Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
9 Demon crisis part 1/2
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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9 Demon crisis part 1/2

Scene Changes to Guild Hall...

As Erza said previously, the members are throwing a welcome party for the new comer Goku even though he's been a member for some time now. Everyone inside of the hall are giving it their all to ensure the party would be one to remember for Goku and they know for a fact it will because if there's one thing to know about Goku is that he's always looking forward to the food and in this case, Mirajane's cooking.

The tables were filled in food that everyone was unfamiliar with. The unfamiliar food came from recipes that applied from the cookbook that Goku lend to Mirajane when they were tiding things up around the house. The cookbook came from the capsule of the food section from the container. When Mirajane showed this to Lisanna and the others they decided right away to test out the recipe and when time had passed they manage to get down most of the recipes from the book and since not only the food was done but also the decorations as well, all that was left was for Goku and the others to arrive.

"Wow this looks amazing Mira" Wendy said. "I never seen food like this before, sure can't wait to see the look on Goku's face"

"I can't wait either, even though I know what's to be expected from that boy" Mirajane smiles.

"Sniff* Sniff* man, my stomach's growling in pain from just wanting to try this out" Lucy said, her stomach growls even more, "Food like this is every odd, but hey this is Fairy Tail after all, we're like the definition of odd."

"Everyone here is weird Lu, it shouldn't come to a surprise if someone like Goku gets all weird with everyone else here so it's a common thing here"

"I know, I know Levy, it just feels so right to be so weird... right?"


"Oh Levy you're so fricking smart I wonder if you'll ever be a S-Rank!"

"All hail Levy, such a relentless gal you are!"

"Ugh, does these fanboys always have to praise the small fry?" Gajeel said as he was munching on some metal.

"Well having an audience is a good thing because it shows you've got worth Gajeel" Lily said.

"If by having two losers who do nothing but praise Levy while enjoying some drumstick 24/7 requires an audience, then I'm a con man"

"At least you get the picture"

Over to Mirajane, Lisanna and Makarov

"I knew we were gonna throw a party for Goku, since we didn't throw one before when he became a full pledge member, it was only a matter of time." Lisanna said.

"I agree, seeing how Goku's the strongest person here, it'll a party for not only him but it'll also be one to congratulate him on hitting S-Rank! AHAHAHA! I feel like a proud father! Goku my boy I know he'll feel happy as shit when he accepts it!"

"Hehehe so basically this is a party for Goku becoming an S-Rank master?" Mirajane wonders.

"Hell to the yes"

Mirajane chuckles, "I'm not so sure with Goku accepting that rank, from just being with him I don't think he'll accept it, but hey that's just me... we'll know once he'll be here"

"From just being with him? Oh sis why don't you become his girlfriend already? You're practically like his wife"

"Eh?! What!? Don't say such redundant things like that Lisanna! But... does it really seem like I'm all that with Goku?!

"Yes, yes it does out of everyone you seem to be attached to Goku the most" both Lisanna and Makarov said.

"Just claim him already Mira before anyone else does, (especially Cana)"

"I-I'll just wait my t-time... it's still too soon"

Both Makarov and Lisanna gave a big sigh.

Over to Cana, Elfman, Evergreen and Juvia

"I've got to hand it to sis, her cooking is so damn manly and it's even more manly when she made so much"

"Well it's obviously for her "boyfriend" Goku and besides I doubt people like us can finish all of this, but yea I've gotta give credit where it's due, she's one hell of a cook for dishing out this much." Evergreen said.

"Juvia smells all of this delicious food and wishes she can cook like this so she can impress my love Gray! Oh Juvia envy Mirajane's cooking!"

"Mmmm man this food delicious, Mira's one hell of a cook. I can see why Goku's around her... tch, how annoying..." she continues to eat the food from the tables that were placed.

"Kch hey Cana! You drunk or something?! You've got to wait till Goku's here then we can chow down!"

"Hmm? Oh relax Elfman it's just one taste test, because you know... what if it's poisonous?"

"You're calling my sister's cooking poisonous? That's not very manly Cana!"

"That's because I'm a girl Elfman, you're such an idiot"

"Heh, can't argue with you on that one" Evergreen agrees

Goku and the Others Enter the Scene

With instant transmission, Goku, Erza, Natsu and Gray had arrived for the S-Rank promotion party shit. "Looks like we're here" Erza said.

"Yea we are and wow, WOW, WOW! Look at all this food Erza! It looks amazing!"

"I can see that Goku, well it is a party for you"

"Yea, and why is that anyway? Why throw a party for me?"

"Because you my boy have reached the Rank of an S-Rank!" Makarov said as him, and everyone came around with party confetti and releases onto Goku. "Huh? Say what?"

"You heard the master Goku" Lisanna said, "This party is for you reaching S-Rank!"

"It is? I haven't done anything to reach that status though..."

"There wasn't any need to! It's clear as day you don't need to take the trial to become one since you've proven your worth by beating Blue Pegasus back in Crocus!" Makarov said.

"Hey Congrats dude," Gray puts his right arm around Goku, "S-Rank, strong title for someone as strong as you wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh how I wish I was the one wrapped in Gray's arms!"


"So what do you say Goku, would you accept being an S-Rank?" Mirajane said. "I'm sure you've been informed that Erza, Laxus and I are S-Ranks as well, having one more would balance things out."


"I'd say you've earned it Goku" Erza said.

"Definitely" Lucy agreed.

"Well that's one way of saying it" Wendy said.

"Heh maybe Gray and Natsu can learn a thing or two from him" Laxus points out.

"Oh ha, ha Laxus, I'm pretty sure you'll get your ass kicked by him as well" Natsu said.

"I never said I can beat him, I certainly know my place if it ever comes to that, you should really work on your trash talk Natsu."

"Fuck you"

"That's more like it"

"So Goku, will you graciously accept the title of becoming S-Rank?" Makarov questions.

"Hmm..." For a good amount of minutes, Goku starts to think about it, everyone else was just waiting for his answer but was also hungry because the food sooner or later was gonna get cold.

"Thanks for the offer old man, but I'm gonna have to refuse"

"I understand and I'm glad you've accepted the title of S- WAIT WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Makarov said.

"WHAT?!" as everyone said behind Makarov.

"What do you mean you refuse?" Erza said. "Goku, do you know what you're saying?"

"I do, and I really mean it I decline"

"That sounds dumb as shit dude! Why would you give up the offer of becoming an automatic S-Rank mage?!" Natsu said.

"I don't know, it's something my guts are telling me"

"Y-Your guts...?" Lisanna and Lucy said.

"Yea and beside someone else from my world kind of offer me a title similar this one so I'll give you the answer I gave him, no thanks! Titles are to fancy for me anyway." (A/N: I'm referring to when Whis asked Goku about becoming the next God of Destruction if Beerus ever kicks the bucket in the Movie and Arc.)"All I care about is fighting and food... oh and Mira since she's always so nice to me and always helping me even though she's always busy" as he smiles to Mirajane catching her off guard with an undeniable tint of blush making Cana and Erza jealous.

"W-Well if that's how you want it then I'm not gonna force it down your throat, it's a shame though really, you would've made a great addition to becoming an S-Rank." Makarov said.

"Hehehe sorry gramps, I guess that's just the way I am huh" as Goku scratches the back of his head.

"Indeed... HOWEVER!" Makarov yelled to get the attention of everyone, "WE'RE STILL GONNA THROW THIS PARTY FOR YOU ANYWAY! SO LET'S ALL DIG IN!"

Everyone: "YEA!"

Scenes During the Party...

Goku and everyone was enjoying the food, Natsu picking fights with everyone especially with Gray and Gajeel, Erza knocking out the three of them. Goku who although was enjoying the food, there was also one thing he also enjoyed... to his surprise he enjoyed Mira's singing.

The moment Mirajane step up and decided to sing, Goku was amazed at what an angelic voice she has (A/n: How Ironic lol) and wouldn't mind hearing her sing even more. Mirajane sees how influential her singing was made her want to continue singing but she gets stopped when she sees Cana cuddling with Goku causing her to flip her shit. Lucy, Levy and Lisanna were enjoying the food much less not being surprised with Natsu, Gajeel and Gray, Juvia was just in the background admiring Gray as usual. Evergreen was manhandling Elfman for overusing the world manly while the Thunder Legion just watched as if it were a love movie. Alzack and Bisca were feeding their daughter, Jet and Droy were with Levy supporting her like morons lol. Macao and Wakaba were having a drinking contest with Romeo looking in shame.

Makarov convinced everyone to drink down on some booze just for this one time of occasion and of course everyone complied, especially Cana since she had no problem with it. After taking shots of drinking some good booze, it kicked in for some people as some fought with each other, while some was friendly with each other, in a specific scenario a drunken Cana was all over Goku but this time wasted no time and decided to give Goku a heavy kiss making Goku's head feel all steamy and dizzy. Mirajane was about to fire back at Cana but gets bumped into by Erza and Natsu as the two of them were fighting each other, destroying the guild hall in the process. It was wild in the hall, and obviously things and people were being manhandled left and right it was like getting a mammogram exam check on you, well if you're a female that is... everyone was sober except for a few people...

Later That Late Evening...

Everything had dialed down, they had no juice left in them to even move a muscle so they decided that sleep was the best way to go and so they passed out. Romeo, Wendy w Carla, Goku and Mirajane were the only ones left conscious and still kicking it. Wendy w Carla and Romeo were helping Mirajane with trash and such.

"Sigh,* had a feeling one simple party such as this would turn out to be one chaotic one..." Wendy said as she was throwing some trash in the trash bag.

"Heh, and with Natsu present, I knew things wouldn't be so quite... still that's one of the things that makes Natsu... Natsu" Romeo admired. "And my old man's asleep, typical..."

