Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
8 Demon crisis part 1
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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8 Demon crisis part 1

Scene Starts Off in Universe 6, Planet Guobras...

The God of Destruction Champa, along with the Angel Vados and the Assassin Hit have already arrived on planet Guobras and Vados being the brains of the operations was talking to a specific person who's supposedly the smartest person on that planet which is perfect for their situation.

"Heh, so from what I can get from this you want me to modify that Cube of yours so it can have the function of time traveling through different timelines?" the person said. This person was to be reveal as a female scientist named Rogue Okuravick (who is somewhat almost as smart as Bulma but not quite and also a made up character). Her appearance was nothing more than casual clothing with being covered by a lab coat. "Is time traveling even illegal?"

"Oh don't you worry about that Rogue, what matters most is whether or not you can operate that kind of function onto the God Cube... you can, can you?" Champa said. "I was informed that your people are specialized in that sort of equipment"

"We are, adding that sort of thing onto an object may take a while..."

"Ugh, we don't have time for waiting! You've got to have it done today asap!" Champa demanded.

"Well that's certainly impossible to do since I'm just one person!" Rogue fired back.

"Then get more of your people to help you then!"

"Ok, ok sheesh calm down you blubbering cat"


Vados laughs, "She called you fat my lord"


"But weren't you the one who asked?"

"Sigh* Whatever..."

Hit was in the background looking at Rogue then at the God Cube, "Rogue was it?"

Rogue turns to Hit, "Yes... and you're Hit I'm assuming?"

"That's right, how long will it take for you to add that sort of thing to the cube?"

"Hmmm I'd say 5-6 hours"

"Sorry but I can't wait that long ..."

"Well EXCUSE ME! For not being able to do to fast enough! Sheesh what is with you impatient bastards!"

Champa/ Hit: "Bastards?"

Vados starts to walk with Rogue to the cube, "Say Rogue, if my hunch is right adding the function for traveling through different timelines might take about thirty minutes top, that is if you'll walk me through it step by step."

"Eh? How will me explaining it to you step by step take about 30 minutes? What's the logic in that?!"

"I'm an Angel, you'd be surprised what I'm capable of sweetheart..." Vados sets aside her staff and clapped her hands together, "Now without further delay let's get to it"

"And one more thing Rogue." Champa said, "If what Vados say is true on how she can get it done within 30 minutes with you assisting her, then I'll reward you greatly with protection from a destroyer god such as myself along with money, supplies, you name it, I'll deliver it! That is as though it'll get done in time."

Rogue's eyes widen in excitement, "Really? You mean it" Hot Dog! Deal!" Rogue came to Champa and shook both his hands comedically, "30 minutes? No problem! Hope you keep your end of the bargain!"

"I'm a Destroyer God, of course I will as long as you finish it up in 30 minutes"

"Right! Ok Vados, let's get started!" as Rogue grabs her equipment and heads straight for the cube. Vados with her staff activates a timer for 30 minutes. "Ready when you are lady Rogue"

"OK! Before we begin I'll just let you know I'm only gonna explain this to you once so you better listen and learn well!"

"I'm a fast learner, try me"

"Now that's the spirit!"

Hit walks to Champa as the both of them starts a conversation, "So Champa, what if Rogue can't get it done in 30 minutes?" as Hit ask the obvious to kill time... XD

"Then I'll destroy her and this planet..."

"Hmph, you really should learn how to have faith in people as they display their skills you know, you're always quick to giving up..."

"Yea well you really should learn how to adapt quicker so that way you wouldn't have gotten your ass beaten by Son Goku!"

Hit looks at Champa with a mean face, "Touché..."

Fifteen minutes had passed, Rogue and Vados manages to complete over half of it meaning they were almost done. Champa was sleep napping and was snoring like a freaking gorilla. Hit was outside taking a look at the scenery of Guobras while thinking about his targets he have to eliminate which were Towa and Mira. He got the name down but not the faces, but to him he assumes that shouldn't be a problem.

"THERE! All done! And phew! With just 30 seconds to spare!" Rogue said as she wipes her face.

"Nice job Rogue, you've done well for a mortal"

"Hehehe, thanks it's not a problem but I should also thank you Vados, I never seen a person who was so well adapt to my teachings, you see I'm not that good of a teacher to explain things."

"You're too modest" Vados smiles. "You're a wonderful teach, don't let anybody drag you down" Vados then went to Champa to wake him up, "My lord, it's time wake up my lord"

Champa wakes up but fell on his ass in agony, "OW... Jeez Vados learn to wake me up a lot softer"

"But that was soft my lord, you're just simply fat"


"Yes my lord?"

