Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
6 Beauty and the Saiyan
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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6 Beauty and the Saiyan

Since the battle with Blue Pegasus concluded with Goku reigning on top, both the guilds Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus put on a good show for not only the crowd but to the Princess Hisui as well. And since Goku had no wager of his own for winning, he accepted the proposal Hisui made as his own wager which would lead to the banquet...!

Scene starts off at the Mercurius, Banquet Hall...!

The Fairy Tail guild were wearing the same suits and dresses they wore in the actual anime. (A/N: Not because I'm lazy or anything…) Mirajane and Goku were alone in the dressing room. Mira was fixing Goku's tie as he was uncomfortably not okay with his suit while sitting on a chair in front of the mirror. "Hold still Goku, I can't fix your tie with you all uppy, you act like you never wore a tie before... you have though right?"

"Eh, back then give or take, I wasn't very fond of it though"

"You have? What was the occasion?" Mirajane asked

"Nothing much just a wedding" Goku replied.

"Oh, were you attending a friend's wedding or somewhat?"

"Not exactly, the wedding was for me to get married."

"Eh? EH?! What?! Y-You... MARRIED?!"

"Back then I promised a girl I'd married her, and I didn't even know what marriage was, I thought marriage meant food so I agree to it." Goku said.

"(He was married... the person I like is married..?)" I-I see... well, this puts me in an awkward position..." Mirajane said with disappointment.

"How so?" Goku wonders.

"It's just that... well, you and me... we kissed during that night remember? And Cana too. She kissed you as when you weren't expecting it... (and I'm pretty certain she kissed you when she was at his house and probably did something even more than that...)basically what I'm trying to say is, you're cheating on your "wife" with people like Cana and I. I feel as though I did you wrong" Mirajane claims.

Goku started off with a confused face, but later smiles because he could tell her the good news, "You don't have to feel like you're doing anything wrong Mira, my marriage is no longer a thing."

Mirajane gave Goku the surprised face, "Uh... really? What happen? If you don't mind me asking..?"

"Things didn't really work out well between me and her so my friend Bulma suggested we uh... break up! Yea that's the word..! Break up... we're no longer together as it is..."

"T-Then... I guess you're available..!" Mirajane said as she puts hope into her words. "(It's cool how he's single and all but I wonder what the reason was...) But I'm sorry for your loss..."

"It's no biggie, in a way I was barely around with her at the time, as foe after foe came and tried to threaten my planet. I hardly had any time to be there for her. (Much less for my sons.)

Mirajane finished up with the tie and proceeded to move onto styling his hair. "No biggie? Goku it certainly would've been a biggie if you actually and truly cared for her? Right?"

"I did care for her, but sometimes she and I don't see eye to eye which would kind to lead to an uh..." as Goku ponders on.

"A divorce?" Mirajane said as she finishes Goku's sentence.

"Uh, yea.. hehe" Goku said as he laughs. There was an awkward silence, but it broke when Goku sees Mirajane's face in the mirror all glummed down. "Mira? Something wrong?"

Mirajane stops styling his hair and looks at Goku, "Goku... you said you weren't around when you had this wife... did you really love her or was that all an act?"

"Where is this coming from?"

"From the way you said it, you said it so calmly... like you didn't have a shred of decency of divorcing her... (would he had done the same thing to me if we were ever married?). Goku, what do you think of me?"

"Of... you?" as he tilts his head a little to the right in confusion. (She's acting all weird)

"Do you find me a nuisance? Would ... you have gotten rid of me if I made the mistake your former wife did? I don't want to jeopardize anything that might ruin... us" as Mirajane looks down.

Seeing how Mirajane acted, Goku starts to pat her on the head while smiling, "Well, I can't say I've haven't enjoyed spending my time with her when I did back in my day, it was fun... but some good things can't always stay good, all good things come to an end at some point."

"Then what's the point staying with that person when all the memories you've created with that him or her goes down the drain? You're basically asking for a deletion..."

Goku was at a loss of words, matter of fact he didn't know what to say to lighten up the mood, "Uh... I don't know what to say to that... you got me there..." Goku said, "But Mira, to answer your question, I just don't know... how about, we'll just wait and see what might lie in store with us, truth be told... I somewhat enjoyed the interactions with you for some reason and I really enjoy it whenever it's with you."

When Mirajane heard those words, she thought Goku was telling the truth and lie at the same time, a fifty, fiftyish and started to pout. "Really... do you really mean it?"

"Really" Goku replied.

"Do you really really mean it? Like you're not pulling my leg here?"

"Yes, I really really do mean it Mira, if it means to see you smile then you can definitely feel rest assure that I really mean it."

Mirajane starts to smile, "You always know what to say huh?" as she gets done grooming his hair. "There all done! What do you think Goku?" as she steps aside for him to see the mirror.

The hairstyle Mirajane made was the one where in Dragon Ball Super Episode Seventy something (I don't remember the episode number) Goku took on a security guard job where he had to wear a suit along side with his hair all different. It was the Arale episode.

As Goku looks into the mirror, he was astonished in one of many ways, "Well, it certainly is... something to be aware of... hehe"

"But do you like it?" as Mirajane said as she was patiently waiting for an answer.

"Would you be happy if I say yes?"

"It... would put a smile on my face" as she shows a little blush.

"Then yea I love it..." he smiles

Mirajane starts to get excited with the words she heard and couldn't hold the feelings she had so she let some of it out, "Good... you looking quite handsome... darling..." as she was struggling to say the word.

"I'm not darling, I'm Goku."

Mirajane looked at Goku giving him the face in confusion, "G-Goku... I... uh... what?"

"Who's darling?"

"It was just a nickname Goku..."

"Why would you give me a nickname like that? What does that mean?" he said confused

Mirajane starts to blush, "We-Well, when two people are close to each other and they... want to take it to the next level, we give each other nicknames because it feels somewhat good."

"Oh, like you and me right?"

"Uh! Yea! That's right... hehehe... but I totally understand if you want to be addressed in a normal way."

"You can call me whatever you want if it makes you comfortable then by all means go ahead" Goku insisted.

Even though Mirajane and Goku were on good terms, she still had second thoughts and was thinking about the ups and downs on it. "Say Goku... have you ever had that feeling of losing someone that's important to you?"

"Yea... I have... that feeling was never something that was sanctuary. Why? Did you ever experience it before?"

"It's a long story, I doubt you have the tendency to listen."

"I probably don't so instead I'll just do this"

"D-Do what?!"

Goku places his right hand on Mirajane's head, "You don't need to explain, I'll feel it out" Goku begins to explore the inside of Mirajane's mind. He sees the memories that Mirajane had early in her childhood. The memory from when the Strauss Trio becoming members of Fairy Tail, her goth little self from back then, her rivalry with Erza back in the day, the incident with Elfman and his takeover mishap to Lisanna going to Edolas, the battle with Phantom Lord, battle of Fairy Tail, the Tenrou Island incident, the Grand Magic Games, all the way up to the 10,000 dragons that were coming even though they never really came etc...

Goku lets go his hand, "Woah... I see everything now... the incident with your sis Lisanna, and dang Mira, you were different back in the day, and... that form you took on when you fought Freed and that guy Azuma... Satan Soul was it? That's nothing but amazing... You're one amazing person you know that?"

"D-Did you just skim through my memories? I felt as though my life flashed before my eyes..."

"Yep I did and now I've somewhat feel what you feel even though I wasn't there, the feeling of losing someone, I can relate to that feel even more now since I've seen your memories but hey, with the promise we made there won't be any feelings of losing someone right?"

Mirajane was speechless at what Goku just did and didn't know how to act. You would think a person would freak out by that but to Mirajane she was calm about it, mostly because it was with Goku so she didn't mind. "The promise IS intact so I hope nothing goes wrong with it. In the meantime let's just focus on what's ahead for us ok?" she smiles.

Goku: "Y-Yea..." as he smiles. "In any case we should probably head to the banquet because I think we've been in this dressing room for far too long now, not that I haven't been enjoying it, it's just that I kind of want to enjoy the food that they're gonna put out and I can't wait any longer.

Mirajane chuckles, "Well I guess we have been in here for a while so without further ado let's get going then sweetheart"

"Right!" Goku said. As Mirajane and Goku gets done grooming they were wall set until Goku's hair starts to set back to his original hair shape which surprised Mirajane for a bit but later bursted out laughing cause something like that doesn't happy so often. Goku seeing Mirajane smiling and laughing starts to laugh as well as he scratches the back of his head. "(There's something about that smile that always gets to me, but in a good way)"

"Alright, grab ahold of me, I'll use instant transmission to get their as fast as possible." As Goku weave two of his right fingers on his forehead. Mirajane goes on Goku's left side giving him a firm hug which comfort Goku giving him an undeniable smile. "Ok, go right ahead I'm ready when you are" as she cuddles on his muscles.

Scene Changes to the Banquet Hall...!

The designs of the hall were basically the same as the one in the actual anime, the tables were filled with fancy food alongside with fancy declarations, fancy attires, fancy everything which suited the Princess since all in all she was… fancy and above all else, royalty. Even though Blue Pegasus had lost, they had received an invited by Hisui herself, since it was an invitation from a beauty of a princess they gladly accept.

Blue Pegasus were talking to their master Bob, as he was congratulating them on trying because even though they lost, they'd tried their best so it's trying that matters not winning, even though they wanted the win. Jenny having to remember how she got knocked by Goku wanted to talk to him as soon as he enters the hall but was too embarrassed because of the stunt he pulled on her so she thought to herself in due time is when they can talk to each other again so she just lets it be and continued hearing lectures from her Master Bob.

