Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
10 Demon crisis part 2
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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10 Demon crisis part 2

The Aftermath of the Goku v Gildarts Fight...

"He got away... no matter... he can run away all he wants... hehehe... to think he held in more power than what I had anticipated." Towa said. She starts to look in her staff to where Mira is since he hid his presence. "Hch... I guess it's time to make our move..." she turns her direction to the four servants.

"Gildarts and you two will come with me, we're gonna look for Mira and as for you... you will go and face Goku... no matter what make sure you inflict damage to him for my Mira to obtain more power, do you understand?" Towa commanded.

The person that was assigned this mission was a mysterious caped person with a curvy figure. She nods and rights away starts to fly on over to Magnolia to where the guild Fairy Tail guild is to launch an attack on Goku, in the process she picked up Goku's energy because he hadn't hidden it. "Heh, time to begin the Demon Revival Plan" as she smirks very evilly.

Over at the Guild Hall...

Makarov, Macao, and Wakaba looks at Goku in shock... they were just talking about that man and just when they were done, the man, the myth, the legend himself had arrive on scene but with excruciating news...

"Goku... my boy... you're injured, you seem to be covered in bruises and scars, what on earth happened?!" Makarov said.

"Uh this?" Goku points and looks at his bruises and scars, "It doesn't hurt but I got into a fight and that's what I came here to tell you"

"To tell me what..."

There was a figure behind Goku and soon she revealed herself to Makarov. The moment Makarov sees the girl, his eyes turned big in surprise, "T-T-THE PRINCESS OF FIORE HISUI?!"

Macao and Wakaba dropped their jaws again, "The princesses?!"

Everyone else in Fairy Tail were out on missions so the guild hall was empty on three old dudes.

"H-Hello..." Hisui was still behind Goku, she just popped her head out to get recognition out of it.

"I can't believe my eyes, what's someone like you doing with a brute fighting freak like Goku?! Uh no offense Goku..."

"None taken..."

"Say Gramps, where is everyone today?"

"Other than Team Natsu over at your place with Mira, Lisanna and Juvia... everyone else have taken on missions that give out very nice awards, so they decided to do it in groups and I gotta say it was a mayhem this morning... especially with Laxus..." as Makarov sighs.

"Oh ok, that would explain a lot"

"Ok enough about that, tell me why you're here all bruised up like you just got out of a fight! You're giving me anxiety boy!"

"Y-Yea I would like to know this as well..." Macao said.

"Mmmm Hmm" Wakaba agrees.

"Oh right sorry for going off topic" Goku decided to sit down on a bench with Hisui following. "There's something I need to tell you and it's something that's has to do with Fairy Tail."

"(From the way he said that, I have a feeling what he's gonna tell me is something serious... I better listen up) Go ahead... I'm listening..."

For more than over thirty minutes Goku explains the events that occurred recently with full details being provided with Hisui since she was there as well. Hearing the news out of Goku's mouth Makarov, Macao and Wakaba's eyes were in disbelief with what they're hearing. After Goku spewed out with what he had to say, Hisui took over and continued to explain the situation they're in that could hazardously put everyone's life in jeopardy. Sometime later Hisui finishes and wanted to hear what Makarov have to say.

"I-I can't believe it... Gildarts under control...? and to think he could go toe to toe with you Goku"

"That was only possible with the mind control thing along with some fruit he had eaten... seeing it from up close some people would lose their sanity right away..." Hisui said.

"But you didn't Hisui..." Goku imply, "Even though he kept growing out his power out in front of you, you kept it cool and continued on like it didn't happen... (despite her crying though...) you really were fit out to be a princess!" he smiled causing Hisui to blush.

"Still though... to think there's someone out there that was able to put Gildarts under a mind control..." Macao said, "That person has to be someone that's strong as Gildarts or perhaps stronger."

"But the question is... who is this person? Why did he subjugate Gildarts for brainwashing to do the biddings? What's the motive on destroying every village near Crocus?" Wakaba wonders.

Hisui responds to that question, "For right now we don't know exactly why, but we do know this, this person or whatever is after Goku. Back at the scene, the four brainwashed people, Gildarts included, charged at Goku and I can only assume they would do that because they were commanded to."

"You may be right Princess Hisui. For all we know this person could create a cult filled with corrupt brainwashed servants that without a conscious, would do they're biddings. Still for drastic measures, as the master of this guild, I'd like it if everyone in Fairy Tail were to be aware of this."

"Is there a way to fix the brainwashing?" Macao said.

"So far no, from the time being I don't think there's a way to unscrew the washing, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. I'm certain there's a way, we just need to find out how."

"Then I guess we're all in agreement then, first world order, we inform everyone in Fairy Tail about what has been going on." Macao said.

"Mmmm Hmm, I agree it's better to be safe than sorry. After we inform everyone in Fairy Tail," Makarov turns to Hisui, "Princess Hisui, it's best if we were to cooperate together as a whole rather than tackling this situation by yourself."

Hisui nods her head in agreement, "For the most part I agree on what you're saying. I'd say it's a fine idea for both Fairy Tail and I to work together. It wouldn't sound fitting if I do this alone and fail miserably." She opens up her hand to Makarov to which he firmly took as the both shook hands to establish an alliance to take down the this so called villain that started making a name for him/herself.

Macao and Wakaba smiled in compliance but also worries for any other people that might have fallen victim to this catastrophe while Goku on the other hand puts his hand behind his head and smiled at Makarov and Hisui. Even though he had been hammered by Gildarts (not really) and how he somewhat has a bounty on him due to this one person, he would still smile because for now he assumes things would turn out to be ok but soon things will turn south.

In a moment's notice Goku and only him detected a power that was headed this way to the guild hall. "(What the? This power I'm sensing... it's similar to Gildarts! Who is this coming?!)" On high alert Goku ran out the guild hall to get a better understanding/ reading on where this person may appear to.

"Goku?" Hisui said as she, Makarov, Macao and Wakaba sees Goku outside.

"Is there something wrong with Goku? He seems to be troubled" Wakaba said.

"I don't know, it's probably his intuition" Macao said.

"Does he even know what that is?" Makarov implied.

"You guys are mean..." Hisui said.

Goku didn't pay attention to what they said and was still focusing on this power coming his way. "(This person's coming in the direction of the guild hall, this is bad, if I let this person come to me, I'll endangered Hisui and the others. Heh, looks like I'll bring the fight to that person instead!)" Goku lits up his aura and started to fly to the brainwashed person at a fast rate, surprising Hisui and the others, "G-Goku? Where're you going?!"

"One of those four people followed us here, so I'll just go pay them a visit!" as he now flies to the person upon hand creating a wind force that blew inside the hall making Hisui and the others to barely see.

"Oh shiittt!" Macao yelled as the wind blows his face, "damn that boy can sure really show off his freaking power huh!?"

Wakaba was holding on to his seat as he was struggling hard as shit too, "Geez Louise man! He's like a freaking hurricane!"

Makarov as covering Hisui with his super expansion arms, and just like that, Goku flew to the sky and headed to the person. "Huh... well that was weird... why did that boy suddenly decide to pull such a stunt like that. He would've at least give us some time to evacuate first considering his powers... sheesh... youth these days... is everyone alright?"

"Yea... I'm ok, thanks for covering me..." Hisui regards.

"Anytime... Wakaba, Macao, listen up! I have something I must ask you two to do."

"What's the agenda master?"