"Sigh* nothing... go get Hit"


After about 20 minutes for Rogue explaining how to operate the cube Hit got the gist down and immediately Rogue set the destination to the timeline where universe 1-12 were destroyed while universe 13-18 remained intact. Champa and Vados were outside looking at them.

"And that's how you operate that thing, any question?"

"No, I'm good... thanks"

"You did well Rogue, and because of your services I'll oblige to our agreement"

"Heh, thanks well if you excuse me I'd like to go take a bath, I worked up a good sweat and shit so help yourself out the door after you guys are done, later!" as Rogue hits the showers.

Hit enters inside of the Cube and turns his attention to Champa and Vados, "Well, talk about a turn of events... since Rogue told me about how to operate this thing, it won't be a problem for me to enter the timeline and to leave it."

"Hehehe, you seem pumped up Hit, could it be that me talking about demons interested you?"

"Hmph, you might think it's something like that, but I assure you it's not, demons, gods, ... Saiyans... they're all the same to me, all I care about is getting paid after this, so..." as he glares at the two of them, "I expect something great for me upon my return..."

"Oh why not..." as Champa closes his eyes with his hand in the air, "Since you're taking on something as dangerous as this, I suppose you deserve something high and mighty, but that's only if you get the job done..."

Hit smirks, "And who do you think you're talking to?"

Vados smiles, "If we're done chatting here, Hit if you would be so kind as to get started on your mission"

"Right" Hit activates the God Cube, "While I'm gone I'll make sure to contact you on every update"

"Roger that" Vados said. "Lord Champa we might as well head back to our planet, we wouldn't want to keep your brother waiting"

"Yea good idea" Champa nodded. "Alright Hit, I'll leave it you"

"Hmph" The god cube starts to levitate and soon ascends to the air, Champa and Vados and every other living organism that were on the planet were seen as ants since Hit was in the sky, he looks below and then at the custom-made wormhole the God Cube made and departed right away. He enters the wormhole and soon the wormhole disappears.

During the travel Hit sat against the wall with his left leg up and his left arm on top of it. "(I know this is my mission and such... but why do I get the feeling that someone I know will be there... kch, how annoying I can't let that get in the way of my mission. Now Vados mentions two people I'd have to kill, Towa and Mira, she didn't specified the genders of those two ... but that probably won't be s a problem, after all how many people now and days are named Towa and Mira... Sigh, Time to Begin My Mission)"

Scene Changes to Champa's Planet

Beerus and Whis made it back to the planet after having their taste test back on earth and quite frankly, they were vaguely please with the food there, but it doesn't come close the food back in universe 7. Vegeta was in his SSJ state getting some training done with Whis. Beerus was enjoying some spaghetti on the table that Bulma set up with Gohan and Bulma also on the table. Goten and Trunks were sparring with each other for fun and as for Piccolo, like usual he meditates.

"ATATATATA" Vegeta tries to throw multiple punches to Whis but do to his instincts he casually with not a sweat to bear easily dodges. Vegeta hammers it up to his SSJB state and teleports behind Whis to try to kick him (A/N: The same way Vegeta did to Jiren to Dragon Ball Super Episode 122) Whis of course blocks it with his staff and blows him away with his right hand a couple of meters. Vegeta lands in the water, He gets up and recovers from that, "Kch, damn it!" Vegeta lits up his blue aura and mercifully launches a dozen set of Ki blast, "YYYYATATATATATATATA, LET'S SEE HOW YOU'LL COME OUT OF THIS"

"Oh dear me, not this tactic" Whis sighs, with his right hand he starts to spin his staff to create a typhoon and reflects the Ki blasts right back at Vegeta. "Uh! Crap ARRGGH!" Vegeta with both his hand clog together into the Final Flash gesture to create an energy force field (What he did in the Hirudegarn movie to protect those people in the buildings) It created a small dust explosion that almost reached Beerus and his food.


"Oh pipe it down Beerus I'm trying to find solutions to this freaking dumb X Mark Spot... SO CAN IT!" Bulma said as if she was done with the world.

"What was that?" Beerus's eye twitch, you're talking to a destroyer god!"

"Sigh,* Listen Lord Beerus, I'm trying all I can to help contribute to this plan to stop the revival of Demigra and Mechikabura so stop acting as though you're a spoiled child and just cooperate!"

