many Points!!" Theo exclaimed happily.

"Okay, now I'm going to see if I can find something that might help me hide the (Dragon's Egg)." Theo then started searching the [System Store] for things that might help out.

After much research... They found something that caught his eye.

[100,000 Points]

[Dimensional Room]

[A Dimensional Room 7 meters wide and 5 meters long]

[Effect: Within the Dimensional Room, the mana is 20 times denser]

"Wow, if I was able to leave the [Dragon's Egg] inside this [Dimensional Room], that will still help when it's time to cultivate!" Theo exclaimed excitedly and decided to buy it.

[Are you sure you want to spend 100,000 System Points in the Dimensional Room?]


Theo: "Yes"

[You purchased the Dimensional Room]


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