Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
11 Scarlet red special part 1
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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11 Scarlet red special part 1

After the fight was over and with Towa escaping, at that point Goku had no idea what to do from that point on, nor did he give a damn, but seeing how Towa's the one responsible for him entering this world he thinks to himself if it ever was a good idea to meddle with these people's lives. What made him so "special" for Towa? What "role" must he play here in Earthland? All of this was jumbled up in his mind so to take a breather, he laid flat on the ground and looks at the sky as the clouds form around each other.

The atmosphere around him gave him a cold shiver but because of what transpired, he didn't care. Soon after the gray cloud started to rain down on him. Being outside on the rain could make anyone catch a cold. Goku in this case didn't care. In fact, let the rain drip and fall on him, for all he knows no miracles would come out of it anyway. Specifically, not a certain white-haired Barmaid.

"Mira…" who was lying on the ground while it was raining outside. He powered down to base form and due to his hair being wet it was covering his eyes. For the time that he has, he's going to spend it by lying in the rain. In a way, this is the reality played out for Goku and it's only just the beginning from there. A few minutes after, Goku let out a silent cry as the rain played over him...

Goku's House... the Guest Room

The guest room inside had over 6 beds, 3 in fact were occupied by Erza, Natsu and Gray. Seeing how it is, those three slept through the events that occurred in Magnolia and when they were about to wake up they were gonna be in for a rude awakening.

Erza before Natsu and Gray woke up from her slumber. "Yawwn* that was quite the nap" she smacks her lips and got out of bed. She the looks at Natsu & Gray, "Seems like those two haven't woken up yet, though I wouldn't guess that much anyway, those two are such slouchers, it's undeniable."

To ensure she wouldn't bother with their sleeping Erza quietly left the guest room and made her way downstairs to which gave her a surprise. The surprise was that the entire Fairy Tail guild was there! In the living room all together! "Huh?!" a shocked Erza said.

Lucy was the first to see Erza, "Hey Erza you're awake!" everyone in Fairy Tail welcomed her only the way Fairy Tail would do.

"This is a surprise, why is everyone here? Lucy, mind telling me what's going on?"

"A lot's been happening since you've been napping Erza, so I'll start at the beginning."

Thanks to Macao and Wakaba explaining the whole situation to Lucy and the others, she was pretty much able to tell everything she's been told to, to Erza and right away she wasn't very happy with what she heard. "Hey now... that couldn't be true... right?! Where's the master and Mira?!"

Lisanna and Elfman was in front of Mirajane and Makarov and got out of the way for Erza to see. Erza runs to the two of them who were on the couch and was sadden with what happen. "This... happened when I was snoozing?" Erza's eyes were horrified.

"Yea... the master's alright, Goku managed to get everyone to safety but Mira." Lucy said.

Erza looks to her right and sees Ultear and Hisui lying on the couch as well. "(They're here as well? Just what on earth happened when I was slumbering...) This is hard to take in here..." her thoughts processed on to Goku, "And Goku? Where is he right now?!"

Lisanna stepped in and answered for Lucy, "He said he found the source to what happened to Ultear and decided to take on this problem by himself."

"WH-Why would he shoulder that burden?!"

"It was probably because he thinks he's the one who got Mira killed." Levy interject, "Besides Elfman and Lisanna, Goku was fond of Mirajane in every shape of way and seeing her dead in front of him must've woken him up to the harsh world of reality."

Erza looks at Levy, then back at the master "Damn it all, how long has he been gone?!"

"He left 6 hours ago" Juvia answered.

"And he hasn't returned?!"

"He transformed in this blue form, making it hard for us to sense his Ki" Lucy said.

"Blue?! Kch, I'll worry about that later. I'm going to go look for him!" Erza said

"You're gonna go out looking for him in this miserable weather where it's pouring so hard?!" Laxus said, "Titania, you're just gonna get yourself sick."

"I know that! But still... I can't help but feel I should've done something to help Goku out but instead I laid on my ass while he had to suffer!" Erza started to get aggravated with herself.

"Erza..." Happy said.

"I don't care if I get sick, I'm going to find Goku, and once I do... I'll decide on from there" as she left the house sprinting.

"Erza's been mad before... but I never seen her this kind of mad though..." Happy implied.

"Who could blame her? After all none of us were in Magnolia when this tragedy happened... we're all in Erza's shoes here and because of that the master and Mira had to pay the price." Gajeel said.

Elfman started to yell, "DAAMMMNNNN!"

"Whoa Elfman calm down! Stop yelling!" Lucy said.

"I know but this... my sis... Mira... kch fucking damn it! I shouldn't have taken on a mission! It was so unmanly for me to let my sis die!"

"Elfman..." Lisanna said.

"There was nothing you could do about it Elfman ok? So drop the ball on blaming it on yourself." Evergreen said.


"She's right Elfman, getting angry isn't gonna solve anything here." Alzack said. "even if you were here, I doubt you would've made a difference since Ultear here was able to go toe to toe with Goku."

"What did you say?!"

"It's just the truth Elfman,"

"That's a harsh way to say Alzack but he's not wrong, Goku told us that someone gave Ultear these powers that could match his super saiyan state and we all know how strong SSJ is..."

"Oh Lu..."

"For what we can, we just hope for a miracle to happen..."

Everyone in the room started to mope and just when things had looked lost, Cana herself barged into the room with some news that could help Mirajane! "Hey! Everyone!" Cana's yelling scared someone of the people in the room.

"Cana?!" Max said, "Why are you yelling?! There's no need for that!"

Cana arrived on scene while carrying Wendy near her hip along with Carla. "I know, I know! But look I might have a way to bring Mira back!"

Everyone centered their attention to her, "EH?! YOU DO?! WHAT IS IT?!"

"Hold on, why are you carrying Wendy?" Bisca wondered.

"Oh here, um... well... when I ran out the door on the second floor, I bumped into Wendy to where my breast suffocated her again. I basically knocked her out with my breast... my bad hehehe" she looks at Carla forgiveness.

"Hmph, it's always with your breast huh boobzilla?!" Carla responded.

"Enough about breast already! Cana you said you have something that might fix Mira?!" Elfman said.

"Well, it's just a gamble but yes I do"

"You do? What is it then?" Freed asked.

"I don't know how to explain it but it'd be best to show you rather than to explain, but I'll tell you guys anyway. I think there's a machine here that can heal Mira back to full strength!"

"B-But Cana... how can we heal a dead person?" Max asked.

"There's the thing, I don't think Mira's dead... I think she's just unconscious despite losing a lot of blood."

"Is that even possible? If you lose a lot of blood, you're eventually going to die" Levy stated.

"Just believe me on this! Mira's alive! Her will to live is strong, she wouldn't die only simply blood loss, now would you guys stop chatting and just come with me!"


Everyone followed Cana into the room on the second floor and when they arrived. They were amazed with what they're seeing. They see the 5 healing chambers that fit that entire room and just as when Cana was speechless, they too were speechless.

"Holy shit... what is this?!" Laxus said.

"By my guess I'm thinking it's some kind of advance technology that could probably heal a person. It looks like it that way anyway"

"And this is off of your intuition?" Lucy said.

"Well, yea..."

"You certainly are onto something Cana"

"So, this "machine" or whether is what can make Mira come back to us...?" Elfman said.

"Beats me, I don't know how this work but Levy, you're smart and stuff you should be able to figure this out."

