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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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5 Towa & Mira

Since the wormhole incident with Goku, weeks had passed since then, Bulma has be working nonstop, pulling all-nighters to figure out ways on how to bring Goku back. Gohan assisted her. They were both outside on the huge ass balcony.

Bulma yawns, "Man, after weeks of researching, I still got nothing." As she was examining the energy gun.

Gohan: "Let's back track to what we know. For starters, the gun you made Bulma, you said it was equipped with Vegeta's energy right?"

Bulma: "That's right, before he left to go train with Whis I asked him to spare a few bits of his energy, not too much… not too less. I told him to store it in the container so I could connect it to the gun."

Gohan: "Okay, and when you shot it, nothing happened until minutes later where that wormhole appeared?"

Bulma: "Yea and that's pretty much it"

Gohan: "Something doesn't add up"

Bulma: "What do you mean?"

Gohan: "Vegeta gave you a specific amount of energy, and when you shot it at Dad, even though it wasn't a lot of energy, it was still supposed to have had some kind of impact on him but instead it made a wormhole?"

Bulma: "Maybe my invention malfunctioned or something? What's your point?"

Gohan: "Mind if I take a look at your energy gun?"

Bulma: "Be my guest"

Gohan starts to examine every inch of it which took 6 minutes but manages to find something. "Hey Bulma come take a look at this…." Gohan said.

Bulma: "I take it you found something?"

Gohan: "Yea, there's a strange symbol right below the head of the gun"

Bulma: Come again?" as she comes to look

The symbol is showed in a weirdly X shape, the color of it was dark purple. (If you played Xenoverse 2, I'm talking about the X symbol on a character's head when they get brainwashed... that is if it even is an X symbol) This caught the attention of Bulma and Gohan.

Bulma: "What the hell?"

Gohan: "Was this always there?"

Bulma: "No that's not possible! I thoroughly ran through multiple tests and didn't see this pop up!"

Gohan: "There's also aura surrounding it, and from the looks of it, it's energy I never seen before…... I'm getting a malicious vibe from it…"

Bulma: "Okay so we've found a clue to one of the reasons on how that wormhole came to be."

Gohan: "I believe so Bulma…"

A beam of light appears from the sky and it heads towards the balcony, as the light was gone three figures appear in front of Gohan and Bulma. It was none other than Vegeta, Beerus and Whis!

Bulma: "About time, what took so long?"

Beerus: "Well, it does take about 30 minutes to get here Bulma, you should be glad I took time out of my schedule to come see what you have to say."

Bulma: "I called you guys weeks ago when Goku went inside that wormhole!" as she gets frustrated.

Whis: "Our apologizes, we had a rough schedule that had already commenced, and this wasn't in our menu when you called us about Goku and some wormhole."

Bulma sighs, "Whatever, as least you were caught up to speed with the accident right?!"

Beerus: "Do you take us for fools? Of course we are, now be a useful mortal and fetch me something to eat."

Bulma: "We don't have time to eat! Goku's either gone somewhere or he's dead and all you could think about is food?!"

Beerus: "If I want to eat, then I'll eat… and I don't take that kind of tone from someone who ranks so far below me…" as his sinister aura blitz up causing Bulma and Gohan to feel unease.

Vegeta: "Uh don't worry Lord Beerus I'll have our chefs make something delicious for you!" as sweat drops from his face.

Beerus: "It better be good or I'll destroy all of you in an instant"

Vegeta: "R-R-Right! Bulma… babe would you kindly send in a couple chefs to serve Lord Beerus?!"

After 20 minutes or so, the table that Bulma, Vegeta, Gohan, Beerus and Whis was at was filled with delicious food. Beerus and Whis stuffed their faces full which pleased Beerus to the point where he wouldn't destroy Earth and them.

Vegeta: "(Phew, that was a close one)"

Bulma: "Are you guys done now?"

Whis: "Oh certainly!" as he was finishing up.

Beerus: "You can take the stage now Bulma" as he was still eating

Bulma: "Finally… it's been weeks since the wormhole accident, I did tons of research but came out empty handed."

Beerus: "OK and…?"

Bulma: "AND…... we came across this…." As he hands over the gun to Whis.

