Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
13 Reunion Interruption
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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13 Reunion Interruption

Over at Universe 6, Champa's Planet...

"And finish! My oh my have we got an improvement out of you huh Vegeta? I'd say you're rather improving dramatically here." Whis claims

Vegeta sat on the ground breathing hard while showing off a good sweat while in his SSJ form, "This is... what you call development?"

"Yes indeed, improving on your speed will drastically help you later in the upcoming fights, especially with the Tournament the Lord of Everything plans to make."

The training Whis implied onto Vegeta was just to see how many digital objects Vegeta can blast with his energy and from the sentence alone it may seem as though it wasn't hard at all, but this is Whis that's teaching him so let's give him some credibility.

"Speaking of the tournament, is every universe really gonna participate in it? Seems too much that's needs to be planned out very carefully."

"I'm sure the King of Everything can come up with something, after all he does decides which universe could come and go as he pleases. We're lucky to be on his good side since Goku and Hit put on a good show for him. It would be wise to make sure we don't step on the wrong side of the shoe here."

"It's just hard to believe someone as small as him have the power to wipe a universe in a blink of an eye as he so chooses."

"Well that's the Omni King for ya, he has so much power it's practically immoral to say he can't do what he says he can. In the meantime, I think we'll call it a day and head on over to Lord Beerus and lady Bulma for some delicious food.

"Hmph, I was planning to go over there anyway.

Both the two heads on over to the table that's filled with many earthly goodies and up like it's a buffet line, like literally. Once the two grabbed a handful with food that will satisfy their belly they headed to the table with Gohan, Bulma, Trunks, Goten, Piccolo and Beerus.

"Hey, you two, already done with training?" Bulma looks at Whis and especially Vegeta who was sweating like a mad man. Vegeta pulled up a seat and sat next to Bulma while Whis sat next to Beerus.

"Indeed we are Lady Bulma, it was shorter than usually but that's only because Vegeta's speed has jumped tremendously high to the point it takes away the time in training! But tomorrow our training sessions won't be short, it'll be an upgrade from where we left off, I hope you're prepared for that Vegeta."

"Hmph, bring it. I'm certain I can take anything you dish out."

"That's the spirit, oh and by the way, have you learned anything about the mark Bulma?"

"It's taken some time but I have actually been able to pull out some of its secrets that it's hiding."

"Oh? This ought to be good" Beerus said as he finished slurping on his drink.

"Well to start off, the mark, no doubt it gives an off an ominous vibe and with solid evidence I can safely say this. The mark is fueled on energy. I had Gohan and Piccolo supply me their energy onto the gun and once everything was in play" she shows the gun to them, "it started to glow"

"Oh how fascinating" an intrigued Whis said, "By any chance have you tested it out?"

"I did, but the outcome was disappointing, the worm that appear was much smaller than the one that grabbed Goku in."

"Well this is a surprise." Whis wondered, "Perhaps the wormhole's size depends on how much energy you give to supply it."

"Whis could be right, Gohan and I gave out little bits of energy to you Bulma. How much did Vegeta gave you when it sucked up Goku?" Piccolo asked.

"A fair amount"

"Well that would explain it, knowing Vegeta he could've given you more than a fair amount"

"Is there anything else you need to tell us Bulma?"

"I know the wormhole was small, but it took around 6 minutes for it to shrink and when I made the wormhole appear, it didn't force us to enter it"

"So it again, it all depends on size, the more energy you feed it, the bigger the wormhole gets, and the bigger it gets, the more force it gets applied too." Whis concluded, "Didn't think Towa would be capable of creating such a feat."

"Well she IS a rottin demon, it's their nature to do such malicious things like that, but when credits are due, it is something to be proud of" Beerus said.

"Say Mister Whis mind if I ask you something?" Goten asked.

"By all means Goten, ask away"

"You said that Towa wants to break the seal to the demon realm, shouldn't by chance the demon realm be in our universe or something?"

"Afraid not"

"Why is that?"

The demon realm no longer exists."

"Eh?" Everyone said but Beerus and Whis.

"Where should I begin... AHEM* Better listen up you guys I'm only going to tell you this story once so listen carefully ok? Now, this was back decades ago before you people were even born. Back then Lord Beerus and Lord Champa were carrying orders from Lord Zeno to eviscerate the demon race. The demon race was located at the very tip of Universe 7. The realm was outside of the domain of the Supreme Kais and because of that they weren't fully aware of it. That caused the destroyers that is Lord Beerus and Champa to step in and check things out from their perspective. Given out they manage to infiltrate the realm they manage to get out some information from the demons."

"And what would that be?" Trunks asked.

"The demon Towa who I mention earlier wants to bring the demon realm to become one with the rest of Universe 7 to make a "Garden of evil" that will fill every living organism out there in the cosmos rage and pain. And of course, the one that was the strongest demon out there that was Mechikabura that wanted to carry out that idea in mind with Towa who was very loyal and dedicated to him as support. The other demon god Demigra, was someone who was close in second into rivaling Mechikabura but given how they're both demons they worked together to bring the plan to merge them and the rest of Universe 7 into fruition but got foiled thanks to Lord Beerus and Champa. Being able to infiltrate the realm of demons they manage to destroy every trace of demons and when the big chips were thrown to the table Demigra and Mechikabura were face to face with the two destroyers. Of course, they manage to beat the two demon gods and decided to destroy the demon realm and that was the last we ever saw the demons, Demigra and Mechikabura in particular. However, with Towa still alive she'll try to bring back that plan and that is something that mustn't be allow at all."

"Sounds like a pretty crazy plan. Can't believe she's that dedicated to that" Bulma said.

"Demons are loyal to their leader after all" Beerus said.

"Are they gonna use Kakarot's energy to break the seal?" Vegeta asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine Vegeta" Whis said then looked at the sky, "(I wonder what's taking my sister and Lord Champa so long...)"

"But if the demon realm is no more then why is Towa going through all that trouble trying to bring it back if it doesn't exist in our Universe...?" Goten said.

That question widens Whis's eyes as he come to remembered something, "How did I forget this..."

"Forget what?" Bulma wondered.

"This is starting to make sense now."

"What is?" Piccolo asked.

"That demon Towa... can travel back and forth through time"

"EH?!" as everyone but Whis and Beerus said once again.

"Hold up, hold up HOLD UP! She can time travel!? Is that what you're saying?" Bulma yelled.