Lucy was talking to Gray, Juvia, and Erza while Natsu and Happy were still amazed on how Goku was capable of such raw power and their thoughts get intervene when Lisanna came into their conversation.

"So Natsu, how do I look? Pretty cute huh?" as she was waiting for a compliment.

"Wasn't that what you wore last time we're at this banquet Lis?" Natsu questions.

Lisanna had her hopes up and decided to change the subject, "Sigh, yes… it is (why is he so dennsee?!) so what were you and Happy talking about, from the looks of it you two were smiling at something… (which I doubt it was some girl…)"

"Natsu and I were thinking still thinking about the form Mister Goku took when he took out Blue Pegasus! Not only that, he was also able to fly without wings!" Happy said.

"Heh, that form's called Super Saiyan or whatever… the name sounds hella cheesy but that doesn't matter… his energy skyrocket when his hair turned golden, so I want him to teach me that as well!" Natsu said as he was having faith.

"But Natsu, Erza explained it to us that Super Saiyan is something only he could do since that's what his race… "THE SAIYANS" as she used both her index and middle fingers to go up and down. "can do… Goku isn't a human remember? He's a Saiyan"

"And I'm a dragon slayer but that doesn't say jack squat Lis! I still want to learn how!" as Natsu was being persistent.

Lisanna was blinking her eyes like she was done with everything, "Did you hear what I said? SA-IY-AN, you're not a saiyan Natsu and it's not magic that's making him doing that kind of stuff...!"

"Just let the guy dream Lisanna, he's still a little bummed about losing to Goku so he's to get stronger in any way possible." Happy insisted.

"Sigh, that's typical of Natsu, (I wonder what's taking so long with sis and Goku? They're probably doing something romantic to each other or something.)"

Scene Changes to Lucy and the Others.

"I know we're wearing the same dresses and suits from the previous banquet, but still Gray… you look great." As Lucy was complimenting him.

"Auh! Trying to hit on my man are you wrench?!" as Juvia's eyes burns bright red in flames

"Uch, it was just a compliment…" as Lucy was trying to calm Juvia.

"Thanks you look great too Lucy," Gray said as he stripped.

Lucy takes the compliment as she smiles while Juvia turns bright white but later on had a nosebleed when she sees Gray stripping in front of her. "M-My Gray called… another girl p-pretty…"

Lucy looks over to Erza and sees her walking around in circles, "Um Erza?"

Erza was mumbling words, "I know Goku hasn't never seen me in the same dress before… I wonder if he's going to compliment me… I wonder if I pulled off this dress alright for him to even noticed! Ooooh the anticipation is killing me!"

"Erza!" Lucy said as she raised up her voice.

Erza comes out of thought as looks at Lucy, "Huh?! Oh Lucy it's you..."

"You alright Erza, I noticed you were walking fast around in circles, something bothering you?" Lucy wonders.

"Oh!... um yea… nothing too major for you to worry about though, but I appreciate your concern" Erza replied why awkwardly chuckling.

"(Wonder if this has something to do with Goku… could it be? Let's test it out...!)" Lucy points at some random place, "Oh look Goku!"

Erza turned around so fast it concluded Lucy's question, "Where?! Where is he?!" Erza said with anxiety.

"(Oh I'm right! It does have something to do with him, then that means...) oh did I say Goku? I meant to say… oh look! It's Princess Hisui! (Even though she hasn't arrived yet…)" Lucy said as she chuckles.

Erza feels a bit embarrassed and hits Lucy in the head with her right fist, "Ow! That hurts Erza!"

Erza: "Well, if you didn't pull of something as immature as that, then maybe I wouldn't have hit you…"

"I only did that just to confirm one thing…" Lucy said

Erza raises one eyebrow, "And what would that be"

"You wanted Goku to check you out in your dress and in hopes he could compliment you... am I right?" Lucy said as she puts her hand over her mouth to confirm her assumption.

Erza blushes while cutely panicking, "W-WHA... How absurd! There's no way I'd want some compliment from a him...!" as she turns around all red, "But... suppose I do….. What do you think he'd say?"

"(Coming from my perspective, Goku might be so dense about it… and knowing what I know so far, he's obsess with fighting, I don't see him as the romantic type.)" Lucy gives a thought.

"Well Lucy, I'm waiting for an answer…" Erza said while tapping her foot.

Lucy goes out of thought, "Oh um I think he'll call you pretty, no doubt about it..!" as Lucy lied.

Scene Changes to Cana and the others…

Over not too far away from Lucy and the others were Cana, Levy, Gajeel, and Wendy w Carla. Wendy was talking to Levy and Gajeel while Cana was sober around them. "I'm telling you guys, Goku always finds ways to surprise us at the last second, and what really caught me off guard was his somewhat of his takeover magic." Wendy said.

"You can say that again… I'm still shook on why someone strong like him is even in our guild in the first place not that there's anything wrong with it." Levy said.

"He joined because he saw how strong we are so probably he was intrigued" as Gajeel was eating some metal.

"For once you said some really genuine" as Levy was praising Gajeel with pride.

Gajeel: "Don't get used to it…"

"(Goku, his race called the Saiyans… I wonder what kind of power foes he must've fought to achieve that of level, it's truly a power to be confident of but also… quite to be fear)" as Carla gives a thought.

Since Cana was drunk she was dancing like an absolute madman and brought in Wendy as her partner. "Um Cana… you okay there..? As she was getting twirled with her.

"Yea…! Yea..! I'm soooooo fine..! I'm not hun...g over or an…y thing… ahehehehehe...!" as she develops hiccups and laughs, exposing her breath to Wendy into concluding her assumption.

"(Yea… she's been drinking again, why am I not surprise…)" Wendy said.

"C'mon baby let's not lower the mood here...! hic* I just want a dancing hic* buddy, especially a flat chest like you sweet heart...!" as Cana was sober af.

Wendy struck a nerve, "F-Flat?!" as she looks at her chest, she whimpers, "I'm... still growing...! Just you wait...!" Wendy claims

Cana laughs hysterically, "That's the spirit baby...!" as she falls on Wendy to the ground, suffocating her with her breasts.

"Wendy! Get off her you boobasoras rex!" as Carla was struggling to get Cana off of Wendy.

"Sigh, and there goes Cana, never a dull moment with her and her booze." As Levy nods her head sideways.

"Heh, drunky's always be sober at every moment she gets... very typical..." Gajeel said as he finishes his metals.

The rest of the Fairy Tail members were also having a blast as well, the Thunder Legion talking to random girls, Elfman getting on Evergreen's nerves with the whole manly shit. Alzack and Bisca with their kid. It wasn't long until Goku and Mirajane made their appearances, which would be right now..!

Goku and Mirajane enter the scenes

Goku with excitement in his eyes, "Look Mira! There's so many food on the tables! I can smell it from here!" as he was drooling... "it smells soooo good..." as Goku looks with Mirajane.

Mirajane chuckles, "Well go on ahead, it is a banquet in your honor in a way, you deserve it, eat to your hearts content" Mirajane smiled.

"You bet I will!" as Goku ran to the foods.

"I swear that guy will be the death of me, though it can be a good thing too." Mirajane said. She then on went to go talk to Lisanna, Natsu and Happy.

"Hey sis, what took you guys so long to get here?!" Lisanna wonders

"Hehe, well we were hold up on something that took us a while to comprehend to yea…" as Mirajane smiling.

"You seem to be in a good mood Mira, mind tell us the haps?" Natsu wonders, "Uh! Did Goku teach you something he didn't teach me?!"

"No, he didn't teach me anything, he just had a chat with me, well it was a fun chat" as Mirajane was fantasizing about it.

"Ooooh, fun huh? Like what you and him were uh… you know" as Lisanna winks twice at her. "Did you gets do naughty things to each other? Seems like you guys did."

"What?! No!" she rejected adorably, "we didn't nothing inhumane to each other, and all we did was talk that's all! Yep mmm hmmm talk..!" Mirajane said trying to denying everything.

"Suuuuuurrrreeeee, whatever you say sis, I'm still gonna assume you did something else rather than "talking" Lisanna tease.

"W-Why would you assume that?!" Mirajane said.

"Cause you loooovvveee hiiiiimmm, you probably want like ten thousand babies with him!?" as Happy joins the teasing Mirajane train.

Both Happy and Lisanna continues to tease her endlessly with Mirajane rejecting every bits and pieces of it while Natsu who even though is hearing this in front of his face, still had no idea what they're talking about..!

By the time Goku arrived at the food table, he began eating like a maniac, shoving foods the size of his hands in his mouth, slurping on some noodles and also holding up trays leaning them towards his mouth. All in all, Goku was emptying out tables one by one. Everyone in the hall saw how he ate and dropped their jaws especially Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus

"Holy shit..." Some random person said.

"YOOOO GOKU!" Jason said as he approaches him. "The name's Jason and I work at Sorcerer's Weekly Magazine!"

Goku turns around, "Hmm? Heroo there, I'm Groku" he said with his mouth stuffed.

"Yea I know who you are! You're Goku, the new Fairy Tail member who whooped Blue Pegasus's butt!" said an excited Jason.

"Hehe, that sounds like me alright…!" as Goku was chuckling,

"That's sooo cool! Now if you don't mind I'd like to ask you a couple of questions!" Jason said.