"Hmph," Beerus closed his eyes and looked to the sky, "Fine, Whatever, I'm just on board as you are so um... keep up the good work" he stutters.

"Well, that's one way to calm the cat down" Gohan chuckled. Goten and Trunks laughed while Piccolo was still mediating.

Scene Changes to Vegeta and Whis

The smoked dialed down, Vegeta was breathing somewhat heavily and as the smoked cleared in front of him he froze. Whis with his face in front of Vegeta's face smiled," Ok Vegeta I think that's it for today" Vegeta powers back down to base.

"Hmm, this is somewhat of an improvement Vegeta, but you're still thinking rather than to just moving and of course this habit is still especially strong with you. Because of that it's limiting your fighting speed and in the process you lose fighting time."

"Tch, you've already told me that already Whis, why else are we training here? My end goal is to make sure I surpass Kakarot and I've got to step up my game before he pulls something out of his ass later on in life"

"Well, you are capable of surpassing him, there's no doubt you can but with your nerves wounding up too tight, the tension for you makes it hard on you to fight to your full potential much less on improving on it. You must learn how to overcome this, now I'm not rushing you to do this but if you strike at an opportunity, you must take it because otherwise... you'll always be one step behind Goku."

"Hmph," Vegeta crossed his arms, "Learning to not be so amped up, not gonna be an easy thing to do"

"And that is why we're training!" Whis smiles, " Since I'm your teacher, it is my duty to ensure you, you can overcome this I'm certain you can! And if we're gonna go that way I'd say you might surpass Goku, who knows... only time will tell. Now!" Whis clapped his hands, "Let's go joined up with Lady Bulma and Lord Beerus for some delicious foods in stored and in about 3 hours we'll start back up with training."


Vegeta and Whis was walking side by side, although Whis was looking forward to the food he had hoped that would taste to his liking... his thoughts were on Champa and Vados, "(They're obviously hiding something and I'm going to get to the bottom of this)"

Scene Changes to Goku's House, the Backyard...

Behind Goku's house lies the backyard, an enormously humongous backyard, but something seems different. Oh wait there's a reason to that... the entire backyard was covered in smoke! A person got himself out of the smoke and ascended into the air but with it came multiple swords sprung at him. One sword after another gets demolished as this person fires back with finger beamed Ki blasts. "C'mon Erza, is that all you got?" Goku smirks

The smoke clears out and it reveals the red-haired mage Erza in her Heaven Wheels Armor, "Hmph, it's always provoking when my attacks can never hit you Goku... I guess you can say you're untouchable..."

"Well I wouldn't say that Erza, one of these days you're gonna eventually hit me"

"The day I eventually hit you would be the day the world would be ending, meaning I think it's literally impossible to hit such strong foe like yourself."

"Don't say that, I know for a fact that you ARE gonna be able to hit me, it's just not now but I'm certain some time later in the future you will, you just gotta have faith." He encourages

"Hmph, if you say so"

Erza's talking to Goku was a nothing but a complete distraction for Natsu and Gray to pop up from behind and do a sneak attack. They're confident that they'll be able to pull this off because they hid their presence from Goku.

"(I wonder where Natsu and Gray are, since this match started on a 3v1, I haven't seen or sense the both of them, though knowing these guys they're probably gonna lower my guard which means... I've got to stay on guard until the match is over, I've gotta make sure I stand out from these guys) OK! I think it's about time we wrap this up, you've gotten stronger Erza, but you're still got a lot to learn!"

"Hmph, well then I'd best say this... NOW NATSU AND GRAY!"

"Hmm?" Goku wonders.



Goku turns around to see Natsu and Gray behind him with their attacks ready at hand, "(So I was right! They did hid their Ki!)"

"Hehehe! You probably didn't expect this huh did you!"

"Heh, a combined attack of Fire and Ice magic, what a stoke of luck!" Gray said.

Just as when they were able to hit Goku, he manages to use instant transmission to escape the space he was given leading it off to Gray and Natsu's attack from colliding with each other but they stopped at the last second.

"Dammit! We were so close!" Natsu said.

"Well if you hadn't yelled like a scorching loser, he wouldn't had heard us! He was completely unaware that we were behind him"

"Oh shut your face stripper, it was bad enough I had to team up with you!"

