Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
4 The super Saiyan of fairy tail
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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
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4 The super Saiyan of fairy tail

"Ahem* I hate to ruin the reunion but we're still on the clock here" Jenny said, "For closure we just need to confirm the five fighters from Fairy Tail that will fight for you!"

However, she gets ignored when Goku and Mirajane were still in hugging position, "I'm so glad... Goku, don't do something like that again ok? You gave me a scare when you left out of nowhere. However, if you give me a reason then you could..."

"Hehe, well if you put it like that, then done and done!"

"Good... I'm glad..." she smiled as her tears dried out. Her pretty face lays on his chest, making Goku rendered nervous...

When the hugging session ended, Goku turns to Blue Pegasus, "So what are the five of your names?" before he could hear Blue Pegasus's answer, Goku spotted Loke and Virgo and immediately was shocked, "(What are they doing here!? Aww crap this isn't good...)"

Virgo whispers in Loke's left ear, "Big Brother, that guy looks like the Supreme Deity but with black hair."

"I'm aware Virgo... I'm well aware..." Loke said

"(Aww man what do I do? Do I just pretend I don't know them? Seems like it's the only thing to do...)"

Goku's thought process gets interrupted when Hibiki, Eve and Ren surrounded him as they were inspecting his body, no homo.

"(So this must be Goku, the new member...)" Hibiki

"(He seems to be in good shape...) Eve

"(So this is the guy that Mirajane Strauss is falling for? Boy he looks weak as wet spaghetti; no way does this guy can hold a candle to Blue Pegasus...)" -Ren

"Makarov could you explain who is this gentleman is? Is he the guy in to the sketch there?" Ichiya asked.

"( What sketch...?)" soon he looks at the sketch Virgo drew and was utterly shocked. The sketch was him in his SSJ God form... (This person who drew me in my SSJ God form is really talented...) Say who is that in the sketch?" the saiyan asked rhetorically.

"Oh it's nothing Goku, it's just some a what if sketch. You know people's imagination of what they think about people. I thought of you with red hair, so Lucy's Celestial Spirit drew it for me." Mirajane answered.

"Oh that's cool... (Aside from the fact I accidentally fought Virgo in my SSJ God form...)"

"So you must be Goku, pleasure to meet you. I'm Hibiki and I'm from a guild called Blue Pegasus."

"Oh nice to meet you"

Hibiki stuck out his hand as Goku graciously took it, "Oh and these are my other guildmates."

"I'm Eve"

"The name's Ren"

"Ichiya!" as he shows off his "hot manly self..."

"Nice to meet you guys," Goku turns to Jenny, "Who's the girl?"

The blonde beauty approached Goku. Her strapless dress that's light pink reveals her cleavage as it presses on Goku's chest, making Mirajane flustered as to why she would such a slutty thing. "Hey there strong boy, my name's Jenny Realight. From my figure I betcha you're just as turned on that a pretty person like me is on you..." in a seductive tone.

"H-Hey!" Mirajane yelled as her cheeks starts tampering in red.

"I guess..." replied Goku, "(Aww man... she smells so fancy, it's making my nose feel so funny...)"

"Y-You guess...? (What the heck is this guy? Usually this tactic works with every guy... why not him? Alright then, time to expand my tactics overall...) You probably heard of me throughout Fiore. As you may know I'm the current Miss Fiore. Does it turn you on that a model like me is hitting on you?" she gets closer to Goku's face, with her left leg she wraps it around Goku to pull her close, making him touch her AHEM*...

From explicit reasons Goku felt a little embarrassed, Jenny saw as she smiled, "(There we go... if this is the man Mirajane's all over then as her rival, I'll make him fall in love with me...! Should I give him a kiss, he'll simply fall for me for sure and Mirajane will crumble in defeat... here we go...)" Jenny lets go of her left leg and placed her hands on the saiyan's cheek.

Mirajane gets flustered as Lucy, Wendy, and Levy covered their eyes but lets out a peak. The boys whistled at the event while Blue Pegasus was admiring Jenny for how deviate she is. As for the saiyan himself, he didn't know how to react to this. I mean sure letting out a blush is considered a reaction but still, when Jenny's lips were just inches away from touching the saiyan, Mirajane stood between the two and broke them up...

"Ok that's enough!" Mirajane claims, "There's no reason for you to be here since we arranged the 5v5 already!"

"Oh?" Jenny's had on a smug face, "It's so unlike you to meddle in someone's affairs Mirajane."

"Affairs? You were flirting with my guildmate without his consent, and besides... you can't just do that"

"I've done that to plenty of guys to get what I want. With your looks you can do that too, but you choose not to..."

"Hey Mira, you said a 5v5? What did you and Blue Pegasus plan while I was gone?" he wondered.

Mirajane explained the soon to be 5v5 Tournament coming in 5 days. After hearing this, Goku's eyes were filled in excitement, "Are you kidding!? That sounds awesome!" he ran to Makarov, "Hey Gramps, you've got to put me in it! Please!"

"Looks like you spoke too soon Natsu..." Happy said.

"Well it's too late, your guild has already decided on their 5 against our 5. No use crying over spilled milk." Ren informed.

Then with an idea in mind, Makarov made a cocky smirk, "Call me crazy but... THERE'S SOMETHING I LIKE TO CHANGE ABOUT THE 5V5!" Makarov yelled but in good terms.

"W-What is it..." Ichiya muttered.

"Screw the 5v5 tournament! I'm not going to have it! Instead let's do a handicap match! A 5v1 should do"

"5v1? What the hell are you talking about!?" Natsu demanded as he sets his foot down.

"Oh hey I'm fine with it" Ichiya stated.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... what the hell you mean 5v1 are you saying you don't want a fair fight!?" Erza asked, "Master do you know what you're saying? We'll be at a disadvantage! You heard their terms if they win right?"

"I'm well aware Erza but trust me there's a logical explanation here."

"What is it...?" she said curiously.

"It's a gamble but I'm going to nominate this one person to take the five of you guys on if that's ok" Makarov said to Blue Pegasus.

"It's your grave" Ren said.

"I'm okay with this offer but why only one person from your guild? You have seen our guild in battle before, right? We're a force to be reckon with."

"I know Blue Pegasus is a formidable guild, however... this one person is even more formidable than the entire planet of Earthland."

"What?!" Ren and Eve said in surprise.

"Sounds like a bluff I must say... who is this person you speak so fluent of?"

"Hmph! Oh I get it now, Gramps must of chose me for this 1v5 because of how strong I've gotten from defeating the Future Rogue!"

"It's not you Natsu..." Makarov claims.

"What!?" as an arrow struck Natsu's heart metaphorically.

"Heh, what did you expect moron, even you're not that strong especially to me..."

"Oh fuck you Stripper..." Natsu headbutts Gray as the two were duking it out.

From Goku's stand points, he sees Natsu's rivalry with Gray as a remainder of him and Vegeta's. He couldn't help but smile at that remark as he puts his hands over his head as he laughs. Mirajane caught wind of Goku and couldn't help but smile at such a charm he's giving off.

"If it isn't Natsu or Gray, then is it perhaps Erza or Mira? Gajeel? Laxus?" Wendy asked as she gave out ideas.

"It is a good guess my child, but no. The person that I nominate is Son Goku!" as he points to the saiyan.

"Me?" Goku points at himself in confusion

"Him!?" Blue Pegasus yelled.

"Interesting..." Jenny made a face of interest...

"Not to toot my own horn Makarov but what makes him so essential to contribute for this 1v5? Isn't he a new member you just brought in? I think it's too early to throw caution into the wind here..."

"I know that but trust me on this one, Goku here is a remarkable man whose strength is unmatchable... he's not even a mage and he bested Natsu..."

Eve and Ren turned to Natsu, "Really? Is that true!?"

"Tch..." Natsu had his arms crossed. By not answering the question confirmed it for the two.

"I see... then by all means let's change it up and accept the 1v5 Master Ichiya" Hibiki asked.

"Are you sure Hibiki? It's unfair for Fairy Tail though, men... what a dilemma."

"Think about it this way... they may be down four people but on the bright side our terms are still in agreement here."

"You do have a point..." Ichiya admits, "Then we'll accept your offer. A 1v5 it is! Our terms are still in play. Feel free to tell us your terms at the GMA arena in five days"

"Hmph, gladly. Unfortunately, that's not up to me to decide... it's for Goku right there... Goku my boy, what is it you want for your wager...?"

"Hmm... good question... oh I know! For my wager... I want..."

"For his wager... he wants..." Everyone followed after Goku.

"(Does he want me?)" Thought Jenny.

"(A fight with Master?)" Lucy said.

"(To do naughty things to Mira?)" as Lisanna imaged Goku fucking Mirajane lol.

"(Or perhaps... he wants to be the new master of this guild...?)" Erza thought.

"For my wager for when I win... is Mira!" as he points to her.

"M-M-Me!?" she turns to Goku as she puffs up.

Goku's answer shocked everyone in the guild. It made Jenny jealous overall because her tactics that she tried earlier to make him woo over her seems to go down the toilet. Hibiki, Ichiya, Ren and Eve were okay with it. The girl's eyes were wide as it took up most of their face, the boys were quiet... out of all things he could've put on the table, he chose Mirajane?! This confused some people, with monstered strength one would assume they would go for the golden prize like... Jewels or fame and shit, but a girl? The answer flew into Lisanna and Elfman's minds as they looked at Goku who gave Mirajane a grin that made her lose it. There's no denying it, her face was red as a tomato, indicating that Elfman and Lisanna assumed that Mirajane was okay with it! However,...

"I'm flattered Goku but why..."

"Yes why! Tell us!" Jenny demanded.

"I want you because you cook such great meals."

"Eh!?" each compliment raised up Mirajane's heart rate which isn't good but it's anime so what's good nowadays?

"You chose her over me because she can cook!?"

"Mmmm Hmmm, Jenny, right? I chose Mira as my terms because, I will admit, food in restaurants are amazing, but they don't hold a candle to Mira's cooking"

"(He... likes my cooking... and... is he trying to me faint?)" Mirajane looks at Goku, "Uh... Goku... I'm flattered that you would think of me, but you shouldn't go for something like that"

"Hmm? Why not? I like your cooking"

"I know but if it's my cooking you want, I can just make meals for you every day as a hobby. Would you like that instead?"