"Lay them on me!" replied Goku.

"OK first one! This is a question I've heard from the people in the arena when they were watching you throw down! AHEM! What kind of form was that when you turn the tides on Blue Pegasus, more specifically, what kind of takeover magic was that?!" Jason wonders.

Goku finishes his food and starts explaining, "I don't know what this takeover magic is… but I guarantee you it isn't that"

"Then what is it?"

"Super Saiyan" Goku said as he held up one finger to indicate it as SSJ. "It's basically something a specific race could do, and they're called the SAIYANS"

"That's sooo cool!" Jason yelled in excitement. "Would you mind showing us your transformation for a quick photo?!"

"Sure knock yourself out man" Goku replies as he set aside his shish kebob. "Whenever you're ready Goku!" Jason said as he gets into his photographer state.

"Hmph" as Goku smiled. He starts to release his regular white aura causing Jason to feel moist, I mean excited because of the way Goku was hyping SSJ up. He starts to charge up his power even more as the hall starts to shake..! Jason starts to see Goku's hair blinking golden yellow every split nano second which made him explode with sheer excitement. After sometime of charging up and yelling (LOL) Goku ends it off with him transforming in his SSJ state.

Natsu and the others who were taught Ki to them sense Goku's power and turned around and are witness his transformation that he used during the 1v5.

"Holy shit… I knew Goku's transformation was no joke….. But seeing it from up close makes me…." Natsu said

"Want to shit your pants?" Happy added in.

"Yea… his power alone makes me realize how far off in strength we really are…" Natsu admitted. "But that doesn't mean I'm giving up!"

"I don't know what you guys are talking about, but Goku's transformation is really pretty" Lisanna said in awe. "I wonder if he has anything else to offer."

Over at Lucy w Others

Lucy and the others turns around and were wondering why he turned SSJ, "What the…" Lucy said. "Why did he turn SSJ all of a sudden?"

"Look over at to who's with him" Gray pointed out, "It's that guy from Sorcerer Weekly, and um I think he name was…"

"Jason my beloved" Juvia said to finish Gray's sentence

"Right, right… I'm guessing he wants the scoops on Goku seeing on how he performed just then, I mean after all he did put on an awesome show" Gray said.

"After what transpired, I wouldn't be surprised if he himself is an S-Rank person like me and Mirajane etc…" Erza said.

Blue Pegasus looks over at Goku and even though they already seen his SSJ form they were still astound by it.

"How pretty..." Jenny said in awe. "To think the five of us got beaten down by one person, but this person has such a monstrous strength that none of us in Blue Pegasus could comprehend. "Goku, I wonder what he'll do to me... whether it's something romantic or naughty... I'm somehow interested on what's to come..."

With Goku's SSJ shown to everyone, the center of attention starts to revolve to him as he founds it a bit awkward, "Creepy…" Goku said but then turns to Jason, "You happy Jason? This is me in my SSJ form" as he smirks confidently.

"That's soooooo COOOLL!" as Jason was taking nonstop pictures, "How did you achieve such a monstrous power my man! I don't know how you're doing it, but you got to tell me there's more than there's meets the eye!"

"You catch on pretty quickly, tell you what, I'll lend you in on a little secret…" Goku said.

Jason leads to Goku, "What's up?!"

"I practically have more transformations like this that far exceeds that of a super Saiyan!" Goku claims.

"NOOO WAY YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS?!" Jason exclaims.

"Mmmm Hmm, I'll show you a super Saiyan level that's ascends far past that of a regular super Saiyan." Goku said, "You ready?"

"You BET!" Yelled Jason.

Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail, alongside with Blue Pegasus heard in about Goku's more than one transformation which peak their curiosity so they wanted to see too. Goku gets into his charging Ki stance and starts to power up ever more. Natsu and the others starts to feel destruction power coming out of Goku and were shocked over 9000 times due to the fact that Goku's held in more power than what he had already displayed.

"AAAHHHHH!" Goku yelled as he starts to ALMOST lead into his SSJ2 state. Jason was taking pictures nonstop again wand was very moist, "THAT'SSS SOOO COOOLLL!"

Just when Goku was about to finish up, the gust of wind he had created just by powering up flipped a table filled with desserts specifically lands on and hits a certain green hair girl. She screams but not in a panicked way. Goku and the others heard the scream and turned to the direction of the scream. "Oh crap..!" Goku said as he powered back to base form.

"Uh Princess Hisui!" Lucy said as she runs over.

Hisui was obviously covered in cake from all over her body, was filled in embarrassment, because she hadn't expected something like that to happen to her, but although she feels embarrassed she didn't show it just to show how well she could take it.

"Princess Hisui are you alright?!" Lucy said.

Hisui wipes the frosty that was covering her eyes, "Ye-yea… I'm fine"

"Thank goodness" Lucy said in relief, then turns towards Goku, "Goku! What were you thinking powering up like that! You could've destroy this place and harm the princess!"

"Hehe, sorry I guess I forgot I was surrounded by people and not realize the depts of my power. My bad." Goku said mercifully.

"Y-Your bad?" Lucy said. "You're just as reckless as Natsu"

"Princess!" Arcadios said as he enters the scene. "What happen? you're covered in sweets!?"

Arcadios then looks over to Goku, "You're that new Fairy Tail member that mopped the floor with Blue Pegasus or so they say,"

"That's me... Son Goku...!" as he waves his hand.

"Were you the one responsible for creaming the Fiore Princess?"

"Uh hehe, y-yea... my bad"

"Urgh, come princess you need a change of clothes, I'll escort you to your room."

"Right" as Hisui and Arcadios walks away.

Twenty Minutes Had Passed, Scene changes to Goku & Lucy

"Honestly Goku, you go to be more careful when you show off your power" Lucy said as she scolds him, "Not all of us are used to it yet you got to ease up on the juice man. You should apologize to her when you have the chance."

"I don't see why I have to, but if it'll lighten up the mood, I'll go see what I can do" Goku said.

"Good, when you have the chance you should go for it, chances like these rarely come around so you better make it count...! Now how are you gonna get a chance to get to Hisui anyway Goku?"

"Well, since you told me about how she's always surrounded by guards and such, I'll just teleport to her room" as he waves his two fingers to location where exact Hisui could be. "From the looks of it i thinking she's at her room now, I'll go to her this instant!"

"Wait Goku I don't think that's a good idea t-

"Talk to you in a bit Lucy!" as he vanished to go to Hisui.

"Sigh, I feel as though, nothing came through to that thick skull of his…" as she heads to Natsu and others.

Over at Natsu and the Others

Having to witness the whole thing, Natsu and Happy laughed their socks off while Mirajane and Lisanna didn't even bother knowing something like this were happen, meaning they could tell it was coming sooner or later. Erza and the others grouped up with Natsu just to talk about the accident.

"So guys, after Goku showcased an even more power than what he shown us at the arena, I think it's safe to say we can probably rank him an S rank?" Erza said.

"Are you saying he doesn't have to go through the test to officially become one?" Lisanna

"For what it's worth, Goku doesn't need to go through the test like we did, master just might make him an S-rank already" Mirajane said as she was twirling her hair, "And besides even if he were to take it, I'm certain for sure he'd have no problem with it."

"Tch, man he got the easy way out...!" Natsu said as he grunts

"Jealous someone new like him can already surpass S-rank than you Ashy?" Gray jested.

"A-A-A-A-Ahem!" as Natsu coughs it out, "I'm not jealous Frostbite, I'll just use that as a motivation for me to get even stronger! Now shut up before I smoke you so hard you'll be wanting to strip you stripper."

"I like to see you try…" as Gray prepares to make Ice Make magic.

"Heh, Hehe, that's the spirit… I'm all fired up now"

"R-Really, you guys are gonna duke it out right here of all places…" Lucy said as she wasn't surprised. "You do realize you're gonna destroy this place if you clash."

"Nah, no problem Lucy, we can just minimize our attacks, it's no problem really, I'll hold back since Natsu here can't handle me at my best"

"You sure talk big for someone who's gonna melt by my flames!"

Just when the both of them were about to commence to charge and attack at one another, Makarov came in and knocked out the both of them. "Oh no Gray!" Juvia said. Two figures walk to Natsu and others and it was none other than Makarov and Mavis. "Master!" Everyone in Fairy Tail said. "And don't forget about me!" As Mavis starts to appear out of the blue.

"You came at the nick of time master" Erza said, "Because if you hadn't had shown up like you did, I'd personally be the one to put Natsu and Gray down from destroying this place if they fought."

"Glad we have the same thoughts Erza" Makarov replied.

Mavis: "So, where's the new guy Goku? I was hoping to meet him in person"

Lucy: "He went to go apologize to Princess Hisui"

"Really?" Mavis wonders, "What for? Did something happen when me and the third master were outside?"

"Goku was showing off to Jason his power and how he mentions he could bring it up to newer heights if he liked and he say yes. As he was powering up he managed to cause a ruckus when the wind he created just by powering up hits one of the tables with sweets and aimed at Hisui but not on purpose…! And was covered in sweets, frosty and stuff. Goku went to go apologize to her." Wendy said.

Makarov eyes widen in disbelief while Mavis laughed, "Well at least he's the one who's gonna apologize so there's a little sincerity to it."

"It was my idea" Lucy said as she was trying to take credit."

"It's all on Goku's part now, I wonder if Hisui will be in a good mood or such." Lisanna said.

