Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
14 All is forgiven
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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14 All is forgiven

While in his SSJ3 form, Goku ascends at the speed of light, heading towards the area he blasted Turles at. Natsu and the others tries to keep up with the saiyan but given how they're off in terms of power, things get really complicated as they struggle to catch a breath from playing follow the leader. Soon, the people who didn't learn about Ki were exhausted. They couldn't keep up the pace with Natsu, Gray and Erza along with Lucy, Juvia and the Exceeds etc...

The first to stop was Hisui given she's not the athletic type and soon everyone but Natsu and Happy stopped.

"Sigh*... Sigh*... Damn, I just realized something. Why are we chasing after Goku who can literally fly around Earthland 1000x times!" Levy said as she breathes heavy.

"Shorty's got a point, we've been running nonstop for about an hour and quite frankly, I don't see us catching up to Goku anytime soon." Gajeel said, "There's no point in going to Goku when we're outclassed."

"I get your point Gajeel, but that still won't stop me. Goku's out there fighting this lookalike while we were sleeping sheeps. The point is, I'm one to stand by a friend's side even if everything's alright for them. It's just a matter of intuition." Erza quoted.

"S-She's right, whether we're out classed, I still want to support him" Hisui said.

"I get your enthusiasm for him, I really do but the question that still lingers... how are we gonna see Goku kick butt if we're going to arrive too late?" Gray pointed out.

"That's a good point... my oh my how are we... we're all out of breath." Makarov started to think along with everyone else.

"(I've still got some of Goku's power dwelling within me, I wonder if I share it with all of them will we pick up the pace and make it in time...? Probably not...)" Mirajane thought.

"Since everyone's panties are in a bunch, then how bout we use this ship?" Cana pointed out

"Ship? What?" Everyone said all confused.

"I'm talking about this" she shows everyone a purple capsule.

"A capsule!" Hisui said, "That's right! Goku has many varieties of them. They're were labeled in category sections and if I remember correctly... when I was with Goku during that night, I did see a label mention transportation!"

"Sounds like a banger Cana, and hold up a minute... what do you mean you were with Goku that one night?" Lucy said.

"Huh? Oh um... hehe you know just uh... Princess's duties I guess..." Hisui said as her face started to sweat.

"Okaay then... so Cana mind opening that capsule up, so we can use it?"

"Wait, how do we know if it can fit all of us in?" Wendy mentions.

"We'll know once we find out, up we go!" Cana pressed the head of the capsule and threw it to the ground.

The ship in fact was huge. Coincidentally, it's the same ship Bulma had in the Battle of Gods Arc and Movie AND the capacity was large enough to fit Gray and the others!

"Capsule Corp? Is that the place where Goku got these things?" Lisanna said.

"Probably, but enough dotting around! Levy! Can you figure out how to operate this thing?!" Makarov said.

"I'll give it a shot."

"Oh Levy you're the best!"

"Nothing beats your smartness Levy!"

Everyone got inside the ship and after like 20 minutes she learned how to operate it. Thanks to the manual that was provided of course.

"Hey Sis, you're not getting on board with us?" Elfman said.

"I would like to, but I'd rather just fly with you guys"

"Why is that?" Erza asked.

" Well, long story short... Goku gave me a decent portion amount of his energy and now I'm overflowing in it. I'd hate for it to go to waste..."

"This energy he gave you... would he happened to give it to you during when you and him fought the lookalike?" Makarov questioned.


"Then it's safe to say you can follow us then if all, but you are inside this ship." Hisui said, "Is there anyone else that wants to fly with the ship?"

Erza, Gray and the others that learned Ki wanted to fly with Mirajane but also wanted to see what's inside the ship and how it'll operate on carrying this many people. So, they decided to stick with the ship.

"OK, then it's settled, Mira my dear given how this ship came from Goku, let's hope you can keep up with it." Makarov had advised.

"I should be the one who tells you that" Mirajane smirked, " Hey Erza, are you able to sense Goku's energy?"

"Mmmm Hmm" She nodded, "It's very recognizable. His energy massive and thanks to being able to sense energy I can pin point to where Goku may be heading towards. Natsu's already ahead of us as we speak."

"Alrighty then, without further delay, let's hop our asses to where Goku is!" Gray yelled.

"Yea!" Everyone agreed as they put their fist in the air.

Over to Where Goku and Xeno Turles is...

Given how strong that punch Goku delivered to Turles, he sent him flying over to where the mountain area is on Earthland. (A/N: The rocky mountain area could be similar to where Goku and Vegeta first fought each other in the Saiyan Saga. Your Call though...) Turles had crashed into the rocks of the mountains while Goku was able to stick his landing a couple of feet away from him.

"(This doesn't make any sense at all. Turles made me brought out SSJ3 and he hasn't even achieved SSJ. This must be Towa's doing because whatever she did, she made Turles as strong as a SSJ3. If I have to... I might turn to my Blue form...)"

After giving in some thoughts to himself, Goku heard rocks falling to the ground, meaning Turles recovered and is standing in front of Goku.

"You sure are a tough cracker to crack, aren't you Turles?"

No words were coming out of Turles, just silent staring which freaked Goku out a bit causing him to sweat on his left side.

"Something wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

Turles continued to stare...

"Uh... Ok then... creepy..."

Turles started to charge to Goku as he did the same. The possessed Saiyan aimed to punched Goku's face but with a stroke of luck and impeccable timing Goku tilted his head to his left and dodged the punched. With seeing how Turles's right arm was in the open, Goku hopped to the opportunity and wrapped around Turles's right arm with his left to lift him up to air.

He placed his right hand on Turles's stomach to give him a Ki blast, sending him flying further in the air. Goku follows as he teleports in above to give back a devasting elbow to Turles's back, sending him flying back to the ground. Yet, Goku wouldn't allow that as he teleports under Turles. Seeing how Turles might assume Goku was going in for another elbow, he decided to shield himself with an energy barrier, but it easily gets broken as Goku's aura overpowers it.

Once the shield was gone Goku gone in for a knee to his stomach instead of a punch, just for a change in pace lol. That amount of force into an impact caused Turles to spill out blood and saliva. He steps a couple of feet back but Goku however, gave him no openings to recover. Goku teleports in front of him to deliver a punch to Turles's left cheek, then to the right. This kept going on for a good 3 minutes and when all is set and done, Goku aimed at his stomach again with another barrage set of punches. Each punch Goku successfully had delivered caused an electric sound along with it being visible to effect Turles. Having to receive enough punches Turles lit up his aura to charge up his attack Killer Drive to Goku but tanks the attack as he heads to Turles for this one final attack.

Goku tanked the attack but still had to endure the after effects of it. He gut punches Turles once more with his left fist, and punched his left cheek with his right fist and together with his fists clenched, he aimed at Turles's neck sending him up high above the clouds. Goku with electricity around his right fist teleports in front of Turles only to send him back down to the ground with a furious punch. As Turles falls, Goku charges two orbs of energy that showed white on the inside with yellow as the layer outside in his hands as he descends down to Turles too.

As he flies down, he screams a mighty roar as both the orbs of energy reached Turles's body to the ground. "SUPER DRAGON TWIN FIST!" As Turles hits the ground on his back while having to deal with the Super Attack from Goku in front of him. With no way of getting out of the attack, Goku, before completing obliterating Turles, had this to say to him as the punchline to finish him off...

"You're not gonna hurt anyone anymore Turles..." as he stares off Turles... "And tell Towa I'll be waiting for her!" he smirks as he finishes off Turles once and for all.

The impact of the Super Dragon Twin Fist caused the entire Earthland to completely stop revolving around the sun for about 6 minutes. Other than that, the energy around them caused a crater that's 10x the size of a Spirit Bomb. Of course, this caused the wind to rapidly bring upon a force around Earthland. People around experienced the wind and was holding onto something as their life depended on it. Some people thought of this as global warming. Natsu and Happy who was on their way to Goku could barely see thanks to the wind, but it didn't stop them as they continued but struggled to fly over to Goku. The ship that had the majority of Fairy Tail fell on each other as the ship wiggles around. Mirajane uses her wings to get a hold of herself and later the wind dialed down completely. Everyone gets up as they recovered from that phenomenon.