"That's right, I've seen her done it before when she was tampering with the 2v2 fight when Lord Beerus and Champa, she kept taking us threw different timelines and different climates on random planets that might give Demigra and Mechikabura advantages."

"Oh I remembered, I was so annoyed I flew straight to her to destroy her, I'm a little agitated she's alive from meeting her demise."

"But if she can travel through time does that mean she threw my dad into a timeline?" Gohan asked.

"It's highly possible yes, but the problem there is that there are many and I mean many timelines out there"

"How? What's the source of having that many?" Bulma brought up.

"Whether you travel back in time to the past or present, no matter what the reason is, it's forbidden to travel through time."

"How so?"

"The moment you travel though time you create alternate timelines from the original one, and more will be created on the number of times you travel through time and because of that it's a taboo to mess with time. It sets off a negative chain of reactions to Supreme Kais as they have to clean up the mess every time traveler makes, specifically the Supreme Kai of Time."

"Uh... Oh is that so? Ehehehe..." Bulma thinks about Future Trunks when he came to warn everyone about the androids and such, "(Does this mean Trunk's been creating timelines when he traveled back to us twice?)"

"Something on your mind Bulma?" Gohan asked.

"Oh nothing! Hehehe I'd just have to process what we've heard that's all!" She fakes chuckles.

"This means we've been wasting our time here in Universe 6 thinking Goku could be in the other Universe when he could be in one of many timelines that Towa threw him in" Piccolo stated.

"That's precisely right Piccolo" Whis said, "Goku could in fact be in a timeline where he's with us, or a timeline where he's battling Demons, the possibilities are endless"

"Well if we know Kakarot's in a different timeline, can't we just pin point that timeline and go there to get that Clown's ass?"

"That's where we have to draw the line there Vegeta"

"What you mean?"

"As I mention before time traveling's illegal" Whis stated.

"Are you saying there's no way we can bring Goku back here if it requires breaking some dumb taboo?" Bulma said.

"Breaking that taboo would create chaos and would set the balance off the scales, it'll bring such risk that we can't afford to mistakenly make." Whis said, "So with that being said I'd think it's about time we concluded our "Trip to every Universe" to a close here and head back to our Universe."

"So you're saying we're not gonna bring back my dad who could be in a different timeline with Towa and Mira just because we'll be breaking some taboo? That's so unfair!" Goten said.

"Well maybe just this onetime"

"What you mean by that?" Gohan asked.

"I'm saying we'll take one for the team and go to that timeline to where that idiot Goku is" Beerus said.

Hearing those news Bulma, Gohan, Goten and Piccolo were thrilled to hear that while Vegeta just okay with it.

"After an explanation of time traveling being forbidden and such, why say something like that? you did say no matter what the reason was it's forbidden. Why a change of heart?" Piccolo said.

"Believe me I don't like the idea of crossing over to different timelines but with the upcoming Tournament the Omni King wants to do, I can't afford to lose my prize possession here! If we manage to give into a pickle, I'll take the blame as a destroyer god"

"You're too kind Lord Beerus, really to go that far for us even though you just want him to participate in this tournament, is just phenomenal of you." Gohan praised.

"Hmph, this is the only time I'll ever agree to mess with time with you idiots"

Bulma, Goten, and Gohan laughed at that remark.

"Oh ho, ho, my, my Lord Beerus, have you gotten soft?" Whis teases, "It's so unlike you to break rules left and right just to save a mortal like Goku. This could put up a bad reputation on you as a Destroyer God, you better be prepared for that"

"Tch, I know Whis, but it's better than to make the Omni King disappointed that Goku isn't there in the upcoming tournament"

"So does this mean we're gonna go back to our Earth now?" Trunks said.

"I would like that just so I could catch a meal from the cooks of Lady Bulma, but before we go there's something I'd like to check up on here in Universe 6" Whis stated.

A confused Bulma asked him, "And what's that that's on your mind?"

"It's Lord Champa and my sister, when they left I can tell they were up to something so before we leave I'd like to ask them what they were doing since being so gone for 3 days. I believe it may tie in on our situation with Goku so I'd like to take my chances here."

"So it's with you too Whis?" Beerus said, "From the moment before we left for Champa's earth Champa acted strange like he was covering up something and knowing him for so damn long he for one is a terrible actor."

"Indeed my Lord. So before we leave to our Universe I've got to get my concerns out of the way with Lord Champa and Vados if it isn't a bother"

"Fine by me" – Bulma

"Sure but that means we'll be staying here a bit longer than huh?" -Gohan

"Whatever" -Piccolo

"By all means!" -Trunks

"Hmph" -Vegeta

"If it's for dad take all the time you need!" -Goten

"Glad we're in agreement here, now all that's left is for those two to come back, I have a feeling they're doing something that might mess our plan on getting Goku back..." as Whis looks up to the sky.

Goku's House, Nighttime...

The two standing in the front yard faces each other as the wind continuously blows friendly breezes. Silence was being played and of course it was something to be expected if someone looked like a person you know and in this case, Goku to Mirajane in this scene right here.

"M-Mira...?" Goku said.

"That's me" Mirajane pointed out giving off a warm smile to him.

"Is... that really you?" he asked.

Mirajane took a good look to herself and was touching her cheeks and arms to confirm it to Goku, "It's me alright. The one and only alive in the flesh. Though I gotta say I'm surprise I'm able to stand after getting rammed though by a spear. I'll admit the moment I loss a great amount of blood, I was afraid I was gonna die but thanks to that machine of yours I've-"

Mirajane went on rambling about miracles and stuff while Goku didn't hear a single word she said and instead was still mesmerize on this figure in front of him that looks and talks like his Mira! A lot of things were on his mind on the matter as he was speaking to himself in the mind.

"(She really looks so much alike like my Mira, she sounds and looks like her. Is this really her? Or this some illusion I've developed? Or is this some sick joke Towa planted on me...? Either way I have to know...)"

To figure out his suspicions he had to make sure what he was seeing was in fact the real deal, so he walked towards Mirajane as she continued to ramble on but stopped when she sees Goku getting close to her. When Goku finished his walk to her he was up in her personal space and that made her blush.

"G-Goku? Is there something wrong?"

He placed his right hand under his chin, "Are you really Mira? My Mira?"

Her eyes widen, "Of course I am, I'm your one and only Mirajane Strauss! What's with these questions? Are you feeling alright? You're not acting like yourself Goku." She worried.

