Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
7 Daily life in fairytale
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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7 Daily life in fairytale

"I wonder how long I've been in this other world. I know I said to myself I'd find a way back but for some reason, I've haven't really been digging around much... Though for some apparent reason I'm always being occupied by these new people I met. These new people I've met reminded me of my early days back with Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, and Krillin and Master Roshi."

"Fairy... Tail... I feel as though I'm right at home with them, I didn't even know them and they didn't even know me and yet... they took me in as if I was... one of them. In some ways I'm grateful for all they've done and I don't know what to do to repay them except for I guess being apart of their guild. Everyone in the guild is so nice to me, Natsu with his carefree attitude with him always picking fights, Gray and his weird habits off taking off his clothes, Erza being such a powerhouse and yet all the same... scary, I kind of want to fight her!. And Lucy... she's nice and all but I wonder what kind of abilities she wields, wonder if it has something to do with those keys of hers she always carries. Wendy being a dragon slayer is somewhat what I'm seeing of in my son meaning she could have potential later on, and Cana... she's always wanting to sleep with me, it's a weird feeling but it's also something I'm used to so it'll be weird if I did not want to sleep with her. I wonder if that came out right."

"All in all everyone in Fairy Tail are people I'm quite fond with, especially when it's with Mirajane. Whenever I'm with her, there's this feeling I can't shake off. Could it be some sort of spark Gohan told me? If so then why didn't I feel this when I was with Chi-Chi? I guess I'll find out someday when the time is ripe. In the meantime I'll focus on getting back to my world, though I wonder what will happen if I leave everyone in Fairy Tail for good once I come back to my world... Mira..."

Story Change: "Time to Pay the Rent"

Team Natsu took on an easy C Rank Mission just to help Lucy with her rent. The objective of the mission was to just stop a group of bandits south of Magnolia who seems to be in control of the entire south. The bandits took control of it when Fairy Tail headed to Crocus during the time. They did this just to make a name for themselves saying they're not afraid of anything. The reward for this mission was something simple as 50,000 Jewels which was the exact amount Lucy needed left to pay off the rent. Goku tagged along with them just to fight some hooligans.

"TAKE THIS!" as one bandit comes from behind of Erza.

"Reequip!" Erza turns to her Heaven's Wheel armor and unleashed a few swords to the bandit in front of her and a couple behind her.

"ICE MAKE: CANON!" as it hits a dozen bandits right in their di- I mean crotch, causing them to fall unconscious. "Heh that's how we do it…"

"Ok Taurus show these wannabe bandits what it means to pose a threat to the people here in Magnolia!"

"RRRRIGHT Miss Lucy and maybe after this I can receive a SSSMMMOOOOOCCCHH? If not then I suggest something more than that!"

"Eh, keep it friendly Taurus…."

About a swarm of those bandits surrounded Natsu and Happy but they weren't worried, "Heh, look Happy at these so called bandits, think you're tough? Pssh, I've seen way better than you sorry bunches"

"Betcha they've never seen boobs in their life!" Happy jested.

"What?" a confused Natsu said.

"Hehehe, oh nothing,"

"Ok that's enough out of you fake guilds, men attack them!" as the swarm charges to Natsu.

"OK Happy you know the drill here,"

"Aye sir!" as he flies high up."

Natsu clenched his fist, "I'm all fired up now…" Natsu lets out his aura to charge up one of his specialties, "FIRE DRAGON ROAAARRR!" the flames goes in for a direct hit as he directs his mouth at a 360 degrees laying waste side to the bandits. "Hehe, I wonder who's fake now?"

Right after Natsu finishes his words one bandit survived and started to do a sneak attack from behind but gets saved by the Sky Dragon Wendy, "Sky Dragon ROOOAARRR!" as the wind goes for a direct impact to the bandit wasting no time to leading him to the concreate floor.

"Heh, I sensed him coming from behind Wendy, but thanks anyway…!"

"Just glad I can help"

"Hey Natsu! Wendy!" Lucy said as she met up with them, "I see you took care of the majority of them over here huh?"

"You betcha I did. I didn't even break a sweat here, these were nothing but warmups." Natsu bragged.

"Aye sir!"

"I can't thank you guys enough for helping here! I'm one step closer to paying it off, then it's smooth sailing from there."

Gray, Erza grouped up with Natsu, Lucy and Wendy.

"Seem everyone here is done with their end of the bargain I presume?" Erza questions.

"Mmm hmm"


"You bet Erza, these bandits were nothing but pushovers and all talk, I was hoping for a challenge here..."

"You can always fight me Flameo, after all you're nothing but second fiddle to me" Gray taunts.

"Ok, that's crossing the line Freezer!"

"Here we go again..." an unamused Lucy said.

Seconds before they were about to argue to death, a much larger group of bandits stands in front of the gang. "THERE THEY ARE!"

Natsu and the others turned around, "Huh?"

"Look there's more of them!" Wendy claims.

"I can see that child!"

"There seem to be twice as more than the ones we fought here." Gray pointed out.

Natsu lets his flames out, "That's the spirit... now come and face us you pathetic excuse of bandits, I'm all fired up!"

"Sigh, more work on my plate I guess" as Erza turns to her Heaven Wheel Armor.