"Damn, what kind of moves is Goku doing?" Gray gets up from falling.

"Is everyone alright?" Makarov said.

"Yea, I think the majority of us managed, what about you master?" Lisanna looks at him.

"Oh Ho, Ho! Oh I'm fine! Something like that isn't gonna bring me down!"

"Funny you say that because you were the first to fall before all of us master" Erza grins at Makarov.

"Ahehehe, ahem well no one's perfect ok Erza"

"Are you okay Hisui?" Lucy came to Hisui and helps her up.

"I'm fine, I'm just not expecting quality treatment whenever Goku does something beyond as he usually does when he fights someone."

"I'm with you on that one, although he's on our side, I can't help but feel unsafe because that guy always doing the unpredictable."

"Yea" She chuckled at that comment.

Ultear who was healed thanks to Wendy was looking outside of the window at the direction to where Goku is. She closes her eyes to try to get a better grip at sensing Goku and to her expectations, he's in one piece.

"(He seems to be alright... that's good. That's just what I expect out of someone who Towa proclaims to be a God. A Saiyan God that is.)"

Right when Ultear was about to look away, Mirajane knocked on the glass with her right finger. "Hey is everyone alright?"

"Yea sis, we're fine, we're were manly enough to withstand that so we're still in it"

The way Whis opened the window in the BOG movie was being implied with Mirajane as she opens up the window herself. "That's good, I'm glad. I thought the ship was about to lose altitude thanks to that force."

"Luckily this ship had a defense mode button that I manage to press right before the shockwave came at us" Levy said.

"Smart thinking" Wendy said, "But before we continue to head towards Goku, is everyone okay to continue traveling?"

"Juvia's still kicking it as long as Gray is!"

"Yea I guess what Juvia said is true, I'm still in" -Gray

"Yep" -Romeo

"Sigh one of these things we're gonna suffer a massive heart attack but yes" -Macao

"Touché" -Wakaba

"I'm still ready and armed, well not armed but ready" Lucy said.

Lisanna, Ultear and Cana nodded their head yes as they give their answer to Wendy. Carla nodded as well. Erza agreed on to continuing.

"And what about you Princess?" Erza said.

"Hmm? Y-Yea... I'd like to continue (Just to see if Goku's alright)"

"Ok, let's get back to it on to going to Goku then" Mirajane said as she gets out of the ship the same way she got herself in.

"Right! Levy, you know what to do!" Makarov said.

"Mmmm Hmm, I'm already on it! Everyone hold onto your seatbelts! I'm going to accel this ship's speed limit to the max!"

Levy cranked the lever up and just she said, the ship was going fast as a cheetah with Erza guiding Levy on where to go that is.

Back Over to Goku...

As the smoke dialed down from the aftermath of the Super Dragon Twin Fist, Goku was still in his SSJ3 form as he was waiting for the smoke to completely clear out, so he can see Turles.

"(I know I landed that move directly at him, but I wonder if he's still alive. If he is he could be hiding his power level. Uh! Looks like the smoke's clearing out finally.)"

Goku sees Turles on the ground up bruised up with his pupils gone. Everywhere around his body was classified in blood and of course the bruises from Goku and with that, Goku can clearly say he won the battle and perhaps war. "Looks like you lost Turles, that special power up from Towa was nothing but big talk. I guess now you know how far off we are in terms of power huh? This is just a warning, I'll let you go only to promise me you won't come back to try to kill me again, but the moment you try to kill any of my friends that I made here..." Goku shows a serious grin, "Then I won't show any mercy to you as I did when we first met"

Turles was able to gain consciousness and stood up while being shaken a little. He coughs up blood. "Hmph, so you're letting me go huh? Not a very smart thing to do Kakarot, Ahehehe... cough* cough* you're making a big mistake if you're thinking of letting me live. Are you trying to say you pity me?"

"Pity? I guess that's the word. Pity doesn't begin to show how furious I'll get if you come back to try the same pointless tactic..." He turns back to base form. "Now, get the hell out off my planet before I change my mind..."

Turles flinched. He sees how serious Goku is and right away opened up a portal similar to Towa and made his way inside while off course carrying the Dark Dragon Ball. And just like that, everything was back to normal for the time being...

"Uh! Oh crap! I never got to ask him about that Dark Dragon Ball he had on his chest when he fought me!" he scratches his hair, "I was so caught up in the moment! But still, how does he have a dragon ball? A dragon ball that I'm not familiar with too in the matter. Sigh* oh well no use crying over spilled milk. I better get back to Mira and the others... before I-... what the heck?"

Goku looks to the ground and then around him as he sees everything in a different way.

"I had a feeling I'd run into you in this timeline..."

"That voice...!" Goku turns around and was surprised to see someone he hadn't seen since the Tournament with Universe 6 & 7!

"Hit! I knew that voice was familiar. It is you!" Goku said as he was excited to see him.

"Long time no see Son Goku, that was some performance you displayed, acting all serious, I was rather moved by it."

"It has been quite a while hasn't it? You still up for a rematch?"

"Our rematch for now will be put on hold. I've got priorities I need to straighten out, but before I do them I just have to ask, why is it you look so young? You look as though you're a teenager fixing to become an adult... did something happen to you that made your youth revert?"

"Well you got me on that one, I don't know the answer as to why, but I do know I have a purpose of being here in this world, oh and by the way... is this your doing?"

"That's right, I used my Time Skip to freeze time to where only you and I of course can move freely. Quite frankly you Saiyans have more power than ever huh, that attack you did on that person was something no human could ever survive. I'm surprise the Earth is in one piece."

"Yea, man is it really good to see you, I haven't seen Gohan, Bulma, Vegeta, or Lord Beerus and Whis since I came to this world! What are you doing here? Did Towa suck you inside of her wormhole just like she did to me?"

"Wormhole? I see, so you are the same Son Goku I fought in that Tournament, and you're somewhat right on that part. I'm in this world not because of Towa, I'm here to do my job from Vados."

"Vados? You talking about Whis's sister right?"

"Right, and you mentioned Towa as in the female demon? I take it you ran into her in this world huh?"

"Y-yea, I was moments away from finishing her off, but I choked hard and she got away."

"Finishing her off? I didn't take you as a person to kill"

"Hehehe, during that time she hurted someone I cared about and that caused me to lose it"

"Would that someone happen to be that White hair women that was standing next to you earlier?"

"Y-Yea... say how do you know about that"

"I was in hiding, spectating you and your lookalike and was also trying to get some information out of him to see if I can find Towa and finish her off."

"Do you have a grudge with Towa?"

"Not necessarily, I was just ordered to kill her because she poses a threat to Champa."

"Oh, I see, and can you tell me how you got here if you're here to kill Towa?"

"The God Cube, it's the cube you were in yourself when you traveled to that nameless planet to do the tournament"

"Whoa that's awesome, I didn't think a Cube could do that"

"The Cube Champa and Vados gave to me had some adjustments, one major adjustment that stood out than the others was that I was able to cross over to different timelines as I please. Towa's wormhole must've thrown you to this timeline if I'm not mistaken. To a timeline where Universes 1-12 no longer exits while 13-18 still remain and maybe her wormhole must've affected your youth of appearance, though those are just speculations..."

"Eh?! What are you saying?!"

"I'm saying that your Universe, Universe 7 and my Universe 6 no longer exist in this timeline which means, you and I were erased with it."

"How scary... how do you know all this stuff?"

"On my way here, Vados gave me the story for this timeline which struck me odd as to why she would know something like that, but it wasn't in my rights to question her. She also gave me the story for Towa and what her motives are..."

"Is Towa from this timeline by any chance?"

"Wrong, she's from our timeline but to be specific, your Universe 7."