Scene changes to Hisui's Room

After being escorted by Arcadios and covered in sweets, Hisui takes a shower to wipe away the remains of the cake, etc…. as she was done she covers her hair and body in towels where she exits out the shower and heads to her bed where he clothes to where she usually wears were ready to be worn. "Princess" Arcadios said as he was outside of her door, "Since you're done bathing I'm gonna assume you're getting changed now right? If so me and my men will leave you be and wishes you to whatever you please next."

Hisui looks at the door with a normal expression, "Right, you're dismissed Arcadios"

"Right you are Princess" as he and the guards were walking.

After three minutes had pass, Hisui having to still be covered in her towels take off the towel that covered her hair and decided to just lay on the bed thinking about accident and Goku. Looking back at it all she could think about was Goku's transformation and how he smiled at her. She didn't mind being covered in sweets since she somewhat could tell Goku's a kind person who would apologize. "Goku… I wonder, what are you…" Hisui rolls over to her left side exposing herself as the towel falls off of her while looking at the door. "I wonder if he even knows my name… I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't… though I wish he did…"

Hisui's hair that was still wet was wetting her bed along with her body too, but it didn't mind her. She starts to close her eyes and starts to create a visual of her and Goku being intimate to one another. She starts to smile while also blushing, "Goku…" as she was daydreaming. She is creating a visual where she and him were holding hands and such. "Hisui... my darling, I've always had feelings for you. The moment I set my eyes on you was the moment that I knew... you were the one for me" Fantasy Goku said. He pressures Hisui up against the wall given barely any space with her arms as her arms dwindle together. He plays with Hisui's hair with his right hand as his left is on Hisui's right side.

"Goku, now's not the time to be fooling around here... we should really take it a step back here..." she laughs as she blushes. "But if you insist on being persistent here, then I won't hold you back any longer... take me away."

"Hehehe, that's what I like to hear baby"

Goku lets go of her hair and leans himself to Hisui. Their bodies touches causing Hisui to jump a little out of panic but in an adorable. She makes a squealy sound as Goku pressures himself even more. He puts his right hand on her chin and starts to move his mouth close to hers.

"Goku... not too close... I got to read-ready up..."

She tries to resist, but he uses force to bring Hisui into agreement that their lips should connect so without further ado she complied. Goku lifts her up as her legs and arms covers his bodies. After some time, they let go of the kiss but their salivas were still intact, Hisui breathes heavily but embarked on another kiss.

Out of Hisui's mind she fumbles all around her bed as she daydreams, her clothes hit the ground as she shakes the bed. For about a good amount of minutes she stops and mumbles the words... "Goku, without further delay would you be so kind as to say the words I'm eagerly to hear...!"

"Hehehe, right you are Hisui!" as Goku in the real world, the reality said. He had appeared in front of her using instant transmission.

Hisui opens her eyes immediately and sees a figure who's in an orange tux was in front of her. She begins to look up and see the man's hair in spikes and realize it was Goku in front her in both eyes. "G…..Goku…" Hisui whispers but was managed to be heard by Goku.

Goku leans to Hisui's eyes and replied, "Yo" as he waves his right hand at her.

Hisui's eyes start to widen as she gets embarrass because the towels that were covering Hisui were on the ground meaning Goku was seeing her naked in front view with her breast being exposed. Her heart pounds like she been pierced through with a very sharp dagger. Just now she's been thinking about Goku and wanted to talk to him but not like this...! Not in this situation...! After a few seconds Hisui freaks out adorably and kicks Goku's left cheek. She starts to grab the towels and covers herself. Arcadios heard the commotion down the hall and came rushing down and was banging on the door.

"Princess! Did something happen?!" he said in worry.

"(! Arcadios! If he sees me with Goku and especially with me naked he'll freak out!,) UH, uh... nothing's wrong Arcadios! I just fell out of my bed that's all! Hehe"

"You certain princess? Are you certain there's nothing wrong?"

"YES! I'M perfectly fine" as she starts to steam up.

Arcadios was about to barged in but after hearing Hisui's words he backed off, "Alright if you say so, I'll take my leave once again. As you were... Princess" as he walks away peacefully.

Hisui gave a big phew as one problem was dealt, but another was striking her right in her very eyes where she sees Goku on the ground touching his cheek. She restarts to freak out adorably

"Ah Ya Yah... man you sure know how to kick huh?" Goku said sarcastically.

"Wh-Wh-What are you doing here!?" Hisui said as she panics, "You're in m-m-m-my room and you s-saww me... NAKED!?"

"Hmmm I see no problem in that, isn't that perfectly normal? Also, I came here to you to tell you something." As he gets up/

"And what is... that?"

Goku begins to bow his head down, "the accident where you got pummeled with cake and such, all of that was my fault so I apologize in advance.!"

Hisui was amazed with the kind words but rejected his apology as she waves her hands towards each other in panic, "No, no there's no need to apologize! I don't see the reason to it anyway, after all you really didn't mean to right?"

"Yea, that's right your kindness sir"

Hisui flinched, "S-Sir?"

"Sorry I'm not good with those kinds of stuff, I'm still a little new... so" as Goku was scratching the back of his head.

Hisui starts to change into her usual outfit and starts to crack up a laugh, "(it's kind of adorable how he thinks and acts, I can see why those girls in his guild like him...)" Hisui gets up and walks towards Goku, "Like I said before there is no need to apologize since, clearly you weren't at fault here."

"Really? Wow you sure are a soft princess huh?" a surprised Goku said.

"People are different than from what they are assume to be judging from their appearances, but if you like I could be a little aggressive and such." Hisui insist.

"No, no hehehe I like it better when you're soft, bring out the nice side of you" as he smiled.

"N-Nice side? How can you confirm that when we just met?"

"Don't know just a feeling I'm always feeling, but on a side note, are you sure you don't what to accept my sorry?"

"I'm fine like I said, it wasn't your fault but if you want to make me feel better even though I'm perfectly fine... there is one thig you can do for me"

Goku grabs Hisui's hand, "Sure name it and I'll do it!"

Hisui starts to show an obvious blush since her hands were united with his, thoughts were clouding her mind as she was struggling to answer but barely manages to, "W-Well, if it isn't much trouble... maybe I'd would like to know about your origins and how you came to be here as it is..." as she looks away

"Sure I don't mind telling you,"

Hisui quickly looks at Goku, "Really?!" she said excitedly, "Yea mind if we talk on that bed of yours" as he points.

"Sure" as they both head to the towards Hisui's bed

"I'll start from the WAAAY beginning"

Over a course amount of time Goku start off his story with his adventure in the original Dragon Ball where he meets a girl for the first time, (Bulma) and how the both of them set off in an adventure to find the seven dragon balls up to training with the Turtle Hermit Master Roshi with his best pal Krillin, which leads to the battle with the evil Demon King Piccolo, up to the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai tournament where Goku battles King Piccolo's son Piccolo Jr which concludes his early life days.

Hearing what Hisui heard, she gets more drawn into Goku's personal life. To her, she thinks Goku's life was something she wishes she gets to experience because it just sounds so exciting in all sorts of ways.

"Ehhhh, so from what I can get from this, this person named Chi-Chi, you promised to marry her?"

"Mmm Hmm, I didn't know what marriage was at first you see, I thought it was something about food ahehe" he scratches the back of his head.

Hisui chuckles, "So in a way you were somewhat force into marriage huh? Your wife must've have had an obsession with you huh? In a way I'm somewhat jealous of her..."

"Jealous? Why is that?"

"Uh! Uh... Oh, um did I say that? I meant uh... nooo I didn't say that... (Why did I say that out loud...! Now he'll think I'm hitting on him...)"

"Ooookieee then. So, do you want a continuation on my story?"

"YES! That'd be delightful! Uh wait... on second thought hold onto your story, I want to extend it as much as possible... you can perhaps tell me more of your story another time whenever we meet again"

"Okay but when will that happen?"

Hisui pauses herself into thinking mode, she hadn't thought of that since she clearly wasn't thinking when she said that. "Uh... that's a good question, I hadn't thought of that... I don't know what to say to that..."

"Hmm, how bout this... since we just met each other, why not hang out or something? You seem like a nice person (and she probably looks strong too!) so, we should see each other every other week! Or something..."

"(H-h-hang out as in a date?!) Wha- I "she rapidly breathes in and out, "the two of us?! Every other week? That does seem like a good idea... but how will we meet each other"

"I can just teleport to you"

"Ok, and other than that how will we hang out and stuff, my appearance will certainly be noticed by people."

"We can just disguise you!" as Goku gets up from the bed.

"How?" Hisui wonders.

"Seeing how you dress, I think it's clear to me you wear fancy clothes so if we dress you up in simple clothes and you covering some parts of you I think we've got a keeper! I think some clothes are in the capsules though..."

"Capsule? What?" as she gets up from the bed to. "I don't quite understand where you're going with this?"

"Well, it's easier to show you rather than explaining, want to go to my place to try out the square containers with the capsules?"

"Sur-Sure... but how are we gonna get there? Are you gonna teleport us to your place?"

"If only it works like that but no, I can carry you in my arms while we're fly over to my place."

"EEHHH?" Hisui panics.

Since Hisui's room was massive as hell, the windows itself were as big as half the size of a spirit bomb (A/N: I don't know, I couldn't think of something else) so Goku opens the windows as he and Hisui heads towards the balcony. Goku flies up as he puts his right hand over his eyebrows to see the view. He looks around to see where might the direction of his house might be. "Hmmm, this is kind of hard…"

"Um Goku… how is going on up there? Any luck finding your house or whatever?"