Levy takes a look at the machine. She walks around and starts to inspect it effortlessly, "I'll see what I can do, the mechanics shouldn't be too hard for me to learn, though this looks so advance. Very high tech I must say, but if this will heal Mira then I'll make sure to put everything I got into learning this hunk of junk!"

Cana smiled, "Great! Then get to it then!"

"I must say Cana, who would've thought you of all people would have an idea? I guess sometimes laying off the booze makes anyone smart huh?"

Cana looks at Lucy while chugging down a barrel of ale making Lucy stand corrected. "And there she goes..."

Cana stops her drinking and responds to Lucy, "Truth be told Lucy I just want things to go back to the way they were, Goku was way out of character, I just want to see him smile again even if it's not towards me."

"Awww Cana's jealous!" Happy taunted, "Jealous that Mira's always ahead of you when it comes to Goku!" and Happy got barreled smacked by Cana.

Gajeel with Jet and Droy was watching Levy with instructions on how to operate the healing machine. Elfman, Lisanna, Macao, Wakaba and Romeo walked down back to the living room on the first floor to stay with the injured which were Mirajane, Hisui, Ultear and Makarov. Juvia, Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Happy went to go check on Natsu and Gray. The Thunder Legion went to scout any survivors at the center of Magnolia, so you could say it was going to be a busy day for Fairy Tail.

Scene Changes to Erza Scarlet as she ventures everywhere to seek Goku...

It was pouring hard and realizing how bad the rain was Erza tied her hair back, so it wouldn't get in the way while still on the search for him. Evidently it would take great magic to look around Earthland but thanks to gravity training, mind training, all sorts of training Goku had previously taught her, she was able to dash to great lengths.

Applying Ki to her magic she learned how not to waste that much but still do fairly amount of great things so she used that to her advantage and skimmed her searches far and wide but so far she had no luck. She's been searching for him for about 2 hours and she ended up in Crocus, the Fiore Kingdom.

"Excuse, would you happen to see a man with spikey hair?" she asked a mother of three.

"Oh no I'm sorry I haven't..."

"It's ok thanks for your time"

She's been searching around asking people for an additional 45 minutes but when it came to it, no one had seen him. She decided to take a break and crash at some motel. She hit the shower and later dried herself off and lied on her bed. "Sigh* where are you... I've looked at places you might've been at but you weren't..."

Erza then thought of when Lucy told her that Goku went berserk about Mira and how he would do anything to fix her so it got her thinking, "If he's all that uppy with Mira... how does he feel about me... or Cana in the matter... sigh* no way thinking about it would fix things."

There was a mini fridge for every guest's room and so Erza opened it up and from there lied snacks, sodas and one by one she helped herself to it and eventually she ate the entire mini fridge ending it with a mini loud burp.

Since Erza was done taking a break, she continued outside exploring the rest of Crocus for about as much as she can but still no results to where he was. It was chapter 3 all over again but instead of Mirajane finding Goku, it'd be Erza to find him but in due time.

Back Over at Goku's House... the Guest's Room...

Natsu and Gray had finally woken up and in front of them were the girls that were about to tell them the news... sad news that is...

"Oh man did I sleep good!" Natsu yawned. "Oh hey Happy what's up friend?"

"Natsu you're awake!" Happy charged to Natsu surprising him,

"Woah there calm down buddy! What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?"

Juvia speeds to hug the shit out of Gray making it hard on him to breath, "J-J-Juvia! I can't breathe here! I'm gonna suffocate!"

Juvia lets go, "Juvia can't help if her beloved Gray wakes up all sexy and stuff, makes me want to do naughty things to you" as she shakes her hips naughtily.

"Oh for goodness sake" Carla said.

Natsu looks at Lucy and Wendy, "Hey you two, you look glum down, what happen?

"There's actually things I need to catch you two up on" Lucy said.

"Ok what is it? I'm all ears then..." Gray said.

30 minutes of explaining Natsu and Gray looked as though they were about to throw up. Like they had a lot of pressure on them because after hearing the bearer of bad news they freaking lost it. "Mira's gone?" Gray said.

"And this... happened when we were asleep?!" Natsu yelled.

"Yea... that's what it is, and before you go all ape shit, don't because Goku took your place..." Lucy said.

"Goku?" both Natsu and Gray said.

"Yea when he found out that Mira had "die" he completely lost. His energy skyrocket from just yelling, it was like I saw a different person, like that wasn't Goku but it was... in fact he almost destroyed Earthland out of rage if he ever wanted to."

Gray had on a shocked face on what he had heard, seeing how Goku saw Mira supposedly "dead" he could relate to him with how his master Ur die when he cared about her too.

"Tch, damn it all, why would that cross gendered person do such a thing?!"

"Natsu, she was being possess by this person, it wasn't her fault, and because Ultear's actually a girl! She changed her ways. It was against her will to do all that massacre. And to think the center of Magnolia is destroyed because she fought like how Goku fought."

"Say I have another question Lucy"

"That would explain why everyone's here, to see if the master is alright wit this machine?"

"It's a healing chamber thingy that supposed to heal people, we're gonna use it for Mira and Ultear that are injured right now. Hisui and master don't need it, but just in case we're going to put them inside anyway" Wendy said.

After hearing that plan, Natsu began to get out of his bed, "Hey Natsu where are you going?"

"To train of course... seeing how Ultear can go toe to toe with Goku in his Super Saiyan state, kch, I'm just mad I wasn't there to help Goku, I may have not done anything not help but I could've at least aided Lisanna and the others to safety, but instead I slept like an idiot...! So to make sure I'm not a burden I'm going to continue gravity training!"

"Me too, I'm with you on that one Pyro, after hearing what happen to Mira, those people are gonna pay!"

"Y-You guys are nuts..." Lucy said.

"It's their charisma that keeps them boiling!" Wendy smiled.

"Typical hotheads..." Carla implied.

"If I ever catch those people who did this to Mira, I'm going to show no freaking mercy on them, now hurry up Frosty you're gonna slow me down in training!"

"That's my line you freaking thermometer!"

The two of them heads out and reenters the gravity room to continue surpassing 40x gravity. Levy was still figuring things out and as I mention earlier with the Thunder Legion and the others things will be busy for the next couple of days, especially with Erza's search for Goku that is still going on still.

3 Hours Later...

It took a while but Levy manage to learn how to operate the machine and so right away she called the others, "Hey Lu! Quickly grab the master and others, I finally learned how to work this thing!"

And so, Lucy, Lisanna, Elfman carried Makarov, Mira, Hisui and Ultear into the room and when mostly everyone from Fairy Tail came inside the room to see, Levy started to demonstrate the machine. She instructed the people to put the four into each of the chambers and so they did. Makarov along with the two girls got hooked up with a breathing apparatus along the line with various wires attached to their head. Once the three were up to speed, Levy started operating the machine.

With a push of a button, Levy pressed the red button ending it with pulling down the dark blue lever. Soon after everyone starts to see the healing liquid coming up on the bodies and right after it filled up the entire chamber all blue. Everyone witnessing it were amazed and seeing how something like that could evidently "heal the three and possibly fix "Mira"

"I Levy, have outdid myself once again, it may have taken a while but I finally worked this thing, instructions were hard but I was bound to understand it sooner or later, no matter how advance it was put out to be!"