"WHAT?! Then what's she doing in this timeline then!?"

"As I recall, this so called Demon Realm was destroyed thanks to your Destroyer God and Champa and since Towa's kind was no longer on the brink of conquering your Universe, she must've looked up timelines that still had the Demon Realm alive and well."

"So what you're saying is, Towa brought me here to fuel her up with power strong enough to break the seal in this timeline because this timeline in particular still has the demon realm?"

"You're precise, but in this timeline the Demon Realm are still wrapped under chains, so things haven't been too haste unless I'm mistaken..."

"Oh no, you're not, I'm not one to assume but I think the Demon Realm is still locked up and away."

"Then there's still time then, I'm sure you're eager to return to your universe, I can take you back if you want. After all, it's Towa's fault you've been in this timeline for a long time now. It's the least I can do for giving me some new additional information."

"Really?" Goku said in excitement, "You can take me back? That's so nice of you! But wait, won't that just waste your time since you came here to end Towa?"

"It did take me a while to get here, but I manage the controls on how I can get there faster so it'll just be like a quick stop to a nearby gas station." Hit started to walk in the direction to his Cube from Vados. "Are you coming?"

"Huh oh um yea... it's just uh... you're doing this all too fast. I don't have time to say goodbye to them or some sort."

"In my opinion saying goodbye is utterly pointless, it's not like you made quite a bit of friends since you've been living in this timeline... right?"

The one time Goku can return back to his world is being offered to himself as of right now. Goku probably would've taken this offer without any hesitation but because he became a member of Fairy Tail, things are quite different for him now. The Saiyan does struggle to give an answer but if he goes, he has to say goodbye to Mirajane and the others and they won't see each other ever again, but if he stays, he might never get the chance to see his two sons and friends again. Oh what to do...

"You made up your mind yet?" Hit turns back.

The Saiyan struggles but after some time which was mainly a few minutes, he finally made up his answer.

"Yea, it took me a while because this is something tough for me to decide, but I've made up my mind, I'll stay here..."

Hit was surprised to hear that answer because it wasn't what he would expect from Goku. "I don't... I don't think I can follow... why would you want to stay here when your family and friends are worried about you in your Universe?"

"Believe me Hit, more than anything I want to see my sons and friends and even get some good training done with Whis... but I don't know. When I came into this world, I thought about wanting to find a way back asap but overtime I've met so many people here that I've grown fond of. Especially this one person, whenever I'm with her, I feel all sorts of stuff I've never experienced before even though I was married to Chi-Chi."

"Could it be you're in love?"

"I-I guess that's the term for everything huh?"

"Would this feeling be coming from the white hair mistress?"


"Hmph, never took you to be such a kid to fall in love, though I guess love can change a man."


"Fair point, I can respect your decision but is that the only reason as to why you want to stay here?"

"That and, as long as Towa's in this timeline then there's no way I'll leave. She poses a threat to the people here and since the demon realm is alive and well here, then I'll put my life on the line to protect my friends and to stop Towa in her tracks. I can't have her ruin other people's lives just to have her achieve her ambitions."

"Then I guess we're in an agreement here" Hit smirked.

"What agreement?"

"Given how even Champa fears the demons, this mission isn't going to be a walk in the park, so just for this one time, I guess I could use your help"

"Really? Didn't think Towa was that dangerous but I'm down!"

"Towa isn't the problem, it's what she plans to do that will deliberately screw us all later on. So, it's settled then?"

"Mmmm Hmm, never would I ever imagine you and me would team up to fight evil, it puts a nice name to it. Say, since we're a team and all, you want to meet my new friends? They're somewhat persistent on wanting to help me stop Towa so I think it's best if all of us pitch in and do this together"

"Thanks, but no thanks, I don't want to. I rather work in the shadows than with people, no offense but they'll slow me down."

"Oh, ok I guess that's fair."

"My offer still stands if you want a ride back so for the time being I'm going to scout this entire planet in hoping to find some lead on Towa and if I do, then you pretty much know what to do from there. I guess I'll undo my Time Skip. From time to time, I'll come visit you and tell you info worth sharing, until then goodbye for now."

"Yea, same goes to you, best of luck Hit!"


When their conversation had ended, Hit undid his Time Skip and immediately left the scene. Even though he had a conversation with Hit, he still couldn't believe someone from Universe 6 would appear in front of him unexpectedly. Given how he's an assassin, Goku's somewhat glad he's on his side, until that is, the Tournament of Power lol. The wind blew a friendly breeze as Goku was processing things that happened just now into his head.

"( In a way, Towa managed to bring in even Hit of all people. I'm pretty sure she's unaware of Lord Beerus's fat brother Champa taking matters into his own hand and if that's the case, she won't know about Hit coming to kill her and we can use that to our advantages. Still... I wonder... how strong are those two demon Gods?)"

"Hey Goku!"

Goku turned his head up and sees a Natsu and Happy flying down to him.

"Natsu and Happy, what are you doing here?"

"To help you of course, but I guess you don't need help"

Both Natsu and Happy looked around the battlefield and assumed what kind of damage Goku did to his lookalike and can confirm he really didn't need no help.

"Yea... you didn't need help, looks as though you got everything down and covered. Did you beat that faker by any chance?"

"I did beat him yes, but I let him go"

"Why would you do that?" Happy said as he was flying around Natsu and Goku.

"I know I could've ended Turles there, but I wanted him to send Towa a message, so I had to let him live"

"What would that message be?" Natsu asked.

"Um... there wasn't actually any message to be honest..." Goku chuckled.

Both Natsu and Happy fell back while Goku was just brushing it off by chuckling and of course scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

"I didn't say anything to him, but what I'm actually trying to say is that the reason I let Turles live was so Towa could see what I'd do to her if she would hurt any of you guys. Does that make sense?"

"Oh..." Natsu said.

"It makes sense 100%! Though I could see Natsu do that too"

"This Towa lady, she's the one who put Mira out for so long right? What do you plan on doing Goku? Are you going to fly over Earthland just to find her?"

"That's one idea but I'll pass. She's really good at hiding her appearance from me, (she can even detect God Ki when I fought her.) I guess the only thing to do is to wait until she makes her move again but this time I'll be on my guard and ready to strike!"

"Yea! And you best believe I'm with you on that one! You've been training me not that long ago and I feel as though it'd be a waste not test myself on helping you kick some demon butt!"

"Wouldn't want it either way" Goku smirked.

"Yea! With Goku and Natsu working together, there's not a force in the entire galaxy that can stop them!" Happy was gloating.

"When the time comes, and we have to face your enemies who are my enemies too since they messed with my friends, I'll make sure to knocked them up so bad they'll think twice of messing with Fairy Tail. I'm all fired up from just thinking about it!"

"Glad you are Natsu, I'm also curious as to what you can do on the battlefield with my teachings"

"Aye! I can't wait either because Natsu really has gotten stronger! How would you rate Natsu on a scale of 1-10 between him and you Goku?"

"I'm obviously a 10..."

"Way to be cocky about it" Natsu mumbled...

"I'd give Natsu a 3"


"Sadly, yes we are..."

"GAHHH, dang it, oh wait well I'd thought I was somewhat close to you like a 7 or 8 but a 3? Phew* Goku you're such a power house huh? You're such a monster for having powers far beyond mine"

"Monster huh?" Goku started to think about something which later he brought up the topic to Natsu and Happy, "Say, Natsu... Happy, what do you think about me?"

"What? I don't understand"

"I'm saying... do you think it would've been best if we never have met each other? I don't know why I'd ask you two this. It just, since I came to this timeli- I mean world, people from my world (specifically Demons) came here too and pretty much shed some blood to Fairy Tail. I'm not feeling sad or anything I just want your take on what you think about me."

"What kind question is that? You're a member of Fairy Tail so of course it was for the best! Goku, you're my friend and master who taught me things I never even freaking knew that I could do! When you join Fairy Tail, you're automatically apart of our family, so I don't want to even think about the idea if it wasn't such a good idea for you to join Fairy Tail. It doesn't matter if you're not blood related because everyone in Fairy Tail is considered family."