"Other than my name, what else does Mira call me by?"

"Hmm? That isn't hard, I usually call you sweetie or sweetheart. Sometimes I'll call you darling though that would be on rare occasions..."

"Mmmm... Hmmm" Goku said, "For an illusion you sure know a lot about Mira"

"I-Illusion? What?" she started to chuckle, "You think I'm an illusion? Why would you think that?" as she finished laughing.

He started to place his left hand on her forehead making her curious as to why. Right after he started to mess with her cheeks and with both his hands he pulled back both her cheeks making her have so many thoughts as to why he would do something like that.

"G-Goku... you're making me feel so weird, mind stopping that?"

He stopped and decided to one last thing... he started to touch her stomach to the area where the hole might be thanks to the Ice Make Spear and to his surprise he didn't feel any hole. "No hole..."

Having been touch by Goku she started to freak out and turned red in embarrassment, "H-Hey! What's the idea of touching my belly like I'm pregnant or something! Y-You can't just do something like that out of blue without my consent! Y-You big dummy...!"

He then placed his right ear on her stomach that was being layered by her skirt. That went overboard as Mirajane started to freak out again but only more cuter than she normal freaks out. "H-Hey Now... G-Goku you're acting all strange. First you grab my cheeks then you rub my belly like you got me pregnant or something. Would you mind telling me what's going on with you?" She started to show a smile.

Goku lets go of placing his ear on Mirajane's stomach and looks at her straight in the eye in relief, "So you're not an illusion after all..."

"Well that's what I've been trying to tell you, you big goof ball!"

Seconds later he started to lift her up by her hips (A/N: The same way he lifted Chi-Chi after having to recover from the Heart Virus in DBZ) and happily spun her around 360 making her wonder why but also at the same time happy because she pictured this a couple's thing and instead embrace such a miraculous thing. After like 3 spins he placed her down and gave her such a welcomed and firm hug.

She fired and gave back his hug with her own which made Goku tear up a little but in happiness so they're happy tears lol. Seeing how she can hear him tear up a little she didn't want to let go of Goku and instead wanted to make him glad she's back with him, "I'm sorry for being so gone for so long... Goku" she said.

"Mira... you have no idea how long I've been waiting for you. I was really afraid of losing you" as his tears continued to fall out, "It's been a really rough 2 weeks without you, knowing it was my fault that almost got you killed, I couldn't help but blame myself for my dumb actions, I'm sorry... sniff* I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm such an idiot...! Would you ever forgive me?"

She lets go of the hug and wipes away the tears with her left finger, "Of course I'll forgive you. I'm still alive, aren't I? That's what matters most when you're in a situation like that, the fact that I'm still breathing is a win. No matter what childish things you do, I'll never hate you for that, you're what I'd like to call a miracle."

He stops crying as tears no longer were being produced, "How..."

"How what?"

"How could you forgive me so easily when I put you through hell for 2 weeks...? I don't g-get it...! It's so frustrating how you do that to me...! Why...?" as he looks to the ground.

She placed her right hand on his left cheek, "Do you remember that promise during that one night when you appeared in front of me? On how you'll be with me and I'll be with you and overall we'll be together and such?"

He looks at her, "Uh huh, I do"

"As long as you keep your promise to that, then I have no problem with what childish and idiotic things you throw at. As long as you keep your word to me, that'll we'll be together, I won't hate you, not now and not ever."

"M-Mira... I'm glad and all... but why say stuff like it's no big deal...?"

"It's cause... Goku... I love you..."

"Eh?... EH? L-l-l-love as in you want to-" as he steams up in smoke.

"It's exactly what you're thinking sweetie, and it's not a bluff. I'm saying it up front as you're hearing it now, I love you Goku."

At that moment Goku was aimlessly talking to himself in the mind, he had no idea what to say to Mirajane much less think of a proper response back to her. All in all he was surprisingly taking this in a little well because he did get to see Mirajane again so what to do... tsk, tsk, tsk...

"(She really meant it... she said she loves me... what do I do...? Above all else why did she confess to me...? Oh this is driving me crazy...! Gohan did tell me things like this but damn, why did I forget on what to say after you got confess to! Damn it...! AAAAHH!)"

"You look like you're not happy that I said it, could it be you don't feel that way about me?"

"Huh...! oh um... No! Just the opposite that's all! It was so sudden and such I haven't had something like this happen to me in a long time, also... why is it you're confessing to me right now as of this minute anyway?"

"Call me crazy but, when I was healing up for 2 weeks and such, I had a distinct feeling Cana was being all uppy with you and with that much time she had when I was out of the game, I felt as though she confessed to you or something..." she looks to the ground looking all sad because what if she said was right? That Cana confessed to Goku, what could Mirajane do in that situation?

"Is that... why?"

"No there's more, from the moment we first met back at the infirmary room, I didn't know why but you smile stood out from everyone's else. Someone like you distributed that much impact onto me, I couldn't let those feelings of mine go to waste you know? Every Nano second you're talking to Cana and how she's always putting herself onto you, I get a little jealous..."


"I just had to say all of this because I'm certain Cana already confessed to you before I could and if the two of you are together, then I just wanted to exploit what I was feeling about you to get out of the way and wish the both of you good luck. That's all..."

"If you're jealous about stuff like that then, how about so good news about me and Cana?"

"What would that be?"

"She and I aren't together"

She looks back at Goku with her eyes wide, "You're not joking, are you? Is that true?! W-What!? I was certain Cana would make her move while I was unconscious. This is a turn of events, why hasn't she?"

"Well uh... she and I had like an argument..."

"Oh my what happen?"

"When I found out that you were stabbed I thought I lost you, I thought if I lost you I'd have no one else. Cana didn't like what I say and slapped me with some sense saying how I got Fairy Tail and her, it was... kind of scary seeing Cana like that and also I felt bad saying what I said to offend her."

"Are things patched up with you two now? It has been 2 weeks"

He fakes laugh, "Uhh... nope, I've been trying to apologize but she keeps avoiding me"

"(The fact that Goku thought of me as his own when he said he has no one, I think it's pretty clear he does have some sort of feelings for me, I'm so glad... it's another win scored for me and another lose for Cana, still I can't help but feel bad for her...) Say, are you still trying to make up to her?"

"Mmmm Hmm, I am but I don't know if I can if she keeps on avoiding me."

