Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
12 Scarlet red special Part 2
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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12 Scarlet red special Part 2

In 3...2...1...Action...!

Since Goku and Era was on the same bed, she put herself on Goku's thighs and placed her hands on Goku's cheeks. Seeing how Erza's bottom was on Goku's... AHEM... powerpole extend... he started to get hard making Erza feel all the more awkward. "(I'm on top of him and he already got hard... could it be his Saiyan's instinct...?) Ok, here I go..."

She leans forward to delivers a kiss to him. When this had happen Goku started to feel a certain extent of spark that had returned to him. This spark was a reminder to when Mirajane first kissed Goku back in Chapter 3. When Erza lets off the kiss, Goku's state of mind started to take over him. His body, mind and soul wanted more of this 'pleasure' he was receiving. He felt this way around the same time he first kissed Mirajane at night.

Erza was breathing hard, given the fact she gave the person she was crushing on a kiss. And when she was about to do something next, Goku grabbed Erza's leg and pushed her the other side of the bed on her back with Goku on top. With this erotic feeling, he was showing Erza a different side of him, the side of a Saiyan going Ape Shit on his target.

Without a shadow of a doubt he gave Erza a solid French kiss, connecting their tongues together as they touch. Both their hands wrapped together in a unified state as Erza's legs wrapped around Goku as she pushes his body to her, making his Powerpole touch her blind spot and given how hard his pole is when it touched her she led out a moan. When they broke up the kiss Erza sat up and started to undress herself by taking off her silk bathrobe exposing herself nude to Goku.

"D-Don't look at me like that... it's embarrassing..."

In front of him Goku could see how firm Erza's body was and having such a lovely shape his aroma started to take control of him. Instead of thinking with his brain, he was thinking with his dick. After Erza undress herself Goku follows up and does the same thing as he himself was nude in front of Erza.

Seeing Goku's Pole Erza was afraid, she could see how large that thing is and how it's gonna enter her. Both their robes were on the ground as Goku makes his move and continued on playing with her breast. When rubbing her nipples, he caused it to go hard as Erza shouted out a moan which drove her to have an orgasm. Seeing how embarrassing that was, she covered her face with her hands but things go up north when he started to suck on them.

"Haa... Haa...Haa..." Erza moans, she was in complete heat as she was getting the breast sucked out of her. Seeing Erza in heat made Goku go crazy. He sucked hard enough to make Erza produce milk out of her, "Uwaah...! N-Not too hard! You're gonna make me suffer in pleasure...!"

He didn't listen and was continuing sucking on them like a baby to a mother on one breast while the left one juiced out her milk all over Goku's right side. "Not... too hard... Haa..." She started to lose her composure. "Aaah...! (we haven't gotten to the main event and he's making me go crazy...!)"

When he was done breastfeeding himself his mouth was half way filled with Erza' breast milk and thought of something naughty. With the milk in his mouth he kissed Erza once again but made her drink her own milk in the process. Because of that she was wet from down under, making her arouse in guilty pleasure.

When she swallows her milk from Goku's mouth, she jumped to the barrel between his legs and placed it in her mouth, giving him a blowjob. Giving the fact on how large his pole was she was having a difficult time as it started to hurt her jaw. Going in and out with her mouth made Goku feel such a divine pleasure that felt even better than when Chi—Chi did with him. Soon after she started to deepthroat his pole making it hard for Goku to remain a little boy. "Erza... I... Haa..." he let a moan that made Erza turn on even more. "(His cock is so thick in my mouth, it's so remarkable here, it's giving me such an erotic rush...!)"

She steps up her game by placing his pole between her breast as she continues to deepthroat it hard, servicing the Saiyan with pleasure, "Erza... something's about to come out... I can't hold it any longer... I'm... gonna...!"

With Erza's mouth still devouring his cock, Goku led out so much more than what he had anticipated. His hot cum poured out into Erza' mouth making her swallow every portion of it but given the fact he hadn't had sex in so long his cum kept coming at her at such a high rate making her spew his cum out of her mouth and all over her face. She breathes heavily as she touches the cum on not only her face but on her hands. "Breathing Heavy* It's soo... thick and hot..."

She puts the cum that was around her fingers in her mouth as she sucks on it. Giving how Erza played with his cock, it was Goku's turn to play with her baby making machine. With his hands he positioned Erza on her back with her legs spread wide and when Goku took a look at her vagina, she was already wet. Seeing how Erza was this wet Goku had no words to comply but instead he puts his mouth on it and started to lick it.

"Haa... Goku... Noooo... no too fast...! Haaaa...! You're gonna make me lose my mind...! Haaaa...! I feel like I'm dying...! Uwaaahhh...!" Because Goku kept licking so fast it made Erza roar out a sexy moan that made her produce such an asinine face making her squirt all over Goku's face hard. Goku didn't stop there, he still continued licking it more while causing Erza to have multiple orgasms defining her heat as if she was at the sun in space. Erza grabbed on the bed sheets as this was still playing out. "(It's delicious... for some reason I can't stop myself from having more...)"

"Haa...! It feels so good! You're making me cum nonstop... it's starting to hurt...! You're such an animal G-Gokuuuu... Haaaaa...!" She couldn't finish her sentence because now Goku was sucking her cum making it feel like she's going crazy. After that Goku finished and wanted to start the main event.

"Erza, I'm gonna put it in..."

"Heh... Eh...?" she showed a scared face. "A-Already!?" She looks at his cock and was wondering how things might go with such a monstrous thing like that. "(He's gonna rip me a new one if he puts that in...!)"

"Here... I go... I can't contain myself... Erza..."

Erza moved to the edge of the bed on all four. Goku was right behind her as she arches her back lifting her butt upwards. From Goku's angle he could see such a great view of her curves. He begin to place the tip at the entrance of her vagina. From just the tip alone Erza let out a squeal that turned into a moan and just right after he starts to push in.

"G-Go slow... not... too fast ok...?"

And as Goku had been instructed he began thrusting inside her slowly and boy was it a feat. The inside of her made Goku tingle in all sorts of ways. (A/N: And I'm not talking about that bullshit tingling back feeling from Universe 6, NOPE!) From just putting it half way in Erza started to scream in pain and when Goku put more length into it, he started to put more effort into it by going a little faster in thrusting and then had the urge to turn into a SSJ.

Erza catches aware of this and turned her head around, "E-Eh (He turned into his SSJ state the moment he began pacing faster in thrusting... Haa...!) I-I said no-not too fast... not... too fa-ST!" Goku didn't want this erotic sensation go to waste so he puts his full length inside Erza and started to thrust fast causing her to feel extreme pain but at the same time pleasure.