"Yea Mister Goku! It's always exciting when you fight because you kick major ass and also, it's always no surprise you'll come out on top because you're 100% stronger than every opponent you fight! And plus, I always gamble on you to win when you fight so..."

"Happy... I see, I guess what Erza said about everyone being family is true."

"Erza? She did? When was this?"

"Quite some time ago, but it does make me smile when you repeated what Erza said. Though sometimes it creeps me out when you guys always mentions Family this and Family that in battle Natsu... not that it's anything wrong, it's just I feel as though you overuse the word a lot. Nonetheless I'm also glad you also think that way, to be honest there were many things I've been wanting to tell everyone since I was introduced to Fairy Tail."

"Really? There's more to you than it meets the eye? What do you plan on telling us? You holding back way more power of something?" Natsu said.

"Well that and about everything there is about me, like things I left out when I introduced myself to everyone when Mira showed me to the guildhall when I woke up."

"Oh, ok cool, are you gonna tell everyone more of your story when we get right back to your house?"

"Well I was thinking now"


"Yea, because everyone's heading this way"

Natsu and Happy were focusing their energy onto sensing Gray and the others and just like what Goku said, they are coming.

"I forgot they were coming this way too" Natsu said.

"Hehehe same..." Happy laughed.

Goku, Natsu and Happy turned their direction to where Mirajane and the ship were coming from and after 10 minutes they had finally arrived. Mirajane though spotted Goku ahead of time and flew faster than the ship so... only Mirajane came first then the ship.

"It's Mira" Happy said.

"This is so bizarre; how does she have a lot of power?" Natsu said as he was sensing power from Mirajane.

"(I wonder what Natsu would say if I told him I gave her so much power than I had anticipated) It didn't take long for her to come, looks to me she flew faster than the others"

"Goku!" Mirajane said as she started to fly down.

When Mirajane landed on the ground she reverted back to her normal self and ran up to Goku just to throw herself at him and gave him a hug.

"H-Hey Mira..."

"Hey yourself you big idiot..." She said as her face was planted on Goku's chest while of course hugging him. Soon after she lets go of the hug and started to ask him a question.

"Are you... alright? You're not hurt, are you?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine I manage to defeat Turles with no sweat at all"

She looked at Goku with a worried face with her cheeks red as if she was blushing but that wasn't the case. "As long as you're safe and sound then good on you for taking care of the problem dear."


Soon after the ship that was far behind Mirajane finally manage to appear in the act as it so happens to land on the ground. Both Natsu and Happy were shocked as shit as they were seeing a ship that's so advance than the ones they've seen so I guess you could say they were shitting bricks. Goku and Mirajane looked at the ship as the doors begin to open.

"Looks like they're here" Goku said.

The first one to come out was Erza and soon the others as they caught up with Goku and Natsu.

"Are you ok Goku?" Erza said as she ran up to him.

"Y-Yea... I'm fine."

Hisui and Ultear also ran up to the Saiyan as well. Hisui gave him a hug while Ultear who was glad Goku was safe and also defeated Turles also wanted to give him a hug, but she couldn't bring herself to it, so she just let this one pass. Mirajane too with the passing part since multiple girls were trying to get some of that Saiyan di- I mean hug.

"Seems as though you took care of the problem huh Goku?" Makarov said as he sees the huge ass crater Goku caused.

"Well I wouldn't say I took care but yea I did Gramps" as he gave Hisui a pat on the head to make up for worrying her.

"Sigh* I knew we'd be too late" Gajeel looked around, "Seems like spikes gave the other spikes a hard time huh?"

"That would be the solution to this environment Gajeel" Lily said.

"Well on the plus side, we're all glad you're safe Goku, and of course defeating that Turles guy" Wendy said.

"Yea..." Goku said.

The saiyan looks over at Cana who was looking at Goku but looked away since it was still awkward between him and her. So, he turns his attention to Makarov and the others to tell the truth about him.

"So, um everyone, there's something I've been wanting to tell you since I became one of you guys"

"What would that be? Lucy said.

"Me, it would be about me"

"But didn't you already introduced yourself to us back to when Mirajane showed us to you?" Gray said.

"Juvia agrees"

"Yea, but I feel as though I need to tell you guys everything there is about me. Plus, I also think you guys gonna question me a lot since every incident on Earthland has some direct relationship to me so it's best to get everything out of the way and I mean everything. That's if you guys don't mind."

"Alright then be all means dish what you want to tell us" Levy said.

"It'll be manly when you tell us more about you so go for it."

Lisanna and everyone else nodded their head yes to agree too and so Goku began telling them more about him and what he does in his world. He didn't leave anything behind when he exposed himself. He brought how he's actually an adult who just looks really young because Saiyans age very slowly other than the wormhole made by Towa. He then brought in how he was married and has two sons and even fought a Destroyer God. Soon after 26 minutes he finished with everything he wanted to say to them and boy were they utterly shocked as hell. Everyone was speechless except for Hisui because to her extent she already knew about his life thanks to their date.

When he was done he could see the looks on everyone's faces, especially Mirajane.

"So, uh... your thoughts about what I said?" Goku said as he plead.

"I- I don't know what to say... quite frankly I'm still a bit surprise with what I just heard. Makarov said.

"You have kids?" Erza said.

"A huh" Goku replied.

"You were married?" Mirajane said.

"A huh" Goku replied.

"You don't look as though you're making this up, but damn... to think your youth was somewhat taken it's time slowly huh despite being in your 40s? Wish I'd had that" Wakaba said.

"(This means I've been sleeping with a guy who's like in his 30s or 40s? What the hell... this is so weird and freaky..." as Cana's eyes were widen still.

"When you said you were going to explain everything there is about you, I didn't think it come out like this..." Lisanna said.

"Yea, Though I'd say it was pretty manly to hide that from us, I can understand why you would do that"

"I knew you were a mystery man, but this takes the cake" Carla put out.

"Well, even if you're a lot older than us, that doesn't change the fact you're still the same old Goku WE know right? To be fair we were also in a pickle just like you dear"

Goku turns to Mirajane, "How so?"

"You've seen my memories, right? I'm talking about when my friends and I lost 7 years thanks to Acnologia on Tenrou Island . Compare that to when you came into our world looking like you're as young as us. We're in the same boat here and whether you're older than us, that doesn't mean it has to be awkward between me and everyone here. You're still the same goof ball I fell in love with. If you think about it, we're both adults so it's not that bad."

"Yea, in a way our youth was taken from us, well not exactly taken but you get what we're trying to say" Gray said.

"Juvia agrees"

"You know that saying, birds of a feather, flock together?" Lucy said.

"Mira's right, appearances doesn't mean jack squat if you're like us." Erza said.

"Got that right" -Elfman

"We're still young so no panic unless you're like master since he's old" Natsu said

"I can hear you Natsu." As Makarov slapped the back of Natsu's head making everyone laugh.

"It seems as though no matter what I say or reveal about me, you guys would always accept me. That's weird and freaky but in a cool way" Goku said.

"Weird and Freaky does fit Fairy Tail" Wendy added.

"Family most of all" Cana said to Goku.

To his surprise he was happy Cana was talking to him, "Y-Yea..." he smiled at her causing her blush and again look the other way.

"Sometimes I envy you Fairy Tail people, you're all so close with each other, it makes me feel as though I could've done that too if I were to join you guys" Hisui stated, "But it's the thoughts that matters"

"I hate to ruin the moment but what's next after this?" Ultear brought up.

"Well for now I guess it's best for everyone to head home" Macao said.

"Good idea, since Mira's all better now we can finally leave your place now Goku, not that it hasn't be a pleasure because let's face it your place rules in terms of sleeping regiment. Oh screw it we should all sleep there one last time!" Lucy said.