"(Cana must've have felt bad about what she did and thought things would be awkward if he and her were to talk, but it'd be more awkward if they won't make up already, the moment I get back into the world and I hear something like this, I don't like it when she flirts with him, but it does concern me that she and him aren't talking...) Do me a favor"

"What is it?"

"You say you're trying everything to make up with her right? Try a little harder"

"What do you mean?"

"Sometimes you just have to get a little aggressive but that depends on how you approach the situation though. If she keeps avoiding you, then you've gotta play it by her rules then."

"I don't think I follow..."

"I'm saying if you keep getting avoided then simply just teleport to her and corner her. From that point you should know what to do next, right?"

"Oh... I get it! But why be a little aggressive?"

"Girls love it when a guy's all aggressive to a girl it's mostly a turn on for them, most of them..."

"Oh ok that makes sense thanks Mira"

"Anytime! Now back to our subject in hand..."


"Since Cana didn't confess to you and I did, how do you feel about that Goku?"

"Uh...! (Crap... I was hoping she'd forget the subject, I still don't know what to say about her confessing to me...!) I uh... to be honest I really don't know how to feel right now, other than the obvious heart beating, cheeks blushing eye's widening to stuff like that. I... don't know how to approach something as genuine as that."

"Hmm? You could say... you love me back..." as she gets shy.

"Heh... EH?!" as he puffs up steam, "L-L-L-LL-Love... y-y-you back?! What are you saying?!"

"I've been procrastinating these feelings and yet when I was moments away from dying I regretted not tell you this, I just want to know what you would say but since you couldn't come up with anything, I thought I'd improvise with you, was that a bad thing to do?"

"N-N-No! not at all Mira! I uh... crap... um... I'm sorry it's times like this I'd wish I'd have something to say"

"Everyone experiences that sooner or later"

"*Sigh* I know, I know"

"So what do you think? About my confession?"

"(I don't want to lose her again, she's always making me feel good with just her smile alone, so do I take the bait? Screw it, I'll do it! If it's to secure Mira and me then I'm all for it) I think it's... a wonderful thing that you did, I... feel the same way Mira... I really do"

With those words she's taken to heart, she couldn't help but feel all happy and warm inside, "I'm glad, then without any interruptions, I'll say this again, Goku... I love you..."

"I... love you too..." he looks away all bashful and shy.

"Would you mind looking at me for a second?"

He turns back to her straight away and when he did what she asked, Mirajane leads upwards to him to give him a solid kiss on the lips but this time he was prepared and so the both of them together performed the lingering kiss for about 5 minutes but in those 5 minutes felt like heaven to them because both their heart, mind and soul were unified as one and from that you could tell they were enjoying it.

But when they were about to go for round 2, Goku felt a many power levels heading to the direction to him so on high alert he had to stop smooching and immediately turned SSJ. Mirajane was curious but also had a feeling something bad would abrupt them so she too was on high alert.

"From the way you're acting, I take it someone's coming this way?"

"Yea, but it's not just someone, it's a whole flock of them, heading this way"

"Eh? What? That's bad news! what do you think they want?"

"(They're probably demons from Towa...) They probably have business with me, it's just a hunch but I know for a fact it might come true."

"In that case, let me fight with you! I'm not taking no for an answer too. I want a little payback from what you had to endure."

"Heh, was hoping you'd say that, here"

He waved his right hand in front of her to give her some of his energy, well like a gallon of energy cause Goku's crazy strong and a gallon isn't gonna nerf him. When she received the energy, she could feel the power flowing within her as soon she started to develop a golden aura like Goku's because hers was under Goku's jurisdiction so with Goku's power she turned into her Satan Soul: Halphas.

"Whoa, I don't remember seeing that when I went inside your memory, Mira... you look amazing! He praised.

"Using Halphas is something I'm always fond of and with your powers combined with mine, I'd thought I let a little loose here and make sure I'd make an impact on those demon bastards once and for all!"

"Amazing, you truly are amazing Mira! (If I were to guess, she's as strong as a SSJ, like on Ultear's level, she's this high up with my power I lent, so I wonder if I gave her more power...) "Hey Mira, heads up!"

"Hmm?" as she looks at him.

Goku turned SSJ2 and gave her more power than she had anticipated, and man were the results shocking on Goku's behalf.

"This feels incredible, I can feel every ounce of your power flowing and merging with my Satan Soul, that was so sudden, why give me such an upgrade like that sweetie?"

"You never know what might come at us till it actually hits it dead in the face, (Since I gave her more energy, she's now above Ultear's level. She's like a quarter strong of that of the ascended SSJ. I'm proud of you Mira) And if the demons that's heading this way want to rumble, then I say we rumble Fairy Tail style!" as he gave a fisting gesture to Mirajane.

She smiled in compliance, "Took the words right out of my mouth, now you're talking our language dear,"

"Yea I am," Goku centered his attention to the flocks heading in front of his house to which they were in front of, "They're here"

Mirajane putted on her game face along with Goku as the two stands side to side all serious as the demons finally arrive on scene! The appearance when they have arrived were nothing more than typical demon likes. Blue skin being shown, horns coming out of their heads pointing forward and the outlines of them were blazing a volcanic red with razor sharp teeth. Their hand shape claws were big and massive since it dignified as a demon's weapon. Out from their arms were shown a blazing fire.

"So how many do you think are we facing?" Mirajane asked.

"Probably an army we're fighting. Hey, you guys with Towa?"

No response from them...

"Seems they don't have the ability to communicate with our language except for their own. What a shame" Mirajane said.

"RAWWWRR!" all at once the demons started to charge towards them with their energy leaking out dark purple and with their claws lighting up in devasting energy with of course their sinister aura"

"Here they come, let's get this show on the Mira!"

"Ready when you are!"

Goku who was first charge in while Mirajane was behind him readying up a beam. One demon's head gets blasted off thanks to Goku as he jumps on top of it to finish it off with a Ki blast wave. The next demon in line got split in half as Goku kicked the ribs of it some damn hard blood gushed out. He spins counterclockwise and lands on the tip of his right foot to counter off the other demons coming at him. He elbows a jaw leading it with a left kick to the right cheek. Two demons with their claws started to wave them at Goku but Goku effortlessly blocks them with his arms (A/N: Same way he blocked Caulifla and Kale from the Tournament of Power Arc). He grabs the horns above their heads and bashed them together and threw them into the air to where Mirajane could unleashed one of her dark magic.