Hearing that made Goku happy as trooper, so happy that without thinking he lifted Mirajane with his hands as they grabbed her by the hips. He spins her around in joy. When this was happening Mirajane blushed to a level where she could just turn SSJ but that wasn't the case. She was smiling as he smiled, seeing his actions made her assume he would LOVE that. So for fuck sakes she just lets it all out and enjoyed getting spun by him like hearing good news about a wife pregnant or something.

From seeing it in Titania's eyes, she felt something she had never felt before. Seeing Mirajane happy in Goku's arms made her feel a bit embarrassed, for odd desires she wanted to be the one to get spun around by Goku. But the question is why? Was Goku's innocents getting to Erza as well? While that was going on Jenny didn't take too kindly to this. Seeing Goku, the person she tried to seduce go for another women, sets her rage into oblivion. So with that in mind, she decided to change her terms.

"I like to change something to the 1v5 if you don't mind" Jenny raised her hand as Goku and Mirajane stopped.

"What is it Jenny?" Hibiki asked.

"Instead of loser goes nude for the public, I've decided this, my terms for when we win is that... I want you..." she points to Goku.

"EH!?" The Fairy Tail Guild yelled.

"Why Goku!?" Lisanna wondered.

"I just want him to join my guild, Blue Pegasus, but to be specific, I want him to be my..." at one and a half speed of slow-motion Jenny said, "Boyfriend..."

"Eh...?" Mirajane had one eyebrow up. "EH!? What!?"

"Hmph, take it or leave it!"

"Sure I'll take it" Goku said.

"Goku! You're willing to be her boyfriend if she wins? That means you'll be leaving me and over to Blue Pegasus... I don't want that..." she shows a sad expression as it surfaced her face making Goku, and Lisanna catch aware.

"(Mira must really want him if she's acting like that. Now let's see how Goku will respond to ...)" Lisanna

"Mira, I'm okay with being her boyfriend. I am a boy right? So she's looking for a friend, so I'll obliged to that! and besides, I just made that promise to you earlier remember? There's no way I'll leave you" he heads pats her making Jenny jealous to the core, "I haven't really shown you guys what I'm made of so cheer up! I'll beat them, no doubt" he smiles in front of Mirajane's face.

"Y-Yea... (Is that his definition of a boyfriend... wow... why didn't I expect an answer as dull like that...) Fine, that term is accepted, but only if you win. If you lose then your term doesn't hold up!" Mirajane points at Jenny.

"Hey, as long as we're in agreement here, boys let's get going now" Jenny said as she waved goodbye to everyone.

"So long, see you guys in five days!" Hibiki

"Make sure your newbie member trains for those days, he's gonna need it!" Ren laughs in the background.

Ichiya twirls his ass out while Eve waved too. However, as Jenny was done waving to everyone in the guild, she turns her eyes to Goku. Goku turns to Jenny too. Before Jenny would step out, she blew a kiss to Goku, sending that sucker to his face, it gets avoided thanks to Mirajane as she grabs it and rips it to shreds. Jenny wasn't fazed but it did leave an impression and so all five members of Blue Pegasus left the Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

"Man, were they a handful... I was looking forward for the 5v5 but since master changed it up a notch to a 1v5, I'm not sure whether to feel more excited or scared of losing..." Lucy said.

"I would feel excited. Mister Goku's gonna show more of his strength to not only us, but to Blue Pegasus too!" in the background Happy was cheering like a cheerleader.

"Yea I'm stoked about it too! Fighting a different guild gets my blood boiling. Man I can't wait!" he clenched his hands together as he shows off a grin of satisfaction.

"Although I'm happy for you, you've still have to explain where you went and why you left Mira, Goku..." Erza demanded.

"Oh yeah, that's right..."

"Yea spill the beans man, tell us!" said Natsu in a curious tone.

"Okay... so the reason I left without telling you guys is because..." Goku went on to explain everything. The reason for leaving was because he wanted to find space large enough for a house to fit from one of the capsules. He looked everywhere in Magnolia but no amount of space could suffice the capacity of a Capsule Corp one. So he went outside of Magnolia, and from there he came across a forest where the area there pacts so much space. Right after, he explains what Capsules are... you know it's something where you can store an object by compacting the size of it. He shows an example of a capsule as he picks out a blue one from the square container he left on one of the tables here. By pressing the head and throwing it to the ground, smoke alerted Natsu and the others as they were on high alert, but when the smoke was dialing down everyone's eyes witnessed a dresser. They were shocked nonetheless and so it was enough to convince everyone he was telling the truth. He already activated the capsules for a house in the forest, all that's left is to go there.

"See? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my square container and head to the area in the forest!" as he grabs the container, "You guys are welcome to join me"

"Hell yeah I'll join you! You coming too Happy? I want to check out this house of yours. You're a weird dude and I bet you your house will also be weird too!"

"Aye! I can't wait!" Happy exclaims.

"Okay, including me that makes three people."

"I'll come, because why not? (I know what Natsu's up too. It may not look like it but he wants to know about this Ki thing so he can learn it too. Well two can play that game, I won't let Flameo steal the spotlight!" Count me in Goku.

"Okay... so Gray too. Juvia you coming? I know I'm not smart, but I can tell you like being near Gray..." he teases...

"O-Of course! If my beloved Gray wants to go to another man's house then I shall accompany him with a pride and dignity!"

"I don't know what you said... but okay"

"Count me in! I want to see too!" Lucy said.

"Carla you want to come too? Sounds as though it'll be fun"

"Oh why not child, so be it. You and I will come."

"Goku! Carla and I will join you if you don't mind"

"Sure, so that's the girl cat..."

"IT's Carla!"

"And Wendy..."

"How do you remember her name but not mine..."

"Erza do you want to come?" Goku asked.

"W-What!? I... uh... (say you'll go... say you'll go!) s-sure. I'll come too."

"That includes me, I don't want you disappearing again out of my sight."

"That's alright with me Mira, I made that promise and I intend to keep it." He claps his hands, "Ok so that makes about..." he was counting... " Ten people, including myself. Now then let's get going, it's not a far walk."

"Hold up Goku, can't you use whatever you did to get here!?" asked Gray.

"It's called Instant Transmission. I could if I would, but it requires a power lock on."

"Does it have to do with something called Ki?" Mirajane wondered.

"Mmmm Hmm, looks like that old man told you what I told him. Long story short yes it requires Ki, and yes everyone has it inside of them, you just don't know how to use it. If you like I can teach it to you guys once we get there"

"Sure I'm down" Lucy agrees.

"Heh if you insist!" Natsu boasted.

"Hmph, count me in!" Gray said.

"Learning this "Ki" could be rewarding so yes for me too!" Wendy claims.

"Curiosity could kill the cat child but if you insist then I shall come too."

"Carla..." Wendy smiled.

"Mira? Erza? Do you want to learn about it? I'd be happy to teach you"

"Sure, with this Ki thing, can I be able to use it like magic?" asked Erza.

"Magic and Ki are different but have similar concepts."

"I would love to Goku, but not right now. For now I want to focus on getting to your house. Just so I can know where it is. If I'm able to memorize the way there I can come and go as I please. I'll able to cook you meals and such."

"Oh ok, you do that then, oh boy I can't wait. So is there anyone else that wants to come? Going once? Going twice? Okay, I guess that's the final verdict then."

Makarov, Lisanna, Elfman , Shadow Gear and everyone else in the guild decline the offer. As much as they want to, they had some things they needed to take care of. While Virgo and Loke returned to the Celestial Spirit World, to which of course Lucy and her keys, which shifts to Goku "leading" the way... to his new house! Onwards...! Or so they thought...

Outside of the guild hall there was a certain mage making her way to Fairy Tail. To be completely clear, the mage was none other than the Card Mage who could drink endless barrels of booze. Are you catching my drift? That's right, it's Cana Alberona! But something seems quite off about her. It appears she's wobbling left and right as she struggles to keep balance. Could it be that she's on alcohol? That was a chance that was 100% on the money. Since Cana couldn't find Goku at yesterday and all of morning today, she took her frustration out and drank twenty plus barrels of booze. She can hold her own on alcohol, but she drank more than usual, and it was thanks to Goku, the man she wanted for herself...

"(Ugh... hours of searching for that hot mess and still no lead on him. Damn it all to hell Goku, there isn't as cute as you are! Right when I found my perfect man, you just had to go up and disappear like you never existed. I swear if I ever find you, I'll make sure to rock his world upside down to where he can never comprehend...)" after a penny of her thoughts she makes her way to inside of the guild.

As she enters, right away she spotted Goku but assumes her mind was playing tricks on her since she's still drunk asf. "No way... either I'm starting to hallucinate him from being too sober... or that's really him..." she wipes her eyes repeatedly to realize it is him, "Uh! It really is him...! Alive in the flesh!" she sees him talking to Mirajane and Natsu.

"In a way Goku, I'm kind of excited to not only see the size of your house, but also learn Ki!"

"You and me both, I just hope it's for the best. Quite frankly I'm just so amped for the upcoming Tournament!" Goku said.

"Just make sure you don't overdo it, I know it's a little early to assume but I know you're going to win, without breaking a sweat" Mirajane smiled.

Her smile causes Goku to blush a little. It was a bit strange for the saiyan, for all of his life he's only ever loved fighting strong opponents and food, but for whatever reason why is it a smile from the White Hair Barmaid causes Goku to feel... funny? The moment that smile was put into place, Goku looked elsewhere to hide his embarrassing face.

"A-Anyway... let's just get going. It may have taken me a while but I finall-"

His sentence was cut short thanks to Cana jumping towards Goku with a hug tight enough for her to fall on him to the ground. Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Wendy. Carla, Lucy and Happy were a bit surprise to see her since she wasn't here when the 1v5 was agreed. Erza and above all Mirajane, were kind of aggravated to see the actions pulled by the Card Magic.

Cana's breast (that was covered with her blue bra) pressed on Goku's chest making him blush like a fiddle, "Oh... I was right... you are in fact the real genuine article..." her drunken self-smile, directly at Goku, "Goku, sweetheart... where have you've been? All this time, I've been searching for you and thinking about you nonstop... why did you disappeared like that? Not that it matters since you're right in front of me, I guess it's water under the bridge right...?"

"Y-Yea... I uh... (If I remember correctly this girl is the one who drinks a lot of booze. Her breath even smells like it... Cana is it?)"

Mirajane with a serious tone confronted tone confronted her, "Hey... Cana! What's the big idea jumping on him as if you own him or something?!"