Whis starts to inspect the gun, "My, this is quite some advance stuff you invented Bulma, of course I'd expect that out of you, nonetheless it looks like a functionable gun, what seems to be the problem?"

Bulma: "Look under the head" as she points at it

Whis starts to look under it and when he saw the X symbol, he immediately gave a serious face. "Lord Beerus" as he said seriously

Beerus: "What is it now Whis…?" as he was finishing up his sundae.

Whis: "There's something you should see, I'm sure it'll interest you" as he lifts up the head towards Beerus's direction. Beerus sees the symbol and he too made a serious face.

Beerus: "Whis is that…"

Whis: "Indeed it is My Lord…"

Bulma: "What is? Tell me!"

Whis: "Lady Bulma, I think I have the answer to what happen to Goku."

Gohan: "You do? Then please tell us!"

Whis: "Well to start off with the good news, He is in fact alive"

Gohan: "Thank goodness"

Bulma: "I knew it!"

Vegeta: "Hmph I expected that out of Kakarot, stupidity can't be killed off after all, what's the bad news then?"

Whis chuckles, "Not only is he alive, he's no longer here in this world, well to be specific… not in this universe"

Bulma/Gohan: "WHAT?!"

Bulma: "If he's not here, could he perhaps be in Beerus's brother universe? Um…. Uh… Universe 6?!"

Whis: "Good guess but no…"

Gohan: "Then where could he have gone?"

Whis: "If I had to take a guess, he's in an entirely different universe, probably in the ones from 1-12 or probably a universe where I'm not familiar with. Where ever Goku went this mark that sparked the wormhole could've lead him to a different universe to where even I can't even travel too."

Bulma: "Not even you?! It's great and all that he's alive, but who could be the one responsible for sending Goku to a different universe?!"

Beerus: "Demons" as he shows a killing intent face

Gohan: "!(the pressure he's giving off is scary…. Thank goodness he's somewhat on our side…)"

Bulma: "Did you say Demons?"

Whis: "You heard right Bulma, Demons are in the works to what happen to Goku."

Beerus: "Specifically two demons…."

Vegeta: "And who would that be?!"

Beerus: "Towa and Mira…"

Vegeta/ Bulma/Gohan: "Towa and Mira?"

Whis: "That's correct."

Vegeta: "Not to ask the obvious, but who the hell are they?"

Whis: "Let's begin with the one with the brains, Towa. Towa, she's a demon who also happens to be a scientist as well, I don't know much of her family, but she the younger sister to the late King of the Demons, Dabura."

Gohan: "Dabura!?" as Gohan gets up from his seat.

Whis: "I take it you know about him?"

Gohan: "More like I fought him back before you guys came into the picture."

"Oh?!" Beerus and Whis said as they were intrigued. "I'm not too surprised that demons have already risen from below, but to think the king of the demons would pop up back then is very shocking."

"So tell us Goku's kid, did you ever manage to pull off a win on the King of the Demon world?" Beerus said curiously.

"Oh…Uh no… I hate to say it but he was really a formidable foe to where it took everything I had to match him in power only to realize that it ended in a draw… and he was the one who called off the fight." Gohan said disappointed.

"Hmph, it ended like that because you've gotten weaker over those past seven years Gohan, you were much stronger when you fought Cell, and if that version of you were still kicking it and trained for those seven years, I'd dare say you would've reached a level to where even Kakarot and I couldn't even comprehend." As Vegeta scolded at Gohan.

"Hehehe, can't argue with you on that one Vegeta" as Gohan chuckles a little.

Beerus: "That's too bad, seeing how I sense potential in you I'd assumed you would've clapped the demon bastard. What a disappointed... Are you sure you're Goku's kid?"

"I am but it's okay though everyone! Since our encounter with Frieza, it made me realize how in order to protect the ones I love, I've got to get even stronger… I don't want to feel as I don't I'm a fodder person, so i'm gonna start training soon!" Gohan said

"Hmph, spoken like a true warrior" Vegeta said

"Okay, can we get back on topic here?" Bulma said as if she was done with everyone. "Since Goku's in another world or universe… I'd say we patch up all the dragon balls, summon Shenron and ask him to bring back Goku over here."