"Well even so, it was such an amazing one at the very most, we've got to see Mira sing, alongside with Gajeel"

"Sigh,* wonder where Gajeel got the idea of him singing on stage, child you must promise me you wouldn't end up like him when you grow up"


Mirajane who was over at the bar was cleaning out some cups that was poured with ale and shit which is obviously I don't know why I included this. She sees the interaction with Wendy and Romeo, then sees Goku cleaning the tables the way she taught him too and couldn't help but admire such a young stud like him XD.

"Ok Mira, that's all of the tables clean..." as Goku clapped his hands which caused smoke.

"Great job looks like you've done a fantastic one in fact, the tables looks so shiny and clean, you must've put a good amount of effort into them huh?"

"You bet, I just pictured myself training so I just went with the flow." Goku looks at the past out guild members, "Geez, everyone here was too wild during the party I could barely eat as much as I wanted too, I keep getting bumped into by Natsu and Gajeel with their fights, it's sad seeing food on the ground go to waste. I can understand the pain Erza feels with her Strawberry cake."

"She does have her way with strawberry," Mirajane gets done polishing the cups and decided to ask Goku a question, "Say Goku mind if I ask you a question"

Goku sits on the stool that's attached to the bar, "Nope, lay one on me"

"Ok, is there a real reason you didn't accept becoming an S-Rank? You would've been such a good asset to everyone here by becoming one"

"Hmmm, my real reason is the same as what I said to everyone earlier on, title's are too fancy for me, S-Ranks are like elites right?"

"Yes, right you are"

"I rather be known as a low-class warrior kicking other people's butt because even a low class can surpass an elite if he trains hard enough, but in this case replace Elite with S-Rank"

"You really feel that way?"

"Mmmm Hmm, honestly I really do, you see back in my world there was this guy name Vegeta, he was this Saiyan Prince who's an Elite warrior and I was nothing more than a low class but I sure showed him the depts of my power."

"Did you beat him?"

Goku scratches the back of his head while looking to his right, "Ahehehe, I did but not entirely, I had help but can you kind of catch what I'm saying?"

"I can and I'm somewhat proud of you for coming up with words like that" Mirajane smiles directly at Goku which made him blush for some reason.

"W-Well... it's getting pretty late, I should probably get back home" an embarrassed Goku said.

Ok, head on home then, I'm assuming everyone else will crash here tonight since they're knocked out so you best be heading home now."

"R-Right, see you tomorrow then Mira" as Goku heads out the hall.

As Goku heads out all he could think about was Mirajane and her smile, and soon something important popped into his head. It was one of the advices Gohan told him and it was, "If the mood is right Dad, lay your lips on that person you have feelings for, as in you kiss them! You wanna experience this right? Well when the time comes when you meet someone, lay one on her!)"

Goku covers his mouth with his left hand and momentarily his face turned red cause just now he thought of him smooching lips with Mirajane which was strange for him since he's never thought about things like this before, "(C'mon Goku! Stop thinking about that! Mira's way too busy to offer her a kiss, she seems like she has a lot on her plate so it's best not to bother her! Yes it's right not to bother her so there! Goodnight!)" as Goku was marching his way to his home.

Around 5 minutes later...

Goku speed walks back with his bangs covering his eyes while still red in heat. "(Dang it, it looks like I'm going through with this after all huh, I just said to myself I wouldn't bother her but apparently my body was a mind of its own! Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!)" each step Goku takes made him closer to the guild hall which started to causes his heart to pound heavy with pressure (A/N: Don't know if that's a bad thing...)

Wendy w Carla and Romeo were in the infirmary room placing down Natsu and some other people on the beds, Mirajane was about to help as soon as she was done with cleaning the bar and to which she was. She wipes her hands and as soon finishes up she sees the guildhall doors open up and automatically lock her sights on Goku as he was the one to open the doors. "G-Goku? Why are you here?!"

Goku's bang was still covering his eyes but that didn't bother him as he proceeds to walk towards Mirajane. Mirajane sees Goku's face all red and wonders what was the haps on that. "Goku, your face is red what happen did you? Did you eat something hot or something?"

Goku nodded his head left and right to indicate that he didn't, "No that's... not it"

"Then what is? Please tell me so I can help, you look like you're not feeling well... did something happen to you on your way home?"

Again Goku nods his head left to right, "Mira..."


Goku grabs both Mirajane's shoulders and revealed his eyes to her as his bangs no longer covered them. Mirajane sees his eyes and felt like she was under pressure, "(his eyes... it's different, why is that...)"

"Mira... I uh..." Goku steams up even more. "(Why is this so hard!? You get kissed by Cana all the time, this shouldn't be a problem at all! Alright enough stalling, it's time to give Mira what she deserves!)" as Goku was preparing his lips

"Y-You okay Goku?" as she looks away to see if there was anything in the area to help her with Goku, "Listen if you want to crash here I don't mind, I can fetch up some soup for you to eat if you're not feeling g-"

Mirajane's sentence gets cut short as she sees Goku closer to her invading her personal space but with a surprise in mind. Goku getting closer to Mirajane meant he was giving her kiss she had not and I mean had not expect out of him. Cana's always kissing Goku so naturally it made him learn how to be a good kisser so he implied that to Mirajane as he was letting out what he was feeling to her. As two minutes had passed the kissing had ended but both their mouths were still near each other as their salvias were still intact with some intense breathing in each other space but later gets simmered down. Mirajane had no words to speak and was much more at the fact shocked at what Goku did. Getting kissing by a person she had fallen for was something she had least expect out of him. Her eyes widen and her attention were still on Goku, meaning she didn't let her sights off of him while still being shook to the core. Though of course she was blushing.

Goku who even though got the weight lifted off of him was still feeling funny after he kissed Mirajane directly and felt as though an even heavier weight got blasted onto him, "I-I don't... k-know w-w-why I did that, my body just moved on its o-own... hope that make sense... did it?"

Mirajane who still had no words to say in the matter shook her head up and down indicating that it makes sense to her. "G-Good... well I'm gonna go straight home now... I wish could stay here but tomorrow I have p-plans tomorrow so... I'll be off o-ok?"

Mirajane nodded her head up and down again in agreement.

"O-Ok," Goku gave a big sigh, "See you tomorrow then M-Mira..."

"Y-Yea you too G-Goku..." as Mirajane finally broke a word.

Goku lets go his hands and gave Mirajane a quick hug of surprise and exit out the doors as fast as he could because he was feeling a little embarrassed but also happy in a way because he did what Gohan had suggested. Goku was flying back to his home while a speechless Mirajane was still shocked at Goku, which later she touched her lips, "(I kissed him before and it felt amazing... but when he kissed me... why did it feels as though it felt a 1000x better? And to think he would make a move on me... does that mean he likes me? Lie for real for real?)" as she gets lost in thought. Her thoughts gets intervened when Wendy and Romeo came into the fray.

"And that takes care of Master and the others, not a lot of people can fit in that room so I guess some people will have to sleep out here, oh Mira, what are you doing standing still?" Romeo asked.

"Huh, oh... well I was just... ah it's... nothing, I guess I was daydreaming without realizing it."

"Oh ok, it's one of those says huh?"

"Mmmm Hmm that's it... okay! For right now, let's put these people on the benches, sleeping on the floor could be hazardous"

Both Wendy and Romeo shook their heads yes.

"(From what just happen to me and Goku... should I start to captivate Goku now... Hmmm , what to do... all this thinking got me excited... Goku...)"

Night Time has Hit the Docks...

Goku got in about 30 minutes of mind training and it was only 30 minutes because he was still thinking of Mirajane. Afterwards Goku indulged himself with some leftover food Mirajane had previous prepared for him and later washed the dishes. "Yawn*" Goku pops his neck and switched to his tank top and boxers etc... and went straight to bed. Before he could fall asleep he had thought about Mirajane and his actions, but then changes to Hisui and how the both of then were gonna chill together and shit which would happen tomorrow lol so immediately he went straight to sleep with a surprise to which you readers already know who it is.

Morning Enters the Fray...!

Early morning has hit, instantaneously Goku woke up because he was being shaken by Cana who was cuddling with him in bed but she was still asleep. "Sigh* this is like the fifth time she'd done this..." Goku said while being implanted to her chest.

"Hmmm, C'mon Goku, let's cuddle... ahahaha" Cana sleep talks.

Cana's arms were around Goku as she moves him closer to her, invading her space but this was what she wanted and so it's what she's got. Goku's face was between Cana's breast that was shaking left and right along with the bed and Goku who was making a blank face because this has happened before. Moments later her legs wrapped around Goku's body and started to comfortably placed her cheek on Goku's right and gently goes up and down, though she was still asleep.

"C-Cana... can you wake up... this is like the fifth time again... really... you're c-choking me with your m-melons...!" Goku said as he was getting squeezed hard by her breasts. "

Cana however didn't respond and continued to squeeze the ever living Saiyan out of Goku so he resorted to one thing, he didn't want to hurt her so he went with one alternative that might strike him of his old Dragon Ball ways. He smacked her ass cheek to a level where it didn't kill her, he kept slapping it as way of admitting defeat, (A/N: Like how WWE Wrestlers tap out of a submission, it's something like that, plus Goku did this back in Dragon Ball where he slapped Bulma's you know what)

Cana finally manages to wake up and realizes the situation she unconsciously got herself in. "Uh... um... well..." Cana breaks a sweat, "I guess I've grown a habit of doing this huh? Ahehehe..."

Goku gets out of Cana's breast and took a deep heavily breath, "HEAVILY BREATHLY* That was definitely another close one. You really don't hold back do you Cana?"

"I sure don't, you sure know me well huh Goku..."

Cana lets go of Goku, "My bad, my bad, you can't really blame me if I'm all uppy like that, it's just my instincts to do that, though it's always refreshing when we cuddle would you agree?"

"Oookay then..." Goku said then smiled as if he went on.