"Hmm? I can't? Certainly, I can, from the looks of it Goku here didn't mind. If he did mind he would've asked me to get off him like a gentleman..." Cana placed her right hand on his left cheek, "Right?"

"I uh... Ahehehe..."

"Mira's right! You can't tell the expression of Goku's face on whether he likes it or not! Even though you use your own body to get what you want..." Erza points out.

"From the way you're talking Erza, I take it you have some sort of affection for Goku? This is a bit strange... even for you. You're a warrior and yet you're behaving this way? I'm not much of a thinker, but even I know when something's up about someone..."

"W-What... n-no! what nonsense are you sprouting!? There's no way I could ever feel that way...! (But she's not wrong... when I saw Goku making Mira happy... why did I feel something hurting inside me...? It's like having butterflies in my stomach...)"

"That's what I thought..." Cana giggled.

"I mean it Cana, get off him..."

"And if I say no?"

"Then I'll... I don't know actually..."

"Hmph, I rest my case then... if you don't mind I'd like to get started then..."

"Get started with what?" Goku and Mirajane said.

The thing Cana would like to get started on was giving him an uninterrupted kiss directly to the lips of the saiyan. She starts to get a little naughty and connects both their tongues together. By doing so her actions exceeded even her own actions, so she went above and beyond and grabbed Goku's crotch, enough to make him moan just a little causing Cana to smile. "(He likes it, such a naughty boy...)" Cana said it in her mind.

The boys, Lucy, Juvia, Wendy and Carla made a whistle noise, while Mirajane and Erza couldn't take what was happening to Goku. The saiyan himself didn't fight it out because in the situation he's in, he didn't know what to do. To Cana, it all adds up in her brain, when the kissing was done and over, their salivas were still connected. To end the all affairs, she leaned over to Goku's right ear and whispered, "I wouldn't mind doing it with you... hehehe..." and with that she passed on Goku.

The situation that transpired made everyone quiet on the trip to Goku's house. Cana was the eleventh person coming to the house coming along. She was being carried on Goku's back. Goku was walking beside Natsu, Lucy and Happy while Gray, Juvia and Erza were behind them as Mirajane, Carla and Wendy were followed. Following the events with Goku and Cana... Mirajane was still bothered with it.

"(Why didn't I stop her when she came in contact? I just let it happening as I was witnessing it...)" she placed her left hand on her chest.

After twenty minutes they finally arrived at the house.

"Whoa... it's... Gigantic...!" Lucy said in surprise.

Everyone had their eyes open, the house Goku had torched was a house similar to Capsule Corps, but only a little bit smaller. Still nonetheless, it was large enough to impress everyone that came with Goku, except Cana since she's knocked out lol.

"So you're really set out on wanting to live in a forest?" asked Erza.

"Mmmm Hmm, when I was little I used to live in the forest all the time for my entire life... well not really but you get the picture?"

"That's sounds cool Goku, but what are you going to do with Cana on your back?"

"Place her down on one of the couches when we enter inside, "Is everyone ready?"

"Sure" said everyone.

When they arrived at the front door, they saw the door slide sideways, impressing everyone but as they entered inside, it was no joke. If they thought outside was amazing, inside was going to blow their minds. There was a couch nearby and there Goku placed her down, "(For someone to do that in the guild hall, she's kind of adorable sleeping like that...) Okay, I'm sure you guys are curious to explore so I'll give you guys three hours after that, meet me outside so we can get started on your Ki training ok?"

"Yea!" everyone paired up in groups. Gray and Juvia were together. Natsu and Happy went up the floors to explore and shit while Erza, Wendy and Carla were exploring the basement. Leaving to just Mirajane and Goku. The both of them were in the kitchen, Mirajane was able to make him sliced sandwiches to which Goku deliberately helped himself too.

"You know Mira..." as he was munching, "You've been quiet since the way here... something on your mind?"

"Oh me? no, no it's nothing. I'm fine!" as she fake smiles, "(I can't let him see right through me...but I wonder... what did he feel when Cana kissed him. He didn't flinch, or it didn't look like he didn't mind...) I'm just a little tired from walking and searching for you, that's all."

"Ok, if you insist..." as he finished his last sandwich, "I'm going to go take a shower then... feel free to explore and help yourself and stuff ok?"

"Ok, have fun" she waved, "Since I've got the way to your house all figured out in my head, expect me to drop by everyday okay? I'll be leaving now."

"(Have fun? What's so fun about taking a shower? Oh well...) but we just got here and you're already leaving?"

"It's nothing personal Goku... I just need to get something off my chest"

"Oh ok, good luck with whatever you need to do then" as he waved to Mirajane walking out the door. It's just a hunch but he wondered what was going on with Mirajane, but with the 5v1 coming in a few days he wasted no time and went to take his shower.

In the three hours Natsu and the others were able to explore every last inch of this place and boy were they liking it. There were three floors, and so many rooms. It's enough to fit an entire village! And as instructed they met with Goku outside in the backyard and formed a circle with Goku in the center. Now it was time to learn about Ki. As he starts to explain it took an entire day for him to teach, demonstrate etc... but in just one day everyone, especially Erza was able to learn it quickly thanks to Goku's words. To his surprise he didn't know if what he said will work but it did and he's kind of happy about it... so here's the run down. Happy and Carla, they're able to sense Ki so it'll be useful to them. Lucy, Wendy and Juvia as well. Natsu, Gray and most of all Erza was able to learn it quite well and adapted quickly to their skills. (A/N: Sorry but this happened offscreen... I'm too tired to write their Ki Training...)"

It was getting late. Around nine ish Erza and everyone had headed home. Being able to sense and use Ki would very much benefit Fairy Tail. Although they learned Ki they would still need a lot of experience so Goku was happy to obliged in any way to help. That would include a gravity room installed that would soon be used for them. But in the meantime, just hand to hand combat. As the day ends Goku jumped into his boxers and tank top and right away was heading straight to sleep. Everything was going to be alright for him, but someone else had other plans...

Five Mornings Later...

The alarm next to him went off. While still having sleepy eyes and without looking Goku was struggling to turning off the alarm. He gently taps it but no matter the outcome it was still alarming the shit out of him so he had no choice but to smash it. No hard feelings alarm clock :(...

"(Ugh...)" he smacks his lips, "(Man... did I oversleep? Oh well, I slept at least... sigh* five more minutes...)" when he moved over to his right side to sleep a little better and as he did, his left hand touched something soft. "(Hmm? What is this... it's so soft... it's also so squishy...)" he continued squishing it with his left hand. After numerous squishing he finally heard mysterious voice who made cute squeal... "(Well that's weird, since when did a squish lead to a voice?)"

The mysterious voice gave a seductive moan, which sparked something to Goku, "(Hold on a second... I recognize that voice...)" his eyes were now wide awake, on his right side was someone next to him! But covered in his blanket. So to figure out who this person is, the logical thing to do was to unravel the scene. When he lifts the blanket, he saw a fully naked girl, it's the one and only Cana Alberona!

"C-Cana!? W-What are you doing in my bed!?"

"Mmmm?" she wipes her eyes, "Morning to you too, and isn't it obvious? I wanted to sleep with you." She smiles.

"Are you... drunk?"

"A couple of nights ago I was, but I'm fully awake now. Why do you ask?"

"How did you get here? I thought everyone left yesterday..."

"First all it wasn't yesterday, it was a couple of days ago. Secondly, during that time when everyone left you left me on that couch remember?"

"Oh crap I did... you were passed out so I couldn't detect you..."

"Oh I wasn't, I was in your room with the window open"

"Why open?"

"I was curious to learn about Ki too you know, Erza and the others can't have all the fun now..."

"What did you do after?"

"Well right after when everyone including me learned Ki in a day. I went into one of the guest's one and took a shower on the second floor while of course discarding my scent so Natsu and Wendy couldn't smell me, which was the perfect opportunity to sneak my ass to you."

"You hid your presences? That's impressive..."

"Mmmm Hmm, anyway... plus I created a tracking device card that I placed somewhere in this house so if I ever leave I can just active it and boom! I can come here anytime I feel like it."

"Ok... but that doesn't explain how you're here in my bed with me..."

"It's a girl's need, lucky for me there was some kind of booze in your fridge so I helped myself, but of course I had to hide the evidence right after. Right when you went to sleep, I was sober asf. I changed your alarm to instead of waking up in 6 hours, but 120, which is five days" she smiled.

"You planned everything out haven't you... but wait! What about Natsu and the others!? Surely they would've visited..."

"Way ahead of you, took me a while but this house has an installed force field that's indestructible. It's pretty durable since it took Natsu's attacks back to back."

"Really? Why did I feel any of this?"

"Beats me, you probably sleep like a log. Like if a building were fall on you while you sleep, you probably wouldn't even feel it"


"(Besides, there's no way I'll let anyone get in my way into seducing him. Especially Erza and Mira... those two are a handful... I know Mira has a crush, but I never thought Erza would too...)"

Since it's just the two of them, Cana went in on him and threw him flat on his back while she rides on top.

"Cana, I just noticed... you're naked...!?"

"Clever boy you are..." her lips were cat shaped, "You like what you see?"

"I-I... don't usually do these naughty kind of things Cana..." his heart raced fast as he gets heated.

"You don't? Then why did you cop a feel on me earlier?" she teases.

"W-What!? No wait... I can e-explain!" he starts to stutter. It makes Cana smile as she teases the saiyan more.

"Goku, your face is red, are you feeling well? Or is it the fact that you're blushing because someone pretty like me is on top of you?"

"Uh... both...?"

She smiled seductively, "You're so cute when you get all flustered, you know that...?"


Lying on the sheets helplessly, his face was as close as hers. He could smell her breath as her saliva was dripping on him and the next thing he knew, her tongue entered his mouth. He didn't catch a glimpse of her face as his eyes were in swirls, Cana's eyes were open and had on a happy expression of aesthetic delight that corresponded with more force of tongue action. Plunged in as it was instantaneously and for sexual urges. The following action the card mage displayed overpowered the saiyan's senses as it was undeniably good, as he finally gives in. His eyes clenched shut for his tongue to be trance with hers. Unexpectedly she tries to catch her breath, but with the sensation the saiyan's been feeling he takes her mouth by force. A fainted moan escaped her lips as it was a turn on. Leaving her weak and wanting, his mouth roam at will, making her less resistance. Cana assumed he was a gentle man, but this side on him begs to differ... he wasn't gentle as he begins to devour her in pleasure, he attacks the smooth curve of her throat, causing her to guttural groan and lastly when this went on for a solid ten minutes he ends it off consuming her mouth with a kiss driven to ravage her in ways she couldn't comprehend. As the kissing breaks up, their salivas were still in contact...