"None taken"

"Well with what Goku told us, I can probably say this... Towa might wait a while before she plans her next move. So just for now we should just take a short break, I'm sure you guys want to celebrate Mirajane being alive so let's not ruin the moment and just take a breather." Hisui said.

"Fine by me princess but how would you know Towa wouldn't make her move yet?" Makarov wondered.

"Gramps, it's alright, what Hisui said is true, knowing Towa she'll take her time planning her next step given how her recent one just now was a bust" Goku implied.

"Well, if it's alright with Goku then I guess I can take your word for it then. What do you plan to do Princess?"

"Seeing how I haven't been in the Kingdom for over 2 weeks now, I'd need tell Arcadios about everything including my father. I'm sure they're pretty worried about me"

"Probably beyond worried Princess since you've been hanging out with us and especially with Goku" Lucy teases.

"Hehehe, I'm sure I'll get a pass, seeing as though Arcadios trusts Goku in taking care of me if I'm ever out of the Kingdom. As for my father... I'm sure I'll get an earful for disappearing for too long just to heal up and stuff. I'll just tell him I hung out with a boy I suppose and then I'll tell the both of them the demon problem we have."

"Is it really safe to tell them that?" Erza asked.

"It will take some time for them to accept but if they're aware of the situation we're in they could provide us with better planning and such. No human is safe from Towa so the least I can do is to protect my people as a princess should, I don't want to make the same mistake as I made with the "10,000 dragons are coming" and stuff."

"So you're asking us to relax a little while you do some important stuff?" Levy said.

"For now, yea, it's only temporary, once I alerted my father and Arcadios then we can continue with where we left off."

"Well if it's words coming from you then I have no objections then." Ultear said.

"Temporary Hiatus? Can't say there's nothing to avoid it, oh well if it must be done then. Guess during that time I'll train my ass off in the Gravity room." Gray said.

"Not to sound like a hater but what can the King of Fiore and your Knight do once they get informed? Not like they can do anything to fix our demon problem..." Romeo said as he brought up a good point.

"That is true, but they, along with me can at least protect the people while you guys go at it on defeating Towa."

"So it's settle! All this serious talk got me all tired and sleepy so if we could just wrap this up I'd like to head home" Makarov said.

"Yea... Would you mind taking me back to Crocus, Goku?" Hisui asked.

"Sure, I don't mind. You want me to use Instant Transmission to get there faster?"

"That won't be necessary, Crocus is not too far away from here. Simply just flying to there would take an estimate of 3 minutes if we're going by your speed Goku."

"Ok then hold onto to me then Hisui, I'll take you by swift and sound."

"While you do that Goku, the rest of us will enter that ship and head back to your home! It's really late at night so we might as well catch some sleep while we still can"

"Yea!" Everyone agreed.

"Tomorrow Goku, let's spar together out in your backyard ok?" Natsu said.

"Yea...! Ultear you should probably head back with them, I'll catch up ok?"


Natsu and the others were heading inside the ship and even though him and the two other Dragon Slayers will get motion sickness they'll just endure it or at least try to. One by one they've entered, and it was only a couple of people left remaining before it was their time to enter inside.

Before Goku could fly Hisui back to Crocus, Mirajane came up to Goku to give him a direct kiss on the lips to which of course flipping Cana, Ultear, Hisui and especially Erza's shit as they took that as an insult. Moments later the ship with Mirajane and the others took off back to Goku's house for one final sleepover before everything could go back to the Fairy Tail style, since you know Mirajane had fully recovered. Leaving just Goku and Hisui alone as they followed by flying to Crocus.

As they were flying back, Hisui had a lot on her mind and wanting to ask Goku things if it was ok to ask, "It was pretty bold of you to reveal everything Goku" as she was being carried in his arms.

"You think so?"

"Mmmm Hmm, and the fact that nothing changed between you guys makes me happy for you"

"Well if you put like that than I'm happy too."

The two were half way to their destination and before they could end things Hisui had this to say...

"Say, that girl, Mirajane Strauss, do you have feelings for her?"

Goku looks at Hisui, "Feelings? Like as in love?"

Hisui started to blush, "L-Love? Well if you want it to put it like that then yea love..."

"Hard to say, I went blank when Mira confessed to me"

"S-She did? She told you to your face she loves you?"

"Uh huh"

"What were you thinking doing that matter?"

"Well I was kinda surprised and man she was being persistent about it too, she even got me to say it back to her"

"(I never took her to be so persuasive... if I don't make my move fast then...) say how would you feel if I said I ... loved you as well?"

However, Goku couldn't hear that well since the wind was up in his face, "Hmm? What did you say? I couldn't hear you because of all this wind"

"Uh... nothing! It's nothing... (Oh bummer...)"

Sometime later they finally arrived at Crocus, more specifically, on the balcony in Hisui's room and so they've entered.

"Here we are"

"Thank you Goku for flying me back here."

"No problem, least I can do since you're in this hot mess with me so not a problem. So, what are you gonna do now as of this minute?"

"I was planning on telling my father and Arcadios but given how it's late at night, it'd be best to tell tomorr-... oh wait... my father and Arcadios are away from the Capital until the day after tomorrow."

"Really? How do you know?"

"Right before we had our date, Arcadios had a chat with me on how he and my father were going out of the capital for some important business stuff."

"And when was this?"

"The chat was before I took my shower and you then suddenly appearing in front of me as you always do"

"Ooohhh ok, why didn't you say anything before?"

"I didn't know about the demons, so I thought it wouldn't be a huge thing to say."

"So, the day after tomorrow huh?"

"More specifically they'll return late at night."

"Sounds like they're doing some REALLY important stuff huh?"


"Well, I best get going then, have a good night Hisu-"

Hisui grabbed Goku's right arm as she looks left while blushing, "Before you go, can I ask you a favor?"

"Alright lay one on me, what's up?"

"When they return late at night, I'm gonna speculate that I'll have to wait until morning or some sort to tell them and if so, would you mind coming to me to help me explain the situation? You're probably wondering why you, well the reason for that is because it has to be you. I feel if you other than me tell what I tell then my father in general won't think I'm crazy."

"Nope I don't mind at all. When do you want me to come?"

"Early in the morning, on the day after they returned late at night"

"Ok sounds like a plan then"

Hisui smiled as she blushed. To thank him she gave Goku a soft kiss on the cheeks making Goku himself to blush a little.

"You're a life saver Goku, Thank you."

Goku was quite for 4 seconds but later responded, "Think nothing of it Hisui, now if you don't mind I'll be leaving then, bye"

"Yea, bye-bye" she waved her hand goodbye.

In the Late Morning Over at Goku's House...

Sometime during early morning, Makarov and the others headed out and went back to their guild hall as if it were a regular day in Magnolia. Yesterday Natsu said he wanted to spar Goku but had forgotten about it as he and his team took on a B-Rank mission, so they'll be gone for the entire day. The only ones remaining at the house were Goku, Mirajane and Ultear. Ultear stayed at Goku's house because she's in debt to him so to pay it off, she'll do what Goku commands until he's satisfied. (A/N: It may sound like a slave thing, but it IS a harem so it kinda fits that category) and of course Mirajane's just there to make breakfast for him every day as she so pleases. The table was filled with food coming from the recipes from the cookbook as the three sat and began eating. Goku and Mirajane sat on one side while Ultear sat on the other.

"So I heard Natsu and his team are going to be gone for the entire day" Goku said as he was munching down on some food.

"A B-Rank mission, the rewards for that one is quite good, so I can see why they would take it, also try not to eat with your mouth full Goku, it's very unmannered like."

He gulped his food, "R-Right"

"So if I may interject, is this what the two of you do on a daily basis? Is this the routine you two do?" Ultear said as she was looking at Mirajane wiping Goku's mouth off with a napkin.

"Seems like it yes, everyday around early morning before he wakes up I come over and start making breakfast for him. It's tiring, but on the plus side it had its ups."

"Like what?"

"Well..." she looks over at Goku and smiled, " I never seen a powerhouse like him enjoy food so much, it's really astounding, and the fact he's smiling with what I've cook, it's a win-win on both sides."

