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Goku In Fairy Tail crossverse
Author :Hunter00125
© Wuxiaworld

3 Finding Goku

Two days had passed since the Saiyan's arrival to Magnolia. Goku had no idea how Magnolia was structured and being unaware with the layout, he obviously needed a tour. Many people in the guild volunteered and Goku had no idea on who to pick. Natsu wasn't included due to being still unconscious from his fight with Goku. While everyone was arguing and such, one person in particular pulled him out of the hall. When Goku caught aware, he was slightly happy to see who it was. And so the two of them started their "adventure" tour in the town of Magnolia...

Center of Magnolia...

The two walked together in the same pace, the person giving the tour was the same person who nurtured him to good health, Mirajane Strauss. As they were walking Goku had his arms behind his back like a typical anime character while Mirajane who was beside him pointed at things as she lectures.

"Okay, so we've covered the basics on this town, so I guess all there's left is the marketing. We could go check out some markets and if you see anything you like you can get it, I'll pay." She looks at Goku who made an uninterested face, "You don't look as though you seem excited..."

"Huh... oh no, it's sounds like a plan Mira, I don't mind"

"Ok then... let's get moving" she let a sweat drop on her left side.

After 20 minutes they checked out most of the markets. All but one that is... this last one in the area was AHEM*... 18+. It wasn't Mirajane's idea, it was Goku's. He wanted to explore everything, and he meant EVERYTHING! Mirajane flinched a little while Goku was wowing...

"Goku... I never knew you were into these..." she could see the porno magazines that he was looking at.

"Wow, there's so many naked girls, I'm sure Master Roshi would love these!"

"Master Roshi? I'm guessing someone from your world?"

"Yea... he taught me all sorts of things, still..." he looks back at the magazines, "It's kind of a shame these girls can't afford any clothes since they're being exposed like that..."

"Uh... Goku... it's not like that..."

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

One magazine caught Goku's attention, when he looks a bit closer he could recognize the female on the cover...

"Waa... HUUUUH?! Mira is that you?!"

"Haha, yea it's me..."

"Mira! You couldn't afford clothes too? How are you able to wear what you're wearing right now!"

"(Such an innocent façade. He doesn't seem like a perverted type... how very charming...) No Goku, I think you're getting the whole idea wrong. Here, let me explain..." she explained the whole purpose of girls in their bikinis posing and such on magazines and on covers. Goku didn't quite understand it but he nodded anyway.

"Oh I see... make senses..."

"Is there anything else you would like to know?"

His stomach started to growl so hard, Mirajane was able to hear it, "Oh dear what is that? sounds like a monster..."

"Oh uh, hehehehe... that was my uh... stomach..."

"Say what? You're kidding. How can your stomach growl such a thing?"

"I'm a very hungry man I guess, speaking of hunger, when can we eat cause I'm starving!"

" I suppose we could eat out. Is there any place you would want to eat at?"

"How about that one?" he points at some café.

"The Kuro Imperial Café... oh, you picked one of the most famous cafés in Magnolia, you have a good eye."

"Is the food inside amazing?"

"In the reviews people rated it five out of five. They say the food is quite a feast."

"Eh?! Really!? Then what are we waiting for! Let's get inside then!" He grabbed Mira's left hand with his right out of nowhere which made her blush a little and together they made their way inside.

Kuro Imperial Café...

When they entered inside, the place was packed as fuck! They saw so many people! Families, friends, couples, you name it, it's there. Outside it looked large, but inside was no joke either, it was super massive! If there were to be an estimate... one could say there were about 60+ tables almost filled.

"Wowie, you weren't lying Mira, I guess this place's reputation proceeds them."

"This is my first time inside of here too, I only heard about them in the newspapers, they would always get a rating of five stars out of five. We should probably check in..."

"Oh yeah..."

It took about four minutes and when they were done, a waitress was escorting them to a table of two which was quite convenient for them. When they sat down, they were opening up the menus.

"Wow... this looks tasty, oh this looks tasty too! What to choose... Hmm... what are you going to get Mira...?"

"I'll just have the Takoyaki balls... what about you?"

"Oh man that's a hard one, they all look so tasty...!"

A waitress walks up in front of them and was ready to get receive their order, "Hi there, how you two thought about what you're going to get?" the waitress smiled.

"Yea, I'll have the Takoyaki Balls, #27"

"I see, and what will your boyfriend here be getting?"

"B-Boyfriend?" she puffed up, "N-N-No! It isn't like that! hehehe, he's just a friend that's all! What makes you think he's boyfriend?"

"Oh my bad, my bad miss haha. I'd just assumed you were since that's one of the themes here in the café."

"Hmm?" Goku wasn't getting it.

"Okay getting back to the topic here, what would you like off the menu sir?"

"Uh, hard to say... I guess I'll have everything on the menu!"

"I see good choice, one #27 and one... EVERYTHING?! WHAT!?" the waitress yelled.

"D-Did you say... everything? You're going to order everything off the menu?" Mirajane repeated.

"Mmmm Hmm... I am"

"But there's over a hundred choices here! Are you crazy?!"

"I'm not crazy, I'm Goku and I'm hungry"

Mirajane and the waitress fell back, and so the people around them too. Goku wasn't sure what was happening, so he just chuckled a little.

2 Hours Later...

Mirajane, the waitress, and the people around them couldn't believe what they were witnessing. One by one, plates went empty as they each gets stacked on top of each other. They could see how fast Goku was eating, everyone's eyes widen as they see the food entering his mouth.

"Holy shit..." some female mage said.

"Oh man, this is good! I could eat this stuff forever..." as he made eating sounds.

Waiters were coming in and out of the kitchen , stocking Goku up with more food as they were also trying to take away the plates too, though there were a lot of plates left...

"Oh my... I haven't ever seen anyone enjoy food this much since Natsu and Elfman... (How does he have all this much of an appetite? All this food consumed in should bring in pounds, but his body physique differs... what are earth is he? And on top of that, how am I going to pay all this off...?)"

After some time now, he finished up his 250th plate, "Aaahh... BURP* Maaaannnn that was fantastic! This place is off the charts! I'm so glad we came here Mira...!"

"Well... if you're happy then I'm happy too... (I've lost count after 100, how can he eat that much?)"

"Hehehe, another bowl please!"

Everyone fell on their backs...

Mirajane recovered from her fall, "Uh... Goku, I did you had a plate too many..."

"Gosh you're right..."

"Phew* Glad we can come to an agreement here..."

"Mmmm Hmm, I should go for deserts!"

Again, everyone fell on their backs comedically...

"Uh... N-No Goku, I think you had enough, if you keep eating you're going to put this place out of business..."

"Oh, I never thought of it like that, Okay then... I guess I'm done" he smiled.

"Good" she smiled back, "Um... check please..."

The both of them went to the cashier for a checkout. While the cashier was calculating the total amount, Goku ran to the bathroom, leaving Mirajane for just a bit and also leaving her with some other "company"...

Outside the café came in these noisy wannabe gangster mages. In total were ten, they're known throughout the town as a couple of rough thugs that do nothing but put a scare on people. They're basically low lives that think the world revolves around them. As they entered inside, they spotted Mirajane and decided to hit on her.

"Hey cutie, haven't seen you around here, what's your name?" the leader said.

Mirajane turned around and took a look at them, they were a bunch of roided up buff dudes who were mages in training but like I said they think the world revolves around them.

"Heh, I see you're the quiet type, that's fine babe, I'm into that... let's say you join me and my crew and I could show you things you'd never dreamt of"

"No thanks..." Mirajane causally said.

"W-What!?" replied the Leader.

"You heard me, no thanks... I'm here with someone..."

"You'd best take up his offer missy, he's known throughout the town as the "Mischievous Abnormal Fighter! No one can beat him on a one on one! Without magic he's mean green fighting machine!"

"IS that right? Never heard of you..."

The Eight others were surprised to hear that , "Listen missy!" one of the henchmen pointed his finger at her, "This here is Blavura Kashfall, also known as the Mischievous Abnormal Fighter and the Leader of this crew! You best watch your fucking mouth before you regret it!"

"(All these wannabees are all the same, thinking they're hotshots... sigh* what's taking Goku so long.) Listen, I don't care if you're famous or not, it's very rude to cause a scene, so you can either eat here or get out. You're disturbing the peace."

Blavura snapped, "Kch, what do you know anyway?! I don't take orders from anyone and not from some white hair slut like you! Kobe, Prarasha! Take care of this impudent bitch, once you do... HEHEHE I'll take my time enjoying her..."

"Yes sir!" both said.

The both of them pulled out crowbars, Mirajane was unamused so she struck out her hands, "Demon Blast" the beam hits both of them as they get blasted away to the outside.

"Holy shit...!"