"(He's going fast! He's doing the opposite of what I'm telling him...! I shouldn't com-complain because...)" Erza's eyes started to roll the back of her head as she gets pounded by the Super Saiyan's cock. "(It feels so good...) Haa... Harder... faster... G-Goku!" she started to climax rapidly causing a spill to spew out all over his lower half but given the circumstances Goku still continued pounding his dick inside her.

He started to use his thighs to squeeze her knees together, tighten her vagina that was wrapped around his penis causing her to make such faces as she climax over and over again. The next position Goku and Erza was doing was the Pretzel one. Goku kneeled and straddle Erza's left leg and thanks to that she bends her right leg around his right side of his waist. This gave Goku full access to full penetration, which was easier too. The moment Goku deepen his penetration to Erza, she couldn't help but scream a sexy moan as she repeatedly climaxed again. She lost count on how many times he made her cum.

"G-Goku... Sooo Deep... so good... you dangerous man... (My mind's going blank from this...) Ahaaa..." Erza's eyes shaped in a heart way, she could feel the intensity of her and Goku as much as the sound of bodies pounding to each other as the sex occurred. She lifted herself up and gave back a French kiss to Goku and wanted her tongue to be with his as she lets her saliva come in his mouth making Goku swallow it.

The sheets were covered in thick semen and cum as they kept going at it for 3 hours straight until it was time for Goku's climax. Goku was on his back as Erza was riding on top of him. Both their hands connected as the pounding and thrusting kept going. Her eyes was still heart shaped as she kept releasing climaxes after another.

Soon after Goku started to reach his limit while Erza was WAAAY pass her limit but kept going because she wanted to keep up with Goku, "Erza... something's coming... again! I can't hold it in...!"

"(He's gonna cum, but not just anywhere, he's gonna cum inside me...! This is bad... but I kinda want him too...!) Do it... it's ok! Cum Goku, I want it...! I'm gonna cum too...! Let's cum together!"

And with that request Goku pushed Erza down on her back and sticks out his dick from Erza's vagina and came on her legs and stomach while she let out the most seductive orgasm she has let out since the beginning of them fucking each other. The both of breathed heavy as they came to an end of their ongoing sex and man were the two of them satisfied with it, especially Erza.

She touches her vagina with her right fingers, and chuckle a little, "Oh my... you made me climax so many times, I'm starting to feel numb from down there..." She gets on top of Goku and gives him a kiss as a reward to him and her for fucking for too long. LOL. Their salvias were still connected as her lips brushed away from hers and soon the two were cuddling. Erza was on Goku's right side as her head was on his right peck and of course with the blanket covering the nude couple :P.

"That was amazing... you really grinded me way too hard but it felt so good when you did..."

"Yea you were quite the catch too, I couldn't stop myself from thrusting so fast. Being inside of you felt so fantastic. Rather than fighting and training, I think I like doing these things."

"Well said, I couldn't agree more, and I'm surprised you pulled out when you were about to cum, you sometimes can really scare me when you told me you were about to cum. I'd figured you were gonna cum inside me, to which I'm glad you didn't though."

"Yea I know, I only do that when someone wants a baby!" He yelled causing Erza to laugh, "(Thanks to this, now I know what to do with Cana... I wonder what being inside her will be like...)"

"We should probably catch some sleep, so we can go back to the guild tomorrow."

"Good call..."

Before the two could call it a night, Goku positioned himself on top of Erza to give her a goodnight kiss which in return made her smile. "Goodnight... Erza..."

"Yea. Goodnight... Goku..."

And just like that another match made fucking hit the books in the Super Endearment Hotel! This special moment was something Erza could hold onto since her first time was with Goku. She and him started to cuddle with each other as they slept like that in a moments flash.

Late Morning of the Endearment Hotel, in Crocus Fiore...

Erza was the first one to wake up, the blanket that was covering her fell off as she sat up drooling. She looks at Goku who was sleeping like a baby. She didn't want to disturb him by waking him up so she just watches him sleep as she puts her left elbow on the bed to see him go off.

Ok I lied about not wanting to disturb him lol, she did want to do that. She leans over to Goku's lips to give him a smooch to wake him up to which it did and now the both are awake and alive! And Nude...!

"Yawwn* Morning Erza," he smacked his lips... as his hair was messy.

"Good morning... did you sleep well?"

"Mmmm Hmm, I did best sleep I had in a while...!"

"I'm glad, it beats sleeping on the grass don't it?"

"You got that right!"

"Since you've slept well, let's get dress and check out so we can use instant transmission to group with Natsu and the others."

"Yea good call."

Together the both of them dressed up and went downstairs to check out to where they met with Linry. "Morning to you campers! I take it your visit here satisfy your interest?"

"Believe it or not it did, the both of us were able to um... you know"

Linry fangirled at Erza while Goku was being dense about it, "Oh you two are such a hot couple!"

Erza hands her the keys, "Thank you! Now you two are welcomed back anytime ok! For of course you know, wink* wink* now take care you two!"

"You too, Goku if you would so kindly do the honors...?"

"Hmm? Or right," he ran to Erza as he was done observing the red chandeliers.

Erza was holding hands with his left one as Goku was able to pinpoint Natsu and the others, "Wow, I can sense everyone at my house."

"I can fill you in later, for right on let's get a move on"

"Right! Next stop, my house!" as the two vanish while Linry the manager was waving farewell in the background.

Goku's House... to Where the Fairy Tail Guild's been Camping at...!

Not everyone was at Goku's house, some were at the Guildhall while some took on missions. Team Natsu with Shadow Gear, Gajeel, Lisanna, Elfman, Macao, Romeo, Wakaba, the exceeds and Cana were in the room with the healing chambers. Makarov was able to regain conscious and was the first one out thanks to Levy. Natsu and the others hugged the shit out of their master which in a way brighten up his mood.

Soon after gaining conscious Hisui was the second to awaken and was hugged by Lucy. Hisui checked her wounds and scars and was completely surprised. She thought of this as a miracle and hugged back Lucy. Things started to look bright for Fairy Tail but it was too early to celebrate since Mirajane hadn't awaken yet, neither has Ultear. There's a reason the healing chamber took 2 weeks prior and that would because it's an old run down model, but chapters on Levy will make improvements on it.

"Glad to see you made it Princess." Lucy said.

"Yea. I'm just glad I'm alive and all."

"For you to hold on for this long is pretty manly your highness...!"

"Thanks, I guess... I can't tell you guys how long it feels to breath fresh air."

"You and me both Princess." Makarov said, "say what happen while I was out of battle anyway?"

Lisanna started to explain, "Well, right after you were shot up in ice, Mirajane took a sword right through her by Ultear while Princess Hisui and I were victims of a brutal beatdown."

"And this was all because I wasn't there to protect you Lis!" Natsu clenched his fist.

"But don't worry Lisanna! The next time Ultear goes all ice shit on you, Natsu will beat her down!" Happy implied.