Goku gets up from his bed and changed into his Gi, "Alright!" he stretches his legs and pops his neck. Cana buckles her blue bra and gets into her usual attire, "You looked like you're going somewhere, mind telling me where you're heading off to?"

"Huh, oh um... (I haven't exactly told anyone about me hanging out with Hisui, it would be a problem if Mira finds out or Cana, I'll just have to make something up...)I'm taking on a mission, it's uh... a solo one too."

Cana raises one eyebrow, "Really? And what sort of mission is this?"

Goku blinks once but it was fast out of contempt, "Eh? Uh... um... uh..."

"You're hesitating Goku..."

"Uh... (what do I come up with... oh wait I know!)it's just an easy one, I just have to escort a family to uh Crocus! Yep! Mmmm Hmm!"

Cana raises the suspicion game even further, "You sure? Is that all that is? Why do I feel as though you're lying to me?"

"I'm not! I just uh, you know... with you coming to sleep with me cause you want to every night, it's hard to think on my own especially with your body always attached to me!"

Cana laughs at that remark and decided to let him pass, "Ok I believe you"

"Listen if you don't beli-... say what? You do?

"Yep, you don't look like the type to lie so I believe you."

"Oh, well that's nice of you Cana, so now then we're in an agreement I'll march my way out of her-"

"On One condition"

"Eh?" Goku turns around to Cana, "And what would that be?'

Cana hops over to Goku and puts her arms behind her back and smiled with little effort, "Easy, give me a kiss!"

Goku freaks out, "Eh?! K-K-Kiss? Give you?! W-Way to be blunt about it huh... you're so straight forward, but why do I have to give you a kiss? Don't you usually give me one whenever you seek the opportunity?"

"True I do and don't get me wrong, it's an amazing feeling that I personally love to give you, but I want to see if the feelings the same when someone like you return the favor to me"

"Oh, I get it"

"Yea I'm glad you do... and besides I saw you kissing Mirajane yesterday"

Goku gets on guard, "Y-Y-You did?! EH?! How?! I thought you were sober!"

"I was but with the ruckus you cause when you opened the doors yesterday that sparked me to wake up for just a little bit because the booze master gave to us still had a strong affect on me and especially everyone, also I was on the floor when Wendy and Romeo were bringing in some people to the infirmary."

"(Wow, so even when she's drunk she's still very observant to her surroundings.), wow that's impressive Cana" Goku pats her head like a proud dad. Cana just smiled because of that compliment.

"Say Goku, do you like Mira?"

Goku stops patting her head and paused, "Like? What do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb, my vision was blurry but I saw you all red when you smooched Mira like you had feelings for her"

"Oh I did? Did it looked like that?!"

"Yes it did, so..."


"Do you like her?"

"Hmm, you betcha I do!"

"C-Come again?"

"Yea I said I like her, she's such an amazing person, she's so nice too! And her cooking skills rivaled my used to be wife back in my world."

"Your what?"

"Nothing, what I'm saying is Mira's a person to whom I'm very fond of and who I hold dear to, without her I wouldn't learn the things she taught me and would just think about fighting a lot. I'm very grateful for that"

Cana makes a pout face in jealousy and looks the other way, Well, well, well, if you like her, then why don't you marry her"

"Um nah, I already tried that, it didn't work"

"What didn't work?!"

"Oh nothing, (I can see that Cana's upset... ok Goku think... what do you do in this situation... oh wait I know, she wants what I gave Mira... and so she will have it!)"

"Well just hurry on out of here and go to your so called "mission" I don't want to feel as though I'm holding you bac-"

Cana's eyes widen when Goku who was acting like a man here in the situation kissed her directly on the lips, she blushes which hasn't happen to her before. She's the one making moves on him, not the other way around! Her heart rapidly accelerates as her eyes start to spin. The same way Cana usually kissed Goku was put in reversed on her as Goku did the same thing. Moments later Goku lets go...

"W-Wow... that was... amazing... (Did Mira felt this way too when he kissed her?)"

"Happy?" Goku smiled but was trying to hide embarrassment.


"Good! Now then if you excuse me, I've got to meet with Hi- I mean complete mission!" Goku placed his two fingers on his forehead and looked at Cana, "See Ya!" and vanished. Cana sits on his bed and was thinking about the kiss, she touched her lips while still letting out her blushing. "Just... amazing... if him kissing me was this amazing... I wonder how sex will go if he and I will ever get to that point..."

Goku Teleports Back

He appeared in front of her which freaked he rout causing her to squeal but later brushes it off like she wasn't scared at all, "Goku, what are you doing back so early?"

"I forgot to tell you something"

"And that is?"

"Natsu, Gray and Erza are coming over to use my gravity room, I thought I'd give you a heads up since they're gonna continue training without my guidance."

"Are they gonna do that gravity training?"


"Oh ok then..."

"Well then now I'll be off to my mission see y-"

Cana grabs Goku's lower Gi and decided to flat out say what she was thinking just earlier, "Goku, would you mind... helping me lose my virginity?!"

Goku tilts his head, "Uh... sure, but...what's that?"

"It's when a guy and a girl gets naked and do..."


Naughty things to each other with their private areas..."

"Oh...(Is she talking about the baby making machine Chi-Chi and I did to have Gohan and Goten...), sure!" Goku said to ensure Cana's question, "But why? Do you want a baby?"

Cana freaks out and starts to steam up in embarrassment, "B-B-BABY?! Why would you bring up that detail?!"

"Is that what guy and a girl always do when they're together?"

"YEA... but that's only when they WANT a child, they can still perform that kind of action and avoid making a baby just to satisfy their lust...!"

"Oh, so you don't have to make baby to perform that?!"


"Ok, then why is it called baby making?"

"Eh? Come again?"

"Someone in my world told me you do that with a girl to make a baby and that was all."

"UH... I mean that person's partially right... but it doesn't have to be in that way..."

"It's too fulfill each other's lust and needs that you said right?!"


"Alright! I got that one right! Can you pat me Cana!?"

"Uh... s-sure..." Cana proceeds to pet I mean pat him, "(this is so weird but so freaking adorable)"

"Alright well I best be off now I'm probably gonna be late as it is, oh and when I get back Cana I'll help you lose your virginity with the "NON" baby making way!"


"Yea, but you've used big words I don't understand so when we're alone the next time guild me through with your virginity stuff and I'd be happy to complied, until then... See Ya!" as he vanishes into thin air.

"That boy is so extra... but so freaking funny it's adorable... and he guaranteed he'd help me lose my V-Card... it's about damn time..." Cana can't stop herself from showing an undeniable smile as she places her hands on her cheeks as she can't wait for that DAY to come but...

She begins to panic... "I'm so... NERVOUS!" seconds later Cana looks out the window and sees team Natsu with Mirajane, Lisanna and Juvia on the path that leads to Goku's house, "Looks like... I've got company... oh boy..."

Scene Changes to Mercurius, Crocus Fiore...

It has been a week and a half since Princess Hisui had a chat with Goku. When her and Arcadios had return from their business trip, they were walking to Hisui's room, "Tch can't believe everything is piling up even more now, princess how are you gonna be able to hold out on all of this? I don't expect you to weigh all that into your shoulders..."

"No Arcadios I won't but it is of upmost that I'd get all that done no matter how much gets piled up, that is the duty of a princess"

"Heh, smart words, though your fame never gets the best of you whenever we meet with people."

"I don't intend to let it go to my head, it's not very elegant like and besides, some people might be happy to see me but on the other hand some aren't, I overheard some kids telling me I'm a terrible Princess who can't do her duties straight."

"Kch, those brats no nothing! They're just gnats who should know their place!"

"Thanks for the support but on the contrary, they're not wrong though I haven't done anything important that would set a positive impact to everyone here, it just leads up to more work being piled on more along with more complains too, it's a never-ending cycle..."

"Well I'm sure you'll come up with something that everyone WILL agree with, you're the type of person that surprises us at the last second, so I know for a fact you're come up with something."

Hisui smiles to that remark, "Thanks Arcadios,"

"My pleasure princess"

The both of them have arrived in front of Hisui's door and when Hisui entered and just before she closes she tells Arcadios, "Just for today I'd like to have some alone time in my room, just to sleep and mourn about stuff, I'll call you when I need anything."

"Roger that ma'am, I'll be on the spot when you need me, now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to handle a complaint from some civilian about some mugging and such a couple of block away from here, I may not be available so I'll bring out my best men to make sure they'll provide you with protection."

"Thanks, now as you were... Arcadios"

"Right!" as he salute his way out.

Hisui locks her door and leans back on it while giving a big sigh, "(maybe a shower is what I need to take my mind off from all of this duty)" SOOOO she proceeds onwards to take a long ass shower (A/N: Granted this scene was happening at the same time Cana and Goku had woken up so it's perfect! :P). As drips of water falls to her face she closes her eyes and brings up a memory of her and Goku talking about their date I mean day to hangout and such. To be honest during the business trip, Hisui hadn't gotten anything done because all she could think about was her and Goku together with no interruptions, at least not at the second. Hisui gets done with her shower and turns it off, like any other girls she puts a towel around her body while another towel she uses for drying off her hair and shit. She opens her bathroom door to which steam gets out and heads to her bed.

"Today's the day... where me and Goku... together alone..." she giggles in excitement and proceeds to stand up, "Right it's time I get changing then!" She brings out the capsule she's kept with her throughout her trip (lol) and throws in to the ground. Just when she was about to head to the dresser she heard the instant transmission sound and turned around.


"Yo! I'm here just like I promised!"

And comedically Hisui kicks Goku's cheek again but on the right side. The guards heard the ruckus down the hallway and charges to the door, "BANG* BANG* BANG* Princess! Everything alright?! Are you in a predicament!?" as a minor guard said.

"UH! Oh yes everything fine! I just... FELL! THAT'S ALL NOTHING for you to worry about!"