"Oh I see you're a mage," Blavura said, "Kch, little do you know I've battled magics during the last few months and every fight I've won... (I guess it was thanks to those weird creatures I was able to harness such a tremendous power. They referred to themselves as demons... heh whatever...) Maken, Sakili, Vamawe, you guys are up next, get rid of her and get it over with."


At the Bathroom...

The toilet gets flushed as Goku got out of the stall, "Phew... I forgotten what happens when you eat such spicy Chili Beans..." he goes to the sink to wash his hands.

"Hey daddy look! It's the man that ate 250 bowls!"

"Huh?" Goku looks down to see a toddler.

"Shuray, mind your manners! Don't be rude!" the dad came up, "I'm sorry sir, whenever my son sees something amazing, he can't help but feel excited to meet him/her or it"

"Oh it's fine" he smiled and pats the boy on the head, "Hehe, just make sure you listen to your dad and be a good boy Okay?"

"Kay!" Shuray smiled back, "Say mister, where's that pretty lady you were with?"

"You mean Mira? She's at the registers and I told her I'd go to the restroom for a little bit. I guess I should go back to her, I guess I'll catch you two later"

"K bye don't be a stranger mister eats a lot!"

"Eh!? Eats a lot, hehehe... right!" he waves at them as the two waves back.

When Goku was about to open the restroom door, he felt a chilling power here. The power he was sensing was with Mirajane, "(What's going on? Why am I sensing such a power near Mira, this could be trouble... I've got to get to her!)"

At the Front...

The Cashiers, waiters, waitresses, guys and gals were in absolute silence. The little kids hid behind their moms. Mirajane was all bruised up, she couldn't tell what was coming at her from the moment she was "about" to pull out her Satan Soul to which she couldn't.

Blavura held Mirajane by her neck. She tried to get out of the chokehold but couldn't since it was dead locked on. He was able to get the best of her because of his change of appearance. His skin turned blue, his teeth and nails razor sharp and aura around him of a colored combination of black and rose red.

"I've got to hand it to you, you may have bested my men, but I however am on a different level."

She was struggling to breath, "What the... heck... are you..."

"A man blessed with a gift... you see, I had a reputation in Magnolia as one of the most feared fighters! However, it went downhill when a certain Pink Hair kid who came in and dethrone me of that title. Ever since then I've been agonizing in pain and grief on how I should get my revenge. I did a little research on him and it turns out, he's quite known. His name is Natsu Dragneel, whose nickname is Salamander and also goes by other names, but what really brought my attention is that he belongs to a guild call Fairy Tail. The same guild that won the Grand Magic Games. I've realized what I was up against, so I had to think of something and that's when I met these weird creatures..."

"C-Creatures...?" as she struggles to breathes.

"Yes, these creatures called themselves demons, and judging from the name it wasn't a joke, neither was the power. They've heard everything about me and wanted to assist so they gave me power I could ever dream of, so with that I've taken my frustration out on killing people night after night, hoping one day Salamander would return to Magnolia and by the looks of it... he's here all right... Hehehe... do you see now what you're up against lady? You don't hold shit against me..." he continues to add more impact on the chokehold, "This couldn't been avoided but you just had to play the good girl..."

Mirajane's skirt was torn but not too much, with that Blavura was able to see the Fairy Tail symbol on her left leg, "Oh? You belong in a guild..."

"Wait a minute! I know that symbol, it's the Fairy Tail symbol! And hold on a minute... I think I recognize her...! she's Mirajane Strauss of Fairy Tail!" said the waitress.

"Did you say Mirajane and Fairy Tail? Oh I see, you're THAT Mirajane Strauss that posed for Sorcerer Weekly in the last issue. Talk about a hot deal and you're in acquaintance with Natsu Dragneel, let's make a bargain then, you can be my girl and tell me where Natsu is and I'll spare your life, not a bad trade right? What do you say?"

"Choke on it..." she spits on his face.

"Bad mistake Fairy..." he lets go of her and as she was falling to the ground, Blavura was going to finish her off with a devasting right punch but in the nick of time she disappeared, making Blavura and the people surprised to see where she went.

"What the... she vanished... where are earth did she...UH!" Blavura turned around.

In front they could see Mirajane in someone's arms, Blavura had no idea who this mysterious person is but he also didn't care. "And who the hell are you..."

"Mira... are you alright..."

"Yea... it's just a scratch... not much going on..."

"Sorry for being in the bathrooms for so long, I didn't think something like this would happen."

She nodded her head no, "Mmmm mmmm, no you're okay, it's not your fault... cough* cough*"

"Can you stand...?"

"Yea, these injuries aren't that serious..." she got out of Goku's arms and was able to stand.

"Good, you stay here..." he smiled then showed a serious face, "I've got some business with this guy..." he walks to Blavura.

"You've got some nerve attacking an innocent person like that."

"Heh, it's her fault for rejecting me. ME OF ALL PEOPLE! Not the smartest thing to do."

"How sad, you think the world revolves around you so you assume you can just take whatever you want huh? Well I've got some news for you, it doesn't. You're just the same as everyone whether you like it or not."

"Ha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he hysterically laughed his ass off, "I'm guessing you're in the same guild as her, Fairy Tail... tch one pain after another... kch!?"

Goku brought out his aura as he shows an anger expression, Blavura stepped a foot back a little. Goku pointed his right thumb to outside, "If you want to fight me, then fight me outside, leave the people here no trouble, you got that?"

"Fine by me, your call...Goku..."

"Wait mister are you insane!? You'll get killed! You saw the way he pummeled Mirajane!" said the cashier.

Goku ignored that call and together the two went outside the café and in the front. The people inside wanted to see so they too went outside to which formed a large crowed forming around them. Mirajane went and had a close up view behind Goku.

Goku stretched his legs and popped his neck, Blavura just smirked the entire time. "I've got to hand it to you, since I've acquired this power no one ever challenged me and live to tell the tale, you're just digging your own grave here..."

"Careful now, you'll end up chewing your own words." He smirked.

"Tch, there's nothing I hate more than a teenager brat who thinks they're all that, I thought about just messing you up, but with a shitty attitude like yours..." he raised up his power and charged at him, "I'LL JUST WASTE NO TIME AND KILL YOU LIKE THE BUG YOU ARE! TAKE THIS!" He aims his fist towards his face.

"What are you doing kid!? Dodge that! don't just stand there!"

"Goku...!" Mirajane whispered.


The punch gets blocked by Goku's left hand, surprising Blavura and everyone. "What the... so you know to block huh? Well now, that was just beginners' luck, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO BLOCK THESE!"

In classic DBZ style, Blavura spawn out multiple punches as they were getting delivered to the saiyan, only to get blocked by the same left hand. Everyone's jaws dropped, Blavura was rapidly going faster with his punches as he tries to connect but our fellow saiyan rapidly and effortlessly blocks it with ease. When Blavura stopped, he stepped back a little with drops of sweat coming down from his face. He was catching his breath...

"Amazing... whoever this boy is, he's simply just amazing, he blocked all of Blavura's punches without breaking a sweat, who is he?" a man said.

"Oh shut your trap, all he's doing is going on defense! He may have blocked all my punches but that's all there is to it! There's no way he can go on the offense when he's been going on defense..."

"That's because I don't think it's worth it going all out against you."

"Say what?" he flinched...

"Let me break it down to you, you're indeed strong for human being, but... there's the thing, you only have just the strength because whoever gave you this source of power, only gave you the humongous strength while your speed depletes..."

"What, you're lying... that's bullshit...!

"But it's true, what good is having such man power when you can't cover that up with speed? Seems pretty pointless, now you see why it's not worth it for me? Think about it, I'm sparing you. Just promise me you won't don't this stunt ever again."

"Kch, shut your fucking mouth, so what if my speed doesn't match my strength? If it's man power you want..." he powers up to the maximum, "THEN I'LL MAKE SURE YOU'LL SEE RAW POWER, NOW FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS!" he started to change his appearance once more. Two horns appear on his head, his pupils started to disappear along, his body changed in size, growing bigger as his arms and legs grows buffer. Everyone around them felt the immense power brewing out of him. All but Goku that is.

"My God... what is he?! He looks like a monster!" a man in a tux pissed himself from seeing Blavura.

With the power coming out of the human, the wind became tense as it struck everyone to their faces. They were holding onto to something as their life depended on it. Goku wasn't effective to it, all of this power and wind blowing right at his face only cause his hair to fly back. After ten minutes of powering up Blavura was at his strongest. Mirajane and the others stutters as they were speechless. Seeing in front of their very eyes was a human like demon form. Steam came out of his mouth as he started to chuckle. The "Leader" they see before their eyes was no longer human.

"I can't believe... what I'm seeing here, his whole appearance change. He doesn't even look human anymore. (How did something like this come out of thin air!? From the pressure alone, he looks as though he could kill everyone here!)" Mirajane started to breath heavy.