"We can't let anybody fall victim to this brainwashing so it'd' be best let everyone know about it so I'm counting on you two to do that!"

Wakaba sigh while Macao took the situation serious and soon they both left the hall to tell the other Fairy Tail members the details of the Village incident which would lead to Makarov and Hisui left inside.

"So what do we do then, if we're not gonna join them?" Hisui wonders.

"For starters we're gonna go to where Goku is. I have to see if there's any other members of my guild that have been corrupt like Gildarts have."

"I see, well then let's get to it then, let's not whittle with time here, let's get going!"

"Right, leave to you princess let's get moving!"

Both Makarov and Hisui starts to head to the direction to where Goku was flying to.

In the Center of Magnolia...

The caped person was flying to the power level she was sensing and when at a certain view she sees Goku flying to her and decided to stop at once. Soon after Goku manages to catch up to the caped figure. The both of them were at the center of Magnolia up in the sky. The people below hadn't realized the both of them in the sky and presume their day. Soon after the caped figure was on her guard while Goku had a smile on his face because he gets to fight the source of it again.

"So..." Goku smirked, "Is that you Gildarts? Or is this someone else that came for me? Say before we fight, how about we let go of that cape of yours? No need to fight when you're covering your face like that. I know you obey your leader but just for this occasion, you should fight without letting anything get in your way."

The caped person who even though doesn't served Goku just complied to that request and unbutton her caped. Soon after she lets go of her cape that felled on some building. When she revealed herself Goku was shocked. The person he was about to go toe to toe with was a female! "You're... a girl... (Alright think man, there has to be a way to revert this brainwashing binding... there has to be a way! And I know simply exchanging our fists isn't something that's a solution here... oh maybe it is...)"

The female being showed to Goku was a girl who wears long black sleeves that goes down to her elbows. Along with black and white patterns all over her body with some remaining spaces to be brown. Over her head was a white headband and behind her back that was exposed was the guild stamp Crime Sorcière, (A/N: Notice who this is now? Lol it's a Ultear!)

"Well, this is a first. I haven't fought a girl in a long time here, but I guess you're an exception since you're brainwashed and all." Goku gets into his fighting stance, "Alright well, let's get this started!"

Ultear starts to show her dark aura to Goku and shouted her lungs out just to power up making the wind atmosphere around them all bundled up. The people below felt this chill and soon looked up and realize the cause of this. "What the... the two people are levitating in the air! How? Flying magic?!" some random citizen said.

Soon after when Ultear gets done powering up Goku started comparing her to Gildarts, "(Amazing... her power doesn't match Gildarts but it's close... I'll have to be wary about this. Seems I'll have to skip the warm up then.)" Goku turns into a Super Saiyan and starts to kick things up by charging to her.

"Ice Make: Rosen Krone" the roses grow larger in size and soon was being thrown at to Goku.

"Ice Make? She can do what Gray does... ARRGGHH!" Goku punches his way through the ice rose but soon regretted that because he sees the multiples thorn spikes, "Kch!" One by one Goku obliterated the spikes and decided to kick things up a notch and blast directly an energy wave towards Ultear. Ultear however manages to dodge but didn't realize that blast was a decoy.

Goku appears behind Ultear and as she turns around she gets punched in the face by Goku but counters it by elbowing Goku in the guts sending him flying to the ground. Just by a cinch Goku manages to catch himself by just inch off the ground. The people around him sees Goku and realize it's him from the 1v5.

"Tch, oh she's strong alright, very interesting foreplay she's put out."

"Hey man, are you okay?" some citizen said as he walks to Goku.

Goku didn't hear those words and instead was talking to himself, "Sigh* I need to take a breather after I beat her..." Moments later Goku lits up his aura, "ARRGGHH!" and dashes back into the sky to where Ultear is causing a scene on the ground and also a massive wind current around Magnolia.

Goku gets on the same footing as Ultear, "You have pretty interesting attacks there... but... I can tell you this, my attack hurt much WORSE!" Goku uses instant transmission to teleport behind her again but then teleports in front of her to trick Ultear to which it did and in that specify moment Goku unleashed a barrage of punches. Some punches manage to hit but some gets averted as she fights back with her own punches landing back.

Both their fist collides with each other (A/N: the same way SSJ2 Gohan and Cell did to each other in the Cell Saga) which then created shockwaves that was happening left and right to Magnolia. The impact of the shockwaves causes the people of Magnolia to freak the fuck out and soon everyone started to panic. Everyone starts to run in panic while Hisui and Makarov was running the opposite direction from the people which confirms where Goku may be. "Where did all this wind come from?!, damn it's ridiculous out here!" Makarov yelled.

"Your guess is as good as mine, this is Goku's and the brainwashed person's doing!" Hisui responds.

Soon after they manage to get to the battlefield which was the sky, the both of them looked up and see Goku and Ultear exchanging punches to each other. "Look! Goku's battling someone!" Hisui said.

Makarov squints his eyes to see better, "The boy is battling... a woman..."

"What? Who can it be then?"

"I don't know, I can't get a clear reading, but from the looks of it she's holding herself well against Goku."

Hisui looks back at the barrage of punches with worry, "Goku..."

Soon after, Ultear ended their clash of punching and started to unleash out more of her power which surprise Goku and adding such pressure to everyone below. To add to the playing field, Goku unleashed more of his power too and soon the two bumped into each other and because their energy increased, the shockwave that was caused by the two of them gets multiplied even worse because it evolved into an even greater but also deadlier shockwave.

The shockwave shakes the grounds on Magnolia and because of that some builds crumble to the ground while some struggle to get a hold on. "Holy shit...! Look at the town! Everything's fallen to pieces! Damn it Goku, what do you think you're doing?!"

Makarov expands his hands to destroy anything that came at him due to the shockwave and to also protect Hisui.

"AAHH Take this!" Goku tries to land a punch but gets dodge by Ultear as she counters with a kick to Goku's left side, but he evades it as he bear hugged her to the ground making the wind accel at a greater force to Makarov and Hisui. Soon after, the area the four of them were in was empty all but you know, the four of them. The impact of landing on the ground caused a great smoked but soon Goku gets out of it.

"Goku..." Hisui said.

Goku turns around, "Gramps... Hisui... what are you two doing here?!"

"We came here to get a gasp of the situation here, why else would we be here!?" Hisui replied.

"Are you insane?! You're gonna get yourself killed by being here, I don't know if you notice but I'm fighting one of the people that was with Gildarts!" Goku turns around because he sees Ultear recovered from Goku's stunt.

"Goku my boy she's up!" Makarov said.

"Yea I can see that, listen if you want to be useful here, hurry and protect Hisui!" Goku lits up his aura and starts up one of his finishers.

Makarov gets aware of it, "Not that technique! The one he did against Blue Pegasus!" Makarov with his expanded arms covered Hisui as the light blue light emulated from Goku's hands. "KA...ME...HAME...HAAAA!"

The blast goes directly to Ultear. However, Ultear was able to withstand the blast by covering herself with her ice make magic that was amplified from the fruit tree of might she gulp from Towa. The moment Ultear lowers her arms her eyes widen because Goku disappear from her sight and when she blinked her eyes once, she sees Goku below her crouching with his hands still together.

"HAAAA!" Goku lands again his signature technique in Ultears's face at point blank range, sending her flying across 13 buildings and homes across Magnolia. Hisui and Makarov's faces were in shocked because of the way Goku maneuvered his attack like that. "A-Amazing... he's like a freaking prodigy! The way he held onto his attack followed by a point blank finisher, my oh my he's one of the best!" Makarov praised.