Minor Guard 2: "Ok princess whatever you say, I'll leave you to your "alone time" as the guards make the way out.

After 5 minutes the situation had finally been calmed down, "Hehehe, you don't pulled your punches do you Hisui? Well in this case, kicks!"


"That's me! What's up?"

She starts to turn red, "Y-You've gotta stop appearing out of the blue like that! This is the second time you've done that and you've almost got caught twice! Not to mention you've seen me naked twice now..."

Goku chuckles and scratches the back of his head, "Ah sorry, sorry force of habits."

"It's... fine, as long as you apologize it's water under the bridge."

"Nice as always Hisui!"

"!" Hisui decides to change the subject, "S-So Goku, I'm surprised you've remember our promise."

"You are? I wasn't because I meant what I said, let's just say some people are helping me get a better sense of remembering things and plus this was some I was looking forward too."


"So now that I'm here, what do you want us to do together?"

"Well, during my trip I've made preparations on where we'll spend our time together,"

"Really? That's amazing! You're really thought this through huh?"

"Well since you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, I've taken counter measure and planned things out for the two of us."

"Hmph, goodness you've been really looking forward to this aren't ya?"

"Yea... you have no idea... well it's about time I get changing into my disguise and we'll get a move on"

"Ready when you are"

Hisui was about to unwrapped her self from the towel but remembers that a male is in the room and decided to change in her bathroom but before she does, "Oh another thing when we're in public, try not to say my real name use something that avoid all that media"

"Ok, what do you want me to call you?"

"I don't really care if you pick one but as long as it isn't "Hisui" then I'll roll with it"

Goku begins to think but it was frying his brain until he'd finally thought of something, "Oh I know! Um... how bout I call you... Misui?"

"Misui... it's a fine undercover name, I'll take it then" as she then heads to her bathroom.

5 Minutes Later...

"Ok I'm ready Goku"

"Right! Here grab my hand and I'll instant transmission us out of here"

Hisui grabbed Goku's hand and together they vanished...

Scene Changes to Goku's House

Team Natsu with Mirajane, Lisanna and Juvia had arrived in front of Goku's door and just when they were about to make themselves a home the door slides for them and as of this moment they see Cana behind it.

"Cana" Lucy said. "What are you doing here?"

"Nothing, I'd just like to check Goku's house out again for myself"

"Ok but weren't you still unconscious back at the guild?"

"That's a doppelganger trick I've made with one of my cards I've developed, sorry for the trickery" as Cana closes one eye and sticks out her tongue while she hits herself comedically on the head.

"Why do you smell like Goku" Natsu said.

Cana's eyes widen, "Uh say whaaat?"

"Yea I smell it too, Cana you definitely reek of Goku" Wendy agrees with Natsu.

Both Mirajane and Erza stares at Cana competitively as it brings Cana some intense tension.

"Yes Cana, DO tell us" Erza said while waiting for an answer.

"Uh... I- oh screw it I guess I'll tell you guys"

"Tell us what?" Gray said.

"I've been sleeping with Goku" as she flat out says it.

Gray, Lucy, Juvia and Wendy dropped their jaws to what they've heard while Mirajane, Erza went white as their eyes turns to circles indicating that they couldn't believe what they were hearing. Happy, Carla and Lisanna weren't fazed about it because this was something to be expected. Natsu was being a clueless idiot.


"Since he's been a member, since no one's taking a shot at him so I figured I'd make my move.. meaning, I'm going to make Goku mine"

"Y-YOURS?!" Erza yelled. "That's unacceptable! You can't just claim him just like that!"

"Erza's right! What you're saying is asinine! To announce that Goku's yours isn't something you can throw the chips down! Suppose Goku doesn't want to oblige?!" Mirajane said.

"Well at the moment he probably won't understand what I'm saying because he's an idiot but, that doesn't mean he can learn WHAT it means, it's just a matter of time. Whether you like it or not I'm going to make Goku mine"

And just like that it sparks up a quest all four girls and yes I said four if you include Jenny from the previous chapters (xD) to compete with each other to win over Goku but who will prevail? This sounds cheesy as fuck but it's a my story and it's how I'm gonna roll with it! Muahahaha! I mean what...?

Onwards to Crocus Fiore...

It's a sunny day out in in Crocus, the sky's clear with perfect wind temperature that sends a cool breeze to the people there. It was perfect for Goku and Hisui as the two walks around the capital. The two of them are spotted trying out croquettes from some food stand.

"Ohhh" as Goku watches the man fry up the croquettes. "Hey mister, what is that you're cooking, that smells unbelievable good"

"Looks good doesn't it? What you're looking at is a croquette my friend."

"A Croquette?"

"It's mostly made out of potatoes, ground meat, salt, pepper, in the form of a golden shape. The texture is quite exquisite and the feeling where it enters your mouth is just to die for, but uh... hey, I just heard about it, I never had the time to actually eat one" Hisui explains.

"Sniff*, Sniff* wow wee the way you describe has made me convince that I should try it!" Goku said as his stomach growls.

Hisui smiles, "Well then, we'll take two please"

"Two croquettes coming right up!"

Hisui hands the merchant jewels as the merchant delivers the both of them the croquettes. Goku gets one from Hisui and charges at the opportunity to strike a bite and later realizes how hot it was so he blew on the croquette for it to cool down. Hisui looks at Goku and couldn't help but laugh at what an idiot Goku is.

Moments later Goku takes a bite of the croquette and soon, he fell in love with it. "Crunch* Crunch* It's... DELICIOUS! Holy Crap! I can taste the meat and potato mushing together in my mouth! And the texture, man oh man it's really what you describe it to be Hisui!" Goku shoves the rest of the croquette in his mouth to savor the rest of the flavor.

The food merchant laughs that he satisfied another customer while Hisui looks amused that he likes what she described. "I take it you like it?"

"Mmmm Hmm! Hisui, it's really tasty I could eat like a hundred more of these!"

Hisui starts to wonder, "Really... in that case, mister merchant I'd like to order 100 croquettes"

"Ahahaha you betcha one croquette coming right u- WHAAAAATTTT ONE HUNDRED?!"

Goku turns to Hisui, "100? Is it really okay for you to waste that much on me?"

"I don't mind, and besides I know you're not the romantic type and you probably don't have a lot of money, so I'd like to be the one to treat you, (plus with the big appetite he showed back at the banquet I planned ahead to bring how much jewels specific for this occasion!) so for me, I want you to have a good time here in the capital"

With the kind words Goku heard he starts excitingly to jump up and down as if he were some little kid. He smiles with joy and later grab Hisui with his arms and starts to hug her around as he jumps and twirls which made her blush out fast. "You really ARE nice! I can't believe what I'm hearing right now, I'm so glad I get to taste more of these!"

"Y-Y-Yea... G-G-Goku... you-you're really to close to m-mm-ee! (He hugged me out of the blue! He's so straight forward!)"

"AHAHAHAHA" the merchant laughs, "You must really have a big appetite their bud and since I've receive a big order I'll throw in 20 free croquettes for free! On the house!"

Both Goku and Hisui looked at the merchant, "What? No way... that's awesome" the both of them said, "You're not serious are you?"

"Oh I'm dead serious! I never met people like you who are so dedicated to croquettes so" he puts on a chef's hat, "It's time to brew up those 120 croquettes"

Goku starts to hug the merchant, "Oh mister you're also nice as well! Man oh man I can't wait to devour all those croquettes down ma belly!"

"Nothing gets past your belly huh Goku"

"G-Goku?" the merchant said.

"That's me" Goku lets go of the merchant.

"You're the Goku, the one who defeated the Blue Pegasus guild?!"


The merchant starts to fanboy, "I'm a huge fan of you! I mean I wasn't there when you defeated Blue Pegasus but I've heard from my friends that you preformed so well that it blew everyone's mind! You're a sensation to everyone here in Crocus! Would you mind if I take a picture with you?!"


The food merchant hands his camera to Hisui as she starts to take a picture. A photo comes out of the camera and it shows Goku showing a peace sign smiling with the merchant flexing his muscles.

"Hot dog! That is a picture! Ok now to get started on those croquettes, oh before I do... I suppose it's only right if I take a picture of you and your girlfriend Goku."

Hisui freaks out, "G-Girlfriend?! N-N-N-N-NO! Mister! It isn't anything like that! We're just friends at the most, that's all!"

"Yea we're friends, I think we're very good friends wouldn't you agree Hisu- I mean um Misui... Gehehehe..."

"G-Goku, you're not making the situation any better!"

The Food Merchant cracks up another hysterical laugh, "GAHAHAHAHA! Man you two crack me up with your lovey dovey act, ah man" he wipes his eye, "So do you guys want a pic or not?"

"Um nah no thanks mister, I think we're go-"

"YES I would like one!" Hisui jumps at the opportunity.

Goku looks at Hisui in confusion as to why, but rolled with it, "on second thought yea I'd like a picture of me and Hisu- I mean MISUI!"

Hisui sighs, "Way to be sneaky about it Goku"

"OK!" The merchant claps his hands " now the both of you get together!"

Goku and Hisui were standing next to each other but the space gap between them were still a little bit distant. "You called that close? You!" The merchant points his finger at Hisui, "Misui! Get closer to your boyfriend!"

"C-CLOSER?!" Hisui then scooches a little closer to him but gets lectured by the merchant to scooch even more to him so that's what she did. Space by space gets filled when at that moment Hisui gets way to close to Goku where her height reaches Goku's left shoulder.

"There we go, now on the count of three you two say "Fiore" ok?"

"R-Right" Hisui said shyly, Goku sees and encourages her

"Hey, it's gonna be alright, it's just a picture, you act as though you've never been in one before, but like I said just relax, there isn't anyone here that could ruin it so you best to put up a smile for this picture Hisui!" Goku whisper.