"Thanks, but I don't think Ultear's gonna be attacking when she wakes up."

"How so?" Gray wonders.

"Goku told me that in order to rid the brainwashing, we've got to inflict a specific amount of damage to the victim for them to snap out of it."

"I see, well that brings a load off, because I was wondering why she was being treated here because once she's at full health she could attack us" Hisui said.

"Well that's news to us" Macao said.

"Yea. That's good news but to inflict damage on them? Shit dawg we can't do that? we're not build to manhandle people like Ultear" Wakaba admit.

"You may not but maybe flame ball here and I could" Gray said, "The both of us trained nonstop in the gravity room and now we've got a good sense on where to fight and stuff."

"Damn Straight!" Natsu agreed.

"That's good you two." Makarov admired, "The fact that you can do stuff similar to Goku can uplift the burden he's carrying on his own."

"True and let's not forget Erza can do what Natsu and Gray can do too!" Wendy added in.

"And since they're 3 more brainwashed people which one in fact is Gildarts, I'm certain things may be looking good on our end of the deal" Romeo said.

"It would but remember Romeo, we don't have Goku so it could give us quite a difficult time" Levy mentioned.

"Oh yea you're right."

"Speaking of Goku where is he?" Hisui wondered as she takes a look around.

"Oh um, he left this house 2 weeks ago and since then we haven't heard from him." Lucy said to answer her question.

"Eh? Why is that?" Hisui questioned.

"Well he told me he found the source to who's pulling the strings on who's doing the brainwashing and since then we haven't heard from him much less sense him. And Erza's been tailing him too for 2 weeks."

"Wait really? What do you mean? You couldn't sense him?" Natsu said.

"The moment he locked onto this source he transformed into this bright but pretty blue form. Neither I or Wendy, Carla or Happy could sense any energy from him."

"Maybe... in that form he was in you can't sense any energy from him unless you have what he has in terms of power?" Juvia said.

"It could be that... good call Juvia" Gray said as he patted Juvia's head making her happy as she wiggles her hips.

"AARGHH! Goku you son of a bitch! How dare he not show us more of his power!" Natsu grunted.

"Hehehe, now, now Natsu maybe he had a good reason too."

"Well on the plus side things are quite running up the mill huh?" Alzack said.

"Sigh* That boy is such a mystery man." Makarov pointed out.

Ultear's healing chamber started to buzz the blinker indicating that she was able to awaken so Levy with the help of Jet and Droy manages to open up the hatch of the chamber right after the healing liquid went away and soon Ultear started to open her eyes as she gains consciousness. Gajeel removed the wires and mask from her and soon she gained her vision.

"Looks like sleeping beauty is awake," Gray quoted.

"Urgh... Gray Fullbuster...?" Ultear turn to her right, "Natsu Dragneel? What the... am I in the Fairy Tail guild?"

"Well you're half right, you're with Fairy Tail but we're not in the guildhall, we're at a friend's house." Wendy Marvell.

"You're Wendy Marvell..." She then sees Hisui, "Uh! Princess Hisui...? What's going on here...?"

"We should ask you that" Gray said.

"Wh-What do you mean?"

"You're here with us because of something that happened to you that ties in with us" Cana said.

"And that is...?"

"Ultear, you were under control...and to top it all off, you followed orders issued by this one person and murdered over a massive count... you even took out one of our own guild mates." Lucy said.

"One of yours...? Under... control...? What? I don't really recall any of th-" At that split second Ultear started to have a major headache. It was thanks to that headache, she was able to remember despite being brainwashed on how she did all the terrible biddings from Towa. Because of everything swelling back to her, she started to sweat in guilt.


She was breathing heavily. She remembers everything and although she was brainwashed, her conscious wasn't so her sanity was still within her but couldn't be released. She could hear the cries from children as their throats get slit and how the adults reminisce as they get the energy suck out of them while in the process of murder. "I...I remember... everything..." She covered her left eye with her left hand. She starts to have more flashbacks of her killing other people.

"You do? Then please tell us what you know!" Wendy insisted.

"You're telling us you remember, so mind giving us the entire coverage without leaving anything out? Gray asked.

"S-Sure... it's only right since you've healed me up."

Before Ultear started to explain, everyone went to the living room and left Mirajane alone as she continues on to heal. In the living room there were plenty of seats and spaces from the couch, so everyone started to sat comfortably like it was a campfire story and so Ultear began to speak.

"Ok, I guess I'll begin to when those two arrived."

"Those two?" everyone said.

"Yes, there were these two people. They were something I'd had never seen in my entire life before. They were a bit off when we've been encountered and to top it all off, their skin were blue. Bright blue, with white hair. One was a male while the other was a female."

"Would you happen to know their names?"

"Indeed, I do, the male one name's Mira. While the female goes by as Towa."

"M-Mira?" Elfman said, "She has the same name as our Mira!"

"Y-Yea Elfman I can see that" Lisanna said.

"Towa in particular was the brains behind everything."

"As in?"

"For starters, she identified herself as a demon."

"D-Demon?!" Wendy freaked out.

"I don't know where she came from, but I know this, she has a motive of wanting to be here."

"And what would that be?"

"She... wants to break some seal that holds back some kind of realm. The Demon Realm."

"Demon Realm? WHAT?!" Everyone in Fairy Tail had yelled to that remark.

"Demons? As in those underworld scary monsters?" Lucy said.

"One would think that but no, these demons specifically are beings that are way beyond that of a human, they're not to be taken likely."

"You say that as if you fought one before" Gray wondered.

"I've fought... well I tried to fight of the Mira person but I ended up as an appetizer for him. His aura was off the charts when he released it to me when he attacked. I couldn't see his movements and it looked as though he didn't use magic when he defeated me. Right after I was defeat, that Towa person started to mess with my mind and soon I fell into her trap. Basically to break that seal, Towa would need an extraordinary amount of energy that's strong enough to suffice to her liking. Divine energy would be an even greater source."

"Divine energy? What do you mean?" Makarov wondered.

"As in... energy from Gods..."

"G-Gods? They actually exist?!" Lucy freaked out.

"But the question is, who here on Earthland has Divine energy?" Hisui wonders, "(The only person I could think of is...)"

"Towa mentioned some person named..." Ultear snapped her fingers, "Uh! A man name Son Goku."

Everyone that was present in that room widen their eyes, to think Goku would have powers that far ascends that of gods! Well, not Destroyer Gods of course. They wonder, just what exactly is the depts of Son Goku's powers? Does it show no bounds? Just...

"G-Goku... you're saying he's some kind of God?" Lisanna said.

"I wouldn't exactly tell you guys this unless I hear it from the source itself, but yes what you hear from my mouth is what I heard from her mouth, Goku in fact has some kind of God/Divine powers."