Hisui smiled because the fight was somewhat over for now and so the two of them ran to Goku.

"Hmmm?" Goku powers back to base and sees Hisui and Makarov running to him.

"Hey you two, what's up?" Goku said.

Hisui ran up towards Goku to give him a hug. As the hugging happens, Goku just decided to pat her head while Makarov was looking at the direction to where Ultear was struck at.

"Goku, you really need to stop scaring us like that" Hisui gets out of the hug, "From certain time to time I had almost thought you've lost. You really have a habit of doing ridiculous stunts like that you freaking idiot."

Goku chuckles, "Sorry my bad, my bad, I just really like to see what my opponents are capable of and sometimes it takes such a capacity to see what they're made of."

"Ohohoho Goku my boy, you've done a splendid job into teaching that person a lesson! No one messes with Fairy Tail!" Makarov brags, "But... I wonder if that women is alright cause from your attack alone, I don't think no ordinary human can withstand that."

"Well I guess there's one way to find out then gramps, let's all head to her then"

"Right" both Hisui and Makarov said.

Before the three of them could walk to Ultear, Goku picked up two power levels that was heading this way. "What the..." Goku stopped walking.

"Something wrong Goku?" Hisui wonders.

"I sense 2 people coming this way."

"What?! Could it be reinforcements from her?!" Makarov assumed.

"No, the power I'm sensing are friendly, and it's vaguely familiar... like I've been with it before... it couldn't be..."

Soon the two people coming to Goku and the others were two white haired females and when they got closer to the three, it was revealed to be none other than Lisanna and Mirajane.

"Mira..." Goku said.

"Did you say Mira?" Makarov said.

Hisui looks at Goku, "You're talking about that white-haired barmaid, right?"

"Yea... and she has her sister Lisanna with her..." Goku pointed out.

"Goku!" Mirajane yelled as the both of them runs to the three and soon manages to get to them.

"Mira... what are you doing here?"

"Back at your house everyone felt an earthquake 10x over, Cana, Lucy, Juvia and Wendy decided to stay back and watch over Natsu and the others. Lis and I decided to come to you to see if you were in danger or something."

"Yea Goku, judging from the collateral damages these buildings took, I'd say you were fighting someone huh? Lisanna said.

"Yea, pretty spot on Lisanna, I was fighting someone, but his person wasn't an ordinary someone, this person had tremendous strength, well I guess it's because she was brainwashed or some sort."

"B-Brainwashed?!" Lisanna and Mirajane said all confused.

"Sigh* it's a long story, I'll fill you in later Mira, right now I was just about to see if the person I blasted away is conscious..."

"Oh ok, well then count Lis and I in, we'll accompany you then sweetie."

"Mira, this isn't a walk in the park here, did you not hear what I said? This person had strength like mine, I don't want you getting hurt!"

"Loud and clear, but that still won't change my mind on the matter, I'm coming whether you like it or not" Mirajane said stubbornly.

"Sigh* I guess there's no pulling the strings with you huh Mira, fine but promise me you won't battle if things get worse"

"I promise" she smiled.

Seeing Goku and Mirajane interacting so damn well together as if they were a couple struck Hisui at an odd here. "(Goku told me he's just friends but the way he acts to Mirajane Strauss is as if he's her boyfriend... why am I thinking something like that at a terrible situation like this, snap out of it Hisui and focus on the situation ahead of you!) Say, if we're done chit chatting here, we should get to where that brainwashed lady is before she regains conscious."

"Yea good call princess, now my children onwards to her!"

But anyone could realize it, Ultear hid her power and decided to pull a dirty move on Goku and released one of her abilities. While still bearing the X-Mark symbol placed upon her forehead, her sinistered aura was forming around the palm of her right hand, making up a shape of a spear.

She gets up from the rubble and starts to unleashed her deadly attack, "Ice Make: Dark Javelin Spear..." the spear was being formed into an ice that was adapted into an impenetrable might that could go through anything and when it's being apply with the new and improved fruit tree of might, the gravity of the situation just skyrocket at an all-time low.

The remaining of Ultears's aura surrounds her as she makes her stance to throw her spear and within a moment's notice she threw it at the direction of Goku. Of course the way she threw it wasn't something any freaking human can see unless you learn Ki and shit but in Goku's situation, he's the only one that can do Ki.

The spear that was coming to Goku was destroying everything in its path by turning everything into complete isolated ice. Goku caught aware of this and had to react fast or else the people that's around him that he cares about will get hurt.

"Everyone... get back now..." Goku had ordered in a serious tone.

"Get back? Why would we do that Goku? No offense but that sounds kind of dumb..." Lisanna said.

"Goku?" Hisui said. "Are you onto something?"

"There isn't much time hurry!" Goku yelled at them.

But it was in the matter of being too late, from just at an angle the spear was being looked at by everyone's eyes, especially Goku so he turned Super Saiyan and strictly gave out a command to Makarov.


"Wha- Oh right!" and just as Goku had wished Makarov used his body as a shield to aid Mirajane and the others.

"Goku, what're you planning here?!" Mirajane said.

Goku didn't answered but instead smiled.

Everyone looked at the spear that was heading this way and fully prepared, Goku got into his stance and was able to grab the head of the spear with his left hand but it wasn't that simple. Even though he had caught it, it was moving Goku back, making him crash into buildings and buildings (A/N: The same way Gilthunder threw his spear to Meliodas in season one).

Even though Goku had a good strong grip on the spear, it started to do the effect that a corrupted Ultear was hoping it would make, turning him into ice. The moment Goku touched the spear, he starts to feel iced up by getting freeze up by it. So far his entire left arm was covered in ice.

Makarov manages to protect the girls from the spear's impact but it came with a price. He himself after being back to his original size was frozen in ice. The spear may have been with Goku, but the width of it left a powder of ice that connected on Makarov. and like I mention, the ice was impenetrable with a side of INDESTRUCTABLE!

Mirajane and the others was affected by the ice thanks to being covered by Makarov.

"M-Master?" Mirajane and everyone else opened up their eyes and realize Makarov was in ice. "Master! Kch, quickly everyone stand back!" to which everyone did. Mirajane turns into her Satan Soul and tried everything in her power to destroy the ice but no cigar.

"What the heck" Lisanna said, "ice isn't supposed to be this hard now, C'mon!"

Mirajane turned back into herself, realizing nothing she did turned out okay, but Makarov was still in ice. "What's this stuff made out of? Nothing in my Satan Soul's power puta dent on that..."

"If I were a guessing man, I'd say that the ice was filled up with negative and sinistered power that must've amplified the ice to be indestructible." Hisui said.

"Can something that really be applied in this world?" Mirajane said.

"I didn't believe it at first but yes, and I've witness it from experience with Goku..."

"Well that's just great, and it's the bad guys that's doing this huh?" Lisanna said.

"You're guess is as good as mine."

"Experience huh... wait with Goku?! What were you doing with Goku?!" Mirajane said.

Hisui starts to panic, "Huh? Wha- I uh... oh um you know... we were just hanging out together this morning and right when things were getting good between us this situation here transpired yet again."

"T-This morning?! (That would explain where Goku's been since he said he would be out all morning. He was hanging out with Hisui!)" a jealous Mirajane thought.