"Oh Levy, you're the smartest person in this world, or GALAXY!"

"My drumstick gets all uppy with you Levy!"

Wendy looks the machine's buttons and next to it was a screen that holds the breathing and heart rate and so far, Makarov, Hisui, and Ultear were stable and the wounds starts to heal off thanks to the healing liquid. Mirajane on the other hand made no progress. Her wounds healed up, and the mark on the hole heals up as well, but it really didn't improve anything other than that. Her heart rate was low, her breathing didn't appear on the screen.

"I'm glad the master, Hisui and Ultear's alright but what about Mira Levy?"

"Well, you can't expect everyone to heal right away... it'll take some time"

Cana looks at Mirajane, "(Don't die on me Mira, without you Goku won't be the same...)" she looks at Lisanna and Elfman, "You two don't have to worry, I'm sure with this Mira's gonna be alright, this is our last solution and if it doesn't work, well feel free to blame it on me"

"You're too hard on yourself Cana, if this doesn't work I won't blame you, at least you came up with an idea, it's better than nothing."

"Lisanna's right, it was manly of you to bring us to this room with this so call healing machine, we owe you that much." Elfman said.

Cana just smiled, "Well if you'll excuse me, Imma go hit the showers and take like a short nap... wake me up when everyone's well" Cana heads to Goku's room which was the master room.

"She says all that and heads to Goku's room... it's like she lives here with him" Lucy said, "Wonder how she was able to do all this while being sneaky about it until now..."

"Well, she was one to be unpredictable but in this case she's madly in love with Goku." Macao said.

"Oh how I envy the youth of falling in love, but the only thing I'm ever in love is, is some good Sake, c'mon Wakaba let's head to the guildhall to grab some booze and bring them here"

"Right you are Wakaba. Romeo, I want you to behave while we're on an errand you got me?"

"You don't have to tell me twice, I got the gist of it. I'm just gonna watch Natsu train in the living room."

"Good, ok Levy it won't take us long, we'll be back." As the two veteran mages head out.

"Whelp, if you'll excuse me Levy I'm going to see Natsu train too with Romeo, so I'll leave you be" As Lucy leaves.

"I guess I can try to cook for everyone since we're gonna be staying here for a little bit, Elfman want to help me with the cooking?"

"Hmph, I sure will sis! A man that cooks is something to be manly of! Plus it'll take my mind off of Mira's recuperating."

"Ooh! Mind If I tag along?" Levy said, "I know I should be watching but I really want to try out this recipe from the cookbook Mira borrowed from Goku!"

"Ok, knock yourself out, but who's gonna watch gonna keep an eye out for Master and the other?" Lisanna wondered.

"I can look over them" Wendy said as she volunteered as tribute, "it may not seem like it but I'm actually intrigued about this machine, and besides looking after them isn't hard right? I just got to make sure their heart rate and breathing rate are stable."

"Well then I guess I'm staying too, I'm gonna have to make sure you don't fall on every single bits of cranny here child, it's very unsanitary."

"Ok so it looks like Wendy and Carla are gonna watch over them, Gajeel you want to come down stairs too? And possible be a taste sampler from my cooking?" Levy pleaded.

"Whatever, I don't have much to do anyway, Salamander won't freaking fight me, I might as well hobbies that will temporarily keep me busy."

"Yay!" Levy said.

"Oh we're going too Levy!" Droy said.

"Yea, don't count us out of the loop yet! We're be your samplers too! I just know for a fact you're gonna be a great cook!"

Levy smiled to that remark, "Well, then let's get started" as the group but Wendy and Carla heads downstairs.

Wendy looks over to Ultear's chamber and sees her ratings are at stabled conditions, "She's gonna have a lot of questions nibbling down on her when she wakes up."

"No kidding, I'm sure that no one but Goku have the capable possibility on throwing down the most absolute brute power mankind has to offer. She'll be sure to be questioned when she fully recovers"

Wendy and Carla then moved on to Makarov, "Master sure is feeling a lot well thanks to this tank or whatever, with this I don't think my healing is necessary, makes me feel unwanted..."

"Oh Wendy, there are still other ways on how you're valuable to Fairy Tail, even if there's no need for you to heal, your magic has indeed improved. I'd say that's a huge milestone for you."

"To be honest I want to try out that gravity training with Natsu and Gray, I can tell they look a lot stronger due to gravity being amplified on them, their speed is somewhat on a scale just behind Goku, and when Erza ran out to find Goku, she ran so fast I could see her the moment I took a blink."

"I know what you're saying, she's amazing, if I had to pick, I'd say Erza could beat Natsu and Gray in a free for all battle."

"heh, Well if the shoe fits Carla."

They moved on to Hisui's healing chamber...

"So, why was Princess Hisui with Goku anyway? Any guesses are good on the table here..."

"She probably has a crush on Goku or some sort, for some strange reason Goku's been giving off a vibe to girls that makes them fall for them, for instants Mirajane and Cana."

"You're right about that, Mirajane gets all heated in the moment whenever Cana flirts with Goku."

Carla laughs, "Does Goku even know what love is?"

"Maybe he does maybe he doesn't, although I'm thinking he does, think about it, Cana's always sleeping with him right? I'm pretty sure they did some naughty stuff" Wendy gets embarrassed from just thinking about it.

"Or Goku could be dense, either way... it's one way or the other... oh and I forgot to mention too, Princess Hisui is also in love with Goku, at the 1v5 I looked at her and she was blushing through the entire match! Girl looked as though she just went through her first kiss!"

Wendy laughs, "Well, I'm just glad she is patching up well and is friends with Goku, he's really kind and strong, but also scary when he's mad."

A minute later some below Wendy starts to act up on her. She starts to wiggle around, and it caught Carla's attention.

"Something wrong child?"

"I...I have to pee..."

"W-Well, go to the bathroom then I'll keep an eye till you're back!"

"R-Right...! Thanks Carla!" as she heads out the room.

"That child is just full of surprises..."

The moment Carla took her eyes off of healing chambers, one chamber in particular was acting up. Well, not really... the chamber that was "acting up" was Mirajane's chamber. Something wonderful was just about to happen. Mirajane who was being seen by Carla, was breathing! She was breathing but it didn't show on the screen nor did her heart rate. Though she was still unconscious she said one word in her mind while her right-hand twitches. "Go...ku..."

When Wendy had returned from the bathroom she sees Carla looking at Mirajane's chamber, "Something wrong Carla?"

"N-Nothing... it's just that... I thought I heard Mirajane talking..."

"I can sorta feel where you're coming from"

"Y-You do?"

"Well not exactly... but I believe you though"

Carla gave a big sigh, "I just want to this nightmare to be over..."

"You and me both..."

The two of them gets back to watching the healing chambers do their job and soon after Mirajane's left hand started to twitch again but Wendy and Carla didn't notice. What could this mean? Why didn't it show up on the screen? What does this indicate? Could she be... alive? Well keep reading to find out!

2 Weeks Later...

Erza who was still in Crocus, looked everywhere entirely in Crocus and still after 2 weeks of searching, Goku wasn't found. To Erza something didn't feel right, how is it that she's been searching all around Earthland and nothing came up? To top it off she looked over THE Kingdom of Fiore over 7 times now! For those two weeks Erza's been crashing it at motels after motels trying to trace Goku's steps but to no avail, nothing searched up, her search came up dry for the 147th time. She was flat out exhausted from trying to find Goku so she took a break and sat down on a bench at some park in Crocus.