"Heh, I knew doing a combined attack with you would be problematic... and I was right"

Natsu and Gray were arguing with each for about 3 minutes but it got cut short due to Goku, "So um are you guys done fighting with each other? Because you're supposed to fight me..." he said as he appears behind the both of them. Natsu and Gray turns around, and they were quite for about a minute but the silence broke when both of them fired with their attacks that they still had at Goku the moment he was about to open his mouth.

The moment the combined attack of Natsu and Gray heads its way to Goku, he fires up one of his signature, "KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!" as the attack collides with the Natsu and Gray.

With the somewhat of a weird beam struggle, both Natsu and Gray could barely hold it off with their own attacks, Goku sees the both of them having a hard time so he decided to amp his Kamehameha wave at an even stronger wave to cause the both of them to have nothing but little chance to come out of it alive, but of course without killing them.

"Damn, why does it seems as though he's enjoying this" Gray said as his ice magic starts to fade bit by bit.

"Kch, damn I guess this is what I get for running my big mouth huh, if I wanted him to get serious... he definitely will get full on serious... DAMN IT I CAN'T HOLD ON TO THIS ANY LONGER!" Natsu's fire magics starts to deplete at an accelerating rate, making the Kamehameha to run on it on it's size, meaning it's getting bigger as both the fire and ice magic gets smaller. And just like that the Kamehameha hits Natsu and Gray with a direct hit as they get caught inside of it.

Moments later Natsu and Gray falls out of the smoke from the explosion all bruised up with their clothes torn. As they fall to the ground Natsu fell flat on his stomach laying on his right side while Gray lies flat on the tree's roots on his back.

Goku flies down only to see one opponent left, Erza. Having to see how he dealt with Natsu and Gray, Erza's instincts are telling her to go all out, not leaving anything out to she changes her armor to her Clear Heart Clothing. Goku sees her armor and for some weird reason he felt a little humid if you know what I'm Saiyan I mean what.

"Y-You really like to fight showing a lot of skin huh?" as he continues to stare...

Goku's staring causes Erza to blush with embarrassment, "W-Well... it's not the appearance that makes the strength! I-It's the courage and charisma that d-does!" She looks down while still feeling embarrassed, "N-Now, will you stop staring at me like that and fight me? It's s-sort of embarrassing..."

Goku snaps out of it, "Oh right then," Goku starts to charge at Erza with not a plan in mind but knowing Goku, fighting someone head on is always a plan to him, Erza with her sword swings at Goku's left side but Goku jumps up to avoid the swing to land and step on the sword to make sure Erza wouldn't have leverage.

Erza lets go of the sword and tries to do it the old fashion way. She tries to land a few punches on him but Goku blocks each and every single one of them, he leads it off with knee to Era's guts causing her to spit salvia. Erza crouches to trip Goku which it did to get him off her sword. As soon as she recovers her sword, she steps a few inches back and lits up her aura which made Goku curious.

"What are you planning on doing Erza?" Goku wonders as the wind blows at a fast rate due to Erza. Even though the wind was blowing, Goku still manages to see what Erza was doing and boy was he excited. He sees Erza with her aura expanding with each second to spare. All of the aura disappears as it heads to the sword she wields and after some time the sword emulated a fire ish aura that surrounds it with not only her own magic but with the energy she manages to brew out of her.

"This is all I have Goku, prepare yourself!" as the aura from the sword expands, the color of the aura glowed a bright red, "DEMON BLADE CRIMSON SAKURA!" for the best set of maximum offense Erza combined all of her magic along with the energy she learned to emulated out of her from Goku to focus on this one blast she plans to unleash to him. In about a few seconds she releases her attack. "!" Goku's eyes were widen at the fact on how Erza combined Ki and magic, moreover in fact, he was surprised much less impressed but still it didn't do anything.

The light the attack gave off made the atmosphere around glow such a bright white color where it would be impossible to see after all. The ground shuck cracks that almost destroyed the backyard causing the pressure that was being given off from both Goku and Erza to um... I don't know... get even worse ten times fold? (IDK...)

The light simmered down and as it simmers down Erza was at an all time low. Her power she gave everything into was reduced to nothing. Goku with just his left hand blocks it with little effort. (A/N: He blocks it the same way Estarossa blocked Meliodas's Revenge Counter in The Seven Deadly Sins Revival of the Commandments (Basically season 2 which is fire btw!) The way Estarossa appeared and is standing in front of Meliodas was happening with Goku to Erza)

"(He blocked it... with one hand...? ... I put everything into this and he blocked it with little less effort...)" Erza's face was at disbelief, one of her strongest attack which got even stronger due to her adding Ki and shit didn't even hold a candle to Goku. Erza's bang covered her eyes as she was somewhat of admitting defeat. She felt as though she got humiliated because her opponent Goku wasn't even trying at all with her. "(One... Hand... what was all that training for if it didn't show improvement...)" as her eyes that were covered later revealed itself being disappointed. Erza with no magic left return back to her original armor and just stare into space in agony realizing the depts of Goku the Saiyan's power. However she snaps out of it when Goku started talking to her.