Everyone whipped out their magic as the 2x the horde of bandits charges to them, just when Natsu and the others were about to attack something out of the ordinary happens as they witnessed it. The moment Natsu and the others blinked for even a split second the bandits were gone. They felt a sudden breeze slip through them as the breeze dashes at full speed to the bandits, blasting all of them in midair.

"Holy shit!" Natsu said. "What the hell is that!?"

All the bandits were in the air unaware they got attack just now and just when they snapped out Lalala land, they centered their attention on the man in his orange Turtle Hermit Gi in front of them!

"It's Goku!" Wendy said.

"Did he just put the enemies in the air with him?" Gray wonder.

"I couldn't tell, it was too fast to see" Lucy said.

"How the hell he did that?" Natsu wonders.

Everyone and even Natsu couldn't see what had happen, all but for dear Erza...

"(I guess I'm the only one that saw that, just now Goku flew pasted us using something I don't see every day. He used his energy and focus it on his feet to spark Ki out of it as though it was an engine. That's quite an impressive feat, and if that wasn't enough... as he flew to each and every one of the bandits I barely saw him plant tiny energy balls onto them which made Goku able to levitate all of them to the sky and from the looks of it the energy balls are still there, which would explain how they're in the air still. You're such a show off Goku... but an amazing one as it is...)" as Erza squints her eyes to see better.

"Party's over guys and I'm the one who's gonna tear it down you dingleberries!" Goku said.

All Bandits: "Dingleberries?"

"G-Goku's not really the one to insult people huh..?"

"He Certainly has a way with words..." as a sweat drops from Erza's face.

"Hehe Nail it!" Natsu said, "Beat those guy's ass dude!"

Goku looks at Natsu with a grin, "You know it's going down" as lits up his white aura.

"This will be something to look for to" Gray smiles.

"You can say that again" Erza agrees.

"Go Goku!" Wendy cheers.

"Right, AAAARRRRHHHHH!" Goku flies towards them with no care in the world. He appears behind every bandit neck chopping them like taking candy from a baby. As soon as each bandits gets hit, they fall unconscious to the ground. One by one they fall as Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla witness in awe. All but one bandit was left, as soon as Goku appears from behind and neck chops him but for some odd reason the remaining bandit was still kicking it. "Huh?" Goku said.

"Heh, TAKE THIS SCUM!" as the bandit punched Goku in his left cheek.

All: "GOKU!"

Goku's eyes turns to the direction of the bandit which shocks the at most, "Nice punch" as he grabs the punch, "I'm amazed you're still kicking it considering I wasn't even serious with you guys at all."

"WHH-HAT? You're bluffing?!"

"Oh yeah?" Goku lets go of the punch and grabs the bandit's left leg. He swings him around counter clockwise for around as 7-8 times, which later threw him to the ground with the rest of his bandit buddies. Goku flies down, "Well that's the last of them, they sure showed how incredibly weak they are..."

"Well, they were taking on someone like you so it's basically mass murder for them" Gray said.

"And to think these guys were acting all high and mighty just to see their face on the ground, what a disappointment." As Natsu.

"Well what matters most is that Lucy gets her money to pay off that rent, right Lucy?" Erza said.

"Yea, what better way to earn money than to complete a mission with sheer satisfaction right? Now all that's left is to go and claim my award, c'mon guys let's get a move on!" as Lucy and everyone heads back to the guild.

All: "Yea!"

Story Changes: "As If They're A Married Couple..."

Nothing much has been going on around Magnolia aside from taking missions and some sorts. Natsu and the team had their hands full taking on some B Rank mission so they won't come home for a while. As much as Goku wanted to join he just couldn't because he had some things he needed to do and Mirajane was helping him.

On the way to Goku's house, He and Mirajane was holding grocery bags. Goku holding three while Mira holds two. "I can't thank you enough Mira for helping me with groceries, I really needed food for my place, since you know I ate all of it... hehe"

"Not a problem sweetie, I don't mind helping you since it's the least I can do. It struck me as odd when you always eat at the guild hall everything for breakfast, lunch and dinner though I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I wonder what the hold was up until you told me about you not having food at your place. So I thought why not help you shop for grocery (it was somewhat like a date)" as she smiles. "All in all I'm just glad you asked me to shop with you since there's nothing to do at the guild hall, after all I kind of figured you would run out of food."

"Oh really, how so?"

"It's cause you eat like a bottomless pit obviously, it was only a matter of time for you to restock up on food, though I don't blame you one bit"

"Same here, say... if it's not a bother, whenever I run out of food, would you mind going shopping with me whenever the time comes?"

"Sure! I would love that!" an excited Mirajane said. "It could be like our thing for us!"

"Sure whatever floats your boat Mira"

After a counseling of talking, Goku and Mira arrived at his house. As they enter Mira sets the groceries on the kitchen table and sees how messy the house is and decided to do something about. "Goku dear..."

"What's up Mira? Cat got your tongue?"

"Sort of, you don't clean this place a lot do you? I seen nothing but trash laying around everywhere."

"Oh sorry, that would be Natsu and Gray's fault, they always fight with each other whenever they come over here."

"Typical... so do you want this place clean or what?"

"You're gonna do that for me Mira?"

"Wait what? What do you mean me?"