Hearing those words, Hisui lets go of her tensions and deiced to trust Goku's words, "Right, thanks Goku"

"Gehehe no problem, if it's to help a friend then consider us even Steven!"

Hisui smiles.

"OK! On the count of three, ONE... TWO... THREE!"

"Fiore!" as both Goku and Hisui said.


The merchant hands the photo to Hisui and in the picture shows Goku with his left arm around Hisui while waving out the peace sign with his right hand. Hisui was way too close to Goku but smiled too. "I like this picture here a lot" as she starts to smile.

Scene Changes to some Local Park Where There it Lies a Fountain...

It took about 30 minutes for the merchant to cook up 120 Croquettes but he got the job done and it was put in 5 bags, 20 in each, which would make 100 and not 120 because Goku ate the 20 free ones. Goku and Hisui were sitting on a bench at the park. After like 6 Croquettes Hisui's stomach was full. Goku had already ate 3 bags and had just started on his 4th one. The people at the park were surprise at how Goku stuffed himself with Croquettes but nonetheless minded their own business.

Sometime later Hisui asked about Goku's story again and so he proceeded to talked about his early Dragon Ball Z days! After 20 minutes Goku gets done with it.

"Frieza... just the name of it gives me the chills, he's one cold heart guy for killing your best friend."

"Gulp* Yeah I never met someone as cold hearted and evil as him. But because of him I was able to unlock my form Super Saiyan."

"Super Saiyan... is that want you call your golden hair?"

"Mmmm Hmm"

"Well at least you won't ever encounter him again since he's in hell right?"

"Yep he won't ever resurrect again" (A/N: Lol How ironic since he appears again in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super)

"And another thing... in your world... you're actually a grown man with a wife and two kids..."

"Yea that's correct but it's alright because remember... me and Chi-Chi are no longer together..."

"How is it you look like a teenager in this world while in your world you're some adult? How old are you in the other world? Were you um wrinkly? Not to sound rude..."

"Well Bulma told me I was like forty something I don't really know, I kinda forgot but since I'm a Saiyan I don't practically age because that's what Vegeta told me."

"So you're this old person with youth that'll go by very slowly is what you're trying to tell me?"

"You're right on the money Hisui" Goku finishes his fourth bag and starts to finish up his last one, "Yrou mrust frind it akward since yyour're hranging out with sromeone as orld as mre, gulp* since technically I'm a lot older you"

"No... not really..."

"Hmm? May I ask why?"

"To be honest I can't really give you a straight answer but we just met each other, but I'll tell you this though, I don't really care if you are some grown person with kids and such, or that your youth looks a lot like a teenager, truth of the matter is... you're still you and there isn't anyone in the world that can take that away from you, you are who you're define to be and that's that."

Goku got most of Hisui's words and couldn't help but smile. "Hmph"

"And what are you smiling about?"

"Oh nothing, it's just that... I never seen you all pumped up about someone you know? It feels so weird but it's also a warm feeling. I just can't help but smile at that!"

Hisui shows a blush but brushes it off with a conclusion, "Yea it is a good feeling isn't it?"

"Yea it is, does that make you happy Hisui?"

"It actually does in fact, yes"

"Good everyone needs some happiness once in a while."

Goku finishes up his last bag of croquettes and decided to throw away the bags into some nearby trashcan. "Would you excuse me I gotta throw theses out"

"Sure take your time."

Goku walks to the trashcan to throw away the bag with of course one last croquette in his left hand. He was just about to eat it until he sees a dog walking up to him. The dog wags its tail into hoping the kind sir would feed him and so Goku did. He splits his croquette up fifty-fifty and fed it the dog and together the two of them starts eating it. Goku finishes his croquette fast and pats the dog.

"Man you sure are hungry huh are you little guy? You look as though you are, so here you go!"

"Arf! Arf!" The dog finishes and starts to lick Goku which made him laugh.

"Hey Mikey! Mikey! Come back over here!"

The dog hears his owner's voice and decided to head to her. Goku sees it off with it's owner as the owner just waved at him and he waved back. "Huff guess I should head back to Hisui" Goku turns around and sees Three guys with her harassing her. "What the... are those her friends?" Goku starts to walk over there.

"C'mon babe you look very lonely why don't you crash with us? I could give you a good time"

Hisui didn't hesitate to reject him, "I said this before and I'll say this for the fourth time, I'll pass"

"Tch, oh what... you think you're better than me or something bitch?!"

"Yea boss you tell that slut!" Goon 1 said.

"Heh, no one and I mean no one should reject the boss like that! Missy you're in a world of hurt because of that!" Goon 2 said.

"Heh, preach it you guys, this dumb slut doesn't know some good action like me when she sees one, if you won't kindly go with me I'll JUST HAVE TO FORCE YOU TO COME WITH ME SO YOU CAN GET GANGBANG BY US!" the Boss said.

Hisui starts to close her eyes as the mean boss dude was about to grab Hisui's arm until Goku in the nick on time prevented that and grabbed his arm in defense of Hisui. "What the? Who the fuck are you pal?"

"Hisui... are these guys friends of yours?"

"Uh... no... the moment you went to the trashcan these three came up to me and said they could show me a "good time" I flat out refuse but they wouldn't take no for an answer."

Goku looks at the three, "If she says she doesn't want to, then she doesn't want to, no need to resort to brute force"

"Kch, piss off, you look so damn weak, you think someone like you could scare me? Right after I beat the shit out of you I'll **** your girlfriend in front of you as you watch!" as the boss sadistically laughs.

Hearing those words in some sort pissed Goku off into making him squeezing the arm he's holding causing the boss guy major pain, "OWWWW OWWW OWW! THAT HURTS! THAT HURTS! LET GO! LET GOO!"

"If you say so" Goku lets go. The boss guy jumps a couple of feet back while his left arm was purpled up bruised as he agonize in pain. "Boss!" Goon 1 said. "You alright boss!" Goon 2 said.

"Kch, forget about me deal with that shit head before you worry over me!"

"RIGHT!" as the both of them said. "You're gonna pay for laying hands on the boss you fucking punk" a serious Goon 1 said. "CHARGEE!"

Both of the goons starts to charge towards him, "Don't worry Hisui, I got this..."


Goon 1 jumps in the air and descends at him, "You should be scare you little shit! I know fire magic so I'll burn you into a crisp! TAKE THIS!" He bulged both fist together to try to use as an advantage to smash Goku's head but he blocks with his left hand.

"You call this fire, Natsu's flames are a lot hotter than this"

"The fuck is a Nats-"

Goku punches the goon's cheek a little hard, sending him flying across the capital. Goon 2 and the mean boss guy saw his immense strength and were shocked as hell. Hisui as well since it's been a while since she seen his strength.

"Holy shit... he send him flying..." Goon 2 sees as his attention was to the direction to where goon 1 was ahead until he heard Goku's voice close to him.

"You know, during a fight you really shouldn't turn your attention elsewhere but to your opponent."

Goon 2 turns around and sees Goku in front of him, "W-What the...? I didn't hear you move to here..."

"I teleported to you, now take this, a gift from me to you for messing with someone I care about"

Goon 2 looks down and as Goku's hand emulate a light at his stomach only to point out that he had fire a Ki blast sending him flying to where his buddy Goon 1 is which would lead to the mean boss guy.

"My two guards were taken down easily... who is this guy..."

"So, it's just you left huh? Aren't you the guy who threaten Hisui?"

"Kch!" the mean boss guy starts to sweat hard, "What do I do? Do I even have a chance at him, I can't back down now it's so unlike me as the boss! Kch whatever!"

"Um are you done talking to yourself?"

"What? Oh shut the fuck up you weasel! I'm about to show you my deadly swordsman skills, you know what I'm gonna do to you? Before I kill you I'm gonna slice off your left leg and while you scream in pain, I'll fuck your bitch over there with my dick, NOW DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!" the mean boss guy magically makes a sword an appear with some kind of stupid magic and charges towards him. "HEHEHE YOU'RE NOTHING IF YOU CAN'T DEFEND YOURSELF WITH MY STRONG SWORD! YOU CAN'T BLOCK THIS SO DIE!"

He swings his sword at Goku but without a care in the word he catches it with his left hand with less than a worry in the world. The mean boss guy's face started to change to a despair one as he starts to feel something horrible coming to him.

"I can't block it huh?" Goku mocks

"W-Who ... a-are you?!"

"Who am I?" Goku breaks the sword and decided to end this meaningless fight by upper cutting his jaw, sending him in the air. Goku seizes that chance and jumps to that amount of height to where he is. The mean boss guy's mouth starts to bleed as he starts to cry a little.

"I'm Son Goku!" he said in a serious tone, "you better remember that buddy! And I don't want to see you ever again messing with my friend down there!"

"(Wait.. did he say... Son Goku... as in the SON GOKU... to the guy who defeated Blue Pegasus in the 5v1 fight?!) You're... Son Go-"

Goku didn't let the mean boss guy finish his sentence because he straight out punched him so damn hard but held back because he's a human in the nose he sent him flying so fast back his Goons causing a huge crashing sound it was heard of from everyone near that place. Evidently the impact of that punched cause the wind to blow Hisui so hard her glasses and cap flew away from her thus she forcefully revealed herself but didn't notice yet.

Goku flies back down to Hisui, "Are you ok? You're not hurt are you?"

"N-No... I'm fine... and you kind of went overboard with that Goku..."

"Hehehe, yea I kind of did but hey it was to convince them that I mean business!"

The people at the park saw the hold thing down and when Goku revealed his name to the mean boss guy, everyone started to realize that it's Goku of Fairy Tail and starts to feel excited about it. Goku and Hisui hears, "Well, it looks like you've made quite a show out hear huh Goku? Everyone here seems to be a huge fan of you."

"Gehehehe, well this is awkward..." Goku scratches his head.