"Not a bad idea" Whis said as he was impressed.

Bulma: "Okay then it's settle! Let's go find the dragon balls!"

Since Bulma was an expert at collecting the Dragon balls, it didn't take long to collect all seven. "Ok, it's all here" Bulma said as the dragon balls were shining/glowing. "Now come forth eternal dragon and come grant my wish!"

The sky turns dark as the dragon balls beam an even brighter light, after like 3 minutes or so the magical dragon comes out of the dragon balls given how long the dragon is, it's no shocker to Bulma and the gang. The dragon roar as if it's ready to grant a wish. Over at the mountain Piccolo was sparing both Goten and Trunks just for the sake of it and stopped when they see the sky turns dark.

"Huh what the?!" Goten said.

"The sky is dark... that could only mean one thing…" Trunks said

"Someone has summoned Shenron" Piccolo replied to him. "But who though?"

"Could be my mom" Trunks said

"Well now if it is I take it she has a clue to where Goku is" Piccolo said.

"Really?!" Goten yelled.

"Just a hunch so to confirm it, let's head to where the casters summoned Shenron." Piccolo said

"Right!" as both Piccolo, Goten and Trunks starts to fly to the dragon.

Back at the Brief's Residence

Since the sky is dark and all, it's mostly covered (not entirely) by the dragon's body that's long as you can imagine. "I am the eternal dragon Shenron and I shall grant your wish, now spea-… L-L-L-L Lord Beerus!" IT'S AN HONOR TO SEE YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS ONCE AGAI-

"Skip the formalities, and start hearing at our wish or I'll destroy you on the spot" Beerus said

"! Right! Now uh…. Please state… your wish…" Shenron said in a panic.

Whis: "That's your cue Bulma."

"Right, ok Shenron hear us out, our friend Goku… he's in another world/ universe so for my wish I'd like you to bring him here safe and sound!" Bulma said

"Your wish is my command" as Shenron's eyes starts to glow an even brighter red. After about twenty minutes of trying, Shenron came empty handed. "I'm sorry but that wish something I can't do"

Gohan/Vegeta/Bulma: "Huh?!"

"This is a surprise…" Whis said

"And what do you mean you can't? You can't or you won't?" Bulma questions the dragon.

"Both" Shenron replied.

"And Why's that?!" as Bulma starts to get annoyed.

"The place the Saiyan Goku is at, he seems to be comfortable to where he is, from what I'm seeing… He's enjoying that place as he makes many new allies." Shenron said

"Dad…" Gohan said. "Allies? Like who exactly?"

Shenron: "His allies are in short of a group/ guild called…... Fairy Tail…."

All: "Fairy Tail?!"

"Indeed, your companion has set himself a home with them, he seems to be having a good time with the people over there." Shenron said.

"It's great that Goku's making new friends, but still Shenron… you should bring him here anyway!" Bulma said.

"I can't" Shenron claims.

"If he's happy over there, then why bring him back here?" Beerus questioned. "He'll probably be upset if he's brought back here, so I say let the dumbass be and wait for when he'll return"

"But Lord Beerus…" Bulma said as she confused on why.

"Well, if that's how it is, then I guess we can't intervene with it" Gohan said.

"Hmph, I have no problem with that, with Kakarot out of the way, I'll get even stronger to the point where I'll surpass and take the throne of number one! Let the clown be Bulma." Vegeta said as he confidently laughs.

"Then I guess we're all in agreement here" Beerus said.

"Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho, if that's how you want to play Lord Beerus" Whis said while laughing.

"And just what do you mean by that Whis? What's so funny?" Beerus questions.

Whis begins to whisper to Beerus's left ear, "I have no problem with Goku being in some other universe and such, but with the upcoming tournament that the King of All Zeno wants to plan with the other universes, We'll be a man down and this man has a power of a god after all" Whis said with a sarcastic smile.

Beerus's face went white… it gets quite for about 3 minutes… a dot right after another flows above his head (3 dots total). Beerus then starts to panic, "OH SHIITTT! HOW THE HELL DID I FORGET?!" he yelled causing a miniature shockwave, "listen up dragon this wish is coming from a destroyer god! Bring Goku back to this universe, Universe 7 this instant!"