"Cosmic Beam"

The beams heads straight to the two demons in the air as they both explode from that collusion. However, Mirajane wasn't done, with Cosmic Beam still playing it out, she aimed it downwards to where the remaining demons were and with the head of Goku being behind her he supplied her with unlimited energy to strength the Beam 100x fold and in an instant almost all of the demons were eviscerated.

"Good job dear!"

He smiles at Mirajane but then sense more demons coming their way.

"Kch, we've got more incoming Mira"

Mirajane and Goku looked above and there they see many more demons flying above them. They descended on down to them.

"Say Goku dear, what do you say we do a little tag-team action here? To teach these demons not mess with us?"

"Heh, you couldn't have come up with a better plan Mira, I'm game! I'll lead first you follow up k?"


Once again Mirajane fired off her Cosmic Beam to them but some demons manage to dodge it but not Goku as he delivers one devasting punch, sending it on the ground, creating cracks as they don't add up. Two demons were behind Goku and when they were gonna attack him when he was "off guard" Mirajane with her wings flew to his rescue as she delivers kicks to their jaws. She lands on her feet to then punch two of those foul creatures (A/N: Same way Merged Zamasu did to Goku and Vegeta as their potara fusion ran out)

Goku turns around and sees the two demons flying so he delivers them to death's door with a double Ki blast. The odds were in their favor and because of that the demons had to improvise. Together with a plan they ran towards each to merge. Goku and Mirajane were clueless as to what was going on.

"What the heck is going on?" Mirajane wondered.

"Your guess is as good as mine" then it hit him, "They're merging into one being!"


"(Each one them were as strong as a SSJ, put all of them together, who knows how strong that would be...)"

When the merging was done, one demon stood before them. Blue skin with sharp red demonic eyes. No wings behind it's back but around the body were patterns of red and black outlines that stood out to Goku and Mirajane. The horns above was shaped up to the sky as its eyes were similar to Demigra's and to add the final touch his aura was skewing a magnitude of dark purple with the sole purpose of solidifying the actions of murdering Son Goku. An X-Mark appeared on the creature's chest.

"A X-mark? Just what the heck is this thing?" Mirajane asked.

"It's bad news, that's what it is, but don't feel alarm Mira, you have me and since I am here you don't have to take this on alone. I for one am damn sure I won't let you die."

"Goku..." as she couldn't held back a smile, "So how strong do you think this one is since every demon that we sulked is in that one?"

"Probably as strong as a SSJ2, but not to fear Mira, this is the third time I'll be giving this to you"

"Give what to me?" she then felt more of Goku's power flowing to her but this time it wasn't just ordinary energy, it was god energy he was lending to her and with that her Satan Soul started to evolve into a figure of much combability. "This... is different from what you previous gave me, what are you Goku?"

"I'm someone who'll protect you, now let's go teach this demon a lesson Mira!" as he clenched his fist.

She blushed but agreed, "Yea!"

Both their aura lit up as the two charges to the demon with trying to deliver first blood by giving it punches but the demon catches the punches with its palms. Goku expands his aura to distract the demon to which it did since Mirajane was able to land first blow on it as she kicks the face of it sending it meters away.

Goku runs as Mirajane flies. The demon lands on its feet as he looks to the front direction and assumed Goku was gonna charge towards him, it did a demon blast but Goku catches it and did the creature dirty by disappearing with an instant transmission landing Mirajane who was behind Goku to land another attack on him. She tries to go for a kick but gets blocked by its left arm. The demon goes for a consecutive barrage of punches but with her wings she blocks them and trips it with her legs for the demon to fall.

Mirajane gains the opportunity to kick it as it falls down to its stomach and later almost punches it's face but gets avoided as it dodges. The demon fires back with a punch to her hip then to her face. She manages to dodge some of its attacks but when she was ready to attack back the demon blows her away with a demonic blast. That however was the downside to the demon's action. Goku appears in front of it and punches with his left fist to the demon's right cheek. The demon tries to retaliate by giving a punch but Goku ducks down for Mirajane to land a punch to the jaw (A/N: It's the same attack Goku has in the Xenoverse games) and with that she and him ends it up with a barrage of punches.

When Mirajane was done she aided Goku by kicking the demon's back to Goku as he himself lands a gut punch to the demon and together they supposedly finish it off by doing a combo technique by delivering a punch to its face sending it flying and that's when the two came up with an idea to combine their attacks to rid the merging demon.

Mirajane starts to hype up her Cosmic Beam while Goku charges his Kamehameha.

"On your cue Goku!"

"Heh! Right! In 3...2...1... NOW!"

"COSMIC KAMEHAMEHA!" as the two shouted, naming their combined attack

The attack combines together as it shows a sparkle of dark purple and light blue energy coming straight to demon and without realizing and with no time to react the demon couldn't escape it as it was still being sent flying and to make the matters worse for the creature, the combined attack reached it and soon the attack disintegrated every last piece, leaving nothing behind and like that the battle was over.

Both the two, mostly Mirajane were breathing a little hard but just as they had predicted the battle was over. In terms of power Goku could've handled the demon by himself but since Mirajane was acting on her own he was lucky enough to think of sharing his energy to her. Thanks to the energy, Mirajane got a glimpse on what Natsu and the other two have and wanted more of it. Seeing how she could do so much more, she wonders if she too can have this kind of power, it'll certainly be in handy if she ever comes in to contact with a demon.

"I can't sense his energy; do you think it's dead?" Mirajane asked.

"Most likely it was, our combined attacked should've knocked it into next Saturday or something. I'm positive it won't come back here."

"I'm glad," she reversed back to normal, "That was certainly fun, the most fun I've had in a while. I feel as though I've redeemed something since coming back"

"Well I'm glad you're feeling that way, truth be told it'd probably be best if I teach you how to assonant Ki control and such so you can use that as your source for your Satan Soul."

I'm willing to be down with that if you are"

"Of course! There's no way I'll turn that request! But you better get prepared the training I'll put on you is pretty hard so expect no mercy out of me Mira!"

"I don't really expect you to dear, I'm scared but also really excited (That way I can fight with him equally)"

"Right, tomorrow on my agenda I'll add you to my training regimen with Erza, Natsu and Gray. Oh and Ultear will be joining us as one of my partners of teaching you four."

"Ultear? You're talking about Milkovich right? How did you manage to snap her out of whatever looney bin she was in?"

"Turns out all you need to do is to hit inflict a specific amount of damage to them in order to rid the brainwashing"

"I see, and you did that to her? When did this happen?"