"IT'S GOKU!" some person said.

Goku turns around and waved like a dumbass to some fangirls. The fangirls starts to freak the fuck out and develops a fangasm. Goku laughs while Hisui sighs, "(Of course he'd be popular with the girls)"

Moments later they started to see Hisui who even though has her hair tied back and realize it was the Fiore Princess. "By the gods it's Princess Hisui!"

Hisui starts to panic, "WH-What?! How did they see though my disui-" Hisui realizes her cap and glasses were gone since the wind blew them away.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing! Princess Hisui is on a date with the Son Goku of Fairy Tail! Are they boyfriend/girlfriend?! Or something?!" some other person said.

Everyone in that area started to run to the two like mad people are on Black Friday. "Goku, the cats out of the bag, what do we do?!" Hisui starts to freak out a little.

"I've got it!"

"Got wh- WHAAA! Goku what are you doing?!" Hisui said.

Goku picks Hisui up and puts her in his arms and together he ascended in the sky. "No fair they're way up there!? How the heck are we supposed to try to get to them now?!" a fangirl said.

"So much for having a peaceful day, alright I'll take us somewhere where it'll be quite" Goku then lits up his white aura and starts to fly out of the capital of Fiore.

The people sees Goku carrying the princess which would make them assume one thing, that they are boyfriend and girlfriend! Like say what?! Say boom boom! No but on a real note everyone in Fiore well, mostly people that can see the two of them in the sky assumes they're going out and shit and boy will this bring upon pain on Mirajane and the other girls that fallen for Goku.

Over at Goku's House...

This scene kicks off to where Cana sees Natsu and the others and after exposing the truth to them well, let's just say things got a bit haptic with Mirajane and Cana. Erza wanted to have a say in it but she was thinking about the Gravity training so she let it go... for now... As for right now Natsu, Gray and Erza were in the gravity room training but since they're nothing like Goku, they were struggling with it. They manage to get passed 10x gravity but for 20x they could barely move at all! (A/N: Note that Natsu and the others that are in Goku's house making themselves at home is happening around the same time to where Goku and Hisui have OFFICALLY started their date.)

"Grrrgh, Grrrrggghh, GRRRGRRHHHH! Damn it's so freaking hard to move like this!" Natsu said as he was struggling to walk. (A/N: He was walking the way little Trunks did when he was training with Vegeta in the Buu Arc). "How thheee hell did Goku manage to take a cinch at THESE?! AARRGGH IT'S SO DAMN HARD TO MOVE!"

Gray was heavy breathing, veins popped out of his hands and muscle where of course he wasn't wearing a shirt, "Kch, no kidding, it's a bitch to even lift a finger much less talk."

Sweat was running down Natsu and Gray as they onwards struggle. Erza too was struggling but unlike Natsu and Gray she didn't let it go to her. She was in her Clear Heart Clothing waving her sword as if she was in some kendo club. She struggles but that didn't let her down, even with gravity as low as 20x she didn't care because this kind of training was what Goku endured so she wants to endure it too.

Natsu and Gray sees Erza swinging her sword effortlessly and seeing her made them realize something... she's got the hang of 20x! "No way" Gray said.

"Erza's got it down in the bag, but how?"

"Look closer you idiot, I think it's because she's learned how to adapt to the gravity that was applied and with that she was able to defy that logic and to set out an example.

"What kind of example are you talking about stripper?"

"In a way she's showing us to let out some of our magic so we use it to compete with the gravity and as we progress with it we'll be able to master the gravity in no time!"

"Ohhh, Erza's really smart huh?"

"Compare to you she is, now let's try it out!"

Natsu clenches his fist, "Heh yea now I'm all fired up!"

In the Living Room...

Mirajane, Lisanna, Lucy, Wendy w Carla, Happy, Juvia and Cana were on the couches seeing Natsu and the other with their training on a high definition flat screen tv that was hooked to the wall that was connected to the gravity room so they could see everything there.

"Oh man, finally it looks like Natsu and Gray managed to learn how to master 20x gravity!" Lisanna said.

"Aye! Natsu's gonna be so stronger when he comes out of there I'm sure he'll be able to kick Goku's ass now!"

"I wouldn't be too rad on that tomcat"

"Say Lucy why didn't you decided to come inside that room too to train with the three?"

"Huh? Oh um idk... it's that I don't really like to work up a sweat that's all! Ahehehe I don't want to get the of their training that's all...!"

"The only thing that's gonna get in the way are those huge melons you evil cow bitch"

Lucy punches Happy into next Saturday, "SHUT YOUR FACE STUPID CAT!"

Wendy, Lisanna laughs while Juvia was just staring at Gray's hot bod and since she gets to see it at a closer view like this, man was she very... moist. She was drooling in salvation, "Oooohhh my Gray looks so damn hot when he sweats like he's been working out! HE'S JUST SO PEFERCT! GRRRH!" Juvia bites on a handkerchief, "Oh I'm such an idiot! I should've gone with Gray so the two of us would've train together where there we would share our... LOVE!" as she starts to daydream like always.

"Sigh, typical Juvia, no one but her can fondle over someone as well and in detail like her... Hmmm? Sis you ok?"

Lisanna sees Mirajane frowning on the ground because of what Cana said earlier in the morning and in quotes, "I'm going to make Goku mine" "(I never seen Cana straight out so serious. They way she said it was like she made up her mind, meaning what she said was something she really plans on doing. She plans to make what she said a reality...)"

Mirajane starts to bite her teeth, "(why is this getting to me! This is all because I'm too freaking scare to make a move on Goku! What do I do from this point on, what will I-)"

Lisanna shakes Mirajane to breaking her focus into reality, "Hey sis snap out of it!"

"Huh... Lisanna..."

"Are you still thinking about what happened earlier today?"

"Y-Yea... it just took me by surprise that she would say that, here it's really hard to take in."

"Heh, yea I can tell that it is... you're not acting like yourself sis. What Cana said about making Goku hers sounds impossible kind of."

"It's not really impossible if I make it possible." Cana said as she was drinking some freaking ale on the other side of the couch. Lisanna and Mirajane turns to Cana's direction.

"Make it possible?" Lisanna said.

"What I said is what I really intend to do and I would like it Mira if you would back down from him so it'd be less competition for me." Cana finishes the bottle and was flat out drunk like fifty-fiftyish.

Hearing those words kind of struck a nerve on Mirajane, "What makes you think I'd let you take Goku from me?!"

"Mira, you really haven't made a move on him and whether you go grocery shopping with him, you never seize the opportunity to strike at him, it's always the same excuse of "I'll just way out my time and stuff" she mocks, "it's the same story with the same conclusion, it's different with me though." As Cana boast.

"Kch! You only like him because he has incredible muscles! You just want to leech off of that and use him as your play toy! You are such a poser!"

Hearing Cana and Mirajane yelled at each other cause Wendy, Lucy, Juvia Wendy and Happy to remain silent because if they get caught up in it they would kind of feel like they're gonna walk through hell.

"Poser..." Cana sits up straight and shows a genuine face which surprised Mirajane, "That... isn't true at all..."

"Oh it's not?! Then why is it that you want to make him yours then!"

"It's cause..." Cana struggles to make a word but wasn't to skeptical on it, "It's cause... they way he acts towards me is sweet"

"S-Sweet?! What?"

"All I ever did to him when he became a member was that I always would throw myself at him. At first all I thought about him was how cute he was and how I could sleep with someone as jack as him. This is shallow of me I know but to him... he really doesn't see me that way at all. No matter how many times I cuddle with him against his will he doesn't hesitate in the slightest. Instead he would just smile. I thought it was some act he was putting on just so he could put up with me, but it's really not... the way he acts is truly the way he is and when he acts that way to a certain extent he doesn't really find me a bother at all. I guess it's his personality that wooed me over to him."

Cana starts to touch her lips and would develop that flashback to where Goku laid his lips against hers and later end it with a smile. "That's why I want to make him mine, there isn't any guys out there that are like him..." as she gets serious, "I thought of him as nothing more than expandable muscle but seeing it with my own two eyes helped me opened up to what I was missing out on and I don't intend to watch that crumble"

Hearing Cana's speech flat out made everyone shock, especially Mirajane. She never would've had thought Goku would make such an impact on someone who's as drunken up as her. She was left speechless but nonetheless still refuse to give up.

"Cana... from what you spewed out... I can respect that with dignity but that doesn't mean I'm going to give him to you, my position in the matter is still at hand"

Cana looks at Mirajane with serious eyes but with a chill tone ish, "Then why is it that you like him? Do you really have a reason to like him?"

Mirajane starts to get serious, Lucy, Lisanna and Juvia starts to wonder the same as for Wendy, Happy and Carla, they took their attention back to the screen with Natsu, Erza and Gray to where they are at 40x gravity but was struggling hard as shit.

Mirajane closes her eyes then reopens them and responds to Cana's question, "The reason why I like Goku is..." She looks at the floor then to Cana, "because he's a nice guy. Even though it's been a few months he's really finding Fairy Tail as his home and seeing him enjoy it well with everyone brings joy to me. Although he may be dense and although he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed... he's always caring and looking out for others and that's what I'm fond of. And up until this day he hasn't forgotten the promise I made with him"

"Promise?" Cana, Lucy, Lisanna and Juvia said.

"All in all, Goku's someone who would somewhat be there for you if times were ever tough and I'd like nothing more than to be by his side" (A/N: Which is ironic cause he's never there for his kids! XD)

"In a way Goku's light up a spark in the two of us huh?" Cana said.

Mirajane laughs, "Indeed he has, who else but him would do something like that?"

"You've got a point"

"So I take it you two are no longer mad at each other?" Lisanna said as she claps her hands.

Cana and Mirajane turns to Lisanna, "Hmmm"

"I guess not anymore, it would seems letting out our emotions on the subject of the matter led out all of our anger huh?" Mirajane said.