"Hey nice work today Erza, you've really improve in just about a couple of weeks from what I've been teaching you"

"Improve...?" she somewhat said in a bad mood.

"Hmm? Did I stutter? Yea improve! You took me by surprise when you combine your magic along with Ki to do that extremely strong attack and I've got to hand it to you, I think it would've land some sort of damage to me if I wasn't on guard."

"Extremely strong? Goku you say it as if you're mocking me..."

"Hmm? How so?"

"You say it's extremely strong and yet you blocked it without a care of worry... are you mocking me?" she said as she started to make a combination of a sad and disappointed face. (A/N: I don't know what's the name of that face tbh so don't hold it against me!) "Cause it sounds like you are"

"Why would you think that?" Goku wonders.

"Don't play dumb with me! You've been training me to get down with the Ki control thing I'm grateful for that, but what if we don't go anywhere with this if I can't seem to improve even more if I can't land one done hit on you!" as she lets it out.

Goku chops her on her head multiple times comedically, "Erza, chill out" he said so casually. "You can't expect to improve right away even if you've been training for a while, it just takes time... and besides you may not see it but I do, you have improve Erza and from this progress you're still continuing to improve, you just got to have patient."

After some time, Erza's manages to smile a bit but was still feeling down, "Thanks I guess... so where do we go off from here then, what else will you teach me?"

"Hmm good question, oh I know!" Goku snaps his finger. "Just for a while you just need to train on your own and what better way to do that than to train in the Gravity room! I'd say you Natsu and Gray are ready to train with gravity!"


"Really! If you train under the amount of gravity you've put onto yourself, there's no doubt you'll get even stronger, heck, I'll say this with confident Erza, you'll save a lot of time while at the same time improve even further beyond!"

Erza shows excitement with what Goku's words said but at the same time, a little bit salty. The reason for was because of what you know... what Goku said. In quotes, "you'll save a lot of time while at the same time improve even further beyond"



Erza grabs both Goku's shoulders and begun shaking him rapidly fast with a little-known aspect of aggressiveness making Goku dizzy as hell, "You need to tell me that training under gravity could show major improvements like no other and you didn't tell me this why?!"

"I Didn't think you were readdyyy!" as he was getting shaken, "The gravity isn't something where you can just train under easily!"

After a few moments later the shaken stops. Goku mourns a little with his head tilted back and later snaps out of it. "Goku, even if you're right I'd still would like to have a crack at it. I know gravity isn't something to be taken lightly but if I take repercussions I can definitely be willing to withstand it, and besides I'll just start training under gravity I can handle along with Natsu and Gray."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that, you could just apply the gravity to anyway you prefer it to and then work your way up."

"That's exactly what I'm trying to say Goku, glad we're in agreement here, so when can we borrow your gravity room?"

"Hmm, you three can start tomorrow, for now let's head on in and see what Mira's been cooking!" Goku said as he evidently pats Erza's head once more, making her comfortably have an undeniable blush.

"I don't mind this at all Goku but why do you feel the need to pat me as if I'm your pet?"

"I don't know either tbh, but Cana and especially Mira likes it when I do it to them."

"Do you do this to every girl you seem to please?"

"I guess... kind of..."

"That's kind of shallow..."

Erza crossed her arms, closed her eyes and looked away making a pouted face. Goku looks a little confused but didn't bother to ask so instead he just continued to stare at Erza. After 30 seconds, Erza with her left eye open looked at Goku, "I didn't tell you to stop..."

"Oh right..." Goku continues to pat her.

Erza smiles as she gets patted but then brings up a new subject, " We should probably give those twos Senzu beans and right after we should held back to the guild hall, we wouldn't want to be late for the welcome party for you even though you've been a member for quite a while now."

"Right you are Erza, and I'm so looking for to it!"

"Oh really how so?"

"Mira's cooking! I know for a fact she'll go all out to provide one of the most delicious dishes ever! My food is just drooling from just thinking about it!"

"R-Right, for now let's patch up Natsu and Gray and head on over with your instant transmission"

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