"It was moments after I found out you had a hole in your stomach, by the way, she's living with me"

"Eh? What?! W-Why!?"

"It's a long story you wait until tomorrow? I'll tell you everything in the morning if you have the patients"

"You better have a good explanation as to why you let another girl live with you"

Goku started to fake chuckle but on a side note he's willing to explain everything in full detail, "Nothing gets past you does it? That's fair, I want to make sure nothing gets in your way, so I'll make sure to tell the truth."

"Good" as she so smiles.

"(There goes that smile again, I swear every time she gives me that look it always makes me want to protect that smile even more, and that's exactly where I'm gonna do, I'll make sure your smile is protected at every cost!)" as he looks at her.

But just when things had settled on down something or someone else entered the fray and interrupted their love session once more but this time, the person who was next in line was someone different than the merging demon. Floating above in the sky as he watches he then begins to make his move by carrying out Towa's orders.

"You're so quick to easily think it's all over huh Kakarot? That's just what I expect out of you."

Goku and Mirajane turned their attention up above the sky as their eyes widen. Up in the sky they could see the man in saiyan battle armor descend on down to the ground slowly and with that they were shocked to see who this new foe is. Mirajane especially.

"Hehe, Long time no see Kakarot, how long has it been since we've last encountered each other hmm?"The man gives off such immense pressure to Mirajane as she started to feel heavy.

"(What the... why does he look like Goku...? Why does he have a tail...? Just who the heck is this guy?)"

Goku's eyes couldn't believe it, the person in front of him knows his saiyan name and to make matters worse, he knew this person. "T-Turles..."

"Ooh so you do remember me, my, my, I feel honored that you remember me Kakarot, truth be told I was hoping you do because you have no idea how much I've loath you right now." As he finally touches the ground.

"Goku, who is this man? Is he someone related to you?" as she continuously looks at Turles.

He gulps, "Yea, his name is Turles, he's someone I've fought back in my world. Just like me he's a Saiyan. He's gets his powers from this Fruit from the Tree of Might. He wanted to destroy the place I called home but I prevented that. I stopped him a long time ago, this doesn't make any sense... Turles, how are you alive! And... just what the heck are you doing in this world?"

"Does it really matter that I tell you? You're able to be mincemeat anyway, but I will tell you this, it was thanks to HER I was able to have a second chance at life of killing you."

"Her? Do you mean Towa?"

"Bingo. So you've met her, hmph, such a handful that demon lady is, but I'll give credit where credit is due, she's one hell of a person to come up with that plan."

"Tch, I already know what her plan is, and you must be crazy if you think you can handle me because I don't know if you've noticed but I'm way stronger than when we last fought so your Fruit won't do you any good."

Turles started to laugh sadistically at what Goku said. This sparkled Goku as to why while Mirajane was in fear.

"(Goku's in his SSJ2 form and yet this Turles guy isn't even scared? Why do I have the feeling something bad is gonna happen right now)"

"GHAHAHA! You honestly think your SSJ2 scares me? Kakarot you're more delusion than I remembered. I know all about your SSJ transformations and quite frankly I don't give a shit."


Turles reveals the Fruit from the tree of might, "What you see right here is in fact the Fruit from the Tree of Might but with a few modifications my fellow saiyan."

"What do you mean?" Goku asked.

"Just watch and see you low class"

He begins to take a bite out of the fruit and repeated that step until the fruit was no more. Once Turles gulped the last remains of it and thanks to that he started to undergo a transformation. He begins to yell as his aura leaked out an ominous dark color. Soon after the center of his chest started to emerge of something that made Goku peak his curiosity. Out came a dragon ball that was stuck to his chest but this dragon ball stood out because it was nothing like the dragon ball Goku had known. The ball on Turles's chest was the Dark Dragon Ball...!

With the Dark Dragon Ball on his chest Turles goes through a transformed to where his eyes are completely yellowed. Veins of the color black and red goes all over his body as his muscle mass expands to which bulge the veins too. When he was done, Turles had no control over himself because the dark dragon ball's power was much more than he could handle and thanks to adding more power from the fruit the dark star ball takes complete control over Turles. The Saiyan stood there as Goku and Mirajane shook in fear, mostly Mirajane.

"Holy crap, why does he have a four-star ball on his chest?!" Goku wondered, "(No, it's the four-star ball alright but somethings off here. Like that ball isn't mine in the first place. What's going on here)"

"This pressure he's giving off... he's showing a lot more than what Ultear did..." as she gets on one knee.

"Mira" as Goku looks at her, "Kch, stay back I got this" he lits up his aura, "That's some improvement Turles. I'm shocked you're able to transcend your limits, though you are a saiyan, so I didn't expect nothing less from you." He jested but soon stopped as he makes a serious face, "Still, I WILL NOT LOSE! ARRGHH! HAAA! YARGH!"

Goku goes in for an elbow to his face followed by a clenched fist to the top of his head and ending it off by giving him a right kick to the left side of his neck but to no avail it didn't faze him.

"He took his hits straight on and it didn't faze him?!" she begins to worry.

Goku dashes back a few inches from Turles, "Dang, I gotta admit your appearance isn't just for show huh. Looks as though this isn't going to be easy" he admitted.

Xeno Turles smiled as he starts to rush to Goku. As he got close, he dipped and weaved to his right to try to give punch to Goku but the ascended Saiyan manages to avoid that as he plants both his hands on the ground to deliver a kick to Turles's jaw to which it had succeed. With Turles in the air given by Goku, he grabs the possessed Saiyan's left leg and with all his might he starts to spin him over and over again at a 360 angle to create momentum. His spins started to get increasingly fast and soon Goku releases him into the air. Getting thrown into the air like a tornado forming Turles catches himself.

Goku lits up his aura and flies up to Turles. The super saiyan tries to give a devasting punch to his guts but with just the amount of time Turles was given, he leaps out of the way by using both his arms as a shield to block the punch then delivers a double punch to Goku's sides then with a kick to his back, causing him to experience pain.

Goku catches himself as he and Turles exchanges blow for blow for 40 seconds straight but it broke out when Goku again tries to go for a punch to Turles's face but instantly the possessed Saiyan ducks down with MMA gesture and proceeds to gut punch Goku tenfold causing him to spit out blood and saliva. Right after he places both his hands on his stomach to deliver a "Dark Kill Driver"

The attack blasted Goku to the ground that was strong enough to descend cracks on the ground leading it up to a miniature earthquake that had woken up the Fairy Tail guild in the house.