"What you said" Cana agreed. "I guess... I'm over it now"

"As am I"

"Well that's a relief" Lucy smiles, "Now all the negative vibes I've been feeling through out here can go away now, glad to see you two make-up"

Cana and Mirajane smiles at each other and even gave a hug to one another, "Mira..."


"It's fine that you like Goku too... but that would make us rivals and for some reason I'd like nothing more than to halt on Goku when he makes up his mind if he choses between the two of us."

Mirajane was a little surprise but agreed on that, "Yea it's fine that you like Goku as well but at the end of the day he's gonna end up with someone. So now I have another rival hmm?"


"Oh don't worry about that, I'll tell you another time"

Lucy then brings up a suggestion, "Say since you two are adequate with Goku why not make him decided who he'll chose so that way one person would have a happy ending and such?"

"Juvia likes that idea" as she gives a thumbs up.

"Smart thinking Lucy" Lisanna compliments.

"Thanks what do you think Wendy?"

Wendy was just staring at the screen with Erza throwing swords at Natsu and Gray as training lol. "Huh oh um yea I think it's a fantastic idea too!"

"You're too bent up on that screen child!"

"Hehe sorry Carla"

"So how bout it you two? You guys agree on that?"

Cana and Mirajane flat out rejected it, "No that's a terrible idea"

Lucy went white and yelled, "HUH?! WHADDA MEAN TERRIBLE IDEA?!"

"If we make him decide he just choose the option of wanted both of us because he can't decide on one, you know it's like one of those love triangles and such to which I guess it's happening right now"

"Cana's right, forcing Goku into choosing wouldn't be beneficial and it would upmost upset how the scales are played out"

"Does it really matter about it being beneficial?!"

"Not to you Lucy but to Mira and I, it's something that flows a spark in us that makes us see things in a new perspective"

"Yo-You're not drunk are you?"

"Again Cana's right on this one, Lucy I like your idea but leave it to Cana and me. We'll decide how things will be played out with Goku."

"S-Sure... (Can't believe what I'm hearing... I wonder why they have this much affection for Goku... is it really something to be focused on)"

"Well seems like your plan didn't work well in the end huh Lucy?" Lisanna said.

"Sigh* Sadly it didn't but on the bright side, it would kind of bring some motivation to the curve."

"Yea you're right about that one"

"Juvia agrees"

Moments later they heard a loud explosion sound, "BOOOOOMMMM!"

"What was that!?" Carla said.

"Look! It came from the gravity room!" Wendy points to the Screen.

The screen shows smoke covering everything but it gets dialed down when they see Natsu and Gray on the ground while Erza still stands but barely. Erza walks to the controls to shut off the gravity to which she did but later she fell to the ground unconscious. The three amigos lie there as they finished up their training... well not finished but more like called it a day because it was something they bit off more than they could chew.

The max gravity they could handle was 40x so when the gravity was lifted everyone in the gravity room fell unconscious indicated that to Lucy and the others.

"Looks like they're done training and from the looks of it they seem worn out" Lisanna said.

"They're unconscious!" Wendy said. "Quickly let's go to them so I can heal them!"

"Healing each and everyone of them would take too long Wendy, instead let's give them a Senzu bean" Cana said.

"You're right, nice one Cana" Lisanna said.

"Hmph it's what I do"

"I'll go get the Senzu beans from Goku's room, you guys head to the gravity room to accompany them!" Mirajane brought up.

"Right!" as everyone and especially Juvia was really want Gray to be all to health agreed as they ran to the gravity room.

Scene Changes Back to Goku and Hisui...

After an abruption uproar that Goku and Hisui cause, Goku flew the both of them out of the capital into some local village that was massacre by Mira but the two didn't know that yet. They arrived a couple of meters in front of the front entrance.

"I think here will be good, looks like no one could bother us now" Goku implied.

"You drove us outside of the capital as to why?"

"Um... well... there are a lot of people over there so I thought why not take us to a place where there aren't that many people around, and beside your disguise is gone too, I mean your outfit is still on, it's just your cap and glasses that are missing. In a way I guess today got ruin huh?"

"Not true at all Goku, I certainly had a blast today"


She nodded, "It's the most fun I'd had in a while, stirring up all that commotion and ending it off with me being in your arms as you flew us away to here, it allowed me to be something other than a princess, I was able to be myself and able to feel relaxed."

"From the way you're saying it, it sounds as though being a princess isn't easy"

"From time to time it isn't, but I still love it... the people, the children in general are what strives me every day. In a way, seeing their smiles are what get me through the day." Hisui smiles.

Her smiling at Goku causes him to smile as well, "That's great, cause I had fun too. I even now have a favorite food well it's one of my favorite food."

"Is it croquette by chance?"

"Hehehe yep!"

Hisui glanced at him effortless, "You're so hopeless but I can agree on you with that."

Moments later Goku and Hisui starts to walk to the entrance to the local village.

"Man it sure got a lot foggier" Goku points out.

"It's a lot thicker than I would imagine, usually we don't get this kind of arrangement like this, maybe the village up ahead can give us the answers."


As the two of the arrived at the entrance, they're eyes widen, Hisui covered her mouth out of resuscitation. She was horrified with what she's seeing on top of the entrance. Goku as well.

"I-Is that a head on the entrance...?" Goku said.

"What the... what's going on?!" Hisui starts to develop fear.

Together the both of them sees the little girl's head hung at the front entrance.

" What kind of stunt are these people playing?!" Goku said in a serious tone.

"How could something like this happen?!" Hisui was horrified, she starts to breath heavily.

"From the looks of it, she's been hung for quite a while, quickly we have to make sure no one else is in this condition too!"

Hisui snaps out of it, "Huh, r-right! Onwards to the village then!"

For 2 hours straight The both of them searched the village and was flabbergasted with what they've discovered, they found out the hard way that no one in this village was alive much less still kicking it. They come to realize that everyone in this village had died a gruesome death, leaving nothing but traces of blood and bones.

Hisui was even more horrified and fell to her knees, "Everyone... everyone here are all dead... why didn't I know of this... much in fact... who was responsible for this?!" Hisui starts to have a little but also a minor breakdown. "Everyone's dead... how could this happen... who did all of th-"

"Hisui get a hold of yourself!" as he shakes Hisui.

Hisui looks at Goku, "Goku..."

"We may not know who's responsible for this but now we know what the situation of this is, we have to warn the people before it's their time too. Who knows the person responsible for this could aim at the capital"

"Y-Yes... you're right Goku, I have to alert the people of Crocus to be wary, and from the looks of it, I think it's too late to notify any other villages around here. They may have been already killed"

"Good call" Goku helps Hisui stands up.

"I guess we have to end our time together, seeing how it ended like this was something I didn't imagine. In any cases let's head back to my palace so I ca-"

She stops her sentence because she sees a man standing behind Goku. The man is shown to be a tall muscular person who was covered in his cape with the hood strapped on. Hisui stutters while hesitating to tell Goku there was someone behind him but later manages to.

"G-Goku, behind you!"


Goku turns his head around and sees the man who then laid out a nasty blow to his face, sending him flying to one of the homes. The home gets destroyed when Goku crashed into it. "G-Goku...!"

The mysterious tall man looks at Hisui while she herself couldn't move, much less wanting to since she was scared out of her mind. "(Why... Why can't I move?! I'm so scared out of my mind that my legs wont move! And... was this the guy responsible for this...?)"

The man then lits up his sinister dark aura in front of Hisui causing her to tremble into despair even more. "What is this pressure...! this aura or what not is dark purple... what is this...!)"

The man in the cape starts to emulate an energy blast at point blank to kill Hisui and just as when he was inches away, Goku gets out of the rubble by transforming into his SSJ state but with a twist, he added in Kaio Ken so technically he combined SSJ and Kaio Ken into Super Saiyan Kaio Ken. (A/N: If you play that mobile game Dokkan Battle there's a card art of Goku using his Super Saiyan + Kaio Ken, the way the first card art of Goku was positioned was the same way Goku got out of the rubble, also I don't play it my friend does and he showed me it which looks cool)

The cape man turns around and changes his objective towards Goku and blast his Ki to him. Goku counters back hitting the Ki blast the other direction to the sky. "Hmph, you sure play dirty hitting me like that! Now prepare yourself mysterious dude!" Goku lits up his aura and charges to him.

The cape man runs to Goku as the both collide with their fist creating a shockwave that would put the earth on pause from revolving around the sun! The two of them dealt with each other blow for blows creating a clash. After the clash Goku delivers multiple punches to the man to which he took and ends it with he dragon throw, throwing him to the sky.

Goku flies up with to him and deliberately lands nasty elbows to his stomach which had complete effect on the man throwing him to the ground creating a crater that would suffice to the situation. Goku flies down to Hisui in concern, "Are you alright?"

"Y-Yea... Goku... you shouldn't be concern about me, what about you! You're all bruised up (A/N: but not necessarily)".

"Hehehe... guess that's what happen when I let my guard down, but nonetheless I'm fine. I'm just surprised there's someone else in this world that could fight like that. The way he appeared behind me and the way he was fighting me when we exchanged fists, he fights like the people I know back in my world."

"That does sound odd, I don't recall any other people fighting the way you fight. Uh, Goku he's getting up..."

Goku turns his direction to the caped man. The man yells, "AARRGHH!" releasing his aura into expansion, Goku shields Hisui with his body. "Unbelievable, his energy's risen up even more!"

"What? How?! I don't believe this... he yelled like a maniac and all of a sudden he's even stronger?!"

"Heh, yea that's one thing you should know about me Hisui, when people like me yelled he rise up our energy as WELL!" as he risen up his energy too. He and the mysterious man jumps at the opportunity and clashes with each other once again but with their auras touching each other as they descend to the sky. (A/N: The way Beerus and SSJ Goku flew at each other in the air in the Battle of Gods Movie was playing out with the mysterious man and him).