"N-No way, that bastard..." Natsu said.


"Suppose it is true and Goku does have powers of a god, how would Towa fight against that" Hisui brings up a good point.

"Earlier I mention how Towa would need energy to break the seal right? Well Mira on the other hand gets all the stored power from everything they kill thanks to Towa, from what I can say, they must've collected energy for decades or even more than that so maybe they can fight Goku in his whatever god state he has."

"Sounds like trouble's brewing from all sorts of everywhere" Romeo smh.

"As of right now, Mira's on the other side of the planet killing off more people to feed himself energy, it's not much but it'll definitely send chills down your spine."

"Tch, they're fighting so damn dirty, not really manly..."

"So Ultear my dear, from what I can get out of this, the demon Towa plans on breaking the seal of the demon realm but to do that she needs energy from Goku am I correct?"

"With every word Makarov."

"Then, I'd said we stand our ground then...!"


"I know Goku may have been broken down and stuff but I just know for a fact that won't bring him down to the point where he'll leave Fairy Tail, if we tell him this info we can strike back while the iron's hot! And he won't do it alone! Natsu, Gray and Erza can help him while the rest of us can support them!"

"Now you're talking Gramps!" Natsu clenched his fist, "I'm all fired up now! Where are those Demon bastards? They surely don't want some of Fairy Tail's hands!"

"Aye sir!"

"Divine energy... Powers of a God..." Juvia was wondering about those words and started to tie them up to Goku's transform he showed to Lucy and her.

"Something on your mind Juvia? You're spacing out."

"Well Juvia was just thinking, Goku may indeed have God powers and there is proof. When his hair turned blue. Since Lucy and I couldn't sense his energy, that must mean only Gods can sense other God's energy, though it's just a theory."

"Sounds like a pretty excellent theory Juvia, That is possibly, in fact that may seem to be more reasonable" Levy said. "But that would mean the demons Towa and Mira would be gods right? Maybe? Idk?"

"Juvia thanks you Levy, but... another question seems to be floating in my head."

"What would that be?" Lucy said.

"Where are Meredy and the blue hair man Jellal?"

Ultear just realized what had happen to them but she wasn't fond of it, "The two of them... were brainwashed and to this day, they still are."

"(Jellal and Meredy, that must mean the other 2 caped person I saw back at the village must've be those two! If Ultear was this strong, then how strong is Meredy or Jellal) Then that confirms the two other mysterious caped persons when they attacked me and Goku."

"So, if anyone here is in a disagreement here, I say we startup operation save the brainwashed people from the demon losers asap!" Gajeel pointed out.

"Took the words right out of my mouth Gajeel" Lily said.

"Right you are Gajeel, from the best plan possible only Goku, Erza, Natsu and Gray handle the demons and the brainwashed, we just provide them back up!" Makarov pointed.

"Count me in" Ultear said.

"Why is that?"

"This may sound a bit off but, when I had been corrupted with energy from Towa, I learned how to emulate Ki and was able to fight similarly to Goku so if instead of 4 people throwing out their hands, count 5 in the matter, that is if you'll have me"

"With the threat that's bestowed upon us, we'll take all the help we can get!" Lucy said.

"Don't sweat it gender bender dude! We're friends here, and with that in mind, there's no way we're gonna go down without a fight!" Natsu preached.

Everyone in the room smiled to that remark.

"Flameball has a point" -Gray.

"My darling's so cute when he complies another man!"- Juvia.

"Then it's settle!" -Lucy

"Who else but Natsu!" -Happy.

"With spunk like that I'd say you were gonna throw down if we had said no" -Carla.

"Sounds like a date from hell, literally Salamander" – Gajeel.

"I guess the saying goes "multiple heads are better than two?" – Lily.

"Well if we're gonna clap back then might as well do it while we can" -Levy.

"So smart Levy!" "Eat me!" -Jet and Droy.

"That's the way of Fairy Tail and Natsu!" -Romeo.

"That's Fairy Tail for ya!" -Wendy.

"And yet this guild holds nothing but complete annihilation" – Wendy.

"Taking on Demons will display how manly we truly are! And to avenge Mira!" -Elfman.

"If it's to throw payback at them then it's war!" -Lisanna.

"Good grief you youngings are too hyper" -Wakaba.

"You know we were once like that too you know" – Macao.

"I guess this is to be expected of Fairy Tail huh? Never a dull moment with you guys" -Hisui.

"Hmph, Princess this IS Fairy Tail after all!" -Makarov.

Cana agreed too but didn't say anything, she was just nodding as she was still thinking about Goku and his origins and how he's in leagues with an plan from Towa and Mira.

"Then I guess it's a plan then, we must prevent the seal to be remain undone from resurrecting the Demon Realm, and our first target must be Mira! We have to get rid of him because he's not only the source but the key as well and I forgot to mention this but Towa's plans of having Mira go toe to toe with him so it'll be a hell show to witness if we don't do something about it" Ultear said.

"Damn straight!" Natsu said.

"But the problem is, we need Goku on board. I know Erza Scarlet will be on board, but we haven't seen her or Goku" Hisui. "Time is ticking after all and we still haven't heard from them. This is a great plan and all but without Goku I don't see this plan succeeding."

"You have a fair point but Goku is the key to this plan," Makarov sigh, "That boy sure is a pain in the ass when he disappears when we need him the most."

"Goku... please come back to us... (And to me specifically.)" Hisui said.

And with that request Goku complied to it as him and Erza teleported in the kitchen catching the noses of the dragon slayers and Ultear and anyone else that learn how to sense other energies to be aware of this. "This scent, this energy, could it be?!" Natsu said.

"Could what be?" Hisui wondered.

Everyone followed Natsu into the kitchen and ba da bing ba da boom! Goku and Erza have reached the destination of his house surprising Natsu and the others.

"G-Goku...! Erza...!" Everyone said.

"Yo! Long time no see huh you guys..."

Everyone ran up and jumped at Goku and Erza as they gave them massive hugs. Goku and Erza were being crushed by the combined weight but it soon dialed down. Hisui, Cana and Ultear didn't jumped at them but more or less they were surprised to see him, Cana and Hisui especially.

"Hey G-Guys! One at a time here! You're up in my space...! it's hard to breath!"

"Seriously you guys are not giving us much space here!" Erza said.

"Goku! Where were you man! Like what the fuck were you doing during the 2 weeks that had gone by!?" Natsu said.

"You better explain dude because we deserve an explanation" Gray said.

"R-Right, sorry for being gone for that long you guys" as he scratches the back of his head.

"You could've at least check in once in a while!" Lucy implied.

"Did you beat the Towa person that was the source of the power you were sensing? Juvia wondered.