"G-Goku... I never knew you were a good kisser... how unexpected..." she smiled as she wraps his arms around him as if she was a baby in a mother's arm, "That was fantastic... (We haven't even had sex yet and he managed to please me beyond expectations... as expect of my Goku...)"

"I don't know what came over me... it was so weird..."

Cana looks up to his face, "It could be that you felt some kind of tingly feeling you wanted to express and who else but to express that than with me?" she taunts.

"I guess." He blushes as he looks to the left.

"You're adorable Goku..."


"I've been such naughty girl Goku, want to make me your girl?" she asked.

"My girl? Why?"

"W-Why? What do you mean why?"

"I don't know, what are the perks if you become my girl?"

"You're joking right? What we just did! And other "exclusive" stuff" she giggled.

"I don't know Cana... I'm not sure if Mira would like that?"

"M-Mira!? What did you say?"

"When you kissed me in the guild that morning, Mira's been awfully quiet. I asked if she was fine and she smiled and said she's alright, but I could tell it was a fake smile. I don't want to see her that way if you keep doing this to me..."

"Really..." she got off of Goku and was getting dress.


She ties her hair back and later puts on her bra, "You killed the vibe Goku, we were having a moment and you just had to mention another girl? Sigh* Even though Mira's not here she always seems to meddle in on my plans. Hey Goku..."


"Get changing..."

"OK but why?"

"Your 1v5 is in an hour..."

"WHAT!? Isn't it in four days?!"

"Nope you slept during those days remember? Because of me silly"

"Oh crap!" he jumps out of bed and immediately got into his Orange Turtle Hermit Gi, "Okay!"

"You look hot Goku..."

"Huh? Oh um... hehe" he scratches the back of his head, "Thanks..."

"What about me?" she poses like she did in the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc but difference is, she had her hair tied back.

"You look... hot too..."

She squealed adorably and hugged Goku's right arm as her breast was attacking it, "How are we going to get there anyway? The Kingdom of Fiore will take at least hours."

"Is Natsu and the others there?"

"Mmmm Hmm, that's what I'm assuming anyway. I heard master saying they'll get there early or something so the guild hall is empty."

"Oh okay, guess I'll teleport there to them then."


"With this!" he placed his left index and middle on his forehead, "It's called Instant Transmission, it's really handy, now let me do my thing here..." he concentrates to find a source to lock on and to his surprise, Cana was right! Fairy Tail was at the GMG arena and so was Blue Pegasus! All there was left was for the saiyan and the Card Mage to come and so they did. With the sound of Instant Transmission coming into play they vanished...!

Crocus, Kingdom of Fiore, Grand Magic Games Arena...

Since Blue Pegasus sent out flyers about the 1v5, the seats of the arena were pact was fuck. In the private seats were Fairy Tail talking among each other while in the other private seats was Blue Pegasus as Bob, the current guild master was giving them the pep talk.

"Man, this place is crowded! It's just a simple handicap match and it got the people's attention!" Lisanna stated.

"Word spreads fast when something interesting as this is taking place. If I had to take a guess, it's probably that Jason guy from Sorcerer Weekly Magazine." Erza points out.

"Since we couldn't enter inside of Goku's house, I decided to do some active research on Blue Pegasus and what they wanted to gain out of this" said Mirajane.

"And what would that be?" Makarov asked.

"It's mostly Jenny but... it's publicity, they want to gain more attention for themselves and help increase ratings for them, at least that's what I've been assuming..." Mirajane thought, "Although out of everyone else Jenny spread a rumor about them facing a new member of Fairy Tail and that's what brought everyone's attention and that's made this arena so pact."

"And if they win, they get Goku and me..." Erza shivers at the thoughts of dating Ichiya.

"But that's only if win, Goku's got this in the bag! With him teaching us Ki, I can tell who's going to pull through!" Wendy claims.

"Speaking of Ki how do you guys fare against Goku now?" Levy wondered.

"Still weak as shit" Gray painfully admits, "We can sense him now thanks to picking up a source of power, but it doesn't mean shit if we can't land a hit"

"Even Juvia was surprise that her Gray couldn't land one, she was certain he could!"

"Well Goku's full of surprises. I just hope he knows what he's doing when he battles Blue Pegasus." Said Levy.

"Why hope? We all know he's going to kick their ass anyway, he's a Fairy Tail member remember?"

Hearing that voice made everyone looked to their left to see Laxus and the Thunder Legion as they made forth with their guildmates.

"Laxus!" Makarov said.

"Hey old man," Laxus waved at his Grandpa.

"What took so long you guys?" Wendy asked.

Freed responded to that question, "We were caught up in things that took us a while..."

"More like we had to take care of strange things that were occurring somewhere on the other side of this world." Evergreen adds in.

"What do you mean?" Elfman asked.

"Long story short, we fought this "Fake guild" and for whatever reason they put up a fight that almost drew out Laxus's full power" Bickslow said.

"No way... you? Laxus? AHAHAHAHA!" Hysterically the Fire Dragon Slayer laughs.

"Oh shut up Natsu, I can still beat you without breaking a sweat..." Laxus taunts.

"Oh yeah? Well I hate to rain on your parade Laxus, but I've gotten stronger thanks to Goku. I'm positive I can kick your ass now"

"We just learned it in a day Natsu, Goku said that'll take much more practice" Lucy claims.

"Lucy's right Natsu, it's far too early to assume that" Erza said.

"Yea...Yea..." Natsu pouted.

"So about the new guy Goku, I wonder what abilities he wields since Natsu was taken out very easily..." Greed wondered.

"Easy..." Natsu said.

"We're just have to find out ourselves, and by the way Laxus, do you think he's stronger than you?"

"UH! Bickslow! Don't say such absurd things like that! Of course not! Laxus would easily destroy him!" Greed gloated.

"(I wouldn't count of that...)"

"Oh look! Looks like things are about to go underway..." Gray quoted.

Over at the announcing table things were finally settled and the announcer himself was able to commence the course of action.

"Welcome everyone to the Grand Magic Games Arena! I'm your announcer Chapati Lola and I'll be commentating on the fight between Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus! Now usually we'd do multiple guild battles but due to a strange request from Blue Pegasus, the battle will be issued in a 5v1 battle! There are wages if one guild wins so I'll quote them to ya! The five members of Blue Pegasus issues that if they win, Ichiya will have a date with the lovely Erza Scarlet! And for her and this "new" member to join their guild! On top of that they'll get crown as the number one guild in Fiore!"

"Well that's a bunch of Malarkey..." Makarov sweats.

From hearing the Chapati speak, the crowd goes wild as they started to cheer for both guilds, half and half I would presume.

"Hehehe, this is going to be interesting! I wonder who's gonna fight for Fairy Tail" a crowd person said.

"Probably Natsu!"

"Heh, no way! It's Gajeel or Gray. That's someone who I put my money on!"

"Those are the conditions for Blue Pegasus, however we're unaware of the terms from Fairy Tail, but should they win we'll find out! Now joining me aside is the one and only Princess Hisui...!"

As Hisui made her entrance the crowd goes crazy, as Hisui was making her way to the table she was waving to the people, when she saw Fairy Tail, she showed a gently smile as she waves to them as they waved back.

"Man Princess Hisui's looking pretty as ever. I'm envious of her looks" Lucy admits.

"Not only that, but she's... hehehe..." Makarov's nose was bleeding.

"Your nose... master..." Erza hopelessly said.

"Welcome Princess! It's a rare honor for you to be here...!" Chapati complements.

"Thanks for having me here" as she waves to her people.

"My pleasure Princess! Now as we're all aware, you're probably just as excited for this friendly duel like me! And given how you're good friends with the Celestial Mage Lucy Heartfilla, you're just as pumped as I am!"

"Mmmm Hmm" she nodded, "I haven't had the chance to witness the actual Grand Magic Games last year, but this time with the 1v5 duel right in front of us, this is surely to make up for it"

"I don't blame you princess since I know these two guilds will give us a good show! Oh what's this!? Here comes Blue Pegasus entering the arena now! Let's get on with the introductions! First up we have Ichiya Kotobuki! Next up, you may know him as he's a charm for every girl out there, Hibiki Lates!" the fangirls entered their orgasm phase as they go crazy for him, "Eve Tearm, Ren Akatsuki, and last but definitely not least, the current Miss Fiore, Jenny Realight!"

As the crowd goes wild for them the five contestants waved their hands back to the crowd.

"And now on Fairy Tail's side, we have word of info on this member entering the fray! He's not Natsu or Erza Scarlet. He's a new member who made an impression on his guild, and certainly not to be taken lightly. He's a mystery man who appeared out of nowhere... make some noise and welcome... Sooonn... GOKU...!"

After that announce, everything and everyone was quiet... Cricket noises... two minutes later...

"Um... does anyone know where he is...?" Chapati asked.

"Don't ask me, I don't know who this Goku person is, other than he's with Fairy Tail..." Hisui points out.

Over at Fairy Tail, Makarov was sweating like a pig, "Mira, you gave me a report that Goku has the ability to teleport right?"

"That's right..."

"Then why hasn't he shown up? What's taking him so long!?"

"We weren't able to inform him since that Force Field was up" Lisanna said.

"That's right, not manly for Goku to put that up."

"That still bothers me though, I don't think he was the one to set that up. There must have been another person with him that locked him away from us for 5 days..." Erza suggested.

"Who could it be?" Lucy wondered.

"It could be that Card Mage, Princess..." Virgo points out.

"Vi-Virgo!? What are you doing here!?" Lucy freaks out.

"I'm here to see your friend fight, that's all. If you're wondering, Big Brother Loke isn't going to be here too."

"But how can you be here? Shouldn't Lucy have given the summon to summon you?" Wendy

"It may seem strange, but I feel as though I'm being fueled with power that doesn't come here from Earthland nor my world. Whatever this power is, it's enough for me to stay here for a month or so."

"That's amazing Virgo... what's the source of this?"

Her thoughts cloud when the scene of SSJ God Goku entering Virgo's mouth by accident, she assumes his god powers must've transferred on over to her as his mouth connected with hers, thus leading to the conclusion that she has little bits of God powers, but she wasn't so sure...