Over with Natsu and the others...

The shock of that blast caused a commotion to everyone inside as it finally wakes up the people. Team Natsu was the first to wake up. Then everyone else did the same.

"What the heck was that...?" Natsu said as he got up from the ground.

"Is it an earthquake?" Happy said.

"I don't know but let's regroup with everyone to find out."


Natsu and Happy heads towards the living room and from there everyone else was there as well. "Hey guys! What was that just now?!"

Erza turns arounds, "That's what we're trying to figure out here"

Hisui started to count everyone that was present in the room and when she was done, she noticed Goku didn't show up, "Everyone's here but Goku."

"What did you say?" Erza said.

Everyone looked around to see if Goku was here but presently he wasn't.

"You're right, what the heck...?" Lucy said.

Then moments later they felt his power coming outside of the house.

"This power, it's Goku... that's strange what's he doing outside...?" Wendy asked.

Juvia looks out the window, "Guys come here, there seems to be people outside."

"What at this time of hour?" Cana said.

Everyone picked out their window spot and other windows that faced the direction of the people outside. At that moment they could barely see anything because smoke was covering most of the view.

"Who the heck are those people?" Natsu begged to question.

"I don't know, but from the looks of it, it seems as though there's a battle going on" Levy said.

"Shit, in the middle of night?" Wakaba said in a grouchy mood.

Natsu gulp hard as he sees the man in armor, "What's with that guy over there? His power's ridiculous"

"No kidding, his power looks as though it could rival Goku's" Gray implied.

"If that man was responsible for that eruption than I've got to check on Mira! I'll be back" as Lisanna heads to the Healing Chamber Room.

The smoke soon started to clear out and when it was a much clearer view, all of them saw Goku injured with his hands in an X gesture which was a sign that he blocked the attack from Turles.

"Goku...!" Lucy yelled, "He's hurt...!"

"Oh no," Hisui covered her mouth.

"We have to help him! Quickly!" Romeo stated.

"You don't have to tell me twice, c'mon Happy let's back up our friend Goku!" Natsu insisted.

"A-Aye!" Happy said.

"I'm coming too Natsu! Erza said, "The fact that we've been sleeping through this makes me sick to my stomach."

"Count me in too, it's time we show off what we've learn to Goku!" Gray clenched his fist.

"I'm coming too" Ultear insisted.

But before the four could head out, Lisanna ran downstairs with some urgent news as she yells, "Guys, Mira's not in her chamber pod!"

Everyone turned around as her, "EH?!"

"What do you mean sis?" Elfman worried, "Where could she be then?!"

"I-I don't know! Damn! What's going on here!" Lisanna said.

Ultear looked back at the window at looked at the other person that was standing in front of the Goku lookalike, "Forgive me for ruining your hopes but I think Mirajane's outside" Ultear squinted her eyes to confirm it was her in fact.

"What?" Lisanna ran to the window, "It is her, what's she doing outside, kch, I've got to protect her!" as she started to head out the door.

"Woah! Lis! Hold up! Wait for me!" as Natsu heads out too.

Soon everyone else started to head out to confront Mirajane.

Back to Goku and Xeno Turles...

The smoke dials down as Goku recovers from that attack. Mirajane looks over at Goku in worry as for Turles, he started to open up his aura.

"Dang, what was that attack..." he looks at Turles, "Not bad Turles, not bad at all. You've really thrown me in a loop with that attack of yours. Didn't expect it to do damage on me."

The outcome of that attack causes Goku's Gi to shred out over his upper self.

"(What's with me... why am I holding back my power...? I told myself that I wouldn't...)" He gritted his teeth, "(I tell myself this and yet, I still hold back... why do I always do this?! Why do I always have the need to toy around at the first round...!)"


Turles expands his aura which made Goku and Mirajane go on high alert. The dark skin saiyan started to power up his attack once again but with a much greater force. Goku lits up, "(He's going for Dark Killer Driver again but this time I'm gonna blast that attack right back at hi-... it's getting much larger...)"

"Holy crap..." Mirajane said.

"Kch, dang I guess this is what happens when past enemies have this much of a grudge against me, doesn't matter... COME AT ME!" He gets into his stance, "I'M READY WITH WHAT YOU'RE THROWING AT ME!" Goku taunted.

Xeno Turles smiled. His attack that's about to be unleash will bring havoc around Goku and Mirajane. As he charges it up that's almost ready to launch, he aims it at Goku who was fully on guard to tank that attack.

"(There are two options here that I'm thinking. Option one would be that he's planning to launch that attack on me which might be obvious. And option 2, he could pretend to aim at me but instead aim at Mirajane and if that's the case I've got to make sure I protect her. I'm well aware of what you're plotting Turles, and I'm not letting you get away with it.) Any day now Turles... Come!"

When Turles was done charging up, he was about to "launch the attack on Goku" but had a different agenda. Instead Turles aimed on over to Goku's right side. This action Turles took struck out Goku's two options.

"(Well that's weird, if he's not aiming that at me or Mira, then what's he aiming t-")

Within that split second he turned around as he felt multiple energies all together behind him and that's when it hit him. "(Crap... I've been had! He knew I'd would think he would aim at me or Mira, so he came up the idea of aiming his Dark Killer Driver at Natsu and the others. DAMN IT...! I've got no time to go over there...! at this rate they're all gonna die...!)"

In slow motion Turles released his Dark Killer Driver towards the gang behind Goku as it slid right past him. Goku turns around to try to run to Natsu and the others before the blast could first so he could tank the attack. Mirajane turns around and sees her guild mates along with the blast coming straight to them. In that moment her eyes started to widen in despair as she could see all of them at death's door, realizing that Goku wasn't gonna make it on time and just like that an explosion had occurred and smoked dialed up.

The force of that attack brewed up wind at an excelling rate which blew her hair along with her skirt that's being covered by her hand's protection back tenfold. Since the smoke was still up Mirajane couldn't see what had happened to them so she went with the other choice.

"Lisanna! Elfman! Master!" She shouted, "Anyone! Are you okay!? Goku can you sense if they're all okay?"

Goku who also couldn't see because of the smoke replied to Mirajane's request, "Already a step ahead of you Mira, don't worry. They're all ok. The blast didn't seem to do that much damage to them."

"Eh? I'm glad and all but how's that possible? You weren't there to make in on time and they're all okay?"