"Well, well, well… why the change of heart hmm? You went from "let the fighting freak be" to worrying like you got your panties in a bunch! What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" Bulma said as she was mocking Beerus.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that… what matters most is to bring that idiot back to our universe and NOT some washed up universe, now are you gonna grant my wish or not?!" Beerus said

The Eternal dragon hesitated for merely ten seconds, later gives Beerus an answer, "like I have told Bulma… I can't grant that wish not even to you Lord Beerus…." As sweat drops from his face.

"You CAN'T? or YOU WON'T?" Beerus said

"Both" Shenron replied.

"WHAT!?" as Beerus starts to get aggravated.

Vegeta and Gohan comes in front of Beerus, "Now, now Lord Beerus take it easy, Shenron can grant wishes but there are some that are far beyond his power!" Gohan said. "Yes the boy is right! Kakarot's decision of him staying there… I'm pretty sure it's only temporary!" Vegeta said to Beerus.

"Tch, temporary you say? What a pain in the ass…" as Beerus starts to get calm.

Whis starts to walk past Beerus to confront the dragon making Bulma assume he might have a wish, "Whis?" Bulma said.

"You Hoo, excuse me eternal dragon!" Whis said. "It's fine for you to not grant that wish, despite it coming from a God of Destruction, HOWEVER… surely you can at least tell us where precisely he is right?"

"Indeed I can…" as Shenron's thoughts starts to process. "Your friend Goku… is in some universe that I'm not familiar with… he's on a planet similar to earth, but the people there call their planet Earthland."

"Earth… land?" Everyone said but the dragon.

"And you say he's in some kind of universe?! Beerus questions.

"Yes, an unknown one, rather that or he's in the other universes." Shenron replies.

"(there were 18 universes total, where universes 13-18 were erased by the King of All, could Goku be in one of those universes? But that shouldn't be a possibility…)" Whis wonders. "Then do us a favor and give us your best guess Shenron, which universe do you think he's in?"

Shenron begins processing multiple possibilities, thinking ways on what this "unknown universe" is. "Possibility the universes other than 7, 1-12… just a guess."

"Well now, there's something we can agree on, I'd had the same hunch." Whis stated. "Lord Beerus, in your defense we shouldn't ponder time here, we should take our chances into thinking he is in one of those universes so I suggest we start looking."

"Guess you're not a complete waste of a wish granting creature now are you?" as he looks at Shenron. "Very well, you've please me dragon, so I guess I'll spare your life for now, Whis you're right we should start looking right away." Beerus said

"T-Thank You Lord Beerus! I'm truly humbled by your praise! Now if you don't have a wish in mind, I'll take my leave then…" as Shenron glanced at him.

"Wait! I have a wish!" Bulma yells "I wish you give Goku a pot of senzu beans!"

Everyone looks at Bulma with a confused face, "Your wish is my command…!" as his eyes turns bright red, and after a few minutes the wish was done, "Your wish has been granted, now I bid you farewell, if you would excuse me… Lord Beerus" After the wish was made, the dragon resorts back into the 7 dragon balls as they ascend in midair then later on scattered across the earth.

"Senzu beans? Why make a wish like that?" Gohan asked. "Not that there's anything wrong with it, I'm just wondering."

"Well obviously Goku's gonna need his strength up to full speed because I have a hunch that this Towa and Mira person are over to were Goku is too." Bulma responded.

"Smart thinking Bulma," Whis stated.

"So Whis, about your hunch… you said earlier that Goku couldn't possibly be in the other universes and now you're say that he COULD be because of Shenron making the same hunch as you?" Gohan said. "

"That's correct, after all there is a reason to why I said what I said earlier only to make sure of it." Whis replied.

"And what would that be?" Vegeta said.

"Well there is no reason, it's just a hunch that I just wanted to know if anyone besides me could come to that conclusion too." Whis stated as he smiled.

Vegeta, Bulma, and Gohan all fell on their back.

Piccolo, Goten and Trunks Enter the Scene

"Hey Gohan and everyone!" Goten said as the three of them descends.

"Mr. Piccolo, Goten, Trunks!" Gohan said

"Dad! Mom!" Trunks said as he went to them.