"Kch, sadly no... I wanted too but I was distracted by one of her tricks and she managed to pull one on me and escape, wait how you guys know about Towa?"

"That would be thanks to her" Wendy pointed to the direction of Ultear.

When Goku turned his attention to her, she froze up. The reason behind this because during their fight she was scared of the powers hiding behind Goku as he was releasing and boy it wasn't near as much as people have witness. Goku showed a straight face and walked towards her. Her heart started to pound.

"Your name's Ultear right...?" Goku said.

She hesitated but delivered an answer, "Y-Yea that's right... (He's not showing that face he showed back when he pummeled me.) A-And you're S-S-Son Goku...?"

"That's me"

"Li-Listen I know what I did was uncalled for when I struck down Mirajane Strauss... but believe me when I say this! I'm truly sorry I bathe in her blood as you watched. I know saying sorry isn't gonna wash away the sins I've committed but this is something I'm owning up too. It's only right if... I receive punishment from you as payback..." as she bowed her head down telling him to show no mercy.

Natsu and the others heard this and was about to act but Erza stopped them and told them to just watch. Goku still made a straight but blank face which put a worry on Ultear as she started to sweat from anxiety. Hisui wonders what Goku plans on doing along with Cana.

"Hch, it's okay I forgive you." He calmly said.

She picked up her head, "E-Eh? What... did you just say?"

"I said I forgive you..."

"So easily? But why?"

"Because I know you really didn't mean too. It wasn't you that tortured Mira, you were possessed, well... I guess it was you but like I said you were possessed, but now you're not so all is forgiving, you don't have to feel that way Ultear, you were just subjugated to do Towa's biddings from your own will. You're free now so I'd like it if we could work together and stop Towa." He smiled at her.

From those words alone she had felt the word comfort of the Saiyan and was speechless. She didn't know what to say from the kind Saiyan. Erza, Natsu and the others started to smile. Makarov too as well. "I... don't deserve your kindness... I've committed sins that are unspoken of and all you can say, you forgive me? You're a cruel one Son Goku..." as she started to show a weak smile.

Goku patted her head making her look up at Goku as he catches her off guard with a smile that surely made her blush a little, "Think nothing of it, everyone has a dark side to them, right? Only natural to spit it out like chewing gum. And like I said, I forgive you, it's best to forgive and forget right?"

"Y-Yea... (Why does... my heart feel so funny...?) I'll accept it Goku, but... there must be something I can do to atone for you, surely there must be something...?"

"Well if you're that optimistic, then you can come up with something and I'll allow it, no matter how silly it may sound"

"T-Then... I propose this... let me work under you..."

"Hmm? I don't know what you're going on about? Could you explain that to me?"

"I'll offer up my service to you 24/7 no matter what situation I'm in, I'll come to aid whenever you wish for me. Does that sound like a deal?"

Goku hold out his hand to Ultear as she took it to shake hands, "You drive a hard bargain" he smiled.

"(Son Goku... although he may have powers beyond that of humans, he can really show the brightness of him. I guess I've fallen victim to his charms. No matter, it's my duty to service him into taking down Towa and Mira! No matter the cost!)"

Lisanna smiled at those two and wonder what Mira would've said in this situation. She turns her direction to Erza to ask her something. "Say Erza, how did you manage to find Goku?"

"Huh? Oh um... turns out he was in the Outer Outskirts of Crocus this entire time." Erza said as everyone's attention but Goku, Ultear, Cana's.

"Outer Outskirts? My I haven't been over there in a while..." Hisui said.

"Yea it was thanks to this young girl I was able to find him."

"That's good and since the both of you are here, Ultear would you be so kind to explain the situation and the plan to them?" Makarov said.


20 Minutes Later...

Goku and Erza was up to speed and soon Makarov was going over the plan as Goku was talking to Hisui. Cana wanted to talk to him but she kept distancing herself from him but she's still shy about the situation from last chapter. When Goku walked to Hisui, she gave him a fast hug surprising him but he didn't complain. "Nice to see you're well Goku..." she said as her cheeks were tinted in red.

"Yea same for you, I'm glad you're alive and not dead, I don't know what I would do if you and Mira were both dead."

"Well in terms of miracles I'm still kicking it. When Lucy told me how you rage so hard for Mirajane, I thought nothing but to worry for you. You've cause me such grief you know that? you jerk"

Goku chuckled a little, "My bad, my bad, it's just I've been in this world for so long and made so many friends, it's a pain to see them go away if they're gonna have to go through what Mira went through. I don't want them to go through hell. Ultear included."

"Well bottom line is, I'm just glad you're back with m- I mean us, whatever it takes I just want you to be happy you know?"

"Seeing you smile makes me happy. And when you bought me those croquettes, that truly made me happy."

Hisui blushed from that compliment, "Y-You're embarrassing me with those compliments you jerk, but still... thank you for saving me from almost going to death's door." She leans up to Goku to give him a direct kiss on the lips. "We never finished our date so when this is all over, let's go on a another one, k?"

Goku's heart was racing fast but he responded, "Y-Yea... I like nothing more than spending time with you again"

She smiled at Goku as he blushed and looked away, "For right now we should head with your master"

"R-right let's go."

Goku and Hisui headed back to the living room as the Makarov was just done explaining the plan again. To summarize the plan, here ya go viewers, Goku, Erza, Natsu, Gray and Ultear will confront Towa and Mira with the corrupt servants. Makarov and the rest will provide support in ensure those five don't go down quickly! Goku in particular will have to go toe to toe with Mira while Natsu and the 4 takes on Gildarts, Jellal and Meredy.

"I guess we can call it a day huh? You guys can head on home or we can stay here to make sure we don't run into Towa and Mira since Goku's house has so many rooms they were gonna shelter there but it was only temporary.

Lisanna was in the kitchen with Erza as the two was gonna stir up some food to eat since it's getting late in the evening. Cana was still avoiding Goku because she wanted to come up with a way to say she's sorry for her actions but couldn't think of a unique way, so she kept struggling. Natsu and Gray were sparring. Levy had a book about healing chambers thanks to Jet and Droy searching in that room. Gajeel and Panther Lily were on the sofa just chilling. Wakaba, Macao and Romeo were cleaning up the house in Goku's care.

Ultear who was with Goku was in the healing chamber room to see Mira. Goku placed his right on the glass, "Mira, I don't know what's taking you so long but I'll be waiting when you come out. I'm not gonna leave you."

Ultear looks at Goku, "You must really care for this woman if you're this dedicated to stop Towa's plan."

"Yea, I'm basically an energy source that needs to be sucked out by Towa so she can feed it her Mira so he can break the seal. That's problematic. That won't happen, not on my watch. On my life I swear I'll make them pay."