"Thanks! You're a great person, I'm really glad to have you! While you do that I'm gonna hit the gravity room and train!" as he tries to head on over only to get stop by Mira as she grabs his upper Gi.



She gave Goku the stare, "I brought up the idea to clean up this place right?"

"Y-Yea... why?"

"I brought it up but that doesn't I'm gonna do it alone here, you're gonna help me"

"And why would I do that? That doesn't sound …well… suited for me..."

Mira's aura starts to show giving off an ominous vibe to Goku as it sends shivers down his spine, "Goku dear... you're gonna help me clean up your place right? You're not gonna ditch me for some training... RIGHT?" as she is showing bits and bits of her Satan Soul to Goku with a sarcastic but sadistic smile.

"Uh... Y-Yes Ma'am of course! I would lo-love that! Ahehehe..." as Sweat drops from his face, "(Scary...)"

Mirajane lets go of her Satan Soul and went back to her cheerful self, "Good!" she smiles, "Here's how it's gonna go, you'll mop the floor on every floor I'll do the dishes and when you're done, go chop off some wood outside while after I'll stock us- I mean you on food... Now get with the program!"

"R-RIGHT!" as Goku gave a salute to her as he starts to mop the floor.

"(He's such a doofus, but quite an obedient person... wonder if his ex-wife taught him that way, either way I'm just glad I get to spend the day with him)" as she smiles.

Goku finishes each floor, with it being clean as the sky while Mirajane finishes up clean the many, many, many dishes that were left unclean. What's next on the agenda was Goku chopping off some wood in his backyard with his shirt off cause it was scorching hot outside. Mirajane sees a shirtless Goku and drools but later sees herself drooling so she snapped out of it and went back to cleaning the bathroom since it was dusty, messy as shit. Since Goku was done he begins mowing the lawn (A/N: if that's not a thing in Fairy Tail I guess it is now….) but speeds it up as he imagines himself catching the monkey Bubbles for the first time when he first arrived on King Kai's planet. Later Goku starts to fix the roof on top of his house with nails and hammers since during one time when Natsu and the others came over, Erza got pissed at Natsu since he knocked over her strawberry cake when he was fighting with Gray.

Goku being dumb had no idea how hammers and nails goes, so when Mirajane was done grooming around the house she went up the roof to help him given how she knows Goku's not the sharpest tool in the shed. During out the day Mirajane guided Goku with everything that needed to be done and soon nighttime hit with an exhausting Goku and Mirajane on the couch together.

"Heavy breathing* Heavy Breathing*, man house work is NOT for me... don't know why I'm tired though but I'm too tired to go train..."

"You can say that again, I'm surprised you're not mad about Natsu and the gang messing up your place, but I'm even more surprised that your place is still in one pe... piece... *yawn* I'm somewhat tired as well... want something to eat Goku...?"

"*Yawn* I'm... too... tired...to eat... *YAWWWNN*" as he fell on Mirajane's lap. Given how beyond tired Mirajane was, she was too tired to react to it so instead she just let it happen, she placed her head on Goku as they both sleep the night away.

Morning has hit, the inside of Goku's place was sparkling clean but with the two of them still asleep, something much more than that appears in the thin blue... on the couch they were cuddling with each other without a care in the world. Goku's arms were wrapped around in Mira's as she was smiling while she sleeps. Unaware of Goku's actions, his legs were wrapped around Mira's legs causing her skirt to tighten hard with her butt imprinting on the skirt revealing layers of her panties. Goku's nose was on top on Mira's hair and for some odd reason he starts to sniff it and was quite satisfied. After some time Mirajane wakes up all drooling but wipes it off as soon as she sees Goku. "(He looks so cute when he sleeps...) Yawwwnn*" as she stretches her arms. She gets up from the couch and heads to the kitchen to whip up breakfast for Goku. Wasn't long until the smell of Mira's cooking got to Goku as he begins to wake up. He gets up and heads to the kitchen. "Yawn*, Morning Mira... sniff* sniff* man that smells good."

"It's something to award you with since you know, you worked hard yesterday and I thought why not award you in the best way possible with some food on the table."

Giving no thought to it, Goku ran to Mira to lift her up like he did with Chi-Chi when he woke up from the heart virus to in a way worship her with her cooking skills, "Thanks Mira! I was actually in the mood to eat, thanks for the food!" as he starts to chow down.

"You Knrow Miira, it's gbreat that you cook all this foror me" as he swallows down the food. Gulp* But I can't help but feel bad for not doing anything for you"

"Just seeing you smile while you enjoy my cooking is good enough for me"

"Are you sure...?"

"I'm positive"

Goku finishes munching down his food, and somewhat hatches up a plan to give Mira something she deserve. As soon as he finished drinking his drink he gets up from his seat and walks to Mirajane.


He grabs Mirajane's shoulder to pull her closer to him to end it off with a surprise hug to her catching her in some massive heat. "Thanks for everything you've done, Mira."

She nodded in embarrassment, "Y-Yea... any time..."

Goku lets go of the hug, "Ok! So, why don't you try to eat some of this with me?"

"Thanks but for the next two weeks I'm dieting"

"Dieting...? What's that?"

"It's when girls such as myself not eat anything for as long as we can to make sure we can lose weight to maintain a figure."