"I did say they're alright, but that doesn't mean everyone."

Mirajane made a concerning face as both her and Goku looked back at the smoked that soon dialed down and when it did there was one casualty among Natsu and the others. They saw one person who took the attack head on. That person was the Time Mage, Ultear Milkovich. Because she tanked that attack, her clothes, skin and overall everything was bruised up. She was bleeding from everywhere and was on one knee.

"ULTEAR!" Goku yelled.

"Holy crap are you okay Ultear?" Gray asked.

"I'm fine, cough* the attack was nothing but child's play to me, COUGH* but it was something I wasn't expecting from that amount of power." She coughs even more as she then coughs out blood from her mouth.

Wendy ran to her and right away applied her magic to heal her up, "I got you, don't worry! Make sure not to move a lot..."

Ultear nodded.

"Why did you guys come out?" Goku said.

"The hell it looked like dude? We came out to see what the ruckus was about!" Gray said.

"And to help kick that imposter's ass!" Natsu added in.

Then everyone shifted their attention to Mirajane as they were speechless to say. Mirajane looks back at that as she begins to share a moment with them.

"S-Sis..." Lisanna said, "You're alright..."

"IS that really you Mira?" Elfman said.

Mirajane nodded, "Yea, it is me, sorry it took so long for me to recover."

"Think nothing of it! You've really had us on the edge of our seats!" Lucy said.

The crew started to tear up joy as them and Mirajane were happy to see each other after a long break. Hisui who was happy for them noticed Turles was beginning to make his move, so she had to ruin the moment.

"Um... I hate to rain on the parade, but I think it'd be best to savor this reunion at a better time, the Goku lookalike starting to make his move again."

Goku however was looking at Ultear and given how she had to go through so much in her childhood that he had assumed she must have, he couldn't help but fix the situation in a manner that would make Ultear not regret everything that has happen in her past. Having no clue that Turles was charging towards Goku, Mirajane and everyone yelled at him to be aware of Turles coming at him.

"Goku behind you!" Natsu yelled.

"GOKU...!" Cana yelled.

"Cough* Goku... what are you doing...? B-Behind you...! (In the end I guess no matter what choices I seem to make, everyone I try to protect is gonna die either way. How doubtful of me...) she makes a sad face that represented defeat.

Turles lit up his right punch with an aura ish attack that covered everything around his hand to ensure his attack would make such an impact onto him. All Hisui and the others could do was watch since they were nothing but powerless humans that couldn't do anything at that given second since the "end" was near for Goku.

"It's gonna be alright Ultear."

Ultear looks at Goku who was smiling at her, "You did the right thing for protecting my friends, so in return I'll protect you..."

Goku who was still looking at Ultear caught Turles's punch with just his left hand and looked back at Turles, "Sorry Turles, but I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else anymore" in a serious tone he said.

For Ultear's sake and for everyone else's, Goku started to get serious. With Turles's right hand still grappled by Goku's left hand, the ascended Super Saiyan without mercy crushed Turles's wrist completely and blew him away with just the force of his punch surprising everyone.

"Holy shit" Natsu and Gray said.

"His punch didn't even touch him, and yet it did something like that?" Romeo said.

"That's our Super Saiyan for ya, surprising us like always" Happy implied.

"If one of us had taken that punch, I'd think we be dead" Elfman said.

"No fooling" Wakaba said.

"So this is the power of saiyan that's above an S-Rank mage..." Macao said.

"I expected nothing less of him" Hisui said as she smiled.

Erza just smiled while Cana was shocked at that kind of power Goku displayed and even though she saw how Goku displayed in the 1v5, this one was different. Lisanna, Makarov and everyone else were just speechless to talk but happy Goku got out of the pickle in that one.

"Amazing... Mister Goku's so amazing... Mirajane's lucky to have someone as strong as him to be with huh?" Wendy said as she was still healing Ultear.

"Makes me wonder if he would go through great lengths just to protect her" Carla wondered.

Ultear who blushed at Goku's smile and words wonder if Goku has a plan in mind, "G-Goku, what are you planning to do now...?"

"Something I should've done from the start, I'm done playing around. This ends now..."

Goku lits up his aura and started to release more energy into the mix. The making of releasing more energy causes the rocks on the ground to levitate around him. Erza and the others could sense Goku bringing up his power even more and of course he was yelling.

"Holy crap, he's gonna ascend even more?!" Lucy said as she was covering her eyes from getting hit from the rocks along with everyone else.

Mirajane regrouped with Lisanna and Elfman to make sure Goku can fight freely without someone he has to worry about if they were in front of him. After 5 minutes of yelling, one by one the rocks fell back to the ground as Goku ascended far past the SSJ2 state. He shifted into his SSJ3 form to end things once in for all.

"Whoa look at his hair..." Levy said, "Is that another transformation?"

"Holy shit, you guys feel his energy? It's off the charts!" Juvia said, "(But with the Blue form he took on, I guess it's safe to assume you can only sense it if you have some sort of power like Goku's... meaning the blue form means nothing to us humans if we can't sense it's power.)"

"Hey Goku! You're gonna fight that imposter with that power?" Natsu said.

"Yea, I think it's time I pay back Turles with some vengeance for making Ultear suffer that attack."

"Turles? That's his name?" Makarov said.

"Mmmm Hmmm, now don't worry about me, I'll make this fast so I can return to you guys in one piece." Right away SSJ3 Goku started to fly to Turles's location to settle things like Saiyans should leaving Fairy Tail behind.

"And there he goes" Lucy said.

"And we're gonna see this fight up close! C'mon Happy let's get a move on!"

"Aye sir!"

"Wait hold up! You're not actually planning on going to see Goku fight that man, are you?!" Lucy said.

"Of course I am, he didn't see we couldn't come, I want to see that form in action!"

"Then that makes all of us! Alright Fairy Tail let's support Goku with our chants!" Makarov instructed.

"Yea!" as everyone yelled.

Hisui, Ultear and Cana just nodded in agreement and just like that the entire group started to follow Natsu as his nose will be the one to direct them to the fight! This of course was still taken place during the dark sky which will soon reach daylight. However other than the Fairy Tail guild going to the fight, someone else was going to go see and it was none other than the Assassin of Universe 6 Hit! What are his intentions are wanting to go to the fight? After finding out Turles wasn't Mira and Towa he still wants to Go! But for what purpose? Find out in the next chapter of DBSxFT
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