She opens up a water bottle and drinks it vigorously like she hadn't had a taste in water for weeks. She gets done with it and throw it to a nearby trash can (A/N: Lol Kobe!) She looks to the sky which was a clear as day. 2 weeks of searching and she still came out empty handed, like where was she missing to where she hadn't checked yet?

"(Could it be that Goku left Fairy Tail and went to hide his energy from us? I'm going nowhere with this... there has to be something Goku left behind that would help me locate him...! What's with this guy...!)"

Erza stands up and continued searching for him even though nothing will ever pop up for her but that doesn't mean she's given up!

Over at Goku's House...

Since Goku hadn't been home for 2 whole weeks, the cast of Fairy Tail made themselves at home and just relaxed until Makarov and the other are still well patched. (A/N: Healing in the healing chamber shouldn't take 2 weeks but hey, it's all about plot here so bear with me :P)

The room with the chambers were left on standby as everyone was in the dining table eating out the food Lisanna made and only Lisanna since Levy's been botching a lot of food up Lol. Lisanna made 5 dozen of cheesy pizza. The recipe specifically was made for Goku but Lisanna made some minor adjustments to it. And so the crew of FT dug in and boy were they amazed.

Natsu and Gray were eating like fatasses as one slice after another gets gobbled down by their mouths.

"Oh man, Lis this is the best thing you've ever made! The cheese literally comes off once you take a freaking bite but it's so gooey and good!"

"Aww thanks Natsu, I just put it at the right temperature for it, Goku's kitchen is just simply amazing to use!"

"Yea no kidding, stuff like this is so freaking good than what they serve at places," Lucy said "I take this over eating at restaurants any day"

"You're just saying that because your taste buds are terrible as shit." Happy said to make fun of Lucy only to get pimp smack by her.

"Way to go with the texture Lisanna" Bisca said. "Something like this is just so tasty"

"Pizza and Booze goes great together!" Wakaba said as he gets sober af.

"Someone go get this man, who's man is this?" Romeo said.

"What?" Macao said.

"Nothing" Romeo replied.

Gray was eating so fast he left crumbs and shit all over his face, making Juvia wipe it off when a napkin that was provided, interrupting his eating but didn't mind.

"(Gray looks so sexy when he eats like a wild animal)"

"So is Laxus and the Thunder Legion still helping the people with the center of Magnolia problem?" Wendy asked as she munches on some good o fucking pizza.

"Yea that's right, Evergreen told me she'll be busy for about 1 and a half more weeks. Repairing the damage on the center of Magnolia was massively discharged. It'll take time but Magnolia should be fully repaired soon. It was pretty manly for Evergreen to do construction work with Laxus, Freed and Bickslow. Pretty... fucking... manly!"

"We get it Elfman it's so manly" Gajeel intervined

Gajeel looks at Levy who was making a pout face and didn't want to ask but did anyway, "Hey small fry what's with the face? You look like a spoiled brat."

"Hmph! It's just that I couldn't make one decent food here. All of mine were over burnt or just flat out taste awful. I was hoping to expand my hobbies here other than reading and just being smart and stuff. Guess I'm just not cut out for cooking huh?"

"You're damn right you're not"

Levy fell back on her chair, "What?! Gajeel that was the part to where you said, "Yes you are, don't sweat it! It just takes time!" and stuff. Don't have to be such a jerk about it"

"well isn't it best to be honest rather to lied to make someone feel better? Huh? Huh?!"

"Gajeel has a point" Lily pointed out.

"Sigh* Fair point Gajeel,"

"How about this, if you're not gonna cheer up, I'll just sing to you, will that brighten up your day squirt?"

Levy got all excited, "Yes! Yes! And yes!"

When Gajeel started singing the shit he usually starts off to, Cana was sober on the other side of the table while macking on some pizza, drinking while eating pizza was something to keep her busy. She's been in a sassy mood lately because Goku hasn't shown up in 2 freaking weeks which started to make her upset. Lucy catches a aware of this.

"Something wrong Cana?"

Cana turns her attention to Lucy, "Oh it's nothing... except..."

"Except? Does this have something to do with Goku?"

"Y-Yes... that bastard hasn't shown up here not once in two weeks, I wonder why."

"Maybe he's still moping or some sort, right now Mira's still not fully recovered yet. Do you miss him by chance?"

Cana's face was on the table then got lifted to replied to Lucy's question, "Yes, yes I do..." as she flat out said it, "I also miss sleeping with him, it took a while but I got him into cuddling with me, it's so freaking weird sleeping by myself."

Lucy sweat drops, "I-Is that really all?"

Cana then got seriously, "Well yea but I also want to apologize slapping him."

"Hmm? Of yea you did that 2 weeks ago..."

"Since he left I've been thinking of ways on how to apologize to him"

"What's wrong with "Hey Goku I'm sorry can you forgive me?"

"Eeeh that's too generic..."

"G-Generic?!" as she got offended.

"Plus, when I slapped him, my freaking hand hurt as hell, I had to feed myself a Senzu bean to heal it"

"Hehe, yea it's a shitshow with Goku but it has its perk."

"Yea... you're right on that...

"I wonder what's been going on with the world, it's always the same crap we're dealing with on a normal basis..." Cana added. "And to think, it's taking this long for Mira and the others to heal..."

"Oh how I wish the tides would turn on us in a good way I just want t- H-Hey! Natsu don't take the last slice! I only ate 2 and you ate a lot! H-Hey!"

"Sorry Lucy, you snooze you lose! Muhahaha!" as he ate the last slice.

Gray went to the bathroom when this happen as he was taking a shit because, someone pulled a prank on him by putting laxatives in the pizza which was Gajeel's fault lol

"Hey Lucy, it's not a big deal I can just make more" Lisanna insisted.

"Thanks, Lisanna, your food is really tasty"

"Yea thanks, but it's nothing compare to Mira though."

Over at the healing chamber room, the room was still filled with the injured, but something again was happening. To show progress Mirajane at her healing chamber was showing signs of recovery because now other than twitching, she starts to mumble words, specifically mumbling Goku a lot... but she's still not up there yet, meaning she's still healing.

For just about 3 minutes she begins to gain conscious but had her eyes close. She was imagining the events with her and Ultear and for some coincidental reason she sees Goku crying as he sees herself lying on the ground in front of her making her worry without a doubt.

"Why is... Goku... crying... what's ...been happening... with him?!"

Back to Erza...

This time at a famous hotel in Crocus, there Erza was staying at. She was in her room laying on her bed. She wasn't in a happy mood. 2 weeks and 3 days had past. Erza still hadn't found him and just when she had this charisma before when she was pumped up about finding him, she was thinking about giving up.

But before she could do that, she decided to head to the dining hall downstairs to enjoy one last meal before checking out and head back to the guild that was at Goku's house. SO right away she went down stairs. Her room was up high at the 50th floor which was the maxed floor. When she makes her way to the hall as she was on the first floor which was gigantic as fuck, she overheard some people talking and it caught her interest.

"Yea I'm not lying, I saw a man in orange lying on the green fields. I see him every day when I visit you"

"Tch, you say the same thing every day, so I guess I'll play along... did you do anything to him?"

Silveya responded, "Well I did try to confront the guy, but he had on a sad face, so I just left him to be..."