"I see... (So, in terms of wife material Mirajane is so far ahead in the game than everyone else.) do you think that way too Goku?"

"Well, as long as there's food then I guess. Burp* Now, if you two will excuse me I'll be heading towards the guild."

"What do you going to do when you go there?"

"Well, for starters I'm going to apologize to Cana"

"The Card Mage? The one who drinks a lot?" Ultear said.

"Yea, I never got around to say sorry to her, plus whenever I do get the chance, she finds a way to avoid me. (And last night she wasn't there to sleep with me)"

"Do you remember with what I say last night?"

Goku looks at Mirajane, "To... ah! To be aggressive right?"

"Right! Because some girls find that attractive, Also the guy has to apologize to the girl, not the other way around."

Goku gets up from his seat, "Yea, then I'm not gonna waste any more time and find Cana right away!"

Mirajane grabbed Goku's right hand, "Before you go, clean the dishes"

"O-Oh right... sorry"

"Just get to it sweetie, I'll help out."

"(Mirajane's way ahead in the competition, it's almost as though they're a married couple.)" Ultear was staring at the two who were cleaning the dishes.

"Ultear, want to help? We could use all the hands we can get"

"Uh... oh yea... right" she got up with her portions of dishes and aided them.

Cleaning the dishes took around 10 minutes and when they were done, the three were at the front door. Goku got into his Gi. Instead of using instant transmission, he decided he wanted to walk there.

"Before you head out, make sure you have everything ready when you approach her ok?" Mirajane said.

"I know, I will" Goku replied, "Also, I know I said I'll teach you how to use Ki, but I can't teach you if I'm still thinking about Cana, so if it's alright with you I'd like it if Ultear can teach you"

"I don't mind, as long as you'll be in the right mind, then take all the time you need. Once you make up with Cana, tell me all about it ok?"

"Right, See ya"

Mirajane leans up to give Goku a kiss on the lips for a good 4 seconds then after, her and Ultear watches Goku walked away from the house and headed towards the guild.

"Do you really think it's a good idea for him to make up with another girl, I know you're head over heels for him, and if I recall, Cana Alberona is too. Won't that cause some problems on trying to win him over?"

"I never took you to be someone to worry, but you don't have to worry. Goku may not be aware of other girls trying to win him over, but as long as he and I still have that promise, then I'm perfectly okay with it. I'm even ok if you were to go for him"

"U-UH... G-Go for him...?! W-Well now... let's not just the gun here... if you're ready, we should head towards the training room to get started with Ki control... Mirajane..."

She giggled, "Right, right...(She freaked out when I said she could go for him. Is she secretly crushing on him...? hmmmmm...)"

The Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

Even though Team Natsu weren't inside causing a scene like they always do, especially Natsu and Gray, things were a little haptic. Haptic, but the usual Fairy Tail thing they always do. Gajeel w Lily and Juvia took on their own missions with a reference that they like so there weren't any dragon slayers inside along with the Exceeds. Makarov was at the bar area drinking some booze that was being serve from Kinana. Lisanna and Elfman were at a table with Laki. Alzack and Bisca with their daughter Asuka at some other table feeding her. Macao w his son and Wakaba were at some market in Magnolia. Max, Reedus, Warren, Nab, and Vijeeter were together discussing something I'm not going in to (A/N: Because I'm too lazy) while Team Shadow Gear were doing something that fitted them too.

It wasn't long until Goku made his entrance inside. When he entered, he looks around to see if the drunk girl was here, but as he had thought, she wasn't. So, to get some answers he went to Lisanna's table to ask.

"Morning Goku, something on your mind?" Lisanna asked.

"Morning and yea, I was hoping Cana would be here in the guild hall. I was going to apologize to her from two weeks ago."

"What do you me- oh..." Lisanna said.

"Do you happen to know where she went?"

"Um, no clue..."

"How about you Elfman?"

"Same, I don't know where, usually she would drink barrels of booze here, but I don't know where she went."

"Couldn't you just sense her or something?"

"That was the first thing I did but I couldn't, I'm thinking she knows how to hide her presence or something."

"What made you come to that conclusion?"

"Well when I taught Natsu and the others about Ki, I saw Cana at my window. I'm pretty sure the window was open, so she must've heard me speak."

"Clever girl, learning something behind your back would kind of be considered manly. Props to her" Elfman praised.

"If she's not here and if she knows how to hide her presences... then I guess I'll never have the chance to make up with her."

"This is just a guess, but Cana could be at Tipsy Mag Ale" Laki implied.

"Tipsy Mag Ale? What's that?" Goku asked.

"It's a famous bar known throughout Magnolia, it's very popular there too. One time Cana took me there just to chill and chat there. Although we'd always get hit on by men." Laki responded.

"Sounds about right, Cana does like alcohol." Goku said as he thought up an image of Cana drinking, "Does Cana go there often?"

"Well, whenever there's like a competition to see who can endure their booze, Cana's always there to participate and from what I hear she always reigns number one. No one can beat her."

"Wow" both Goku and Lisanna said.

"Being unbeatable at something is so manly"

"Alrighty then, guess Tipsy Mag Ale it is then, thanks Laki!" Goku smiled.

"My pleasure!" She replied.

"Say Goku before you go, what's Mira doing since she's not with you right now?" Lisanna asked.

"Well, she's at my house getting in some training done with Ultear teaching her. Mira told me she wanted to learn about Ki and stuff, so I had Ultear take my position until I come back."

"That's cool of sis of wanting to learn, sounds like that's something I'm kinda eager to see" Lisanna said.

"Yea same, but I'll do that once I patch things up with Cana. Thanks for the info again guys, see ya!" as he headed out while waving at them.

Lisanna and Laki waved back while Elfman had something he wanted to confess.

"Say now, it's been a couple of days, but has anyone seen Evergreen? Or her team by chance? I haven't seen them not since they left to help aid the workers at the center of Magnolia."

"I haven't heard from Laxus or Freed too, much less Bickslow. Hope they're alright" Laki said.

"Well they have each other so they shouldn't be in a pickle" Lisanna said.

"Still, at least check in once in a while... not like Evergreen to disappear like that, kind of not manly..."

Goku teleported right in front of Lisanna and the two scaring the girls but not Elfman.

"Say where is Tipsy Mag Ale anyway?"

"In the East of Magnolia, there's a large sign that's stands out, you can't miss it" Laki responded.

"Oh ok thanks again!" as he heads out the hall running again.

"Does he pop out of nowhere like that regular or what? He scared the shit out of me" Laki said as he looks at Elfman and Lisanna.

"Yea but you'll get used to it" both the siblings replied.

On the East Part of Magnolia...

The east side was crowded with people so the chances of finding Cana might revert but that's not in Goku's book as he searches for the sign that "can't be missed". He started to fly up a couple of inches to get a better view. With his left hand above his eyebrows he scouts everywhere around him until after 5 minutes he had finally found it. He flies towards it and lands in front of the sign as he now got a clear look.

"So this is Tipsy Mag Ale huh, the sign isn't that big... that's kinda of exaggerating on Laki's part, but hey I'm here so I better head inside."

He pushed the door open and that's when he got a clear visual of the inside. Inside the bar were filled with people mostly men who were loud as shit while drinking their booze. As Goku was walking around he could smell alcohol around him and boy was he unimpressed.

"(This place reek of booze, man Cana better be here or else I'd look like an idiot coming in here then out for no reason.)"

When he looks around he could see some old but buff as shit dudes gamble while drinking, some drink while having some random conversation. But most of all they were giving Goku the nasty look for some odd reason...

"(Man, these geezers look like they want to kill me... what did I do...?)"

"Can I help you?"

Goku turns his attention in front of him and sees a well-dressed lady and replied to her question...

"Oh yea, um I'm looking for a girl named Cana, I heard she goes to this place from time to time."

"Cana? Oh Cana as in the lady who's the Current Reigning all time Drinking Champion? She's right over that with the bartender." As she points to Cana's area.