Goku flies back down to Hisui, "hehehe, no dice…" Goku then uses instant transmission to see if anyone was back at the guild that he could sense. Hisui looks at Goku in confusion. "Um what are you doing?"

"Just trying to see if anyone's back at the Fairy Tail guild hall, MMMMMM…. AHA! There are! I sense two people! Ok Hisui grab on" as he held out a hand for her.

Hisui with her right hand connects with Goku's left and just like that they vanished.

Scene Changes to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall

There was in fact two members that were still back at the guild, Reason for that was because they forgotten about the duel and they were busy trying to impress Levy with something that I couldn't think of LOL. That's right the two are none other than Jet and Droy! "You know Droy, we're the only two people in this guild who didn't come to support the new guy Goku in his fight," Jet said.

Droy was munching on some good o chicken wing as he yanks the skin of with his fierce mouth, "munch* munch* crunch* Yea I know …. But what can I say… I couldn't turn down food, it's like the food and I share a deep connection where we're forever together…"

"Much more than Levy?" as Jet's arm crossed.

"Oh no! not that! Levy's more important than that!"

"Sigh* then why didn't we go with them… I mean we can go now but it's already too late…"

"Crunch* sorry Jet I'm just so addicted to food"

"Food? Me too buddy!" as Goku and Hisui enters the scene.

The sudden appearance of Goku caused Jet and Droy's heart to skip a beat. Droy fell back as the chicken wing landed on his face. Jet jumped back a little like he's been jumped scared before. Hisui lets go of Goku's hand and was standing next to Goku.

"So this is the famous Fairy Tail guild hall huh? It isn't all like I imagine… it's even better" she smiled.

"Yea it does feel like something suitable for Fairy Tail" Goku replied.

Droy gets up from his collapsed as he recovers his chicken wing, Jet managed to get back into his position and stared at Goku. "Y-You're Goku…!" Jet claimed.

"That's me alright. Hiya!"

Jet looks to his left and sees the Prince of Fiore, "Uh! Princess Hisui what gives you the honor to being here?!" Droy spits out his chicken, "PRINCESS HISUI?!"

"Oh nothing much, I just wanted to see Goku's house or somewhat…" as she looks at Goku.

Both Jet and Droy looks at Hisui with a confused face. They wanted to question her but knowing her as royalty she must have her reasons, so they stopped themselves from continuing. Instead they decided to roll with it.

"Ok so um, if I'm not mistaken, aren't you the two guys that hang around with that small girl Levy? Now what were your names... Met and Joy?" Goku uses his right hand to place it under his chin to think. Hisui looks at Goku and just chuckled.

"Actually my name is Jet, and my friend eating the chicken is Droy, how do you not know our names man? You've been here for a while dude... you could've at least taken some notes man..."

"Ahehehe, sorry there's some many people in the guild, it's kind of hard keeping up with names, but hey! I know you two and Levy are a group called Sunny Gear, right?"

"Uh... it's Shadow Gear... but thank for putting in effort newbie..." Droy inquired.

"Ah right, right, right... ok" Goku claps his hands as he turns to Hisui, "from out the entrance I can either take us out for a walk, or I can fly you out there which would be a lot faster."

Hisui puts on her thinking cap, "(If we walk we can take our time getting over there which means we'll spent more time talking to each other, but if we fly over there... I get to be in his arms and we'll get to his place faster... AAGGGHHH I don't know what to pick!)" she puts her hands on her hair and scratches it out of agonizing (but not too hard.). "(I want to walk with him there... but I want to be in his arms! Walk... ARMS!...)"


She goes out of thought, Huh? Uh... Um... Hard to say to be honest, ... you know what we'll just fly there then... I want to get back to my home asap."

"Righty you are then, OK! Let's get goin-"

"Wait Goku!" Jet yelled.

Goku turns around and looks at Jet, "What's up?"

"Listen man, before you and Hisui go to your place and such... mind if you take me and Droy to Levy and the others? I mean I kind of regret not going, it's really boring here without the gang..." Droy shakes his head in agreement. "Yes I want to be with Levy!"

"Sure... Hisui, mind if you wait here I won't take long."

"Okay, just as long as you don't take a while... hurry back please."

Goku head pats Hisui's head making her spill out a blush, "Yea, yea I know it won't take that long. Alright Jet and Droy, hold onto me!" as he sticks out his hand. Droy was holding hands with Jet as he holds his hand Goku. Goku looks at Hisui, "It'll be quick! Give or take 40 seconds." as he disappears with the Instant Transmission in front of Hisui's eyes.

Hisui puts her hands behind her back as she whistles, she gives a huge sigh, "This is the longest 40 seconds of my li-"

Goku appears behind Hisui as she steps back and notice something behind here. "Goku..."

"Yo, Ready to see those capsules?"

Hisui nodded.

"Ok" Goku puts out his arms, hold on and we'll be there in a jiff."

As Hisui gets lifted into his arms, she smiles softly and shows an obvious blush but Goku sometimes being dense doesn't see her face. Goku as he carries Hisui, walks both of them into the front entrance of the guild hall. He lights up his white aura and starts to levitate, ok we're about to commence hold on tight." As he looks at Hisui.

Hisui tightens her grip on Goku who didn't mind at all since he had this experience with Cana. She gets red hot in embarrassment which gets notice by Goku but didn't bothered to ask, "Ok Goku, I'm ready let em rip"

"Right! Next stop, my house!" Goku starts to fly into overdrive surprising Hisui in worry and shock but was also smiling at the breeze she was feeling, she closes her eyes to be one with the wind or some shit.

Scene Changes to Hisui's Room

Arcadios along with some of his guards were on their way to Hisui's room. They've reach the front of her door. "Princess Hisui, you've been in there for an awful amount of time. Give or take around 40 minutes and such. It shouldn't take that long for you to change into your clothes and dry off." He knocks 5-7 times. "Princess? Why aren't you responding? (Could she perhaps be sleeping? No, that's not it, she's the one who offered this banquet in the first place…)"

The humongous windows that were in Hisui's room were still open the wind outside were blowing at a fast rate. Arcadios felt the breeze from his feet covered in armor much less feel the wind blowing in her room. "What the…" He kicks open the door and sees the windows opened. Arcadios runs to the outside of the windows. "The princess is nowhere in sight…. What the shit is going on…"

"What should we do Sir Arcadios?" Guard One said.

"I can only assume she's been kidnapped… TCH, Form a huge search party for her. She must be found safe and sound. If the king hears that her daughter's been kidnapped much less killed… then I can never forgive myself…."

"But won' that cause a commotion with the people?"

"It doesn't matter! If it causes a commotion then so be it! As LONG AS the Princess is safe and sound! Now get to IT!" Arcadios commanded.

All the guards should their heads, "Right! Okay guys let's rally up all our troops and search for Hisui! One group will stay here while the other groups will look into the city!"


Arcadios: "(Let's hope nothing terrible happens to her.)"

Scene Changes to Banquet Hall

The group that got grouped up with Natsu and others were together talking top Makarov and Mavis. For once, they were actually thinking….

"It's been well over 30 minutes" Gray said. "I wonder what's taking Goku so long…"

"Juvia thinks Goku must've gotten lost, after all this is a big place…"

"Fair point, but that shouldn't be the case" Erza implied.

"What do you mean Erza?" Wendy questions.

"It's Goku we're talking about, it won't matter if the place is a 1000x bigger and larger, all Goku would have to do is to trace down a person's energy and then shazam! He's there." Erza said.

Lisanna looks at Mirajane, "Something wrong sis? You're putting on an obvious face…"

"I'm just wondering about Goku and Princess Hisui, Gray does have a point it shouldn't take much effort to apologize"

"Well, Goku was the one would caked Hisui, so maybe he's throwing in a thesaurus words of apology to make up for it" Lucy said.

"Thesaurus? He can hardly come up with his own words Lu" Levy inquired.

Makarov, and Mavis had no hunch on thinking why it's taking so long either up until, the trio dragon slayers Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel sniffed their noses to confirm everyone's suspicion. "Heh, well that explains it, what a turn of events hehehehe" Gajeel laughs

"Sigh* why am I not surprise with him..." Wendy faced palmed.

"I take it you three got something?"

"You bet we do, I can't smell Goku or Hisui..." Natsu replied.

"What? Are you sure Natsu? Are you trying to say Goku and Hisui aren't here?" Makarov implied.

"If I can't smell them, then that confirms that they aren't in the building... Wendy and Gajeel can agree with me on this one"

Wendy and Gajeel agreed as they nod their heads. After hearing the assumptions Fairy Tail wasn't even surprise considering Goku did this before in chapter 3, everyone but the first Master Mavis thought of this as a typical thing he would do.

"Um I beg your pardon? I'm not ringing any bells here? Would someone care to enlighten me?" Mavis questions.

"It's a long story first master, but to sum it up... Goku disappeared for a day or something and reappeared like he never even left..."

Mavis laughs, "He really puts the M in magician huh? I can't help but feel he somewhat likes to do that... but it's just me."

It wasn't long until Fairy Tail saw the guards huddling outside and being the nosy bastards they are they couldn't help but listen in. Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Wendy and Lisanna were just a couple of inches away and decided to eavesdrop of them. They hear the orders that Arcadios gave them and wanted in on the action. After hearing everything they guards told each other Natsu and the others returns to Makarov and Mavis.