"Trunks" both Vegeta and Bulma replied.

"So you guys mind filling us in the details here?" Piccolo said.

Gohan starts explaining to the three of them for roughly around twenty-five minutes. After that, Piccolo and the boys manage to get ahold of the situation and wanted it on the hunt. "Hmph this isn't some vacation you know!" Beerus said.

"We know but we're gonna go anyway!" Bulma said. "If Goku's in a universe we're unaware of, then we've got to at least make sure he's safe and such."

"But with this many people, how are we gonna get by each universe? Are we gonna use your spaceship Bulma?" Gohan asked.

"Oh goodness no, that won't be necessary, since we're a big party here we can just travel with this!" Whis said. He starts waving his staff in an open space, using the powers of it into bringing out a cube shaped vehicle.

"Hey I remember that, that's the cube from when we were heading to that planet with the tournament with your brother Champa, Beerus." Bulma said

Beerus: "It's a vehicle that us gods can use; we can travel anywhere with it no matter how far a place is. We'll use this to get by to each universe, we'll start with my brother's…. Universe 6 Which I highly doubt he's there."

"Trunks: "Sweet! Mind if Goten and I tag along too? I want to see other Universes!"

Bulma: "Absolutely no-

"Be our guess Trunks" Vegeta said as he interrupts Bulma.

"But Vegeta!" Bulma said to Vegeta to the face. "They're kids! They're too young to be going on a dangerous trip! What if they encounter something dangerous?!"

Vegeta: "If so then they can handle it, they ARE saiyans after all… it's in their nature to not resist a fight they're urging to want."

Beerus: "Good grief, you saiyans are barbaric mortals now aren't you? To be honest, I don't care if the boys come along, just don't get in the way"

Goten/Trunks: "Yes sir!"

Bulma sighs, "Should've known it'd come to this… oh well, but promise me this boys, if something you encounter is far superior to you in any way, you are to retreat and let Vegeta and Gohan handle it got it!?"

"Yes mom/Ma'am" Trunks and Goten said excitedly.

"It's high noon right now, so we're departure in about 3 hours, so you guys get ready. In the meantime, Lord Beerus and I will chow down food while we'll answer anything you want to know Bulma, well mostly me." Whis said.

Scene Changes to the Fairy Tail Verse On some Planet Far Away from Earthland

In a village that's well known around the planet, something sinister abrupts it. The village is in shambles/ruins. The people's population over there seems to decrease as well. At a closer and better view, there is a kid running from a man.

The kid breathes in and out as he was running for his life, he's covered in blood and sustains some minor injuries but was still able to kick it running. "(This is bad... this evil person… he killed everyone in this village! I've got to get out of here and warn people from all around! This person…his sinister aura… this…... demon, my mom… dad… my sisters…. if I don't hurry he'll keep on killing people!)" as the kid runs in fear. The kid gets into a hiding spot near the front entrance. "(I don't see that blue man and the entrance is right over there… should I take my chances and go for it? Or what if there's a trap?)" as he hides in a barrel but opens up the lid to take a small peak. "(I should really way out my options here… think Davota… think!)" as his heart pounds with pressure.

Then when Davota least expected it, he starts seeing a mysterious figure at the entrance. "(Who… Who's that…?)"

The mysterious figure is shown to have blue skin as well but the opposite gender as the blue man Davota's been avoiding. "(You've got to be kidding me… another one of them?! But this one's a girl though… Kch judging by her appearance she doesn't seem much, but the elders thought about that to the blue man before he stared massacring everyone. Even if she is a girl, I'll keep my distances and wait for the perfect opportunity.)"As Davota gulps.

Scene Changes to Universe 7, Earth

Vegeta was in the gravity chamber of his own and started training. Goten and Trunks were playing tag with each other while Bulma, Gohan, Piccolo, Beerus and Whis were at the table eating but also discussing about Towa and Mira.

"Now Whis if you don't mind, can you continue where you left off with Towa?" Bulma insisted on Whis.

"Ah yes that's right, ahehehe my apologies for getting side tracked and such." As Whis was finishing up eating. "Very well, now where was I? Oh right! Ahem… Towa, like I said she was an amazing scientist who forged what mankind had least anticipated, since she's a demon and all you would think she would come with a load of henchmen and stuff, but truth be told, she's just a soloed person who betrayed her own kind."