"Heeh... Hehehehe... Well now, I'd say what you're looking at is the devil" Blavura smirks.

Goku whistle, "Not a bad look"

"Right?" he punches the air multiple times like people did in DBZ whenever they achieve new form and such. "This power is amazing, it beats having to be a mage with magic. Wouldn't you agree, Goku?"

"Heh, it sure does. Want to tell me who and how you got this power? It's clear someone gave it to you. From the way you look, you remind me of some people I've fought when I was a kid, with the blue skin and all."

"Oh? You know about the demon race?"

"Demon race...?" Mirajane said.

"Since you're done powering all, let's get this fight start."

"Ladies first"

"That would be you..." Goku roasted back.

"(Can he win this...? I don't see him succeeding at all. We have to call in backup. I have to contact Natsu and the others. Goku can't win...!)" she looks at Goku's face, "(Why is he smiling? Has he gone crazy?) Goku, we have to retreat right now! We need Natsu, Erza and the others if we're going to fight him...!" she suggested.

"Yes... go get Salamander..." Blavura said.

"That's tempting and all Mira, but no thanks. I want to fight him on my own."

"Huh?" Mirajane and Blavura said.

"Are you on drugs?! Listen to your guildmate! Blavura here will crush you alive!" a little girl said.

"He won't even lay a scratch on me, not to worry"

"Goku... (Who is this man... he looks like the type of person that would seem excited to fight someone who's at their full power. If the world was ending, he seems as though he wouldn't care, as long as he gets to fight...) I'm sorry Goku, but I'm going to go get help."

Goku turns to Mira, "Huh? Why would you do that?"

"I know you're strong but still, I wouldn't under estimate this guy. He seems as though he can destroy this whole town. I don't think that's someone you can handle of your caliber. I'm going to grab my guild and help you stop him."

"Mira... (It's too bad she can't sense Ki, because if she did, she would've sense how me in my base form is strong enough to overpower Blavura by a lot since I'm in a different league than him for sure. I guess this magic thing isn't like how I thought it would. I certainly thought Ki and Magic were the same, I guess I was wrong. So I guess it's normal that Mira would think I can't beat this guy.) Alright you win, I'll stall this guy for you to go get Natsu and the others."

"Goku..." she said with ease.

"Get going now, don't waste any more time"


And so Mirajane starts to run to the direction to where her guildhall is. Goku, Blavura and the citizens sees her off which leaves her out of the picture.

"Good, go and fetch Natsu Dragneel, because after I crush this man, I'll come straight for him."

"It's sad that you think that way..."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"You won't get a chance to see Natsu, not when I'm around."

"Hehehe... seems to me you've gone insane, how can someone like you even touch me? Look at me! I'm a power house! No one can compare!"

"Except for a saiyan"

"The hell's a saiyan...?!"

"That would be me" he smirked, "(Sorry Mira, I know I said I'll stall but this guy isn't a tough noodle at all. If this is his full power, then it's quite disappointing. He's only as strong as King Piccolo from when I fought him as a kid. I've better get rid of him quick, no more messing around.) Alright I'm ready now."

"That's great, Now LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!"

In Front of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

Team Natsu was walking out of the guildhall. Natsu was able to recover from the Goku's hits from their match two days ago. So with Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy w Carla and Happy they were going to see Goku even though they promised not to.

"And that's what happen Natsu" Happy explained the two days that happened when Natsu was unconscious.

"Tch, can't believe what Goku said to my face from just seconds of finishing me off."

"Oh cheer up Natsu, at least he didn't kill you, you've got to be grateful since you wanted to fight. He asked and chose you to fight him" Lucy points out.

"I know but still, how can someone like him be that strong, he has no magic in him and yet he got the best of me."

"It's because you underestimated him. With that smirk he made along with his 100% of confidence, you would've thought he had something up his sleeve. Though I'm not saying that to defend you, I'm saying that to bring up the fact that you were super weak against him."

"What was that you SNOWFLAKE?!"

"Did I stutter?"

"Kch, well I'm still thousands of times stronger than you son your comment is invalid!"

"Care to bet?"

"Knock it off you two" Erza yelled.

"Uh yes ma'am!" Natsu and Gray hugged each other.

"You lost to Goku because he's from another world remember? Pointless to make excuses. Now let's stop dawdling around and let's go see Goku and Mira already."

"Right" Wendy said.

"Since we're on our way, can anyone help me guess what kind of opponents Goku ever fought?" Carla said.

"Why bring that up?" The Celestial Wizard wondered.

"When he fought Natsu, he didn't break a sweat. Natsu brought out the good guns on him and all Goku did was smile at the anticipation."

"You have a good point Carla, where ever he came from, his opponents must be as strong as he is. It's without a doubt he could easily destroy Earthland over 1000x over if he so pleases." Erza admits.

"And the fact that Master admits he's weaker than Goku shows a lot of power and depth that'll soon be display later on when he takes up missions with us right Erza?" said Wendy

"That's right" replied Erza.

Soon after they heard a distinct voice coming from the direction in front of them.

"Hey guys! Natsu! Erza! Gray!"

"Hmm? Everyone turned around.

"It's Mira!" Happy said.

"She looks like she's in a hurry" Lucy said.

"Grr... look closer something's off about her" Gray said.

The team squinted their eyes and soon they grew concern. As Mirajane draws close, they could see how badly she's all bruised up. Soon she caught up to where they were.

"Mira, my gosh what happen to you!?" Lucy said in horror.

"You look like hell Mira, who did this to you?" Natsu said in concern.

"It's Goku..." Mirajane replied.

"Goku did this to you!?" Lucy stepped back in fear.

"No... Goku's in danger..." she coughs up blood.

"Danger? What do you mean?" Carla responded.

"There's a person fighting Goku right now, he's..." she coughs even more.

"Don't talk Mira, Wendy hurry over here and heal her." Erza commanded.

"Right!" she goes to Mirajane and places her hands on her and started the process to healing to 100% full health, "There, all better, the injuries you sustained weren't all that bad."

"Thank you, Wendy"

"Mind giving us the full story Mira? Gray asked.

She got up, "I'll tell you as we go to where Goku is, now come on let's go! I'll lead the way!"

"R-Right!" and so team Natsu led by Mirajane goes on to go to Goku...!

In Front of Kuro Imperial Café...

In just five minutes the fight was over. Blavura simmered down back to his human form. Goku was in front seeing him struggling to get up. The people around him stood still as they see the saiyan standing in one piece. No scratches, no sweat, nothing pulled on the matter, just good o Goku displaying his power.

"Bluagh... Argh... Damn... everything hurts, why couldn't I lay a scratch on him"

"Looks like your demon powers are gone."

"What... what are you talking about?"

"I hate to break it to you, but this so-called demon powers that was led to you was only temporary. The moment it came in to contact with my Ki blast, it diminished quickly. It's like taking steroids but gone wrong."

"Who are you...?" Blavura asked.

"Son Goku of Fairy Tail" he replied smiling.

"Are... all of Fairy Tail this strong...?" his eyes struggle to keep opened, his body that no longer has feelings, a broken shell all in all, "I see... then I probably would've gotten my ass kick by Natsu huh? It didn't matter then..."

"Don't say that, you're strong, but not strong enough to beat me, and to tell you the truth I'm a lot stronger than what I put myself to be."

Blavura stuttered, "Damn... way to be brutal, hehehe..." and just like he flew unconscious.

"Hey... did you kill him...?" some girl said.

"Nope" he nodded his head, "He's just unconscious, when he'll wake up, he'll be back to being a regular person with no more of this "demon" power. (In fact I've got to know where this guy got this power. It's not from this world at all. He mentioned how he got this from some demons, if that's the case then I've got to hunt this demon down. While I'm at it, I might as well search for a place large enough for a house so I can use one of the capsules. Seems as though I've got my first scoop!) Hey old man" he looks at some geezer.

"M-Me?" he replied.

"Yea, do me a favor, in about three minutes a couple of friends of mine will show up. Would you let them know about everything that's happen here?"

"S-Sure, and what will you do?"

He places his two right index and middle finger on his forehead, "I'm going to go do something that involves this guy (alright Goku, get a reading on this demon guy, if I recall... demons have the urge to not hide their power levels because of how boastful they are... ah they he is)"

"Wait! How do you know about your friends coming? And what do you mean you're going to do something? Are you going somewhere?"

"Mmmm Hmm, I can sense them coming and see ya"

"No wait!"

The sound of instant transmission hits in as Goku disappears right in front of everyone's eyes. The people freaked out.

"Holy shit!? He just disappeared? Is he a magician!?" the man in the tux said.