Natsu puts his arms behind his back while walking to his guild mates, "Well, that's one thing to take note of."

"And what would that be my boy?"

"Goku and Hisui aren't in the palace"

Erza: "Which means we can only assume they're out in the city"

Mavis: "So are we gonna search for him or something?"

"Usually we would but... they ARE guards that can search for us so there isn't much to worry about, I'm sure Goku's just showing Hisui the ropes." Makarov replied.

"Yea and probably even the sword between his legs huh sis?" as Lisanna elbows Mirajane while making a poker face.

"Knock it off Lis"

Mavis: "Ok your call the Third Master, I trust what you're doing (Kind of curious to see how this will go.)

Blue Pegasus enters the scene.

"So your friend Goku goes AWOL and you're here sitting ducks with nothing but care in the air?" Hibiki said. "Care to explain?"

"Hibiki" Lucy looks at him, "Goku disappeared before but we're not worried because we know he'll come back to us. It's nothing to be concern about."

"I-I see..."

Ren and Eve were confused but didn't asked as for Bob and Ichiya, they were just talking to each other. Jenny on the other hand was walked over to Mirajane to start a conversation about Goku.

"So, Mirajane... mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure go on ahead..."

"Really? It's something personal"

"I'll answer anyway but I don't mind how personal it is, but as long as it isn't too deep then I'm all ears"

Jenny gave her the straight face, "What's your relationship with Goku?"

Mirajane goes out of character and freaks out, "W-WHOA What?! Why would you ask something as oblivious like that?!"

"Hibiki told me you two hugged out in the arena, I was unconscious at the time so I didn't know that happened and hearing the scoop from your guild friends, it seems you and him are close like really really REALLY close. Care to share?"

Mirajane starts to calm down a little and gave her a straight answer, she breathes in then out, "There's nothing going on with me and him, we're just close friends and I don't know... probably even something more than that. I guess the reason we're really close is maybe that we're always together or somewhat."

"And do you enjoy that?"

"Yes I do" as she didn't deny it.

"So do you like him?"

"Eh?! Uh... Umm don't be absurd! I just see him nothing more than a really good and close friend! That's all!" she fake chuckles

"Then you don't mind if I go for him, do you?"

Mirajane breaks her fake chuckle and looks at Jenny, "Eh? Wha... You?"

"You heard right "Former Miss Fiore" I'm somewhat interested in him so I'd like to study him and what better way to do that than to bet somewhat intimate with the guy, though from the looks of it he seems a little stupid but when he puts on his game face it's a whole nother story."

"Sorry but, I can't let you have him" Mirajane starts to get serious.

"Hmm? I thought you guys were just friends? You kind of flinched when I mention him and me in the same sentence"

"I don't mind being somewhat friends with you Jenny but when it comes to Goku, that's a different case. No offense but he doesn't belong to you."

"And he belongs to you? I'll admit it I'm jealous of the relationship you two share but that's about to change when I get to him, (although I did promise I do whatever he says, but this is Goku... he'll probably forget about it from what I'm assuming so it's the perfect opportunity to strike while the iron's hot!)"

"What makes you so sure he'll like you more than me Jenny?"

"Well I Am the current MISS FIORE" as she bragged, "it's just only a matter of time Mirajane."

"When pigs fly"

"Then I guess that makes us rivals huh? This is giving me vibes right now!"

"Hmph, just to let you know he's a dense guy so whatever tricks you're gonna pull on him... it'll probably won't work. He's a fightcoholic. He'll probably pick fighting over you!"

"It might be the same for you who knows?" she jested.

"Heh, Fine" Mirajane said.

"Fine" Jenny said also.

Natsu, Lucy Gray, Juvia, Happy, Wendy, Carla and Erza saw their conversation and thought it was amusing while at the same time a motivation for them.

"Their somewhat rivalry getting me all fired up! I've got to get stronger so I can try to go toe to toe with Goku, I just feel it's in my blood to do so!"

"Being a complete brainless and a stupid Pyro is also in your blood to Flame tower."

Natsu turns around all agitated, "You know what Tundra? You deserve to get punch in the face with my FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!" as he charges towards Gray. Gray charges towards him to and just when they were about to clash they stop at the last second because they felt a strong and power energy.

"This power..." Lucy said.

"Is... this Goku's?" Wendy said.

Natsu and the others turn to the direction where Magnolia is from far far away and were nothing but a couple of speechless people. "Is... Goku in Magnolia?" Juvia questions.

Erza: "That would be the certainly be the obvious choice Juvia."

"What's that fighting hooligan doing all the way over there?" Carla wonders.

"I don't know" as Happy shrugged.

"I guess it was a good thing Goku taught us how to sense energy huh? Cause without it we wouldn't be able to sense where he is." Gray implied.

"For once I agree with you frosty" as both Natsu and Gray powers down.

"(But the question is... what's he doing over in Magnolia? Could he be in the guild hall with Jet and Droy? No, the both of them came here out of nowhere so I can only assume Goku did came to the guildhall and took Jet and Droy and teleported them to here so that's out of the question... Could he be going to his house? And... w-w-ww... with Hisui?!)" Erza thought with a slip of imagination of Goku and Hisui naked together in the bathtub but later snaps out of it.

Scene Changes to Goku's House

After about 4 minutes Goku and Hisui made it. Goku was in his SSJ state just to show off for Hisui, when he was in it he let out even more power to hurry on up to his house lickety split. Goku sets her down and powers back to his base form. As they enter they wasted no time and went to Goku's room where he had kept his square container filled with capsules.

"Is that what I think it is?" Goku wonders. He sees a pot on his bed and he heads to it. "Oh Yea yeah! It is!"

"What is?" Hisui wonders.

"Senzu beans!" as he shoves the pot in front of Hisui's face.

"Come again?"

"Right I need an explanation... well you could say these Senzu beans are magical beans that can heal you up to full strength, it has a bland flavor but it always does the trick!"

"I see, how fascinating. How do they work? You said bland flavor so I assume you were eat them, right?"

"Right you are! I wonder how they got here in the first place..."

"Should you really be worrying? Let's try to not fall off task here Goku..."

"Oh yea your disguise that's right hehe"

Goku placed the pot filled with the Senzu beans and place them on his desk and opened his top drawer in his desk and took out the square container. "Here" he hands over the container. Hisui opens it up and was surprised. "These are capsules?"

"Yep, now all we got to do is find one in particular and press on its head and boom something will come out! But the question is, how can we find out which one would have clothes in it?"

"Maybe it's the ones where there are sections of them with the labels on top on where they're place."

Goku looks over and sees the sections of where it says Food on top and Clothes etc... "Whoa you're right! I'm surprised you figured that out Hisui nice going!"

"I-It wasn't that hard Goku... (he's a sweet guy but also a complete idiot...) Ok so you said to press the on top of it so I'll take this orange one then..."

"Throw it on the ground right after"

Hisui pressed the orange capsule and threw it near the bed and out came a dresser but for females. "Wow... that's amazing... how does something big as this come from something small as a capsule?" Hisui checks around the dresser and later opens it up and sees a bunch of girly clothes. "They're so many clothes here and it's all girlish and stuff, btw why do you have something like this?"

"I don't know." An honest Goku said.

"Ok then... I guess I'll start to pick out my disguise" after some time she picks up a few things and heads the bathroom and starts to get undress. Goku lies on his bed waiting for Hisui to hurry up because she's been taking a long time in the bathroom. After some time she finishes and opens the door for Goku to see.

From the way she picked her outfit she starts to blush. She was wearing a white tank shirt that covers her entire waist that was underneath while being covered with a long light green waistcoat with shorts that were ripped and denim. Her shoes were nothing more than boots that were adjustable to her liking. She tied her hair back to make it a pony tail but gets covered as she puts on a cap where on the front cover it shows four stars on it and to finish the touch she wore glasses. "W-Well? What do you t-think?"

Goku gets up and gave her the thumbs up, "Looks great! I couldn't recognize you at first but hearing your voice and all, it's a pretty solid disguise Hisui!"

"Oh yea thanks..." Hisui starts to swing her hips a little, "But do you think I also look a little..."

"A little what? A confused Goku said.

"C-Cute..." she said as she felt embarrassed to say.

"Uh... Sure. If that's how you want to say it, then you do look cute" Goku smiled with no remorse and in a calm tone.

Hisui heats up and smiles back out him. "Ok, so if you think this is a solid disguise what's next on the agenda?"

"We could hang out tomorrow if you want."

Hisui was about to speak but cut her way short when she realize something, "Tomorrow? Sorry to say this but I can't do tomorrow."

"And why's that?"

"Starting tomorrow and for the next week and a half I'll be out of Crocus for some priorities I have to attend to and judging from the what's been going around with the Fiore I can't ignore that so me and Arcadios will be roaming all over Fiore to fix issues that needs to be resolve. I apologize in advance Goku!" as she bows in front of him.

"Uh, Hey, Hey! It's no biggie, I get that you're a princess and all so I get it. You have to do some important stuff as a princess, I understand" as he scratches the bag of his head.

Hisui gets out of bowing, "Really? It'll really be a long time until I get back..."

"Eh, I waited for something longer. A week and half isn't anything new. Trust me on this one I'll wait for you."

Goku puts his right hand on Hisui's head and pats it. She blushes but also showed an undeniable smile. "Ok, then so when I get back you'll wait for me? You won't forget or something?"