"Why would you want to lose weight? You're perfect the way you are Mira..."

"Awwwww" as she couldn't hide an undeniable smile.

"Yea, being heavy isn't really an issue if you think about Mira, I think you look okay when you're a heavy girl...!"

Mirajane got somewhat offended and let out a comedic cry as she covers her face which surprised Goku, "Woah, woah Mira what's wrong!?"

"Oh nothing, sniff* it's just that sniff* you called me sniff* fat!"

"Well then I take back whatever I said you're not fat! You're not fat!" as Goku waved his hands in defeat.

"You mean it sniff*" as she peeks out a little. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"YES! You're really, really, REALLY PRETTY! You're totally the opposite of fat! You're like prettier than all the girls back at the guild!" (A/N: Goku doesn't know what pretty means but he used it anyway because you know... Mirajane brought it up LOL... maybe he does know what pretty mean... Hmmmmmm ... Nahh XD)

Mirajane lets go of her hands and brought out her smile, "Well if you say so, thanks!" she chuckled.

Goku fell back comedically, "Y-You were fake crying?!"

"Yea and I got you good didn't I huh?" she giggles

"Sigh* Remind me to never say anything that might offend you Mira" as a worn out Goku said.

Mirajane nodded her head in agreement, "Done and done!... (Yea he truly is a stupid idiot... but... he's my idiot so that's a bonus...)"

Story Changes: "All Brawn... but Definitely No Brain..."

In the hall, Levy sat at a table with glasses on as she starts to somewhat educate Goku and Gajeel on things they should probably know in their life. Mostly because she feels as though it's necessary for them to develop a higher IQ but realize what a mistake that was. She has a board behind her with a teaching stick pointing at the apples she drew and canceled out.

"Soooo Levy... why am I here again?"

"Because Goku, you're all brawn but no brain and although it's a gift for you to have tremendous power, what's the point of having all of when you can't even think your actions out? Catch my drift?"

"Um... I do think"

"You do?"

"Uh huh, whenever I see a strong opponent I think to myself on whether I should fight him or not and guess what? I do!"

"UH... that's the wrong kind of thinking dude... I was thinking more like... education..."

"Why would I need an education? That's for my sons"

"Your what?"

"Nothing, I said I don't need one, not ever"

"Hmm oh yeah? Well Goku, I can kind of say you do... I mean you could impress Mirajane...!" as she taunts but fails due to Goku being a dense idiot.

"Ok? So what if it does? What does that prove?"

"Uh! Ugh...if she's impressed... she's be so delighted to cook you 10x the food you'll be craving to!" she gloated.

Goku's eyes widen, "Really?!" as he looks at Mirajane over at the bar stand cleaning cups and talking to Lucy and Wendy w Carla. She noticed Goku staring at her and decided to wave at him while smiling. For some weird reason to Goku he blushes with a normal expression but waved back. "Mira you should just confess already to him, I'm sure he'll be happy to be with someone as cute as you" Wendy insisted.

"Thanks for the encouragement Wendy, but one step at a time here."

Back Over to Levy, Gajeel and Goku

"Alright I'm in, Levy teach me everything you want me to learn!" said a determine Goku said.

"OK Gajeel, Goku… if there are 50 apples but 10 gets stolen from a thief, how many are left…?"

"50" Goku said in confident, "(I totally got that right… now I just need to wait on her to tell me that it is right!)"

"Um no it's not you're wrong dude…"

"What!? How!? I think you need to recheck your calculation dude…"

"Oh trust me I don't need too…. How bout you Gajeel?"

Gajeel fell asleep.

"GAJEEL!" Levy scolded causing him to wake up alarmed.


"I'm trying to teach you something and you fall asleep?!"

He snorted, "Not my fault this is boring…"

"Boring? No offense but I'm trying to help you here…!"

"With what? Helping me become a nerd like you?"

"Sigh, just answer the question already…"

"Fine what is it…?"

Levy restated, "If there are 50 apples picked from the tree but 10 of them gets stolen because of a thief doing the apple napping… how many are left?"

"50" Goku said.

"NO!" Levy said as she was about to be done with the world, "Gajeel?"

"50 and a dead body"

"Ugh... okay next question... what's the strongest thing on Earthland?"

"I don't know" Goku said.

"Try to guess Goku..."

"OK um... the air?"

Levy flinched, "What... you Gajeel?"

"That one is so freaking obvious small fry"

"Thank goodness someone knows, now what is it-"

"Me... it's me not freaking Salamander"

Levy faced palmed herself. "I-I rest my case…"

Over at the bar stand Mirajane, Lucy and Wendy w Carla laughed in amusement.

Story Changes: "The Drunken Card Mage Up to No Good... Again"

Everyone one in the hall, was being loud as shit as they usually are, Natsu picking a fight with Gajeel and Gray with Juvia creeping in somewhere, Lisanna talking to Elfman and Laxus. Erza and Lucy talking about a missions they would like to go on with their teammates. Sometime after Goku enters the guild all tired. "Morning everybody…"

"Morning Goku!" Wendy said as she walks to Goku, "You look quite tired, what seems to be the pro- oh I see…"

Goku fakes chuckling. The reason for that was because of Cana, as she appears behind Goku on his back once again…. But this time she wasn't drunk or anything because from the looks of it she seems to be cuddling with him without his consent.