"Umm sis, I know you're jealous Goku took someone other than you on a date but for right now let's focus on the situation here at hand with master still being locked up in ice."

Mirajane snaps out of it, "Oh right my bad..."

Hisui looked confused but nonetheless wanted to help the Strauss by assisting them in anyway possible.

"I guess for now we should try to hold the master to the guild, this is our last resort but I was thinking we can use Natsu's flames to melt the ice."

"Yea nice going sis, smart idea"

"Ok, I'll help out let's get carrying."

Before they could even pick up Makarov, the pressure around the girls began springing hard on the three. It was making them hard to move like if this was gravity training to where the gravity gets multiplied even more.

"Kch... what ... is this... my body can't move..." Lisanna said.

"It's... l-like the gravity just exploded huge on us... who's doing this..." Hisui said as she falls to her knees.

Mirajane turns her head and sees Ultear, "What the... you're..."

Hisui and Lisanna turned to Mirajane's direction, "No way, that's Ultear Milkovich..." Lisanna said. "Is she the one doing this?! Argh..." Lisanna falls flat on her stomach because the pressure gets greater as the person who is Ultear gets closer to her prey.

"(This is bad... this is bad... this is bad! Ultear's right in front of us while Goku's off trying to ward off that spear...!)" Hisui's heart begins pounding because of the situation she's in. Without Goku on the scene Mirajane, Lisanna and Hisui realizes they have no chance of getting out of this one alive.

"What is that on her forehead... why does she had an X shape on her forehead?!" Lisanna said Her eyes were struggling to remain open because Ultear was giving off a deadly vibe to the three of them and right away Mirajane knew what that meant and had to retreat because this is the one fight she knows she can't possibly win!

"Quickly... Hisui... Lisanna... I'll try to buy you two time..." Mirajane said but struggles hard as shit to move, "in the meantime the two of you carry the master and get to Goku's house quickly!"

"But... sis... what about you?! You can't take of her alone, with just her presence alone she crushed us" Lisanna manages to stand up barely along with Hisui.

"Lis, in my years in Fairy Tail from when you disappear in my very eyes, I had cursed myself not being able to protect you like an older sister should. So please don't what I say and get the master to Goku's house, I think that's the safest place to be right now!"


"Your sister is right Lisanna, Mirajane can't fight to her full potential if she has to worry about us being in the way, now comply to her wish and let's get out of here and let's get to Goku's house!"

Lisanna was struggling to answer but came to it that she complies, "Alright... but sis! Don't you dare die on me!" as both Hisui and Lisanna grabbed the master and was able to make their way.

Mirajane turns into her Satan Soul with a smile, "This is your sister you're talking to, now get going before something bad abr-"

In that fell swoop without batting an eye, having it witness in front of Hisui's and Lisanna's eyes, Mirajane got ran though by Ultear's Ice make sword. The corrupted Ultear showed a smiled that brought sheer satisfaction to her face. That scene that just happen was in complete silence. Hisui's breathing gave out a desperate cry for help since she covered her mouth with her hands in horror.

Lisanna's eyes started gushing out in tears as she sees Mirajane rammed though by the sharped ice sword. Corrupted Ultear lifted her sword up with Mirajane still attached to it and from there, she was dripping blood. Mirajane's hands had an uncontrollable shake that couldn't stop shaking.

Her mouth gushed out blood unwillingly, and she was having a hard time breathing as it is. Anxiety was running through Mirajane right now. Both her hands were on the sharp sword and even though her hands were bleeding from it, she was struggling to get the sword out of her but to no avail nothing had worked. But in the process, more blood came surging out.

"SISSSS!" a furious but yet sad Lisanna yelled.

Ultear swung her sword down, throwing Mirajane down in the process and as she came to the ground, the impact she made causes her body to splat out blood. Lisanna ran to her sister which was basically running to her death because Ultear was front of her, but she didn't care.

"Sis... sis... SIS..." Lisanna was holding Mirajane in her arms and from there she saw the hole Ultear made with her ice make sword. Realize the situation was grim, Lisanna had panic, "Mira... you're gonna be okay! Believe me when I say this, you're gonna be okay!" Lisanna started sobbing. Her tears fell on Mirajane's face.

Hisui also led out a mighty cry because of this event but wasn't speaking, the corrupt Ultear just watched Lisanna in agony because soon when Lis is done talking to her sister, she was gonna kill her next.

Mirajane painfully looked Lisanna as she turned her head to her sister, "Li...sanna... you're...crying..."

"Stop talking Mira! Listen to me, you're gonna be alright ok?" She continues to sob, "that wound of yours is nothing ok? We're gonna have Wendy patch you up ok?! Listen you're gonna make it!"

"G-Goku... where... is he...? I... want to know... if he's alright..." Mirajane then coughs up blood.

"Goku, he's alright! Listen if you want to see him, you can! Trust me! No one in this entire world gets all excited to see you but him! Remember what you told me?! You made a promise with him! You said in that promise he be with you till forever! How can you be with him if you're gonna die?! Pointless promise right?! Sis fulfill that promise to Goku and don't die on me! Everyone in the guild, Elfman, Goku and I don't want to see you go yet.!"


"Who's gonna go grocery shopping with Goku huh? Who's gonna enjoy your cooking that you always brew out?! Sis, you can't afford to die on me or anyone in Fairy Tail in the matter! Listen... if you want Goku, I can grant that! I can convince Cana to back off and for you to have Goku to yourself! Please oh please... Mira, you are going to make it! Goku's just waiting for you to be with him, so you can possibly die ok?!"


Lisanna grabbed Mirajane's hands, "Yes sis, what is it?!"

"Why... aren't you talking..."

From that sentence Hisui and especially Lisanna's eyes widen, "Wh-What did you say...?"

"It's so cold... why aren't you talking...? Why did you stop talking...? Where… are you….?"

"Mira, what are you talking about?! I'm right here listen I'm right here?!"

Mirajane's senses started to cancel out on her. Her hearing, and her vision started to deplete, and she then lost feeling in her arms and legs.

"Is this what dying is like..." Mirajane said as she started to breath heavy. Soon she started to burst out crying, "Oh god... I don't wanna die... I don't wanna die... I don't want to die!" Mirajane then started to whimper.

Lisanna hearing those words, she started rejection, "And you're not gonna die sis, you're not gonna die! You can't die! You can't afford that! Stop spewing out nonsense!"

"I don't want to leave Fairy Tail... my family... Lis... Elfman... Goku... I never even got a chance... to tell him how I feel...Go…. ku...Goku…...(I guess... this is it for me... I'm... gonna... die)"

Mirajane's words became less and less and soon she stopped talking. Lisanna shook Mirajane once, "Mira... hey... talk to me..." Lisanna then saw Mirajane's arms rolled out to the ground and her eyes closed.

Lisanna started to hug the "dead" white haired Barmaid Mirajane. She and ONLY she assume that she's dead, "Sis..." she restarted to cry knowing that her only sister in the world was no longer in her arms.

Soon after Ultear was done sharping her sword and when Lisanna heard the sword being dragged on the ground, she began letting her anger get the best of her. "You... you're gonna pay for making my sister leave this world." She starts to do her takeover magic, "THIS ONE'S FOR MIRRAAAA!"

Over to with Goku and the Spear...

Goku was still be dragged building to building and soon had enough. With still being caught by his left hand, Goku stopped the movement of him being dragged and started to end this all with his right hand. He lets go of the spear and proceeds to punch the head with his right fist, completely shattering the so called impenetrable ice spear into multiple pieces.