"Would I forget something I promised to a friend?"

"R-Right..." as she looks down blushing in embarrassment

Goku changes out of his suit and went back into his Gi that he keeps multiple of while Hisui changes back into her usual attire. She puts the clothes back into the drawer and Goku pressed the button on it to turn back into a capsule and gave it to Princess Hisui. "Here you hold onto it"

The capsule is in Hisui's left hand. "So from the looks of it I'm guessing we're going back to where your guild is huh?"

"Yep hold onto me Hisui"


And in moments with instant transmission they teleported back in front of Mercurius where Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus and Arcadios were at.

Scene Changes to the Dragon Ball Verse, Universe 6

Whis and the others taking about 1 and half day to get to Universe 6 manages to finally arrive. After some time Whis sets coordinates to the God of Destruction Champa's planet. "Ok everyone, it's not that much further away, we're almost there to reaching our destination so hang on tight everybody!" as the God cube accelerate at a fast rate.

Scene Changes to Champa's Planet

Champa and Vados came back from their trip to planet earth as they were stuff from the food there. Although they came back with happy stomachs, Champa can't help but feel about the up coming tournament the King of All Zeno is gonna plan out so he worries.


"Yes my lord?"

"Lord Zeno mentions a tournament with all the other universes right?"

"Correct my lord"

"Which means I can't slack any longer than I already have… I got to get more stronger fighting into my team if I want to impress the KOA (King of All) to be specific I'm gonna need more Saiyans..!"

"I'm not judging you or anything Lord Champa but why Saiyans in particular?"

"Those two fighter from Beerus's universe um what were their names... AHH YESS! Goku and Vegeta. They shown us the power they wield and no joke so why not fight back fire with fire but in this case Saiyan with Saiyan?"

"I'm impressed Lord Champa, since the tournament you and your brother planned out, I'd assumed you were gonna stick to the same team but to add in more fighters, mostly Saiyans... it certainly is quite a feat isn't it? Not bad my lord, if only you can think this good as you are fat?"


Vados laughs, "Oh I jest I jest." Moments later Vados picks up a presence and tells Champa immediately, "My lord it appears we have guest."


Champa looks up in the sky and sees the Cube coming straight for him and starts to freak out, "HOLY SHITT! WHAT THE HELL?!" and the Cube aggressively lands in front on Champa and Vados but those two gets protected by Vado's staff. The smoke dials down and everyone inside the cube comes out of it and greets Champa.

"B-Beerus?!" Champa said all confused.

"Ruaahhh" Beerus yawns, "It's been like what Champa a couple of days since our friendly tournament huh? That I won btw..."

"If you came here to jest about your win then you should get out of here before I beat the shit out of you Beerus."

"Tch, you defeat me? How laughable, you can barely run much less jog you can't do shit to me"

"Kch, Shut up! You twig!"

"What's that?!" Beerus's aura lights up along with Champa.

"And here they go again" Whis said. "Nice to see you again sister."

"Pleasure's mine Whis, what brings you here anyway?"

"We came here to ask you something" Whis replies.

Champa and Beerus stops fighting, "And what would that be?" Champa wonders. "And wait, where's that Saiyan that was with you Beerus? UMMMM"

"Goku my lord"

"Right Goku, where is that dumbass?"

"That's why we're here Champa, it's about Goku and..." Beerus said.

Champa/Vados: "And...?"

"Demons" Beerus concludes with his sentence.

Champa and Vados gets serious, "Demons you say."

"That's right and one of them took a nasty turn on Goku!" Bulma said.

"What does that mean? "Champa wonders.

Whis explains the situation with Goku being in another universe that's unknown, the two demons, the wormhole and their agenda to break the demon seal and free Mechikabura and Demigra. "I see so that's their plan huh..."

"And we were hoping that idiot Kakarot would be here. So is he?"

"Afraid not" Vados answers, "If he were I'd know about it."

"Damn it" Gohan said.

"Figure as much," Piccolo said.

"Oh no dad" Goten said as he worries

"Don't worry I'm sure he's still fine Goten don't feel down!" Trunks said as he tries to cheer up Goten.

"Trunks is right, have faith We'll find your father in no time" Bulma.

"And here I though you guys would come here to laugh it up in my face but to bring up the topic of demons, that's something that came be unavoidable." Champa said. "And they're names are Towa and Mira...Where do you think they could be at Beerus?"

"Don't know and I assumed you would know"

"Eh... me? I'm just a fat ass who enjoys food."

Vados sighs, "He admits he's fat? NANI?!"

"SHUT IT VADOS!" After some time went by Champa decided to go to some planet, "Vados come with me, we're going somewhere.

"Wait where are you going Champa? Beerus wonders.

"It's just a gamble but I think I know a person that can help us bring back your buddy Goku.

Vegeta, Bulma, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Goten: "REALLY?"

"I said it's just a hunch so in the mean time you guys stay here while me and Vados will go to a planet called Makju where I know a certain someone."

"Makju?" Never heard of it" Beerus said.

"Of you haven't you skinny bitch, it's planet you destroyed back in your universe"

"Oh, then let me and Whis come with you..."

"NOO! You stay here with your people, it won't take long for me and Vados to return ok?"

"O...Kay then... whatever, I guess I'll just enjoyed the food from your Earth then, Whis take me to earth."

"Yes my lord"

"Just as long as you don't destroy it"


"Lady Bulma, Vegeta and everyone else, behave while we're gone"

Champa and Vados leaves to Planet Makju while Beerus and Whis heads to Earth leaving Vegeta and the others on Champa's planet. So in their spare time they do what they always do. Vegeta training, Gohan studying, Piccolo mediating, Trunks and Goten playing tag while Bulma equipped a capsule with a house and starts to analysis the gun with the X mark she packed in one capsule.

"(With Kakarot gone there's no stopping me to becoming number one!)"

Scene Changes to Champa and Vados

As they fly all over space Vados asks Champa a question,

"My lord was it necessary to lie to your brother about someone who can help? You clearly heard from my brother Whis that Son Goku's in an unknown universe."

"Heh, like I care about Son Goku, with him out of the way Beerus will be a man short with the tournament coming up so I got no problem."

"Then if you don't mind me asking? Where are we going?"

"We're going to find someone who will take out those two demons Towa and Mira."

"And why's that"

"Demons pose a threat to us Destroyers but only by a little bit but with Demigra and Mechikabura those two are trying to break free, there will be hell on our hands and I don't have time to play tag with either of them so to prevent them from succeeding we're gonna hire someone that'll assassinate Mira and Towa."

"And I'm gonna go on ahead and assume you're referring to..."

"HEH, That's right the Assassin of our universe...Universe 6... Hit!" Champa jested.

"Heh, lucky for us I know where he is so without further ado I'll blast us at full speed!" Vados said.

"Punch it then Vados!"

"Right my Lord!" as the two flies at the speed of light to go to where Hit is.

Scene Changes to the Fairy Tail Verse, Kingdom of Fiore, Crocus, in Front of Mercurius.

Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus were outside at the front entrance with Arcadios. He was talking to Makarov about Hisui. Makarov informed him that Goku disappeared too which drew conclusions in his mind that he can safely say... Goku's been with Hisui the entire time.

"This is outrageous...!" Arcadios said. "What's someone from your guild doing with someone of royalty like Princess Hisui?! No offense Makarov"

"None taken Arcadios..." ... the first Master laughs

Just when Arcadios was about to head inside Goku and Hisui arrives on set

Goku and Hisui Enters the Scene

"Goku!" Fairy Tail said.

"Hey" Goku waved.

Arcadios turns around and saw Hisui which later on ran to her, "Princess! What happen? Are you okay? Did you sustain any injury? Where have you been?! Did you do anything lewd with that Spikey hippy fighting freak?!"

"Arcadios, I'm fine nothing really happen, we just took a ride around from where he lives."

"SAY WHAT?!" as He freaks out.

"Yo Goku!" Natsu said. "How's your time with Hisui huh? You probably taught her something you didn't teach me huh you two timer!"

Erza hits Natsu in the head, "Natsu it wasn't like that, if I recall IF Goku were to teach someone thing he knows, he probably teach it to us as well."

"Oh yeah... hehehe"

"You're a fucking idiot Pyro"

"Suck my flaming ass Frostbite!"

"Now, now You two now's not the time to argue here..." Lucy said.

"Yea, Lucy's right" Wendy said. "Just take it easy now..."

"What a bunch of ruthless animals" Carla said.

"Want to suck my dick Carla?" Happy jested.

"What?" Carla turns around to him

"Nothing hehe"

Lily: "You have problems"

Goku laughs at Natsu and Gray's shenanigans. He sees Mira and starts to run to her. Erza was in front of Mira and assumed he was coming to her so she panicked cutely only to realize she got past on when Goku went to Mira instead. Erza's entire body turns white along with her face as her eyes makes circle shapes in disappointment. "Hey Mira!"

"Hey dear"

Erza/Jenny/Hisui/Lisanna/Lucy/Wendy: "D-Dear?!"

"You're so bold sis!" Lisanna fangirled.

"(Just how close are they?!)? Erza wonders.

"I see you change into your usual outfit, I kind of like it better with you in your usual outfit too" as she suddenly out of nowhere pats Goku on his head causing Jenny, Hisui and Erza to freak out in jealously. Cana would be jealous too but she's freaking passed out. "Where were you anyway with the Princess?"