Lucy and Erza sees and walks to Goku as they weren't surprised about Cana being behind his back being carried. "What happened this time… Why is she behind your back Goku?"

"Curious one are you huh Lucy? Well then I don't mind telling you our magical moment last night which would lead up to this very moment. Ook AHEM* Story time...!"

Flashback Start Off with Cana entering Goku's place.

"You see it all starts out with a young pretty me as I was outside knocking on the door to check up on sweet o Goku. I received an invitation from him to help him out with some housework. For some odd reason the door automatically opened for me and it's not like it's an automatic door or something Ahehehe. But anyway, I entered the living room-

"Wait, wait, wait" Lucy said as she interrupts the flashback. "He asked you to help him do some housework?"

"Uh yea... problem?"

"Nothing, it just sounds a little over climatic and something straight out of a porno..."

"What's a porno?" Wendy asked.

"Uh well... maybe when you're older I'll tell you." Lucy said.

"Anyway... back to my story..."

Back to Cana's Story

"When I entered the living room, there I saw Goku in a bath robe... laying on the couch with a seductive face. Now at first I was skeptical of it in every bit but I thought to myself there's no way Goku would go that route. Man was I wrong, the moment I joined him on the couch, sitting next to him he attacked me! Unprepared I was when he laid on top of me!"

Erza blushes but looks at Goku, "WHAT?! H-HOW... IS THAT TRUE...?"

"You better believe it is! Now... As he was on top of me I had no time to think but as soon as I try to come up with words, he started making out with me though I didn't complaint about it. Later on he unbuckles my bra and took off my pants like a hungry bear eating honey. He sniffs my panties like a madman and decides it was time to reveal his woodpecker to me as he drops his robes and I got to say... it's really an impressive one. It was like a blessing from the gods! I tried to resist him but the force he put on me wasn't something I could mess with when he pressured everything onto me like we were one. After a while of trying to resist him I gave in and decided to give back his love with an addition of my love if you know what I mean, wink* wink*" as she was onto sitting on Goku's lap at the table with Erza, Lucy Wendy and Carla.

"I like how your story started off with all of us standing at the entrance and ended with all of us sitting on the table, quite a change of view huh" Wendy said as she was amused.

"Yea I agree since I get to ride on top of you huh Goku?" as Cana wrapped Goku's arm around her making Goku to lean closer to her causing him to blush out of the blue, but didn't know the reason why. Erza gets jealous.

"Well as much as "realistic" that story sound I don't kind of buy that story since it doesn't fit Goku's profile at all..." Lucy said.

"Oh yeah then why did he wrap his arms around me just now?"

"That was your doing Cana..."

"Hehehe yea well Goku here doesn't mind right?" as she smiles up at him.

"Sure I don't at all..."

Cana squealed a little in interest which later gave Goku a kiss on the cheek causing to flip Erza's switch in every way possible.

"So was that story true? Or not?" Wendy wonders.

"Ahehehe, well not exactly..." Goku said.

Lucy, Erza, Wendy: "Then what's the real story?"


Flashback Begins at Goku's House Around Night Time.

"I was finishing up the leftover food Mira cooked for me some time ago and I-"

"Wait!" as the Flashback gets interrupted by Lucy, "She cooked for you when did that happen?"

"I would certainly would like to know this as well!" a curious Erza said while Wendy just shrugged.

"Idk it was some time ago… now back to my flashback!"

Back to the Flashback

"I was somewhat cleaning the dishes the way Mira taught me until I heard a sound. Me being curious decided to check it out but on guard too. I checked the front to see if there was anything going on but no dice until I heard the sound again but this time it came from the backyard so I dashed to my backyard and found nothing. I was puzzle, unable to process what has been going on so I decided to head on in to find out what I've been looking for…"

"And what ... after that...?"

"I came back inside only to find Cana sober on top of the counter drinking a lot of booze. She came at me and the both of us crashed at the couch and..."

All but Cana: "And?"

"Things went south..." as the flashback ended with Goku looking away somewhat showing embarrassment. Cana just laughed and clinched onto him even more. Wendy, Carla, Lucy and especially Erza looked at Cana with no sense of remorse and thought Goku's story was more believable. "(Couldn't he had sense her? What kind of shit is that? For some reason i think Goku likes it when Cana does these things to him...)" Lucy thought.

"Ok that one makes more sense, so what did Cana did to you when she was uh, on top of you when she crashed to you..."

"(Under normal circumstances the guy would just freak out and change the subject to avoid the embarrassment but with Goku... I wonder if he did something even beyond something naughty with Cana, after all she's always the one hitting on him without him realizing...)" Erza thought. "So... uh what did she do to you..."

Cana gave Goku a quick kiss on the cheek, "We had intercourse with each other and it was amazing as hell, he really knows how to decimate me..." she jested

Erza, Lucy: "HUH?!"

Wendy: "I don't get it"

"When you're older child..."

"No she just fell on me unconsciously and wouldn't move, she was kind of heavy hehe and I guess that's due to her chest being heavy?" Goku said but got smacked by Cana cause she called her fat basically.