Soon after Team Natsu w Mirajane arrived on set. When they arrived at the crime scene, Goku was nowhere in sight. But the damage around the area set off a vibe that wonders to their minds as to what happened during their way there.

"Hey, hey what the hell happen here!? Where's Goku?" Natsu asked.

"This place looks like a mess" Gray looks at a sign, "They fought in front of this Café?"

"Seems like it" Lucy replied.

"Hey there! Would you by chance happen to be Goku's friends that were coming?" the old man said to them.

"That's right, how did you know we were coming?" Erza wondered.

"Your friend said he knew you guys would be coming and so right after he was done with his battle with Blavura he disappeared in front of everyone's eyes here."

"Disappear? What do you mean?" Mirajane asked.

"I've seen it with my own eyes, he held both his right index and middle finger, placed it on his forehead and the next thing you know he vanished!"

"Whoa, that sounds cool!" Natsu had star eyes in admiration.

"Hey Carla look! That must be the guy Goku fought and also injured Mira!" Wendy points at Blavura who was unconscious to the ground.

"Holy shit... look at him, he looks more fucked up than when he inflicted damage to you Flameo..." Gray said in surprise.

"Y-yea... way more..." Natsu admits.

Mirajane walks up to the old man, "Can you tell me what happen here please? And where Goku went? I have to know" she grew concern for him.

"S-Sure... I can tell you what happen here, but I can tell you where he went, but I know why he disappeared though."

"And what would that be?" Erza asked.

"It has something to do with Blavura's absurd power, when he bested Blavura he kept saying something about power that shouldn't be in this world so he told me to give you the message and left."

"What kind of power is it? Like a really strong magic?" Wendy titled her head.

"No, he said Blavura had no magic, but something called Ki... this power Blavura had was something that belongs to demons but it's in direct correlation with Ki."

"Ki and Demon..." Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy said.

"Powers...?" Erza, Wendy and Carla said.

"Goku... where are you...?" Mirajane wondered as she grew worry and sorrow.

Morning, the Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

"Morning you guys" Lucy came in yawning...

"Morning Lucy, I take it you slept late like all of us huh" Wendy could see bags under her eyes.

"Yeah, Cana had me searching all night, she burst into my home and forced me to find him with her, and boy was she being a boy scout..."

"Where is she now?" asked Wendy.

"She's still somewhere in Magnolia trying to find him. I gotta tell you, when she couldn't find Goku, she started to go crazy, she would always yell when she asked the questions to people, louder to guys when they tried to hit on her," she started to sweat, "Typical Cana I guess..."

"Sounds like her" she giggled, "Say is Natsu with you?"

"He and Happy are on top of the building for some reason, I don't know why."

"I've got a pretty good idea, he's probably still trying to sniff him, you know because Goku whooped his butt so fast the match didn't even last three minutes" Gray said.

"So, you guys want to go over with what we've learned?" Erza asked.

"Sure..." Wendy and Lucy nodded.

Makarov, Mirajane, Lisanna, Elfman, Shadow Gear, Gajeel, Juvia, and Gray pitched in on as they huddle to Erza and the others.

"So, the old geezer said that the person Blavura who heard everything from Goku told that Blavura wasn't born with the powers he showed when he fought Mira, it was given to him..."

"Not to mention, the powers he displayed changed his appearance, I was there. He showed two transformations" Mirajane brought up.

"How would you compare that to anyone we've fought?" Elfman wondered.

"Strong. Stronger than me. I was about to go into my Satan Soul, but during the process I lost almost all of my magic when Blavura transformed. It's like he's a human vacuum, all of my powers were being sucked out of me and got absorbed into Blavura."

"How is that possible? That would mean Blavura must have takeover magic over something" Makarov pointed.

"I came to that conclusion but no, the form I took on was somewhat like a demon, and Blavura's form was similar to mine, so I'm assuming he was able absorb my powers because both of us were demon like. Just a hunch..."

"It's a good one though Mira" Lisanna compliments, "On the bright side, you were able to regain back your powers from him right?"


"Getting back on topic, right after Goku defeated Blavura, he disappeared right? Does anyone know why? Or have at least gotten a clue?" Levy tilted her head as she tries to think.

"Got me, Twerp's a mystery. He's a brand-new member and he already got all of our attention when he fucked Salamander hard and then he suddenly vanished? I'm not a thinker but that sounds a bit skeptical."

"You have a point Gajeel..."

"Yea but the geezer said Goku disappear because he had something to do that was related to the powers given to Blavura, something about... come on what's the word... it started with a d..." Gray said.

"Demons my love?" Juvia replied.

"Yea, Demons. the geezer implied the form was sinister looking but when Goku defeated him, his form was gone and Goku told the old geezer who told us that he no longer sensed any demon powers inside of him, more specially this "Ki" thing. Whatever that is..."

They all heard a loud sound that came outside of the guildhall, more specifically in front of the guild hall door. It was Natsu and Happy! It seems as though they jumped from the roof. The two came in as they regrouped with Erza and the others.

"Hey guys what's up, did someone die or something?" Natsu had his arms behind his head.

"Not exactly, we're just going over what we know since we didn't find anything yesterday." Lucy added.

"Hmm, maybe if Lucy shows her melons in the center of Magnolia then maybe Goku will come! Guys sure love boobies!" Happy teased.

Lucy bitched smacked Happy across the guildhall, "LIKE HELL I WILL YOU STUPID CAT!"

"Was it something I said?" Happy recovered as there was a bump on his head.

"You know tomcat, it's times like this to where if Wendy and I didn't join this guild, then we would've have gone through with this search, not saying I don't like it though"

"Oh Carla, you talk like you are pretty!" Happy tries to hug Carla but gets faced blocked by her left hand.

"Goku's not into that stuff anyway, I would know that for a fact" Mirajane implied.

"How would you know that Mira?" Erza wondered.

"When I was giving him the tour of Magnolia we came across nude magazines."

"And?" the girls said wondering what kind of person Goku is, especially Erza because she wants a clear grasp of who he is.

"He wasn't interested, at all..."

"Say what!? What kind of guy doesn't love the sheer nakedness of a women who has such curvy figures!?" Makarov's eyes burned in flames as Wakaba and Macao cry tears of joy and admiration as the three pictures a bunch of busty bitches (lol) on the beach with their breasts jiggling as they run.

"Not all people are like that master..." Lucy said as a sweat drop drops from her face.

"On the contrary Lucy, most people including myselflove and appreciate gals who put on such a figure. Like you for instants" Loke gets on one knee and like a gentleman he places his right hand under Lucy's left hand as it gets lifted up a little, "Your curves are what people could say, a gift. Your curves are over nine thousand my dear sweet Lucy...!" Loke proceeds to try in attempt to kiss her hand. It's get avoided however when Lucy smacks Loke to some table.

"Loke, not that I don't mind your company, but what the heck are you doing here? Aren't there things you have to do in the Celestial World?"

Loke got up, "Your smacks are as hard as ever Lucy, but actually I came here just to tell you something about our new "member".

"You have a lead on him?"

"More like where he was at and who he came in contact with..."

"You do? Then please Loke tell us" Mirajane asked kindly.

"Your friend was spotted outside of Magnolia Princess" an unknown voice said.

"I didn't know you can do voices Loke" Natsu said.

"I can't... and that wasn't me..."

"Then who was it?" Lucy wondered.

"That would be me princess."

"Heh?" Lucy looked down.

It appears the mystery voice that spoke for Loke was one of Lucy's other Celestial Keys, Virgo! To where she is, she appears be carrying Lucy, but in an odd fashion. Lucy was up in the air as Virgo was holding her by her head... so basically, Lucy got lifted in the air by Virgo's head as her head comes in contact to Lucy's ass.


"Hi Princess, care to punish me?" Virgo places Lucy down and into her arms.

"Virgo let me go... and no I won't punish you, no matter how many times you ask... but can you continue with what you were saying!?"

"Sure princess, as big brother Loke was saying, your friend was spotted outside of Magnolia."

"What was he doing outside? And how do you know that?" Lucy asked.

"Well it was strange, I'm not sure if it was him, but this person was similar to him..." Loke interrupted.

"What do you mean by that?" Erza crossed her arms, she turned at a 180 angle to Virgo and Loke.

"Wait hold up, how are you two here? I can only summon one key at a time, so how is it you two are able to be in this world?" (A/N: Not sure if Lucy's powers work like that, feel free to correct me).

"Oh you and your questions princess, I'll be happy to explain it to you once you punish me.""

"Just get to it."

"The two of us are able to be in this world thanks to you"

"Thanks to me? I don't understand..."

"Last night Princess when you were helping Ms. Cana with her search for Goku, you dropped both the keys for Big Brother Loke and I and when Cana bumped into you when she was busying tearing apart those hooligans, the Celestial Spirit King called upon us to do a little side mission."