"Hehe, just at my house, I was helping Hisui with something"

"Hmmm, at least you came back so I'm not mad or anything... (hope they didn't do anything naughty)"

Goku and Mirajane were having a moment but it gets interrupted when Arcadios grabbed the attentions of Goku. "Your name is Goku right?" Goku turns around, "That's me"

"I applaud you for winning against Blue Pegasus but still you had me in a panicked when you took Hisui without everyone's consent. How do I know you're not what you seem to be? Not to bark on the wrong tree, but if it isn't a burden... would you mind showing me your power?"

"What? Ok sure but why?"

"When you took princess Hisui, you left her unprotected, now I can be wrong in the blue here but I've heard you're a pretty strong person which makes me think that's why Princess Hisui agree to come with you. I have to see for myself if you don't mind that is..."

Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus took their attention on those two.

"Arcadios... what are you trying to imply?" Hisui wonders.

"I never saw the fight of the 1v5 so to prove his worth I want him to show me his power, which will help me decided whether it was a good thing to leave her to you."

"Hehehe, you're gonna regret that" Gray said as if he was a proud dad.

"And why's that?"

"Cause Goku's a powerhouse, you don't want to see what he's made of!" Happy said.

Natsu: "Got that right, if anything Goku can really bring the hurt to you long nose..."

"Juvia knows you're gonna regret it man"

"I'll believe it when I see it"

Mavis gets intrigued and encourages Goku to show off. "C'mon Goku! Show him Fairy Tail's might! Oh and your power!"

The Thunder Legion smiled in confident, Shadow Gear as well with the Strauss siblings, Team Natsu felt as though Arcadios was gonna get clapped so they just sit back and watch the fireworks as they were about to commence.

"Lay it on him Goku" Erza said.

"Right! OK Arcadios, you want to see my power?"

"That's right show me the power that belongs to Fairy Tail and I'll forgive what you did with Hisui."

"K you asked for it" Goku calls out someone, "Hey Jason are you there...!"

Jason comes out of hiding, "YUP I'M HERE WHAT'S SHAKING GOKU?!"

"I never showed you the form beyond SSJ so I thought I get to reveal once more but this time I'll be cautious."


"Right here we go.."

Goku lights up his white aura and goes into his Super Saiyan state. "What do you call that form..." Arcadios wonders.

"Super Saiyan, it's certainly brings on a show huh"

"Certainly has, but although you're flashing me with your power I don't see the point of you doing this turning on the blonde thing,"

"That's cause I've been suppressing my power, now I'll take it EVEN FURTHER BEYOND THAT OF A SUPER SAIYAN!" as he yells out the last words of his sentence. "ARAAHHHHAAAA!"

Static electricity starts to flow around Goku's as he raises in Ki to the point where everyone starts to shit their pants senseless, (not literally). Since Goku was in front of Arcadios his's eyes widen in amazement but also in fear because he bit off more than he could chew. Hisui was behind Arcadios and was being protected by the guards due to the pressure from Goku. Gray, Juvia, Lucy, Erza, Wendy and Carla felt the pressure and energy rocketing high. They were at a lost of words. The Strauss especially Mirajane were impressed by Goku's feat but felt the devastating pressure which cause everyone's bodies to feel heavy. Makarov was sweating like he's seen a spirit excluding Mavis. Mavis was astonished with no words to say, she sees the ground crumble in cracks causing somewhat of a shockwave mixing in a miniature size earthquake.

Arcadios with his left foot steps back because he feels the immense pressure in front of him, and just to be crystal clear he starts to faint a little, but still manages to pick himself up. Natsu seeing more of Goku's power reminded him of Gildarts showing off HIS true power to him back at Tenrou Island during the S-Class trial. Seeing what's being transpired Natsu gulps very hard as he sees the electricity flowing around him. After 10 minutes of yelling (Typical Dragon Ball XD) Goku finishes powering up and is now in his SSJ2 state.

"There you go, this form you're seeing is my ascended form of that of a super Saiyan or you could just call this a Super Saiyan 2" a confident Goku said as he smirks.

The earthquake and shockwaves that happened due to Goku, causes Cana to wake up from the noise he made. She woke up in one of the dressing room. She was on the floor drooling but snaps out of her dream. "Cruhaa... Wh-Wha... Where am I? Ugh, man I feel so tired..." She heads out into the dining hall. "What the... where is everyone?" later she looks out the entrance and see everyone, "Why are they outside..? Only way to find out is to go out there I guess..."

Scene Changes Back to Goku and Arcadios

"So what do you think Arcadios? Still think I'm not worthy enough to protect her?" he smirks.

Arcadios couldn't believe what he was seeing, the pressure Goku was giving off to him was like getting ten years off your life. Like adding 30 pounds if you were on Television or somewhat. He sweats and trembles in fear. He was at a lost of words, he tries to speak but ends up stuttering each word with a side of butchering. "A-A...Amazing... I feel as though I'm l-looking at a God... Holy... Shit..." a shocked Arcadios said. "(In a way... it's like a god was watching over the princess much less a person that looks like the same age as her that is...)"

"His power's amazing and all" Wendy said. "But there's something different about him other than electricity flowing around him."

"His hair" Levy looks at it, "The front of his hair, his bangs are placed differently and I got to say he doesn't look half bad."

"Juvia think its stylish"

"Aside From looks he puts on a mincing face and his strength proves it otherwise..." an impressed Gajeel said.

"Say Natsu what do you think of Goku's SSJ2 form?" Happy said.

"Seeing more power drawn out from him reminded me of Gildarts showing me his power back on Tenrou Island, and I got to say it's really, really giving me flashbacks"

Mirajane who couldn't sense Ki was still surprise at what Goku was dishing out nonetheless was proud at him. Arcadios stood his ground but admits he was in the wrong, "OK, you prove your point... I apologize... I misjudged you in every sort of way... if the Princess were to be protected other than the guards and I then I guess you be suitable for the job."

"Thanks I guess..."

After sometime the commotion Goku caused dialed down. Hisui and Arcadios went back to the palace in one peace. Given Goku's promise to Hisui their somewhat of a "date" hangout were to start in a week and a half so that's out of the agenda. Goku powered down to base form and decided that's enough for today even though so he decided to head on home with everyone.

Blue Pegasus left right after Hisui and Arcadios headed on in. Goku brought everyone back to the guild hall with his instant transmission. They called it a night and everyone headed home. On the way home Goku decided to hit the hay early though it was late at night. Cana would head on over to Goku's place but was too tired and sobered out so Lucy carried her to her place so I guess Goku was safe for today. Goku's life in the Fairy Tail Verse was something he enjoy with a passion but all of that was about to change when particulars demons decides to mess with the mojo. It has been half a week for Mira and Towa since their travel and which means only a week and a half was left for them to arrive to Earthland which at the same time was the hangout with Goku and Hisui... which means they're gonna meet in a crucial way. Wonder what will happen...

Scene Changes to a Planet Makju, Universe 6

The scene takes place in a city at night, Champa and Vados went to a secrete ally way where there they'll meet a certain someone. From the planet they're at, Vados and Champa arrives on a planet south side from where Champa's planet is. The reason for them to fly far away from their planet was to hire a certain assassin to do their work.

"So I'm sure you're wondering why we came here out of the blue just a couple of days after our tournament. The reason for that is simple... we need you to do our biddings and since you're an assassin you're perfect for the job" Champa inquired.

The mysterious assassin comes out of the shadow and walks towards the two. The mysterious man assassin was none other than the best assassin in Universe 6, Hit! "Who's my target?"

"Towa and Mira" Vados said.

"Two people... care to explain who they are?"

"They're both demons that plans to unleash hell with their demon mishaps and they'll preoccupied me from gathering more fighters for the upcoming tournament the King of All is planning so I don't have time to play rookie here. Now Hit, do you accept the job?"

"Hmph, it IS my job after all" Hit said. "Now since I'm taking on the job where do I go to meet this Towa and Mira demons?"

"It's just a hunch, tch not even my little brother Whis have thought of this but I'm thinking they're at a different timeline from ours" Vados inquired.

"Time?" said Hit, "Explain Vados..."

"The demon Towa can mess with time, last I check she can mess with time and probably travel to another timelines and I'm thinking she entered a timeline where universes 13-18 are still captive."

"How do I get there?" Hit questions.

"There's a planet not too far away from here, I hear the people there have some sort of equipment they're specialized in that can help us, well... help you go to that specific timeline to where Universe 13-18 are still intact and for you to kill Towa and Mira. I'm thinking the both of them are in one of those universes, in fact i think the universes 1-12 might not exist in that timeline except for you know... 13-18 so with our permission we'll let you borrow the God Cube for the mission Hit.

"What's the planet called"

"Planet Guobras, the people there are known for their brains on technology, their appearances are something not too different from us, now if you would hurry on up to the Cube with Lord Champa and I, we'll head there asap!"

"Hmph, right and what will you be doing while I'll be gone? How will we be in contact with each other.?"

"Here" Champa gave Hit a 3d Square Communicator. "We'll contact you with this, don't call us, we'll call you. As for me, I'll just keep you up to date with anything that involves Towa and Mira, after we drop you off in the timeline with the universes, we'll go back to Universe 6 to somewhat help you with your job, and like I said we'll contact you on the communicator with any news and such. Now any questions before a departure?"

Hit enters the cube with Champa as Vados hops on top, "Start it up, I'm ready"

"Right, to Planet Guobras!" as the three of them blasted off away.

"Time to begin my job" Hit smirked.
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