"Your guess is as good as mine Princess..."

"Well there more the merrier I guess..." Makarov said.

Over at the arena, Blue Pegasus was growing tired of waiting...

"Men... I'm just itching to fight him..."

"Wonder what's taking him so long? I also want to know what happens if he doesn't show up..." Hibiki wondered.

"If he doesn't show... then we win by default then... simple as that...!"

"You've heard it here folks! Even Son Goku doesn't show in a mere five minutes, then automatically Erza and Goku will go to Blue Pegasus as promise and of course they will be crowned the number one guild in Fiore!"

"What kind of Malarkey is that...? People are just unfair... Goku... hurry your ass... GOKU!" Makarov plead.

"Goku..." Mirajane had her hands on her chest.

"You don't have to worry third master, this Goku fellow will come any minute now"

"T-That voice!?" Makarov turns to his left, "First Master!?"

Everyone else in Fairy Tail looked as well.

"Hello!" she waved to her guildmates,

"What are you doing here?"

"Just checking out our new member that's all, I sensed such powerful assets from him, so I just had to see for myself... I expect great things from him..." she smiled.


The First Master, Mavis brought up the good news, "He's here..."


At the last minute and word wisdom from Mavis, Goku had finally arrived on set with just four seconds to spare. And there was someone else beside him...

"There he is!" Natsu said in an exciting tone.

"About time" Gray said.

"Goku..." Mirajane shows a faint smile.

"Oh thank god..." Erza said in relief.

"Did... Did my eyes see what just happened!? Two people appeared out of nowhere! A guy and girl, the guy must be Goku and if my eyes aren't playing tricks on me, that's the Card Mage Cana Alberona!"

"Phew... we made it in the nick of time Cana. I was afraid we wouldn't make it on time."

"Well if a girl gotta use the bathroom, you know it takes an eternity." She had one eye opened.

"Right..." he turns around to see his guild, "Looks it's Mira and the others!"

"Funny as you say MIRA and then the others, like you've got some special relationship with her"

"Hehehe... what!? You're crazy... Ahehehe..." he laughs.

Over at Makarov and Mavis, the first master was witnessing the appearance of Goku and she was surprised to see what he had look like, "I take it that spikey hair man down there is Goku?"

"That right first master, he is our new member"

"Wow, he's not bad looking... I can see why Mirajane likes him. I hope no one takes him away from you" she looks as Mirajane as she blushes.

"W-Why would you think I like him!?" Mirajane freaks out cutely...

Mavis had her hand on her mouth as she chuckles at Mirajane's actions, " Dear Mira, it's ok to tell us you do, I wasn't there psychically but I heard the conversation back at the guildhall with you and Goku, it was so adorable I couldn't wait any longer to meet your prince charming!"

"M-Master... please..." she gets even more embarrassed.

"Hmph, it was nothing but a publicity stunt, that's all!" Erza points at Mirajane.

"R-Right..." as both Makarov and Mavis sweats.

Back to Goku and Cana, she lets go of Goku's right arm and placed her right hand over her eyes to see Fairy Tail, "Yep, that's them alright. Goku would you do me the favor and bring me over there?"

"OK sure come into my arms then."

"Your arms..." she blushes when doing so.

When Cana got into Goku's arms, he started to fly over to Mirajane and the others and when he did, everyone in the arena dropped their mouths as they witness the saiyan flying. He arrives and placed Cana down, "There you go."

"Goku, you didn't tell us you can fly!?" Lucy said.

"You never asked." Goku casually said causing everyone in the arena but Blue Pegasus to fall on their back.

"Since Cana's here with him, Virgo was right on the money." Lisanna points out.

"Hey Mira," Goku walks to her.


He gently placed his hand on her head and pats it, "I don't what I did that made you all so quiet, but if it's possible can you put that aside? It's not like you to do that"

"So you've noticed huh? I don't know to be honest. How can things go back to the way they were when Cana kissed you like that?"

"(So it was that! but what do I say?) Tell you want, why don't I give you what Cana gave me"

"Say what!?" Erza and Cana said.

"Eh!? What do you mean? Are you saying... we should... kiss...?" she turns red.

"Mmmm Hmm, I don't know what it is with girls wanting that, but if you're down to earth on wanting that then I'll do it, if that'll make you happy."

"I-I... don't know..."

"There's also that promise Mira, remember? If something were to happen you would be the first I'd go to, to protect"


"Yep" he smiled.

"I see... I guess that kind of made me feel a lot better..."

"Good," he gave her a surprise hug, "I'll get going then..."

"Yea..." her cheeks were still red, but she was smiling too.

Cana and Erza were jealous as shit while Mavis couldn't help but fangirl to Goku and Mirajane. Lisanna and everyone else just were happy with it.

"Okay!" he yelled but not completely, "Time to get started! Don't worry gramps, I'll win this without breaking a sweat!"

"Y-You better! I don't want two of my best people to another guild! remember that!"

"Yea" he looks at Erza, "I won't let them have me or you. Count on it" he smiled which made Erza blush, Mirajane didn't see as she was still moved by Goku's words.

"Kick their ass Goku!" Natsu demanded.

"Mister Goku, you better show more of your power!" Happy was flying around Goku

"Make sure you give us a good show" Lucy

"As long as you're displaying what you're made of then make it a wild one" Gray

"Have fun!" Wendy

"Show them what you got, and make my big sis proud Goku" Lisanna

"And make sure you do it the manly way!"

"Don't hurt yourselves okay? I don't want you injured" Mirajane.

"Mira has a point, you may be strong but even the strongest people can lower their guard without even realizing it so be aware while of course have fun!" Erza

Similar to what SSJ Goku did to Dende, Old Kai and Kibito Kai, he gave Mirajane and the others a thumbs up as everyone else did the same. Laxus and the Thunder Legion, Levy and Gajeel... etc...

"Break a leg Goku! Show them what being a Fairy Tail member means!" Mavis gave him a thumbs up too.

"Right!" as he was flying down, "(Call me a blind man, but who was that little girl? I never seen her in the guild before, and I couldn't sense her energy... is she dead...?)" he flies right down and in front of Hibiki and the others. "Yo!" he waves at them.

"Glad you could make it Goku, I was wondering if you were ever going to show up"

"Hibiki right? Well, I couldn't turn down something as juicy as this! (Yet I didn't think this many people were gonna see this...) Can't wait what you guys can throw on the table!"

Eve and Ren points their finger at him, "No need to get cocky! We're going to put you down and claim number one guild!"

"Um..." Goku placed his right index finger on his right cheek, "Call me dumb... but what does the title strongest guild in Fiore do if it's just five people ganging up on one person?"

"Hmph!" Ichiya intervened, "That may be true but let's not forget that the people watching us, excluding the guilds, are as dumb as bricks! They won't see it that way!"

"They won't? why is that?" a question mark appeared above Goku's head.

"That's just a way with life..."

"Before we begin Goku... you do remember our terms, right?" Jenny said.

"Mmmm Hmm. If I lose, Erza and I go to you guys. Erza goes on a date with that orange small midget and I become your boyfriend?"

"Hmph, so you can remember... that's refreshing... (I better be on guard, even though we have the number advantage, his master was confident that one person could suffice against us, so the question lingers... what powers does this guy have...?)"

"Can you believe the enthusiasm that is in the air ladies and gentlemen!? This duel will determine how the new member of Fairy Tail Goku will fair against five people! What are some of your words that you would want to express Princess? Now that you've seen the appearance of him?"

" Well, his appearance surely got the crowd here talking, his hair style is certainly... unique. So it's safe to bet that we shouldn't take the man lightly, because from the looks of it he's no pushover. (However, the way he talks to his guild... it's almost as if he's been with them for a long time, but that certainly wasn't the case when he was talking to Erza Scarlet and the White Hair Girl... why does that bother me...)" she placed her hands on her chest.

"Such wise words from the princess!"

Goku started stretching his arms and legs. He ends the stretching by popping his fingers and neck and begins jumping up and down as he did in the Dragon Ball Super Teaser Trailer as he stops to get into his battle stance, "Okay, let's do this!"

"Alrighty then... without further ado...!"

Fairy Tail gulped as Blue Pegasus did the same, "Let the duel... begin!" Said Chapati.

Ichiya was about to say something but never did because the moment he tried to open his lips, Goku himself disappeared right in front of Blue Pegasus's eyes

"He disappeared... how can he do that...?" Ren asked.

"His parfum game is no joke, make sure you boys are on high alert..."

"Right Master Ichiya!"

The four dudes looked around the arena but it wasn't long until Jenny was able to spot him, "Ichiya, behind you!"

Hearing that, Ichiya turns around to try to land a punch on the saiyan but to no avail as the saiyan teleports behind Ichiya again but grabs the his left while he was still in midair, he swung him fast around 5-6 times and threw him to Jenny to which she couldn't see.

"Jenny!" Hibiki yelled.

"Ugh... I'm fine, my knees got scrapped but I'm fine. Focus on Goku, not me!"

"Crap that's right! Okay then!" he said as he sees Ren and Eve do attempts on laying punches and kicks to Goku but fails as of course as he breaks no sweat in dodging...

During the attempts, Ren and Eve were shitting bricks, "(Fuck man, how fast is this guy. He has no magic, but he dodges like a champ. WTF!)" Ren made a kch.

"(How is he able to dodge without breaking a sweat? It's like he's able to read our movements...!)" Eve starts to sweat.

Eve steps back with his right hand pointing at Goku, "Ren get out of the way!"

Ren looks over at Eve, "Uh! Right!" as he gets away from Goku.

The Saiyan turns towards Eve, "(It seems as though he's planning something...)" so to check it out, he dashes to Eve at full force.

"Hehehe, you fell for it! Let's see how you handle this! White Fury!" coming out of his right palm was an average size snowstorm making its way to Goku.

"Whoa, that's so cool! (it gets bigger the moment that Eve guy gets away from it hehe not bad...) Cool attack but something like that won't hold much against someone like me!" as he uses Instant Transmission to teleport behind him.

"What the!? (Uh...! could he be trying to pull a fast one on me by coming from behind!? I don't think so!)" as he turns around, "(What the... not behind?!)"

"EVE ABOVE YOU!" Hibiki points up.

Eve looks up, "Kee ach! White FANG!" as the snow starts to wrap itself around Goku.