"Oh that's shame really, you're the type of person to help people too"

"I know but this person looked so sad, the sad was something I never seen nor witness before, he looked as though he was done with the world. I doubt I would make a difference by trying to cheer him up so instead I would see him lying there in the same spot every day. I feel quite bad actually."

"Hmph, that's sweet of you dear, but I doubt something like that happens in real l-"

Erza confronted the two talking about it, "Say would you mind telling me where this man in orange may be?"

Erza appearing out of nowhere scared the shit out of the man, while Silveya didn't mind. "You know about the orange man too?"

"Yes if you don't mind..."

"Uh... Uh... what?" as the man was confused because he thought Silveya was making this stuff up but because another person believed her, so he might as well believe her too.

"So basically, every day I see this guy in orange lying there on the grassy green fields. At a certain view I take a closer look at him and I see him all bruised up, his clothes looked torn too. He also had this spikey hair going for him, and for a moment he looked like that guy Goku, but I doubt it's him though."

Hearing the words spikey hair gave off an intuition from Erza, "And where did you see him exactly?"

"Well, whenever I enter the kingdom, on my way I go through the Outer Outskirts of Crocus, more specifically there's a field out there that the grass is trimmed making it perfect to see him."

"I see... (Now that I think about it, I never checked the outskirts of Crocus... why didn't I check that out? I guess I put a lot stress onto myself making it harder on me to search for him huh... well, this is my last guess and if Goku isn't there, then I'll head back home...)"

"So since I answered your question, mind answering mine?"

"Ok go ahead."

"Why would you want to know about the guy in the field? Do you know him?"

Erza was on high alert, "W-Well yeah, in a way I do know him... for 2 weeks I've been searching for him..."

"Is he by any chance your boyfriend? The man asked.

Hearing those words pumped Erza's blood, making her blush, "W-Wha... b-b-boyfriend?! No! No! No! He's just a friend I've grown accustom too! That's all! I don't know where you got that idea from!"

"Grown accustom to? That pretty much seal the deal there sweet heart" Silveya said making Erza very uncomfortable in every way but at the same time blushing at those "compliments". "Seeing how you took 2 weeks out of your time I can assume you have a thing for him, as if you're his girlfriend, in that case... go for it! Go chase your man!" Silveya encourages.

The man whacks Silveya on the head to stop the teasing but later tells Erza some wisdom, "So miss, if you do have a specific relationship with this man in the field, you might as well save him from where he's suffering at. Best to strike while you can before your time is up."

With those words, Erza took accounted to it and begins to make her way to the Outer Outskirts, "You have my thanks you two. Truth be told if you hadn't told me where this guy was I'd probably given up hope and went on home given the fact I spent 2 whole weeks here. But thanks to you guys I can finally assure myself that I'll be on the right track on this one."

"Hey anytime! Go for it!" as Silveya gave a thumbs up.

At the remark, Erza smiled at the two and bowed her way and exit out the hotel and started to make haste on making her way to the outskirts of Crocus! She wasted no time and use her Ki to boost up her speed to get to there as soon as possible. As she was running she looks up to the sky and from one moment it was sunny then right after it dialed down to being cloudy meaning there was one thing. It was gonna rain, so ahead of time Erza tied her hair back and sprinted to her full potential.

For a normal person, reaching the Outer Outskirts of Magnolia would take a person about 30-40 minutes to perhaps an hour and a half but for Erza, she got there in about 4-5 minutes. When she just arrived on the trimmed grassy field, she looked in all directions, it took a while but from then on she was able to spot the man in orange who was still lying on the grass, and so she got closer. She walked closer and closer until she was able to get a good look at him.

Seeing it from up close, she sees the spikey hair Silveya had mentioned, she started to ask the man in orange, "G-Goku... is... that you?"

The man whose clothes were torn turned his head up and immediately was surprise to see his red hair friend, "Erza..." Goku mumbled"

Erza barely heard him speak but can confirm that it was Goku lying on the grass here, "Is... this where you've been for all this time?"

Goku didn't respond and instead turned his head back down. Erza saw Goku's face, his face showed a sad expression mixed in with a blank one. She had no idea how to respond to that and then realize something different about Goku. It was his face, below his face was facial hair. During those 2 weeks Goku had grew facial hair! Though Erza didn't care or mind.

"Lucy told me what happen and now everyone's worried about you Goku, you've been gone for quite a while and Cana including myself are worried about you."

"Is that right?... I don't see the point..." he replied.

Erza flinched at those words, "G-Goku... (I guess seeing Mira dead drove him to act this way...) is... that all you have to say?"

"More or less. What's it to you anyway...? I don't see the point of you coming here, why is it you came here anyway? It took a while, but you finally manage to find me..."

"I came here... because... of my own will actually. I just wanted to see you. That's all."

"Is... that all?" Goku gave Erza a stare that shooked her. It was a stare to where he threw his expectations out the window and out came reality as it hit him hard in the face realizing there's no going back, from there it was pointed obvious to Erza.

Seeing as it now, she realizes how hurt Goku must've have been from seeing the aftermath of Mira. Still, she had to approach this situation with caution and speak with careful words. Speaking with careless words might set off Goku so she reacts in a self-proclaim way.

The first step of business Erza makes, was that she decided to lay next to him on his left side. "No, there's more... I have much more to say if you don't mind..."

"Do whatever you want..." as he answered casually.

The sky above them turned gray indicating it'll rain soon so she wastes no time.

"It's gonna rain soon, if you're not careful, you're gonna catch a cold."

"Well I've actually been in the rain for over 2 weeks, as you can see I'm all wet... what's it to you anyway if I get sick?"

"It's cause..." Erza hesitate to answer. "well, you got me there, I don't know what to say at the matter, but I do mean what I said, you are gonna get sick once it starts pouring.

"Hmph, what's with you being all caring for me?"

"it's just who I am"

"Just who you are huh... how optimistic you are Erza... would you should that to your enemies?"

"Well obvious I wouldn't, I wouldn't show sympathy to people who would hurt people I love, but for my family, I do. I won't forgive those who would cause pain and suffering to them."

"Heh, being cheery about it is a good thing to behold, but that doesn't mean you can hold a candle to it just because you say what you're gonna do."

"That's true, action does speak louder than words, but enough about me, let's talk about you. You can talk about anything you want, and all I'll do is listen."

Goku looks to Erza then seconds later looks back at the gray sky with the gray clouds forming. "Ok, there's one thing on my mind that I've been meaning to express..."

Go ahead, the floor is yours to speak Goku," as she gives the mic to Goku (Not literally)

When it was Goku's turn to speak he took a big breath as he does in and out. Right after he spoke his mind out, "I've been thinking..."

"Thinking... about what?"

"I've been thinking... about leaving the guild..."

Hearing those words made Erza go silent as she sat up. The clouds above started to act up and soon thunder was being heard throughout Crocus as rain started to drip bit by bit. She didn't like what she heard but didn't let it show out of her in front of Goku.

"I-I see... and what made you want to come to that conclusion..." as she eagerly awaits an answer.

Right after that question, Goku answered quickly, "If I'm out of the picture, then no one else would get hurt."

"Hurt? What do you mean by that?"

"This person that killed Mira, was only after me. Everyone else was just an obstacle that was in the way of her plan. Not only that, she would use people to control to fight me, then when they're not needed, they get disposed of. I don't want that to happen to you or the guys back at the guild."