Hisui being just a human and couldn't detect Ki and shit was having a hard time keeping up but was so damn impressed, "A-Amazing... the both of them are flying at each other so fast I can't see what's happening.."

"YARRGGH!" Goku punches the man in the guts followed by a kick to the nape sending him flying but catches himself to deliver a kick to Goku's right cheek. Goku recovers from that and starts firing Ki blasts at him. The man dodges each of them but gets kicked by Goku. The man was about to get sent flying but he catches Goku's leg to try to land a nasty blow to the face but fails. When Goku lets his right hand to the man's face to fire a Ki blast which sent him flying to the ground.

"KA... ME... HA... ME..." he disappears and reappears under the man as he was falling. The man catches himself but in the process had no time to escape Goku's attack as he begins to launch it at him. "HAAAAAAA!"

He gets a direct hit up close in the air as the blast goes through him. The Kamehameha gets blasted into space as the man gets smoked in it. "Heh, try that one for size."

The smoke dials down and when it did it shows the man crossing his arms covering his himself from the attack. "Heh tanking an attack like that, you sure are a tough bastard aren't you?" The man's cape was blown to bits revealing himself at last!

"What the heck..." Goku's eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing. The man's appearance wasn't anything Goku could take accounted for but one thing struck him as odd. Upon the man's upper left chest lies an emblem that he was vaguely familiar with.

"That emblem... that can't be... that's... the Fairy Tail Emblem..." as Goku said in shock. "Why does someone like you have that?"

The man didn't respond and instead took out something he held from his behind and ate it. "What the... is that what I think it is... the fruit tree of might..." as he watches the man eats the fruit and in terms he unleashed an even greater aura with the x mark above his forehead to glow even darker.

"What the heck is going o-"

He gets interrupted as he lets his guard down once more when the man strikes him in the mouth sending him to the ground a couple of feet away from Hisui. "Goku!" as she runs to him.

"Mmmm Kch, this doesn't make any sense at all" as Goku gets up.

"Goku! Are you alright?!" as Hisui comes to his aid.

"I'm fine, I'm just... I don't know at this point... shocked? That guy up there had a Fairy Tail emblem."

"What? How is that possible? That should've be the case here..." She looks up to see and what Goku said was right! The orange haired man was in fact bearing a Fairy Tail emblem, but to what extent exactly? "Oh dear me... this is something I would've least expect..."

The orange hair man starts to fly down to his side of the ground. "His eyes, that X-Mark on his forehead, is there something wrong with him?"

"I don't know" as he gets up unscathed, "But something tells me I shouldn't hold back any more power than I've already have in this fight, hear we go..." he excludes Kaio Ken and instead channels his power even more in his SSJ state to 100%. "I guess you won round 1 with the warmup buddy," he smiles but then shows a serious face, "But if you were the one responsible for this, then I wont show you any mercy" his aura lits up as Hisui sees.

"(From the looks of it is seems Goku's gonna go full power on him...) Goku, do you have a plan in mind?"

Goku gets into his fighting stance, "For now no, but right now I'm thinking about asking this guy questions but before I can ask I gotta beat him to a crisp, stand back Hisui"

The man clenched his right fist and was about to launch an attack to which Goku was prepared to defend himself and Hisui but when he was just about to, he stops... Goku wonders why. "Huh? What's going on? Hey, aren't you gonna launch your attacking you were buffing up?"

The orange hair man's right hand was shaking as it was being hold onto by his left hand. The aura disappears along with the X-mark which surprised Goku and Hisui. "His aura and that x-mark are gone..." Hisui said.

"G-Get... ooutt... of... here... quickly... please... I can't contain it for... that much time... hurry!" the orange man said.

"You're asking us to leave? Huh? Sorry but I can't do that!" Goku stated. "If there's something wrong with you, let me help... cause from the looks of it... you look like you're not acting like yourself...!"

"There's not much time... hurry! Before I lose control...!" the man starts to struggle to keep whatever was controlling him but it was only temporary...

"If something's wrong with you tell me so I can find a way to fix it!" Goku said. "At least tell me your name!"

"G-Gil-Gil...darts... Gildarts" was the last thing Gildarts said as the brainwashing took full control over him again...

"What the... that sinister aura is showing again... and that X-Mark..." Goku said.

"(He said Gildarts... as in the S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail...? This doesn't add up... but it does solves one thing... that X-Mark... it's what's controlling him... he's basically been under control...) Goku... that guy Gildarts is under control." Hisui points out.

"Say what? Under control?" Goku looks at Hisui shocked then back at Gildarts. "Does that explain how someone from this world was able to fly and keep up with me?"

"For the moment you can assume that... but for right now we must do what he wants and get out of here! Goku you have to tell your guild master about the situation of what transpired here. As for me, I'll help you figure out what this brainwashing is and who would be the one's behind it... (Could it be someone's magic that did this to him? In any case I've got to make sure no one else gets brainwash... it's my duty as princess)"

"I really don't like to run away from a fight though."

"Goku, do you hear what you're saying?! There's no time for fighting! There's obviously someone behind this and this person could be watching us right now! What if this person have more brainwashed people? Whoever this person is brainwashed one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail! And if Gildarts is this strong, the one who's doing the brainwashing...how strong would you think this person is?! How would you fair up against that?"

"Hisui, you seem to be underestimating me, I have yet to show you my full potential yet..."

"You weren't fighting at your full strength?" Hisui said at disbelief.

Moments later back up had arrive for the corrupted Gildarts as three another masked caped people arrived next to him surprising Goku and Hisui.

"There's more of them?!" Hisui said. "I told you Goku, quickly we have to go!"

"Hisui, I want to... but I also want to face them... I think there's a way to turn those four back to the way they are and I'm thinking it'll involving my fist."

"Goku... please... reason with me... it doesn't matter if you're stronger than the four of them... what matters most is that we get out of here to warn your guild mates about this because I don't think this person who's behind this will stop brainwashing people until you're dead so... please..." She hugs Goku from behind and starts to tear up. "Retreat for now... please... for me..."

Hearing Hisui sob make Goku rethink his actions. "(After seeing what she saw here I guess I've been a bit selfish... and to think I made her cry...) Kch, alright... I'll withdraw for now... for the time being I'll tell my master back at the guild about this if it'll cheer you up"

"Deal" she smiles but still sobs a little while still leaning on his back.

The four brainwashed people started charging at those two but wasn't fast enough as Goku uses instant transmission to go back to the guild. The four missed by just a little but none the less stopped themselves because of they were ordered to by the demon woman.

"And that's a wrap" as the demon comes out of hiding. "So that was the power of Son Goku... I can tell he was holding back power than what he shown against Gildarts, well no matter won't be long till my Mira will kill him."

"In the mean time you four will have to keep Goku busy to brew out power to Mira, got it?"

The four of them nodded in absolute, "Heh, good servants..." Towa starts to laugh sadistically... "Won't be long Lord Mechikabura... your revival is almost at hand" (A/N: Mira was on the other side of the planet still killing bitches and sensed Goku's power but was also being a patient man waiting for Towa's commands next to he still was gonna wait it out until it's his time to reign)

Scene Changes to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

Makarov was at the bar, treating himself to some booze while being accompanied by Macao and Wakaba. The three were expressing themselves as they started chugging ale down their throats with no remorse.

"GHAH! Man oh man, booze sure can take a load off you when you don't have to worry about things fallen down upon you right master?" Wakaba said.

"Oh please, like you could worry about every bits and pieces on what's going around in the world, you just like to solve your problems by drinking it out" Macao claims.

"Ok... but didn't you did that when... your wife divorced you because you spend too much time on work?"

Macao was silent for 3 minutes but broke out when he starts drinking but depressingly, "Sigh* you have a fair point..."

"Ahahaha cheer up my boys! All of that is in the past now! At least you weren't stuck on Tenrou Island for 7 years... to be frank I haven't had the slightest idea to make Fairy Tail's next move to defeat that dragon Acnologia . To think someone like him overpowered everyone back then... and easily dealt with Gildarts..."

"Hmph, what matters most is that you guys are still alive and besides master I think thinks are looking great for us." Macao said,

"Whatever do you mean?"

"The new member Goku was it? He defeated Natsu very easily and I'm sure he would have no doubts into defeating Gildarts! The point I'm making is, is that he's a person who can take down that dragon Acnologia and the black wizard Zeref."

"Yea... yea... Macao's right, he said he's from another world and how he's from some alien race called the Saiyan? I'd say we have a chance to upright this situation we're in and it's best to do it none other than the Fairy Tail style!" Wakaba encourages.

"You two do raise a good point, since Goku's been here he showed strength that a lot of us oldsters could never comprehend. He's in a league of his own in a way. I can't think of anyone else but him to deal with those two troublesome people. When the time comes when we would across them again, We'll have Goku with us and he'll take it from there!" as Makarov stands on top of the bar like he just conquered some dungeon or some shit.

"Seems like the master is all pumped up"

"Don't you mean "FIRED UP"?

"Not now Wakaba..."

"Ahahaha, just trying to lighten up the mood Macao"

"Hmph, oh yeah and by the way when are you gonna tell him about it master?"

Makarov looks at Macao and Wakaba, "When the lad comes back here from wherever he's at. There I will tell him. I mean it's not like he's gonna appear behind us saying "Hey gramps! I'm back from my trip" or some shit like that"

"Hey Gramps! I'm back from my trip I mentioned yesterday!"

Makarov and Wakaba turned around and for a mere 3 minute they were quite but shocked and then had their mouths dropped big time because what Makarov said was true! As for Macao, he was thinking about what the master said and included this, "Well he said what you were thinking master but added in some more words."

"Hmm?" a confused Goku said.
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