Goku looks over and sees Cana drinking more than usual and boy was he happy to have finally find her, "Thank you!" as he shook the lady's hands.

"And that's the whole story Inoue..." as she finishes up her mug.

Inoue is a female bartender who was serving Cana as she gave her another mug.

"That would explain why you've been drinking a lot more than usual whenever you come here. You've got boyfriend problems huh?"

"I guess you can say it like that..."

Cana had her hair tied back (A/N: Same style like in the anime) as she was looking at her mug with a bland face. "Quite frankly, it's awkward to talk to him. I can't even look at him because it'll just remind me of the tantrum I threw at him 2 weeks ago."

"You must really like him."

She sips her mug, "I do, but there are other girls in my guild that does too."

"Seems like you've got some competition on your hands, before you and your mystery man had this argument, what did you and him ever do together?"

"Nothing much, what we usually do is sleep together like cuddling, but we haven't done that since you know the argument. I just don't know what to do. I don't want things to stay this way between me and him. If this keeps on continuing, he's going to resent me, and when the time comes, there'll be a point to where we might never talk to each other ever again. I don't want that..."

"I see, seems like you're a maiden for love huh? It's kinda adorable that you have a crush, other than Alcohol I never seen you act this way. This mystery man's lucky to have someone like you."

Cana blushed at that comment... "Yea..."

"What was his name again by chance?"


"Yea what he said, Go-"

Cana stopped her sentence as she turns left to see Goku who was staring at her, "G-G-Goku...?" she said all surprisingly.

"Hey" he waved.

"What the... what are you doing here?!" she asked.

"To see you of course..." he replied.

From that comment Cana started to blush as her heart raced up in acceleration.

"So this is your mysterious man? My he's quite handsome." Inoue credited.

Goku turned to Inoue, "And you are?"

"Inoue Gigasaki, I'm a bar tender here at this fine establishment which is Tipsy Mag Ale. Now I take it you're with Miss Cana?"

"Uh yea..." as he sat down next to Cana.

"Here you go..." as she hands him some ale.

"Oh no I don't drink alcohol" he waved.

"Oh nonsense! You don't know what you're missing out! This one's on the house since you're with Cana." Inoue looks at Cana who was looking down at her mug, "And I see that you two have some catching up to do, so I'll leave you two be, holler at me when you need more ale" as she attends some other people leaving Goku and Cana alone.

"Are you friends with her? She seems quite nice"

"Uh... yea she is..."

There was silent for about 5 minutes between those two with some loud and noisy people in the background. The silent broke as Cana starts to speak.

"How did you find me?"

"Laki told me you'd be here if you're ever troubled with something, she also told me this is where you go if you're ever in a pickle."

"Tch, damn it Laki... so why have you come here? Like actually come here?"

Goku took a sip of the ale and immediately spits it out, "Holy crap that taste terrible! How do you drink this stuff Cana?"

She looks at Goku, "it may at first but if you keep trying, you'll get use to the taste and soon you'll grow fond of it."

"Are you drinking the same ale I am?"

"Ale, yes but a different flavor..."

"Really can I try?"

Cana's eyes widen, "S-Sure... (It'll be like an indirect kiss...)"

She hands Goku her mug and like Cana thought, he took a sip from where Cana's lips touched and like his first time, he spits it out immediately, "That taste terrible too!"

"What?! Are you crazy ale taste amazing as hell. You just have shit taste" as she grabbed her mug back.

"Well sorry... I don't drink, all I do is eat and train 24/7, you know, that right?"

"It's also the only thing you can do for a living" as she took shots.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" a clueless Goku said.

"N-nothing never mind, listen if you came here just to spit out ale and tell me to my face that it tastes like shit, you should just go home and train like a maniac. I don't want to see you."

"That isn't true, weren't you just talking about wanting to see me?"

"Uh?! What?! Where did you get that idea from?!"

"I heard it from you when you talked to Inoue."

"You're such an eavesdropper, you know that?"

"It's not eavesdropping when I hear it up close while looking at you."

"Uh... oh... shut up..." she said while embarrassed.

"I came here hoping the two of us could just chat"


"To be honest, you"

"M-me? what's there to talk about? All I do is drink and pass out. Nothing interesting about me."

"Yea but..." he decided to Yolo it and chugged his mug of ale just to get comfortable with Cana.

"(Cuahh... still taste terrible...) I'd just want to have a chat with you no matter what the conversation will be about... I'm all ears... BURP* Hey Inoue! More Ale over here please! (If I want to get on her good side I've gotta do what she does, and that's to drink! Even though I find it very terrible... I'd just have to keep it up until things starts to get good between us)"

"Coming right up...!"

About 20 Minutes Later...

Goku, who didn't what to do it, drank over 10 mugs just to impressed Cana to which it did but also Inoue. They had like a decent conversation about stuff but then things started to get serious between the two.

"I've drank like 9 or 10 mugs, but the taste still tastes terrible... hic*, hic*"

"You know you don't have to force yourself to drink just for my sake. No one asked you too." As she finishes up her 28th mug.

"I know that but HIC* I wanted to anyway... HIC*"


"It's something you would do... and... it's something I'd always liked about you..."

"Are... you drunk...?" She raises her left eyebrow slowly.

"W-What? No way Cana... I'm Goku!? Hic*... HIC* I'm like good girl..."

"You totally are, you're not good with your alcohol, are you?"

"So what if I'm not? You probably weren't good at it at first...!"

"You'd be surprise..."

"In that case I challenge you!" as he stood up and pointed fingers at her.

"At what?"

"You, me. A friendly competition to see who can hold out their alcohol! What do you say? HIC*"

"You and I drink till we drop? You're going up against a Champion of drinking booze, you don't know what you're getting yourself into"

"Yea well HIC* I don't care about fancy titles! What's wrong? Chicken?"

"Fine I accept, but let's put a wager here, if you win I'll listen to what you have to say"

"And if you win? HICCCC*"

"I'll think about it... now if you don't mind let's get this started!"

"Inoue another mug!/Inoue another mug!" both Cana and Goku said.

When the competition started, everyone in the bar were around cheering the both of them on as a new challenger which is Goku and Cana the Long and Reigning Undisputed Drinking Champion, clash at each other. One by one their mugs emptied out. The guys around them were surprised at Goku because out of everyone Cana had face, Goku seems to be doing the best out there. Well the best he can that is. The competition went on for hours and soon people had to go because it was getting late so only Inoue, Cana and Goku remained.

Several Hours Later... Late Evening...

It was neck and neck. Both the two from time to time had a moment where they were about to pass out but refused to. Inoue just looked at the two and wondered when will this competition be over and when she could go home. Both Goku and Cana were extremely drunk as they were struggling to drink some more ale.

"I got to hand it to the mystery man, for someone who just started drinking ale, he seems to have you on the run Cana"

"N-Nonsense... He's got nothing on me. I've... fought better people..." the drunken Card mage said.

"You give up C-Cana...?"

"N-Never! I can still keep on going! Another one Inoue!" as she finished her 49th mug.

"Amazing... we're both tied, and she still has the capacity to keep on going... in that case..." he finishes his 48th and went on to his 49th, "Another one Inoue!"

"I'll give credit where credit is due, you're doing well for someone who sucks at Alcohol..." Cana admitted.

"Thanks, but compare to you... you're on a whole different level"

"(Seems as though they're going confess something, I might as well get out of their heir, so they can say what they feel towards each other...) if you two will excuse me I'd like to go outside to change the sign to close so I'll be right back, if one of you happens to finish a mug, feel free to help yourself on pouring some more" as she heads out.

"Now where were we... ah yea... about you Cana..."

"And as I said before... there's nothing about me that is interesting..."

Both their cheeks were red which was an obvious indication they were drunk.

"Wh-Why d-do you th-think that about your-yourself...?"