"What would that be?"

Loke puts on his shades, "To track down this "Supreme Deity"

"Deity!?" Everyone in the guild repeated.

"Mmmm Hmm, the King could sense someone who has incredible powers that could probably overwhelm the King himself. He gave us a description on what the guy looked like. He's a being in shape, and has a style of hair that stands out with spikes everywhere"

"Sounds like Goku..." Mirajane said.

"It does check out." Erza placed her fingers under chin as if she was trying to think of something.

"What color hair did this being have?" Wendy asked.

"Please tell me this person's hair color was black." Mirajane hoped placing her hands together.

"I hate to rain on your parade Mirajane, but no." Loke responded, "It was red..."

"Red huh? Like Erza's hair color" Gray looks at Erza's hair.

Erza strokes her hair then looks at Loke, "Is there anything else we should know? Cause if not then I have a question to ask you two, what does your mission have to do with our problem with finding Goku?"

"Well I don't know if this will help, but... even though we got a description of what he looks like, we were still curious to see what he looks like, so we took it upon ourselves to get a closer look to him. The three of us were outside of Magnolia, near a river. Big Brother Loke and I hid behind a tree and there we saw the Crimson red hair deity bathing in the water."

"And you're telling us this why Virgo?" Lucy raised one eyebrow.

"On his back we spotted a symbol of a guild he belonged to. The symbol was the symbol of Fairy Tail, your guild's symbol Princess"

"W-WHAT!?" again everyone in Fairy Tail yelled as they jumped in the air.

"And that's why we're here, Master" Loke looks at Makarov, "Can you tell me the name of the new guy you recruited? Because unless my eyes are deceiving me, he is a member here at Fairy Tail right?"

"Hmm, hard to say. I've never met this Crimson deity you described, the only new and recent person we welcomed was this black hair guy who ALSO has the Fairy Tail symbol stamped on his back."

"Black hair?" Loke had on a confusion face.

"And we're back to square one" Gray hopelessly admitted.

"Sigh* (Where are you Goku...)" Mirajane sat down on the bench provided to the table, Lisanna sat next to her to comfort her.

"(How can this one person affect Mira so hard? With the way she's coping, it almost seems as though Mira has a crush on her. Does she though? I have to ask... on second thought, when the time is right)"

"Did you ever approach the man?" Erza went to Loke and Virgo and asked.

"Hehehe... oh we did... and man did we regretted it..." Loke fake chuckled while turning to Virgo.

"Loke... is there something you're not telling us?" Lucy marched her way to Loke.

"Big Brother Loke's embarrassed to say this so I'll say this to everyone here, the two of us challenged him to a fight and lost terribly bad. And before you asked why we did such a thing, it was because we wanted to see if this "Supreme Deity was really Supreme" and such."

"Care to tell us the story on that Loke" Lucy commanded while crossing her arms and also tapping on it fast.

"Sure thing..."

Flashback to the River Scene...

The mysterious man was beside the rider appeared to be in his SSJ form. Most parts of his body were covered in blood. So once he took off his clothes, he jumps into the river to bathe while of course washing his clothes...

"(Well I can turn SSJ, that's for sure. Which means I can probably turn into SSJ2 and 3 as well. But I wonder... can I turn into Blue? Just in case I have to find out...)" he powered back to base form and starts to charge up his Ki, later transforming into his SSJ Blue form.

"(Hmm, seems legit.)" He looks around his arm and hands, confirming that he can still turn in his God form. "(Ok, but what about SSJ God...)" He turns into a SSJ God later. "(So all of my powers and transformations are still here, that's good. I was afraid by being in this world I would lose my powers, but that's not the case. And those "demons" that lend that human their power were pretty weak, and to think they could come up with attacks that would kill themselves... and whether I like it or not they had no part in taking me inside of that wormhole. Sigh* I'm going nowhere with this...)" he finishes wiping off the blood of his skin. Next off was him washing his clothes.

The river was placed in the middle of a forest as two Celestial Spirits were making their way down to the river, as they arrive they sensed him.

"You know Virgo, I betcha you're curious as to see what this Supreme Deity can do and look like. Am I right?"

"You are correct Big Brother Loke, the Celestial Spirit King mention him being in a river nearby in this forest."

"Don't you find this odd at all?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just out of nowhere there's like this spiritual being who even frightens the King itself. And now he wants us to recruit him? Seems odd because I think he doesn't want someone stronger than him reign over..."

"That could be the case... but there could be a chance the Supreme Deity doesn't even want to reign over..." Virgo was able to spot the SSJ God at the river. "Look Big Brother, there he is!"

The two of them hid behind a tree together, "So that's him huh... Crimson red hair, and is in shape... hmph not so Deity looking is he Virg- H-Hey What are you doing!? Don't go to him! You'll blow our cover!?"

As Virgo was going to the Saiyan God, she noticed something on his back, Loke too...

"What the... but that's the Fairy Tail's symbol!? How are earth does he have one on his back!? I've never seen this guy in the guild before!? Who the heck is he?!" Loke's eyes were trembling in shock. The fact that he had never seen this person and how he's a member of Fairy Tail raises his suspicions.

The Saiyan God noticed a being coming to him from behind, so he turns around while exposing himself "Hello? Who are you?" he asked.

"Pardon the intrusion, Supreme Deity but I must ask you a question..." Virgo said.

"Okay... sure... ask away..." Goku looks at her hand and see the chains. "(Is she going to attack me? And what about the guy behind that tree?)"

"May I ask what your name is?"

"Go-" Since he had never seen this person before he decided to go with a different name, the one Vegeta calls him, "Kakarot" he smiled.

"Kakarot... what the heck is a Kakarot? Is that vegetable...?" Loke thought.

"Then Supreme Deity Kakarot, if it's not too trouble, would you mind sparring with me?"

"Ok then..." He puts on his lower Gi and only his upper Blue Gi, the orange one that goes over the blue one was still covered in blood. "Come at me" he smirked.

"Right!" Virgo charges at the SSJ God waving her chains to him.

Goku I mean Kakarot caught the chain but realize the user had disappeared, until he looked down under to see Virgo coming out from the ground with her right fingers aiming at Goku's face. She hits him but it doesn't faze Goku at all.

"Does he indestructible skin!?" Loke said in surprise.

"Impressive Supreme Deity" she dashes a couple of feet away from the Saiyan God.

Virgo brings her hands down to the ground, underneath her hands emulated a bright light shining, peaking Goku's curiosity. The light was able to manipulate the rocks around her surroundings as it goes to the God, trapping him as a whole...

"Spica Lock!" with the rocks tightening the Super Saiyan God, Virgo's attack was able to seal him in.

"A-Amazing! That's my little sister for ya! Alright Virgo! Now let's take him to the King!" Loke cheered at his darling little sister but realize the attack wasn't going to hold him that much, "Guh... What the..."

Virgo squinted her eyes to see the little pebbles of rocks shaking off to the ground. Soon the rocks that was tightening the god soon broke in millions of pieces as his flaming red crimson aura destroyed the attack like it was nothing. Loke's eyes were widen as his jaw dropped. Virgo was a bit surprise as her mouth opened a little... just a little...

In the air Goku flies down, "You're pretty strong for a girl in a maid outfit" he compliments, "If I had to take a guess, your attack you did on me could put a hell of an impact on a human. (But not against Krillin and the others though...)"

"On a human? Well that can confirm you're not human then Supreme Deity"

"Yea, you can drop the fancy title, just Kakarot will do" he smiled.

"As you wish Supreme Deity Kakarot" Virgo replied.

Goku and Loke fell back, "Sigh* guess I should come into the battle then" Loke jumped into the battle and in front of Virgo, "Alright Virgo, let your big brother take it from here! I'll show you what I can do!"

"So the guy hiding behind the tree decided to come and play to huh? I hope you're as strong as your friend there."

"Hehehe, well now Red Head, right now you're about to take a beat down! Whether you're a deity or not, you're going do-"

Goku teleported in front of him and finished him off in three hits. A blow to his stomach, an elbow to his left cheek and a neck chop to the nape of his neck, knocking him unconscious. Loke falls to the ground. Virgo thought she saw everything from the SSJ God, but she couldn't anticipate his speed.

"Huh, I was certain he could dodge that, he looked like he could... hey since you asked me questions, mind if I ask you some myself?"

"Go right ahead" Virgo responded.

"I overheard your friend down there that you're his little sister? Is that true?"

"Nope not at all. He told me to call him that, so I obliged."

"Oh I see... and another question... what are your names?"

She bows her head as she gently starts to introduce herself, "I am a loyal Celestial Spirit to my current owner, Lucy Heartfilla. No matter the appearance I serve under the princess, Virgo..."