"(This man must really have a thing with Mirajane Strauss, but for some reason... why does that make me as if I'm developing jealousy? My body's telling me to do something to Goku, but what! What is it? Whenever I think about it just makes my heart spin right round like a top spinner. ) oh um thank you for letting me stay here, I'm in your dept once again"

"Think nothing of it, I have so many rooms it's practically normal if I let you have one, you can stay here as long as you want until you feel you've done enough for me? sound cool?"

"Y-Yes...! that does sound good, thank you, once again..."

Goku patted her head with his left hand, "you're such a silly girl Ultear." He smiled.

"(But then again, getting hit on by him feels so refreshing. It's like I want this to continue on forever. This tingly feeling... it's making me so damn hot...)"

"I guess we should head downstairs, Erza and Lisanna cooked up something for everyone to eat so I can't wait to try it out. I never knew Erza could cook so I'm wondering if she rivals Mira in cooking, c'mon Ultear let's get going!"


After dinner everyone had their own rooms and went to sleep right away to spend the next day strategizing. After everything was settle, something formed from the sky above Magnolia. It was a wormhole but with a twist to it. Out of the wormhole came the God Cube and the Greatest Assassin in Universe 6 Hit!

"(Looks like I finally made it, if Towa and Mira are on this timeline then I have to conceal my power, so they don't sense me. And when their guard is lowered I'll strike them at the heart and my missions will be complete. However, ... why is it I feel as though I'll run into him again... Son...Goku...)"

The Cube started to land on top of some random building as Hit got out. He takes at a good view of Magnolia. "I probably shouldn't rush things. Everything has to fall into my hand if those two are my agenda, but the question is... how will I find them... (I should probably look around just for clues and if I'm lucky, I'll sense their power and it lead me to them.)"

"(If what I heard is right, this must be Universe 13. Universe 1-12 are gone while 13-18 are here, I guess it's best not to run into any Gods of Destruction here, that would be a shit show. No matter, as long as Towa and Mira are dead and I completed my assignment then it's best to remain on high alert. Wouldn't want to make a scene here)" He looks at the sky.

"(To think I'm doing the dirty work for Lord Champa... though assassinating people is my thing so I'll carry on down to every second into making sure those demons won't make it out alive.)"Hit smirked, "Time to begin my job"

Scene Changes to Morning...

Mirajane was still recouping, but Lucy along with Wendy and Carla were the first to wake up. Then Goku came next in line and greeted them. "Morning you guys, I slept really good last night."

"I bet, with Cana am I right?" Wendy said.

"Cana... she didn't appear in my bed last night, it felt weird to be honest."

"Really? That's so unlike her, Boobzilla always likes to sleep with you" Carla mocks.

"(In all honestly, she was in my room last night, she couldn't come to herself to sleep with him because it'll be awkward, though I don't blame her. I know Hisui didn't sleep with her since she was her room was right next to mine.)" Lucy thought. "How did you sleep well since Cana wasn't with you?"

"Easy, I slept with Erza instead." He said so calmly.

Lucy, Carla and Wendy's eyes were shocked, "E-EERZA?!" WHAT! YOU SLEPT WITH ERZA!? Lucy yelled.

"I did, (And we even thing what we did in that hotel we were in, in Crocus.) I just asked, and she just said yes. I'm not use to sleeping alone so I needed a someone to um..."

"Cuddle?" Wendy said.

"Yea Cuddle, it's a nice feeling when it comes down to it. Though I wonder what I would feel like if I slept with Hisui or Ultear. I didn't want to disturb them anyway, so I was fine with Erza. Well I was super happy since this is our second time doing it together again."

"(He says that so casually... do the two have a relationship together?) Say Goku, do you like Erza by any chance?" Carla asked.

"Like?" Goku gave thought to this but gave out an answer that satisfied him in every way, "Yea I do. I like Erza. She was the one to cheer me up when I was in the slums. She kept pushing at me and didn't give in on me. In a way she's an amazing person and I can't find it fitting than to protect someone like her. Although she falls under Mira, but all in all I do like her!"

"I see... (I pretty sure he got the wrong message when I asked him that.)"

Hisui entered the scene as she stretches her arms to yawn and gets greeted by Goku and the others, "Morning you guys"

"Morning!" as the three girls replied back.

"Hmm? Goku you seem to be in a good mood. It's still morning, did something happen?" Hisui wondered.

"Yea matter of fact I slept with Er-"

Lucy covered his mouth and finished his sentence for him, "He slept with an ERaser... right Goku?"

Goku just nodded in compliance. Hisui was just puzzled, "Okay then... what a way to start off a day huh?" as she heads to the fridge to pull out a bottle of milk to drink down.

"Say Lucy why did you stop me?" he whispered.

"Well obviously Hisui's gonna throw a fit if she finds out you slept with Erza, duh!"

"Really? I never figured Hisui the type to do that... you learn something knew every day huh?"

When Hisui finished her milk, she looks at Goku and Lucy, "Say whachu two talking about?"

"Oh nothing major! Just a pep talk for the big day when we face those demon bastards! Right Goku?"

That's what she said." Goku replied.

"Okaaay then... I'm gonna go hit the showers after some breakfast but before that I need to ask you something Goku, what do you intend on doing today?"

"Oh that's easy, I'm going to teach Erza and the boys a technique"

"Technique? What technique?" everyone in the room wondered.


"Kaio...Ken?" Wendy wondered.

"You'll see it once I'm done with teaching it to them, Ultear however doesn't need it, she's as strong as a super saiyan so I doubt adding in Kaio Ken for her would be fair for Erza and the others. Though she could be a good sparring partner."

"Fair Point" Lucy said.

"Say is Erza asleep?" Wendy asked.

"Mmmm Hmm, Imma go wake her up!"

"I don't think that's a good ide- and he's gone" Carla said. "Welp he's a goner, say Wendy let's finish up breakfast and head to the living room to watch on the big screen when Goku teaches the three "Kaio Ken? Sounds good?"

"Sounds great"

"Mind if I join you after my shower? I don't have much to do until our time of reckoning on Towa."

"Nope, the more the merrier!" Wendy said.

"Splendid." She put her touched her fingers together.

Erza's Room...

Erza was still catching some ZZZZZ while in her silky robe she got for free from Endearment Hotel. Though her chest was showing was sleeps over to her right side which was facing the opposite of the door. She was resting from the amazing intercourse she had with Goku last night and couldn't help but play it in her mind again and again as she leaks a little from her you know where.

With caution Goku gently opens the door and gets on the bed to tap Erza, "Hey Erza" he whispered. "Erza, can you hear me? I need to tell you something. Hellooo?! Erza...!"

He leaned over to her and gently shakes her to wake up, soon after she did. "Yawwwwn* "She smacks her lips, "Morning..." her eyes were still hazy, but she pulled through by wiping them as she stretches after. "Something on your mind, you keep constantly shaking me"

"Yea, it's just that, with the upcoming battle with the demons, I have to make sure you guys are strong enough to go toe to toe. Long story short, I'm going to teach you one of my techniques!"