"Because..." she looks at her mug, "I'm somewhat not on a scale of that of a girl. What I'm trying to say is... I'm not like Mira. I can't cook, I'm not as strong as Erza whenever she spars with you. And I'm not rich or have somewhat of a royalty status like the Princess Hisui. I'm just your average drunken mage who brings nothing to the table. I'm nothing like those three. I have nothing going on for myself and that's such a downside to me."as she doubts herself.

Goku was listening carefully as he was breathing heavily.

"Compare to the three of them, I'm just a drunk who physically weak out of everyone at the guild..."

"Now that isn't true, and you know it"

"Eh?" Cana looks at Goku.

"It's true you're not the fighting type like Erza or someone who can cook great like Mira. I don't know why you brought up Hisui, but the point is, you do have one thing that you're good at that the other three lack."

"What's that?"

"The niceness you portrayed to me"

"I-I don't think I follow..."

"When we first met, you were extremely friendly and nice. That's something I liked about you..."

"Well that's kinda lame... isn't Mira the same way too?"

"Yea but when you show your niceness, it looked as though you would want to sleep with me"

"S-SLEEP?!" Cana freaks out as she blushes, "You take my niceness as a way that I want to sleep with you?!"


"Why would you think that?! That isn't something you say to a girl if you would want to cheer them up! And besides... Mira and the other girls can sleep with you. It'd be no difference..."

"Perhaps but out of everyone you do it best"

"G-Goku... are you saying..."

"Yea... I kind of miss sleeping with you. Whenever we sleep and cuddle together, it gives me that warm and tingly feeling I'm so fond of. It has to be you Cana, because... you do it best..."

Cana was speechless as she started to stutter. From those words alone, she was quite happy to hear those words from Goku, so she couldn't help but smile.

"You really feel that way about me?" as she continued smiling.


"To be honest I kind of miss sleeping with you too. It hasn't been the same sleeping alone like that."


"So, listen... I um..."

"You're what?"

"I uh... damn it... why is this so hard?"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing... it's just, I'm sorry... for hitting you 2 weeks ago. I wasn't in the right to do so. When I left I felt bad and wanted to apologize right away but you know... things were awkward between you and I."

"And... I'm sorry too... for saying what I shouldn't have said... it was also wrong for me to say I got no one when I had everyone else in Fairy Tail and you of course. Family, right?"

"Y-Yea..." She gave out her right hand, "Truce?"

"Truce" he smiled as he took the handshake.

"Phewww man, I'm glad that's done and over with. Glad we can let go of the past right?" Goku said.

"Yea... hey Goku..."

Goku turns her head to Cana, "Yes?"

Cana pushed herself to Goku to give him a direct kiss on the lips surprising him. As she was still puckering lips with the saiyan, she placed her arms around him while placing herself on his lap. After some time like 3 minutes she let go of the kiss.

"We've never got around to finish from where we left off did we?" Cana teased.


"There's a bedroom upstairs we can use if you want to do it"

"Are you sure we can use it? Wouldn't Inoue get angry?"

"You don't have to worry, I've known her for about as long as I can remember. She'll let me do this for like one time."


"You did promise me you'd help me lose my virginity, right?" she seductively smiled.


"Are you agreeing because you're drunk or because you just remember the promise?"

"Um... both?"

Cana laughed a little, "Cute... now without any interruptions, would you so kind as to take me already? I'm tired of waiting... Goku..." she said as she started to get aroused.


Both the drunken pair captured each other's lips aggressively as their tongues intertwines with each other. Seeing how Cana knows where this is gonna go she helps Goku take off his shirt while of course still smooching. One fragment of their clothes started to come off as they head straight upstairs to the bedroom where finally Cana will get her long and desire wish.

Over at Goku's House...

Mirajane and Ultear had just finished up Ki training and were in the kitchen getting a water bottle to drink for a well deserving reward.

"So you've got down with the idea on Ki control right?" Ultear asked.

"Yea, I got it down. If I'm gonna be honest it's very awesome to have this feature."

"It is, it has its ups"

"I wonder what's taking Goku so long as to apologizing to Cana, did he ever find her?"

"Maybe he's having a hard time trying to find her as of this minute. He's probably still looking for her right now. If that's the case, do you want to go visit him since you can sense Ki now?"

"I would like that but no. This is something Goku has to do and it wouldn't be right to meddle in with his problems."

"Oh I see my bad then..."

"No problem. For right now I'd like to take a nice bath and probably spend a night here."

"I'm with you on that one"

"Before we do so, Ultear by chance do you have some sort of affection on Goku?"

She blushed and stubbled like a clumsy person. Mirajane helped her up.

"Are you ok?"

"Yea, I'm fine. I just got lost in thought when you told me that"

"But do you?"

"I-I Uh... I don't know..."

"It's okay if you do. I won't crap on your taste in men, specially him."

"I'm not sure if I do like him, but I feel very funny when I'm with him even though we don't talk or when we spar with each other."

"I see... well now I guess we should get going to our baths now! And thanks for your answer"

"Ye-Yea... anytime... (What was that about...?)"

"(From those words it's painfully obvious she does like him. The competition is starting to stack up even greater heights now.)"

Back to Tipsy Mag Ale, The Bedroom...

Goku and Cana were enjoying each other as they made "love" to one another. The love making went on for a couple of hours. Both the two had some underwhelming stamina to keep up with each other but to its very last drop it was worth it. They kept fucking each other without any stop until late midnight where finally Goku had "released everything" all over her stomach to where Cana climax her last orgasm to which she lost count when it went over 20.

The two were in bed, sweaty as shit while cuddling together. Cana was on Goku's left side as the both were quite satisfied with each other. Cana couldn't help but smile while making some adorable squealing sound because things between him and her just skyrocketed into a whole new level of bonding if you know what I'm Saiyan wink* wink*. And of course, the two were taking a breather since they fucked over like 4 hours.

"Wow, that... was amazing..." Cana said.

"Y-yea... that really was..."

"For a dumb person you sure know how to pleasure a girl well..." she smiled.

"I've had like experience with this, so you know..."

"Was it with your ex-wife back in your world?"

"Mmmm Hmm, (And with Erza...)"

"So who's better your ex or me?"

"I um... hard to tell... I guess you?" he chuckled.

"Good answer" she said, "So um... there's something you should know..."

"What's up?"

"It's about Gildarts..."

"Gildarts... the guy with the orangish hair who styled his hair back?"

"Y-Yea... you see, I never got around to tell you this but when you told me he got possessed, I thought now would be the best time. You see, Gildarts... is my father..."

"What?! Really? No way..."

"Yea it's true I was just as surprise as you were... but listen..."

"Uh huh I'm listening..."

"Can you promise me, to bring him back to me?"


"He's an idiot sometimes but he's my father... and the fact that he's under control by that demon bitch Towa, makes me all mad. I just want him free and back at Fairy Tail. I rather have him do some quest that takes a lot of years rather than to get possessed by demons. It's unsanitary. I rarely see him but he's family..."

"I got it, leave it to me Cana, I'll make sure to bring back your dad safe and sound."

"You promise?" she looks at him.

"Yea, I promise..." he replied.

She rolls on top of him as her breasts press on his chest, her hands were on his cheeks as she started to tear up a little, "Thank you, Goku. Thank you..."

"Are you crying?"

"No, these are just tears of joy... that's all" she wipes her tears off and kissed Goku on the forehead, "We should probably get some sleep now, it's really late."

"Yea you're right... goodnight Cana..."


Goku who was on the right side of the bed was sleeping on his left side while Cana who was on the left side was sleeping on her right side. In a sense they were cuddling and shit.

(I asked him a favor that would be impossible for me to do alone but since it's Goku, he willingly accepted it like it was nothing bad. He's really such a sweet person. I hope the relationship between us evolve into something greater. In my opinion I really don't deserve him...) Hey Goku...?"


"I love you..."

He paused for three seconds then gave her a reply just to uplift the mood more just for Cana, "I love you too..."

She placed her left leg over Goku's right hip as she smiled from hearing that replied and just like that the two slept the night away...


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