"Hehe sorry poor choice of words huh?" as Goku scratched the back of his head. "It's fine I forgive you" as she gave Goku another kiss but this time directly on the lips making Goku feel some butterflies in his stomach. "Anyway she laid on me and I couldn't get out of it so I just decided to sleep on the floor with her so in a way the both of us uh..."

"Cuddling?" Lucy said. "(For a strong guy he sure is dumb, couldn't he just sense her coming…?) I surprised Mirajane wasn't there because knowing her she'd probably freak out..."

"Freak out over what?" Mirajane said as she, Lisanna, Levy and Elfman enter the guildhall from the entrance.

In a moment's notice Goku's heart skipped a beat as his eyes widen, (Uh oh, she had to come at a bad timing, it's like whether Cana's involved she magically appears! This is bad news!)"

"Hmm? Oh Goku! I didn't see you there, I see you're sitting at the table with Lucy, Erza and Wendy, what's the hold up?

"W-Well you see Mira, there's an explanation to this..."

"The fact that you're sitting you need an explanation? Goku... dear, is there something you're not telling?"

Goku got up to confess since he was in the guilt and didn't like the feeling of being in one too, "Ok look Mira, before you get mad, I just need to let you know I didn't mean to let Cana sit on me when I didn't notice I swear!"

"Ok... but she isn't on your lap, she's over there talking to Gray and Juvia."

"Goku looks over, "Heh? (How did she get over there…?!)"

"You feeling alright? You're acting pretty strange"

"Oh yea I'm just you know yawn* tired... I didn't get to sleep at all yesterday so I guess I'm a little out of the blue today..."

"Aww you poor thing, why don't I whip you up something to brighten your day then sweetie?"

Goku's frown got turned upside down when he heard the word food, "SURE!"

Mirajane grabbed Goku's right hand with her left hand, "Great now come with me then after you eat up I want you to sleep in the infirmary"


"You said you hadn't had the chance to sleep at all yesterday, after you're done eating go rest, and I won't no complaints… GOT IT?" she lets out bits and pieces of her Satan Soul.

"R-Right! (Soo Scary...)"

Erza, Lucy and Carla wonder how Goku got out of that situation in one piece as for Levy, Lisanna and Elfman they were just confused on what was going on, and about Cana... well she gave the slip and went to Gray and Juvia when she heard Mirajane's voice come up just to avoid a catastrophe. As for Wendy, she just laughed and shrugged out of disbelief. "(One of these days you'll fall for me Goku...)" Cana said in her mind as she sees Goku and Mirajane together.

Scene Changes to a Local Village Outside of Crocus, Fiore

It was some random local village that was not even close to being near Crocus, the villagers there were eradicated to the core. One by one the villagers were being murdered and their screams had reached no one from the outside due to how quickly and simple it was to commit homicide. No traces remain... No villagers got out nor in. The scene of this took a whole new level of catastrophe. It's true that earlier I said no traces had remains, but truth be told I'd be lying to myself. There was in fact villagers but not entirely. Everyone in the village had either been murder by a psychopath or I guess I don't know a plague? But on a real note….

The entire village was tainted in blood. More like it was everywhere, on houses, top of them and as for the humans there…. They died but in a gruesome way. From the outside it wasn't noticeable because the village was covered in fog. Each and every one of their body parts, mostly all of them had be scattered everywhere. A family murder in their home while enjoying a meal, three villagers of muscle men speared through like a Shish Kebob, a little girl's head beheaded and hung at the village entrance. Who could be the one responsible for this under whelming drama? In within mere moments the culprit revealed himself, but he wasn't alone…

"Hmph talk about weak, their strongest fighter was nothing more than a pathetic squire? What a pity…" At a closer view this person appears to be in blue skin, there was a corpse in front him as he repeatedly stomps it aggressively and ended it with the final shattering stomp which smear blood on his face but slightly. "Now that we're here, where is that Son Goku?"

Hearing those words confirm one thing, the Blue skin person was none other than Mira, Towa's Greatest creation.

"You'll get to fight him soon in due time Mira," Towa said as she comes out of the blue as she sits on her staff, "For now I think it's best to gather you at least more energy to help prepare you for your fight with Son Goku"

"Hmph, I don't see the point… I'm already strong as it is… the moment we sat foot on this sorry excuse of a village I started executing weaklings left and right. I through playing rookie here, I want to fight with the big dog himself…."

"Mira, we came here 2 days early, we can't expect to fight him the moment we've arrived, patience is a virtue, we need to plan things out to make sure you can go toe to toe with him."

"Are you trying to imply I'm not a strong as he is Towa?"

"For the moment yes, but not to worry, this planet called Earthland, there are promising fighters here but aren't up to Goku's level."

"What's your point?"

"While you were busying killing the villagers here I traveled to other places to gather the fighters and to brainwashed them with my magic so that when they come to fight Goku, their energy will go straight to you."

"How many did you snapped on?"

"For the moment, four but later on we'll acquire more in due time." Towa snaps her fingers to indicate the brainwashed fighters to come out of the shadow. As they came out their appearances were covered. A dark sinister aura surrounds them, they were wearing capes and such to cover most of their bodies and especially their head with their hoodie on. The victims to this were two males and two females.

"So how strong do you think these four are….?" Mira wonders.