"(Lucy... uh... as in that blonde girl with the keys...?) Virgo... that's a unique name, well now Virgo... I applaud you for picking a fight with me along with your weird sister fetish friend... but I think it's time we put an end to this weird fight."

"Will you be finishing me off Supreme Deity?" Virgo tilts her heads.

"Uh... yea, that's how you end a fight..." he lits up his SSJ God Crimson Aura and noticed he was still in it.

"(Aw crap! I was still in my SSJ God form...! Did I kill that guy!? Please tell me I didn't... although it would explain why they think of me as a deity. Reminds me of how King Kai told me how much of a Deity Destroyer Lord Beerus is... hehe... guess I don't know my own strength...)"

So without little time to waste the SSJ God dashed to Virgo, it didn't really occur to him whether he was fighting a boy or a girl, as long as he can fight, he's thrill. However, dashing to Virgo was something he had come to regret...

"Here I go!" when he dashed close enough to Virgo, there was rock in front of him that he didn't see and so he tripped on it. Falling towards Virgo and by no intentions he wanted this, he falls on her. His body on top of hers as her body hits the ground with Goku on top. In the position they're in Goku's eyes widen. Virgo's expression were the same as ever however, she couldn't talk. Neither could Goku, but in a clear angle the scene was being shown in a frap. Goku's lips touched Virgo's lips. Loke managed to wake up and saw the position the two were in.

"Urgh... man what an attack... I guess this Supreme Deity is no joke..." Loke turns to Virgo, "Hey Virgo how are you doing with the... Supreme... D-Deity..." Loke's eyes in a comedic circle... his eyes continued to get wider and wider as it took up most of his face...

Virgo noticed Loke was up and looks at him. Loke caught aware of her staring, so Virgo made the move by nodding her head to confirm him to attack while she's got him. She wrapped her arms and legs around Goku while her lips were still connected to his. For odd reason Goku couldn't help but feel awkward in this situation. Him in his God form kissing some girl he never met. Loke snaps out of it and dashed towards the two.

"(Holding me by using her arms and legs... not bad... but...)"

Just when Loke got close to hit, Goku vanished, making Loke almost hit her "little sister" but stopped as he almost touched her nose.

Whoa... he just vanished... he can do teleportation magic?" Loke gave his hand to Virgo as she gets up, "You okay Virgo?"

"Yea. Nothing happened in the ordinary big brother."

"I see... now where did this guy go...?"

The two of them looks around the environment but couldn't find it until Virgo spotted him in the air. "Look Big Brother!" she points to the sky, Loke turns to that direction and sees Goku still in his God Form while carrying his Orange Gi with his left .

"He can fly?" Loke said as he witnessed the Saiyan God's hair being blown softly by a friendly breeze.

"(They don't seem to be evil, so I don't have any reason to fight them. They're not even strong enough for me to finish them off so I guess I'll leave them be...)" It's been fun you two, but I've got to be like a banana and split, nice fighting you two! See ya" he uses instant transmission to exit the scene.

"And he vanished into thin air... again..." Loke said.

"Looks like we failed our mission huh Big Brother?"

Flashback Over...

"So master, does anything ring a bell? I hope..." Loke asked.

"To be frank, I still don't know any red hair person in our guild except for Erza." Makarov responded.

"Sigh* well, there goes all of our hopes in finding him again. It was a stroke of luck that we managed to find him."

"But didn't you explain how you were able to find him because of the Celestial Spirit King?" Lucy pointed.

"That's correct princess..."

"I'm surprise the two of you are able to be here in this world." Said Levy as she admired the two-celestial spirits.

"Big Brother Loke has his ways on how to stay for a certain amount of time, however for some reason I can just enter this world while of course being summon by the princess, without wasting precious time."

"How can that be Virgo? I thought it'll take a toll on you if you stay here for too long." Lucy takes out the Golden Key that summons Virgo. "How strange..."

"There could be a logical explanation to this princess" she puts on her thinking cap.

"You know or might know?"

"Might know, but... maybe I am able to stay here in this world longer because maybe it had something to do with touching lip to lip with the Supreme Deity Kakarot..."

"That's one way..."

"But with your story and more clues that could lead us to Goku, it hasn't do much to help achieve that goal..." Erza turns to Makarov, "Master, is it possible for someone to be off grid without leaving a single trace?"

"Hmmm, good question Erza dear. I'd say it's possible, but it would require a substantial amount of magic to pull that all off. If you're trying to connect it to Goku, then you might as well stop. Remember he doesn't rely on magic like we do, he's a fighter who fights with his bare hands..."

"So what now..." Gray asked, "We may have not gotten a single clue on where Goku is, but at least we can do something that might give us a clue to where he is."

"Juvia does wonder like his Gray, on how we can find Goku..."

"All this Goku talk has gotten me hungry, makes me want to go grab a grub." Natsu was just about to head out the guild until Makarov pulled him back.

"Not so fast Natsu, we still gotta continue this search."

"But Gramps... come on, you know as well as I know we can't find him."

"Way to be positive Natsu..." Lucy said.

"Say, Loke, Virgo. I know this is a bit far fetch, but if it's not a problem can one of you draw the crimson hair man. Just so I can see if it's Goku or not."

"Sure Mira. Hey Virgo, would you mind drawing a picture of him? I would do it but I was knocked out most of the time." Loke shamelessly admits.

"Sure thing," Virgo pulls out a drawing utensil and a sketchbook and in a matter of 4 minutes she drew a sketch of the Crimson Supreme Deity... (A/N: Picture the sketch of SSJ God Goku in Yuya Takahashi's art :P)

"Here you go" Virgo hands the sketch to Mirajane. Lucy and the others closed in to Mirajane as they were trembling in shock. The sketch Virgo drew for Mirajane was in fact Goku... but in his SSJ God form...

"No way..." Lisanna said.

"This guy's hair..." -Lucy

"Looks the exact same as..." -Levy

"Goku's..." Mirajane said, "The exact same hairstyle... but... his hair is red..."

"What could this mean..." Makarov wondered.

"This is him..." Mirajane confirmed.

Everyone looks at her...

"Why would you think that Mira? I mean sure this person looks like Goku, but he doesn't even look manly in the picture..."

"Elfman, there's always more than it meets the eye. Take a look at him directly guys, the guy in the sketch is wearing what Goku is wearing."

"Hehehe, yea you're right, I wondered how we didn't see that..." said Lucy.

"Not to sound like a dunce Princess but you including your guildmates were just looking at his hair..."

"It couldn't be helped... this guy's hair is exactly like Goku's, but the only difference is, the guy in the sketch looks younger..." Gray said.

"This is just a theory, but I think the person Loke and Virgo fought IS in fact Goku. Other than how Goku can throw hands, we don't exact know what he can really do. He doesn't do any kind of magic, but he manages to get around. Not only that, but his clothes and hairstyle is the exact same. Only thing difference is the red hair. Goku may not have magic but I think he can transform."

"Well he didn't show all his powers to Natsu when he murked him, so that's a high possibility" Gray thought.

"So we're confirming that this is Goku?" Lucy asked around the guild.

"Eh why not, I mean what are the chances of this happening? Not very often..." Lisanna stated.

"The Fairy Tail symbol on his back is kind of a dead giveaway so I'd say this is in fact Goku. (All of this should connect together, I mean you'd have to be a fool to not think it's him. With him coming from another world and easily taken down Natsu. This for sure is Goku and I'm guessing he can change the color of his hair and maybe have such a dramatic increase in power he displayed when he fought Lucy's Celestial Spirits. Only question is, where did he go after he left the two...) Any objections that it's Goku?" Makarov asked the guild.

"Nope" Natsu replied.


"Goku's a mystery, and this is just prove of it, so hell yea."

"Juvia agrees since Gray does!"

"It'll take a miracle to say that it's him, so I'll take that opportunity into thinking it is him" Lucy said.

"Well if Mira's theory about Goku being the guy in the red, then I'll say it's a no brainer, so yes" Lisanna said.

"Yes for me too" Elfman crossed his arms with a smile.

"Guess I'll say yes since everyone's agreeing. You Gajeel?"

"Yea whatever..." as he was picking his ears.

"Then I will say yes as well since Gajeel agrees" said Lily.

Wakaba, Romeo, Macao nodded yes. Wendy and Carla did as well. Virgo and Loke agreed but it begs the question on when he'll be coming here since he's a member of the guild. Seeing as though it was a sketch, Mirajane confirmed it with 100% of her intuition that it was him. No matter what Mirajane wants Goku to come back to the guild, to her personally. The two may have not known each other for that long, but the start of their friendship and Goku's charisma was what made Mirajane fall for him, whether she had realized or not. And in doing so, by getting saved by the person whom she had fallen for, it just makes it harder for her to come to terms that by disappearing without giving a proper explanation, it would shatter Mirajane's heart into a million pieces. She never felt this way before to any boy, but what makes Goku so special to her? Was it the looks? The power? His size? No it isn't, it was his innocents, his determination to fight strong people, for oblivious reasons Goku's innocents and his personality was what drove Mirajane to go crazy, but of course she was too hard on herself...