"Phew, man was that cold..." He looks at his completely frozen up left arm. "Now what am I supposed to do with this?"

A light bulb appeared above Goku's head, "I know!" He lit up his aura destroying the ice in the process. "There we go... sometimes you can think Goku..." Soon after Goku looked around to see that people had evacuated. The center on Magnolia was empty. The people from the center went to other parts of Magnolia for safety. Goku then looked up to the sky. "When did the sky become all red for? What do I have a bad feeling about this..."

Soon after He heard Mirajane's name being cried out and turned around, "What the... what was that... Was that Lisanna screaming Mira's name?"

In that adjustment moment Goku focused on sensing the girls and gramps and what he had sense made him worry... "WHAT THE... Lisanna and Hisui's energy are rapidly decreasing... gramps's energy is still sane, but why can't I sense Mira."

To make haste, Goku while lighting up his aura started to dash back to Mirajane and the others hoping what he had sense wasn't true.

"Hisui and Lisanna aren't gonna last if their energy gets depleted even more, and Mira... why the heck can't I sense her! She... She couldn't be... No! No! No! Don't think that! There's no way she would just die on you like that!"

Goku's ideals on Mirajane not being dead and still being alive was something hopeful despite what he had sense because he didn't want it to come true. He didn't want to see Mirajane dead by his feet. If he had to experience someone dying in front of him again like what happen to his best friend Krillin on Namek, chances are he'll start to lose it and let his anger take over.

Though reality can be a cruel thing to behold. Having to arrive to the crime scene was something he regretted to do. Everything he had sense to which he wanted to deny, came true. His eyes witness a homicide, from his perspective, he sees Hisui on the ground gushing out blood and wasn't moving a muscle much less lifting a finger. "H-H-Hisui...?"

But when he turned his direction to Mirajane, that's when at that moment Goku's sanity left his body. "M-Mira..." He was at a loss for words. The closer he got to Mirajane, he could see the hole in Mirajane with blood spilling everywhere. Soon after he ran to Mirajane. When he got closer he could no sense any life in Mirajane and felled to his knees.

He starts to tear up, "Mira's... hey Mira... you're not dead are you... that can't be true... you're just pretending to be dead right Mira...?"

Mirajane hadn't respond.

"M-Mira...? Hey... you're not dead... right? You can't be... what about that promise you made with me? Mira... Mira... Mira..."

After some time now Goku had to force it on himself that it was his actions and his carelessness that got Mirajane killed. "Did… this happen… because of me…." He led out tears flowing out from his eyes.

"Mira...jane... is dead because of me... I had more power than what I brought out and because of that Mira's dead... this is my fault... if I hadn't messed around and waited for the enemy to power up... she wouldn't be dead... I should've... finished it right when I had the chance..."

Goku's guilt drove him to a sad, sorrow and I guess depression state, "I shouldn't have waited for that girl to get stronger... I should've finished her up... why did I wait... why did I wait..."

Goku looks at his hands in guilt, "She didn't deserved any of this... and it's because of me she got dragged into the fight with that girl... it's my fault she's dead... it's my fault she's dead..."

"Mira... you can't go away... don't leave me..." Goku's sobbing was getting the better of him and later he went back to base form. Seeing Mirajane dead in front of him brought up flashbacks to when he found out Android 8 was supposedly dead in front of him as well. Soon after Goku's started to think about the times he had spent with Mirajane. From when they first met, to the time they had argued and ending it off to when she was always happy to cook his meals for him. Seeing as it now, those times will forever remain in the past and the future couldn't hold more of those bright details because pieces had shatter from Mirajane to Goku.

Even though Goku was sobbing over Mirajane's "Death" he heard footsteps. Those footsteps belonged to Ultear who was still under controlled and was lifting up Lisanna by her shirt and it was revealed that Lisanna was covered up in bruises and scars that had serious and major damages to a human. Her injures were much more serious than Goku's. Later Ultear started to choke Lisanna as she was struggling to put up a fight.

Goku's white aura started to brew out blue as it revolved around him and shortly after he moved at the speed of light and freakin elbowed Ultear's face so fucking hard he sent her through 14 buildings catching Lisanna in his arms to which he turned into a SSJ furiously.

His aura shined a bright golden yellow and it started to come down to Lisanna because his aura starts to heal her opened wounds and scars. (A/N: If you're wondering how's this possible, refer it to when Goku healed that bird from the Cooler's Revenge Movie). After the healing Lisanna opened her eyes and in the position, she was in she was surprise.

"G-Goku..." Lisanna said.

Goku put Lisanna down on her two feet and teleported to Hisui. He sees the wounds produced by Ultear and out of curiosity he was on one knee and placed his left hand on Hisui's wound. Lisanna was curious to what Goku was gonna do and to her surprise he was closing the gap of the wounds with an energy barrier because he knew he couldn't heal that kind of wound. He healed Lisanna earlier because her injuries were something of Goku's caliber.

"She's just unconscious, that's a relief" Goku said.

Goku walks to Lisanna and as that was happening Ultear was making her way to Goku.

"Lisanna, grab Mira and Hisui and take them to Wendy."

"Ok, what about the Master?"

"He'll live, it's Hisui and Mira I'm worried about. It's my fault for not fighting serious and because of that Mira had to pay the price. This situation has gone on for too long, whoever this person is that pulled this stunt on controlling people, I'll make sure they'll be the one to pay the price. Now hurry and carry the both of them."

"What about you? You're not trying to take on Ultear are y-"


He scolded.

Lisanna kinda got scared of Goku and did what he had commanded, "R-Right" and grabbed both Mirajane and Hisui with her takeover magic and immediately was running to Goku's house. "(I never seen Goku act this way before... I guess seeing Mira dead shooked him. I don't blame him though... I was too weak to avenge Mira so with what I can do the best thing I can do is wish Goku luck) Good Luck Goku...!" as she runs off to Goku's house.

Goku sees Lisanna off as she flies with wings while carrying Hisui and Mira and then turned his attention to Ultear as she finally gets back to Goku. "Lisanna said Ultear... so I'm guessing you're name's Ultear huh..."

Ultear didn't respond...

Goku started to get angry and grit his teeth, "To think someone controlled you and made you do their bidding as you skewered Mira's blood. She was just a person who didn't deserved this and did nothing wrong... that's just unforgivable... un... forgivable... BECAUSE NOW I'M MAAAADDDD!"

Goku expanded his aura and starts to aggressively charge towards Ultear. He tries to go for a punch but Ultear swung her Ice Make Sword at Goku. Goku teleports behinds Ultear then to Ultear's right side and gave her an impacted fist to her cheek and the impact was so great it causes the ground below them to create an undeniable crater.

He follows it up with an upper left kick to her guts sending her flying in the air and right after he flew to her to give a devasting left hook sending her to a building as it collapsed on her as well. Ultear powered up her aura destroying the building in the process and around her she created multiple ice daggers and sent them to Goku.