"And the reason for that is because?" Piccolo said curiously.

Whis: "I don't know the reason for that but many, many centuries after the demon realm was sealed, she'd return back into the picture and wanted to break the seal of the Demon realm. Though she couldn't do it alone so she had helped, which would bring in Mira."

"Mira is a being created by Towa who feasts on energy that she steals from fighters and feeds it to Mira, causing an exponential growth in power."

Gohan: "And how strong is this Mira person? Up to SSB level?"

"Oh heavens no! not even close! If I to give it a guess, Mira from back then is about SSJ level." Whis stated. "Though who knows how long he's been gathering energy for himself really… it's been ages."

Gohan: "So in a way they're not much of a threat, but they could be once Mira gathers enough energy to be SSB level. This is bad news."

"Don't be a downer Goku's kid, Worst to worst I'll destroy him. I am a destroyer god after all. It'll be over 1000 plus years to where Goku and Vegeta can rival my power" As Beerus finished up his pudding.

"Okay but that still doesn't explain why Towa put Goku in another universe though…" Bulma said

"Towa does know about the Saiyan race so maybe bear with me here she knows the great threats about them and wanted to exterminate them while she has the chance. She perhaps put Goku in one of the universes to separate him from everyone such as us, so Mira who could be SSB Level to kill him and absorb him to take an even further evolution of power… though it's just a theory." Whis stated.

"Hmph" Vegeta said as he got out and entered the balcony. "To use such cheap tactics on a Saiyan is so pitiful I could barf."

Trunks: "Dad so I take it you're done now?"

Vegeta: "What does it look like boy?"

Back to Whis: "All in all, Towa's up to no good and since she's not only collecting energy for Mira, she's also collecting energy to probably break the seal on the Demon Realm, and if it breaks... we're in for a rude awakening."

Bulma: "Why's that?"

"Because of two deadly deities, Demigra and Mechikabura" Whis replied.

"You said deities? As in they're gods?!" Vegeta said.

"That's right and they're very dangerous and quite powerful, each of their power alone rivals a God of Destruction, in fact Lord Beerus had trouble fighting Demigra, and he manage to come out alive." Whis said.

"Tch, you didn't have to blur that out to them you know Whis..." Beerus said.

"But between the two of them who's stronger?!" Bulma said

Whis: "No one knows quite frankly, but if Demigra almost rivaled Lord Beerus in raw power, then there is no doubt Mechikabura can as well and since Towa plans to break the seals, Demigra and Mechikabura will be able to roam free and that will cause havoc."

"Did you ever destroy them Lord Beerus?" Vegeta wonders

"Heh, sorry to rain on your parade Vegeta, but no, I never fought Mechikabura but Demigra on the other hand, he was moments away from getting destroyed but he high tailed his ass back to the demon realm when he had the opportunity." Beerus replied. "But I'm still stronger than him"

"Ok, and one last question before we departure... who was the one who sealed the Demon Realm" Bulma said.

"That would be the Supreme Kai of Time" Whis answered.

Vegeta/Piccolo/Gohan/Bulma: "Supreme Kai of Time?"

Piccolo: "Another Supreme Kai?"

Whis: "Of Time... and since Demigra and Mechikabura were in the Demon realm during that specific time, it was a stroke of luck for the Supreme Kai of Time along with her other comrades to do a binding seal to seal off the Demon Realm for good. I would continue to explain her origins but that's a story for another time. Now before we leave are you all guys prepared?"

Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks shook their heads in agreement. Bulma was wearing a cap, and was carrying a bag on her back which had tons of capsules that was filled with food, housing etc…. "Yea I'm ready too!" Bulma said.

Beerus: "Good now everyone hop into the Cube, it's gonna be a long ride to Universe 6."

All: "Right!"

Scene Changes Back to Davota and the Mysterious Figure on the Random Planet….

Half an Hour has passed, Davota was still keeping an eye on the mysterious figure who was at the entrance still. He was sweating at an abnormal rate. The mysterious figure at the entrance was sitting on her staff and was whistling. "(It's been well over half an hour now... wonder who she's waiting for... kch, thesuspense is killing me.)" Davota said.