"Nice one Eve! Now it's my turn! I'm unleashing a big one! AERIAL ROSE!" Ren's cyclones starts to impact itself on Goku, leading him to a wall which leads to an explosion.

"What amazing teamwork that was from Eve and Ren! They spiced things up a notch with a team combo! What do you say about that Princess?!"

"It certainly is impressive... though it's no clue on whether anyone can survive that"

Over at Fairy Tail, Mavis wondered about something, "A cyclone that impacts so much power, can Mirajane's boyfriend withstand that?"

Makarov laughs with confidence, "Ohohoho, on the contrary First Master, that level of attack ain't got nothing on the lad!"

"What makes you say that?"

"Because... he's my Goku..." Mirajane replied, making Erza and Cana flinch at that remark.

Back to the arena, both Ren and Eve did some heavy breathing as the combo attack took a toll on them, "H-How's that... you son of a bitch..." Ren said.

"Yoo Hoo! That's how you do it boys! Bob cheered.

But when the smoke dialed down, both Eve and Ren's eyes were wide in shook, "N-No way... how!?"

Out from the smoke came an unharmed Goku, "You know, I took on that attack head on to see how strong it can hit me, but I high my hopes up" he gave a big sigh, "Ok then, my turn." He teleports in front of Ren and just as he did with Jeice on Planet Namek, he delivers a punch to Ren's face. Ren moves back a little as he agonized in pain, "Agh... Son of a... THAT HURTS YOU BIG JERK!"

"That's strange... that wasn't even one of my strongest punch..."

Ren started to get aggravated, "Kch, I just had about enough of your smart-ass mouth...! EVE!"


Both the two tries to coordinate with one another as Ren goes for a kick while Eve with an elbow, but of as expected of our Saiyan, he blocks them with his arms.

"S-Shit!" Ren and Eve said.

"AMAZING! Unbelievable! Although Ren and Eve had timed their attacks , Goku with little effort blocks it, making them realize they're no match for them!"

Goku reverses with a left knee to Ren causing him to move back a little while Goku crouches to do a 360 kick to Eve. He follows it up by doing an explosive wave sending the two away.

"Hmm Hmmmm Hmmm, that's my boy! Lay the smack a down on them Goku!"

"I got to say Third Master, he has no magic in him but he can hold his own, he's quite amazing!"

"Heh, first master, you have no idea, (Thanks to Goku teaching me about Ki, he wasn't fighting serious from the start! He's just playing with them! Such a low blow though...)" Natsu said.

Lucy had her arm up, "Yea Goku! Show them who's boss!"

"The dude's so overpowered and incredible it's stupid" Gray admired as he crossed his arms

"Well from the looks of it, he may be playing with them, but he seems to be having fun" Erza points out.

When Eve and Ren helped each other up, Goku walked to them, "So you guys give up? You guys are clearly outmatched."

"We're not going to forfeit for shit here! We're not going to back down, it's you who will!" Ren said,

"Yea you tell him Ren! We won't go down that easily!"

"You guys have charisma, I'll give you that"

With the event's transpired in a mere five minutes the crowd started to devote themselves to Goku as he was showing who reigns supreme on the battle field.

"What a battle! That Goku guy is amazing!"

"Yea no fooling, he's making Blue Pegasus his bitch"

Goku emulated a light Ki blast to the two, causing them to fly out of bounds, except it's accepted though lol. As Eve got up from blast he wipes the blood from his face.

"End of the road here" as he teleports in front of Eve.

"Tch, it's not over, it's over when one of us isn't standing! White FA-"

Before Eve could finish his sentence, Goku ends him by landing a blow to his stomach. (A/N: What he did to Recoome in the Namek Saga). He falls to the ground unconscious.

"Eve!" Ren yelled even though he was only a few feet away, he goes to him, "What did you do to him?"

"I knocked him out. He's kind of weak..."

"Tch...(I hate to say it, but we don't stand a chance against him. We're going to get our ass kicked hard... Eve's out of th game so it's just the four of us, but what can we do...?)" his thoughts starts to reach curiously.

"It looks like Eve's out of the picture! He is the first the first to fall but that doesn't mean Blue Pegasus down for the count yet! Your thoughts about Blue Pegasus being down one-person Princess?"

"(Who is this guy really...? It seems as though magic has no effect of him and even if it did, he could just brush it off like it's a walk in the park. And to top it off, he's just smiling... why...? It's not a bad smile though...)"

"Princess Hisui?"

"(Why is this one man's smile getting to me, it's almost as if I've taken an interest in him. That shouldn't be the case. Why do I have feelings for someone I don't even know... still, if... he was someone that I had betroth myself too... would it have worked out...?)" she burns the thought about her and Goku being in a relationship, while imagining that, she shows a tint of blush.

"Princess Hisui!"

Hisui goes out of thought, "Huh?! Oh um... I'd say it's an impressive feat to behold of, but let's hope Blue Pegasus can hold it together."

"Such true words Princess!"

Back at the battle arena Ren gets up holding his injured left arm with his right. Given how his left arm sustain a lot damage, so he could only weave signs from his right.

"Not that I didn't enjoy this, but I think it's time to end this fight. (it's kind of a bummer)" he flies over Ren weaving a Ki blast at point blank.

"He's gonna fire at point blank!?" Lucy said.

"It seems as though he's showing us other ways Ki can be directed... I'm assuming that Ki blast can be adjusted in size depending on how much energy you give it..." Erza points. "(But why do I get the feeling he's not showing more of it?)"

"It was fun while it lasted..." just when Goku was about to unleash his Ki blast, he gets interrupted by Hibiki as he used his magic to blast Goku away a few inches making him direct his Ki Blast up in the sky

"Hibiki... it's about damn time, what took your ass so long!?"

"Sorry, I was lost in thought... but now I'm all better now. Just stay back and grab a few moments of rest. I'll keep him stalling for you, Jenny and Master Ichiya to do a combine attack!"


Hibiki looks at Goku, "Force blast!" as the explosion appears in front of Goku, he blocks it with his arms with smoke clearing out. Ichiya then charges to Goku as his muscles start to bulk up, "Enhance Strength!".

"No way... the orange hair midget geezer can buff up like Master Roshi! How cool! I'm getting such vibes from it!" he runs to Ichiya.

Given the circumstances Goku easily overwhelms Ichiya as both their fists clashed together in a heartbeat. The saiyan sends Ichiya back flying but just barely does Hibiki catches him, "I've got you!"

"I'm starting to think we bit of more than we can chew here Hibiki..."

"Yea, with the way he's been toying with Ren and Eve, there's without a doubt he can wipe us out if he wanted too. However, it's too early to give up... I have a plan..."

"Lay it on me..."

"It's a typical one but what do you say we combine all of our attacks?"

Jenny appeared next to Hibiki, "Then Ren and I will keep him busy while you two charge up your attacks."

"Sounds like a plan, okay Jenny ready when you ar-"

Before two could charge at Goku, the saiyan himself teleported between the two and kicked Ren out of the way and faced towards Jenny. Ichiya and Hibiki were out of Goku's sights which led them having time to charge up every last ounce of magic left into this one attack.

"So is it my turn to take a beating from you?" Jenny sarcastically asked.

"Well I rarely fight girls, but if you're strong as you thought yourself out to be then it'll be an honor to fight you!"

"Charming, but I'll hold on to that, before we fight... mind if I ask you a question?"

"Okay then... what's up?"

"What do you see in Mirajane Strauss?"

"What do I see in her? Hmm" Goku starts to think, "Before I answer, can you tell me why you want to know that?"

"Tch, Why? Because it bothers me that you're all over her! That's why!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm saying... when I tried to seduce you, you showed no effect to it and then you had the nerve to make some stupid promise to her that "you'll be together with her forever" and shit. You said right in front of me after my failed attempt, so tell me why is it you like her more than me!"

Goku couldn't figure out why as he started to think a little harder, "I guess it's because..." he then turns to Mirajane. She widens her eyes from having to be stared at Goku. He shows a smile that made her blush, Erza and the others wondered what's up with that. At a different angle Hisui could see what Goku was doing and deep down inside she wasn't sure how to take that in, seeing him smile at another girl...

"That's easy..." he turns back to Jenny, "It's because she cared for me"

"Cared for you? The hell do you mean?"

"It's a long story, but the point I'm trying to say, I want to pay my debts to her with whatever it takes, and that promise you said is one of the main topics of it. I mean sure it's cheesy, but it's something I do tend to keep. For whatever reason, I feel like I've grown attach to this world, and she was the first one who helped me get adjusted to here, so I want to do whatever it takes to make her smile without something hurting her in the process. Oh and she cooks really, really great so I'm grateful for having such an amazing person like her in my life."

From that speech, Mirajane's heart skipped a beat. Her cheeks couldn't function right as they turned red. Hearing those words, made her happy to an extent. It was weird too, because only she was able to hear what he had said. Erza, Cana and the others couldn't hear because of the loud crowd pops. Other than Mirajane, Jenny heard too lol, I mean obviously...

"Really... that's how you feel... but you haven't been a member for that long! How could you forge something like that!?"

"Beats me" he teleports in front of Miss Fiore, "From the way you're talking, you're not much of a fighter, so I'll spare you the pain."

"Spare...?" Jenny moved back a little, "(I've got to be careful to not get hit by him...) "Hey Hibiki how long will it take for you to be done?!"

"Almost done...! Just keep him busy, do whatever it takes."

"Whatever it takes... hmm..."

"What's wrong, looks like you've seen a ghost..." Goku said.

"Hehe... alrighty then... prepare yourself! I'm about to show you something that might blow your mind!"

"Ok go ahead! I'm game..." he smirked.

"With Pleasure..." her secret weapon she was going to display was something she used against Mirajane back in the Grand Magic Games Arc... guess it yet? It's her body lol...

"Uh...!" Goku sweat drops... "What the..."

All the guys from the arena and of course guys who fucking love boobs and shit were having nose bleeds as they see the infamous Jenny Realight in none other than her swimsuit. The male audience went crazy as Makarov himself puffed smoke out of his nose with Wakaba and Macao praising the Lord as they witness perfection that is Jenny... idk.

Mirajane was on edge, seeing Jenny use her body again on Goku made her a bit uncomfortable. It's like Jenny's taking a shot at Mirajane by trying to steal Goku from her. Erza and especially Cana were happy with it as Cana was giving an aggressive knuckle sandwich to Happy.