"Your techniques?"

"OK well it's not actually MY technique but I can teach it to you as someone taught it to me"

"Ok, what's it called?"

"The Kaio Ken!" he puts one finger up.

"Kaio...Ken? I'm sorry, that sounds a bit funny to say. Tell me, what is exactly can this Kaio Ken do?"

"I'll tell you once Natsu and Gray are up too, for now you've got to get dress and head down to the gravity room. Does that sound like a plan?"


In previous chapters Erza wasn't adequate with Goku at first since he always had Mirajane and Cana on his dick I mean on him. But the situation now has drastically changed for the better so she wasn't much afraid to take a crack at him. To the both of them, they felt as though they've developed a bond deep enough that's fueled with friendship. Lol.

So Erza got out of bed and went to Goku to give a surprise kiss on the lips and headed to bathroom to do what any lady in the bathroom would do in general. It didn't take long so her and Goku headed downstairs and from there they saw other guild members down in the kitchen and living room. Hisui, Cana and Lucy were helping Lisanna w Elfman stir up some breakfast from the cookbook while Natsu, Gray and Gajeel were rock paper scissoring it out to see who can have the leftover pizza from weeks ago. Makarov, Wakaba and Macao were drinking alcohol on the couches. Romeo, Wendy and the Exceeds were with Shadow Gear in the healing chamber to check up on an update on Mirajane while of course trying to get a grip on how the freaking machine works. Cana was still avoiding Goku and it bothered him but he'll figure that out later on.

"Hey Natsu, Gray!" Goku waved.

The two turned around as the two sees Goku and Gray. They ran over to them to greet them. "Hey hey Goku, Erza! What's shaking buddy, I have something to tell you!" Natsu said.

"Ok, what's up?"

"Heh, try not to be jealous from what I'm about to say ok? AHEM* I've got it down in gravity training up to 40x!"

"With me included Ashes"

"Oh and him too"

"Really? That's amazing you guys, consider me impress"

"Heh, I know, I know" he was bragging, "Wait, why aren't you shocked? I practically did something that should take any normal person years to do!"

"I'm far passed 40x of gravity I can go far beyond 100x and I mean FAR beyond"

Natsu dropped his jaw while Gray wasn't surprised, "You ain't bluffing? This is for real?"

"For real"

"For real, for real?"

"For real x100 Natsu"

"Well shit, looks like I'll have to go back in to go beyond 100x!"

"Actually, cancel those plans Natsu." Erza said.

"What why?"

"Goku here said he's gonna teach one of his techniques"

Natsu and Gray went up to Goku with stars in their eyes, "Really? What's it called?!"

With Natsu and Gray up in his space Goku cracks a sweat, "K-Kaio Ken..."

"Kaio...Ken? What the heck is that?"

"Oh I'll tell you, but not here. Let's head to the gravityroom and I'll explain it there."

Before The four headed to the room, Ultear was nowhere in sight, "Hmm? Say, Where's Ultear by chance?"

Lucy answered, "She's still asleep in her room"

"Oh ok, (I guess I'll leave her be, after what she's been through, I guess she needs some alone time) ok, let's get going."

And so the four headed their way to the Gravity Room.

Scene Changes... The Gravity Room...!

Natsu, Gray and Erza were lined up side by side with Goku as their teacher/master in front of them. "Ok" He puts his right hand into a fist gesture and placed it on the palm of his left hand. "Basically the Kaio Ken is a technique that can multiples your Ki to heighten everything. Power, speed, vision and hearing improves dramatically. In a way you become like a super... yourself if that makes sense."

"A technique that multiples your senses with power and speed, my, my that certainly brings quite a tone to it." Erza said intrigued.

"SO cool!" Natsu fanboyed.

"So can the Kaio Ken strengthen magic as well?"

"I'm not sure, but Ki and magic are similar in way since the concepts are somewhat the same, so probably. Don't bet on that."

"The Kaio Ken is an amazing technique, but you can only sustain it for a limited time, so for your sake you've got to get the job done quickly or else your body will take a heavy toll. Your body will suffer massive pain if you don't use it properly."

"Well thanks for the heads up, say what's the max you can go up to? Natsu wondered.

"Well giving my current powers, I'd say, x20, I can go up to Kaio Ken x20"

"Whoa" Natsu and Gray said.

"What about when you first used it, what do you recommend we go up to?" Erza wondered as well.

"Well, the first time I used it I was taught to go only up to x2 but since with the evil I've fought with, I had no choice but to go up to x3 and x4"

"so x2 is what you recommend."

"Mmmm Hmm, but I suppose it's okay to go up than x2 if you're in a pickle but prepare to face consequences afterwards."

"I'll take note of that"

"So Goku would you mind showing this technique to us? Just for show?" Gray asked.


Goku got into his charging position and led up his white aura and after 3 seconds prior, he said the words, "KAIO KEN!" and entered it. The three that sees the Kaio Ken showing off were mesmerize.

"It's a crimson color red." Gray said.

"Like Erza's hair, THAT'S SO COOL! AND YOU'RE TEACHING THAT TO US? You know how badass I'll look with something like down in my book? I'll also be so strong with that!" Natsu said.

"As expected of Goku, if I add this to my ice make magic, there's no way any enemy that comes across me will live to tell the tale."

"It's amazing no doubt, but Goku why did you used it the 1v5 weeks ago? You could've display it there instead of your Super Saiyan"

Goku powered down to base, "Well... I don't actually, I sometimes forget I even have Kaio Ken"

"Forget huh? Well I'm glad you're teaching this "forgetful technique" to us then"

"Anything for you guys since we're guild mates and all, oh and speaking of which, since you guys did gravity training for so long, I'm thinking you guy can go up to x4! Maybe even x5!"

"I thought x2 was to be recommended?" Gray implied.

"True, but that's only because I didn't do that much gravity training back when my teacher taught it to me but duet to the progress with you three, things are different with everyone"

"Oh I see, you're a slow learner while we're fast learners. Is that what you're saying?"

"Uh... um... sure, I guess. Now with this in mind, I'm sure I can teach you this in a day since you're familiar with gravity and how your body's very proper for it so without further delay, let's get to it!"


"Leave it you teach, let's get this show on the road" -Gray.

"I've been rusty for 2 weeks, so you better not hold anything out on me Goku!" Erza said.

"Wouldn't want to have it any other way." He replied.