"About time you show up... Mira" The mysterious figure said.

The blue man that's name Mira comes towards the mysterious figure. "Towa" Mira said.

"So, how is this place? Was our intel about this place able to help you snaggle energy for yourself?" the mysterious figure said as her name is revealed to as Towa.

"Tch, talk about pathetic, this village was nothing more than an appetizer roaming around to get killed. Their energy was beyond pitiful... nothing more than a chicken running around with its head cut off. The rumor you heard Towa was just a rumor and this was a waste of a trip." Mira said.

"Now, now Mira have patience we're steps closer to achieving you to the ultimate form, (and for me to break the seal.) What really matters to continue to require more energy." Towa said. Moments later the head of the staff begins to glow causing the attention to Towa. "Hmm? Oh, well it's about time. Mira, I have good news for you."

"Spit it out" Mira replied.

"The symbol I planted on that Earthling's gun design seems to have activated. And our fellow Saiyan Goku fell into the wormhole and is now in this universe." Towa said. "He could give you a challenge to boost up your energy over ten thousand times fold, than what we've been collecting for the past 100 years"

"Goku? The Son Goku? Yes... YES!... Finally, someone worthy for me to obliterate and absorb his energy.!" As Mira pumps himself up.

"(I can barely hear them... so far I heard of a Goku, but what's a Goku?)" As Davota said to himself. "(I shouldn't panic right here, I just got to wait for them to leave then I can get out I can... !)" As Davota feels the heavy pressure of what Mira's energy is given off. "(His power... is making me lose my humanity... he's a monster!)" as Davota shivers in fear with sweat driveling down his face.

"HAHAHAHA! A PERFECT FIGHTER WHO'S WORTHY FOR ME!" Mira said. "Where is he Towa since he's here in this universe."

Towa checks her staff, "Hmm... he's in on a planet far, far away from here... a planet called Earthland."

Mira: "How long will that take us to get there?"

"Hope you have patience... Two weeks" Towa replied. "It's that long since we're on the other side of the universe."

"Then we'll head for Earthland as soon as possible, I want to kill Son Goku and take his energy." Mira.

"Sure... but before we do that... how long are we gonna pretend we don't see that kid in the barrel. "Towa said with an evil smirk.

"(!)" as Davota goes silent.

Mira turns to the direction on the barrel. Davota closes the lid and starts to agonize in fear, he panics but didn't show it. His heart starts to beat to the point where he's at death's door. He closes his eyes hoping they would leave. Davota starts to breath heavily.

Mira points his left hand at the barrel's direction and fires a Ki blast, destroying the barrel... releasing the kid from it. Davota pumbles to the ground all bruised up. "(I can't feel my legs...!)" as Davota looks at his legs, he was shock to see his legs blown off.

"M...M-My LEGS!" Davota yelled.

Mira walks towards Davota, "So there you are... you were listening in on our conversation, weren't you? And without your legs you can't run from me now, though it didn't matter anyway since I could sense your energy." As he grabs him by the neck and starts to choke him.

"(C-Can't breathe... I'm losing oxygen!) please... spare me...! I'm just a kid... have mercy..." as he struggles to speak.

"A kid huh? If you're old enough to eavesdrop, then you're enough to know that begging for mercy won't cut you any slack... this is reality kid... not everything goes your way just by begging like a pathetic sore eye that you are... though you have my praises for lasting this long from me" Mira said as he crushes his neck, killing him in the process. Mira drops the kid afterwards.

"Now that you're done... let's eradicate this planet and head towards Earthland to meet up with your meal Mira." Towa insisted.

"Hmph very well" Mira said as both of them ascends to the sky up to space. Mira starts to create a miniature energy ball and released it to the planet. The planet erodes with a massive explosion as Mira and Towa watches, they can hear the people scream in fear and agony causing the ground to crack and get obliterated into simple ashes. After about four minutes the planet was no more. Towa smiled sadistically and sighs, "I always love it when weaklings like them tremble in fear."

"And now that that's done, our next agenda... Earthland...!" Mira said

Towa and Mira starts to prep up and soon departed to make their way to Earthland.
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