After a split time deciding that it was him, Makarov took upon himself to explain to everyone that if Goku was to come here and was wondering about the situation Loke and Virgo told, then they were to pretend they don't know anything, especially about the Crimson red hair. However, since that was out of the way a party group of five decided to barge themselves in to Fairy Tail. One was a blonde female, while four others were males...

"Oh my, are we interrupting something?" a brownish blond-haired man said.

The Fairy Tail guild turned to the direction of the entrance.

"What the... but you're..." Lucy points with her left index finger at them... "Blue Pegasus!?"

"Oh boy, the womanizers are here..." Gray puts in.

Hibiki Lates, Eve Tearm, and Ren Akatsuki surrounded Lucy while being one knee.

"Lucy my dear have you been well?" Hibiki said.

"Would you like a towel?" as Eve presented a towel in his hands for Lucy.

"Or would you like... me?" Ren taunts.

"I'd... take none of the above..." Lucy sweat.

"Princess, would you like to punish me for not stopping those three womanizers?"

The trio looks at Virgo and immediately went to her just to flirt. Loke catches aware and tries to protect his "little sister". Comedically he was fending off the three.

"I see those three haven't changed since the Grand Magic Games..." Erza said.

Soon after she heard a person sniffing her. She could've caught a glimpse, but she already knew who was sniffing her and she wasn't too thrill.

"Sniiiffff* men... oh Erza my honey... your parfum is as fitting as ever. You make me twirl in satisfaction." As he twirls around Erza. He tries to get close up in Erza's space but gets one shotted by her right fist, making him crash into the wall. Lucy in the background shrieked comedically.

"(I see Ichiya hasn't changed one bit either...)" Erza's fist was trembling.

"This is certainly entertaining, is there a reason why the five of you are here?" Makarov asked.

Ichiya recovered from Erza's attack and immediately went to Makarov face to face, "Ahem* our guild master Bob, have issued a challenge to Fairy Tail."

"What would that be?"

"He wants to bring a little excitement around Fiore by issuing a friendly Tournament. A good o fashion 5v5. The five of us against the five of the people you'll pick."

"Awww... Yeah...!" Natsu's eyes were in stars as he ran up to Ichiya, "Now you're talking! I've been itching to fight someone, now I know I could fight my guildmates but that's just getting old. However since my loss against Goku, I've been wanting to take out my anger on someone and this tournament will do me justice here!"

"Who is this... Goku...?" Jenny asked as her left eyebrow raised a little.

Happy flew next to Natsu and answered Jenny's question, "he's a new member here. And he's Mirajane's loovveeerr!" Happy teased.

Mirajane blushed to that remark and corrected Happy, "H-Happy...! Don't say things like that! He's not my lover...! You're sprouting such nonsense!"

"(From that response it's clear to everyone here in the room that she does in fact have feelings for him...)" Lisanna giggled at Mirajane's actions.

"Lo-Lover...?" Jenny tilted her head, "(This is new, since when the Mirajane Strauss, the person I used to look up to fall for a person whom I've never heard of? Goku... what an odd name...)" She looks at the sketched drawing Mirajane was holding to the ground, "Hey who's that in your sketch?" she points.

"Well, it's Goku but we don't really know that it's him for sure but with assumptions in the air we can speculate that it is him, but of course we don't know that for sure..." Lucy replied to her question.

Hibiki, Ren, Eve, Ichiya and Jenny got closer to Mirajane as they were seeing the sketch.

"Never seen this guy before... and he's a new member?" asked Hibiki.

"Mmmm Hmm, he's my responsibility and when I turned a blind eye he left..." Mirajane said.

"This guy must've been a total blockhead if he turned a blind eye on such a pretty girl like you..." Eve grabbed Mirajane's hands.

"T-Thank you...?"

Next, Ren puts his left arm around Mirajane, "Say, why don't I treat you to dinner?"

Mirajane sweats a little...

And lastly Hibiki invaded Mirajane's space, titling her chin upwards to him as he tries to go for a pucker, "Since you're heartbroken... why don't I give you something that might cheer you up..."?

"Eh... n-no I don't think it's necessary but thank you tho-" she was cut off from her sentence as Hibiki tries to go in for a kiss directly on the lips. When he got too close to almost touching her lips, Elfman interfered by giving Hibiki a strong right punch to his left cheek, saving his older sister. This brought many surprised faces to Blue Pegasus, and to Natsu and the others.

"You okay sis..." Elfman asked in a concerning tone.

"Y-Yea... thanks Elfman..." she smiled at him.

"H-Hey now buddy! That was such a low blow you did!" Eve pointed at Elfman in a tough boy tone, "You can't just interrupt someone who's about to lay the smack a down on a pretty girl! That's not cool man... not cool!"

"Not... Cool...?" he gave a serious glare at Eve, "Now listen here! Giving my sis a kiss she had no intentions on wanting isn't considered something to cheer up! It's considered UNMANLY!" Elfman yelled in a Commander tone with a fire background.

"Whoa... Elfman is cool!" Natsu said, "You tell him man!"

"But Elfman does have a point, you can't just give a smooch to someone who doesn't want one, that's typical of a womanizer..." Happy jested.

"Since when did Elfman get so cool all of a sudden..." Gray made a smirk in admiration.

"That's my bro for ya, he's willing to protect Mira and I whether we need it or not"

"Okay... then..." Ichiya stated, "So if there's no interruption can we get back to our little tournament here?"

Makarov looks at Ichiya, "My apologizes Ichiya... while all of that was going on I did already thought about my five people I'll pick."

"You have then who?" Ichiya wondered.

"Ahem* My picks are... Natsu... Gray... Erza... Gajeel... and... Mirajane..."

"Alright!" Natsu puts his fist in the air.

"Hmph, thanks for choosing me Gramps..." Gray smirked.

"Heh, I never had a chance to fight the people in the Blue Pegasus guild, so this will be interesting..." Gajeel gloated.

"Oh why not, I'm down for a fight, gives me a chance to let off some steam from not finding Goku... (and of course teaching Ichiya a thing or two...)"

"Are you okay fighting sis?" Lisanna asked.

"It's fine, I don't mind... maybe by accepting this I can forget about Goku for a little bit and let go a little..."

"That's the spirit sis, you're talking like a man!" Elfman smiled. With a spark coming out of his teeth.

"So it's settled!" Hibiki got up, "Man that was impactful punch, I must say... I was hoping to not fight any girls but if I must show my domain side then I shall"

"(He sure is full of himself...)" as a sweat drops from the back of Lucy's head.

"Since this is a friendly tournament, is there any wager to this?" Wendy wondered.

"Yes in fact there is! Thanks for remaining me little one" Ichiya got into a pose, "There is in fact a wager here and we are going to tell you!" both his index fingers point to Fairy Tail as they sweat.

"If you win then what do you want?" Carla asked.

"Since there are five of us, we each get a wager here..." Jenny added, "If we win, then I want Mirajane Strauss to pose naked in front of everyone in Fiore! Ichiya here wants a date with Erza Scarlet while the three over there want Erza herself to join the guild!"

In a picture frame, Natsu, Gray, Erza, and some people in Fairy Tail dropped her jaws in shock from hearing those conditions, most of all Erza... I mean having a date with Ichiya who say nothing but men and parfum lol, seems as though they have to pull themselves together.

"D-Date...?" Erza stuttered.

"What kind of terms are those? Sounds like something so sissy ish, wouldn't you say Happy?"

"Aye sir! Although those terms does suit those people..." as Happy's eyes changes shape while covering his mouth.

"You want me... to pose me nude in front of Fiore?" Mirajane cluelessly said.

"Mmmm Hmm did I stutter? You may have bested me during the Grand Magic Games I'll admit, but don't think I haven't thought of a way to get my exact payback on you! I even kept true to my word and posed nude in the magazines..." she shamelessly said.

"Fine by me then I'll be happy to oblige to those terms" Mirajane accepted.

"Splendid!" Eve, Ren, and Hibiki said as blood was coming out of their nose.

"Where will this tournament take place anyway?" Levy asked.

"Hehe... at the place where the GMA took place. In the Kingdom of Fiore!" Jenny quoted.

"Wow really? That's impressive" Loke said.

"Mmmm Hmm that's right, and you want to know the best part about it? The Fiore Princess herself will come and watch as one of the announcers!"

"What!? Princess Hisui?!" Lucy yelped.

"When will this Tournament come to set place?"