Goku descended to her daggers and one by one he destroyed everyone single one of them with his aura that overpowered the daggers. Ultear sees this and decided to amp up her attack. "Ice Make: Dar-"

Before Ultear could unleashed her attack, her hand was grabbed by Goku's right hand as he came in front of her. Ultear's eyes widen and she "tried" to get out of it by punching Goku in his chest but it didn't do shit to Goku. He repaid her with a repeated gut punch to her, spilling out saliva and blood from her mouth. Goku lets go of her and did a 360-left kick to Ultear's stomach again and in that moment, he starts to unravel up multiple punches to her. His punches were so fast Ultear had no time to react and when Goku was done he had delivered over 120 fast executive punches and then delivered yet another gut punch (The same gut punch Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku did to Jiren in Dragon Ball Super Episode 130) Ultear's eyes weren't visible thanks to that and because of that amount of forced impact she crashed into the remains of some destroyed building.

Ultear manages to get up but she took severe damaged from that, her right arm was somewhat broken so with her right she supports her left by holding it. Moments later she sees Goku walking towards her and in time she panicked. Given the fact she was still under controlled she was showing fear...

Out of panic she desperately launches out Ki blast in shape of ice towards Goku. Goku who didn't have any decency was walking to her. He was tanking the ice Ki directly which caused explosions left and right and when he got out of the smoke his attire was trashed. His upper right Gi was shown blue meaning the orange one was destroyed. Goku was bleeding everywhere but it really didn't faze him. If it meant fighting for Mirajane, his torn-up clothes will pay the price.

Ultear stops blasting her Ice Make Ki knowing how useless that was and had the option to retreat to which she did but couldn't. Her left ankle was hurt meaning she couldn't run much less walk. Flying was in the agenda, but she hadn't thought of that because she was still scared out of thought.

Goku's right hand started emulating Ki and you viewers know what that means. Goku stopped walking and was in front of Ultear. Her legs were shaking.

"Run... before I do something I'll regret..."

Ultear was shaking... she sees Goku's face which gave off a killing intent vibe that gave a shiver to her. Before she could make a move Goku yelled at her...

"RRUUNNNN!" he freakin yelled.

The idea of flying came to her and soon she started to fly her ass out of Magnolia which was perfect for Goku because he was gonna launch his attack to finish this battle that should've been finished from the start but thanks to Goku's stupidity on letting the enemy power up and always holding back he couldn't take it anymore.

"THIS ONE'S FOR MIRRAAA!" With his right hand he waved it to a retreating Ultear and out came an energy blast which was the Angry One-Handed Kamehameha! The attack simmered fast at Ultear as she looks back she sees the Kamehameha closer and closer to her and soon the attack connected to her as she gets hammered inside the blast.

Goku had thoughts about wanting to kill her, but he knew she couldn't control her actions because of the brainwashing so he showed mercy. The amount of energy he put into the Kamehameha was enough to overwhelm Ultear into knocking her out unconsciously. And just like that the battle was over. Goku himself sees Ultear falling from the sky and decided to catch her in his arms.

Though he had won the battle, he had lost the war but in this case, he had "lost" Mira. Even though Goku didn't kill Ultear he was still fueled with anger but soon after it simmered down because he stated to notice something surprisingly good.

In his eyes he sees the X-Mark on her forehead disappear meaning in a way she was cleanse! "The X-Mark, it's gone... I see... so to get rid of the brainwashing... I have to inflict enough damage to the person to ensure they can snap out of it."

Goku was somewhat happy because he had found a solution to rid the corruption but also was quite sad because it came at a price of losing someone he cared about. "Mira..."

Goku puts an unconscious Ultear over his right shoulder and came to Makarov who was still iced up. Goku placed his hand on the ice started to melt it with his Ki and soon after was able to free Makarov but he too was unconscious, so he placed Makarov by his right hip and with his left hand his started to use instant transmission to teleport to his house.

Scene Change... Goku's House...

Having to arrive on time Lisanna force her way in and immediately called for help. When she had cried for help. Lucy and the others came out of the living room and went to Lisanna.

"Holy crap! Lisanna what on earth happen!" Lucy said.

"It's a long story… but to sum it up, Ultear did this to Sis and Hisui…."

Wendy looks at the hole that Mirajane has and was horrified, seeing that hole made her wonder what the hell happen that made that hole in the first place. "M-Mira's not dead, is she?" Wendy pleaded.

Lisanna looked at the ground. She didn't want to give Wendy an answer which made Wendy confirm that she was, so she started to cry.

Juvia covered her mouth in horror. Lucy started to cry because she looks up to Mirajane since the day she met her and when she sees Mirajane no longer breathing, she mumbles. Happy was just silence but also crying. Cana didn't speak of a word but instead was just mourning.

"Oh, dear me…. How on earth did this happen?" Carla asked, "Why would…. Why would Milkovich do such a thing?"

"I don't know…. As of this moment… Goku's fighting her right now…"


"Yes, you heard right, when he saw Mira dead… words cannot describe how sad he was. One second he was crying and then…. He snapped…. He yelled at me and everything. I never seen that form of him before. Seeing him angry kinda put a scare on me. It was because of him I manage to get away."

Lisanna and everyone went to the living room and sat Mirajane and Hisui on the couches. Wendy seeing how she couldn't heal Mirajane, started to heal Hisui because her injures were a lot better than Mirajane's. Though she was crying in the process.

"What happen to the master?" Cana wondered.

Lisanna had forgotten about that, "Crap…. He's frozen up in ice. But the ice that froze him was something that couldn't be destroyed nor melted. I was supposed to go back and grab the master after I dropped these two off."

"Juvia thinks that isn't a good idea… you could get caught in the battlefield and end up like Mirajane and Hisui."

"I agree with Juvia on this one," Cana said. "I'm sure master's alright Lisanna, after all Goku's there with him, so when he's done tearing Ultear, he come to bring him here. That's what I'm guessing though."

"I-I guess…."

Sometime later Wendy had managed heal Hisui's wounds but was still unconscious and moved on to healing Mirajane's but with that amount of blood loss thanks to the hole, it was futile, but Wendy didn't care.

"This is way beyond my powers, but for right now I can seal up that hole, so any remaining blood doesn't come flooding out" and so she used her powers to close up the hole.

"It's not much but it's something Wendy, thank you" Lisanna said.

After the healing Goku had arrive on the scene carrying Ultear and Makarov.

"Goku! Everyone said. The moment Goku made eye contact with everyone, they were in complete silence. They saw the look in Goku's eyes. It was fueled with sadness and anger, like he was done with the cruel world. The face of losing someone precious due to his actions, he could never forgive himself for what he's done. The face he made and the way he looked was something no one in the entire room wanted Goku to look like especially Cana. He was still in his enrage SSJ state. He ignored everyone and went straight to Wendy and Mirajane

"So…. Can you heal her or not…?"

"Huh… oh um…. Her hole was much severed, so I couldn't do anything, but what I did just now was closing up the hole. I'm…... I'm sorry Goku!" she bowed her head for forgiveness.

Goku gritted his teeth again, "I wasn't hoping for anything anyway, it's not your fault Wendy."

Wendy rises her head, "It isn't…?"

Goku looked at Hisui, seeing how her wounds were successfully healed, he resorted to one last thing that he was desperate for. "As long as one person came out of it alive then I guess you did your part."

"H-Hey Goku, what on earth happen that caused Mira to die?!" Lucy demand.

Goku looked at Lucy and didn't respond and instead looked at Mirajane.

"Hey Goku! I'm talking to you!" Lucy kind of got agitated by being ignored.

Goku then looked back at Lucy and flat out gave her an answer, "You want to know what happen? There are bad people around this planet that wants to kill me. They would kill anyone just to get to me. And I fell right into their trap"

"B-but it's not your fault Goku! If we here had known about this, we could've helped you dude!"