"Nice Jenny, no one can resist her if she's in her swimsuit, just four more minutes..."

"You like what you see big boy...?" she strikes a different pose, making the males to had a nerdgasm to over 9000 as Chapati joined the fray.

"A-Amazing! The sheer figure Jenny is displaying can certainly wow a man over, but the question that's on my mind and perhaps the ladies... is that, how will this affect Goku?!"

Hisui was blushing but in embarrassment, "(This... this is not okay! This is too lewd...! Don't seduce him like that! have some morals!)"

"Tch... someone hold me back before I go down there and beat her to a pulp, no one shows off her body to Goku but me!" Cana shouted.

"What!?" Mirajane and Erza said...

Back at the arena Jenny posed in this one last position, "How about this one? Does your soul linger to my poses of death? I'm sure your body's feeling something, especially that woodpecker between your legs... (if this works then I've completely win! Goku will be mine and Mirajane Strauss will lose!)"

However, Goku didn't care, instead... his bangs covered his eyes. Jenny noticed and was confused..., "I'm confused, are you horny and excited? Or..."

When the bangs got out of the way, his face showed a serious expression which kind of creeped Jenny out and Hibiki and the others.

"Um... uh..." Jenny got out of posing, "Is... something wrong...?"

Goku decided to walk around the arena, which made everyone wonder as to why, "Well this is a turn of events... Jenny showed off her body and Goku just brushed her off! And to top things with the term weird, he's walking around the arena! But what for!?"

"Hey Goku! What's the big idea? What are you doing?" Natsu asked.

As the saiyan was walking around the arena, he was trying to get a read on, on something. He looks everywhere slowly as he was talking to himself. "From that direction? No... something's coming here fast..."

"Goku...?" Mirajane said.

"What the heck is he doing? He's ignoring Blue Pegasus like they're just parasites." Gray points out.

"Any idea as to why?" Lucy wondered as well.

"I'm at a lost here too... Hey Goku...!" Erza placed her hands around her mouth, "Goku! What are you!? Finish off Blue Pegasus while you have the chance!"

Goku ignored her, which tipped her off, "Hey did you hear Erza! She told you to finish them off!" Lisanna yelled.

"It appears he's ignoring us... what's the cause of this third master?" Mavis wondered.

"I'm not sure, but I do wonder if he does this to every enemy he's ever fought, it's not very healthy to do that." Makarov replied.

"Whatever it is, it's making the crowd wonder as well and if Goku doesn't get back into the battle, Blue Pegasus might use that to the advantage."

"The Supreme Deity's probably sensing something that's heading this way" Virgo adds.

"This way? What do you mean by that Virgo?"

"Judging from his reaction, and why he's going around in circles, it's obvious that he's trying to get a read on where it's coming from."

"R-Really!? How do you know?" Natsu asked.

"I guess you could say the powers that transferred from his Crimson aura power must've helped me learned about this Ki structure too. You guys that learned Ki can do that to, just put a lot of thought into sensing it"

"Yea she's right, let's give it a try" Erza and the others that learned Ki closed their eyes to focus on finding the source. Soon they were able to pick it up.

"Uh! I can sense it! Something's coming this way and it's gigantic!" Lucy shrieked.

"But what is it?" Gray wondered.

"I don't know but I've got a bad feeling it's something that might bring doom upon us if we don't do something" Erza begins to sweat.

After circles of walking Goku heads in front of the arena. Hisui and others were quiet by his actions. "Um... can anyone care to tell me what it is Goku's doing? He could've finished Blue Pegasus by now, but he spent fifteen minutes walking around like he's trying to analyzing something!"

"(So that's where it's coming from... from above...) Hey Jenny, sorry to say this but you need to call off the match. Something's bad coming this way."

"Call it off? Are you out of your mind? I'm just inches away from winning and you want me to quit?! You're nuts" Jenny said while disagreeing to Goku's request.

"Hehe, yea go figure you wouldn't agree to it" he turns to Hisui and Chapati, Hisui blushes a little while Chapati catches aware of his staring. Goku flies to the two, "Hey, can you call of the match?"

"Huh!? Are you insane? We're making headlines here and you want to call it off?"

"Sorry, but there's not much time..."

"Not much time for what? What's happening?" Hisui asked.

"Something's bad coming to here, it's something that could obliterate the entire arena and perhaps half of this planet."

"W-WHAT!?" Hisui and Chapati yelled causing Blue Pegasus, Fairy Tail and the crowd to wonder.

"What did Goku say to the two?" Gray wondered.

"Probably something bad..." Mirajane replied, "(Just what is going on here...)"

Goku explains to them that something big is coming, it took ten minutes, but it was enough to convince Hisui. "Ok, then. We'll do what you'll say, we'll call of the match and evacuate the people"

"Princess Hisui! not you too! We don't know if this is true or not, something that's capable of destroying half a planet? That's preposterous! There's no way something like that can happen."

"Listen to me please, for whatever reason, I trust what Goku has to say, so please cooperate, I don't want bad consistency like what happened to the Grand Magic Games."

"Princess... ok then, we'll call it off. If it's what you desire then we'll stop the match. If you trust Goku, then I'll trust you of trusting him."

"Thank you" Goku smiled at Chapati.

"You should be thanking the princess, but in any case, you're welcome."

"Oh and thank you too Princess Hisui" he smiled at her, making her overload at the blushing games.

"Y-Yea... but just Hisui can do."

"Ok then... Hisui..."

Chapati clears his throat, "Ladies and Gentlemen! Sorry for the delay, but there's been a change in plans!"

Everyone wonders as they starting talking to each other.

"Change? What?"

"I don't know but it probably has something to do with why Goku went to them."

"What's going to happen now?"

"Looks like Goku was able to convince them with whatever he wanted to say" Lisanna obviously said.

"Let's hope it's something good..." Mirajane wished.

"Sorry for the inconvenient, but we're going to call off the five v ... one..." Chapati's eyes widen. Hisui's as well. Something was coming out form the skies and headed to the area.

Natsu and the others catches aware and their eyes widen in despair as well. Something big an large was covering the GMG arena... Goku's eyes were widen but he was dead on serious on stopping it, "No... I'm too late...!"

The object that was covering the entire GMG arena, no... the entire capital of Fiore was one... large... Energy Ball that's bigger than the size of a spirit bomb. The size caused the wind to occur at an alarming rate, blowing everyone's hair away.

"What the... what the heck... is that...? The power of that thing is massive..." Erza's face puts on a face of fear.

"It's huge..." Mirajane said as she and everyone else shakes...

"Can you sense that guys? The amount of energy inside of that?! It's too much...!" Juvia said.

"We can't beat that... there's no way..." Wendy and Carla were staring as if all hopes was lost.

Blue Pegasus was quiet and so was the crowd. None of them decided to make a run for it because of that size? They wouldn't go anyway if that hits the ground..."

"This... is it. We're doom..." Hisui started to let tears fall out of her eyes, "This is just like the seven dragons..."

"Ladies and Gentlemen... this is it... we're at the end of the road here, there's no way of escaping. The chancing getting out of this one... is slim to none. I'm sorry..." Chapati said regretting.

"Come on! Isn't there anything we can do! We've got to try to destroy that thing before it reaches the arena!" Natsu begs, "Come on!"

"Natsu, usually I want to butt in and steal the victory, but the thing is... we're outmatched..." Gray's pupils gets smaller as despair starts to fill his heart, "We can't stop that, the energy we're sensing is thousands of times stronger than anyone we've fought, more stronger than Acnologia. We can't win against that"

"(Princess and the others aren't doing anything to fight back, they know they're outclassed, if I had to take a guess. This kind of attack must be something the Supreme Deity over there's familiar with, he seems to be calm about the situation.)" Virgo looks at Goku...

Everyone in Fairy Tail were helplessly doing nothing but watch the energy ball. The appearance of the energy ball was dark purple. Just as when everyone was about to let the destructive force of the Dark Purple Energy ball destroy the ground because how weak they are, the saiyan smirked and lits up his aura. Everyone sees...

"(OK... so that's the amount of power this energy ball has, it's stronger than my base form... could the demons be responsible for this? No, those demons don't have that kind of power. This is from a secondary source, a second party... but who? It doesn't matter... I've got to protect everyone here... I've got to protect... Mira!)" his clear white silky aura expands, causing his energy level to skyrocket to a level where Erza and the others were shocked.

"What this? It appears that Goku from Fairy Tail is planning something...!" Chapati said on the mic. Everyone hears. Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail wonders what Goku's planning.

"What's he doing? And what's that around him?"

"His aura..." Erza replied to Lisanna's question.

"Olay here goes... it's time to go super..."

"Super? Everyone said.

Goku begins to scream, his hair gets into the form of a SSJ but was still in base form. His hair was blinking from black to golden yellow. Mirajane and everyone seeing this was outspoken with what they're seeing.

"Here we go... Supreme Deity!" Virgo said.

After 3 minutes of yelling and charging up lol, Goku himself surprised everyone by turning into a SSJ.

"His hair... it's golden yellow..." Lucy said.

"Not only that but his energy... it's risen off the charts here!" Juvia states.

"Holy shit..." Natsu and Gray's eyes were in absolute.

"Amazing..." Mirajane and Lisanna.

"I knew he was a man of mystery, but this is just hard to take in..." Erza

"Now I'm curious to see what he can do next..." Mavis points out, everyone nodes in agreement.

"How pretty..." Jenny looks at SSJ Goku in awe...

"Superb! I don't know what that is... but his appearance looks intimating! But does his appearance of having spikey gold hair will help us destroy that Ominous Dark Purple ball up that!?"

"Well I hate to burst people's bubble about Goku's appearance, but we've got something coming down at us here! And it's about to get worse if Goku doesn't do anything about it! We're at an all-time low some anything will help!" Hibiki states.

"Come on Goku!" Mirajane shouts, "You can do it!" as she encourages.

Goku looks at Mirajane, "Mira..."

"Goku! Goku! Goku!" Fairy Tail started to chant, and soon Blue Pegasus and the crowd started to chant his name too! "Everyone..." Goku looks at the crowd as the crowd puts his fist in the air for cheering him on "Goku! Goku! Goku!"

"Win this for us!" Natsu yelled. "FOR FAIRY TAIL!"

"Right...!" Goku starts to charge up his aura, increasing his strength.

"No way, how is Goku generating that much power!?" Lucy said.