"5 days from now, it's a lot I know but right now we're here trying to sell tickets to people from all around the world here! We want this tournament to be a hit! And on the front-page headline! Fairy Tail, the guild that defeated Sabertooth will be competing against Blue Pegasus, one of the most domain and charming guild!"

Lucy raised her hand up, "B-but... we already beated you by becoming number one again in the GMA..." she points out but gets ignored...

"Alrighty then, it's settled. My picks for the 5v5 has been set into motion! In five days, we'll meet you at the Grand Magic Games Arena and prepare to lose!" Makarov gave a thumbs down while looking cocky.

"Heh you better use those five days to train, because believe or not we've been training too. So let's hope for a good fight here..." Hibiki stated.

"Oh you bet your ass you're going to get a fight, because you're going to lose hard again!" Natsu taunts, "Hey Erza am I right...? Um... Erza...?"

Erza didn't hear what Natsu, Hibiki, Ichiya or the master said. She was still in shock about wager here. If She and her teammates lose, she would have to join Blue Pegasus and worse... go on a date with Ichiya... she was sweating in disgust as she was picturing her "date with him". She gulped right after...

"Erza!" Happy yelled which made Erza snap out of it...

"Huh...? oh right... sorry, yea you are..."

"Huh? Are you okay Erza? You never agree to what Natsu says cause he's an idiot..." Lucy states.

"I heard that Lucy..."

"W-Well it's true..."

"I'm fine, I'm just a little shaken by their terms, that's all."

"As am I but that's alright Erza, we haven't lost a battle to them yet, so it's not optional to whimper out right now not when the stakes are this high... and besides I'm sure the Fiore Princess wants to see us in action since she never got to during the GMA."

"Hehe that's the spirit Mira..." Gray pats her on the back causing Juvia to get jealous...

"Heh, since that's confirmation on their part, there's no way we're going to back out now! Boy am I excited! Hehehe, looks like Goku's gonna miss out, sucks to be him...! Man, oh man am I all fired up!" he clenched his fist.

"It is a shame Goku's not going to be here, I would've like him to show more of what he can do if he were in this 5v5..." Erza said in disappointed tone.

"Goku..." Mirajane made a frown face indicating to her guildmates that she above all else in this guild was still sad about Goku's disappearance. Blue Pegasus could see and wonder who exactly is this Goku person and why is it driving Mirajane so damn crazy for him, especially Jenny. The Miss Current Fiore wanted to know who this Goku is so badly and why him and him alone made such an impact on Mirajane.

Lisanna placed her hand on her big sister's left shoulder, "Don't worry Mira, one of these days we're going to find him. After all we've got three dragon slayers that can smell him right?"

Mirajane let out a weak smile, "Yea... thanks for the encouragement Lis. I just wish he were here right now... I don't know why but I feel as though my heart's missing a huge chunk to fill in the hole. You don't... think he left us because he doesn't like this guild...?"

"Mira... (Mira's devotion to him is insane. Reminds me of me, and how I feel about Natsu, but all he thinks about is beating the crap out of someone. Such a dense person...) I don't think so, this is just my opinion, but I think he's quite fond of this guild. I can already betcha he's going to come back here just to eat your cooking! Uh Huh!" she nodded forward just to cheer her up.

It worked as Mirajane giggled a little. Seeing as though in Chapter 2, Goku was eating like such a mad lad from Mirajane's cooking and complimenting her and shit. "Yea, I just wish he were here..."

And with the skin of their teeth, Mirajane's wish came in the best of both worlds when the Saiyan goofball decided to enter the scene with instant transmission. The sound of instant transmission hits everyone's ears for the first time as Goku himself appeared in front of everyone, well to be specific... behind Mirajane. Natsu and the others caught wind of this and immediately they were speechless. When Mirajane heard the instant transmission sound coming from behind her back, she turned around. Her eyes were wide as her hands were trembling in shock. Lisanna turns around and just like the rest of Fairy Tail she was speechless too. Same could be said for Blue Pegasus. A man appearing out of thin air was redonkeelous (A/N: redonkeelous is ridiculous, just spelled wrong lol.) as their jaws dropped to the ground.

"G-Goku..." Mirajane said as she stuttered just a bit.

"Hey Mira" Goku replied while still in his instant transmission gesture.

"(That's Goku...!?)" Jenny said in a shocking tone.

"What's going on here? There are a lot of people in the hall I don't recognize, or these new members too?" Goku wondered as he made a confused face...

Then when he wasn't expecting it, Mirajane out of the blue gave the saiyan an unexpected hug, catching him by surprise. Her hug was a firm and tight one. Goku was confused so like Curious George he started to get curious...

"Hey um... Mira... what's going on here? Why are you giving me a hug all of a sudden?" as a single tear of sweat drops from his left side.

Lisanna and the others were just watching in the background as this "soon to be touching scene" was going into play.

"Goku..." she said.

"Y-Yea?" Goku replied.

When Mirajane looks up, Goku could see her eyes filled with tears as it runs down her face and wondered why, "Mira, why are you crying?"

"Goku, do you have any idea how worried I was?" Mirajane held on tight to the saiyan.

"Worried, what do you mean?"

"You jerk, when you disappeared on me after you defeated Blavura... I thought to myself that you didn't want to be in Fairy Tail anymore..." she starts to sob even more, "I didn't want to believe what I was thinking, I thought that you didn't want to be with everyone here, that deep down inside you were only showing kindness just, so you could rid us right after... I was afraid you were going to leave everyone and most of all... me. I don't want you to leave me..."

Lisanna, Erza, Lucy, Jenny, Levy and Carla were moved by those words. Seeing as though they were seeing this first class, they kept it quiet because the good part is just about to begin.

"Mira... I don't know why you would think that. I wouldn't think about leaving this guild. This guild's fun to be in." he replied, "(Plus I think I'm not smart enough to leave...)"

"Then... why did you disappear when you defeated Blavura...?" asked Mirajane.

From studies from his son Gohan, he thought it'd be gentlemen like to wipe the tears away and so Goku did. As he was doing so he was replying to Mirajane's question.

"Sorry for disappearing like that, I had to take care of a few things..."

"Like what...?"

"Well... you're going to call me an idiot, but I was looking for space large enough for me to put a house of my own."

"House? I don't... think I follow..."

"It's a long story, but the point is... I wasn't going to leave you (I can't tell her about demons and stuff, I had two reasons as to why I left out of the blue. One was to track down this demon and to find space big enough for a house I can put out from the capsules from the square container...)"

"You're not...?"

The saiyan nodded his head left and right, "Nope, I wouldn't even dream of it. Remember Mira? I said that I wanted to prove useful to you as a way of saying thanks for patching me those three days...! (and plus, it took me such a long time to completely get the demon blood off of my Orange Gi hehe...) I wouldn't leave you Mira" he smiled.

The smile made Mirajane blushed, "You wouldn't...?"

"Nope, I wouldn't have my head in the clouds. Clouds aren't really tasty anyway... (He gets a flashback to when he was eating clouds on snake way as King Kai was watching.) You must've been really, really worried about me huh? Sorry for being gone for that long"

"You idiot..." she puts her head on Goku's chest, making Jenny, Erza, Lisanna, Levy, Juvia and Lucy blush at how bold Mirajane is towards Goku, "That was an idiotic move Goku... but you're my idiot..."

"Hmm? Did you say something?"

"Mmmm mmm, it's nothing, I'm glad you're here in front of me, it may have been a day, but I've missed you."

"Hehehe, then you're that worried about me then..." a light bulb appeared above Goku's head, "Then how about a little promise"

Mirajane looks back at Goku directly at his face, "Promise? What do you have in mind?"

"If you're that worry about me, then I say make hay while the sun shines! Meaning if you like, I can promise to never leave you again"

"E-Eh?" she started to steam up, "W-What are you saying!?"

"I'm saying if you want I'll be with you forever then."

"Eh... t-together with me!?"

"Mmmm Hmm, someone from my world told me if someone's feeling down and such, make them feel better when things you'll promise to do."

"And that promise in particular is..."

"Yep! What I said earlier to you. I'll be with you forever if you want, I just don't want to see you cry" he smiled.

Mirajane's eyes was still pouring in tears, but she was smiling to that remark. Promising something like that would be beneficial to her by all standards. "I would like that..."

"Then it's settled then, Mira... I promise you we'll always be together till the end."

With those words spewing out of Goku's mouth, she gave him a tighter hug. Goku couldn't felt but feel a little blush from Mirajane's action. When he looks at Lisanna, she was mouthing the word, "Hug... her... back!" Goku read her lips and did what Lisanna said. He placed his right arm around Mirajane's as his left was patting the top of her head.

"There, there..." Goku said.

"(Wow Goku's really straight forward here... kind of makes me wish Natsu would be like that to me...)" as Lisanna was watching Goku give back a hug to Mirajane.

To be continued ....
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