"Well, I amplified their magic with mine along with the fruit from the tree of might I was able to replicate from our fellow "acquaintance" so hypothetically speaking, they should be as strong as Goku's Super Saiyan so it could quite give him a challenge."

"Hmph, you've thought this through haven't you Towa? Mira smirked as he was impressed.

"Whatever it means to make you all the more stronger Mira… these fighters are somewhat of talent especially this tall one" as she walks to the tall mysterious man. "I snagged this one up from that so called group…. Fairy Tail, I spotted him helping out some village's water supply from some weak mages and when I heard he was an "S Rank" mage from one of the most powerful guilds on this planet, it peaked my interest so I do hope this person does fight Son Goku for you to get more power Mira. Out of all of the four I think this one will get Goku the most difficult time until it's your time to shine that is…"

"As fun as that may seems, how did you do it? How did you manage to gather these so called "Mages" while not being detected by Son Goku?"

"I just hid my energy, plus with my staff here it can help indicate power levels excluding Son Goku since it's clear he's the strongest one here on this… Earthland."

"Sounds like you got it planned out, so when do we move in on Son Goku?"

"For now, not yet… give or take, two days so we'll use those two days to our advantage. I'll continue roaming around the planet to gather more fighters to corrupt and as for you, you can just ravish more villagers, but try not to overdo it cause it'll bring out Goku's attention.

"Hmph, I know that much, you don't have to tell me twice…"

"Good, we'll rally up in two days where I'll find more than enough brainwashed captives for Goku's opponents until the main dish comes out which will be you so for now try to stay out of the radar."

"Hmph, roger…"

Towa uses her staff to teleport her and the four brainwashed slaves to a different place from where she had marked so that way she can gather more fighters and as for Mira, he'll just continue the massacring game.

For those wondering, it was supposed to take a week and a half for them to come but to their expectations they've arrived two days early so they're gonna prep until it's time to strike.

Story Changes: "How Bout That Ki Training?"

Team Natsu seeing how they always invited themselves unofficially a lot whenever they visit Lucy's place, took time out to go to Goku's place because when it comes right down to it, they wanted to continue their training on improving themselves with Ki control. Goku however didn't know much less sense their arrival since he was at some river a couple of miles east of his place fishing for fish like he does in the anime.

In during the river scene Goku with just his boxers in comes out of the river all satisfied that he caught a big fish and was hoping for Mira to cook it up. "Oh boy I sure caught a big one, I wonder if Mira would cook this up for me…" Goku puts on his thinking cap and starts to wonder if it would be a yes or a no him and if there's a price he was thinking what he should get for her in return for doing all of this, that's if she say yes. "Well, I can't bother to think at a time like this, I got to get changing and head back to the guild to talk to Mira about this importance of fish!"

Goku puts on his clothes and lits up his aura and WAS about to head to the guild hall until he sensed about several power levels at his place. "Well that's weird, why are there a lot of people at my place?" Hmmmm" Oh well only way to find out is to go there then" Goku uses instant transmission to arrive there.

Scene Changes to Goku's House but Inside

The moment Goku arrived inside he sees the place all messy and a wreck, Goku blinks in disbelief as everything he cleaned with Mira has all gone to shambles. "Sigh* this is what I get for doing something else than fighting… Hmm?" Goku looks to the right and sees Lucy and Wendy in the living room. "Hey Lucy! Wendy!" as Goku runs to them.

They turned their heads to his direction to greet him, "Hey Goku hope you didn't mind us coming in like this, well I guess coming in was the right to say… more like…" Wendy said as she was trying to think.

"Barging in child?"

"Yes that's the word."

"Ok that's cool and all I don't mind but did you guys really have to make a horror show here by destroying this place?! "

"I'm surprised you knew what horror means Goku…" an amused Lucy said.

"Well, it's one of the words Levy taught me some time ago and besides… Mira and I cleaned up this place back when you guys came here again and wrecking it up, if she comes here who knows what she'll do to me…" Goku said in a scary tone.

"Whoa, hold up… you said you and Mira? You mean she has been coming here a lot?"

"Mmm Hmmm, sometimes to help me with stuff and sometimes with "personal needs"… or was that with Cana…."

"You sure got a lot of things running around in your life huh Goku?" Wendy giggled.

"I guess…" Goku sighed.

Soon after their conversation, the four of them heard an explosion from the upper floors. "What the heck was that?!" Lucy said.


"Wow that voice sounds a lot like a mad person huh…" Goku said.

"Way to point out the obvious Goku…." Carla said.

"That voice is Erza! And from the looks of it, she sounds pissed." Lucy said as she grabbed her arms in horror and starts to shiver in fear.

"This isn't gonna end well," Wendy claims.

"Don't worry guys I'll deal with it!" as he throws his humongous fish onto the ground and starts to head up to the third floor.

"Huh, why didn't we noticed Goku carrying a big fish?" Lucy said

Wendy shrugged, "Probably because we were caught up in the moment?"

Goku rushes to the crime scene to where an angry Erza was beating the shit out of Natsu and Gray but tries to as the two of them dodges her every attacks. "AAAH! Erza calm down! It was an accident!" Natsu yelled.

"Ashy's right! We didn't mean to knock it over! We just got carried away with our silly fighting! Please don't grind us into meat!" Gray beg for mercy.