"And... besides, by now the rest of the people should already know I was responsible for gramps, Mira, and Hisui, I'm sure they'll grow to hate me, and if that's the case, I'm okay with it, as long as they're not involved with me then I'm perfectly fine with it."

"How would you know that? how would you know they would come to hate you?"

"I don't really know that they would hate me, but with the events that swept by, I'm sure they're furious at me. It's alright that they are, I don't blame them, after all, I'm always such a hothead when it comes to fights. I always let them power up instead of finishing them off when I had the chance, given the fact I'm a lot stronger than Ultear was."

Seeing how Goku's talking a lot more, Erza assumed this was the first step into making Goku coming back to her and the guild since he's opening up to her which in a way made her happy, but this doesn't mean she can already fix it. It just takes time.

"You can't just assume they'll hate you and since Mira's gone you have no one huh?" as she used the words she heard from Cana, "Do you honestly believe that Goku? Was Mira the only person in the guild you cared about? What about Natsu and Gray? Lucy and Wendy? And... me? I don't want to make it as though I'm stepping on the wrong shoe, but you're really thinking like an idiot here."

Goku just fake chuckled at that remark while as for Erza, she was dead on serious with what she said. "You can shrug it off all you want, but at the end of the day, it's the truth whether it hurts or not. Goku... right now you seem to be broken to the core, and because of that you don't seem to reason with anybody. You completely shut yourself in... now tell me this, is this really the wisest thing to do? To abandon your new friends and just run away from your problems?!"

"... I'm not running away from my problems, I just thought of a solution to ensure you or anyone else at the guild doesn't get hurt. It's my problem, the person I fought was the one who put me in this world. She said I have an important role to play here...You shouldn't go meddle in people's life Erza..."

"Yes, but you're shouldering that burden upon yourself! And sorry to rain on your parade but it's my job to meddle in people's affairs, especially if the meddling comes from my guild. It's what everyone in the guild would consider in helping each other out. It certainly would be something Mira would do, including me..." she looks at this grass as she blushes.

Goku's eyes widen due to her words and seconds later he was about to hear more.

"If Mira got the gist of the problem you're in, she would've done everything in her power to help you. She's not an idiot as she portrays to be and despite her kind attitude, she can really throw down in fights. This is what Mira... no, everyone in the guild would do, because we're family..."

Goku moved his head to the right side and made a serious pout, "What's with you guys on family and friends? You guys aren't even related by blood and yet, you would consider yourself family... just... why?"

With such a simple question to ask, Erza gladly responded with, "Don't you know? Being blood related doesn't matter in Fairy Tail because everyone there considers you family"

Goku sat up with his bangs covering his eyes, "You say that, but what happens if your so called "family" dies in front of you..." Goku instantly thought about that night when Mirajane mentions Goku's family in Chapter 3, "It's all fun and games but when someone you care about dies, you can really tell they let out some steam, and... I'm a prime example..."

Erza sat up too, "I know, and that's up in Fairy Tail's book. You were meant to be that way, whether it was out of self-impulse or whatever, that's how life goes accordingly"

Seeing how Erza might've uppen the mood around them, she saw the look on Goku's face and it was still a sad one. This worries Erza.

"Tell me Goku, why is it you care about Mira so much..."

Having to be surprise with that question Goku answered, "I don't really know actually..." he puts his right hand on his heart, "But... whenever she's shopping with me, cooking for me, smiling at me, she's always seems to make my heart pound hard it's just a weird feeling. I guess overall in general just being with her makes me feel so right..."

"... And, what about Cana, do you feel the same way with her?"

"Someone from my world told me if I feel what I'm feeling with Mira, it's cause it's what my mind is sold on and I thought that was the case with Mira, but when Cana was introduce into the picture to me, she made me have the same reaction I had with Mira." (Goku thinks back to when Cana flew to him back at the guild all drunk in Chapter 4). "And just over 2 weeks ago, what I said made her mad and since then I haven't talked to her."

"I see... so it's mixed emotions you're feeling, are there anyone else you feel this way to?"

Goku looks at Erza face to face making her blush coincidentally, "I'm not sure about this, but if you were to sling yourself at me, I'd definitely feel the same thing to you like when I felt with Mira and Cana."

Hearing those words made Erza panicked cutely as she puffs up in steam, "W-W-WHA... EH?! Since when you do spew out words like that?!"

"Back then Mira told me I should just say what I think and sometimes 50/50 it comes out the kind way, and also the mean way"

"Hmph, I can see now how you consider Mira to be cherished," as she jealousy said, "She's like a guide, guiding you through the ways of life and for that you're grateful for that huh?"

Goku showed a weak smile but changes overtime back to a sad smile, "Yeah, and with her gone... I really have no one now."

"Then how about this..."

Goku looks at Erza curiously.

"If..." Her bang covered her eyes at a moment's notice then without hesitation she got them out of the way.

"If... I were the only person in the entire world, that said I'd miss you, would you still consider leaving the guild?" as she refers this to earlier when Goku said no one would miss him and how he considered leaving the guild.

And because of that proper response his eyes widen and later on started to tear up. He touched his watery eyes with his right hand, "Eh... why am I cry...? I don't get it... why am I getting some worked up with what you said? As he continuously wipes his eyes.

Seeing how her words touched Goku, with her right hand she placed Goku's head on her lap making it like a lap pillow. To Goku's extent, his tears wouldn't go away as it makes Erza's skirt wet, but she didn't mind at all.

"You must've gone through hell from seeing Mira like that, losing someone can really shape how you see the world, I can relate to that."

"How so...?" he said while his eyes were still filled with wateriness.

She looks up in the sky as it begins to be nighttime and how rain drips no more, "This happened back when I was little, I wasn't always such a brave person as you see me today, I looked up to this old person who sacrifice himself for me. He was always something you could be comfortable with. He was always kind and when things were tough he kept putting his head out for all of us. Then one day... he sacrificed himself for me and told me I should join Fairy Tail and because of that, I met so many people I would call friends and family. To this day I'm very grateful to him, and I know what it's like to lose someone you care about, and because Fairy Tail is my home and my family, I don't want anyone else on my watch to die in front of me. In a way I guess that's stubbornness, but if it's what keeps us together then I'll take more than what I can get."

"Do you really mean what you said... on how you'll miss me whether you'll be the only one?"

She smiled back and replied, "Of course I mean it, you may not realize it but you make such an impact in Fairy Tail and it's not because of your alien strength but because of your kindness, your carefree attitude and how you bring smiles to everyone's faces including mine. So if you think about leaving the guild, think back to when everyone was smiling with one another, from the way I'm seeing it, being blinded from your own flaws is also a good thing, because moments like this are something you should cherish, no matter what you just got to keep on moving forward and remember why you keep pushing yourself. So let it all out, it's okay to cry Goku, I may not be Mira but if this is what it takes I'll be by your side till the very end. I'll be with you if you want, I'll do anything you want if it's to make you happy, just please..." she looks down at Goku, "Come back to the guild with me, everyone there misses you and like I said, I'll miss you if you leave the guild."