"J-Juvia's agrees! With Lucy, Cana, Wendy and I, we would've provide backup!"

Carla nodded her head, "Yes, that would've be a good idea."

"Yea I agree, you taught us how to use Ki right? We could've used that to take out Ultear before she had the chance to kill Mira!"

Cana didn't speak but she herself didn't agree to that idea… Lisanna just looked at Mirajane while this was happening.

Lucy and Juvia rambled on about how sheer in numbers could've been better than just handling it alone and soon it struck a nerve to Goku. "That's enough you two… it doesn't matter if we stack up on numbers, you all would've been massacred anyway."

Lucy, Wendy, Juvia and Carla's eyes widen, "W-What did you say?" Lucy said.

"You heard me, it wouldn't matter, just because you learned about Ki, that doesn't make you invincible, you wouldn't stand a chance anyway."


Goku continues on spouting the harsh words but were true also, "Ultear here had powers from my world and when we continued fighting, she kept rising her power up. That's something you guys couldn't even comprehend. You would've been murder on the spot."

Lucy started to have her words to Goku, "Well what good is it to mope about it if we're not gonna do anything to prevent it HUH!? If we were there, we would've had a better chance!"

"Juvia agrees…"


Goku's yelling caused the living room to shake, scaring Lucy/Juvia/Wendy/Lisanna and Carla w Happy making them silenced. And when he was about to continue speaking, the card mage Cana came up to Goku and slapped him. Everyone including Goku was surprised. Cana made a straight face when she did what she had to do.

Goku widen his eyes, and looked at Cana while touching his cheek that got smacked, "Cana…..."

"Goku… would you please… snap out of it!? Cana yelled, "It wasn't your freaking fault that Mira died okay! How were you supposed to know she's dead huh?! You can't predict the fucking future! Stop fucking blaming yourself into thinking you got her killed when clearly you didn't!"

The girl's eyes were shaking with what's being transpired here. They were at a loss for words…. They were kinda scared with what Goku had done but Cana wasn't. she came up to him and smacked him like it was nothing! Like Holy shit….!"

Goku's bang covered his eyes, "Cana…. You weren't there when it happened, so you can't say stuff like that. My habit of wanting my opponents to power up got the best of me... and because of that Mira had to pay the price…" He then starts to yell back, "Don't blame me?! Are you drunk or something Cana? BECAUSE I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BLAME MYSELF! MIRA'S GONE BECAUSE OF ME AND NOW…." He starts to tear up, "I have no one now…..."

Hearing those words pissed off Cana even more and so she decided to let everything out, "You have no one you say…? Goku…. You have no fucking idea on how much you pissed me off with those words…."

"Uh-Oh Cana's gonna lose it" Lucy said.

Juvia was hiding behind Lucy who was hiding behind Wendy while Lisanna was still looking at Mirajane. Carla and Happy felt a vibe that was gonna overwhelm the entire room. "Oh, shit here we go…." Happy said.

"Because Mira "died" you have no one? Really… is that what you think of me…..." Cana's hair was covering her eyes. Goku didn't say anything and kept staring at Cana waiting for her to finish her sentence…. But also was trying to sense Gildarts because he has a feeling the mastermind would be there.

"You stupid bitch…, don't sprout dumb shit like that Goku… YOU HAVE FREAKING ME! ME GOKU…. ME! MIRA'S NOT THE ONLY PERSON HERE THAT CARES ABOUT YOU, YOU KNOW…. I DO AS WELL! …." Cana grabbed Goku's shirt which shocked the girls in the room with the exceeds. "Don't think you're alone when you have Fairy Tail and especially me behind your back you jackass…!

Goku heard her words but wasn't paying attention to her until he heard her cry. He looks at Cana only to see her crying which was something he didn't expect to see. "You're …... crying…."

"Why is it that I slept with you all the time huh and how I always cling myself to you…?" She starts to punch Goku's chest slowly but repeatedly out of frustration. "I don't just do that to anybody…. I do it to people to whom I have an interest it…... and that's you."

Goku did nothing but continue on hearing out Cana. He was stunned more or less.

"I'm always envious of Mira, she cooks food for you and you always smiled at her as if the two of you are a fucking married couple. You're different when you're with me but that didn't bothered me because I wanted to ensure you would fall for me… and because of right now I can't stand the fact that you're being such a prick right now. The Goku I fell in love with was someone who would always put smiles on everyone's faces… seeing as you are now… I can't help but feel for Mira because of what you did."

Goku on the other hand didn't know what to say, Cana pointing out things put some refreshments in Goku's mind, but he was still shooked about what Cana flat out said to him. And to top things off she looked at Goku face to face and ended it off with this, "Don't take your anger out on them just because Mira got killed. If you want to take your anger out on someone, take it out on yourself on the fact you were stupidly too late to save her, you stupid jerk."

And thus, Cana lets go of Goku and ran off to the 2nd floor leaving a puzzled Goku, "W-Wait Cana!" Goku said but got ignored as Cana made her way to the second floor.

Lucy and the girls sees Can run off to and so Wendy and Carla followed her. Lisanna, Lucy, Juvia and Happy looked at Goku as he looked back at them.

"I um… I'm sorry…... Lucy…. Juvia…... for taking my anger out on you" Goku confessed.

"Uh… no, no Goku, it's okay really…. It wasn't your fault…" Lucy said.

"Juvia doesn't blame you for being angry, if my Gray had gotten hurt I'd probably lose my shit as well…."

"Same goes for Natsu if he were in your situation"

Goku showed a weak smile, "You guys are too forgiven…"

"Well we are Fairy Tail… family is what matters most Goku, I have no right to say this but if you ever need a shoulder to cry on… I'll lend you mine…" Lucy said.

Hearing those words somewhat brighten Goku up, "Thanks I'll take accounted to that"

"So does this mean you're not mad anymore?" Happy said.

"For right now no"

"That's good" Juvia said.

To take on a different subject Goku asked about Natsu and the others, "So how are Erza and the two boys doing?"

"Oh them? They were fine with 30x gravity but when 40x hit they struggled mad hard and almost barely killed themselves" Lucy said.

"40x already huh? They sure are fast…"

"Fast indeed, they have gotten better with this Ki thing." Lucy added.

"Yea I'm somewhat proud of them, when they wake up, I guess I can teach them the Kaio Ken"

"The what?" Lucy and Happy said.

"When they wake up I'll show you guys"

Just in the nick of time Goku was able to detect Gildarts's energy and among 3 other people. Realizing this is an opportunity he had to take this chance, so he wasted no time and transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue state. Lucy and the others witness this and was amazed. In front of them they see Goku with blue hair and to take note of it, they saw the hairstyle of it and compared it to regular SSJ.

"Blue hair?" Lisanna said.

Goku then looks back at the others, "Hey you three, look after Mira, Hisui and Gramps."

"S-Sure…. But what about you?" Lisanna asked.

"I detected the person that's responsible for all of this" he then makes a serious face, "And now I'm gonna to pay them a visit and make sure they'll answer for their crimes, until then…. I'll see ya" and Goku right away used instant transmission.

"From the way he looked at us, it seems Goku's gonna have some redemption huh" Juvia said.

"If that were the case Juvia, if that were the case…."

Scene Change…. The Outer Plains of Crocus…...