"(That's the power of the Supreme Deity for you. Since his hair turned golden yellow, that means I can confirm he can also transform into a crimson red hair color as well which means the crimson hair means he has god powers, so let's see what this golden yellow hair powers can do)"

"AARRGGHHH!" the golden aura expands to the point where it exceeds everyone's expectations, going into phase two as the it transfers into Goku's right fist. With that, he shields everyone as he goes towards the Dark Purple Energy ball ready to strike...

"What's he doing? Hisui said.

When Goku got close to the energy ball, it was a signal that Goku was about to strike.

"Goku!" Happy and Natsu said.

"Goku! Gray, Juvia, Wendy, Carla

"Goku!" Lisanna, Elfman and Mirajane

"Goku!" Makarov, Mavis, Levy, Gajeel, Laxus and the Thunder Legion including the other Fairy Tail members.

"Goku!" Blue Pegasus and the crowd w Chapati.

"... Gooooo!" Hisui yelled.

"DRAGON... FFFFFIIIIISSSSTTT!" Goku's right fist heads straight to the center of the Dark Purple Energy Ball. The attack impales as he enters inside of it and when he exits out, Goku's Ki exploded out in the form of the golden dragon, leaving the ball into a gapped hole, concluding it to explode with sheer force. The force overwhelmed the energy ball to an extent where it splits not only the ball but the clouds and sky. After putting up an amazing show, the Dark Purple energy ball disappeared as everyone saw the split clouds with Goku's fist still in the air like how SSJ3 Goku did after he defeated Hirudegarn smiling.

Everyone was quiet with what they just witness... Fairy Tail and among others were shocked to the core. Especially Natsu, he saw dragon out of a form of gold so that sparked his interest... after a moment of silence, everyone cheered in celebration of Goku's victory.


"He... He did it!" Lucy and Lisanna said.

"he destroyed that ball of energy with a single punch!" Natsu and Gray said.

"Amazing..." Laxus and the Thunder Legion.

"That attack and the stance he's doing right now... is manly as hell!"

"That's my Goku!" Cana smiled.

"And he's in one piece..." Erza said in relief.

"Goku...!" Mirajane turned into her Satan soul and flies to Goku.

"Hmm?" Goku looks down as he got out of his victory pose lol. He sees Mirajane flying towards her, "Is that Mira..."

"Goku..." she confirmed it for the SSJ as still being in her Satan Soul, she flies to Goku and gave him another tight hug. Goku blushes... "Mira..."

"Thank Goodness you're alright..."

"Mmmm Hmm, I am"

"You're just full of surprises, aren't you? You big idiot..."

"Mira..." he smiles, "I'm kind of glad you were worried about me, but you know as well as I do that I'm a lot tougher than a lot of people, including our guild... no offense..."

"None taken, I'm just glad you're alright in one piece, you may be an idiot for charging at that thing, but you're my idiot..."


"By the way... what is that? your hair not only changed hairstyle but also the color of it, is that some kind of takeover magic?"

"Mmmm, Mmmm" he nodded left and right, "It's a long story but a lot of people can do this in my world, (mostly saiyans...) maybe when we regroup up with the others I'll tell, for now let's head down."

"Yea, before we do... I want to give something to you... close your eyes..."


In broad daylight, Mirajane's face was as close to Goku's. He could smell Mirajane's scent as it was a scent of delight. The timing was right for her as finally she makes her move. Her lips had finally came in contact with the saiyan's. Everyone from below could see, Erza, Cana and Hisui were surprised to see Mirajane's action but just for the sake of cheating death, they'll allow it, just one time. Goku's eyes were widen while Mirajane's eyes were close. He was witnessing the same actions being performed but by a different girl. However, since it was Mirajane, Goku didn't complaint so his eyes closes as he fights back. His hands touching her hips as her arms goes around the saiyan. Goku's SSJ and Mirajane's Satan Soul disappears as the two flies down to the ground. When the kissing was done Goku was utterly speechless as he shows a blush to Mirajane. Mirajane blushes too but smiles.

"Mira... that... felt..."

"Amazing?" she finishes his sentence.

"Y-yea..." Goku looks to the left, making Mirajane leans to Goku one more time but for a straight kiss to his right cheeks.

"What was that one for?"

"I felt like it, I just don't want you gone for a while again..."

"Mira... (She's making me feel such weird things. Why does my heart feel this way...?)"

After their talk was over, Mirajane looks over to Jenny as she too was speechless to talk, "I guess it's fair to say this match is over, right?"

"R-Right..." Said Jenny, "We'll call off the match, you win..."

Hibiki and the four others, agrees as they knew they couldn't win since Goku showed power that could easily destroy Earthland over 1000x. Chapati heard the conversation and decided to announce it, "Ahem... Ladies and Gentlemen... as we witness Son Goku destroying that huge object in the air, Blue Pegasus decided to surrender so that means... Son Goku of Fairy Tail is the WINNER!"

The crowd cheers as Fairy Tail cheers louder. Goku looks around, "Wow"

"What's up?"

"I forgot there was people watching us.

"Goes to show you how much fun you were having"


"Hey Goku!" Natsu yelled.

Both Goku and Mirajane turns towards Natsu as they see him and the rest of Fairy Tail running to the arena and of course Goku and Mirajane.

"That was a badass! You were fucking amazing!" Natsu fanboyed over the saiyan.

"Honestly man, does your strength show no bounds?" Lucy said.

"Well I guess I don't know my own strength haha"

Erza smiles, "Well all in all, not only did you save us from extinction but you put up an excellent performance against Blue Pegasus and I'm glad, you really had us worried there."

Goku pats her on the head, "Well at least you and I aren't going over to Blue Pegasus, right?"

"Yea... (It's a nice feeling to get head patted by him...)" as she blushes.

After the fiasco, Blue Pegasus regrouped and Goku went to them, "Hey!" he waved, "Since I won, your terms are no longer in effect."

"Y-yea..." Jenny said, "Which means you're going to tell us your term to us huh?"

"That can wait, I just want to congratulate you"

"For what? Hibiki asked.

"For a great fight! You guys were amazing! And you really put an impression on me" he smiled.

"T-Thank you..." Eve and Ren said, "You're not really a bad person huh?"

"Ren, he's exactly like Natsu but stronger. I can respect that" Hibiki said.

"As can I" Ichiya admits.

Hibiki held out his hand, and Goku graciously accepts. As the two shook hands, everyone in the arena was clapping and shit. Hisui and Chapati smiled as the battle was finally over, along with the Dark Purple Energy Ball incident. "And there you have it, the conclusion of the fight. Although we were on the brink of annihilation, time and time again has Fairy Tail showed their promise as the new member not only defeated Blue Pegasus, but also destroyed the Dark Purple Object, let's hear a round of applause to Son Goku! Of Fairy Tail!"

Fireworks display up in the sky, Chapati's announcing wasn't done yet, "Fairy Tail never ceases to amaze me, I wonder what the term Goku's going to say"

"He probably has no terms in mind nor does he have an ultimatum." Hisui said.

"Then Princess, perhaps you can wager one for Son Goku? Surely you could come up with something that could satisfy the best of both worlds."

"(That would mean I would have to confront him... but does he even have his own wager? If he does what would be the point of me coming down there? I would just embarrass myself. Still, I don't want this opportunity to slide, I must meet this man...)" Hisui got up and along with four guards she went going to where Goku and the others are.

Natsu, Gray, Erza and Mirajane was with Goku as the other FT members were with behind him. Makarov and Mavis were still in the VIP seats, Virgo too but she was thinking to herself.

"Third Master, you've done an excellent job into recruiting such a fine man! Mirajane's boyfriend really outstanding. I'm flattered to have a person like him into Fairy Tail! You've done an excellent job."

"Oh Hohohoho! Surely you jest master!"

In Virgo's perspective... "(It all lines up. Goku is in fact the Supreme Deity and that tells me he's someone who can end an entire universe if he so chooses. He's an interesting man and since his power lies somewhat within me, is the power that accidentally transferred to me only a mere fraction? Son Goku... Supreme Deity... Son Goku... Supreme Deity... Supreme Deity Son Goku... under the Celestial Spirit King's order, I'll have to keep an eye out on him...)" Virgo shows a tint of a smile, "(Aside from that... that kiss wasn't so bad either... in his Deity form and from when our lips touched, I've felt a sensation I've never felt before. More or less, I've got to hide this from the Princess and her friends, I can't let emotions thought into the clouds of my brain. Son Goku... you are a mystery...)" she lets out a smile and a few seconds later went back to her world. Sending her key back to Lucy's possession.

"Look! Princess Hisui's going down to the arena to greet Fairy Tail herself!"

Goku and the others looked, "Princess Hisui!" Lucy said.

"Nice to see you well and alive Lucy"

"Yea you too! You're just as cute and pretty as ever!"

Hisui smiles, "Thank you, you're so modest"

"So what's the Princess doing here? Surely you haven't come here to just greet us" Erza said.

"Yea, I was hoping to speak to that Goku guy over there if you don't mind."

"No worries, he's really a cool guy, but why?"

"I just want to congratulate him, that's all"

Hisui makes her way to Goku as him and Mirajane turns to her.

"I'm assuming you're Goku?"

"Mmmm Hmm, that's me. How can I help you?"

"You've put on such a great show, I couldn't help but enjoy it"


"Since you've won and all, are you going to declare your winning conditions?"

"Well, to be honest I did came up with something" he looks at Mirajane then back to Hisui, "But something like that can be an everyday thing as someone told me" Mirajane smiled to that remark.

"That means you don't have one, since you don't why don't I give you one? Your condition can be a banquet as I myself will throw you one"

Hearing that made Goku in excitement as he grabs Hisui's arms, catching her off guard and causing her to blush a little. The four guards tries to separate him but it's Goku so it's fucking impossible. After 5 minutes the guards were tired and gave up.

"S-So do you accept?"

"Yea! You bet your royalty butt I do!"

"Then it's settled, I'll throw a banquet in honor for destroying the purple object and for your victory against Blue Pegasus" as she smiles.

The Fairy Tail guild heard what Hisui said and accepted the offer with kind grief. Natsu and the others were excited too, especially Goku since he gets to eat all the food he wants.

"Alright! This is gonna be awesome!" as he jumps up and down.

"(I haven't known the knucklehead for that long but even I can tell he's so full of energy)" Mirajane said as she smiled.
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