And just like that Goku broke down even more in tears with the kind words he received from Erza, letting out a cry she was familiar with because it's the cry everyone's done in Fairy Tail. He didn't try to wipe his eyes and instead let it pour out on this occasion. This time around Erza was the one to pat Goku as he cries his heart out. Seeing as it may she can conclude how Goku needs someone in his life other than Mira that can help him and since this chapter was dedicated to her being with Goku, it's her time to shine! Around 25 minutes later Goku was done crying and instead was on his left side on Erza's lap. "So in a way you're saying I have an important role here huh?"

She nodded her head in agreement, "Mmmm, that's correct, you have an important role. That role is be a member of Fairy Tail with everyone else in it." She smiled.

Goku got out of her lap pillow and couldn't help but show an undeniable smile because Erza's words touched him oh so dearly. "So, just like with Mira, you said you won't leave me and how you'll miss me?"

"Without a doubt I won't and without worry I will" she replied.

Hearing those words turned Goku's negative and sad emotions into a happy new one, making him think of so many possibilities. "Then, will you promise me this, that you'll be with me when I need you?"

"That's more than enough to make me say yes"

"And if there's a battle to where you can't win...?"

"Simple, I won't think into charging, I'll just simply charge in with a plan in mind!" she jested making Goku laugh.

"Then, it's a promise?" as he puts his right pinky, Erza shows out her right pinky and together they pinky promise, "it's a promise I'll never break"

"That's good, I'm glad" he smiled.

"So does this mean you're not sad anymore?" she wonders.

"Well since I got you..." as he starts to think about everyone else in the guild, "and everyone else in the guild then no, I'm not sad." As he looks at Erza's legs then back a her, "Thank you Erza, for everything, for cheering me up. I can't think nothing more than to be with all of you guys again, I guess I over thought things assuming it'd be okay if I leave the guild huh?"

"You jumped the gun there Goku, oh and by the way, you keeping that facial hair? I don't mind though since I find it to be quite stylish."

"Oh this?" he chuckled, "No, I think I'll just shave this off , I don't do facial hair."

"Then allow me," she requiped into her Heavens Wheel Armor and used one of her swords to shave the facial off of Goku which took about 6 minutes. "There" and like that Goku's face was smooth as a baby's bottom.

"Since it's late and all" as she turns back to her original form, "Do you want to head back to the guild with your instant transmission?"

"I would like that, but just for tonight I'd like it if I could spent time together with you if you don't mind"

Hearing those words made Erza blushing adorably as she doesn't reject that idea. "I-I would l-like that a-as well! Hehehe! Well since w-we're alone t-together where do you think we should g-go?"

"Aren't there hotels in Crocus? We just crash a night there" he casually said.

"(H-Hotel? Like a LOVE HOTEL?! SWEET MOTHER OF... DOES HE WANT TO SLEEP WITH ME?!) AHEHEHE, say if you don't mind me asking, are you suggesting we sleep together?"

"If you want to put it like then yea"

Erza starts to freak out as she steams up smoke as her face turns red, seeing this from Goku he laughs at her, "And just what is it you find so funny?"

"Oh nothing," he looks to his left then back at her, "It's just... you just looked funny when you freak out, even though you're a scary girl" as he gave his Main Character smile :P

To that Erza flinched her eyes, "Scary girl? Tell me who was it that told you that?"

"Natsu and Gray"

"(I'm am so gonna kick their ass when I see them again!) Ahem* so, if you so like, we should head to the capital and stay at... an Inn as you please"

Erza gets up and gives her hand to Goku as he so gladly accepts. As he's up he feels how frail his body is from lying down for 2 weeks straight and so he stretches for 4 minutes. He ends it off with popping his neck. "Man, that feels so much better..."

"I never seen a person pop so many times, though this is you we're talking about..."

"Hehehe, yea so I'm assuming you have a hotel you already have in?"

"Kch, oh... well... (Damn, I just checked myself out from that hotel I was in, and I can't check myself back in, all the hotel rooms are full and I was lucky enough to get a room but by now it might've been filled in with another person.) Well about that, I checked myself out before coming here."

"Huh? Why would you do that? sounds pretty dumb if you ask me..."

"I did it because if I hadn't found you, I would've just went home."

"Oh ok, that makes sense..."

"Sigh, * of course something like this would happen, from right now let's just go back to Crocus and see if there are any hotels that have available room ok?"

"Do you want me to carry you?"


"It's really late at night, I can just carry you in my arms as I fly us to the capital, much faster that way and saves times."

"Oooh, I don't know... it just seems so sudden, I don't want to do stuff that might jep- ok let's do it..." as she changes her mind swiftly.

Goku lifts Erza into his arms making her abrupt with embarrassment, but at the same time feel as though it was one of those moments where a princess gets hold by her knight and shining armor. He turns up his energy and blasts away to the direction of Crocus! As they fly in the sky Erza could see the lights of Crocus and reminisce about how beautiful it is and then takes a look at Goku. Seeing it now she wonders if there's gonna be a strong connection between them that's as beautiful as Crocus's lights but only time will tell. And just as Goku's words implied they made it to Crocus and to say it ain't so they manage to find a Hotel that's not so occupied. The two of them were standing outside. "How bout this one Erza?"

Erza placed her right hand on her chin, "Hmmm, seems like a decent one, though the name strikes me at odd, 'Super Endearment'? From whatever reason I can't seem to put my finger around it on what that word means."

"You can figure that out some other time, for now let's just check ourselves in."

"Uh right"

The two entered the lobby and went to the front desk to where they get greeted by the front desk woman. "Welcome to Super Endearment where our customers find the satisfaction of contempt if you know what I mean, My name is Linry Vellasulla and I take it you're here with that young man over there?"

"Yes you are correct, one room if you don't mind," Erza demanded.

Goku looks around and sees how fancy this place is, "Talk about fancy, wonder if Erza can afford this?" Everything was colored in red as the chandelier sparks a prom night ish red light. "They do like everything in red, why is that?" he wonders.

"I see and because of how young you look with your companion, we here are offering you one of the best rooms in this Inn!"

This puts a smile on Erza's face to that surprise, "You're too kind."

"Oh it just to make our customers happy! Seeing as it may you two seem pretty close" Linry sees Goku glancing at every object in the lobby, "Quite the person he is huh"

"You have no idea, now for just one night, how much jewels will it be?"

"Oh that won't be necessary, it's free. Free to no matter how long you stay here."

"Shut up, is that right? Free? What's the purpose there?"

"Oh no purpose milady, it just a tradition we have here when two people no matter what the gender is come here and check in."

"I see, you're really too kind here."

"Anything for your endearment/intimate person over there" as she teases, "Now of course we here expect you two to be affectionate with each other when you go hard in bed" she freakin smiled.

"I beg your pardon?" as a sweat drop from her face.

"Oh don't you know? This hotel isn't no ordinary hotel, this is a love Hotel where people here check in to our rooms and proceeds to do naughty things to each other, well that and other things like I guess a honeymoon or some shit. Though it may be free to stay many nights here, it is a rule to make love to each other, otherwise... what's the point of a love hotel?"

Erza froze from that statement as her body turns white, for comedic purposes a gust of wind blew her hair lightly as the atmosphere around them was silent. Nothing but her hearting was beating and pounding. Her mind gets filled with lewd thoughts as she started to imagine doing naughty with Goku like him sticking his dick up her ass lol. Or him motorboating her breast. Goku didn't hear this and instead was spectating the red objects.

"M-Make love?!"