Unaware that Goku was coming Towa with her servants were at another local village and doing the devil's work, they started massacring everyone in it, children included and after 20 minutes they were done. Towa chuckled evilly, "This village has quite decent amount of energy. Once I apply that my Mira along with the many fruit tree of might, my Mira will be strong enough to defeat Goku and from there we'll break the seal to the Demon Realm!"

Goku Arrives on Scene…

"What the… Goku?!" Towa said.

"You know me?" Goku replied.

"Kch, what the hell…. I didn't expect to meet you so soon…"

"I take it you're the one dishing out these brainwashing huh…"

"Guilty as charge… having such wonderful slaves that will do your biddings is nothing more than fucking pleasure… and I can't tell you how much I love it when mortal on this planet killing other mortals."

"You love it huh… you bastard…"

"Hmm? Did I struck a nerve?"

"So, it was you that made that girl Ultear kill Mira…."

"Ultear? The girl with the white headband over her head? Hehehe did she kill someone you cared about?" Towa begins to laugh sadistically, "how repulsive…. Whoever thought a fucking retarded Saiyan monkey like you care about a mere weakling mortal… hehe I mean taking a look at your past, all you ever cared about was training/ fighting! Did you have feelings for this person or something you pitiful bitch? This person that got "killed" did you have feelings for her?"

Towa continues to taunt, "This person you care about, she was probably a perfect little angel that must've seen Ultear at the wrong place at the wrong time. Truth be told, I'm glad my slave Ultear killed that slut, it was all necessary to obtain more energy for me and MY Mira."

That when Goku had enough, from the shit talking he endure he began to lose it once more, "Are you talking about Mira like that?" A furious Goku let out his bright blue aura that expanded tenfold. (A/N: The same anger Goku is showing here was similar to when Goku showed to Black and Zamasu and I guess on planet Namek with Frieza) DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MIRA LIKE THAT!"

At God's speed Goku dashes to Towa and given how fast he was going Towa panic and issued out an order to his 3 servants, "You three hurry and protect your master! Don't let Goku lay a finger on me!"

With that order in play, Gildarts and the other two charges to Goku. Seeing how they were in the way Goku led out a mighty roar, "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" to each and everyone one of them Goku unleashed a different technique on them, "Super God Fist!" and punches the shit to Gildart's and the two other's cheeks so hard he knocked them to the ground leaving them unable to move but still conscious. Towa seeing that uses her staff to try to neutralize Goku, but it had no effect. And right off the bat Goku laid the smackdown to Towa as he delivers a punch to her face leading it off with a kick to her ribs making her spew out blood.

Towa catches herself and tries to recoup by sending out her own attacks at her, "Time Bullet!"

She creates a spaced spherical of magic energy trapping Goku inside which was a complete success to her. Soon after she wipes the blood off her mouth and began to wage words with Goku.

"Pffh, how dare you…. How dare you lay your filthy fingers on me you fucking peasant! Now look at you! You're tried inside of my sphere you piece of sh-"

The sphere cracks and Goku manages to bust himself out with an explosion wave scarring Towa with his tremendous power. "Wh-Wha… he manages to break out of that?! H-How?"

The shadow of the smoke revealed Goku still intact.

"I guess it's because you're not as strong as you put yourself up to be, now tell me this, you can call humans your slaves, use them as wasteful tools and discards them when you no longer need them, but you can't even trap one monkey?' Goku taunts aggravating Towa. "As you can see, I'm seeing something right now, and that something will be your undoing."

"Kch, shut up…... shut up…... SHUT UP! You think just because your hair's blue and how you have god Ki mixed in you, you think you can beat me?!"

"Think? No…... I don't think…... I know…. I know for a fact you're not leaving here in One piece, because those who hurt my friends…. (an image pops up of Hisui and Mira) I WON'T FORGIVE!"

And again Goku lets at his humongous aura but this time he destroyed the packages around him as he goes to Towa with a much stronger Super God Fist, following it up by 360 left elbow to her face with and upper cut to her jaw sending her flying.

Towa catches herself and out of anger she blasts her demon Ki to Goku and like how MUI Goku was using Ki balls to run on Jiren's blast in Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, he applied that with Towa's blast as his feet shows energy balls running on the blast. With Goku up close and with both his fist clenched it emulated a bright golden light "Meteor Dragon Blow!" and hits Towa on top of her head sending her down to the ground creating a massive explosion followed up by shockwave that literally shook the entire Earthland.

To end things Goku finished it off with his you know what, "KAMEHAMEHA!" and the blast heads down to Towa as it connects directly making the ground and everything around it crack and explode with thunderous impact creating craters tenfold ending it with smoke that was massively huge.

"That… was for Mira…..."

Goku flies down and when the smoke cleared out he sees an injuredly Towa bleeding in all sorts of places. "So, you survived that… good for you"

"Fuck you…. Don't think this is the end you Saiyan mortal…!"

"This is the end… for you that is…. KA…... ME…..."

In this situation Towa had to retreat and because she's the brains, she had an escape plan and everything but it all depends on how it'll play out.


"(Damn it, I'm going to die here, I can't die yet, not when Lord Mechikabura isn't freed yet…. Curse you Saiyan… I'll make sure to watch you suffer when my Mira's strong enough to go toe to toe with you)"

"Any last words Towa…"

"Yea just this… Ain Von LYYVICKS ISHJAR!" were demon incantations Towa said.

"What are you saying…?"

"Hmph you'll find out you trash saiyan…."

In less than 4 seconds a wormhole appeared behind Towa surprising Goku, "Uh! It's that wormhole again! So, you were the one who brought me to this world huh!"

The wormhole grabbed Gildarts and the other two but the capes of the other two fell off them as their bodies flew to the wormhole revealing that the people was a boy with blue hair with a girl with pink hair"

"Hehehe, in fact I was, you're in this world to play a valuable role so make sure you play it right Goku…" She evilly smiled to him, "We'll meet again Goku but the next time we do, I'll be prepared next time… Ta…Ta…. Son Goku…" And the wormhole disappears with Towa and her servants.

Goku tries to grab Towa out but was too late as the wormhole shrunk, disappearing later on. "NOOOOOO! DAMN IT!" Goku yelled causing the ground to shake. Later he punches the ground out of frustration repeatedly, "I was so close to ending Towa…. Why was I off track with that wormhole appearing… damn it!" Goku on all four starts to cry because he couldn't avenge Mira now that the demon Towa escaped.

Over at Goku's House… the Second Floor…

Cana was walking in the hallway still upset with how Goku had acted and from what she said. "Can't believe I confessed my love to him… and most of all, I let him see me cry…." She starts to blush of embarrassment. "I wonder… I was in Mira's place, would Goku act that way for me?" She starts to pout.

"Why am I thinking about that… Tch, Mira has to live, she just has to, there's no way she's dead…"

As she continues to walk down the long hallway, she walks past a peculiar room that sparked her interest. "Woah… what is this…."

She enters the room and inside she sees about 5 of these machines in this room she's in, "What the heck are these?" In front of Cana were the healing chambers that could heal up a person from near death experience and seeing how there were 5 of them it gave Cana an idea.

"Could these… work?" Cana observes one of them and starts touching the machine, "It's a gamble but I'm guessing this is a Medical Machine, which mean there's a chance Mira can be save! That way Goku could smile again…" For Goku's sake Cana decided to hatch this plan and went out the room to go get Mira for her plan to heal up her to speed!

"If this will make Goku happy then this is what I'll do then!"
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