The training to master Kaio Ken took until late evening to where the three's clothes were torn and were exhausted as hell. The training was hell but when push comes to shove the three got the hang of it. So far Natsu was first to go up to x2 while Gray followed after leaving Erza last to achieve it as well. With x2 in their hands they were sparring with Goku in base. Thanks to multiplying their speed, they were able to catch Goku off guard more often now but still no cigar on landing a punch on him. Though with Kaio Ken, the three applied it to their magic they use. Natsu with dragon force, Gray with Ice Make (A/N: Devil Slayer Magic comes later) and Erza with her armors.

The results of doing that were tremendously huge. With that and their 3 on 1 advantage they were able to bring it up to x3 and soon the max they could do was x4. Natsu on the other hand went up to x5 and impressed Goku on that as he finally lands a blow on him but barely. Goku himself turned on Kaio ken x6 to handle the three and it was such a magnificent sight to see. After an hour had passed Gray and Erza were able to take it up a notch to x5 with Natsu and soon the three after so many tries of trying, together they manage to land a hit on Goku and with that training was over, for now that is.

The three were on the ground breathing hard while sweating like they just ran a marathon. Their energy was low as their stamina too had depleted from all the training so Goku with three Senzu beans in his hand tossed them to the three as they graciously accept. Since training was done for today, Goku had told them train on their own to try to maintain an even higher multiplier while of course doing some good o fashion gravity training. Since it's late at night everyone had went to sleep while Goku was still in the gravity room sparring with Ultear as she gets asked to. He was in his SSJ form duking it out with her.

They sparred for around 20 minutes but later stop to take a breather, "Amazing Ultear, you've really surprise me when you threw me in for a loop there. I wasn't sure what kind of magic you wield, but to think that it's Time, that's quite overpowered huh?"

"One might think that but in a way it's not"

Goku chuckled, "Well all in all, you're a pretty strong person to spar with."

"Well, I can't believe I'm saying this but I have Towa to thank. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have undergone the rules of Ki/energy and stuff like that and since you're training me, I'm sort of getting stronger."

"Yea, if I have to take a crack at it, you might be able to go over 100x of gravity! Maybe up to 120. (Vegeta and I can go far beyond that though)"

She was flatter to hear that but on the other hand was still bummed down and it took an interest on Goku as he wonders why, "You ok there Ultear? You look a little sad. Something on your mind?'

"Uh... it's just... I'm still trying to process why someone as powerful as you could forgive someone like me."

"I just do"

"Yea, but with the heinous crimes I did back then, I don't find it how you could forgive so easily, I ran though someone you cherished Goku. That doesn't upset the scales in any way?"

"Not really, nope"

"I may not look like it but back then I wasn't such a good person"

"What do you mean?"

"Back then I did terrible things and had a hatred for my own mother because I thought she cast me away for some other kid. I did many bad things, I manipulate so many people just to see people fall to their demise. Shortly after I come to realize what sins I have committed and was hoping to amend for them, but no matter how I look at it, it just comes back to bite me in the ass"

Goku could see how disappointed she is in herself and wanted to cheer her up in any way possible. He powered down to base and went to her to give her a pep talk, "Ultear"

"Y-Yes?" she looks at Goku face to face.

"If it's hard for you to amend for your sins, why not just accept what you did and move on"

"I don't think I follow"

"What I'm saying is, you've realized what you've been doing was awful right? And how you want to change that right? From what I can tell you're not the person you used to be back then and that's good. If you're able to learn from your mistakes then you deserve a second chance, hell maybe a third if things are straight with you. With you fighting alongside with me Ultear, you're okay in my book and let's not forget you weren't yourself so for my sake and for yours too, don't doubt yourself. I sure for one ain't gonna doubt you and I'll never will if you're a good person judging from what you said, so cheer up" as he finished his long ass speech with a smile.

That smile, and speech made Ultear blush. Her heart starts to accel again as she starts to feel all funny once again. She wonders how she deserve someone like him to cheer her up. "I honestly don't deserve your praises Goku" as her cheeks were still red. "Thank you, you are right. With your advice in mind I'll move on forward and forget the past. I'll look on to the future as it waits for me to make the right decisions. (I can't help but admire that smile of his. This charm he has on really sets me in a good mood. Could... it be that... I'm falling for him?" She gulped as her cheeks had still remained red.

"That's good, I'm glad Ultear. I'd like nothing more than that for you."

"Yea" she nodded.

Soon after she started to feel hot inside and didn't know how to react to that and since this was a first she had felt, for some odd reason she fainted but Goku caught her in his arms. "Good grief, you are a handful Ultear, (though I'm glad she's all right with herself. For now, I should bring her to her room)" he smiled.

The two exited out of the Gravity room as they head on to Ultear's room. He sets her down and covered her in the blanket provided. Before Goku himself could hit the hay, he decided to grab a nice refreshing cold bottle of milk from the fridge in the kitchen downstairs and like a thirsty man he heads on down while of course turning off the light in Ultear's room, "(Nighty night Ultear)"

As he tales the stairs down he felt a sudden breeze that made him shiver. "That's weird, the AC shouldn't be this cold. Well it shouldn't be this bad, ok bottle of milk, here I come" He enters the kitchen to take out a cold bottle of milk from the fridge. He opens the cap and chug it down like he was drinking water from a sack in the middle of a dessert. "Ahh" as he finished, "That hit the spot"

Then as it occurs again Goku felt the breeze once more but it was even more chilling and cold as the wind was impactful enough to blow his hair. "Again? That's odd, I shouldn't feel wind inside of my own home. Could it be a door's open?" To ensure Goku was on to something he had to go explore so he threw the bottle in the trashcan nearby and went to check.

He heads in one direction that kept getting warmer and warmer for him so he knew he was hitting the jackpot on this one, "It's getting colder and colder so I must be heading in the right direction to where the breeze is coming from" and thanks to his intuitions he was heading to the front door.

"What the... why is the door open?" When he got closer to close it, from outside he saw someone standing a couple of feet away from the entrance, "A person? During this time? Late at night?"

He heads outside to see who this mysterious person is, "Hello?" as he kept walking, "What are you doing out here when it's cold as crap? If you're lost or something I can help you with what you're going to. If you stay out for a long time you're gonna catch a c-col-"

He stopped himself from finishing because this person in front was someone he knows. The person in front of him was a female who was looking at the sky had her back behind Goku along with both her arms together behind her back too. Goku's eyes started to widen because he didn't know if he was seeing things or not.

The female in front of Goku had white hair with a tied upward ponytail to cover her forehead. Her attire was a sleeveless maroon dress with a bow on her chest that she had always been wearing. When she was done looking at the sky and with the familiar voice she was very fond of, she turned around counter clockwise. The wind blew a friendly breeze as Goku's hair was moving to his left while the female's hair to her right along with her dress. When she turned around, it was confirmed to him.

"It's been a while, hasn't it Goku?" as the female led out a warm smile.

"M-Mira..." Goku said.
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