"How many times are you numb skulls are gonna knock over my strawberry cake huh? THIS IS THE LAST STRAW AND I'M PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN!" as she summons multiple swords and aimed at Natsu and Gray. The both of them manages to dodge the swords but in the process of getting Goku's house well partially a quarter of it destroyed leading the both of them to fall outside into the backyard. "Holy shit! She's gone mad!" Natsu said.

"Well we did knocked over her cake a lot, I can't remember the last time we did tha- oh wait it was recently..."

There was smoke clouding the damaged part of Goku's house and later on came out with swords aiming for Natsu and Gray.

"Kch, Shit, Ice Make: Shield!"

"Fire Dragon ROOARRR!"

An explosion occurs right after their attack collided which sparkled another explosion to Goku's house destroying half of his property. "Erza calm down you're gonna destroy the house!"

Both Gray and Natsu assumed Erza was in the smoke but boy were they wrong. She was behind them with her fist gauged up as if she was ready to kill something or in this case someone. It took three seconds, but Natsu and Gray noticed and turned around. "ERZA!" Natsu yelled.

"(From this angle we can't possibly dodge this one, shit we're gonna get fumbled hard here)" Gray exclaims. "We're so dead...!"

This is for my strawberry cake you two nit wits!" Erza's fist sparks up a light around her fist to make sure the impact she's about to release to those two would definitely hurt like a hurricane. The moment Erza was about to unleash her attack, her fist gets caught by none other than Goku's left hand which caused a bright light of a miniature explosion but it dials down.

"Goku..." Gray said.

"Oh thank god" Natsu said in relief, "Boy am I glad to see you Goku! We were just second away from being minced meat"

Erza was too caught up in the moment and didn't realize her attack got blocked by Goku's hand until he slapped some sense into her. "Uh! Goku..." as she looks down at the part where she sees both their hands together somewhat. She blushes, "W-What are you doing here?!"

"I live here..."

"Uh! Right I knew that! I was just, you know..."

"I know what?"


"Ok mind telling me why you blew the fuse here and tried to beat up Natsu and Gray?"

After 30 minutes of explaining...

"And that's the full story..." Erza said. "I can never eat my strawberry cake in peace with those two idiot around, the cake is always the sacrifice..."

"If it's cake you want, then I have plenty of them in the fridge..."

"R-REALLY?! No way..."

"Yea some people in the city gave me it for my hard work I did to their shops with lifting and repairs and stuff... ok maybe not the repair one... but still I did a lot of work around the shops and thanks to that they rewarded me with food, specially with the strawberry cake..."

Erza jumps up and down in joy and starts to hug Goku out of nowhere. His face hits her armor but it didn't phase him. After that Goku chops Erza on the head several times, "but there are conditions"

"Ow... like what..."

"Well, first all you can I don't know... apologize for wrecking my house" as the both of them looked at the aftermath of the destruction of Goku's house.

"! S-Sorry..."

"And apologize to Natsu and Gray..." as Goku crossed his arms.

"What?! Oh whatever" Erza turns around and bowed to them, "I'm S-Sorry for doing what I did..."

"Yea it's cool me and Flameo here are cool with it... you?"

"Huh? O-Oh Y-Yea! Water under the bridge! I was just surprised that you came up from behind us like that, how you do that anyway?"

"Well I guess I can tell you... should I Goku?"

"I don't mind knock yourself out...

"Tell us what?" Gray wonders.

"Some time ago I asked Goku to help me with more of the Ki control thing, so he's been giving me lessons under the radar from you guys."

"WHAT?!" Natsu and Gray yelled.

"(Oh boy, here we go...) ok calm down Natsu and Gray! She asked me to!"

"So did I!" Natsu yelled. "Why are you giving her special treatment!"

"Yea I agree with Natsu on this one! Tell us!"

"I bribed him with food" Erza said so calm and fluently, "If you had a brain you would've came up with something like that too instead of fighting with each other all the time..."

"Sh-She's got a point..."

"Well since the cats out of the bag, tell you what, I'll train you guys more then, how about that?"

"Yea!" both agreed as they nodded.

"Maybe after you can let us use that gravity chamber of yours!" a happy Natsu said

"Uuuuhhhh... maybe when the time comes Natsu, one step at a time" Goku said as a sweat drops from his face. "For now let's just pick off from where we've left off then right?" as Goku points one finger up.

"Erza, Gray, Natsu: "Right!"

Over in the Bushes were Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla...

The four of them were hiding behind the bushes and were amused with a touch of surprise. "How did Natsu and Gray survive the wrath of Erza?" Lucy said as she was amused.

"Two words GO... KU" Happy said.

"That's one-word tomcat"

"Well I'm just glad they didn't get hurt than they already all, cause no doubt there'd would that be show to watch huh."

"I agree with you child, it's like every where we turn there's always a fight among us guild members."

Happy laughs, "That's Fairy Tail for ya!"

Wendy, Carla and Happy were chuckling at that fact as for Lucy, well she just looked at the destruction of Goku's house as it was covered in flames and such.

Lucy: "... So is everyone gonna ignore the fact that Goku's house is literally on fire? Sigh* I don't want to do this but oh well" Lucy takes out one celestial key, "Open! Gate of the Water Bearer, Aquarius! Oh wait there isn't any water here... shit"
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