"Mmmm Hmm, why else you would be here? You two ARE lovers, right? If not then you can still stay here but we'll have to charge you per night. Hope this isn't an issue"

"N-No it won't be! In fact, we are lovers!" she gets red, "The two of us have been together for... 5 years! And because of that we just want to spend out umm... FIVE YEAR Anniversary together!" as her eyes gets tempted with embarrassment.

Linry clapped her hands together in excitement, "Splendid! What better way to celebrate your anniversary then to make such hot love with each other in our very own Hotel room! Since the night is still young and how you've told me you're with him for 5 years, I'll do you the honors and locate you to our best room here in Super Endearment! Here you go!" as she hands Erza the keys.

"T-Thank you..."

Linry gave her a thumbs up, "Think nothing of it! We here to make sure you won't ever forget your nights here! Now go to your rooms and make love to him you lucky duck! Don't want to keep your man waiting!"

"R-Right... Goku... let's get a move on..."

Goku turns around and hop his way to Erza, "Alright let's go, which floor are we going to?" as the two gets inside of an elevator.

"She said the finest room, so probably the 30th floor, the last floor here."

As they got to the 30th floor they made their way to the room as they walk to their room Erza kept thinking about what Linry said, "It's a tradition to make love to each other when you're here, otherwise what's the point of being here?"

"(So, I have to make love to Goku huh... can he be capable of doing that...?)"

At last the two have made it. Erza unlocks the door with the key and when they opened it, they were amazed. Everything they saw was to their liking, it was fancy was shit everywhere! The bathroom was large, they have their own kitchen with already food in stock. They freaking have mini fridges here that are stocked up in food and booze! There was even a place to do laundry! Like What the Fuck... When they took a look around Erza looks to her left and sees a counter that has a bowl filled with condoms and instantly blushed. (A/N 'But Subarashi... there aren't freaking condoms in Fairy Tail! WELL THERE ARE NOW! MUAHAHAHHA')

"Say um, why don't you take a shower, I'm sure you're in the mood too since you've been soaking in rain." Erza insisted.

"Ok, what about you? You want to take one after me?"

"Uh yea, I'll take one after you..."

Right away Goku takes off his clothes in front of Erza making her see an exposed Goku. She covered her eyes with her fingers put takes a peak through her fingers and sees how fit Goku was. She could see how well in shape the saiyan was with muscles looking like a snack for her I mean what. She blushes and thanks to the weird traditions here she started to feel... horny...

Giving how Goku's stripping in front of her it was turning her on every second. She started to have lewd thoughts and was soon leaking.

"K, since my clothes are wet and all would you mind washing them for me?" a naked Goku said as she approach Erza.

"S-Sure... but quick question, did you do this to Cana?" she wonders.

"What do you mean?"

"Getting naked in front of her as you sleep with her, after all Cana told me you've been sleeping with her"

"Oh, well at first I wasn't very fond of sleeping with Cana naked. just felt weird, but you know, I've grown a habit of taking a liking to sleeping with her naked. She even convinced me to sleep naked with her" as he chuckles while scratching the back of his head.

"Y-You two slept together NUDE?!"

"Mmmm Hmm, I didn't mind."

"I-I see..."

"Why did you want to know?"

"Huh? Oh! Um... no reason just curious that's all, now go take your shower," as she takes the clothes off from him.

"Right!" Goku turns around and heads to the bathroom and from that Erza's angle she could see what a magnificent ass he has and couldn't help but drool over it. Minutes later Erza manages to some laundry style type shit and groomed Goku's Gi like it was brand new and stuff. She knocks on door to tell him, "Hey I did what I can with you clothes, it'll take a while till morning to where you can wear your clothes."

"Oh thanks!" Goku said as he applied shampoo to his hair, "Man the water's really hot, I wonder how long it can last, eh can't be too picky, gotta save some for Erza."

He finishes in 27 minutes and was in a bath robe and when he opened the door, steam led out. Erza was covered in her towel and proceeded to go in herself for her time with the shower. "Shower's yours Erza."


As she enters inside she could see another robe that had a label above it, it was fit for a female one meaning Goku must've grabbed a suitable male one which is very convenient given the fact this is a love hotel. The moment Erza turned on the shower she thought about what to do after she's done. How was she gonna slay the Saiyan that's sharing a room with her in bed? SEXUAL THOUGHTS INTENSIFIES...!

Around 40 minutes she was done showering, and grabbed her robe which was in silk that she was hoping it would be in. When she heads out she sees Goku in bed eating the snack fridge. From that point she had to think of a way to explain this all to Goku and wonders if he'll be okay with it. "Ok, I don't know how, but it's game time, if I don't make love to Goku, the manager might kick us out even though we can just charge in jewels to stay here a night, but still..." She gets an image of Mirajane and Cana. "(I wonder if those two marked themselves on Goku... given the fact he's dense, I'd say they didn't... so here I go!)"

She heads to the bed that's being shared. "Oh Erza, you're done showering. The water's pretty hot huh?'"

"Indeed it is..." as she gets next to Goku in bed. "From the way you're munching and chewing, you're hungry, aren't you?"

"Yep, I hadn't eaten anything in 2 weeks so I'm starving right now!" as he empties he fridge.

Your stomach holds no bounds, you're such a bottomless pit." She compliments

"Thanks I guess..." as he swallow his food down, "BURP* whelp, I guess this is the part to where we go to sleep huh?"

"Y-Yea well about that... that's just a slight problem..."

"And what's that?"

"This is a love hotel..."

"Love... Hotel? What?"

"Basically, what I'm trying to say is, any couple which to two people register here must make love to each other, it's a tradition here..."

"Oh traditions huh? How it sucks to be those people huh?" as he starts to realize those two people were him and Erza. He looks at Erza who was blushing at Goku. "Are you talking about us?!"

Erza nods her head in agreement while bearing the thoughts of making love and fucking the saiyan LOL.

"Y-You mean you and me... make love... as in do the dirty deeds?"

"That... is a rule here and since we're staying here we have to comply to the rules here..."

Goku's heart started to pound hard, this would mean he would have to pull out his dick and enter it in Erza's baby making machine which was something he promised Cana. He couldn't think believe he had to deliver this kind of stuff to Erza! "So, we have to do it huh?"

"Mmmm... Hmm..." she looks to her left.

"(Gohan told me, this is necessary in love making, after all I did do this with Chi-Chi to get him and Goten, but does Erza want a kid? On second thought maybe she doesn't, she probably wants lust like what Cana wants...) Can't we just lie about it to that woman at the lobby downstairs that we did make love?"

"I came to that conclusion but I have a feeling lying won't get passed her, she looks as though she's been working here for a long time..."

"I see... in that case, let's do it then..."

"E-Eh?! Like right now, right now?!"

"Yea, right now, right now... it's best to get this over with then to wait and regret it later right?"

"Y-Yea... you have a point, by the way... are you a virgin by chance?"

"Virgin? What's that?"

"Uh... it mean you never had sex before, have you?"

"Oh, then nope, I'm not a virgin!"

"E-Eh?! You're not?! H-how?"

"What do you mean how?"

"How is a dense person like you able to lose your virginity to some girl?!"

"Well this person I was with was Koo Koo in the brains, so I guess it all played out."

"I see, and you're okay with the rules here? You're not going to testify against it?"

"Yea. Doesn't matter because at some point we're all going to experience this."

"Then, without further delay... let's get this started. Enough talk..."
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